Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review

Launch Box

This is the Magic-Flight Launch Box, a portable herbal vaporizer made in the USA, and it’s quite unique. This model is for use with dry herb, but Magic-Flight also makes a similar-looking box called the Muad-Dib that’s specifically made for concentrates.

This was my second vape purchase ever (first was the Volcano) and to this day I still consider it one of the best portables I’ve reviewed. I do have to mention that I love the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer


CategoryVaporizerPrice (msrp)
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Best Pocket VaporizerDaVinci IQC$199.00
Best Battery LifeArizer Solo 2$134.99
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Best Vaporizer Under $150Healthy Rips Fury Edge$129.99
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Best Cheap VaporizerXmax V2 Pro$79.95

Design / Build Quality

So it’s basically just a wooden box and there are three main wood types to choose from: Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

Carved into the box is a trench (herb chamber), draw hole, air intake hole, and battery port. There’s a stainless steel mesh screen inside the trench area connected to two metal rods, and those make contact with the battery when you press it in which heats up the chamber.

I has an acrylic lid attached that you slide open and closed over the herb chamber, and an acrylic stem or mouthpiece is also included that you insert into the draw hole on the front.

What’s pretty unique about this one is that you use a single AA rechargeable battery to power it. The base kit includes two batteries and a charging dock, as well as rubber caps for the ends of the batteries and a good quality cleaning brush.

Even though this thing is really simple it does feel like a well-made product, and it definitely took a lot of hard thinking to make a vaporizer with no electrical components vaporize so effectively.

It’s a fairly inexpensive vape, but it doesn’t feel cheap or cheesy, and I think for the price it’s well worth the investment. It’s also still one of the smallest, lightest and quickest vapes I’ve ever reviewed.

MFLB Maple Cherry Walnut

Performance / Usage Tips

The Launch Box does require some technique to get the best results from it, but after just a few uses you’ll get used to it and it’ll become second nature.

Very important: You need to grind your herb super fine for the best performance. Grinding fine increases the surface area of your herb which helps this vape do a better job of producing vapor.

This vape is very efficient, and it works great with amounts as low as 0.1g (just a pinch). The idea is that you can control and custom tailor your vaping experience by how long you heat your herb for and how quickly you draw from it.

The two main ways I use mine are by either taking one long draw or by taking a bunch of small pulls in a row.

For a single draw you basically just engage the battery and then very slowly pull from the mouthpiece for 5-10 seconds. If your material overheats you didn’t draw fast enough, and if you get no vapor at all you may be drawing too quickly.

The other method is to engage the battery and take small “sips” from the mouthpiece every few seconds, letting vapor build up inside the trench between each draw.

Vapor quality is good from this one but isn’t really what I would consider top-shelf, it’s just about average. More specifically, the taste and smoothness might not be as good as some other vapes, but it’s still actually potent which proves how effective it really is.

What’s also very important with this vape is that you need to mix your material up in between draws, or at least every other draw. They include a nice brush that you can use the back end of to gently mix your herb up, or you can keep the lid closed and give your box a shake to mix it all around. If you do this just make sure you get all your herb back down into the center trench before vaping again.

When using just a pinch of herb (~0.1g) you should be able to get roughly 5-8 draws from it, but it does depend on how you use it.

Bottom Line

Yes there are better vapes out there, and yes this thing looks stupidly simple for the price, but believe me when I tell you it works like a champ.

I personally feel it works best as a quick vape for taking just a handful of light draws at a time, but many people use this in a variety of scenarios and are extremely satisfied with it.

This is one of those vapes that everybody needs in their collection because of how unique it is.

Stay up!

My original video review that I made many many years ago, and below is a transcription of that video:

Video transcription:

What’s up, guys? This is my short review of the Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. I have a few other videos about how to clean this thing if you’re interested, if you want to check those out, but right now I’m just going to tell you about what I like and don’t like about it.I love it. It’s a really good product. It’s really well made as far as vaporizers go for the price. I think now it’s $119. You’re not going to find anything better for even $200 or $300. I think this beats the $300 vaporizers. That’s just my opinion. I also have a Volcano, which is obviously my first choice. That is, bar none, the best vaporizer out there.It’s really expensive, but it’s worth every penny if you can get your hands on it. But this is my number two choice, because this thing is fantastic and it’s super easy. I’m not going to go through all the details now and show you how to use it because it comes with directions and hopefully you already know how to use the thing.I will tell you that I’ve had it for about six months, and the thing I like about it the most is how quick it is. You take this battery, put it in and in ten seconds you’re vaping. That’s pretty quick. Even with the Volcano you’ve got to wait 30 seconds or a minute or whatever it is for it to heat up first before you could use it. So, this thing is pretty much instant. You can carry it anywhere. It’s pretty tiny.

I’ve got big hands, but it’s really small. It fits in your pocket. It’s awesome. The other thing is that you can use it if it’s windy somewhere, which you can’t do with any other kind of piece or anything. You could use this thing in a wind tunnel and it will still work and that’s kind of cool.

Now, there’s probably some other things, too, that I love about it, but they are obvious things. What I don’t like about it is this thing. All right, now I don’t know, it might just be me. I’m sure other people are going to agree with me. It comes with this rubber type gasket looking thing inside this hole here where you’re supposed to put the battery.

It comes in there when you first buy this, and it’s pretty much in there so that when you stick the battery in, no matter how far you push it, if the battery is just in there and if you’re not putting pressure on it, it’s not going to engage the heating element. It’s sort of like a safety thing, I guess, but I found it incredibly annoying how hard it was to keep it pushed in.

Especially because of how often I use this thing and I just started to get a mark in my hand from how hard I had to hold it down, so I just went in there with a pair of needle nose pliers and I pulled this little thing out. The way I use mine now is if you just stick the battery in, it will engage and you don’t have to hold it.

Now, this is awesome and super easy, but you’ve got to be careful because you can’t forget about it in there or otherwise the battery could obviously overheat and who knows what could happen if it’s in there for a really long time. So, you’ve got to be really careful. You can’t zone out if you’re going to do this little modification. You’ve got to pay attention.

The only other thing that kind of bothers me a little bit about this is the herbs that you put in the trench area here. It really only works super good if the herbs are ground up like really fine. It’s kind of hard to do that. Even the grinder that they give you, the one that comes with the Launch Box when you first buy it, it doesn’t really even grind the herbs up small enough for this thing to vape it to its maximum capability.

If you put in big little chunks and stuff, it doesn’t really work at all. It’s going to take you a long time. You’re not going to get a lot of vapor. It’s not going to be strong hits or anything. I’ve just found that the finer you can grind up your stuff, even if it’s on a little bit of the drier side it might even work better. It seems to not like really moist stuff too much.

Even with these small flaws, this thing really is still amazing. So, I highly recommend it. If you don’t have one, you should definitely grab one as soon as you can. It’s pretty cheap. When you do decide to buy one, go to and it will redirect you right to where I buy all my stuff. It’s a really great store. I talk about it in all my videos because it’s a great place for multiple reasons.

So, check it out and also, like I said in the beginning of this video, if you want to see how to clean this thing after you’ve had it for a few months, I have a few tutorials on how to do that, too. All right guys. So I hope this helps, and take it easy.


  • I recently replaced my Magic Flight Launch Box. Now, that I am able to use one that works, I know that this little oven works well.

    I recommend this for anyone that makes tinctures, oils, and other extractions. Operating the box takes patience, but the process should be familiar for those with that knowledge.

  • I purchased mine about 2 yrs. ago, my first ever vape. At first, I was really pleased with it, the high lasted longer and I didn’t go through as much as smoking it. After about 1 1/2 yrs. though I noticed I was barely even feeling any effects so I have been mostly smoking for the last 6 months. Even when it was new it was sometimes hard to see much vape depending on the lighting etc. I just received 4 new batteries and gave another try, four good 6-10 sec draws and five min later, not much. Has anyone had a similar experience, remedy?

    • That’s baloney. I just warrantied my 8 yo launch box and it was easy-peasy. They also are extending the warranty to the new one. Magic Flight is rad.

      • Definitely BS, they legit have the best CS I have ever felt with…emailed them and they asked for no pictures or further details and I had my new box inn4 business days , all free . They guy I was exchanging emails with on 5eir team was also super nice and funny. This was November 2018. Yes the lifetime warranty is extended to new replacement and even to new buyer if you sell it used.

  • I agree with most of your comments on the mflb… I’ve had one for 3 years now currently on my 2nd one as I it has a lifetime warenty and it is my daily user..
    I find the best way to use it for myself is (as long as you’re herb has a high thc content) by having 3 draws on a full trench and then letting the herb cool, by doing this the herb becomes solid and remains in the shape of the trench itself.. once this has happened I very delicately turn the block of herb (trench form) to the other side for another 3 draws, after that’s I continue to mix the herb after each draw getting a total of 9-11 big draws per trench.. to me this is the most affective way to use the mflb.. I can’t usually make one trench 0.25 last me about 8 hours for a steady and comfortable high.. definitely worth the purchase for the price, quality and the lifetime warranty

  • The launch box was my first vape to which now I have the pax 1&2. I keep coming back to my launch box occasionally because of how quick I can use it with a small (one hitter) amount. Other vapes take 1-2 minutes to heat up before your ripping but the magic flight is a matter of seconds. The batteries are sometimes a pain in the ass but you can buy any AA battery and peel the label off to use.

  • I HATE the Launch Box! I bought one in April 2017 and it’s been slowly dying ever since. The batteries stopped working about two months after I bought the box, so I bought an ac adaptor. As it turned out, it was the Box that wasn’t working. I emailed the company, and they told me to fill out a warranty claim on their website. So, I did, and a few days later, they emailed me and told me they’d send a replacement. According to their website, they will send a replacement box if yours ever stops working. What a lie!!! They sent me a power adaptor and new batteries! I explicitly said THE BOX DOES NOT WORK. I waited 10 days for a replacement, only to get the wrong thing. So, to recap, I spent $150 on the box…. then $50 on a new ac adaptor because the batteries stopped working…. and they sent me new, less expensive accessories instead of replacing the box. I will never spend another dollar at magic flight.

  • I have had my Magic Flight for approximately a year. Maybe under the rarest of conditions it can be considered useful, but honestly i consider it much more of a pain in the ass than necessary. Grind real fine, hit just right, keep battery charged, try to create some vapor, try to catch a buzz. Waaaaaaay too much work for the price and effort. So I also really don’t understand all the good reviews, and trust me, I was hoping that it would be all that, but it is not. Keep searching or buy this one if you really want to work really hard for a minimal return. Not being negative, just feel you could do better

    • Nope you’ll be ok. If you combust repeatedly you could end up with a charred taste in the wood that may or not dissipate after time.

  • Is it necessary to shake the contents with just a pinch ? Or can u just vape it, and then empty it ?

  • Save your money. I spent $110 on it, the batteries eventually would not charge and there was not enough vapor produced to get the desired effect.

  • I’m astounded at the great reviews Magic Flight get on the launch box vaporizer…

    I have a Davinci herb vaporizer, a Volcano desktop vaporizer, a Puffco Pro as well as the new and improved Magic Flight.

    The Magic Flight is a country mile behind the others. The brass is pretty; the wood is elegant but the batteries absolutely remind me of 1980. Constantly looking for a new ‘fully charged’ battery is unacceptable.

  • I just got one of these, and although it has a learning curve, it’s a great little vape. You need to have your herb ground fine, and although its small, and doesn’t make huge clouds of vapor, after a few tokes you will be stoned. Excellent design, clever battery and screen, small and discrete, and comes with everything you need.

  • I have three Magic Flight boxes. I keep different strains in each with a full trench. I can answer a couple questions I read here. To get a fine grind, use an electric coffee grinder like the Mr. Coffee. Five seconds or so will do it. Ten seconds and it will be like dust. As for batteries, try the Imedion brand rather than generic rechargeables. These are similar to what MF supplies and they last a long, long time. The MFLB is a very good product.

    • They are actually AA batteries with the labels off them. I bought Amazon rechargeable batteries and peeled the label off and they work great

  • Thanks for the review. It had bothered me how old all the online reviews have been. Thanks for a recent review. I had contemplated doing same, although you said it well…

  • Dumb question, but do you need to cover the screen with the glass cover when taking draws, or should you leave it open? Or does it not matter?

    • You need to close the lid to create draw-through. I use a Davinci Ascent when out and about but at home I use this, the Mflb, but NOT with batteries. I use a charger: expensive but worth every penny. I’m a seasoned user.

  • I don’t get why you and so many give this thing such high reviews? Its really crazy. Its a simple cheap ass wood box that has zero temp adjust,no batt life, unpredictable production at best and on and on. How the heck can you rate this the same as the solo?

    I get it that it was cool years ago when there were few options but to compare this to a modern vape is like comparing a Shelby Cobra to a Yugo. My Q is WHY? Why do some people(including you) continue to mislead the public by rating this piece of garbage so high?

    • Why, Mr. or Mrs. CRN would you bother to write this? No special insight, unsupported personal opinions, abusive language and tone, and just bad vibe all around. If anybody wants this product for the reasons presented or THEIR personal preference, why should that bother you? For you to call it “garbage” is just that: real garbage, not even compostable–but more trash. You’ve driven a Shelby-Cobra, you want people to believe. You’ve driven a YUGO. Nay, you’re just making stuff up here. Find and get on the bright side. Do you some good.

    • Yugo’s never worked. This is more like a old Ferrari, it requires patience and skill to drive it. It may not be as fast as the latest Shelby Cobra but it’s so much more fun to drive once mastered.

    I have not tried a large number of vapes. But if my experience with the Vapir NO2 is like any of the rest, then I say again: JUST BUY THE LAUNCH BOX, and save yourself the money and grief. We went thru THREE NO2s in as many years. On one, the main power switch failed, the next one, the mail power connector failed, and then the thermostat failed. On a $180 vaporizer!

    The Launch Box has nothing to fail! No switches, no electronics. It’s as simple a design as can be. You push the battery into the box to make contact, and the screen heats up in 5sec. I’m used to taking large draws, and the Box satisfies. You can take as little or as much as you want. Flip the box over, give it a shake, flip it back over and tap the contents back into the trench, and yer ready for another puff. Once the herbs have all turned brownish, open the lid, dump the ABV, give the screen a blow, and reload. I get about three trenches per battery. So I suggest buying an extra pair, so you always have a charged battery ready.

    BUD: You really should have the Magic Flight Launch Box on your Top Picks for Best Portable. From where I sit, NOTHING beats the MFLB!

  • Hi, i feel like this is a silly question as I am a vape newbie and all. But how do I know/is there a difference between vape smoke and just regular smoke? When I use the MFLB and take in and breathe out, it seems as if im just smoking a bowl. How will I know if I am using the product efficiently and correctly?

    • If there is white ash you have achieved combustion. I have had a MFLB for years and have never came close to combusting the herbs ever.

  • Hey man, I have a MFLB right now and I totally agree with the herbs needing to be really finely grinded to work well. Would you recommend the Magic flight finishing grinder?

    • I’m trying to decide whether to buy a summit as well. Between the summit and the Magic flight which one would you recommend in terms of potency and efficiency? Those are my two main priorities

  • I made myself a home made bong from a bottle and bendy tube. The point is that you can store a good bit of vape in the chamber and it’s a bit cooler so you get a good big hit. Built up a tolerance now but it’s very powerful like this!

    Another thing I love about my box is that it’s completely low tech. Practically nothing to break and if you do, they will replace if for free for life, even if it’s your fault. Outstanding customer service. They ship them the uk for free. The have done that for me.

    The power adapter is brilliant at home. And I would recommend the powerex c9000 charger as it can bring batteries back to life.

    My box is the best thing ever.

  • hi vape critic.. just one more question.. i only can spend around 150$ and i dont really care if its a desktop vape or a portable one so wich one do you think i should buy ? ty any advice you can give me

  • hey man, thanks for the videos.. I´m from portugal and i’ve been watching your videos a few days since i decided to buy a vape because i smoke too much joints and i´m concern about my health but i’m not sure which one should i buy… i guess you recomend Summit instead of magic-flight im i right ? or the grasshopper ? i can´t find your review on this one but it has a great rating in another site..
    i really would aprecciate any advice

  • I have this and I love this! make sure your herb is dry and ground up super-fine for more surface area.

  • Hey there,

    Can you do a review on MFLB accessories, specifically the Concentrate Trays, but maybe the UFO, the Power Adapter, and the orbiter?


  • Hi!

    Can you please tell me which vaporizers have you tried that gets you [desired effects] but does not cause pain in your throat the next day please? I purchased the lunch box today but the battery goes out as soon as I put in, so it does not produce any vapor, I might return to the store. Also how long should I leave the batteries on the charger? The lights on my charger has remain red, the instructions said, it is suppose to become green,when it is ready. Thank you very much!

    • I wonder if you bought one of the many “counterfeit” launch boxes that are out there. The MLB website has a whole warning section about these counterfeits.

  • Hey!
    I think your reviews are great.
    I wonder how you think this one compares to the Crafty. You say this is your number 2 vaporizer, next to the Volcano. Since you reviewed the Crafty, would you still call it the number 2 vaporizer?

  • Thanks very much for all this great information. A real service!

    I like the idea of having a vape that doesn’t need a cord or a special recharger. It can just use a sort of regular batteries that I keep on hand. Are there other vapes like this, that I should consider?

    Thanks again.

  • Just wanted to let you know I bought the mflb from vapornation. The box said that it contained the glyph batteries. The caps had the glyph symbol on them so I thought it was fine. I decided I needed another set because they didn’t last. Bought a new set from vapornation and the set they sent has the glyph symbol engraved in the bottom and work much better. So I was confused. Contacted mflb and they said that for years the box has come with the glyph and that sometimes resellers swap out he batteries for cheap ones. I contacted vapornation and spoke to Jonathan who said he had no clue and to contact mflb and that all warranties are done through mflb. Just a word of warning if you want to buy the box only buy from magic flight unless you like getting crappy batteries that don’t work.

  • Hi,bud,Thanks for your time to read my words.I find you are really warmhearted,papular and objective reviewer to help those guys wanna their own vaporizers.
    Glad to know you did Cloud V Phantom Review.

  • Hi, I need a good vape. I live with my parents and they dont know I [partake] (nor do i want them to), the other day i was [using] my [water piece] and my mom walked in and smelled it. Can you recommend a good vape that will allow me to smoke indoors with little to no detection? Im looking at MFLB, and Arizer Solo, I dont know a lot about vapes and would like to know maybe you could shed some light onto my issue. (im not locked on those 2 vapes). I would like a vape with not a lot of maintenance and easy to use, yet small and able to hide easily.
    Thanks so much fo

  • Question: do you have to use the specific aa battery that comes with the kit, or could you use any rechargeable aa battery?

    • Hey you can use any AA NiMH rechargeable battery with 2000 mAh capacity or greater. You may have to peel the labels off though if they’re not already bare.

  • Got to say that I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the service at Vapor Nation and I would encourage anyone here to steer clear of this business. Here’s why:
    1) I ordered Launch Box online- site said that it was in stock, but did not ship out until 9 days later. Turns out they were not in stock and they had to wait for a new shipment.
    2) When I received the Launch Box, I noticed that the batteries included were NOT the 2400mAh ones Magic Flight currently includes, but instead an older 2000mAh set. According to a rep at Magic Flight: it “sounds like you received a kit that is a bit older, which included the older batteries that we used to sell”. Vapor Nation promises on their website that: “We carry the latest Magic Flight and receive shipments weekly so it is always the most updated version.” Obviously, I did not receive the most updated version, because that would have included the promised 2400 mAh batteries. Why is that significant? Well, besides lying about their product and selling old stock, 2400mAh batteries have a 20% greater capacity than 2000mAh ones, meaning LONGER VAPE SESSIONS. “How old are the batteries I was sent” I wonder.
    3)I brought this all up in email correspondence with Vapor Nation, and instead of admitting their mistake, they said that: “We spoke directly with Magic Flight and they are going to call you directly to discuss and resolve the issue.” I waited 5 days for a call from Magic Flight until I contacted them directly. Their response? “We were never notified to call you.”
    4) I took the time to write a detailed review in which I A)Praised the Launch Box and the company that produced it, Magic Flight and B)Shared my frustration and disappointment in Vapor Nation. I posted it under their Reviews section and it is still not on their site. I tried posting again with the same result. Nada. My sense is they only post glowing reviews to give the ILLUSION of an overall sense of satisfaction with the products they sell and their customer service.

    Would you buy from a company that promises new stock and delivers old? Would you continue to support a company that refuses to acknowledge their mistake and make good, instead telling you, falsely, that the issue has been forwarded to and will be resolved by the manufacturer of the product, when in reality, they have never been contacted? Would you have faith in a company that only posts favorable reviews, not critical, disappointed ones?

    Bud, I would reconsider your loyalty to Vapor Nation and whether you want to continue recommending the company to others. Overall, I am pleased with my LAUNCH BOX and the customer service at MAGIC FLIGHT, and would advice all reading this to get theirs DIRECTLY from Magic Flight, NOT Vapor Nation.


    • Hey Daniel thanks for posting and sharing your experience with them, I really appreciate it.

      I’m not happy to hear about this and I apologize for steering you down this path!

      Normally they don’t operate like this but I don’t find it acceptable and I’m definitely going to look into it to make sure it’s not a pattern. I’ve since switched my affiliate link back to vapeworld who is very good at keeping stock updated on their website.

      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying your vape, thanks again for commenting.

      Stay up!

  • I am curious how you would compare this to the Vapman(the one with mica – I think it’s called Vapman Complete or Vapman Mica). Your thoughts on that one(Vapman) would be nice too.

    • Hey I haven’t had a chance to try the vapman yet, but I’m definitely considering it and I appreciate your request, stay up!

      • Just thought I’d check back in and try and nudge you to review it. Just from digging around I’ve heard some great things about the Vapman Classic/Complete(the one with the Mica). It uses a torch, so it is a bit weird in that sense. I am probably going to pick one up here soon. Just thought it’d be a good one for you to review, since others might like it and you are a go to source for many people. You are fair on all your reviews and stay honest and true(which I respect a lot since most people and places have a hard time with that). Keep up the great work!

  • Hey bud. First, I wanted to say thank you for providing such detailed information. You helped make a long-time smoker finally take the leap and buy a vape. After a recent bout with the flu I started to reevaluate my smoking method. I chose the Magic-Flight. It seemed like a good starting point for a person who is not entirely committed to vaping yet. But, I gotta ask why no Vaporbrothers review? I never used anything besides it and the Volcano and found it strangely absent. Is it that bad?  It would be nice to know how it compares to the rest. Perhaps a comparison between VB1 & VB2. To be honest when I thought about getting one it was the first that came to mind.

  • Have you used the water whip with this unit? If so, how do you think that it did overall with this attachment and was it, 1. worth the additional cost/purchase 2. a cooler/less harsh vapor on the throat and lungs?

  • I recently bought a M F Launch Box and am so disappointed. It doesn’t heat up hot enough to fully vape the herbs in the chamber. I’ve followed your advice and ground the herb to a powder consistency, stirring it between draws and practicing the long slow draws but I am getting very faint vapor and my herb isn’t getting spent-like or turning brownish even after use of a full battery drain. It appears to me that one of the heating rods isn’t heating up. Could there be something wrong with my Launch Box? Thanks for your wealth of information.

    • I know it’s a bit late but… I have two Mflbs. One heats up fast and is easy, the other, I have to count to 10 before beginning to pull. Either sip or do long VERY SLOW pulls. Then, CONTRARY to the advice given, exhale and keep holding the battery in as you are exhaling and then inhale slowly a second time. THEN DO RELEASE THE BATTERY!! It works. Thanks for reading.

  • it is true that the warranty is for life?

    agradesco your answer!
    excellent forum.
    Greetings from Mexico

  • heh man,

    great website, I have now broken in my vaping virginity after having read a good deal of your reviews.
    I have bought a MFLB and think it is great. Having been a smoker for many years vaping feels so different from smoking. Its hard to explain it like I am not sure if I [feel effects] or not from vaping but I know I am. I assume this is due to there being less toxins from the [material] and the combustion not being present.

    So to get to the point: I have only been using the MFLB 3 days and is irritating my throat more than smoking!!!! I dont understand why? I am also thinking of purchasing the Volcano however I dont want to spend a load of cash and find I am still getting throat irritation.

    I have done a quick search on forums and they recommend water vaping ie running a vaporiser through a water pipe like the cloud evo with the swagger attachment which looks great from your review btw, however I do not know if this is available here in the UK.

    What do you recommend. I go with the volcano, or get something combatible with water vaping and will the throat irritation go away?

    Sorry for rambling on and so many questions. Your help is much appreciated.

    Much love from UK big up brother

    • The Launch Box is more than compatible with water pipes. As long as you use a frosted glass joint(downstem)on your water pipe all you need will be the Water Pipe Whip, if not then you will have to measure your water pipes joint size in mm and order/buy the appropriately sized frosted joint. Just be sure that if your joint is 18mm to get the 14mm-18mm adapter as well as the whip.

  • Sir Vapor Critic,

    Well, like so many others, I have used your site to get real, no bollocks, information on vaporisers, and after many a scouring hour on a local American purchasing site, found and purchased a brilliant used Volcano Digit (with the easy valve system) and will use that as my home unit. I am now in search of a travel unit.

    Originally, based on your videos, I was sold on the Pax – it’s just a brilliant design. However, after looking at the MFLB, I realised that I have about 35 AA Energizer (what’s with the zed!?) Rechargable dynamos (NiMH @ 2450 mAh) that go into a 4 port (both automobile and mains compatible) charger. In addition, the plastic cover of these rechargeable dynamos can be cut off to expose the metal “negative” post. My main question is this: the Pax seems to use a proprietary dynamo; what do you feel is the overall lifespan of that dynamo, and given that I have 35 of the AA’s, would the MFLB be a better purchase for me as a portable unit over the Pax? In other words, how easy is it to replace the dynamo in a Pax taking into consideration that if I purchased the MFLB, I would essentially have a lifetime supply of dynamos for it, versus having to replace/send in the Pax to have the dynamo replaced?

    Again, many thanks to all of your research and sharing!

    John Locke

  • Have you considered reviewing the vapman vape? It’s a touch powered vape in the same price category as the Mflb. There are a lot of positive reviews out there, but I would love to see your opinion as you take great care to give an honest, thorough, and unbiased review. I really appreciate your efforts, especially with all the uninformed and and biased reviewers out there. Keep it up!

    • Sorry, *tourch powered*. I also noticed that magic flight now offers this vape for purchase on their site as “mf approved” I guess the owners of the two companies met in Europe and felt that they followed the same ethos.

  • Excellent reviews! I found them to be very descriptive and helpful. I’ll be getting the Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer. It’s in my price range and meets all my needs. Thanks again!

  • hey bro, so ive watched most of your videos and i have a question for you. Im looking for a vape for dry herbs only(basically what you do) and something that is portable to be brought anywhere (pocket, concert, beach, etc). What would you recommend? right now I’m torn between the ploom and this. Lemme know, thanks.

  • I’m a daily user of the MFLB. How I grind my herbs is like this:

    1) I use very dry, brittle herb. This is key.
    2) I grind it in my regular grinder.
    3) I take those herbs and transfer them to a hard plastic container (I cleaned out a chewing tobacco can), drop in a few different size coins, and shake vigorously.

    This will reduce your herb to dust. Using this method, the MFLB works brilliantly every time and I imagine this would be useful for almost any vape. Finer grind = more surface area = better performance.

  • I’ve had this one on my list for a long time. Your review and the comments section (as well as your reviews on other units for comparison) has really got me thinking of getting a LB to replace my Wispr2 which has ignition problems. I’m wondering if you intend to cover their newest concentrate version, the Maud-Dib?

    Also wondering if you’ve used or plan to review any of their accessories. I’m particularly interested in the Orbiter.

    There’s just something unique and artistic about the LB that makes it so desirable to me. I hope it works as well as I think it will. I’ve been vaping for a long time (15+ years) and have tried plenty of vaporizers along they way, and they ALL leave something to be desired, so while the LB is likely to as well, I think I’ll be very happy to have it in my stable.

  • Re: grinding your herb fine..Use a tea strainer, the ones with the mesh, can almost grind it to a powder. We used that in the 70’s to separate the seeds, had to improvise with whatever you had LOL

  • Hey what’s up? I love your. Videos . I recently decided to buy my first vape. I have a $350 price limit . Portable s sound really appealing like the pax but I find my lungs are a bit weaker then my friends so I would probably enjoy units with fans? What do you suggest and do you think I should go portable or desktop / whAt modules do you recommend

  • Bud,
    Greetings and thank you for all your work with vaping information. For the MFLB, I read where you had said to fill the chamber half-full. But you and others have also said a pinch works fine. Would you say this device would be fine for the equivalent amount of a “one-draw” with a traditional smoking device as long as the material was ground up fine?

    • Hey yes this vape will work with just a pinch in there, you may not get a lot of vapor but it’ll definitely work.

  • Thank you for a fine informative site. As a noob I learned a lot from you. I got the mflb primarily based on your site. Its my first vape experience. I am loving it so far. I added a 3rd lung option and that seemed to kick it up a notch or so. Keep up the good work.

  • Just as I was about to buy the Launchbox, a trusted vaper told me that i should be the Pax, costing another $150 more.
    Ive seen both your reviews.
    Any other thoughts before i spend my $?

  • Well its been 4 days and I am still perfecting my draws on this amazing simple device I am just so happy. I still have struggle of thinking seeing something on exhale means good one but I have appreciated all your info. But i still wonder bout batteries. So many opinions but say with batteries ones come with with MFLV how long will i get. I mean “heater engaged time”. As well is the ac adapter good and does it have different power settings? Can i turbn it up? Up to produce more vapor ? Can stronger or 2700ma batteries produce more/stronger vapor? Thx for this forum alot of these questions I asked myself.

    • Adaper is superb and can be adjusted. It can be turned up higher than batteries can power. Love it.

  • Hey bud
    My mflb is coming in tomorrow and was wondering how long does the actual box usually last and what is the best draw method for beginners? I know everybody has different method but i want a method that is easy to use yet is highly effective/efficient
    Thanks so much for all your great advice and i love to see how you keep it g rated i respect your morals good luck in all of your future endevours

  • Hey there bud. Thank you for the info on this website and YouTube your info helped me ultimately buy my mflb. I ordered my magic flight yesterday. I had extensively searched all over the net, came upon a lot of vapes. I am a noob to vapes as I have only ever used a cheap desktop one. I have been wanting a good vape, I only have a glass piece right now. I also bought an extra 4pack of powerex2700 NiMH.

    So my questions are:
    1. How well will this vape work compared to my glass piece.
    2. I have friends I hang with a lot and have regular “chill” sessions, what will be the biggest difference in that situation.
    3. For someone who doesn’t own any vapes, and I regularly [use] my glass piece about three or four times a day. How will this vape work for my current routines.
    4. I want to love the magic flight, are there any tips that will help me keep from giving up like some beginners do.
    Thank you

    • Hey what’s up, you picked a very decent vape, here are a few things to keep in mind for best results:

      – it’s going to feel lighter at first, give yourself a little time to get used to it and don’t freak out if you don’t see a huge cloud of vapor.

      – always grind your material up SUPER fine with this unit (I recommend the Finishing grinder), if you don’t it really won’t perform as well as it should.

      – pack small amounts at a time, it works better this way versus filling the chamber up completely.

      – stir/mix up your material between each draw for even vaporization.

      – try to use a fully charged battery each time for best performance, but you can easily get 2 sessions from a single battery if you had to.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hey Bud,
    Some comments on my experience with MFLB. My first “vape” was the Atmos Raw (which unfortunately I bought before I found your website) and I was disappointed with the lack of true vaping, as you point out in your reviews. Then I found your site and checked out all your reviews, which are very excellent and thorough. MFLB sounded like it fit my need so I ordered one. After a few weeks of use, I developed a satisfactory technique, had the box broken in, and was very pleased its performance. Then I dropped it on a tile floor! Yes, it broke. The lid cracked at the hole for the pin which holds the lid down. And the glass stem shattered of course. Bad day.
    I went to the Magic-flight web site to see if I could buy a replacement lid, but instead I found the warranty information. Lifetime functional warranty for the box, and limited warranty for accessories!
    This is one of the FAQs:
    Will Magic-Flight honor the warranty even if I break the Box through my own stupidity?
    Yes we will. We will even warranty units that have been modified for reasons of artistry or improved functionality.
    We do make an exception for units which in our opinion were deliberately damaged (ie, for the purpose of making a warranty claim) will be charged at full retail price.
    Even your O-ring removal mod doesn’t void the warranty!
    I followed the steps for requesting a repair or replacement, which included photographic evidence of the damage. I submitted the warranty form and one week later received a new box and glass stem! I am a happy vaper again.
    I found your review of the MFLB was right on target. It works well for me, and I can’t say enough about the outstanding warranty and customer service. So for a klutz like me, the warranty is the clincher!

    • Awesome thanks very much for posting your experience with this vape, and I’m really glad the manufacturer came through for you, that’s one of the reasons I recommend them so often!

    • No not necessarily, but it is very efficient with tiny amounts so it’s recommended not to pack too much a time.

  • Hello, Bud!

    I purchased my MFLB a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! It is my first vape, so I can’t really compare, but I know I made the right decision in buying this.

    There are many good things about this vape. It’s compact, well made, light, and has nice vapour. For the sake of the length of this post, I’m only going to talk about the things that I didn’t like so much.

    Like you say in the video, it only really works well if the herb is really REALLY finely ground. This is annoying because I have to regrind the herb several times to get a fine enough result for it to perform well.

    In between draws I have to stir the trench. This is not a huge deal, but it does get pretty annoying, especially if you vape a lot. I have to shake the box like it says in the manual, and then brush the remaining herb that’s on the rails back into the trench. Also, a bit of the herb gets stuck into the brush each time which just adds to the annoyance.

    I find that the vapour isn’t too potent. I may just not be grinding it finely enough, but I find that even if I vape the same trench 5-10 times(even when it turns crunchy and brown), the leftover herb still gives a pretty big effect if [used again].

    It can be tricky to master. Although I’ve never burned my herb, and it’s far from complicated, it’s definitely not the easiest vape to use.

    The charger that it comes with seems poor quality. I have almost shocked myself while plugging it in, and the material that it’s made out of just looks cheap.

    Keeping all of these pros and cons in mind, the price is incredible. This makes up for all of the small annoyances that you have to deal with when using the MFLB.

    Overall, the MFLB is awesome, and I thank you for reviewing it and recommending it as a cheap first vape.


  • I bought my atmosrx before finding this website.
    The unit worked great for about 2 days.
    I think it would be easier to throw some herb on a red hot car cig lighter, and suck the smoke through a straw, than trying to get this piece of junk to work properly.

  • I recently purchased a magic flight and I’m not really happy with it. I haven’t had a lot of time to learn its secrets but my first impression is not a good one. I have trouble getting decent vapors from this thing. I have a solo and a no2 and they both produce much better vapor. The mflb always tastes burnt but I’m not combusting. The main problem I’m having is it doesn’t vape evenly. Herb will be black and green when I’m done. I wait until I see vapor like it says (3-5 seconds) then draw at a med-slow rate. Hopefully you have some tips that will help.

  • Hey! Thanks for all of your information, I’ve been stuck on your site for awhile! ;-)
    I want to get a vaporizer because of my mouth burning. I want a portable but I used to have the Arizer and didn’t like it at all. I thought I did my research then but wasn’t happy with the outcome.
    Anyway the PAX looks great but so expensive…Is the MFLB just as good for a whole lot less? Is it hard to learn how to use correctly?
    I see on the MFLB website that they have some other verisons, is there really a difference other than the type of wood and designs? For instance the MAUD-DIB looks cool but is it worth the extra $?
    Thanks SO much I wish I would have found your site before buying the Arizer.

    • Hey Jessica,

      The MFLB is definitely decent, especially for the price, but it just won’t perform quite like the more expensive models like the Pax.

      I would get this vape if you typically like smaller sessions where you take 2-8 draws, and it’s very efficient with small amounts of material.

      There are a few different variations available but the only real difference between them is the design and/or type of wood it’s made of.

      However the Maud-Dib is strictly designed for use with concentrates, whereas the Launch Box is made for dried herbs only.

      Stay up!

  • I really appreciate your reviews… good honest info, good job!

    I have some questions and comments…

    I was researching vaporizers on the net till my eyes hurt and finally went down to the local shop who sold me an AtmosRAW. That was the only vape they had in stock (also carry the Pax but was out of stock.) I was kinda surprised that head shops wouldn’t be all over vaporizers as it seems to be the future for them. Luckily I found your review of the AtmosRAW and was able to return it before trying to use it.

    1) I now have an MFLB on order. The first time I looked at it I thought it was kinda funky to be popping a battery in and out, but hey, I like simple machines. Since I really want to avoid combustion, do you know how hot the MFLB can get? How long does it take applying the battery power before combustion happens with dry herb, moist herb?

    2) I’m really wanting to get the Plenty. I have been using a hitter box for about 2 years and that works great for my needs. 1 or 2 good draws is all I need at one time. Could that small amount work ok in the Plenty? Or could I pack more and pull the top off after a couple draws to save some for another session?

    Thanks for you help and advice.

    Vape on, brother!

    • Hey Dave thanks for posting!

      Good call returning the Atmos…

      The MFLB is designed to heat up to 380°F within about 5 seconds of the battery being engaged, then you’re supposed to offset any additional rise in temperature by the draw you take. So in simpler terms, engage the battery, wait a few seconds, then start your draw while continuing to hold the battery. Usually combustion will only occur if you keep the heater engaged for a longer period without drawing from it, which would cause the internal temp to rise too high.

      As for the Plenty, it’s one of my absolute favorites, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work best for the type of usage you describe, it’s better when vaping the entire contents in one session (about 10-15 good draws over a period of 10-15 minutes). It’s definitely possible to use it the way you described, but I don’t feel you’d get to experience it’s full potential using it for just a couple draws at a time.

  • Your description exactly matches with my experience of the Magic Flight Launch Box. I have been carrying it everywhere.

  • Hi, I just bought a new MFLB. Thanks for your videos, they are amazing. Since the box prefers to have fine grinds, I was wondering if it’s a good idea to buy an electrical coffee grinder. Is it possible to grind it too much?

    • Hey yes a coffee grinder will usually work to get your material ground up super fine, but definitely use it in short bursts because if you grind too fast or too much at once it could mess up your material a little bit.

  • I had a question that you might be able to answer. Just got my vape today and when using it during my first session I already used up two batteries but I only charged them for two hours at the latest, but took them off the charger because the lights where green. I’d appreciate it if you wrote back, thanks

  • What up bud just got the mflb a few weeks ago and I’m lovin it. I like how I’m able to let it sit around and take a few draws when I want and easy to clean. Couple questions tho is it best with a full trench or no? If not about how full. 2nd the book said after a draw or two shake the material around. I noticed mines tends to clump up and is hard to shake it up. Is this normal or no? This is the 2nd vape I picked up due to your reviews 1st being the pax and loving them both. Now to decide on the home model. Keep up the good work man.

    • Sup Wayne really glad to hear you’re diggin the vapes.

      For me this vape seems to work best with a small to medium amount of material in the trench, not too full.

      Sometimes shaking will cause a little clumping like you said so I usually use the back of the brush it comes with to straighten out the herbs and get it to vape evenly.

      If you need any help pickin a desktop model lemme know, stay up!

  • Mate its been said before but ill say it again ,, you are the Guru, many thanks.
    I thought you’d answered it all but here are a few from left field.
    I recon ill invest in the MFLB but here are my thoughts.
    1. I travel overseas quite a lot, id never travel through any customs with herb or a pipe because of residue, no matter what id stick clear of Asian countries cause,,, well youd probably get a chop stick down the end of you knob for even smelling like mull, but im just interested to know if or what residue is left in the chamber, can it be cleaned to the point of zero detection ?
    2. Also my main reason for change is due to health (to many years now mate,, gotta start looking after the ol lungs) I smoke pure which is not always the norm in oz as its usually mixed with tobacco, it can be harsh on the lungs and ive noticed that vids and comments ive seen people are still coughing as though the hit is harsh, I don’t mind a nice herbal taste but im trying to steer away from it biting my throat ect,,, would another portable be a better option,,, or better still ,, should I also invest in a desk top to help me there ??
    Keep up the good work mate,, legend.

    • Hey Sean,

      Thanks for posting, and great questions.

      This vape is actually one of the few that you can never get fully clean again once you start using it. Residue will slowly build up on the wood underneath the trench screen and you’re not supposed to stick anything in there to try and clear it out cus you could easily damage the screen. Even after a good cleaning there will be some hidden buildup so for overseas travel this would not be the best model to get in my opinion.

      To your second question, if cool and comfortable vapor is one of your highest priorities I would definitely go with a good desktop unit if you can live without portability. Even the portable vapes that I rate the highest don’t really produce the quality of vapor that good home units do, that’s the main sacrifice for the small compact size.

      For example I think the Pax and Solo are great portable vapes, and I use them a lot, but I’m not gonna lie and say the vapor from them is as good and comfortable as vapor from the Volcano, Plenty or Silver Surfer.

      Hope this helps!

      Stay up!

  • Just got my MFLB a couple of days ago and so far so good. Simple to use, very discreet and next to no odor. Crazy!!!! I have noticed the past few nights a slight headache after just taking a couple of vapes. I’m a light user, and not sure if this is related to the MFLB, the herb or some other reaction.

    Any ideas?

  • I first used a Launch Box 3 years ago. I was visiting my brother in Colorado. He introduced me to “Ear Wax” at 14,000 feet. First hit I passed out, I still blame it on the altitude lol. When I got home I had to have one. I love it very easy to use, I also removed the rubber washer which makes it even easier on your palm. several of my friends also use them now as their on the go vaporizer. I highly (LOL)recommend them.

  • Hey Bud!! Before I ask my question I just want to say I’m really impressed with your site, I’ve been doing a bunch of research for purchasing my 1st vape and your site has been a tremendous help!!

    I believe I have finally narrowed my choices and the MFLB seems to be my top pick, but since I live in my apartment discreet use has to be my top priority, does the sliding glass top leak any herb smell before or during a vape sesh?

    Thanks and much love from Chicago!!

    • Hey Kristin glad you found it helpful!

      The MFLB is a good one, as far as odor it’s somewhere in the middle… the vapor from it will smell a little, but that’s fairly easily controlled, and the unit itself will only have a slight odor during use (up close), and for about a minute after.

      Stay up!

      • I’ve found the smell can be quite strong from residue especially if you have strong smelling herbs and/or leave it loaded. The smell can be easily controlled with a Ziploc bag or two.
        I often carry my MFLB with me in my back-pac in a zip bag, in a zip bag (one bag isn’t air tight enough).
        Hope this helps

  • Hey bud, you have just convinced me to get one of these and now its on the way in the mail!

    Although I have a question for you. Im concerned about how this vape needs supposedly very fine material in order to vape at its best quality. Would you think a zeus bolt grinder and then taking the grinded material and pressing and rubbing against your fingertips an okay substitute for the MFLB finishing grinder? The finishing grinder seems pricey for what it is. Thanks in advance!

    • Hey man awesome, great choice.

      Yes I think you should get decent results grinding as you said, the finer you can get it the better.

      What you can also do is after the first few draws when the material dries out a bit you can press it down again to crumble it even finer, sometimes that helps a little.

  • What’s up bud. With the batteries for the magic flight how long do they last until you have to buy new ones? Can you use any rechargeable batteries or do you have to buy the ones they sell?

    • Sup Wayne,

      I’d say on average they last a few months. You can use any batteries you want as long as they’re AA NiMH rechargeable with 2000 mAh capacity or greater, and they must be peeled (labels removed).

  • Hello Bud,

    I now own a walnut-box, too.
    Guess what, that thing is another improvement. It heats much faster, tastes superb and looks realy …. They included a cool manual, too ;)

    Some new experiences: batteries seem to get “stronger” if loaded with the varta 15-min-charger. I can not explain it, but one can definitely sense it. They lose capacity much faster too, but I don’t care about that.
    For beginners I tinkered some short paper straws with one layer thicknes and a small gap using transparent duct tape. the thin paper layer makes diffuse light and one can watch the response (and accumulate some vapor ;).

  • I just bought the Launch-Box, per your recommendation, and I love it! This is my first vape, and I chose it primarily for its portability. The simple genius of this thing is amazing, and it works like a charm, although it takes a liitle practice. The only downside is that the batteries don’t last long, you’re right at about 4. But extra batteries are easy to come by. The thing that really impressed me was the warranty, you can tell the guys at Magic Flight really take pride in there product.
    As for the finer ground material, I use a 3 level space case (equivalent) for everything. I find that if I hold it upside down for a minute, so that the material stays in the lid, it comes out nicely!
    All in, outstanding product! Thanks for the advice!

  • Can you use wax in the launch box? just curious because my pen broke and I’m just trying to find an alternate route….

    • You can buy a concentrate tray for it now that should work with waxes, I just haven’t tried it personally yet.

  • Hey Bud. After reading your review I am planning on purchasing a Magic Flight Launch Box. I don’t own a grinder yet so I’ll need to buy one. I’ve heard it really benefits to have a fine grind, and I’d rather not spend too much. Would the small two piece titanium space case grind to a fine enough consistency?

    • Hey Andy,

      I would definitely recommend the Finishing grinder with the Launch Box, it’ll get your material the finest which will produce the best results.

      A small two piece Space Case would also be very good, but just won’t grind quite as fine as the finishing.

  • Bud – I’m about to pull the trigger on the MFLB or the Pax. I’ve reviewed all the videos you have on both. Your site is very well done and has been a big help – kudos. Here is my dilemma – I typically take two or three nice draws at the end of the day to relax. I don’t want to waste any herbs. I noticed in the video for the Pax you mention it’s best to fill up the chamber in the Pax versus tossing in a pinch. I also I noticed in your Pax usage demo that you got 12-15 solid draws out of the filled Pax. I would fall over if I tugged that many times with my excellent inventory. If I fill the Pax as you suggest and take only three draws and then leave it alone til tomorrow, I would get about five sessions over five days with a fully filled Paz chamber. Will that ruin or waste my herbs and therefore I should buy the MFLB? You do mention the MFLB does well with just a pinch but I like the size and look of the Pax. What to do? My main goal is to maximize my herbs but get the best mobile draws.

    • Hey I do think the MFLB is ideal for just a few draws at a time but if you like the Pax and want to make it work I would recommend doing what I show in this post.

      Basically in your case I would recommend packing the oven half full using the method I describe, and then breaking that up into two sessions of a few draws each.

      You could pack it full each time but there is a slight drop in quality each time you re-heat the material, so vaping the same stuff more than twice is usually not recommended.

      • Great feedback Bud. My brother has the MFLB (which i tried before making my purchase) and after all ur reviews I decided to go with the Pax a month ago using the company u refer folks to. They delivered all the way across the country for no shipping up charge in 1.5 days and I’ve been very satisfied with the pax since. I’ve turned on a number of my friends as well. Keep up the Grt work. I will try ur screen fill technique and again appreciate ur insights.

  • I was very skeptical about purchasing the mflb because it doesnt look very impressive, and maybe even a bit of a con. However I absolutely love it! Already feel healthy with lots of other benefits! Takes a while to get the style of how to make it work efficiently but all the videos on the site and the information on here is all you need for high level efficiency!

    I, like everyone else am hugely impressed by this resource! keep up the good vaping!

  • Hey Bud, greatings from Italy!! Thank you for your interesting site! and especially thank you for the guide about how to clean the MFLB wich is the vape I actually have (besides finally I’m planning to get the Volcano, also thanks to your review :)

    So i had the MFLB for about 4 months and I totally like it, the only thing that concerns me a bit since I hit it the first times is that often – not every hit – but often it makes me cough. Not a sort of explosive cough, is more like feeling an irritation in the troath and then cannot stop coughing a bit after that. I really don’t know if is my technique or maybe my unit is a particular one. Have you ever experienced it?


    • Hey sorry for the delayed response – the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe your material is not dry enough, that could be a source of the irritation.

      This vape works best with very dry, very finely ground up herbs, and believe it or not the vapor is smoother when there is virtually no moisture left in your material.

      I talk more about this in my tips for best performance video:

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud! You helped me a lot in the process of choosing a vape. I am all the way down in Costa Rica, and we surely love good medicine around here haha.

    Anyways, im in the line of getting a MFLB or a Pax. Right now thanks to life money is not an issue so which one would you recomend for a first user who really needs portability and discression.

    Thanks for all your reviews, pretty helpfull.

    Bless my man, and stay Irie

    • Hey Gabe,

      I think the MFLB and Pax are both good but I use them at different times.

      My Pax is typically what I bring with me places to vape on-the-go, it’s super easy to use and very convenient to carry around. This one works best when you pack it full and vape for a whole session (~20 draws).

      The MFLB is also small, but I find myself using it more when I only want to take a few draws, spread out over a longer period of time.

      So I’ll usually pack my MFLB and sit it on my desk so that throughout the day I can quickly take 1 or 2 draws whenever I please.

      Overall, I like and use both.

      Thanks for posting!

      • Thanks for taking the time to review and post about all the different vaporizers. After reading and watching them, I decided on the MFLB and the PAX2. I absolutely love them both! The MFLB seems to be a bit more stealthy due to the lack of smell. :) Doesn’t really matter too much anymore since it’s legal here in Washington now. I typically carry the MFLB in my pocket and the PAX2 in my purse, gotta make sure I’m always ready! Haha. Thanks again!

  • Hello,

    I just pass to say thanks for your review I’ve received my mflb for about a week or two and I adore that thing. I Also bought the Plenty and enjoying it a lot.

    Keep up the good work,

  • …January 16, 2013 follow up…
    So its been about 6 weeks and i’m loving the MFLB!
    I use it regularly and I still go through less herbs than when I rolled or used the [water-pipe]. And i’m making oatmeal cookies with the ABV herbs. I feel so GREEN recycling my herbs. :-)
    I hit the [water-pipe] once to see if I REALLY noticed a difference and the [effects] wasn’t the same. After a similar pull as with the MFLB I had lots of coughing, the [effects] didn’t feel as pure as vaping and the house smelled for hours. With the MFLB I can (and have) vaped in the bathroom stall at work while dropping a deuce. No one heard or smelled a thing (other than poop).
    I do recommend you get extra glass pipes. I’ve broken two so far and only have one spare left. What can I say, I was really [distracted] at the time; sh!t happens.
    Anyway, that’s it for now…
    Be safe and have fun!

    • Hey thanks for posting an update and sharing your experiences, I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying the vape.

      And your comment made me lol

  • I finally purchased a vape and this was it. Mostly due to your reviews and the comments. Thank you.
    All the accessories finally arrived yesterday; the MFLB, the 12′ tube, extra glass tube, extra batteries and a SpaceCase (also purchased because of you). My current grinder is a knock-off that doesnt grind half as well as the SC.
    It does take some practice to get the right herb size and inhale speed. After overheating a trench full and it tasting like burnt popcorn. I am getting the hang of it. The vapor can be a little harsh if you draw to slow but practice is making perfect.
    I’m saving my dough for a Volcano; I just gotta figure out where to store in the house. Not as inconspicuous as the MFLB
    Thanks again!!

  • I really like this vape but for small hits its really harsh compared to other portables but the nice thing about this one is really the size of the unit also your friends wont get good use out of it its more of a personal vaporizer because it takes a bowl or two to really learn how to get good hits from it

  • Hi,
    I’m looking for my first portable vaporizer.

    you are REALLY convincing on the MFLB, and your arguments are great, but i was wondering between MFLB – and Atmos I4 (can do oil & (Wax??) & Herbs).

    My main concern is Herbs for now.

    Thanks in advance, i love your reviews!

    • Hey I haven’t tried the Atmos I4 yet but from my experience most of the vapes that claim to be compatible with both herbs and oils don’t perform very well with herbs.

      Herbal vapes and oil vapes are two different beasts, and so far I haven’t seen any combo models that are impressive.

      That being said, I would go with the MFLB. It’s the least expensive vape I’ve reviewed that I actually think works well, and I still use mine fairly often.

  • Happy new year Bud,

    we vaporized 2012 and guess what i got as a present – a bicycle (hub dynamo) USB-charger! original aim was to supply my smartphone (GPS).
    my first connotation was to connect an USB-battery charger.
    you might imagine my smile, as i noticed, that it (already) charges buffer-batteries in order to stabilize power-output . . . .

  • Hey man,

    I think I stumbled upon your site via one of your youtube videos. Just want to say your review encouraged me to buy the MFLB! Can’t wait to try it once it comes. Thanks again for the awesome videos; keep it up.

      • Just got a couple days ago and it works like a charm. My only question (have you encountered this?) when I vape I notice sometimes some of the herb flies up and sticks to the glass above the trench. Once I disengage the battery and pull it out, and move the mouthpiece from my lips, the herb still sticks. I slid the glass to the side and the herb somehow slid up and around to the top of the glass. So odd.

        • Hey glad to hear you’re diggin it.

          What you’re describing sounds normal, sometimes your material will bounce around a little in this vape, and it sometimes gets stuck to the top piece.

          That’s a good thing though because it works best if you keep mixing the material around during your session, and some people do that by just shaking the box.

          But another thing I just thought of is that you might be pulling too hard on it, try taking a slower draw and the material shouldn’t move at all.

  • Just wanted to say Thanks for all the work you put into helping people. It’s really appreciated. I just received my MFLB, which I chose thanks to you awesome website and reviews. You are officially the ‘Vape bodhisattva’!

    • No problem man, I’m really glad to hear you found my stuff helpful and picked a good vape. Thanks for the kind words also!

  • hi bud,
    thank you very much for your great informations.
    maybe this is interesting for other mflb-users:
    ultra-fast battery-charger from varta: charging with 7.5A, this way a 2500mAh battery is charged in about 20 minutes. so if all batteries are empty, one only needs to wait 10 minutes to start with a half-loaded battery (lasting approx 10 minutes, so the second battery will be full charged in time ;)
    7500mAh is more than I dissipate with the mflb in one hour , so even the ansmann charger (digispeed ulta+, 4.4A charging 2500mAh in 35 minutes) loaded with 2 batteries charges more than I can consume in one hour:)
    most of the ultra-fast chargers are sold with AA >2500mAh rechargeables, so after buying 2 chargers (ansmann powerline 4pro, varta ultra-fast) i now have 12 rechargeable AA >2500mAh batteries …. which is very convenient …

  • Hi Bud,

    Thanks so much for all the info that you’ve provided. I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of days now and they are really helpful.

    I’ve never even used a vaporiser before but I am looking to stop smoking for health and efficiency of herb usage.

    I’m looking at the Solo vs the MFLB and also the Plenty possibly – but depends partially on your answers:)
    I suppose my questions for Solo and MFLB are:
    – what are the differences between the vapor quality?
    – if there is a difference in vapor quality, does the stealth of the MFLB make it a hands down winner?
    – how about efficiency? Does one chew through more herb?

    Now the Plenty…
    – We’re used to smoking bongs/water pipes – for several years – and hit it all day, is this vape a good starter for us?
    – how much more efficient is it over the Solo/MFLB? Do you think the savings in herb would pay for itself fairly quickly?
    – also, what are your thoughts on the changeover from smoking? Have you heard of anyone spending lots and then not liking the experience?

    Sorry for the many questions!

    I’ve read so many of the user questions and am very impressed with the fact that you answer everyone’s and they are really great, well thought-out answers too. It would be awesome if we could search through all,of these comments as it has more answers than most forums on the same products and topics. And you’ve probably answered similar questions to mine before…

    Thanks again Hun!

    • Hey Vanessa,

      I’m really glad you found the videos helpful!

      Thanks for explaining your situation. As a general rule, up to this point in time, most desktop (home) units outperform most portable units. So even though portable vapes are cool and convenient, the vapor is normally not as dense, potent or tasty as a good desktop vape. It’s sort of a tradeoff for having the portability factor.

      First I’ll start with Solo vs MFLB…

      I like both, they’re both efficient with your material, but they work in different ways.

      The Solo produces larger amounts of vapor, and it tastes better. However, this vape does have the most draw resistance (harder to pull) and it is heavier and bulkier than the Launch Box, so it’s not really that easy or convenient to actually carry around with you away from home.

      The MFLB produces smaller draws, and it’s not as tasty, but the vapor still manages to be potent. The benefits of this vape are that it’s very small, it’s very quick (vaping within 5 seconds) and it works the best with small amounts of material. I also like how you can pause for a few minutes between draws if you want because the heating element isn’t always engaged, like it is with other vapes.

      I’d say overall the efficiency and potency of these two vapes is similar but the MFLB is better for quickness and carrying it around in your pocket, and the Solo is better for overall vapor quality (taste and density).

      About the Plenty…

      I think the P is one of the best vapes for transitioning from smoking. The draws are big, the vapor tastes great, and it’s very potent. It’s also one of the cleanest vapes and easiest to use.

      I’d say the efficiency is average with this vape… you might go through herbs faster in this one versus some others but that’s because it’s producing more vapor and doing a better job at thoroughly and evenly vaporizing your material.

      I like the Volcano a little more because I think it’s more well-rounded, but I recommend the Plenty to a lot of people and so far everyone who got back to me after buying it has said they really like it.

      As for switching over from smoking, I think if you’re patient and you give yourself some time to get used to vaporizing you’ll end up really liking it. One of the main differences that takes some getting used to is the draw duration, or how long you need to pull from the vapes for. When you smoke you normally pull for only a second or two but when you vape the draws are more like 10-15 seconds.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you again so much for your reply. Your review did help me choose the best one for right now.

        We received our first vape yesterday, the Solo, and enjoying it emensely as I write:) I guess I was reluctant to spend for the Plenty as it is our first vape. But all is well, getting up to 10 hits on half a pack. Having trouble with herb coming through (we chop fine and pull like $@$!?!) but have fixed with mesh screen – as you suggested.

        Thanks again dude! And have a great Xmas/NY

        Your review gave me a really good idea of what to expect:)

  • Yo VC, nice reviews, quality information, thank you.

    I have an MFLB its my daily driver, not really equipped at the crib to have a desktop, so portability is a requirement on any device. That said I feel its time for a change. So I throw to you, if I’m looking to change the daily what’s next? I like your review on the pax, but is it a replacement? Do I keep the box for another 6 months? (been 1.5 years already) Is there something on the horizon I should keep my eye out for? Help a fellow NY’r out.

    • Hey sup,

      I like the MFLB too…

      I think the Pax is great and overall it’s currently the highest rated portable I’ve reviewed, all aspects considered.

      Here’s the main difference between the two though, the MFLB is better for small amounts, or a few draws at a time.

      The Pax only works really well when you fully pack the chamber, but it does work well.

      I just posted a new video showing the vapor production I get from it, but as you see in the vid it’s a high number of draws from a single packing, cus it does hold a good amount.

      I also think it’s the easiest to carry around and use on-the-go, when I’m leaving home and I want to take a vape with me I usually grab the Pax.

      I don’t think it’s perfect, there can definitely be some improvement (like getting rid of the draw resistance), but overall it’s a great unit.

      As of right now there aren’t many vapes on the horizon that I know about, except for the Cera which looks like a sex toy to me.

      I think within the next couple months a couple other models might be introduced, but I don’t know what they are yet.

      Stay up!

      • Hi there!
        [some text redacted]. I have used about 5-10 vaporizers and recently decided to purchase one for myself. The main use for me is that I have to be able to use when my parents come to visit (They are not ok with me using herb). I need to be able to use it without the whole house smelling, how ever I will be doing at night so there is some guaranteed time for the smell to go away. My budget is about $200. Key things I need are: Portability, Vapor not having super strong smell, Good tasting vapor, and most importantly; getting me very good [results]. I have really narrowed it down too two choices… The magic Flight Box OR the Arizer Solo (Im open to suggestions, just these are what I am thinking). love your videos and they really help me + are enjoyable! THANKS A TON MAN!

  • Ok then…I’d bought my Launch Box last week and I grind my herb fine, yet I was not getting good tokes at all. I’d press in the battery, wait 5-10sec, see vapor thru the pexiglass lid and then toke. I was always getting mediocre tokes…

    So this morning, for the halibut, i put a small [iece of tape over the vertical narrow slot the runs down the front edge and the bottom of the LBox. @an inch and a half strip. Now I’m getting grate tokes with air only coming in the little hole in front.

    It tokes harder (small hole) but works better. Is there something wrong that I had to do this? Seems like some kind of internal airflow defect(?)

    • Hey it sounds like maybe you were taking too fast of a draw originally, which would cause the temperature inside the unit to not get high enough to properly vaporize all the material.

      You probably restricted the airflow a little bit by using that piece of tape which forces you to take a slower, longer draw.

  • owning arizer-q, wispr and a mflb, i mostly use the mflb, because with some tricks one is able to get most of the herbs:

    1) use a (pocket/helmet)lamp to light the trench from above and you will be able to sense the vapor much more accurate, because light will be scattered by the vape. you will also notice a contrast to the transmitted yellow light. this way you can detect if your battery runs low or if your herbs are done.

    2) you do not need any grinder, just put the herbs into the trench, after 30-50% done put them out and grind the dry herbs with your fingers. you will get fine homogenious powder.

    about the odor: mix some sage (salvia officinalis) to your herb, you get a healthy-plus and a masquerade of the odor.

    about the batteries: use those designed for strong current
    GP NiMH-Akkus AA Mignon 2700 mAh
    tka 2700mAh NiMH-Akkus AA Mignon

  • Thank you so much man. I’m still going to buy the Pax in the future. I bought a whip a box whip vaporizer made by vapor king over the weekend due to a 50% discount. I was wondering what is your opinion on it even though I can’t return it or anything.

    • No prob, I haven’t tried a vapor king but generally what I’ve found is that whip/box type vapes are usually pretty decent but some are crappy. I have an older Easy Vape and I hate it, but I’m actually reviewing a Hot Box now and so far it’s better – I’ll be posting a full review of it shortly.

  • Can you use normal batteries with the Launch Box? If using it in a group, does it pose problems for continuous usage?

    • Hey I do not believe so, the batteries it uses need to be AA NiMH rechargeable with 2000 mAh capacity or greater.

      No problems with continuous usage other than the batteries only lasting about 2 trench-fulls.

      • Do you think that for the big price difference and wanting something that can be used more as a group device, that the Pax is the better option? If not what would be something that is also portable?

        • Yes I think that the Pax is worth the extra cost and that it is better for group sessions. The Solo is great also it’s just not as portable or sexy as the Pax.

  • Hi. I’ve seen all you’re videos and you are doing a great job, keep it up.
    I’ve got some questions.
    [What are the effects of the MFLB like compared to more traditional consumption methods?]

  • Hello,

    awesome posts you make! I found this vaporizer [Da Kube] looking exactly the same like Magic-Flight and having same specs.

    Do you know anything about this?

    • Hey thanks,

      I would stay away from a product like Da Kube because it is a cheap knock-off (imitation) of the real Magic-Flight Launch Box. It might be slightly less money but it’s not going to work as good and isn’t made from the same high quality parts.

      I definitely recommend buying a real MFLB if you like the style and I don’t think you’ll regret it – they offer a great warranty also so you don’t have to worry about it breaking, they’ll replace it.

      Stay up!

  • I haven’t tried this yet but so far i’m definitely pleased with the customer service end of things. I ordered this tuesday night, and wasn’t expecting it until Monday at the earliest, it was sitting on my porch today. This was with the free shipping! They threw in a free grinder, it’s ok, but it’s acrylic, i’m definitely going to save up and get that Space Case you recommended

    • Hey cool I’m glad you got it delivered quickly – let me know if you have any trouble usin it! One tip I can give you is that it really works the best when you use really finely ground up material, even finer than most grinders can go. It also helps a lot if the material is on the dry side instead of having moisture in it. What I found works pretty well is to grind up your material as you normally would but then spread the grindings out for a few minutes to dry even more, then gently crush it even smaller with your finger before packing it into the trench of the launch box.

  • Awesome!….last question
    Does it do a Gud Job at vaporizing MJ….seeing as that would be the only herb I’m interested in?

    • Hey sup,

      I don’t think there’s too much of a difference, but I personally use the acrylic one because I break stuff all the time :P

      It’s possible that the taste might be slightly better with a glass stem, but I would guess that the difference is negligible.

      Stay up!

  • I am just looking for something that will be healthier than smoking and will give me a pretty good high. I smoke around 4 nights a week by myself at home and thats about it. Is the Launch Box good enough to get the job done? I just want to make sure I am not smoking and that it is only vapor I’m taking in. If I can get this with the Launch Box I am more than happy. My biggest concern is to have a healthier alternative to smoking, but will still get me high off of one session. Thanks

    • Hey Ron,

      Yes, the Launch Box will def get the job done, it’s a good vape, especially for your first one.

      The only downsides to consider are that there’s a little bit of a learning curve on how best to use it, it builds up residue a little faster than most others, and the vapor it produces isn’t the tastiest you can get.

      Despite these negatives though I still think it’s a good beginner vape (I still use mine sometimes) and it will give you a nice transition to vaping, without costing a lot.

  • Great input. Thanks for taking the time to create the site and the vids. Great info in an easy to understand and navigate formate.
    Ruled out the NO2, but now will probably wait to see the Pax review. I think I am leaning towards the Solo due to the vapor flavor and lack of battery hassle, but the fragile glass is a drawback. The MFLB looks like a great pocket traveller, so I guess I am still on the fence, at least til’ the Pax review.
    Stay cool in Yankee country.

    • Thanks a lot man, and all valid points. I should have the Pax review up by the end of this weekend, stay up!

  • In terms of build quality, portability, and efficiency what do you recommend?
    Arizer Solo
    Vapir NO2
    You recommend the MFLB as the best small vape and the Solo as the best portable, but I haven’t counted out the Vapir either after watching your three vids and the comparo. Thanks.

    • Good question, here goes:

      Solo strengths = Taste of vapor, build quality, efficiency

      MFLB strengths = Portability, quickness, efficiency

      I would probably count out the NO2 if those are the 3 you are comparing, it’s pretty decent but I don’t rate it higher than the Solo or MFLB overall.

      It really comes down to what you prefer more, the tastiest vapor or the best portability and quickness. With the MFLB you are vaping in 5 seconds, and u can take one quick draw and put it back away if u want. With the Solo u need to wait about 2 mins before vaping and once it’s going u pretty much need to vape it all in one shot, but the vapor tastes better.

      I’m actually in the process of reviewing the Pax vaporizer now, which is supposed to start shipping in August. It’s a new portable vape and its design is quite impressive, a real improvement over some others. I should have my review of it posted within a week or so, but if ur lookin to get a new vape asap the Solo and the MFLB are still good choices. I can’t say for sure yet what my overall rating of the Pax is going to be, so if ur not in a hurry maybe wait for my review so that u have another one to compare to.

      Hope this helps

  • Great video bud…thanks again. I can’t believe the favorable comments for the MFLB on the web. You sold me and I couldn’t help but get a 2012 one. The great thing is it only cost me $34 bucks brand new! This deal was a one time fluke so I am pretty damn lucky. Now I can see how well the davinci compares to the launch box — seems like very stiff competition for the new guy on the block. Since I have never used a MFLB I can’t anything about it….until monday that is!

  • Yo Bud.

    Got my MFLB. And I freakin adore it. No down side except for the batteries and perhaps the cleaning up. Unfortunately I got a bunch of questions on how to use it efficiently! I`ll try to make it as brief as possible.

    1. The herb gets brown and black colour quite soon. Is that okay? –>

    1.5 Does that mean it`s starting to release toxins, so that it`s actually not vaporizing anymore and combusting instead?

    2. Given its loaded like usually [not overloading it – but enough to fill it], how many strokes do you take from one load? Maybe I`m taking too many draws and thats why its turning black… I take about 4 strokes max 5…

    3. The MFLB has an opening on the opposite site of the sucking area. Is that some kind of cooling area or does it serve another purpose?

    4. About the guarantee. I found the filter to be very fragile. Do you think they will give you a new one if it somehow gets broken or torn apart etc.? Seems unlikely to me. If not, do you know what exactly IS guaranteed?

    5. I`ve order also an addition to the MFLB that reduction thingie that you can put on your water pipe but they didn`t have it in the end:( Do you think it`s worth ordering? Or is it okay to use it without that somehow by only applying it to the pipe? The problem is MFLB should be horizontal so I don`t want to screw it up.

    6. What alcohol/substance do you use for the cleaning of the MFLB? Or what would you suggest?

    And if I could I got also questions about the use of Volcano, cuz I definitely want to buy it later on.

    1. What temperature do you use mostly [dry herb, more moist herb temperatures..]?

    2. How many balloons do you usually take when you fill the herb chamber for two people? Do you think when you smoke like 4 or 5 balloons with that much herb the last ones still carry any active ingredients or is it just pure vapor at that time?

    That`s it I think! Thanx for any advice and all the help.

    take care and be well! Be wise, vaporize!!}:>

    • Nice!

      I’ll number my responses to make it easier:

      1. The herbs do get darker (and almost black sometimes) with the MFLB, more so than most other vapes, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They designed it to heat up to a slightly higher temp to vaporize more of the active ingredients. However, there is somewhat of a fine line between vaping the crap out of it and burning it, so you do need to practice a lot and find the point that ur most comfortable going to. If you are actually combusting you will know right away b/c it’ll look, taste and feel like smoke, not vapor.

      1.5 i think u only have to worry about toxins if u let it go too far, to the point of combusting

      2. usually 4 or 5 draws is how many i get also. One of the things I do while i’m vaping is I tap the bottom of the box to mix around the herbs, while i’m taking a draw. I don’t mean like hardcore shaking it around, but tapping it hard enough that the herbs sort of jump around inside the trench, and I find that this provides more even vapeage with less chance of burning.

      3. i’m pretty sure that opening is like the fresh air intake, u don’t have to do anything with it

      4. from what i’ve seen, they are very cool about replacing units that are damaged in any way. As long as ur really careful when cleaning and/or poking the screen it should stand the test of time, but if it doesn’t i’m fairly certain they will help u out and replace it.

      5. i tried the water pipe adapter once and it was ok, but i wouldn’t see myself using it very often.

      6. i have a full video of me cleaning my launch box that u can check out for all the details, but i used a very small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean it, a very small amount, and only on the screen part not on the wood.

      Volcano questions:

      1. i mostly use mine set at 6 on the dial (approx. 374F) but sometimes i will increase it a little higher, to 7 or 8.

      2. i usually vape between 3-5 balloons at one time. The first bags will be strongest but there is def some left for the last couple bags. If you watch my Vaporizer Temperature video i took magnified pictures of what the herbs looked like after 7 balloons from the Volcano set at 6, and it even looks like it could go more (not fully spent yet).

      Hope this helps!

  • Hello,i just discovered your review page and have couple of questions.
    Could this vaporizer be enough for two persons and how do you determine when are herbs spent in the vaporizer chamber?
    Keep up the good work :)

    • Hey what’s up,

      I would say that the chamber is maybe big enough to put enough herbs in for two people, but some might say that it’s only good for one person.

      You can tell the herbs are spent when their appearance changes (they will turn dark brown) and also when the taste changes (you’ll notice less flavor).

      Hope this helps!

  • Hey Vape Critic, Man I appreciate all you do. I have watched most all of your video’s & followed the links on your post (just to get you the credit). In my state, um some things are not legal. I have been wanting to try some Herb in a Vape because I quit smoking Cigarettes over 13 years ago, I’m 42 now. I wanted to use some um herbs for Neck pain and Headache but I want to get away from the Smoke and strong odor of the smoke. I really want to get a Volcano but I just can’t quite afford it yet and I want to make sure the Herb works for me, (the Doctors and pharmacies are complete asses about Lortab nowadays because of people just abusing them.) I can afford a Magic Flight Box though which seems to be one of your picks. I looked at an easyvape but after your review, scratched that one real quick. An Airizer I may could scratch around and afford but if the Magic Flight is the next best to the Volcano (which I will get; just may take a few) I will go ahead and get the Magic Flight.

    Thanks for any input. And where I live South, so far it is very hard to find anything worth putting in the Vape anyway. Maybe that will get better for me.

    Well, Thanks again.

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for posting, and I appreciate the kind words.

      I do think the Launch Box is pretty good, and for the $119 price tag you really can’t go wrong. The Extreme-Q is also cool and they recently lowered the price from $299 to $239.

      The Launch Box runs on rechargeable batteries and it’s really small, so it’s main benefit is being very portable. If portability is not something you need, you can get stronger vapor out of the Extreme-Q. The bag system with the EQ isn’t that great though, so it’s definitely not a replacement for the Volcano, but when you use it as a whip-style vape it does a pretty good job, I still use mine a lot.

      If you’re definitely planning on getting the Volcano down the road, I’d say go with the Magic-Flight. If you think you might wait a while to get the V you might get more use out of the Extreme-Q, as long as portability isn’t an issue for you.

  • Hey man, first off I just want to say youre channel and website are really awesome/super informative. I’ve checked out pretty much all your videos. 2 thumbs up on the detail.

    I actually own a launch box myself and just recently was on the magic flight website and noticed some accessories the other day that at least I think are new, and I haven’t heard you mention them on any of your videos.

    The first thats got me the most excited by far is the Launch Box Power Adapter, listed I think at 59.99, not TOO bad in price but if you consider that a decent 4 pack of NIMH’s are $20 and they last you about 3 months its well worth it.

    The power adapter basically looks like a battery with a cord coming out of it that attaches to the control module. From the control module theres an input for a second cord.. either to the wall outlet or the car adapter.

    I just thought the idea of this was awesome, I’ve actually contacted customer service for the deets but they claim ‘You can control both the rate and the energy delivered to the herb and the temperature of the vapor that you receive. ‘

    sounds awesomeeee, they even made the control module with a similar wooden base to make it look all pretty, :P
    plus for an additional 6 bucks you get the car adapter LOL

    AND, the other really cool attachment I thought was new was the water pipe adapter. Also a really cool wooden piece designed to directly attach your box to your favourite water pipe. comes with a standard 14 mm glass piece but they also sell a 19 mm piece to attach to the adapter.

    So yeahh, maybe these arent new but I just saw them a couple days ago and your videos today and I noticed you didnt mention them. One question for you though, since I’m definitely getting the power adapter and I would consider throwing in the water pipe adapter.. you seem to be an aficionado on all things vaporizer, what would the benefit be of attaching a water pipe?

    Thanks for any help and advice you can give me!
    and to quote magic flight..
    wishing you many magical flights ;D

    • Sup man, thanks for the kind words I’m really glad you found them helpful.

      I’ve heard people mention both of the adapters you’re talkin about but I’ve never tried them myself. Supposedly the power adapter is really cool, and I can imagine it would be, since when the batteries start to weaken the vapor gets lighter and it takes longer to heat. I guess the main reason I never bought one is because I now look at the Launch Box as a portable unit only, for times when I can’t use my Volcano, so I don’t use it very often at home or anywhere that I would have an outlet to plug into. If I didn’t have the Volcano I’m sure I’d have the power adapter, and I’m sure it’s worth the price.

      As for the water pipe adapter, I never really had the urge to filter my vapor through water. I’m pretty sure that by using a vaporizer you’re already cutting in half the temperature of what you inhale vs. smoking, so I find no need to then filter that vapor through water, which will most likely reduce potency a lil bit. I’m pretty sure cooling the vapor is the only reason to run it through a water pipe, cus there’s no tar or ashes that need to be filtered. So I dunno, I could be wrong it might be cool if you find your vapor irritating or harsh.

      Thanx again for the feedback man, and if you get either of the adapters def let me know what you think of them.

      UPDATE: I now have a review video for the power adapter and water-pipe whip here.

    • Got this product little over 2 months. Was very surprised how much better a vape [experience] is rather then a bowl [experience]. got this as my first vape and i don’t regret it works great and gets you [better] than ever. let my friends tried and they even said it was amazing. great product for a good price