Puffco Peak Review

Puffco Peak

This is the Puffco Peak, a portable dab rig for wax and oil concentrates.


It’s easy to get vapor from this thing which will make it have mass appeal, and it’s a pretty tiny rig, smaller than I thought it would be.

The look and feel is really nice just like the other Puffco products, it’s light and easy to pass around too.

It has a removable ceramic cup or bucket which is where you load your wax, and you don’t necessarily “dab” from this thing, it says to load your concentrate in the cup before you even turn it on.

Ceramic Cup

It also comes with a pretty cool carb cap made of glass, it fits great and is fun to use, but could be easy to lose and without it the rig does not function normally.

Glass Carb Cap

You get 4 heat levels to choose from and I’d say they’re set at good temps, I’ve been mostly using the middle 2 settings so far.

You’re supposed to put water in the glass part and to my surprise it did a very good job of keeping the water from bubbling up and touching my lips. It did happen once during my initial test (see video) but that was it.

Ceramic Heater

The ceramic cups are easy to remove and replace, they actually just sit in place on top of the heating plate. The cup is only heated from the bottom so don’t put your wax on the walls like some do when dabbing.

Peak Parts

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  • What a rip-off. I was religious about keeping it clean to no avail. It wouldn’t work without a cord after three weeks. Now after two months it doesn’t work at all. Puffco support is a joke.

  • First time purchase and received a defective machine, customer service not available for weeks now through the holidays, how inconvenient, why is this company selling cheap defective crap and pissing off all the hard core dabbers???

  • I love my Peak, had it for about 6 months- its got its problems but still an excellent purchase. I wouldn’t let horror stories on an anonymous comment thread dissuade you when there are quite a few of us who are very happy with our Peaks.

  • So I purchased the neon green Puffco Peak. After fully charging before first use, I went to use and was getting the rainbow lights. Started freaking out, “Man, I got a defective product”, etc. After taking a breath, troubleshooting a bit (since it is a new electronic device), I realized I hadn’t screwed the atomizer on fully. Being afraid to break it, I wasn’t sure I could screw it on tight and almost put it away to never be used again. Thankfully I’m not a moron, figured it out and have been SUCCESSFULLY using the Peak with NO issues whatsoever. Thing is a dream. So I feel like the majority of these comments online, hating on the Peak are just morons with no patience and is mostly user error. Just wanted to throw my two cents out there since I initially almost didn’t purchase the peak due to the extremely polarized reviews. So anyone who is having issues out of the box or otherwise, sit back, take a breath and make a few minor adjustments. Try tightening the atomizer all the way. It does require a bit of pressure but not copious amounts. Try cleaning the threads and connections with some iso 99%. I just wanted to clarify some things I’ve seen online and possibly help a few people out. All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase and would def recommend to someone who wants practicality in their dabbing.

    • Totally agreed! I don’t use my peak much, but when I do it never lets me down. I have also heard really bad thinNd about their customer service and I actually just had a extremely pleasant experience with them! I purchased a new atomizer through one of their distributors. When arriving home and opening it, I realized the heating element was cracked. I sent them and email and a picture of the defective product and my receipt. Without any headache at all they are sending me one in the mail! They even went out of their way to go through usps for me because I live up in the mountains and They took care of all shipping expenses. Highly recommend this company and their products!

  • Great concept. Poor product. Worse customer service. My base crapped out after two weeks. I’ve wasted $40 on a replacement atomizer I didn’t need. Now I am 14 days into the warranty replacement process. They couldn’t even pony up the $9 for next day shipping to replace they’re broken product.

  • Absolutely the biggest waste of money I ever spent. When it worked , it was amazing. So far 3 atomizers went bad in 3 months. And now the battery is bad after 3 months. And I will tell you, I take impecable care of the unit; always properly cleaned as I take very good care of anything that has to do with electronics. This company has the gall to charge 380.00 and replace just 1 atomizer. I even sent the battery back to them and said nothing was wrong with it. Well sure enough I got it back and still not functioning properly. They said as a courtesy, they will send me another atomizer which doesnt do me any good with a bad battery they won’t replace. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • This is one of the only places online to leave a review for the product. Puffco does a great job of making it hard for normal customers to leave honest reviews. 90% of the reviews online are sponsored by puffco. This should tell you a lot about the way they feel about their own products

  • Battery completely shot after 3 months so if I want to yes have to be connected to charger. Really disappointed for price thought it would last somewhat longer. I should have known.

  • Between this and the vape exhale, for concentrate consumption, which would you recommend? I don’t really understand why this “portable dab” is much different than just a desktop vape like the xhale in the end result.
    Please let me know what you think! I’m a bit confused about all this and would like some help with making my purchase

  • If u clearly read the instructions then u would be smart to see that it said to clean after each use so your atomizer wouldn’t end up broken… and if you know how to keep your rig clean, wouldn’t have problem with this, I had my peak replace after the first month and they work with you despite all the negative news your hearing from it… I know a lotta dab head who couldn’t even keep their rig clean they just go thru it like motor oil spilling everywhere…

  • i still have my peak.. never had a serious issue.. i have been very gently cleaning it after each dab.lby swabbing it with qtips… i never dump a whole jar of concentrates on it because just to avoid leaks and more thorough cleaning.. drop a few tiny rocks with sauce. hit it twice on green temp 20 seconds later i get the dopest more flavorful hits.. no complains.. i guess I am part of the 40% that bought the peak and maintained it properly that is why it is still working up to this date with the first atomizer.. with the money invested on this device its not something i pass around to cyphe just for the fact that only I knows how to handle it and clean it gently without cracking the atomizer.. I have showed it to a bunch of people and they have bought their own. and for each of them I did go over how to clean the atomizer properly. 5 peaks on deck including mine and thank god not one is crying about a defective device.
    What kills me the most are the monkeys D riding telling everyone “I knew the device sucked goood thing i was smart with my money”. Did you spend $400 on it? Have you handled the device yourself? Have you tried cleaning it, how and how often? Have you even loaded some concentrates on it yourself and tried the low temp set ups blue/green? If you say “No” to the first 1 just do us all a favor and shvt the flukc up your input is irrelevant. Oh and good luck to that lawsuit dont forget to bring your red nose.. payasos… this peak got me zoooted straight fire

  • Great looking expensive piece of gear…for the three months that it worked.

    So is this company going out of business?? Does anyone know why they won’t honor their warranty?? There’s still someone in the office giving me the runaround saying send them a video of me plugging it in, which I did, but ultimately I was ignored. I don’t know, man.

  • The atomizer went bad 8 days after I purchased it, the store I bought it wouldn’t replace it and asked to reach out to their support sept for replacement. I’m still waiting for the replacement atomizer.

    • Lmao i had my atomiser for 1 year still on first one yall dumb dont kno how to use things

      • Yeah ok, moron. That’s how electronics failures work. A certain percentage work fine, and a certain percentage don’t. You happen to have gotten one that works. A much higher percentage of people than is acceptable did not receive working units. But please, keep blaming the people who were statistically unlucky, and who are receiving ZERO support from Puffco. Good luck if you ever have a problem, dumbass.

    • I bought mine a month ago at Harvest House of Cannabis in Jacksonville Florida. After the a few uses (with a rice size grain of wax) it started throwing the rainbow light warning. It lost its connection. Harvest too told me to beat feet & take my issue to Puffco. Jason, the manager at Harvest, was nice enough too rudely advise me “You’ve only been in here twice, once for flower then for the vaporizer. This is a 3rd party devise so we can’t help you”. Wow…so my $500.00 bucks spent in the dispensary doesn’t warrant his time, all good, I won’t give them another dime and will make sure none of my associates do either. Regardless…I paid extra for the lucid lightning. I was informed that the black one was tax free but I had to pay tax on the blue one…okay… In a nutshell, Puffco tried to say it was over use. Then finally honored the warranty. However, they are sending the black topped atomizer, not the blue one. So my high end POS will always look like a Walmart special. I’m just disgusted with all of it.

  • Product is a piece of hot trash, if you made it this far, don’t buy it. Bought it- day one had connection issues, contacted customer support, they responded after a week that I should send video and photo proof (I also sent my receipt proof) of it not working, I did, they responded back after ANOTHER week stating they would be willing to send me a free bowl.
    Whole unit defective,
    day one,
    their response?:

    “My apologies for the delay in hearing back from us. It looks like a new atomizer would likely correct this issue. While atomizers are not covered unde3r warranty, we are happy to make a one-time exception and get a new atomizer sent out to you.”

    New bowl.
    0/10 customer service,
    3/10 product. The 3 is for the dream of what the product could be, the rest is the reality.

    Again, avoid this product if you can. Sincere disappointment.

  • Hey Bud! I was hoping you would do another more in depth followup video on the puffco peak. With all the news and marketing you see surrounding this thing, I would love to see what you think of it after having used it awhile. I still haven’t been able to find any thorough reviews on this thing…

  • I contacted Puffco Support thru there website email since thats the only way to contact them about issues with your device, to get help with my Puffco Peak that is’nt working, at first they responded then nothing I have reached out to them the only way I can Via Email so many times and no response after they said they would help me with the faulty devise I Purchased, supposedly this device is covered under warranty for a Year yet not even 2 months later my device that I paid $375.00 is not working the way its supposed to, I responded to every email they sent me, they were requiring additional information which i sent to them, yet nothing!!!! I have emailed them twice to ask about my Puffco Device nothing, what kind of company doesn’t stand behind there product and support there consumers who purchase these products, who don’t even have the decency to respond and are not pro active in taking care of there customers especially if they want us to endorse a device that costs $375.00 horrible customer service, I was really hoping all the reviews I read about this device being amazing was true, but In my case Im not even being heard or helped!!! I am extremely dissatisfied with the service that PUFFCO provides to there loyal customers dont buy this product they dont stand behind the service they promise to provide

  • The Puffco plus sucks! I have gone through 2 of them and both hit well at first and then started to fail. It doesnt work well and the hits taste very bad. Its also difficult to keep clean. Do not waste your money.








    • Wow i got mine 6 weeks ago and i am having similar issues. Im waiting to hear from them smh

  • Got my peak a few day ago. After 2 heat ups the thing started blinking. I took apart the atomizer and the heating element was cracked in half AFTER 2 USES!! What a piece of JUNK. Now I have to deal with their non-existent customer service. They dont even have a phone number for CS. When you call it it goes to a VM telling u to email them. WHAT A JOKE! I’m reported them! This is just flat our WRONG!!

  • I’ve had mine for a week now. Been dabbing for 10 years plus. The Peak is an overpriced paperweight with cheaply made parts from China. There are other options on the market with better performance for 1/4 the price. Save your money and go elsewhere. I just put mine on eBay.

  • Have to second the comments about the atomizer being total crap that feels like it’s designed to fail. No wonder they sell replacements on their website for well above what the actual piece is worth. In reality, this is a dab rig and should be designed to handle more steady current use than the two small wires attached to the ceramic plate can handle. If you look at the heating elements on actual e-nails, you will notice a heavy duty heating wire meant to handle repeat heating and cooling as well as removing the nail.

    A suggestion to puffco, make this 400$ rig work otherwise there will be competition capable of making something more robust. I am not going to be on an atomizer subscription plan where your company eats 50$ every time it breaks.

  • Dude this thing is awesome when it works.. But really only an employee of Puffco would be completely happy with the Peak because they have access to atomizers and troubleshooting help. If you have a problem with the thing, you have to e-mail and wait days for a response. I just got a new atomizer in the mail today and went to use it and the damn thing did the rainbow light cycle meaning bad connection. Uuuhhh idk why bc it’s a new fkn atomizer and the thing is charged. I just want a damn refund at this point. What a waste.

  • Me and my buddy both purchased peaks. Mine never worked came with broken atomizer. My buddy’s lasted a week. We’re both experienced dabbers and followed all directions. The atomizer is too jank ass wires to a ceramic plate . After you take two dabs and try to pull out the bucket the wires come out of the atty and you can’t fix it. Awesome when it works . Spent more time trying to use it than using it though

      • HI just bought a device, appears defective right out of the box, worked erratically for a few days and now nothing, just the flashing lights, customer service is only avail via email and not avail now till Jan 2 this is not helpful and agree with Gareth, more time and money spent trying to get it to work…