Dynavap VapCap Review

What’s up! This is the VapCap vaporizer from Dynavap, made for use with dry herbs and concentrates. This vape is different than a lot of the other ones I review, but it’s awesome. This one is powered by a butane torch, so there are no batteries, and you don’t plug it in.

OmniVap XL

VapCap Variations

You heat it with a torch, and there are different types of torches which I’ll get into, but there’s also a bunch of variations of the VapCap. I have 5 different ones here to show you:

  • The newest one I just bought is this one, the OmniVap XL. (see review video above) They also make the same one a little bit smaller than the regular. This is actually the smaller version of this vape, but an older model. This one is cool too, but I’m really digging the new one a lot, and I like the XL length for my hands, it just fits better, it’s easier for me to use, I really like it.
  • This one is the most expensive one you can get. (see pic at top of page) This is $185, but then they also make one that’s $40. This is called the “M”, the Dynavap M. It’s not quite as luxurious, and it’s not all titanium, it doesn’t have as many parts either, but it’s pretty cool. If you like the concept, and you want to get in for 60 bucks, it’s not bad at all. I do like the Omni, and I think it’s worth the extra cost because of how nice it is, but that’s your choice. They also make a few other models that have wooden parts.
  • So the two wooden ones I have here (see video), this is the Ti-Woody S. It’s got the wood midsection, and the spinning mouthpiece comes apart into a bunch of pieces. So this one was the Ti-Woody S, and this one’s right around $100 now. I bought these two, I bought my OmniVap XL, and I bought the NonaVong, but then Dynavap, (because they’re so cool), they sent me some cool stuff. They sent me this one. (see video) This is one that has wood parts, but you can use it with a water piece with a rig. It also has some flat edges so it doesn’t roll too.

How They Work

They’re very different than all other vapes, even the other butane vapes. The way they work is not exactly the same, the way you’ve got to use it, and the way you have to heat it differently. So this is a very unique piece of machinery here, or a unique piece of metal. It seems simple, it is simple, but very well thought out. Really high-quality materials, that’s why this one was so expensive.

Let me show you what I mean by it being different, as far as how it works. All models of the Dynavap vaporizer, all 5 of these, have the same cap. The cap part of the VapCap, is this, this is the cap. (see video) That’s a very important part. This is your heat source, not the lighters. Your heat source, the lighter, heats the cap, then the cap heats your herb.

What I’m saying is that it’s not the lighter heating your herb, like when you smoke or anything, or with some other butane vapes. So in essence, the lighter does heat, but in this one, you’re using the lighter to heat the cap, and you’re packing your herb inside the tip here. It’s a pretty small chamber.

You know the cool thing, is that it works with a loose pack, or a full pack that’s tight, so you can go maybe 0.1g, probably even less than 0.1g in here if you wanted – 0.05g would work up to 0.15g. I’m going to say that’s a good range for this one.

Titanium Herb Chamber

Now I’m going to take some finely ground herb, because I do find that the vapor production is better, and stronger with a fine grind. It does work with medium and kind of coarse ground as well, and some people just put in a nugget, they don’t even grind at all. That works too. There are a lot of different ways you can use this one. I’m going to use some finely ground herb and I won’t pack it tight. I’m going to pack it full but loose, and then put the cap on.

This is the lighter part. So I have three different lighters here to show you: Single flame, Dual flame, and Triple flame. These are all butane torch lighters, by the way, you don’t use a regular lighter like a big torch lighter.

Heating & Temperatures

So each one of these will affect, I guess how you use it, how long you have to heat for, how quickly it’s going to heat up, and what kind of chances you have of overheating. It’s going to be different with each lighter, so let’s start with what I think is the easiest to not make mistakes, for beginners, which believe it or not is the Triple flame torch. You would think maybe it would be the single, but the single is kind of like a little bit more advanced, just a little. They’re all easy, but I wouldn’t consider the single the easiest one.

What’s important to know, is the way to heat it and when to stop heating, and then go to reheat it, very very important, because if you do it wrong, if you don’t do it at the right time, you’re going to burn your herb, or just get no vapor, but you could also combust/burn it, and it kind of sucks. If that happens then you gotta clean the whole thing out to get rid of the taste, but it’s ok because I’m going to show you how not to do that. So to start with the triple flame, when you’re heating this one, always spin it. You want to heat the cap, holding it like this is kind of ideal. (see video)

It’ll kind of work in any direction, but holding it angled up like this gives it a nice even heating, the flame you want about half inch to inch long. I’d consider that like a half-inch flame tops, and when you hold it up to the cap, the very tip of the flame can touch it, but I even keep it a little farther away than that. So when you’re using the triple flame lighter, the cap is going to heat up quickly.


When it reaches the optimal temperature, or when it reaches the temperature when you’re supposed to stop heating it, it’s going to click. Now the saying is “respect the click”, and it’s right, because it’s specially designed to click at the perfect time to vaporize your herb. If you keep heating, you’re going to combust it. So what I’m going to do, is I’m going to heat it and listen for the click. I’m just going to heat it in the middle for now. I’ll tell you a little more about that.

Now the other thing to talk about, which is I guess more applicable to the one or two flame lighters (because with the three flame, it kind of covers the whole cap), but if you heat towards the tip of the cap, it’s a slightly lower temperature than heating towards the bottom of the cap.

There’s a carb on the side. Start with the carb closed and then you can open it. There are many methods to using it though. You need to really close the carbs, especially in the beginning, to get that real vapor production, for the heat from the cap to really get through your herb and vape it.

So what I started doing in the beginning, when I first started getting really good results from it, as I sort of (I don’t know what to call it; I’m going to call it squeezing), I started squeezing the vapor out, that’s what it feels like. So when you work the carb, you can almost squeeze the vapor out. I’m going to try to do it so that you can hear it through the microphone. I’m going to start with the carb closed and I’m going to very slightly open it, and then close it again, very slowly, opening it, close it. And that’s sort of how you get the vapor production without sucking with a super hard pull the whole time, because obviously the draw resistance is really high when you plug the carb. It only feels free-flowing when you let go, so it’s interesting. It took me a little while at first to get the hang of it, but man is it cool when you do.

It can hit with the best of them. The only thing that I actually keep making mistakes doing, even after all like my practice with it, I keep occasionally combusting, and I’ll tell you why, it’s because sometimes I guess I’m either not paying attention enough, or for some reason I just don’t hear it, but the cool down click, or the click telling you when it’s cooled down enough to reheat, I don’t always hear it.

So sometimes I assume that it clicked and I can reheat it, like I’ll take a hit and then I’ll sit here for a few seconds, and then I’ll be like alright, I want another one, but it actually didn’t click yet. I wasn’t listening carefully enough so I just go and I start to reheat again, but now it’s going to get too hot, and it’s never gonna click again.

So that’s how you combust, because you just start heating again, and you’re like oh, okay, and then like ten seconds go by and you’re like, what the hell, because smoke starts coming out, and it’s not good. So that’s really all you have to pay attention to to avoid the combusting. Don’t heat again before you get that second click, and don’t heat past the first click.

So I toasted what was in there in a few hits, but there was not a lot in there at all. That was not a lot, that was 0.1g or a tiny bit less. But that was a huge rip, and I had those few small ones before. It’s definitely super efficient and tons of people love this one. The people who like it, really like it and use it all the time, and it’s super cool how there are so many variations of it, so many different ways to use it, I like it.


Let me show you one of these other ones I guess. Let’s try the Woody, it’s going to work the same way. Before I packed it full but loose, maybe this one I’ll pack a little tighter, alright? So this one is only a little tighter, there’s probably a little over 0.1g in here. It’s something between 0.1g and 0.15g.

You saw the triple lighter, right now I’ll go to the other extreme, and I’ll show you the single. What happens with the single, is it’s going to take significantly longer for the cap to click, and it’s going to take longer for it to heat up, obviously, it’s one flame versus three.

So I’m going up and down the whole cap with the flame, just to try to evenly heat it, and I spin it all around. (see video) Here’s the thing, when I tried bringing this out with me, you know, most of the time I find it’s more convenient to use the triple because of how quickly you can heat it.

I found that sometimes it’s not quite as convenient for me to sit there with the single flame and wait. You know, that extra whatever 10 seconds for it to fully heat. Sometimes when I’m not home, that’s not exactly super convenient, so I like the single one at home, and when I go out I bring the triple, which is cool.

With a single flame, you can see it more if you hold it up at the tip. It’s going to heat it to a lower temperature, going to click at a lower temp than if I heat it down lower. (see video)

Alright, so I tried to go over all the close-ups, and show you all the parts of the vape during that video while I was talking and stuff. Hopefully, you got all the info you need about it. If you have any questions or comments, please check out the Vape Life Forum.

Stay up!

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  • I use my DDaveMods 14mm Vapcap glass custom wand with the dry vapor cooler. Also an induction heater. NOTHING gets me more medicated!!!

  • I have bought 2 mightys, 1 volcano, and a ghost as well as a couple atomizers for concentrates with my box mod. All purchased based off your reviews, and all things i love. Then there was the Prism+ from KPens and this one. I can honestly say I’m disappointed you would recommend either. You steered me right on so many purchases, but those two are awful. I HATE my Prism+ and my Dynavap. I was hoping for something lighter and easier to carry when hiking that still did the job. I can’t get a good draw off either. Im still carrying my mightys when we overnight, or just rolling joints. Dynavap sucks for flower and wax. I tried flower first, sucked. Switched to wax, still sucks. I have the wax coil and everything you need for it, but i can’t get a good draw regardless of what I do. I guess after having such good experiences based off your reviews of other products, I got my hopes too high.

  • Hi there vape critic I have a new type of vapcap accessory that I’d like to be reviewed if you can I would like to mail you let me know it is a douple cap twice the vapes!

  • I am looking for a gift for a friend who needs to let go of combustion for health reasons.

    She has a mighty but gets frustrated at the long heat up time and draw resistance. It’s the only one she would even tolerate using.

    This looks like it has potential but since she’s a medical user I’m wanting to select a Dynavap that is easy to use – minimal fuss. I’ve seen the titanium OmniVap has an adjustable air intake to allow for fingerless regulation of the draw resistance.

    My question is does the wood grained OmniVap have that same tech?

    Any advice on selecting one that is quick and easy to use would be welcome. I am a newbie.

  • I have the 2018 M, and overall I love it. I have a small issue with the three little o rings on the tip itself, which I have twice contacted DynaVap about with, thus far a month later, zero response. I’m frustrated considering I’ve heard nothing but great things about their customer service. Does anyone know how to get any response at all from Dynavap? I went from raving to everyone I know… to disappointment.

    Absolutely love the quality of the product, but I’m extremely disappointed thus far in their lack of response.

  • Which grinder you recommend for dynavap? Santa cruz shredder or Newvape fine grinder. Thanx.

  • I did buy The M 2018 edition after watching your review for my first vaporizer. Now I´d like to buy an electric one also, I tried several ones but they all don´t offer the same effects like the dynavap does. I really enjoy the fast extraction and the effects are there almost immediately after taking a nice long draw. But I don´t want to use it at work or in public, I´d more likely have a stealthy, small device. Do you have any recommendations for me in all price ranges?

  • The promo code STAYUP does not seem to be working at the DynaVap site.
    Can you help?
    Thanks for any assistance you are able to give.
    Regards Dick

    • Ignore post…friends told me the promo code worked for them recently so I kept trying and finally did get the promo code to work on fourth try.



    • The Dynavaps are amongst the easiest vapes to clean, particularly the all-metal ones. Mine doesn’t even need cleaning for weeks. Hope this helps :)

  • Hi Bud, your detailed and honest reviews have been valuable to me. You’ve helped me determine what I want from a vapourizer, i.e. one that works and keeps working. ;) How would you compare the efficiency and taste of the Vapcap M compared to your tier 1 and tier 2 vapes? Particularly the Haze Square and Haze Dual V3. Stay up!

  • I decided to try as well 4th of July the had the dynavap M with a kit with filters a lighter and a wood box $88. So i jumped to it….

    So far my experience hasn’t been good at all. When I received the packaged all plastic rings and the filter were missing the lighter is already in the trash bin and the wood box is not the one i ordered… Now they’re only sending the missing rings and filter. $44 dollars extra for that…

    So for me worst costumer service… They sent the wrong box and I ha to put up with their shit or i have to pay it for send it back something they sent in wrong in the first place…. Lame lame lame…. The product itself i couldn’t care less now, because i won´t buy any other product from this company again

  • Wow, Thank You Vape Critic, this video is awesome. The video sold me and now after it is an excellent tutorial.

  • I just received my Titanium Omnivap XL and used it tonight. Here’s my personal review based on one bowl of herb.

    Before I switched to vaporizing many years ago, my go to apparatus was a dugout. It was easy to carry, I liked how to twist and load, and the amount in the bowl was enough a decent herb effect. After trying out several vapes (some bought, some tested with friends), I pulled the trigger on a Crafty and never looked back. I added a Mighty for home and shifted the Crafty for on the go. Using the oil pads is great portion control. Then I came upon the review of Dynavap. I was intrigued by no battery, and this looked like the perfect updated technical bat without the dugout. On 420-day I pulled the trigger. They got hit with sales hard I assume which created the longer shipping time. Dynavap hopes to have their Dynastash XL in stock soon, and they do provide a plastic tube with the order. But I searched and found a Cedar Dynastash XL from the UK and had it shipped to the US, and it came yesterday.

    This is the perfect product for me. The Crafty & MIghty are superb, but in truth they are session vapes. They each take a little time to heat up. Their bowls are bigger and you certainly get vaped. But since I didn’t want to combust anymore, the Omnivap just fit me like a glove. I got the 3-flame Vertigo butane, and tonight I gave this technology a whirl.

    The weight was the first thing I noticed. It’s really light, and it feels natural in the hand. I like the feel of the Titanium and the chiseled body. Then I took it apart to examine the pieces. I played with the mouthpiece adjusting airflow, figured out on my own that the wing of the cap was the bowl cleaner (ingenious). I had previously watched a few YouTube videos and learned about the metal screen and how the bowl size could be adjusted. I snapped down the screen a couple of notches, which in the end gave me 6 lights before exhausting the bowl. A few pieces were showing black/burnt, but I never tasted anything fowl. The cloud was surprisingly full, even on the first hit where in comparison the Crafty & Mighty generally only 1/2 cloud.

    The clicking sound is pretty noticeable, and it’s accompanied by a vibration. I get a double click when ready, as well as the cooling click. You need to hear the cooling click before lighting up again, but it happens within 30 seconds or so from when you shut the torch off. So unless you are extremely impatient, it’s perfectly times and ready to go for the next draw. Unlike the session vapes, it’s so easy and quick to spread the 5-6 hits the Omnivap gives me over time.

    This was my first try. I have some playing to do with flame position in order to understand the different variants in temperature you can achieve without any visible help. Now I have my technical dugout system. I feel so 21st century. I really am curious the technology behind the clicking. Will that somehow “break” over time, or is the design of this Titanium marvel impervious to such things.