Linx Hypnos Vaporizer Pen Review

This little guy is the Linx Hypnos vaporizer pen for wax and oil extracts/concentrates.

Linx is new to the game but they came out swingin, they have a super nice pen here, easily one of the nicest I own. Check out my full video review above or continue reading below.

Linx Hypnos Design & Build Quality

The Hypnos is small, at 10cm long it’s one of the shortest vape pens I’ve reviewed which makes it quite a stealthy device.

Another pretty unique design trait is its stainless steel outer shell, it looks & feels really sleek and solid. The entire pen has a brushed steel finish except for the tip of the battery and the ring around the button, those are polished.

You’ll notice the glass mouthpiece tip also which is pretty new to the pen scene, and I like it. They also made the tip piece screw on instead of using an o-ring, so it really stays together well and doesn’t come apart unless you unscrew it.

The entire vapor path is made with medical grade materials as well, which leads me to…

The Hypnos Atomizer

I’m impressed. Going by looks you could possibly assume that this one is just like the others, but it’s definitely different (in a good way).

First you have a ceramic-lined heating chamber and a ceramic rod wrapped in titanium coil.

Next you’ll notice the four extra air holes strategically placed around the top of the chamber. One of the chief complaints with vape pens is too much draw resistance, or not enough air flow, and sometimes even a clogged feeling when you go to take a hit from it. These air holes are here to prevent that, and they do a mighty fine job.

Hypnos Atomizer The chamber is on the smaller side, and you really don’t want to load it 100% full to reduce the chance of your wax covering one of those top holes. I pack it 80% full each time and never have any issues. The max capacity ends up being somewhere around 0.15g, which may not seem like a lot but you’ll be amazed at how long it lasts.

You ready for my favorite thing about this atomizer? The ceramic rod stays white!!! it doesn’t turn a dark color!!!

Why all the exclamation points? Because every other pen I’ve reviewed so far with a ceramic or fiber wick turns a darker color after repeated use.

This doesn’t always affect performance, which is why there’s plenty of pens I like with ceramic and fiber wicks, but I can’t deny that there’s somethin special about my rod always lookin pristine (yea baby).

It seems that the wick doesn’t absorb any of your concentrate, and since the temps are so low it never darkens the rod, so mine pretty much still look like new.

Very Low Temps = All About The Flavor

Linx made the Hypnos with 4 temp settings, which is another thing that’s different than most pens. However, I’ve found that all of the heat levels are fairly similar and pretty low, which has its pros and cons.

Heating your concentrate at a lower temperature gives you amazing flavor, the vapor is very clean and pure tasting. Quartz atomizers and rods are kind of the latest and greatest when it comes to atomizers, but even though this one’s ceramic the flavor is on the same level.

However, you won’t get as much visible vapor, you need to take a fairly long draw to get a big cloud. When I say fairly long I’m talkin about a 10 second hit. I consider the average draw duration for a medium-size cloud to be about 4-5 seconds, so this pen heats at pretty low temperatures.

BUT, to make things more confusing for you, this will also vary depending on the consistency of the concentrate you’re using, some types will vape faster and you won’t have to pull as long for a big cloud.

Medical Grade Components Impressive Efficiency Down To The Last Drop

Loading a pea-sized amount of concentrate is all you need for an excellent vaping experience with this pen.

You’ll be amazed at how long that much will last and how many hits you can take. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is psychological, because if the hits are smaller obviously it’ll last longer.

But still, it’s extremely efficient, none of your stuff will be wasted and you’ll definitely feel like you’re getting every last drop out of it.

Overall, It’s a Winner

This is quite a well-rounded pen, I think you’ll really like it, and at $75 it’s a steal.

The flavor and efficiency is top tier, the airflow is great, it’s super small and discreet, and it has one of the coolest atomizers I’ve tried.

Just remember that it’s more of a mellow vape pen experience, light to medium density clouds should be expected.

Click here to buy one from the official Linx Vapor website. They do compensate me if you order through my link and your support is greatly appreciated!

Stay up!

Update Jan 2016: Linx updated the battery and added the 5-click lock feature that was missing from the original version I show in my video.


  • Let me just say (like you have a choice, it’s the internet…), we are in a marijuana renaissance and YOU SIR are the man keeping all of these new companies on their toes. Bravo sir, bravo.

  • Just got this pen and am pleased with it. I’ve noticed that I am able to lock the device without running it to the point of auto-shutdown! I’m not sure if it’s a slight upgrade from your review unit or what, but mine will lock with another 5presses just like the unlock sequence.

  • Can’t wait for the new coil-free ceramic plate/disc/donut Atomizers for the hypnos, and the double coil / quartz lined ones too. All featuring the high-wall airflow on their current “forever white” single coil atomizer which is kind of dated. Linx is prepping to release them soon. Those atomizers will take this pen into the top spot, amongst all the stealthy, temperature controlled, health-conscious wax pens, IMHO.

    • Vape critic !

      Contact Linx and ask them if you can get a head start on reviewing their newest prototype donut/disc atomizers !! or their dual coil/quartz ones !

      I ordered it immediately on confirmation directly from a Linx employee (whom was using the soon to be released prototype atomizer himself) that Linx will be releasing a full ceramic, no-coil, donut/disc/plate atomizer which will work with the 4-temp battery on the current Hypnos. As well as a double coil full ceramic atomizer. Those two should be shown on their social media soon.
      I hope they all feature the same high wall airflow vents, which as you said, eliminates leaks due to any pooling, in their current single coil full ceramic bowl atomizer.

      Looking forward to seeing the new atomizers and to hearing your thoughts on them !!!

  • I have never tried one of these “pens” before, but am willing to try it. I will have to wait for a friend or someone I know to buy one to test it. I am on a disability and even at $75 dollars, that is a week’s worth of groceries for me. I have bought the wax (or whatever it is called) and I just put some into the middle of a smaller bud and smoke it in my little glass pipe. Smoking it in one of these pens look like it would be a good way to go Thanks for your info on this new product. Take care, pat masters

  • Awesome videos Bud! Had to wait for your review of this one but now I’m ordering one for sure! I love how they are focused on medical grade components and construction! I would imagine that’s why the ceramic rod is so clean and nice all the time cuz it’s medical grade and after all isn’t that what we are all doing, getting medicated right? Make sure to give them positive feedback about how awesome their focus on medical grade quality is for the community! I wish more would focus on that, it’s kind of scary to think of all the pens we’ve used that were made with suspect components!