Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review

It seems like Boundless came out of nowhere with these CF and CFX vaporizers but man I’m sure glad they did.

These two portable vapes for dry herbs are on the lower end of the price scale but their performance sits comfortably above-average.

Watch my video review below to learn everything you need to know and to see these vapes in action.

The two models perform almost exactly the same but there are a few main differences…

The CFX is the larger one with the big LCD display on the front, and on this screen they show you three things: 1) the current temp as well as a cool temperature scale (looks like a speedometer), 2) a small battery life indicator, and 3) an auto shut-off timer that counts up from 0 to 300 seconds (it shuts off after 5 minutes).

The CF would be the pocket-sized model and this is the one I recommend more if you actually want a portable vape to carry around with you on-the-go. I consider the CFX to be more of a cordless home vape, but it’s still pretty small and easy to transport if you travel a lot.

What I like best about these is how quickly you get good vapor from them and how easy they are to use. If you’re a beginner these vapes are a no-brainer, but even if you’re an experienced vaper I still think you’ll be impressed.

Right now the CF is $130 and the CFX is $170, and these are definitely now on my list of best vaporizers under $200.

Stay up!

More pics:

CFX CF Boundless


  • I’ve had 2 now. Both lasted less than 6 months. Temp controls go awry. Second one was so frustrating that I smashed it. Total wastes of money and pieces of junk.

  • This is my first one it was hard to decide which one to buy. Came across CFX glad I bought it couldn’t be more, please with it took me a little time using it to catch on how to use it. since I haven’t ever Vape before just have to say you won’t be disappointed with this product great for flowers you get the full effect great buzz

    • I have owned the Crafty and Mighty. The batteries didn’t last more than 2 years with either unit and the mighty has flaky power button. The units performed very well, for a while, but I will never buy either of them again. They just don’t last long enough. I just found a CFX for 102 bucks on sale. SB quotes almost 100 to replace the battery on my crafty. It wasn’t a hard decision to make.

  • the WPA (water pipe adapter) for the boundless CFX takes medicating to a whole new level
    it Rocks!

  • Hey, It seems Boundless incorporated many of the Mighty’s features and improved on its performance. I wish S&B updated their Mighty vape with the features of the CFX. Longer Sessions (5 minutes), rapid heat up, dual charging, rapid charging, improved LCD screen, higher max temp (430F), and a longer warranty. I can’t say the CFX has the same craftsmanship, but I like how it performs better than my Mighty and all for tons of $$$ less. Planet of the Vapes offers 100% guarantee, and allow extended no-hassle exchanges and no-fee returns. I have exchanged a three or four of my CFX’s for new ones over the past three years without any problems. If you wait until black Thursday sales around Thanksgiving, they have the CFX for 20% or 30% off.

    Good luck!

  • Does it affect the battery if you charge it regularly without running it dead, as in topping it up before you go out etc, cheers Bud,, brilliant review as always, like your work, look up

  • The CFX is a cheap “Mighty” clone, with a soft-touch rubber finish, which is also found on many laptops. It has a solid battery and very quick heat-up, but it is difficult to clean. The ceramic heating bowl or chamber is cleaned easily, but you need some sort of loading tool to cleanly load herb into the chamber because otherwise it will spill and clog the mouthpiece screw thread.

    The mouthpiece is rather tedious to clean (at least compared to the Arizer Solo 2). For the narrow spout you need a pipe cleaner, a cotton swab won’t do. Also, it’s almost impossible to unwind the mouthpiece sieve holder without thoroughly soaking it in alcohol first. The mouthpiece has a tiny steel sieve, which is difficult to clean and tends to get clogged with resin build-up, so you’ll probably need a spare sieve after a few weeks of use.

    The plastic airway is clearly inferior to glass, metal, or ceramic, but the plastic is of good quality (similar to the Mighty). Unfortunately they don’t tell you which plastic they use.

    To sum it up, this vaporizer is not bad considering its price, but I’d rather spend some 50$ more and buy a better class altogether (Firefly 2, PAX 3, DaVinci IQ, Arizer Solo 2 or Air 2). My other vaporizer is a Arizer Solo 2, and it beats the CFX in every respect (battery, vapor quality, maintenance, and design).

  • Looks great and I like the price.

    My only concern is the cooling path is comprised of plastic components.

    Plastic on it’s own doesn’t concern me. However, plastic that is heated does, as it’s at that point that plastics exude toxins (largely endocrine disruptors).

    That said, I would have no idea as to the temp of the vapor when it enters the cooling chamber, nor do I know at what temp that particular plastic outgasses. A concern to consider, nonetheless.

  • i’m searching for a portable vaporizer that work with herb and wax and make big clouds that you can feel and see (for a vaporizer). it’s going to be a present for a friend who comes from a bong smoking background. i’ve only tried the mighty and the cfx. the mighty tastes better but the vapor was to smooth (maybe wrong settings). which vaporizer produces big clouds maybe even more than the cfx?

  • I’m gonna buy my first vape. I need it to smk dry herb and also concentrates…
    What would you recommend, Boundless CFX or the Haze v3?

    Btw, nice review man! I love your site!

    • Bro I have both. The boundless cfx is better than the haze v3 by a long shot. You’re going to get pipe like hits from this thing.

  • For a beginner with vaporizers, I am trying to purchase a great one to start off. I am between this and the Arizer Extreme Q, I know one is portable and one is not but I am looking for one that will be blow me away.

  • Yo Bud! First timer posting after reading damn near every review you’ve done. Been an edibles guy for years but about to buy my first vape. Really like what I see on the CF but is it a good option for on demand take-a-toke with frequent rests? Want something portable that I can hit and quit whenever I like. Thanks in advance for your continued expertise!

  • Greetings! Thanks for your review budd. Just wondering why not a full review? (design, ease of use, performance, vapor quality, cleaning and so on? :p)

    Since I’m mostly looking for pure taste, how does the vapor quality of the CF compare to the Alfa?

    Thx and Cheers.

  • Hey bud, thanks for the reviews, you’re great
    I am trying to choose between the boundless CF and the Vapir prima. Any help?

  • Hey bud, thanks for the reviews, you’re great
    I am trying to choose between the boundless CF and the Vapir prima. Any help?

  • Garbage. Its made of plastic. Which is ten of your garbage bags melted together. Only buy Vaporizers made of Glass, Metal or Wood. To Your Heath, General Vape

  • hey bud im thinking of the cfx as my first vape i smoke small amounts would this be a good vape for a few hits a a time

  • Thank you for your review!
    I want to stop smoking and start vaping.
    I am a smoker for 20 years,
    I want the boundless cf or the flowermate pro or hybrid.
    Can you give me some advice?

  • :)=~ High! – Thanks for all you do, and for finally reviewing the Boundless vapes. I love this vape! I usually set the temp to below 350F to prevent the release the buzz killing Cannabinoid agonist d-limonene molecules. To improve the airflow of the CFX, I modified the mouthpiece with a VapeXHale top basket. It snaps in to the bottom of the CFX mouthpiece and prevents the particles from clogging the screen. Thanks again bro for the spot on review. Peace!

      • I guess I have bad karma; because, my on/off button got stuck yesterday after writing this post. I emailed planetofthevapes over 24 hours ago and I haven’t gotten a response back yet. It still turns on and off; but, there’s no clickity click sound or actuation when the button is pressed. Hopefully I will get a response today, or I will just email the manufacturer.

          • Got it exchanged for free with a brand new unit. Now it comes with an actual screen in the mouth piece instead of the steel screw with small holes that collect particles. Boundless must have listened to their customer complaints and modified their design to improve the airflow. The boundless CFX works great. Thank you planet of the vapes!

  • Hi! Thank you for your honest and enjoyable review sessions.

    I rarely set the temp beyond 349F, to prevent the release of the d-limonene compounds which are Cannabinoid agonist (Buzz kill).

    The modification to improve the airflow works well. The top piece (small basket) of the VapeXHale basket 4 pack firmly snaps into the bottom of the mouthpiece ridge. I don’t use the bottom basket. There are different brands of similar top baskets, but I have found the VapeXHale baskets are the only ones that actually snap in.

  • Hey Bud, great job man!
    I would like to know which one you’d prefer – Arizer Air or CFX? I have my Crafty and I’m in love with it but I need some backup. So you suggestion will help me to make my final decision.
    Thanks and keep it up :)

  • Aight man first off just wanna say I love your reviews! I gotta couple questions about the boundless vapes though…
    1) Do you think the cfx is worth the extra $40 and I realize that’s subjective but just in your opinion?
    2) The cfx vape and the g pen elite vape are the same price. Which do you think is better? If it helps you answer I don’t care that much about flavor I mainly care about whichever one gets you higher or I guess the strength it would be called.

    Thanks and don’t worry… I’m staying up!

    • You da man Tom!

      The CFX is worth the extra money if you don’t care about the larger size, I find the big LCD display to be kinda cool.

      For your second question it’s a tough call but with the G Pen Elite the biggest advantage or benefit is its very small size and super portable design, so maybe go with the CFX if strength is your main concern (although the Elite does have a HUGE oven, so again it’s a pretty tough call).

      Keep up the good work ;-)

  • How does the vapor quality compare to the high end vapes like the crafty or firefly? Also is the draw resistance similar to the pax or tighter? Thanks!

    • The vapor is definitely not on the same level but it’s not bad at all, in fact it’s quite good especially for the price. With the high end models the taste is purer and lasts longer into your session, and the vapor is more comfortable as well.

      The PAX is actually a pretty good comparison for draw resistance!