Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder

Space Case Grinders are the Cream of the Crop

They’re the original players here and they’ve been making these things for over a decade now. Not much has changed over the years, the quality and craftsmanship is still top tier and they really do grind like butta.

The model I personally use is the medium 2.5″ 4-piece version, and that’s what’s shown in most of the pics on this page. They also make:

  • Small (2.0″)
  • Large (3.5″)

With Two Finish options:

  • Silver
  • Titanium (Black)

My previous daily driver for a few years was the small 2.0″ 4-piece model. They also make 2-piece versions which grind just as well, there’s just no storage compartment inside and they don’t collect the “pollen” at the bottom.

You’ll find a bunch of other herb grinders out there that look very similar but trust me when I tell you that they are not the same quality, especially if they’re a fraction of the price.

The 4-piece grinders that you see sold for $10-$25 will absolutely work and do the job at hand, but they are not precision engineered of the same high-quality materials and the action when using them does not feel as smooth and luxurious. It really comes down to personal preference and how much you want to spend, but I truly feel this is a wise investment.

Stay up!

IMPORTANT: There are a lot of counterfeit Space Case grinders sold online, especially on ebay, don’t fall for the trap! They usually sell them for 1/3 the price of a genuine one. Here’s how you tell the difference between a real and a fake: link

More Pics of the Real Thing:

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  • I was given one of these 15 years ago. I’m writing in 2020. It’s still performing as good as new despite almost daily use. Absolutely top quality product.

  • Hey bud, just ordered the small 2 pc, the most i grind up at a time is a half gram, will that do the trick? Also i heard that you get a finer grind with the small because it pushes the material closer, what ya think?

  • Are the specs cases on Amazon real? I have a medium 4 piece it has been in the family for 13 years, used daily. I would like to upgrade to the large titanium one. Is the titanium as good as the aluminum? Which is easier to clean?

  • Where can I buy a black medium space case? The site you have linked has been sold out everytime I’ve checked for well over a year now so I’m assuming they no longer carry them. Also, does space case make colored grinders? As far as I’d heard Space cases only come in black and silver but there are several sites I previously thought to be legit that sell various color options, such as rasta and red (aqualabtechnologies is one example). Should I assume these sites are not in fact legitimate space cases or would it be safe to purchase one from one of those sites? Thanks!

    • Dammit! Thanks for letting me know, I’m going to look into this and figure out the best place to get these if they’re out of stock at POTV.

      To my knowledge Space Case does NOT offer grinders in colors other than black and silver, and I have purchased a counterfeit Space Case on ebay that looks very close to the real thing, but it is most certainly not real.

    • They certainly do now. Go to the Space Case website to the variety of color options. Not all colors come in all sizes, but they have red, yellow (reviewers say more like gold), green, blue and a mix if red, yellow and green. I love my medium titanium Space Case and just went in for the medium multicolored one. I hope the aluminum is as good as the titanium.

  • Has anyone tried the slx 2.0? I heard that’s a great grinder. Want some feedback before purchasing

  • I’ve just replaced the 2″ 4pc space case I bought in 2006, I’ve literally used it daily for 10 years. Im only replacing as the gauze is clogged now, it still grinds like a charm. I bought a masterdam to replace originally, but returned it unused, it didn’t even compare to a space case, the roles Royce of grinders.

  • Are the spacecase grinders legit on planetofthevapes? It’s $16 dollars cheaper so just curious on the authenticity.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve smoked last. However, I did purchase a V2 Pro mainly for vaping e-liquids since cigarettes have become a huge financial kick in the butt. However, I figured I might as well attach the loose leaf cartridge for fun.

    Would the two piece Space Case system be beneficial for me? I smoke so infrequently; maybe once every few weeks that I don’t think pollen collection or anything of that nature would really do anything for me.

  • I’ve always disliked grinders… but have never had(probably) a decent one anyways lol… What I’m wondering is is it really beneficial? I said good bye to grinders about a year ago and went back to scissors. I just don’t get why you wouldn’t want all the good stuff out of your herb.. like sure having the pollen collect for a rainy day is cool.. but to me it’s wasting parts of my herb that i wanted to vape in the first place. All in all though I’m considering this because it looks fantastic and I’d love to use an actual decent grinder. Thanks for all your reviews though really helping me choose some new vapes

  • Quick question….

    Go with the titanium black grinder or the original ?

    Appreciate it.

    P.S. Im stayin up son!

  • Thanks for all the great info and reviews… Today my Magic Flight Finishing grinder arrived and it grinds the herbs up very fine and fluffy…it’s a bit early in the day for me to vape so I’ll give it a go this evening…but suffice to say on initial view the grinder is the same great quality as my flight box (using it 3 years now – ad-hoc)….so we’ll see how much difference the finer grinds do.

    Dave – The Netherlands

  • Hey man, is the space case 2 piece a good grinder for the pax? Like does it grind it fine enough? Good review by the way, you sold me on the pax (;

    • Hey the 2-piece models do grind a little finer than the 4-piece but it’s still not quite as fine as the finishing grinder. Most likely you will still get good results with a 2-piece but for max performance you do need to grind super fine. Stay up!

    • I find even the large 2 piece grinds plenty fine even with very little herb. Just angle it sideways a bit and gravity does the rest.

  • Just ordered a Volcano Classic (based largely on your excellent reviews of it and other models) and a medium 4-piece Space Case titanium grinder. Super stoked, as I’ve been using a serviceable (but not great) wooden two-piece Sweet Leaf for a long time.

    Question: Is there a point at which the grind is so powdery small that it drops through the screen on the Volcano (or other vapes). I’ve found that if I let the herbs dry before grinding, there is a lot of REALLY fine material that I wouldn’t want to waste.

    Thanks again for all the excellent reviews.

    P.S. Also ordered a Vapir NO2 for portable in-home use when not feeling like a balloon. Hella-discounted to the MFLB price point. Couldn’t pass it up.

    • Diamond shape teeth tend to pulvarize your product. If you use a Santa Cruz shredder with the square teeth with multiple cutting sutlrfaces the blades create a very fluffy, even texture. Bud being the Vape critic for some reason has not figured this out as it is essential when using a Vape..

  • Good luck to anyone that tries to make a claim on their lifetime warranty. Unless you bought your item from an online retailer, you are screwed. Spacecase doesn’t make any of their direct contact information available to the public, so you have to go through your retailer to get a return. If your retailer is long out of business (like mine), you are screwed. I paid a lot for this, trusting this it would be the only one I’d ever have to buy (i.e “lifetime warranty”). But, essentially, the lifetime warranty is highly conditional. I won’t buy any of their products again, and I will advise others to also avoid them, based on principle. Companies that skirt their lifetime warranties don’t deserve to stay in business.

      • My grinder is about 10 years old. The aluminum rim (where the top two pieces join) has widened over years of metal on metal contact. This widening has caused ground material to get trapped in that rim during the grinding process, making it incredibly laborious to turn for grinding.

        Unfortunately, Spacecase does not make their warranty info available to the public – so you are screwed when you have any type of lifetime warranty claim.

        • I doubt normal wear from over a decade of use falls under any kind of warranty anyway. It didn’t break due to a manufacturing error, it just got a little worn out eventually from term use. Your bitterness seems unfounded, 10 years of continuous use is a very good lifetime for a mechanical item that is exposed to friction by design. Just buy a new one instead of expecting a simple grinder to literally last a lifetime of intensive use without showing any wear. You’ll find you will be a lot happier by not having such unrealistic expectations. Cheers!

          • Nice real !!! He should be able to somoke way longer then a grinder suits your need ;-)

          • Yes,…10 years. A “lifetime warranty” is supposed to cover you for a “lifetime”. Otherwise it’s false advertising and illegal.

    • vegetable oil. just a little dab on your finger run it around the rim of that grinder. dont this for every friend i have. just be careful not to use too much or you might get an odd flavour

  • I wonder if you have tried the Sharp Crusher (not the Smart Crusher). It is NOT aluminum but is made from a Steel/Zinc alloy. It is 4 pieces, is very sharp, strong, and relatively heavy. It comes in several sizes and is IMO the best on the market.

    • I haven’t tried it but it’s made from inferior materials and it’s not machined as well which is why the price is lower.

      There are many similar grinders on the market but only a few are exceptional and Space Case and Santz Cruz are two of the best.

  • Ok happy ending to the space case fiasco. They did finally wrote back with cleaning instructions and my scout mini works perfect again. No squeak or hard to turn anymore

    He recommended clean every 4-6 months. I’m sorry I’ve had my mini one month and it NEEDED cleaning. I’m a maniac vaper I guess

  • I can confirm, space case grinders are definitely the best overall grinder

    I’m new to vaping again after taking a long break (for whatever reason) and I had completely forgotten about the fact that u must grind up the material. So I started with about 3 cheaper models (hella cheaper). Plastic and steel-looking models. Who knows. They sucked. So I went to VW (our favorite store!) and purchased the large 4-piece titanium grinder for about a hundred bucks. Later I wanted something very portable for Travel with my launch box. So of course I went back for a space case. I’m not stupid. I know a great thing when I experience it.

    So I purchased their smallest 4-piece (and i think its their overall smallest grinder too) model, the “Scout Mini”

    Here’s something u MUST BE AWARE OF when purchasing a space case grinder that I had no idea about until I got the scout mini 4piece: Each size grinds at different consistencies. I had no idea. I love my Large one. I can throw much herbs In there at once (it’s pretty huge for a grinder) and leave them in the storage chamber. From there I use it with my home based vapes because they (my Volcano) can take larger grinded material

    However I also use a Magic-Flight Launch Box and adore it. I HIGHLY recommend it. Very durable I’ve found too.
    And with every portable Vape I can think of THE SMALLER THE GRINDS THE BETTER. it makes a HUGE difference (see the Vape critics video on getting more from your Vape sessions)

    So what I like to do with my launch box is two step grinding and u need two grinders. The primary or first grinder u will use is hopefully any sized space case. The reason it doesn’t matter is because we are going to double grind in two DIFFERENT grinders and the secondary grinder we will use gets the grinds even tinier! The tinier the better with portable vapes

    Ok so your primary grinder is the space case or whatever I have to get the grinds as small as u can. But to really Supercharge your Vape sessions u gotta grind even smaller. (I’m only reciting what I learned from the Vape Critic AS WELL AS my personal experiences.

    So which grinder is going to get the grinds even finer than the Amazing (and I recommend this space case size above them all because of its portability and power but also because it gets the grinds the finest which. truly makes a magnificent difference

    So which grinder should be your secondary grinder: I only know of one that will effectively get the grinds to an effect size for vaping-particularly portable vaping. Grind siZe is crucial. The grinder is by Magic-Flight and is called the Finishing Grinder


    So I’ve taken up enough of your time so here’s the final rundown of what to do to take your (especially portable which typically depend on tiny grindings to produce greater yields of potent vapor) vaping to the next level

    This is my opinion and recommendation. I’ve had 3 previous grinders and they all sucked. JUST SAVE UP

    1). Get a space case. I REALLY recommend their smallest grinder for reasons I mentioned above: space case – Scout Mini 4-piece grinder. (I would definitely not go larger than the small 4 piece 4 vaping). The scout mini is perfect. I thought it would be too small at first but it’s hella dope

    $59 – Scout mini 4 piece grinder by space case (just do it. U can always return it. This is actually a great price. U will own this (and it will still perform at peak quality) probably for the rest of your life.

    2) this is a must for portable vaping. Not so much w:units like the volcano. I can use my large spacecase for that if I want. But still the smaller the grinds the better. I THINK it increases “Surface Area” which in turn produces higher quality of vapor:

    A must: GET THE Magic-Flight “finishing grinder” $39

    3A). Throw your [herbs] in space case. Grind and pour the grinds into the “Magic-Flight finishing grinder”. Grind.

    This grinder has no bottom. It will grind directly into your bowl or chamber or what not. Pretty rad little grinder. I adore it. I’m gonna collect all 3 colors/wood types

    4) Vape. Enjoy your highest “Chamomile” high while vaping yet!

    Note: everything I recommended was FIRST advised in the videos of the Vape Critic

    I then followed his awesome advice and so from experience I HIGHly ;~) recommend u follow what i say here

    U will notice a DRAMATIC difference in vape Quality – eg the density and visible vapor increase a BUNCH with this technique!!!! :D

    As the Vape Critic would say,Stay Up, everybody!

    Note 2: please feel free to correct me if I mIstyped or have some wrong info (although I’m pretty positive I didn’t mess this up. Ha!) I’m not trying to misguide u.
    Come back to this thread and leave a reply about if this improved yours sessions and by how much. I’m willing to bet my home here in San Diego California (ok it’s a condo not a huge house lol) that u will get a hugely noticeable difference and u won’t ever go back to the old ways

    Note 3: I also grind with my scout mini when I smoke/combust with my pipe now. I never just throw full buds (of chamomile) into my pipe anymore. Seems dumb. Grinding creates better airflow for much more efficient smoking and its really enjoyable this way (the finishing grinder is too small for this unless u use it as a capper sprinkled like [pollen] on top of the grinds in the bowl which u produced with your space case grinder (I HIGHLY recommend the 4 piece models over the 2 piece. It’s luxurious in comparison to the ghetto way of 2 piece grinding lol so uncivilized haha!

    (Maybe I can fill in for the Vape Critic when he vacations in Cali!)

  • so i know they have a lifetime warrantee, but i cant find their number or website anywhere to contact them about my problem. anyone know how i can reach them?

    • Hey I think your best bet is to contact the store you bought it from, but if that’s not an option you can try calling 949-515-9622 which I believe is one of the main distributors (not 100% sure) that may be able to steer you in the right direction.

  • Based on your review I’d like to order a 4 piece space case. I’m having trouble deciding between the standard or magnetic version. Also between the small or medium size grinder. Any suggestions Bud?
    Thanks for all your helpful info!

    • Hey Eric,

      Great choice – I’m fairly certain all of their models have the magnetic top, all you choose when purchasing is what color you want and what size.

      I would personally suggest the small size, that’s the one I have and it’s very convenient and easy to handle, also holds more than enough material for multiple vape sessions.

      The larger sizes are just as good but unless you plan on grinding up large amounts of material at a time they’re not really necessary.

      Stay up!

  • Hey bud! I am looking to get a new grinder. I was looking to get the mendo mulcher or the space case. I was on the fence on these two grinders. I did alot of reserach of the pros and cons of the two grinders then i came your review and it help me decide to go with the space case. But then I started to hear about the Santa Cruz shredder. One of my local shops had one and I took look at it. I immediately notice 4 point square teeth and smoothness of turning the grinder and how easily it was to screw on and off. So basically I’m back on the fence between these two grinders. If you could plz post a review on the shredder comparing it to the space case it would be of much help to me. Thnx for all the hard work

    • Hey Richy,

      I actually purchased a Santa Cruz not too long ago I just haven’t had time to create and post a full review yet.

      Overall I think it’s about equal with the Space Case – they’re both high quality, around the same price, and grind the material to basically the same consistency.

      You can’t go wrong with either one IMO, and I do think both are better than the Mendo I have.

      I’m going to try and get a new video posted soon showing all the grinders together and explaining the differences.

  • OK, the 2.5 inch is a good unit, the 3.5″ is not, why? Because it has NOT been engineered and it is NOT made out of titanium, just deposition coated. The 4 piece is less messy but it separates out the fines that make the smoke what it is and what vaporizes if you use that method. The 3.5″ model is all wrong, with equal weighed samples, the 2.5 non-coated kicks the 3.5″ coated’s butt. The teeth are just too far apart and the play in the lid makes it want to collide the teeth, it jams easily and is much harder to turn than the 2.5″. The best unit Space Case makes is the 4 piece 2.5, I can’t say the coating really makes any difference, it sticks to it the same as the non-coated and takes the same amount of work to remove. The slop in the lid makes a poor place for the goo to build up, and it does not come off easily. For the money, just get the 2.5, the 3.5″ is a dismal failure.

  • Does anyone actually have a contact number/address/website to claim warranties from?

      • Hey Bud, first I’d like to say that your reviews of the Space Case and the ‘Cano played a big role in my decision to purchase BOTH items. However, I tweaked it a bit for my personal needs and bought the Digit ‘Cano instead of the Classic and the small 4 piece Titanium Space Case instead of the small 4 piece aluminum. I purchased both in January and I believe I am set for life (kinda) .. Thanks!

        Now, heres a brief summary of my problems/concerns with the Space Case:

        I’l have to say (maybe it’s my method, though) I am kind of disappointed in the grinding abilities of the small 4 piece Space Case… It simply will not produce a fine grind for me. I always end up with chunky product in the chamber instead of finely ground product.

        With that being said, I always have to throw the product in the orange S&B to achieve a finer grind (this thing is a champ). It sucks to have to do this because it takes away from my [pollen] collection when I use the S&B.

        I truly believe that it comes down to the amount of teeth. The Space Case has about 16 teeth on the top and about 12 on the bottom, whereas the S&B has about 30 teeth on top and 30 on the bottom.. obviously thats a big difference.

        Also, the holes where the product falls through to the chamber on the Space Case are pretty wide.. which enables me to put smaller pieces of product in there for a grind.. kind of a bummer. Not to mention there are about 24 of those holes!! A bit excessive for a small in my opinion.

        The sole reason I bought the small 4 piece is that the size compliments the Volcano well. A g or less of product is all I need to grind at a time for the ‘Cano so its perfect in that respect. The added bonus of the 4 piece is the [pollen] collector, which is definitely doing its job.

        I feel as though the small Space Case would be perfect for [other methods], but the ‘Cano loves and needs to be fed finely ground product.

        I think I would have been better off with a 2 piece Space Case with more teeth OR just sticking with the S&B grinder…. it sucks to regret buying a nice grinder but I am at that point. $60 wasted..

        UNLESS you could give me some pointers on how to finely grind with this thing.

        Heres my simple method: I take anywhere from .5 to 1 g of product and place it in the top, close the lid, and start grinding by twisting the top piece several times to the left and several to the right.. back and forth, back and forth. Never moving/twisting the bottom half.. I always grind moving the top piece. (maybe thats an issue?)
        Then I flip the grinder upside down and do the same thing. I end by flipping it back upright and tapping the lid to make sure everything gets into the chamber… what do I need to change? Should I start with an upside down grind first?

        Thanks Bud.

        • Hey thanks for posting,

          I completely understand what you’re saying about the Space Case, but if it’s any consolation to you it’s still the best 4-piece grinder out there.

          I haven’t posted my review yet but I’ve been testing a 4-piece Santa Cruz Shredder, and I also have a 4-pc Mendo Mulcher. Along with the Space Case those 3 models round out the top 4-pc grinders available right now.

          Overall, the grind consistency is fairly similar between the three models. It seems that no manufacturer has yet perfected a 4-piece grinder that grinds to the super-fine consistency vaporizers love.

          However, as you mentioned, there is a way to get a finer grind with all of them – grinding upside down.

          But the way I do it is I flip the grinder upside down FIRST, as soon as you close the lid on top just flip it and grind like that for a few seconds.

          This gets it finer than grinder normally first and flipping it halfway through.

          You can also try fully spinning the top around, like in full circles, in addition to just rotating it back and forth.

          Two-piece grinders do grind a little finer than the 4-piece models, but like you mentioned they don’t have a compartment that holds the ground herbs and they don’t have pollen catchers, so they’re not as cool and convenient.

  • im stuck between the Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Grinder and the Mendo Mulcher Vape grinder. which one has a finer screen i know the mendo is 190 microns, but what about the space case? i want the dankest keef possible from a grinder

  • Love the reviews. I have had the small 4-piece SpaceCase for about 3 years now and still use it daily. I have noticed that the screen has become loose and can pop up causing plant material to fly out sometimes. I bought it from a local shop that has sense gone out of business. I am not against buying another one because I feel I have gotten my money’s worth and then some but I would like any information anyone has on how to contact SpaceCase about the lifetime warranty. Thanks!

  • Hey Bud,

    What do you do, can do with pollen? I’ve never heard of it before. Is it like has*?

    Thanks again for your amazing website!

    • Hey yes basically it’s just a concentrated form of what’s in your material.

      Some people use it as-is and some people use a pollen press to compress it into manageable pieces.

  • Hey Bud,

    Right now my grinder is a 2.5″ grinder and has 3 rows of teeth/blades. I see that the medium Space Case Grinder is also 2.5″, but only has 2 rows of teeth/blades. Wouldn’t this inevitably result in a much less fine grind? The large has 3 rows of blades, but that’s 3.5″ in diameter.


  • Hi, I was wondering if it’s okay to store herb inside the space case? If I grind a certain amount, but don’t end up using it all, is it okay to leave it inside or should I find a seperate container? Same question in regards to the pollen, is it okay to let it chill inside the chamber until I have enough to do something with it?

    • Hey yes it’s perfectly fine to leave your extra herbs and pollen inside the grinder, that’s how I’ve always done it myself.

  • Hey dude love your videos, the reviews helped me in the decision to buy my plenty vaporizer which is amazing I also bought the sc 4 piece on your recommendation and it worked great at grinding up my herb with ease, this was a joy as I’ve had two other grinders that always jammed or got stuck when I was using them.

    I have owned my space case now for about a month and only used it a couple of times but today when I was grinding my herb something happened and I can’t seem to unscrew the middle part of my grinder to get at my herb. I have tried everything to get it open, I ran it under a very hot tap and even sprayed it with some WD40 to see if that could help but still I can’t open it, hopefully I won’t have to buy a new as I just got it recently.

    • Hey Brady,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Plenty!

      I’ve never heard of that happening with a Space Case, perhaps some of your material got into the grooves and is causing it to stick. If you’re still having trouble getting the parts separated I would try a few other ways of heating the grinder up, as that usually helps loosen vape or grinder parts that get stuck from sticky material.

      • Thanks for the reply luckily I’ve managed to unscrew it with some brute force and a vice grip which caused a bit of damage on the outside part of the grinder but it still works and that’s the main thing. I’ll have to clean the grooves more often in the future to stop it happening again.

  • Hi,
    I have a Space case grinder 4 pieces 2″, but without magnet….. the lid is a little loose, do you think it’s normal ?
    Regards from France

    • Hey the top piece really doesn’t have a magnet in it? Is it definitely a real Space Case? I haven’t personally seen any SC’s with loose lids.

  • Really, the grinder guy has not noticed the only grinder that has a innovative tooth design that gives a way fluffier, even consistency. The only grinder with a non diamond shape design which does not release burrs of metal as do all the traditional diamond shape….. Made in America.

  • dude next time you get a grinder i would recommend you get one with thick threads much more smooth and less annoying twisting also you dont have to worry about stripping them (not a big concern with space case)

    I also wanted to ask if you ever put a clean* nickel in the screen compartment of your grinder it helps push pollen through screens but im not sure if its unnecessary with space case ive never paid more than $20 for a 4 piece grinder and to be honest ive never had a hard time finding a good quality one either mind you i have NOT used a brand name grinder before but i do always make sure the quality of the build is there just need to know what to look for screen, teeth, material, thread ect…

    ps. i heard a there is an knock off of the space case grinders called *aero space* apparently they are made with the same quality and are just a design knock off they are like half the price and the reviews are not what you would expect…

    • You get what you pay for with grinders, it’s hard to tell just by looks what the differences are or the quality but when you hold it in your hand and grind with it you realize why the expensive ones are worth it.

  • Hey, great review! I own the Space Case 4 piece Medium Titanium Grinder in Black, and its the best grinder I have ever found as well! The only thing that I don’t like about my grinder is, my herb tends to stick in at least 3-4 of the grinder holes everytime I grind up my product! I have to use a paper clip or a tool to pop my herb out of the holes everytime! I don’t mind though, because this thing is so smooth that it doesn’t hurt my arthritic hands or wrist! I bought my first Space Case on EBAY for $75.00, must have been a fake one, b/c the screen broke and one of the teeth bent after I dropped it on the ground! I called Space Case and they delivered the same Space Case 4 piece Medium Titanium Grinder in Black, 2 weeks later to my house, for $6.00 shipping! These things have a lifetime warranty and they back it up! Go Space Case, time to smoke! LOL!

  • Hey man.

    1) Love the site, the videos, everything!

    2) I’ve got a space case grinder, but I rarely use it in favour of using a coffee grinder instead. I find that it does a better job, finer grind, and has no issues if the stuff is too moist. With the space case, I find that I work hard and if it’s even a little sticky it doesn’t break up.

    Is there something I’m missing? I’m surprised that you recommend the space case grinder rather than advocating a coffee grinder to get a really fine grind.


    • Thanks man!

      From my experiences I’ve found that pretty much any grinder will have difficulties with moist herbs. If using moist material is unavoidable for you then yes, as silly as it sounds you may get a finer grind with a coffee grinder. But unless you live in the Caribbean or somethin you should be able to remove excess moisture fairly quickly by just laying some herbs out on a piece of paper for a lil bit. Most vaporizers perform much better with dry herbs also, so if ur currently vaping it might be worth givin that a shot.

      I’ve just found that overall, when using herbs that have a normal moisture level, space case grinders perform better and feel more luxurious than any others I’ve tried. They also look and feel sexier than coffee grinders and don’t have to be plugged in :P

      • What I typically do is grind up more than I need, so that I can leave some ground stuff out in the lid from the coffee grinder and it will dry out a bit, but it’s still a bit on the sticky side. Will try drying it out a bit more as you suggested.

        What I do now is dry the new stuff out a bit, then keep it in a jar in the freezer, only taking out what I’m actually planning to use. How do you store yours? The reason I keep it in the freezer is I typically have more than one type for variety so I need to keep it for a while.

        By the way – you’re totally right about the plugging in! Finding an outlet can be a pain in the ass and it’s annoying to have to unplug something just to grind lol

        • :P

          Cool, I typically don’t store mine for too long so I just end up keepin it in a sealed mason jar most of the time

  • i find the 4 piece SC doesn’t grind fine enough, it falls down the holes too early. if i hold it upside-down the holes still provide a roof escape to some extent. went back to 2 piece SC, but this also needs an in-palm re-crush after a couple of bags. have a [concentrate]-grinder that fine-powders, works well with volcano, but most power/flavour gone after a few cano bags.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that the space case doesn’t get your material super fine but in my testing the only vape that really needs herbs ground up finer than usual is the Launch Box, I use my volcano all the time with herbs ground up in my 4-pc SC.

  • Love the vids. Right now I have an Extreme Q vape on the way and super excited for it based on your reviews.

    But I’m more focused on grinders. Definitely getting a Space Case, would you recommend getting the titanium Space Case or just the normal Space Case grinder? The titanium version is a good $15 more expensive and I’m just curious as to which you would recommend.

    • Sup Wave, thanks man.

      The EQ is pretty cool, definitely try Elbow Hits for the strongest vapor (I have a video about it on my youtube channel).

      Regarding the Space Case, I never had a chance to actually use a titanium version. I’d imagine it being pretty cool, but how much better than the original I’m not sure.

      It has to be as good or better than the aluminum models, so I’d say it comes down to your preference on how it looks.

      If you go with the Titanium model def let me know how you like it, and thanks for commenting.

      Stay up!

  • hey guy just wanted to say very nicely put together and i appreciate your work from all of us vapeheads thanks ok now i personally use a log vape (hope to catch your opinions on those) which i find to be a huge cost saver with the only draw backs being tied to electric but can be remedied with a dc pack and it really is a one person vape but can be used with more people if you desire and im like you i use a four piece grinder and love it but i have the med size i just find it to be a little more user friendly in the long run as i dont have to use it every time

    and a little tip if you need to grind more turn it upside down and grind until you are happy with the consistency and then turn it right side up so it can flow through the holes and your done

    oh and the biggest thing is take your time and learn to use your vape sometimes you wont get it right the first time but will deff be worth it in the long run

    peace all

    • Sup Tim, thanks for the kind words and useful tips.

      I’ve never tried a log vape actually, it sounds interesting. I’m a big fan of balloon vapes like the Volcano, so that ends up being the one I use most often.

      Stay up!

    • Dude you just saved me the hassle of a return with your tip. I got the large and when I opened it, I immediately regretted my decision. The holes are larger and it creates less of a fine herb than the medium size.

  • Hey sup, good question. I’ve found that I still prefer the 4-piece model over the 2-piece, even though the 2-piece might grind up the herbs a tiny bit more. But there’s barely any difference, and to me the 2-piece is messier.

    What I heard from Magic-Flight is that a lot of people “re-grind” the herbs in the launch box after a couple hits. The herb gets drier after u hit it a few times so you can easily open the launch box lid and gently crush the herbs a little more with your finger, and then continue vaping.

    I have three different 2-piece grinders but I always find myself using the 4-piece. Space Case is definitely the best brand to get (or at least one of the best). I never used anything better but a few people lately have been telling me to try a Mendo Mulcher grinder because it’s amazing so I just ordered one, and I should have a video comparing the two brands in a week or two.

    • Alright cool, thanks for the advice, man!

      yeah I’ve had a few companies tell me also that space case is the top quality grinder available

      K sweet, So I’m definitely going with the 4 piece, I’ve emailed a company about size difference in teeth between the small-medium-large size. just cuz I kinda want the large but if it. grinds herbs super thick I’ll be bummed.

      Plus the chamber it holds the herb in looks super huge.
      I read an online review where someone says they can’t even close their hand around the thing lol

      Apparently the medium and large have more teeth and the large’s teeth are bigger/wider than the medium’s, so with any luck it’ll work out okay. I’ll let you know how it turns it out!

      Unless you strongly recommend against getting the large?
      Thanks again,man!

      -PS that site you recommended definitely seemed the best price-wise, so I’m ordering off them. I told them I found them cuz you highly recommend them repeatedly on your blog. Maybe they’ll send you some free goodies. Cheers, dude!

      • sweet thanks man

        i think the large might be a little too big for practical use. the size i have (that i show in my video) is the small size, and u can grind up just about a gram of material at any one time with it. To me that’s plenty, but if u really think u’ll need to grind more than that then maybe the medium would be better, but i think the large is really huge, like u can grind a 1/8th in it lol

        it’s totally up to u, i just think the large might be overkill, and u might get annoyed after a while that it’s so big and heavy. i just looked it up and the small model weighs 5oz and the large model weighs 22oz. i’m sure u’ll be happy with any of the sizes, i’m just getting really detailed now :P

        • Just to follow up, I think the site I got the weight info from was wrong. I just weighed my small 4-pc space case grinder and it was 3.2oz, not 5. I’m pretty sure the large model still weighs a good amount more, but it’s probably not 22oz.

        • No Joke, I’ve ground up an entire quarter in one go in my large space case, and it still had a little room to spare.

  • hey man, what’s up

    I’ve been working alot lately and I’ve been thinking it’s time to reward myself with a new grinder.

    I’m taking your advice on the space case brand and I watched your video where you compared the 2 piece and 4 piece.

    My question for you is whether or not you noticed a difference in consistency as far as how fine your herb is ground between the two.

    I originally messaged the site, considering the 4 piece titanium large (kind of pricey but supposedly its amazing/ a beast) and I asked how it compared for consistency. The dude messaged me saying that he would recommend a 2 piece for a finer grind since the herb doesn’t have anywhere to fall through and just keeps getting ground up.

    So I thought since you also own a launch box and seem to know more about the best grind/temp, you could give me your opinion on the matter and whether or not you find your 4 piece grinder’s consistency to be suitable for the launch box or if you prefer the 2 piece for it?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on the matter!

    • Get the 4 chamber. Hold your grinder upside down (being sure not to let the lid fall off of course) and keep grinding until you reach your preferred consistency

      • I’ve been doing that since i got a vape last week but I think I’ll get a 2 piece because holding the grinder upside down seems to get a lot of the [pollen] jammed between the outer rim and the cover, impeding grinding. I just had to iso it all off.

        • I never need to hold mine upside down. It’s been the best investment aside fom my volcano. I really recommend the “Mini Scout” version for vaping as the Lrge will produce larger grinds. Each smaller space case produces finer grinds

          I have the large titanium $100 + and the scout mini $59

          For vaping I highly recommend the scout mini or no larger than the Small size The scout mini IS a 4 Piece

          Personally there’s not enough for me to get a 2 piece. The 4 piece is awesome and u DON’T need to hold upside down