G Pen Vaporizer Review

The G Pen from Grenco Science is an oldie but goodie. Well, I mean “old” in the sense that it’s been around for a while, but the vape itself has gone through some changes over time and has improved.

G Pen This review is of a unit I picked up in the Fall of 2014. It’s considered a pen vape and is designed for use with wax and oil concentrates, not dry herbs. They do make a “herbal” version of this pen (and one branded Snoop Dogg) but these tend to combust your herb or produce very wispy vapor, so I normally don’t recommend those.

You have 3 main parts to this thing: the battery, the coil (atomizer), and the mouthpiece. Almost all vape pens are comprised of these three components. They all vary a tiny bit though, and these small variations are what makes each pen slightly unique.


The battery has a nice soft feel to it like most pens, but the power button is different from many others. It has the same polished look as the surrounding part of the battery, and it has a nice elegant feel to it when you press it in. When you do press it down you’ll see a faint blue light behind the button, and the tip of the battery will also glow the same faint blue.

I don’t particularly like vape pens that light up when you use them, but the intensity of the light with this one is pretty low so I don’t think it’s that bad.

The battery also has the typical 5-click locking feature, which will lock and unlock the power button when you press it down quickly 5 times in a row. This helps prevent the vape from powering up while it’s in your pocket or wherever.

G Coil Atomizer

The coil or the atomizer part is where you actually load your concentrate. Basically it’s a small ceramic chamber with a tiny coil-wrapped wick at the bottom. The coil is pretty deep or far down with the G Pen, and only the bottom part with the wick is ceramic, the top half of it is most likely stainless steel.

I don’t normally like atomizers where the coil is deep down because they’re usually harder to load, but it wasn’t really a hassle at all with this one. Not quite as easy as shallow coils, but not difficult either.

It comes with a cool tool (heh) that you can use to load your wax or concentrate, and basically the goal is to get your material into the bottom of the chamber and onto the coil. You need to be pretty careful though, the wick and coil are fragile and if you’re not delicate when you load it you could easily damage it.

Depending on how often you use it and what kind of concentrate you use the coil will eventually burn out and stop heating up. This is true for pretty much all portable vaporizers with atomizers, and the normal life span is somewhere between 4-8 weeks. If you like the vape and use it often it’s a good idea to buy a bunch at a time to lower your cost per coil.

G Pen Box Mouthpiece

There’s not too much to say about the mouthpiece, the shape and feel of the very tip is similar to some other pens, but it does have a fairly unique feature – there’s a screen on the bottom part where it screws into the atomizer. Since you’re not vaping dry herbs in it you really don’t need a screen in there, but it doesn’t hinder performance at all and it does make it different. Some people say this screen can clog over time and require some cleaning, so if this happens to you they do include a few alcohol-soaked q-tips you can use to clean it off. You can also use these to clean the atomizer a little but don’t get too close to the coil.

Vapor Quality

At the time of this review I have about a dozen other pen vapes to compare this one to, and as far as vapor quality I would rate the G Pen in the top 5. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference because these pens all share very similar components, but there’s something a little unique that makes this one better than many others. The taste is clean and the vapor is smooth and comfortable, it’s not too hot or harsh. It also seems pretty efficient and will produce a handful of draws from just a tiny bit of concentrate.

Stay up!

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  • We just bought the Snoop Dog (herbal) g-pen but want to use wax with it. I’ve been looking up things everywhere on if we can or if we need to buy any additional attachments and I can’t find anything. Soo, do we need to buy a new pen or is using wax in it the way it is fine? Pleas let me know asap!!

  • Hey man wassup, I’m goin on vacation to a town I know I can use my Snoop Dogg herbal gpen everywhere and anywhere, but I’m worried that because i am goin by airplane, i will not be able to take it with me so I’m just wondering if you know if the gpen can come along and pass the airport security and X-ray and what not with out any problem, or is this simply a bad idea Hahaa
    Thanks In advance

  • I just bought the red snoop dogg g pen & the coil is heating up bright red but it’s not producing any vapor. How do I fix this. Can someone please help me???!!!

    • Take that stupid spring out of the mouth piece part, that thing compacts the weed to much and
      those tiny holes in it get clogged up not allowing any smoke to get through. The spring just pops out. When you load it don’t compact the weed to much, just slightly. Hold the pen vertical when you hit it and you should get a nice hit.

      • that what im thinking also about spring with metal screen,,its so low to coil and packs well ground flower way to much…im thinking just put a regular old school screen inside mouth piece in place of spring and end piece on spring,,your thoughts.

  • I just bought the red snoop dogg g pen herbal vaporizer. The coil heats up bright red but does not produce any vapor. Can someone help me please. How do I fix this???

    • Get the G Pro instead.I am getting ripped off it.Snoop Dogg G Pro is what you want.The pen sucks I have it and the coils are combusting your herbs.G Pro is a true vaporizer.

  • So I purchased this exact G Pen for my fiance. He uses oils only and not wax. However, it’s not working. What oils do you recommend for this G Pen? He is convinced that it is only used for wax.

    • They have a few versions and the one I show in this video is indeed for wax only, but you can just get an oil cartridge and use it with the kit you already have.

      • Hey bud….jus to confirm… I hav snoop dog g pen (herbal). Now that I have learned to make wax now…can I replace the herbal atomizer with wax atomizer without buying a new wax vaporizer

        • I believe you can I’m just not sure if they actually offer a snoop dogg wax cart, you might need to use their standard one but it’s a different color.

  • Hey what about the GPen PRO version. I have heard good to alright things about it. Does it actually vaporize well or is just another fancy combustion stick? I’m really trying to avoid the PAX (the money vs my smoking habits is imbalanced).

  • The WAXY PEN SUCKS. It burned out in 8 days, and I was very careful. Someone smart out there, PLEASE make a wax pen, that does not need to be replaced so fast. I had the heater replaced and bought a second one on sale.
    Paying for all these $12.00 heaters every 2 weeks is not reasonable. The dispensary I go to admitted, they were defective.
    I expect better from an actual pharmacy.
    Anyone have a pen that may meet my requirements, please let me know.
    Really loving the 1:1 ratio of wax…just need a more reliable vapor pen.

  • hey I noticed that you do not have g-pro herbal vaporizer pen review and I’d like to see one to get your thoughts on it

  • Just got a gpen, paid $140 at smokers corner , it did not come with the grinder card, stick or the containers , the owner showed me the site where he got it , grenco and it says it does not include those items , yet all the reviews online show it coming with these items

  • Is this the same type of pen you get when you order the one that Snoop Dogg put his name on. BTW I’m learning so much from your site. Thank you for what you do.

    • Hey Kim good question, the Snoop Dogg branded G Pens are as of now designed for use with dry herbs, not concentrates, BUT they don’t really vaporize your material, it’s just a convenient way of combusting (burning) it.

      This G Pen I show on this page is one of the models designed solely for wax/concentrate use.

      Stay up!

      • Hi Bud, when you say ” it’s just a convenient way of combusting (burning) it.”, does that mean that you are in effect still smoking, i.e. taking smoke into your lungs rather than vapour, so you had might as well just roll up?

      • Okay so 3 weeks ago was when i bought my very first vaporizer, it was the SnoopDogg Gpen, it was okay but after 5 days it broke, the coil disconnected from the Battery part. So i decided to get the Pax, i was told that the Vapes with ovens are better than coils because they are easy to clean and work well with shisha or whatever else you might use. So it broke and i ought the pax and i really like it, it is definately worth it, you get what you pay for imo and with the pax it really is worth the money

  • The Maud-dib, concentrate version of the MFLB, is much, much better than the G pen. If anyone is looking for an ACTUAL concentrate vape, check the reviews on that one first. The G pen is the Beats by Dre of vapes. I’ve used both, and the G pen isn’t bad, but it can’t come close to even the MFLB with a concentrate tray.

    • I got a review comin for that one too, didn’t show it in the pic cus it’s not a pen but yes, it is very good.

      UPDATE: Check out my Muad-Dib review here.