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Fine Grinder

To get maximum vapor production from most vaporizers you need to grind your dry herb pretty fine, finer than most common grinders can get it. Knowing how to pack your vape properly is half the battle, preparing your material the right way beforehand is the other half. Grinding your herb to the perfect consistency for vaping has many advantages including smoother, denser and stronger vapor.

The NewVape Fine Grinder is a 2-piece unit with a 3″ diameter, and the inside area where you put your herb is about 2″ across. It’s made from 6061 medical grade aluminum (the good stuff) and the anodized titanium finish is smooth like butta.

It also has an “undercut” on the inner ring so it doesn’t get jammed up with gunk like other grinders (I recommended that and they did it – it really helps).

Stay up!

More pics:

Grinder Teeth Lipped Edge


So if you plan on vaporizing with just about every vaporizer on the market, you’re going to have to grind up your material before you put it into the chamber.
I’m going to give you a brief overview of some popular grinder models:

  • Space Case 4-Piece grinder
  • Space Case 2-Piece, the Mendo Mulcher four pieces.
  • Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Pieces
  • Magic Flight Nano
  • Magic Flight Finishing
  • Storz & Bickel plastic grinder, the one that comes with the Volcano or the Plenty Vaporizers.

In addition to talking about all these models, what I’m going to do, is I’m going to take some of my organic Chamomile that I have laying around and I’m going to actually grind it up in each one of these grinders, just so you could see how it works and what the end result looks like.

  • Space Case 4-Piece Grinder

First, I’ll talk about the Space Case four-piece grinder. This is the small size – they do make this in a few different sizes. And the four pieces are, the top piece. That’s the second piece there. This is the chamber where the material falls into, after you grind it up. And then the bottom piece is the pollen catcher. I think this is a great grinder. This is the one I end up using most often and you know, like I said, I’ve been using mine for a while. At least a few years I’ve had a Space Case.

Alright, so what I’d like to do with four-piece grinders usually, is I like to actually put the material in the top part first. I found that that usually gives the best, you know, grind consistency in the end. What I’m going to do is I’m just going to put a bunch of material up here.

Open the top, you’ll see there’s like a little, sometimes I give it a little tap to get the rest through the hole. Okay. And then you screw off the second piece and there is your material.

So, as you can see, one of the benefits of a four-piece grinder is that it holds your material inside after it’s ground up, which just makes it convenient to pour it into, whatever you need to pour it into, like a chamber on a vaporizer or whatever.

  • Space Case two-piece Grinder

Alright, so now I’ll show you the Space Case two-piece grinder. And, just like the name suggests, it’s only two pieces. There is no chamber inside to hold the ground up material. With a grinder like this, you know, you kind of need something to dump the material into after it’s ground up. And you know, it’s really just a personal preference, as far as which one would be better for you, because I think they’re both good.

Okay, so I put the material in like that. I’m going to put this piece on, just grind up for a few seconds. And then if you separate the two pieces, there’s your material. So what I like to do, you know, if I’m going to use a two-piece grinder, is I like to keep some kind of tray handy and then I’ll dump the material into the tray, like that, alright?

  • Mendo Mulcher 4-piece

So now, we’ll move on to the Mendo Mulcher 4-piece, which is this one right here. Alright, so this I believe is their medium size model, and Mendo Mulchers work a little differently than a grinder like a Space Case. Because if you’ll notice the second piece, it actually screws into the inside of the chamber, the threads are on the inside or whatever. It’s just a little bit of a different design. Alright so, I’ll take the top piece and I’ll put some material in there. Alright, lay a bit on top, Okay. Same deal, just give it a few taps to get the rest of the material through. Unscrew the top and then there you go, there’s your ground up herbs.

And like I mentioned, since this is a four piece, like the first Space Case I showed you, it does have the extra pollen catcher piece at the bottom. So now I’m just going to quickly close this one up.

  • Santa Cruz Shredder

Alright, so the next one that I have down here is the Santa Cruz Shredder. This is a four-piece grinder, this is their small size. Actually, they might even consider this mini, I think, or something like that. But, regardless, it’s the smallest four piece I believe they sell. This one’s a little bit different than the few that you’ve seen already. Because you’ll notice, if you could see that the teeth inside are actually kind of like rectangular, instead of diamond shaped. And then in this piece here, you know, you got some more teeth and then you got the holes over there.

Alright, so I’m going to put a little material in the top piece like that. Just going to lay it on top, grind up for a few seconds. Give it a little tap, tap the rest through, screw off the second piece and then there’s your ground up material. Then, just like the other four piece grinders, it has the pollen catcher piece on the bottom. Alright, put this guy back together.

  • Magic-Flight

Now the next one I have here, this one is made by Magic-Flight, which is the company that makes the Launch Box Vaporizer, if you’re not familiar. So they made these two grinders specifically for the Launch Box, but, you know, I found they actually work good regardless of what you’re using it for, they’re pretty good.

Let me show you how this one works. This is a 2-piece and they call it the Nano because it’s very small. You’ll notice that it’s the smallest one that I have here. Alright, so sometimes this one is a little funky to use, like a little difficult to use because it is so small, but I still think it’s pretty good.

So what you got to do with this one is just put a little material in here. You know, it doesn’t have a high capacity but you know, it’s not really a big deal. With most vapes, you don’t need a lot of material in there, so this works pretty well. And I’ll put this piece right on and I’ll grind up.

Okay, here’s the ground up material and just like the two piece Space Case, you know, you’re going to need something to dump it into. Unless, you’re going to just dump this straight into your launch box, then you don’t need a tray or anything. But in this case, I’m just going to dump this into the tray, like that.

Alright, so the other Magic-Flight Grinder, that’s right next to this guy, is the Finishing Grinder. And you know what, it’s getting a little messy here, so let me clean this up real quick. Shazam!

Alright, so the Magic Flight finishing grinder right here. So, the cool thing about this one, this one’s unique, it doesn’t look like any of the other ones, it actually works differently. This one almost works like a cheese grater or something like that. You see how it’s just like a metal piece at the bottom with some holes in it, and then this is wooden over here. So you put your material in and then it sort of just presses it against that screen and you know, kind of like, grates it, actually, instead of grinding.

What I found with this one though is that even though it works pretty well, I’ve actually found that it works better as like a secondary grinder, to grind like a second time, to get your material extra fine. Because what I’ve noticed is that if you try using this as your primary grinder and you put your clumps of material in here and then try to grind it up it gums up very quickly, like the residue builds up on all the wooden parts very quickly and then it doesn’t move so well.

So, you know, even though I like this one and I do recommend it, I think it works better as something that like, after you grind your material in your Space Case, if you’re going to use a vape like the Launch Box for instance, that you know, works better with very fine material, you can take your material from here, put it in here and re-grind it, to get it down to almost like a powder. And then you won’t have to worry too much about this getting gummed up or not working so well, because it stays cleaner that way.

Now one of the other cool things about this grinder is that it will trap some of the stems and the really hard pieces, that shouldn’t even you know, come out – that you don’t really want. So that’s kind of cool. Because after you’re done grinding, you can take whatever is left over and just you know, dump it out and just get rid of that stuff separately. So that all you’re left with here is just very fine ground up material, you know, with few other things mixed in.

  • Storz & Bickel plastic grinder

Alright, so the last one that I have here to show you is just a plastic grinder – it’s made of like a hard plastic material and if you can see, it has like diamond shaped teeth inside. Like I said, this one comes with the Volcano or the Plenty but there are a variety of models out there that are similar to this one, that look the same or are made of the same material. It’s a pretty cheap grinder, but it gets the job done. So this specific one is a two piece and then it does have an extra little chamber at the top if you want it to store some material in there, which is kind of cool, I guess.

To use this one, just like the other two-piece grinders, you just put your material in one side. Alright, so something like that. Then again, you’re going to need a tray or something, to dump into, probably. So I’m just going to take this tray here. Put the other piece on top, grind it up for a few seconds, give it a tap, and then dump the material out.

Alright, so that’s basically all there is to it. You know, obviously, there is a bunch of other grinder models out there you can buy. The main difference between everything you see on a market is just, you know, how well they’re made or how well they’re machined, like you know, with how much precision it’s done and stuff like that.

Some of them are smoother than others, some of them are just designed a little differently. But basically, it really doesn’t matter what kind of grinder you have, pretty much all of them will get the job done. These that I’m showing you here, in my opinion just happen to be some of the better ones.

My Favorites

And if I had to narrow this down even further, I would say that these would be my three favorites. The Space Case 4-piece, the Santa Cruz Shredder – you know, I basically consider these about equal. They’re roughly the same price, perform pretty similarly. I like them both.

And then, like I said, I use this one sometimes. You know, if I’m going to use a vape like my Launch Box or anything where, you know, it works best with really finely ground up material like, even finer than these two can get it.

So, that’s where this one comes into play and just to reiterate, I do think it’s good, but I don’t think you should get this as like your only grinder, because I think you might run into some issues with it gumming up quickly and stuff like that. But, you know, it’s not a big deal. It’s just, this one’s a little harder to clean because it is wood.

You can’t really use rubbing alcohol on it, you might ruin the wood or stain it, as opposed to a grinder like this where, if it gets gummed up, you could just clean it with some rubbing alcohol and basically get it back to like new.

So that’s just something to keep in mind. But these three are my personal favorites. If you’re looking to get one, if you need a good grinder, if you don’t have one, go to, and what that’s going to do is actually land you on the Space Case page at my favorite vape store, where I get all my stuff from.

And then if you want to get one of these other ones, just check out the grinder menu, they sell all of these, so you could pick any of these out.

If you’re interested in watching some reviews about vaporizers, check out my website at

And as always, I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my stuff and stay up!

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  • Thank you for all the great reviews you produce. All of them are top drawer. I’m curious as to why anyone would buy a manual herb grinder when for under $20 you can buy an electric coffee bean grinder that does a much, much better job in a fraction of the time. If you want truly “fine” ground herb nothing comes close to an electric bean grinder.

  • Please review the SLX 2.0 premium non-stick grinder. I’ll like to know if it lives up to all the hype.

  • Between Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder, which grinds the material closest to a fine consistency?

  • How fine does this thing grind? I’d prefer it not be super fine so would you suggest the coarse version?

  • Does this grinder produce coarser material than the MFLB finishing grinder? I’ve been using the MFLBFG since 2014 and i didn’t think I could ever get an easier coarser grind.

    You can’t fit that much material in MFLBFG and it’s annoying and sometimes painful to have to grind with that tiny thing.

    I watched New Vape finishing grinder videos and they all have a time lapse. In your opinion is the New Vape finisher a must have? Or the mflb will be fine

  • Why u need this when u can get the kannastor gr8ter, coarse and fine blades, aftwr u grind it falls down and there is screen for pollen sifting

      • if u buy two separate grinders its going to be over $69 easy

        i have two kannastors one for fine grind and one for coarse plus the s&b grinder, i think all bases covered, i get very fine grind with s&b grinder if the material is more on the dry side, similar to what MFLB produced in this video, even at $5 bucks, everyone should have one imo

  • Its a bird, its a plane no its the Vape Critic doing another video review.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  • Love that the New Vape is made in the USA.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  • should i get this or a mflb finishing grinder? i already have a grinder but it doesn’t grind fine at all.

  • Hey Bud,
    Quick question for Vapes (the new DaVinci IQ) in particular would you recommend this New Vape Fine Grind over the Space Case and possibly even the Santa Cruz shreddder as well?

  • Bud – As everyone else has said 1000 times, thanks for making such an amazing site! I switched off a very heavy diet of pure combustion about a month and struggled with the insanely crowded marketplace til I found your site (also I would have laughed at the disc style atomizers if not for your instructions, which have elevated them to my favorite way to dab). Now the happy owner of an aur(or)a pen + glassware + the plenty and seriously considering adding the source orb and eventually the vapexhale as well based on your awesome videos (the cost savings in flower easily pays for the gear, my doctor and girlfriend are ecstatic, should have done this years ago).

    One request – before I found your site i bought a dr. dabber ghost off vapornation as I’d heard good things from friends. it was bricked out the box and I’m still waiting on a RMA to send it back. Their customer service is very nice but totally incompetent and I don’t want to give them more of my business.

    Do you have a recommendation for an online source for general vape supplies of both the herbal and dab varieties (cleaning tools, storage containers, mats, glass, etc)? Even better, any chance you’d consider doing an article on your favorite accessories beyond just grinders? Would love to know your thoughts on cleaners and cleaning methods and accessories in general, and of course to be able to kick you some affiliate sales when I need to order supplies (that shit adds up)?

    Thanks for the amazing work and stay up brother!

  • Hi I would appreciate some advice from anybody here- i have a herborizer vaporizer which can handle large loads, but want to get a portable that will take very small loads. I need a decent grinder to get the best consistency.
    I am keen on the santa cruz 2 piece shredder, and I am leaning towards the medium (5 ish cm). This would take a decent sized load I imagine for the herborizer, like 0.5 grams upwards as it is pretty much standard size. I dont want the smaller one really in case the larger herborizer loads are cramped in there, althogh I wonder if the smaller one (4cm) may work better for a portable with small loads, I’m not sure.

    So my question please- will these medium santa cruz shredders work just as well with very small amounts, such as 0.05 to 0.1?

    And at times my weed has to be broken into small individual bits as there are tiny bugs in it to be removed with tweezers and a jewellers loupe. So would these grinders work even if the herb goes in in very small individual pieces?

    I grew my own outdoor in UK as I have sevre allergy problems and cannot get ANY weed that I am not badly allergic to due to all fertilizers used, including organic. So I have to try and use the weed and remove the bugs as I go as it is all I have until next year. They are almost invisble to the naked eye and tney arent everywhere, but could be anywhere.

    Last year I tried an organic fertilizer and was badly allergic to the whole crop, and my polycarbonate griner is still gunked up with residue, I need to clean it. But then I will use that for some of the plants which my mum will use, we trialed different organic ferts again this year on some, but I am allergic to all of them, so I need seperate griners for separate plants.

    Currently I am just using scizzors. I want to get a lotus vaporizer. Im sure it is not the best but I am drawn to it for a number of reasons, as an alternative to the herborizer. You cant put tiny loads into the herborizer unless you have very high temp, or it takes a long time to vape even a small bowl. This is an advantage of the lotus, the option of tiny loads vaped quickly.

    So I need to be able to grind larger and smaller loads equally well, but as I say the weed has to be broken up small first to remove bugs.

    I will be very grateful for any advice, Alexis UK.

  • HI Bud – I bought a NewVape fine grinder and love it. Very finely made tool that does exactly its purpose and is pleasing to the hand and eye.

    Please keep doing the reviews. :-)

  • Small tip for MagicFlight Grinder lovers: this little wood jewel fits perfectly on an old 35mm film case…

  • You’re my go to reviewer for all things vape. I just canceled my order of a Space Case 2 pc. grinder (I have a 4 pc. Santa Cruz & a MFLB wood grinder) and ordered a New Vape fine grinder. The MF is so small that it’s a pain but I need that fine grind and the NV looks like it fits the bill. I had gotten a free plastic(?) 2 pc. that grinds better than the SC (!) and finer (!) but the plastic (?) made me nervous. I’ll let you know what I think. My husband, Jack and I love our Pax2s. We’re going to Ca. tho and need to send a new vape there ahead of us and are looking at the Alfa, something cheaper but as good:) as the Pax2…any thoughts? Tnx.

  • Hey Bud

    First love you’re reviews. They have helped with my choices on vaporizers I have purchased.

    Regarding finishing grinders. I would love to see a side by side of NewVapes finishing grinder and Mflb finishing grinder.

    Suprisinly these are the only fine grinders on the market.

    Is there much of a size difference? Is one more finicky then the other? Are there any differences on grind? If you could only choose one of the two which would it be?

    Thanks Bud! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Great site. Living the dream :) I would love to see this comparison too. Am trying to find HD photos of finished ground flower from both mflb and new vape finishing grinders but having trouble..

  • Thank you so much for all of your reviews!

    Based on your advice about using the Magic Flight finishing grinder, I am planning to buy one to use with the PAX2. However, when I was at, I noticed that they offer a 3″ 2-piece fine grinder. Have you used this one and how does it compare to the Magic Flight?

  • Thanks for your detailed reviews. They’ve been really helpful in my purchasing decisions. I made sure I used your referral link when purchasing my new SCS. I had a question about availability and their live chat quickly retrieved that information for me. I’m doubly glad I went with your recommendations. Thanks!!

  • The Storz and Bikel is surprisingly efficient considering it is a simple plastic grinder.
    I have a Grassleaf high-end-4-piece grinder which is cool, but the material is not as finely ground as with the S&B.
    The only problem is that the S&B doesn’t have a sieve to help you salvage all the powder. So I grind my materials with the Grassleaf first, then I put them in the Storz & Bickel.

    TLDR, do not get fooled by the cheap looking of the plastic grinder, it is an excellent choice.

  • You have helped me so much the past. Thanks for all the great info. I was curious if any other company is making a finishing grinder a little bigger; the nano and the wood are pretty hard for me to use being so small and my lack of percision muscle control in my hands. If you hear of one please drop an email.

  • Hi Bud,
    Can you grind too fine, like dust!? I mean, I have a very small food processor and that will blast it into space dust.

    • Sort of yes, sometimes if it’s down to a powder the vapor could be a little too intense/harsh, or depending on what vape you’re using small particles could make their way through the screens.

  • Hi Bud,

    As usual I used your recommendation and bought The Magic Flight Wood Grinder. I ground the product which looked a little to fine. But I loaded the Pax and it was SENSATIONAL!!! . The best draw and flavor . I was blaming the Pax, it was not the Pax! Thanks for the winning combo. Now I going to see how it works with the DaVinci Ascent. Thanks again for the great info.

  • I have a 4 piece space case black titanium, and while I do enjoy using it, it just doesn’t get the fine grind that even my cheap plastic orange volcano grinder could do. This hints to me that maybe I need to get a two piece, at the very least.

    Of course I ended up on here because I was looking for some grinder roundups, and it just so happens that my top pics are another Space Case, a Mendo and a Santa Cruz shredder. But of course, I’m kind of unsure which one to get. Any further recommendations in that regard?

    Also, since I will be forgoing the pollen catcher of a 4 piece, I’m also trying to figure out pollen boxes a bit better too, if you had any info on that,

  • I suggest you try and review zeus grinders from Toronto vaporizers, especially compared to other well known brands.

  • Hey man great video I just bought a grinder by the name of kannastor just wanna know if you ever heard of them and if they are of good quality the guy at my local shop said its a pretty good brand they also sale SCS and diamond. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work and keep vapeing

  • What do you think is the ideal size of a grinder for use with a vaporizer like the Volcano? Is the Santa Cruz Mini ideal or do you wish it were a little bigger? Which do you prefer between Space Case and Santa Cruz?

    • The Volcano is actually a model that is not very finicky about the grind consistency of the herbs, it’ll work very well even with material ground up in a 4-piece. However, grinding finer will usually yield thicker vapor so it really just depends what you’re looking for. With a coarse grind you can get 5-7 balloons of light-to-medium density vapor and with a super fine grind you can get 2-4 bags of dense vapor.

      I use my Space Case and Santa Cruz pretty much equally, I consider them both the best overall, and when I want to grind extra fine I use the finishing grinder.

  • I wanted to confirm..a coffee grinder is the best option for find grind or would is that a bit “mutilating”? I was thinking about adding the finishing grinder to my collection but don’t know if it’s really necessary if I have the coffee grinder option. Your thoughts? I have a pax. Thanks!

    • A coffee grinder will work but there are two reasons I still choose using grinders: 1) you need to be careful and grind in short bursts to avoid mutilating or over-heating your material, and 2) a lot will get stuck to the inside of the coffee grinder so it’s not really as efficient.

      • I’ve been using the coffee grinder as the finishing grinder I bought based on your recommendation is so small it doesn’t fit in my hands even close to comfortably. Your right on about the coffee grinder… Short bursts are the key to over grinding. I bought a small, firm hobby paint brush that takes care of the residue so very very little waste. Thanks!

    • I have a Sharpstone handcrank. Any tiny twig or stick causes this piece of crap to seize up and when you finally break it up small enough to grind, the grind is very coarse and is not acceptable for my Pax2 and barely acceptable for my FireFly, both which I dearly love. My new SC shredder is coming tomorrow:)
      My MFLB finish grinder is a great fine grinder but a pain to use and I don’t use my MFLB but need it for my Pax2…but Ive recently found my electric spice grinder (short bursts advised) is easier, faster, and as good a grind as the MF gives.
      I can no longer tolerate the taste of smoking since discovering the wide wonderful world of vaping.
      Purchase a vented oven lid (bunch of holes drilled for easier draw) & an adjustable-for-height titanium oven spacer (can put less product in) at like I did. Both work well.
      Always stir your Pax2 load for extra vapor:)

  • Hey bud I just wanted to ask you a question about putting something on top of your screen. I recently just purchased a Santa Cruz Shredder, the biggest and baddest 4pc they make and I’m afraid that if I put a quarter or something in the shredder that the screen will bow and the quarter swill mess it up. I used to have a 15$ piston looking grinder which I put a dime in and produced a couple grams of pollen. Should I just put the triangle piece that came with it for the pollen catcher in the softer portion?? Help would be much appreciated.

  • I think on the plastic grinder you could grind up your herb. then pull your pieces apart. Take that clear plastic piece out and set it on top of the ground up herb and flip it into the clear holding tray. It looks like it would be a perfect fit so that you wouldn’t lose any on the flip.. If that makes sense.

  • Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your videos. Your extensive knowledge is very impressive and you’ve helped me out tremendously. I bought both the Pax and the MFLB because of your reviews. You’re so intelligent and articulate and I really appreciate you sharing your expertise.

  • Hey Bud – great site, great reviews and great videos. Always very informative. I have a question on grinding: do you remove any stems from your plant material before grinding? And what’s the best way to remove them? I usually tear the stems away using my fingers before I grind my plant buds – is that the right thing to do? I’m a Pax Ploom user if that matters. Thanks!

    • Hey Rusty yes I would remove as many stems as possible before grinding and then after grinding I check through the material again to remove any remaining bits.

  • Hey Bud, what do you think of Headchef grinders? I’ve got two of them, both 4-piece, one 40mm and one 30mm. The 30mm looks about as tiny as the Magic-Flight Nano (except taller ofcourse), haven’t had a chance to try it out yet though but the 40mm feels great, and it also came with a little plastic spatula in the bottom compartment which I find neat.
    They are the first and only grinders I have ever owned since I am fairly new to this, but from what I could find they had great reviews and were very reasonably priced. Would be fun to hear your thoughts though. :)

    • Hey I haven’t tried them personally but if they work for you that’s all that really matters, they’re just probably not made with the highest quality materials and with the highest precision like the more expensive models are.

  • What’s the best way to clean the basic acrylic/plastic grinder? Diluted rubbing alcohol? Soap and water? Thanks!

    • You know I’m not totally sure because I never really used the plastic ones enough to need to clean them, but I would guess that both would work. Any time you use rubbing alcohol on plastic or rubber materials though you should immediately go over it again with plain water to avoid any discoloration or damage.

  • Nice review. I just thought I should point out one advantage I really enjoy about the Santa Cruz grinders; they have the male end of the magnet in the bottom part to allow you to place your material within, without worry of the magnets getting blocked.

  • Yo Bud, you didn’t mention how the cut of material was between the various grinders, did you think the Space Case grinded up the finest material?

    • Hey the Space Case and Santa Cruz are pretty close, I basically consider their performance and grind consistency the same.

      To get the absolute finest grind you would need something like the Finishing grinder.

  • Love your site – came here for information as I’m new to vaping and you have really helped. I am getting a launchbox to try it all out! Thank you for your help.

    I watched your grinder video and I noticed that you put the herbs in what I would call the “wrong” side, so I thought I’d just share my thoughts in case you are interested, as it seems like you are pretty interested in this stuff.

    I always put my herbs in the lower half, the half whose edge sits INside the other half. I then put the upper half on top and grind with the grinder that way up – not flipping it over or to the side. This prevents any material getting in between the edges of the two halves – and means that the grinder will *never* stop rotating smoothly.

    If you put it in the upper half, which is larger, material can be compressed by the lip of the lower half – both against the top and sides – and this can make your grinder “gum up”.

    Since I discovered this rule I have never had to clean out my grinder (a plastic one like the orange on bottom right in your video) – and I’ve been using it now for 11 years.

    I hope this helps, and thanks again!

    • Hey Lucas thanks for posting!

      I agree that putting the material in the top half could cause the grinder to gum up faster than normal.

      I should have mentioned that in the video but the reason I do it like that sometimes is it usually results in a slightly finer grind, which can help people get better results if they think they’re not getting enough vapor.

      Enjoy your vape and stay up!

  • Hmmmm. I’m not too savvy on construction techniques, but all I know is that ive owned a space case mendo mulcher and several other brands. The kannastor has held up better than all of them and the replaceable has come in handy when I had a mishap that punctured one. Also they sell a dual stage grinder.

    Just something to think about. By burred edges I assume you mean excess metal where the pieces were joined. I don’t have any of that on mine.

  • Kannastor makes the best grinders out there, hands down, and I’ve tried a lot of different types.

    The material is just sturdier and it has the added benefit of featuring replaceable screens.


    • Hmm I don’t think replaceable screens is something most people need, but I’ll consider buying one if I receive more requests for it (you’re the first).

      Some of the pics on their site seem to show some burred edges of metal on the inside, which is not normally a sign of high quality (are the pics wrong?)

  • Hey Bud,

    I got myself a 2 piece Space Case, its my favourite from the bunch and IMHO, I wouldn’t want to lessen the strain I have by extracting the pollen with a 4 piece – no cooking / enhancing etc required :)

    Anycase, nevermind that, a good friend of mine has a Sharpstone handcrank grinder, he says its not too good on wetter material, but IMO, its pretty awesome as well, you should try one out, even if it is just for curiosities sake ;)
    The teeth even look like lightening bolts!

    • I’ve heard this every once in awhile: I don’t want to lessen the strain by extracting the pollen

      Well maybe Bud will chime in here but every time someone posts something like that immediately like 3 or 4 people will (and this is rude I admit) will come on and say things like “ignore that guy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Dismiss him”

      So with that said (seeing SO MANY people refute the possibility losing pollen in a 4 piece) I’d be willing to bet if there is a loss that its not significant

      I have a number of 4 piece grinders. And I don’t shake them around to make the pollen fall off quicker-nevertheless pollen will fall off as the grinding rub against each other as well as against the bottom/floor of the grinder (which is the part that the pollen falls thru to be stored.

      U only have to imagine that even if u had no 4 piece grinder that the pollen is going to fall off regardless. And in a 2 piece grinder it seems to me that once the pollen falls off the flower u have less of a chance of recovering it because at least in a 4 piece u can always go to the pollen catcher and regain the pollen!

      Any thoughts?

      Note: i fully admit that I don’t have a perfect knowledge on these things but I do know a little bit. If anyone can correct me if I missed something, I’m open

      • Hey yea that’s generally what I believe also, that there’s virtually no distinguishable difference in the potency of material ground up in a 4-piece versus a 2-piece.

        I think that with a 2-pc more of the pollen just gets stuck to the grinder itself over time, whereas a 4-pc will collect most of it.

        Either way it’s a pretty slow process and that’s why it’s basically unnoticeable, and there are both 2-pc and 4-pc grinders that I enjoy using so I think it just comes down to personal preference.

    • I have a Sharpstone handcrank. Any tiny twig or stick causes this piece of crap to seize up and when you finally break it up small enough to grind, the grind is very coarse and is not acceptable for my Pax2 and barely acceptable for my FireFly, both which I dearly love. My new SC shredder is coming tomorrow:)
      My MFLB finish grinder is a great fine grinder but a pain to use and I don’t use my MFLB but need it for my Pax2…but Ive recently found my electric spice grinder (short bursts advised) is easier, faster, and as good a grind as the MF gives.
      I can no longer tolerate the taste of smoking since discovering the wide wonderful world of vaping.
      Purchase a vented oven lid (bunch of holes drilled for easier draw) & an adjustable-for-height titanium oven spacer (can put less product in) at like I did. Both work well.
      Always stir your Pax2 load for extra vapor:)

  • You should check out the medtainer it’s a grinder and container. Looks pretty cool not sure if the grinder works well or not.

  • hey, do you know anything about the V Syndicate Grinder cards. I need a grinder that is extremely portable and discreet as well. something i can hang from my keychain.

    • Hey man yes I’ve tried one it works ok if that’s the type of grinder you need but for use at home I think most other options are better.

    • OH U ROCK! I had NO Idea how to use my NEW Big ass Santa cruz Sherdder~!!! And U made it Simple and I thank you! Stupid I WAS!!!!!

    • Greetings from London’ Ontario – just purchased that cool magic launch box…..very impressed!

      After first cook, I had to find a inexpensive method of grinding a finer product necessary to vap properly….A local dollar store sells a white plastic hand held – garlic grinder for $2.00 Canadian, or $1.50 US – grinds by twisting the top, also grinds back and forth exactly to the fine grind required for heating properly in the magic oven.

      An inexpensive grinder for the financially challenged – See how this garlic grinder works out! Cannot go wrong for a couple bucks!