20 Herbal Vaporizers Reviewed in 15 Minutes

20 Vapes This is an overview of the first 20 herbal vaporizers I reviewed – 10 of them are desktop (plug-in) models and 10 of them are portable (no cords). I give a brief summary of how each vape works and what I think about them, and I also show the vapor production from each unit when taking one full draw.

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List of Vaporizers for Review

Silver Surfer

Silver SurferThe Silver Surfer (or the SSV) is a mid-priced, whip-style vape where you hold a glass wand containing your material up against the heating element while you take your draw.It’s a simple device but it feels durable and well-made, and I consider the quality of vapor it produces to be above average.

You’ll need to be a little careful with the glass parts, and it does require stirring for even vaporization of your material, but overall I consider this a great unit and few people have anything bad to say about it.

One other thing to consider is that the wand and tubing tend to build up residue fairly quickly, so there is some maintenance involved to keep it looking like new.

  • Da Buddha

Next is the Da Buddha vaporizer, which is made by the same company as the SSV, called 7th Floor.Da Buddha

This model is a little less expensive than the Silver Surfer, but offers the same style of vaporizing and utilizes basically the same heating element.

Where this model differs is in the positioning of the heater cover, which is horizontal instead of angled down. There are also some cosmetic differences as the Da Buddha doesn’t have custom glass parts like the SSV.

I think the performance of this vape is good but I do think it has a slight disadvantage not having the angled heating element, which just makes it a little easier to overheat your material or have it not vaporize evenly.

  • ViVAPE

Next we have the viVape 2 by Vaporfection, which is a dual-mode unit, meaning it can used with a whip or with a balloon.

This model used to be high-priced, but is now mid-priced, which I think fits more in line with its build quality and performance.

It has the capability of producing pretty good vapor, but it has various design quirks that I personally find to be a little annoying.

Not everyone agrees with me on this, some people have told me that they’re very happy with theirs, but it’s not one I personally recommend often based on my own experiences with it.


HerbalizerNext is the mid-priced herbalAire 2.2, which they actually call a tri-function vape, but realistically it’s just like other dual-mode units, you can either use it with a whip or with their bag system.

The unique thing about this vape is that it’s one of the few models on the market that you are NOT supposed to grind your material with.

It actually works pretty well in whip mode, and if you make sure you pack a good amount in the chamber the vapor it produces is fairly potent and tasty, it’s just a little on the hot side and the volume of vapor you get is not as much as some other models.

I found the balloon system to be a little cumbersome and weird, so I wouldn’t personally buy it for that purpose, but some people have reported that they get decent results with the bags.


Next we have the Easy Vape, which is a low-priced whip-style unit that is actually kind of an imitation of aEasy Vape Vaporizer similar-looking model.

I personally don’t think this is a good vaporizer, but a bunch of people have told me I’m crazy, so you’d have to decide for yourself who to believe.

The main thing that bothers me about it is the backwards-angled heating element. When you attach your wand after packing it the material usually falls all over the heater, which can cause uneven vaporization and in some cases even combustion.

There are upgraded aftermarket whips you can buy that hold your material in a better position, and there’s also newer models of the Easy Vape available now, but this is still how the one I bought works out of the box.


Hot BoxNext is the low-priced Hot Box vaporizer, which is a whip-only unit that is actually a decent performer despite its simplicity.

This vape has only one on/off switch, there are no other knobs or dials to control.

I consider the vapor quality and performance to be average with this one, but because of its low price point I feel it’s a good model for beginners or people who want to try out vaping without making a big investment.

Like the SSV and Da Buddha, the whip and tubing will build up residue fairly quickly, so there is some regular maintenance involved to keep it looking fresh.


Next we have the mid-priced Extreme-Q vaporizer, which is another dual-mode unit that comes with both a whip and a balloon system.

This model is very popular because it has a variety of functions, but I personally don’t feel any of them are really that impressive.

The first draw you see me take here is with my material packed in the larger glass piece, and with no fan on. For me the vapor isn’t that great like this so I usually pack inside the elbow screen and turn the fan on low when I draw, which is what I show in the second clip.

When I do this I get a larger volume of vapor, and it feels thicker.

So overall I consider this a decent well-rounded vape, but I don’t consider it one of my favorites.


CloudV Classic & Mini VapesNext is the VapeXhale Cloud, which is near the top of the price scale and is unique because it’s half vaporizer, half water-pipe.

The base of the unit has an all-glass air pathway and it heats your material through a stainless steel herb chamber before traveling through the water in the HydraTube.

Most people who have this vape report that they like it, and I think it’s a cool unit if you’re into this style of vaping.

It’s a little on the fragile side for my liking though, and there’s a few other things with it I’m not crazy about, so I don’t find myself choosing to use it over other models very often.


Next we have the mid-priced Plenty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, the same German company that makes the Volcano.

If you’re lookin for an excellent whip-style vape, this is one I highly recommend you check out.

It feels well-made, it’s easy to use, and it stays very clean. It also produces very strong vapor, which is kept smooth and comfortable with that crazy lookin cooling coil.

The herb chamber is large with this vape, which means you can pack a lot of material and use it with a group of up to 4 people or so, but you can also pack it only about 1/3 full and use it by yourself comfortably.

This vape is one of my favorites and I recommend it all the time.


Volcano Classic VaporizerThe final desktop unit we have here is the Volcano by Storz & Bickel, which is a balloon-only vaporizer near the top of the price scale.

I’m showing you the Classic model here and they have another model also with a digital temperature readout.

This vape is currently my favorite overall and I’ve been using mine regularly for 4 years now. It gets the most use out of the 20 vapes I show in this video.

The balloon system this vape has is the best I’ve seen by far, and it really makes for an enjoyable vaping experience.

You’ll notice how I only need to take a 2-second draw from the bag to get a large volume of vapor, it’s basically like having the vapor on tap since you don’t have to take a long pull and wait for your material to vaporize.

This wasn’t my first vape and I don’t expect it to be yours either, but when I get asked what’s the best of the best this is the one, I point to.


So now we’re moving on to the portable models and the first one I have here is the iolite. This is a mid-iolite V2priced unit that runs on butane instead of a rechargeable battery.

This is unique because there’s only a few vapes out there powered by butane, and the main advantage that gives it is the non-reliance on electricity, so I usually say a vape like this is good for people who go on long trips and things like that where you don’t have access to electrical outlets.

I would consider the performance of this vape to be average because the vapor it produces is on the lighter side and tends to be a little too warm.

Something else to consider with this one is that I’ve received a lot of complaints from people who say their units have been unreliable and have stopped working after short periods of time.


WISPRNext we have the WISPR which is made by the same company as the iolite, it’s just at a slightly higher price point.

This is basically the same thing as the iolite but with a different shell on the outside and different ignition switch, and it also has a little viewing window to see how much gas you have left.

To me they both perform the same way, and they both run on the same kind of butane, so the differences are mainly cosmetic.

I’ve received just as many complaints about this vape as I have for the iolite, so I’m guessing whichever parts are malfunctioning are the same in both models.

  • NO2

Next is the low-priced NO2 vape, which is physically the largest of all the portable models I’ve reviewedVapir NO2 Vaporizer so far.

Despite its size I do find it to be comfortable to hold and easy to use, it’s just not a vape you can really stick in your pocket or purse.

Overall I think the performance is pretty decent with this one, if you pack your material fairly tight in the chamber you can get good vapor production, I just find it to be a little on the warm side.

Next we have the DaVinci vaporizer, which I think is a decent mid-priced portable unit.

It’s fairly small and easy to use, but I just wasn’t too impressed with its performance.

Like the NO2 it has minimal draw resistance, but I find the vapor it produces to be a little hot and harsh, so I don’t find myself choosing to use this one very often.

Not everyone agrees with me though, I have received some comments from people saying they like theirs, so my opinion may be different because I have some other models to compare it to.

  • PUFFiT

Next is the low-priced PUFFiT vape, which is the one that looks like an inhaler. Puffit Vaporizer

This is a tricky one because I personally don’t like it much, but many people have sent me comments saying I’m crazy and they like theirs.

My issues with it are that I’m really not impressed with its performance, and I don’t really think it’s a good thing to model a vaporizer after a medical device, I don’t feel that helps the credibility of this industry.

What I think I’ve noticed is that people who have experience with vapes tend to agree with me, and people who bought this as their first vape tend to disagree with me.

  • AtmosRAW

Next we have the AtmosRAW, a mid-priced pen-style vape that is actually more of an electronic pipe.

Basically the story with this one is that it burns or combusts dry material, even though they call it an herbal vaporizer.

There are now various screen pieces available to use inside the heating chamber to stop the combustion, but I tried a few different solutions and wasn’t really satisfied with any of them.

So I think it’s a nifty device but I don’t consider it a good vaporizer. An off-label use that is popular with this one is using it with concentrates instead of dried herbs.

  • PALM

Next is the low-priced Palm vaporizer, made by the VaporBlunt company.Palm Vape

This one is very similar to the Magic-Flight Launch Box that I’m going to show you next, and basically it’s a simple, small vape that is powered by a single AA rechargeable battery.

One of the benefits of a vape like this is the quick heatup time, because you can literally be vaping within 5 seconds if it’s already packed, but the downside is there’s no temperature control so you sort of just develop feel for how long to heat your material.

I think this model is ok, but I was turned off by how similar it is to the original Launch Box, it seems like too much of an imitation to me, and an inferior one.


Launch BoxNext is the low-priced Launch Box vaporizer made by Magic-Flight. This vape is fairly simple but it’s well-made and once you get the hang of using it I found it to be pretty useful.

I actually still use mine sometimes even with all the other models I have to choose from.

The style of vaping I think it’s best for is when you only want to take a few draws at a time, and you want to spread out your usage over a long period of time.

For example sometimes I like to keep mine packed on my desk so that I can take a quick draw or two whenever I feel like it over the course of a day.

Most people who buy this report that they like it, just please keep in mind it does require very dry and very finely ground up material for best performance.

  • SOLO

Next, we have the mid-priced Solo vaporizer, made by the same company as the Extreme-Q.Arizer Solo 2

This vape is cool because it does a really good job of vaporizing your material and it keeps the taste pretty fresh.

The base unit itself isn’t very big, but it’s kind of heavy and bulky, and the glass stem that sticks out makes it feel a little on the large side.

Because of the glass involved and the slightly bulky design it’s not exactly a vape you can carry around in your pocket, but overall, I do consider it one of the best performing portables.

Something to keep in mind with this one is that it does have a fairly strong draw resistance, which means when you take a draw it feels like pulling a really thick smoothie through a straw.

  • PAX

PAX VaporizerLast but not least we have the Pax vaporizer by Ploom, which is priced on the high-end but in my personal opinion definitely worth the investment.

I currently rate this model the highest overall out of the portables I’ve reviewed so far, and I find myself using mine quite often.

This vape is very small, it’s super easy to use, and I consider the vapor quality above average for a portable.

There is some maintenance involved to keep this vape working at peak performance, and it does have a little bit of draw resistance, but for me it really has been the most convenient and most enjoyable model to use when I’m away from home.

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  • Hey any thought on the new matrix?

    I’m looking to get a dry herb vape that can do concentrates, also temp control, big hits and powerful… And don’t want to spend over 300

    I have the atomos rx and hate it can’t get proper hits…

  • Hey bud I’m really looking for a desktop vape that I can use with my glass pieces, I already have a glass to whip attachment but I’m not sure which desktop product would produce the the amount of quality vapor I’d prefer. Any you would recommend?

  • Hoping you can point my in the right direction. I quit smoking a while back and am now looking for a healthier way back in. I want to get a dry herd pen but have spent hours researching them only to find a ton of bad reviews for each. Some saying they combust and do not actually vape, some overheat, break, etc. I just want an easy to use one that is smooth, as clean of a hit as possible. Any suggestions?

  • just bought the atmos r2 for dry herbs and im very disappointed. i thought it would actually vape. i have the plenty and love it but was looking for something small to take on the go. was looking at the V2pro,the crafty and the mighty. which would you recommend or anything else other than those 3

    • Ah bummer! If you love the Plenty and want the same performance in a smaller package def go with the Crafty or Mighty.

      If you want something simpler and less $$ go with the Summit or Pax. V2 Pro is good too but for small, light sessions only.

  • Hey, what portable/pen style vape would you recommend for a person who smokes 2-3 times a week sometimes less I’m not looking for anything too expensive

  • I bought the Quick Draw X1 and after a couple uses the battery quit functioning. I then got the Quick Draw M1 in exchange for the X1 only to have the button break before my fist use. I don’t recommend Quick Draws to anyone because apparently their products are shit.

  • The only vape ive ever owned was the Atmos Raw, however I didn’t like it at all. I didnt feel like I was using my herbs efficiently. I’m used to [traditional methods], but id like to switch to a vape because its healthier. Is it worth buying a nicer one? Also what do you recommend for taking it in the garage and using in?

    • Ah bummer, the AtmosRAW def isn’t a good one, especially for vaping dry herbs.

      It would definitely be worth it to get a good one, any mode that I rate 80/100 or higher is one that I like and would recommend.

  • Have to agree with Marco. Recently purchased a Dab Torpedo Upgrade Kit and am loving the coil. Titanium coil wrapped around a ceramic post. They also offer a wick version of the coil. Was wondering if anyone has tried their other products, namely the Mont Dank Volcano or the Gorilla Vape (dry herb but I would like to use for concentrates). I am constantly looking for the best of whats out there both in portable tapes/coils. I also recently purchased a Cloud Evo based on your reviews, so thank you. The thing is a beast.

  • You should check out the DAB Torpedo and DAB Tornado from The Vape Co. They are very high quality, high stylish wax vape pens that use a combination of Titanium and ceramic in their coils. Mine coils have lasted 6-8 months on average, and have amazing flavor. Anyhow, just a suggestion.

  • Hey there dude I’m thinking of getting a portable pen vaporizer which one would you suggest. I was thinking a atmos raw but after your vid not now. Cheers

  • Hi Bud. Thank you for this website. It has been a tremendous help to me since I didn’t have a clue what to get!!
    I wanna get my BF a vaporizer for Christmas (it would be his first vaporizer), and the problem is I don’t smoke… So wondering if I can get your master advise..

    He uses dry materials, and not a heavy smoker. (only several times after work, a few puffs at a time to relax.)
    So far, I narrowed down to Launcher Box. I need something not too expensive and doesn’t smell much..
    Any other recommendation? I don’t quite care if it’s desktop, portable or pen style. (Though seems like desktop ones tend to be too expensive for me and I hear pens are not so good for dry herb.)
    Also, anything I should get with it?? Thanks a lot!


    • Hey Lynn I would check out the V2 Pro I recently reviewed, it’s a pen vape but it does truly vaporize dry herbs and it’s efficient with small amounts of material, so it’s good for a handful of draws at a time. If you go with that one I would add on the wall charger and car charger they offer.

  • Recently bought a vape dynamics vaporizer which looks exactly like the flowermate. I’ve seen videos of people getting up to 20 good draws from a flowermate, while I’m only getting maybe 5, even after mixing up the herb. Also being new to vaping, not really sure if I’m [using it] correctly. Seem to get herb blocking the screen in the mouthpiece if I draw too hard.

    • I love my vape dynamics. I was skeptical at first, like you I had seen the videos of big draws. I totally can get upwards to 20 minutes on one packing, I know I’m done when the vapor isn’t visible anymore, an the herb comes out nice and dark brown.

      I find the OG and Kush families are nice and long lasting, basically the danker your buds, the better.

      I just use a normal $2 plastic grinder, run it through once, and tap and pack to nearly the top of the bowl.

      • vape dynamics is solid! I had a minor issue with the product, they just replaced it.. i dont know flowermate

        • Really what was the minor issue. Where they hard to deal with?

          I just bought one but not sure if it is working properly.

  • I’m trying to pick my first vap but there is so many. Could you recommend me one with a low draw resistance one for home use.
    Thank you.

  • Hey Bro i forgot to ask, i have to spend for a mid range dekstop Vapo, my biggest preference is Potency, i would love to get the Plenty but that would have to wait a while, whats the next step down from plenty, mid range price?

  • After hours of daunting and pointless research into vapes i finally found a proper reviews. best source available.
    Thank you so much for this,
    im sure you enjoyed testing these :))

  • HI mate! Trying to decide which vaporizer is best for me and I must say I’m overwhelmed by the choices,reviews and info out there.

    The Plenty seems to be the strongest but the large chamber,heating of coil and reports of people coughing worry me.

    The SSV seems to get great reviews too – how do they compare for someone making the transistion from smoking alot?

    • Hey man I like both of those models but I do prefer the Plenty and I do rate that one higher overall. You can pack a small amount in the herb chamber if you use the included pad on top to take up the extra space, and if there’s any coughing going on it’s from the vapor being nice and potent and not from any harshness.

  • I’ve been thinking of getting a portable vap for a while, and I think I’ve settled on the Pax for size and “simplicity”. I’m just wondering what it is about the Puffet that you don’t like. I just ask because I actually have mild asthma, and have had puffers, think the convince of the design would be amazing.

    • Hey I mainly just wasn’t impressed with the performance of the Puffit vape at all, I didn’t find the experience very satisfying or enjoyable.

  • Hi! I am used to using pipes, and to be honest, I am tired of eating char, and choking on ash. I have heard that “vaping” is the way to go about things nowadays. What would you suggest to be the best dry herb vapor pen (I honestly do not know what oils and waxes are)? A pen would be more practical for me, as they appear to look like an e-cig (no frantically hiding the goods when the folks drop by unannounced). Thank you so much for your time :)

    • Hey Melany thanks for posting, unfortunately at this time I do not believe there are any vape pens on the market that do a good job of truly vaporizing dry herbs, they will either produce very little vapor or more commonly combust your material.

      Out of the models I’ve reviewed so far that work well with dry herbs I like and recommend the Pax, Firefly, Ascent, Solo, Launch Box and NO2.

  • Hey!

    I had the original iolite and hated it. It never really vaped and stopped working after about 6 months of occasional use.

    So, I’m looking into getting a new portable vape for use on the go and when traveling. I have been interested in the Pax, MFLB, and the new DaVinci Ascent. I’m not sure which will be best for me. I’ve heard that the Pax is hard to draw from and that it often burns through a large amount of herb (.4 grams per chamber?!). Is the Pax also capable of vaping concentrates/ oils?

    I’ve heard that the MFLB uses up batteries very quickly, thus forcing the user to tote fresh batteries all the time. Also, I’ve heard that the MFLB is tricky to use and requires a certain level of technique.

    Since the DaVinci Ascent is relatively new, I haven’t heard much about it.

    I would appreciate any guidance you could offer. What would you recommend? I want to make a wise investment.

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear about your troubles with the iolite.

      You pretty much hit it on the head – right now I think the best portable vapes for traveling or just on-the-go use are the Pax, Ascent and Launch Box.

      I actually just posted my Ascent review last night: https://vapecritic.com/ascent/

      I talk a bit about how it compares to the Pax in that video, and it really comes down to which qualities are most important to you.

      As for the Launch Box what you’ve heard is pretty accurate, but it’s still not a bad choice. I personally prefer it for smaller sessions, or when I just want a quick draw or two and only have a minute.

      Let me know if you’d like me to elaborate on anything!

  • Hi
    Dare ask, because you have big knowledge and experience.
    I’m going to buy a good vaporizer. My priorities (from most important ):
    – efficient use of herbs
    – little cleaning
    – no smell
    – easy usage
    Which one would you recommend?

    My types:
    – Volcano
    – Plenty
    – Launch Box
    – Extreme-Q
    – Solo

    Have a nice day

    • How dare you! :P

      I actually like and recommend all five of the vapes you listed.

      The Volcano and Plenty stay the cleanest and are the highest quality, the Extreme-Q is a step below those but is still pretty good, the Solo produces good vapor for a portable but I don’t take it with me outside of my house because it isn’t too convenient like that, and I like to use the Launch Box when I want to vape a small amount over a longer session.

      Hope this helps!

    • With some vapes you can, but pretty much every model I’ve reviewed in the above video is really designed for use with dried herbs.

      If you’re down with the pen vapes models like the AtmosRx and microG work well with solids, I show those in this vid: https://vapecritic.com/pens/

  • Hey what’s up I was wondering what you think would be the best at home portable vape? After watching some of your vids I went with the pax had for like 2 weeks n love it so far. Due to the cleaning I would like to keep that as an on the go vape. Out of the other 3 you recommend what’s a good one to take out to the garage or around the house that dose not require as much cleaning and also has a good battery life?

    • Hey Wayne,

      Glad to hear you’re diggin the Pax.

      I would say the Solo or NO2 would be good options to consider for what you’re looking for. Solo is slightly higher quality but does have a fairly strong draw resistance.

      If you have any more questions let me know!

      • Cool thanks man. Also couple other questions. With the pax how often would you recommend changing the screen if at all? As far as the cleaning kit could any pipe cleaner or wipes due or should I stick with the kits? Also can you do anytbing with your vaped material? I’ve herd of people putting it in their butter mix. Last what’s a good vape for pollen i any?

        • No doubt, you really only have to change the screen if your current one is super stained and won’t come clean with rubbing alcohol. Even then it’s really just about how it looks, since it’s not really even a screen (just a metal plate).

          Any pipe cleaners should work fine as long as they’re decent quality, and any rubbing alcohol over 70% should be fine as well in place of the wipes.

          I tried doing stuff with my vaped material in the past but it never came out good so now I just throw it away most of the time.

          Most vapes will work ok with some pollen mixed in with the herbs, but I never tested any of them with pollen-only b/c I’m not sure it would go well.

          I think Magic-Flight may have come out with a concentrate tray recently for their Launch Box vape, could be a possibility but I haven’t personally tried it yet.

          • Thanks again bud. I did see something about the MFLB having that out and was gonna ask if you tried it out. Now i know lol. I was thinking it might be good with pollen myself but not sure seeing i dont own a launch box. Do you see yourself trying out the tray anytime soon?

  • Hey, thanks for your reviews! I’m want to buy my first vaporizer and I’m not sure which one I should take. The volcano is to expensive for me, so I tend to the plenty or the pax. I like the design, battery and portability of the pax, but I’m not sure, if it is strong enough. How would you compare it to the plenty? To which vaporizer would you tend?
    Thanks again!

    • Hey if you’re concerned with the strength of the vapor I would go with the Plenty, the Pax is great but in general portable vapes can’t produce vapor as strong as good desktop units