AtmosRAW Vaporizer Pen (AtmosRx)

UPDATE: Atmos has a new version of this pen now called the R2, check out my full review video above. The R2 is kinda similar to the original AtmosRAW but it’s also pretty different in more ways than one.

It’s definitely a bit larger, almost too big to be considered a normal vape pen in my opinion. It has a very similar snake-like coil at the bottom of the heating chamber but the chamber itself is different, they call it “anodized” and it has a polished look to it as opposed to the ceramic lining of the Rx. It’s also freakishly bright for a vaporizer, I would almost consider it a mini flashlight.

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Below is my original review of the first version of this vape:

AtmosRAW Vaporizer Ok so the situation with the AtmosRAW is a little more complex than the other vapes I’ve reviewed.

Originally, Atmos shipped these out to everybody with it combusting herbs and performing like an electronic pipe, not a vaporizer.

Then after receiving complaints, they started offering a glass honeycomb screen piece to anyone who asked for it, to insert into the heating chamber in an effort to prevent combustion.

I had them send me one to try, but unfortunately this glass screen did not work very well and I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I also tried taking out the spring inside the heating chamber to see if it would help, but unfortunately it didn’t.

*Update: Atmos started providing a newer glass screen piece that is very similar to the honeycomb screen I show in my video, just with fewer holes in it. I tried the new piece but experienced very similar results, so my stance on this product is still the same. It’s a cool device, just not for true vaporizing.

*Update 2: I also tried using it with two of those glass screens, which Atmos started recommending, but it didn’t help the situation. Using 2 filters helps avoid combustion but also prevents any vapor from being produced, so it’s sort of pointless. And just as a side note, those tiny glass pieces are extremely easy to lose when you’re emptying your chamber.

Most people who get this vape use it with concentrates, as it’s actually pretty convenient for that and it works well with it. As I mentioned earlier it works good as an electronic pipe but I do not recommend getting this if you’re looking to truly vaporize your material.

Video transcription:

Sup guys, this is my updated review of the Atmos Raw vaporizer, and I’m making this second video because there’s been some new developments with this product and there were a few questions left unanswered after the first one.

So if you’re thinking about buying one of these there’s a few things you need to know.

The manufacturer of the Atmos Raw kind of messed up in my opinion when they released this device and ended up causing a lot of confusion for everybody.

Basically, the way that Atmos ships these units out, you will combust your herbs and smoke will be coming out if you use it the way it comes and follow their directions. They will plainly admit that they do not include a screen inside the chamber, if you have one with a screen it was added by someone else.

Note: this is true as of the time I’m making this video, but I expect them to produce and include a proper chamber screen sometime in the near future if they know what’s good for them.

So, you are told to fill this heating chamber with your herbs, screw in this chamber connector piece, and then press the power button to engage the heating coil located at the bottom of the heating chamber.

Doing this basically makes your device perform like an electronic pipe, even though they call it a vaporizer.

To actually get the AtmosRaw to produce vapor, you need to add parts to the heating chamber that are not included in the retail packaging.

Now this is where things get even more confusing…

I have contacted Atmos about this issue, and what they did was mail me this glass honeycomb screen piece to put in the bottom of the chamber… this little piece was their solution to the problem, and they will admit that this piece was not normally included (at least when I bought mine it wasn’t).

After testing this new piece they gave me to put in my heating chamber, to try and stop the herbs from combusting, I am still not satisfied with the way this thing performs as a vaporizer.

I was able to get a tiny bit of vapor with this piece installed, but my draws would go from very light vapor to straight smoke in a matter of a second, I still got combustion just by following the directions they gave me. If you hold down the power button for too short a time, you only get extremely light vapor, but then if you hold it down too long you get combustion. It is very difficult to find a happy medium.

It’s also not a very practical solution, because it is very tiny and can be lost very easily. Every time you empty your chamber this piece will fall out.

Now to show you that it did in fact combust, even with this glass screen piece installed, this is a magnified view of the spent herbs.

In case you are not familiar with what vaped herbs normally look like, this was a picture taken from herbs in the Volcano, this one’s from the Extreme-Q, this one’s from the NO2, this one is from the Launch Box… and again this is what came out of the Atmos Raw, with the screen piece installed that Atmos themselves told me would work.

Now what is happening is some stores are realizing that this thing is not a true vaporizer out-of-the-box, and they started installing screens inside the heating chambers themselves before they sell somebody one.

That’s why you may have seen some people saying that they did receive theirs with a screen installed and that they do get vapor when they take draws.

They are actually using modified devices to get the desired performance, which is why it is very weird that Atmos would call this device a vaporizer and release it to the public performing the way that it does.

Now I still haven’t figured out exactly what kind of screen actually works, or what kind of screen is being modified to fit in this thing, but I can show you one other thing that I tried.

Even though I wasn’t thrilled about ghetto-rigging my device, I went ahead and modified a few screens I had laying around to try to see what kind of vapor I could get this thing to produce.

The best I could do with the parts I had was this thing, and while my herbs did not combust with this screen installed in the chamber I also could not get it to produce any worthwhile vapor… I’m guessing this one doesn’t go down far enough or isn’t flat enough on the bottom or somethin…

I also didn’t want to try and force this screen farther down cus you could damage the chamber if you’re not really careful, it’s ceramic inside there, and you could see that my edges started to chip a little bit when I was trying to get this to fit.

I know that some people have screens that fit better than this one and go farther down the chamber and I’ve seen them get decent vapor from this, so I’m going to keep trying different parts until I find something that works better.

I’m sure that sometime soon an official screen piece will be offered that will fit in here properly, it just hasn’t happened yet as of the time I made this video, and this device came out months ago. So hopefully Atmos gets their act together.

Now in case you haven’t seen my first video, I actually like using this thing anyway, the way that it comes, and find it very handy, but that’s because I don’t vape 100% of the time.

Most people looking to buy this are looking for a good portable vaporizer, and as The Vape Critic I am supposed to be reporting on actual vaporizers, so I hope you understand my thoughts on this device given my position.

I think it is a really cool product, and it has the potential to produce actual vapor with modifications, but you really shouldn’t have to modify your device or get extra parts for it after you buy it… if they’re going to call it a vaporizer it needs to produce vapor for everybody right out of the box.

So despite the complex situation with this one, the reasons I like it are that it’s nice and small, it’s very easy to use, and the battery lasts a very long time. I’ve been getting 60+ draws off each charge.

If you are someone like me who doesn’t vaporize 100% of the time, I think that you would probably enjoy this and get good use out of it.

If you really like how this thing looks and you’re willing to put in some work to get it to produce real vapor, or you’re confident they’ll come out with a perfect-fitting screen soon, it might be worth grabbing one.

If you do decide to get one I put in the link in the description to the store I recommend you go to, there’s some great guys over there that are very helpful and customer-oriented, so check them out.

Otherwise if you wanna learn some more about other vapes and watch a few more videos, check out my website

Aight so that’s gonna wrap it up, thanks for watchin and stay up.

This is my original, original review:

Video transcription:

In this video I’m going to show you about the Atmos RAW Vaporizer, including everything I like and don’t like about it. Generally I think this is a pretty cool device. I actually really like it, but unfortunately it has one major flaw, and that is that it’s not really a vaporizer. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean and explain why.

First, let me explain what’s cool about this thing and why you might like it. I think that it looks pretty cool. It’s pretty sleek, it’s not very heavy, and it feels good to hold. It’s not tiny but it’s definitely not that large. This is what it looks like compared to the Magic Flight Launch Box.

The next thing that I like is that it’s super-easy to use. Once you get it packed and ready to go, all you have to do is hold down the power button right on the front here and the blue light on the tip goes on. The way that you’re supposed use this thing is you first hold down the button, and the manual recommends to hold it down for about two seconds and I found that works pretty well. Hold it down for about two to three seconds. Start taking your draw while you still hold the button down, and then after about five seconds you can let the button go. Not only is it simple and easy to use but it is also very quick, meaning that it heats up and cools down in a couple of seconds.

Those are those things that are cool about it. It’s definitely a cool little device if you’re looking for something to carry around with you or just stick in your pocket. One more thing I want to mention about it is that the battery life is pretty good. You can get quite a few draws off of a full charge.

The major thing that’s wrong with this device, like I mentioned in the beginning, is that it’s not really a true vaporizer because it combusts the herbs. The reason it combusts the herbs is because you’re actually supposed to pack them directly on top of the metal heating element or the coils at the bottom of the chamber. If you’re not familiar with vaporizing, the whole idea is to heat your herbs with the hot air only and to avoid any direct contact with the heating elements so that there is no combustion and it doesn’t burn the herbs. But with the way this thing comes out of the box, there’s really no way to avoid your stuff getting burned. I’m going to take it apart to show why.

This thing can come apart into a few pieces. The big piece in the front here, this is the battery, this is the part that you put into the charger to plug into the wall to charge up. It says to charge it for six hours when you first get it just to train the battery, and then two hours should give you a full charge after that.

This next piece is the ceramic heating chamber and this is the main piece that you put your herbs in. I’m going to unscrew it. This is where things get interesting. In this heating chamber, you can’t see it too well with the camera, on the inside it’s lined with ceramic. But then at the bottom of the chamber there’s a metal coil. That’s the heating element that gets hot when you engage the battery.

To show you exactly what I’m talking about I actually just screwed the battery back on real fast so that I can engage the heating element and show you how it starts glowing down there. That’s the heating element that you put your herbs right on top of. They don’t include any part or anything to suspend the herbs away from the coil so that it doesn’t touch it.

In this next piece here, the chamber connector, it has this spring sticking out. You are technically supposed to put this right into your herbs after you pack it, push it in and screw it closed. It’s a little weird. It threw me off at first because I really didn’t expect to actually stick the spring right into the herbs, and it seemed a little weird. If you read through the manual it does say that you can take this spring out, use it without the spring. I tried it but I didn’t really see any difference because the herbs still combusted, they still got burned because there’s really no way to avoid them getting down there.

One of the ways that I think they could have made this better, and I don’t know, if someone there comes across this video, maybe this is something you guys could make for us, but it seems like there needs to be an extra part here to help suspend the herbs at least a few millimeters above the coils so that there’s not direct contact. I couldn’t find anything I had that would exactly do, this but this thing seems pretty close.

This is a screen from an Extreme Q Vaporizer. It’s definitely not the perfect size and it doesn’t fit in there, it’s a little too large, but the idea of this would work in here. Maybe if there was a piece like this, a screen, that could slide into here and fit in and not go all the way down to the bottom, it would sit a few millimeters above the coils, it would create a little bit of space for the hot air to transfer over and vape the herbs instead of burning them or combusting them. I think something like this might work.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a piece like this as of the time I’m making this video, so I can’t really recommend this to you guys as a true vaporizer. Don’t get me wrong. I still think it’s cool and I like it and I’m going to use it, but I know for some people they can’t have their herbs combusting at all and they definitely need it to vaporize only, so this thing wouldn’t be for you, at least for the time being.

There’s actually one more piece, the chamber connector piece. It actually pulls apart from the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is rubber and it has a little ceramic insert. Just be careful, because inside the chamber connector there’s a little tiny screen. It’s actually a pretty important piece because it’s what prevents your herbs from going up and contacting the ceramic mouthpiece. This little screen in here can easily fall out. It’s not held in by anything so just make sure you don’t lose it because it does only come with one.

So these are all the parts to this thing. I’m going to put it back together because there are a few more things I want to mention. The chamber itself is not tiny but it’s really not that big, either. For me, packing it about three-quarters of the way full, I was able to consistently get between three and six decent draws per packing, which isn’t bad, but it’s really only enough for one person.

I’m not going to totally knock this thing because it is kind of cool. Like I said, I do like it. It is very convenient and I really like how fast it is, but obviously if they could come out with some kind of fix, at least, or something to turn it into an actually vaporizer, that would make it even better.

If you think you might be interested in getting one of these, in the description I put a link to the store that I got mine from, which is definitely where I recommend you go if you want to buy vapes online. It’s a really safe store. They’re an authorized dealer for all the vapes they sell and the customer service is awesome. If you considering buying any vape stuff online, definitely check them out. Thanks for watching, stay up, and I’ll see you soon.


  • My first Amos jump mouth piece came apart after 1 month of use and it was replaced by customer service. 2 weeks later the Atmos Jump stopped working all at once. I called customer and was told that they would replace the Atmos jump for a $25.00 charge which I paid and received a new Atmos Jump that stopped working today after 2 months.
    I also purchased the Atmos Pillar and it stopped working in 4 11/2 weeks as the button to depress to initiate the device depressed and would not return to the normal position. Good products when working but will only work for a very limited time. I would pass on this vaporizer for one better engineered for longevity otherwise you will be frustrated with the sudden failures and the need to repurchase.BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

  • 2 Atmos Nanos stopped working in less than 4 days.

    Absolute trash.

    Hopefully, Irma devastates this company.

  • should’ve been sold as a e pipe really wish i had saved the extra 100 for a pac that would’ve been working til this day just like everyone else the heating elment died the first week the megatokes better than this piecw of crap atleast it markets its self as a Electronic pipe

  • Hi, great resource you’ve created here, thanks! Originally what I was looking for was an electric combustion method to use through my water piece. I’ve tried a similar (but I don’t think it was the same brand)device that worked ok, but the coils tended to burn out quickly, and the herb wasn’t very thoroughly burned (tended to just burn through the center of the chamber). I want to eliminate the usage of butane, and have found other methods like hemp beeline to be harsh, and effect flavor negatively. I’m open to moving away from combustion entirely, but have found vaporizers to be generally not strong enough for my satisfaction( even my favorite so far, the volcano, cant quite match the high potency delivery of the b-load). I’m looking at the s&b plenty (or maybe mighty), for it seems to be the next most effective method, and I never liked how dirty those bags got (or having vapor getting staler every second it sits in there). Any thoughts, or suggestions for someone like me, i.e. one who desires a potent experience as similar as possible to that of combustion, but cleaner than the common method of ignition. Will I be satisfied with the Plenty( I don’t expect you to be able to guarantee of course)? Is there another method of combustion that uses ceramic (or anything)rather than metal coil? Perhaps I should just try to adapt to vaping? Anyway, input from you would be very helpful, thank you for your expertise!

  • I bought 2 of these !!! And believe me they are not worth $.02!. No returns or exchanges and now I know why this vape pen is not carried in the US!
    DONT waste your money. The only reason they got me a 2nd time is someone else put the first one together wrong, gggrrr

  • in two months I have gone through three heating chambers on my R2 and my doctor isnt thrilled about my investment, but the one thing that Atmos thrives on is customer service.. They are one of the few that stand behind their products so now I can exchange it for a true vape pen at a discounted price.

  • Atmos is a shitty company with horrible customer service and overpriced garbage. They are also patent trolls suing competitors including some milion dollar lawsuit on some kid who was selling on ebay or some shit. Atmos is trying to patent all sorts of existing products from ceramic atomizers to 510 batteries. I’d be careful supporting a company like this as this type of greed retards innovation for the entire industry. Atmos is a dirty company, just use Google and you will find this along with tons of bad reviews and hardly any good ones.

  • I have been using te Astra 5 setting temperature and I love It is best to get the chance to get the setting up all the way to get the most vapor! I like to have the time to get the device heated up for the use of vaping top notch and then I have a good amount of brown vaporized po that is worthless and I only pack up the good!! The çhange in the pot amazing and I will have to keep the same thing and I have figured it out! ¡

  • I just wanted to share my experience after using the atmos rx. I was very concerned after reading all the comments and reviews that this pen wouldn’t vape. However, by following the manual, holding the power button down for 9 seconds, then release for 3, repeat then pull slowly, it vapes the dry herb. It comes out a light brown color. Overall I’m very satisfied!

  • I actually just picked a newer version of the Raw up at a local shop and they are now including the Ceramic Disc Heating Chamber similar to the one that comes with the R2. I haven’t tried it yet but here to hoping this will solve the combustion issue of the exposed coil. I’m betting the heat up time will be a little increased with the addition of the ceramic plate on the bottom. Just figured I’d give you a shout since you’ve provided one of the best reviews on this pen.

  • Worst money I have spent. After 5 days it will not heat up. Not allowed to return either. Don’t buy this pen.

  • I also dislike this vape pen. I can get it to vape for a while if I use 2 glass screens, but must use the tiniest pinch of herb (good grief) and then the glass screens press the heating coil so much that it doesn’t work.
    I will try it for concentrates, but purchased something else to vape herbs.

    • I got the atmos rx vape pen and I have the tiny glass filter inside the chamber to avoid combustion. The instructions say to get it going, hold button for 9 seconds (until the unit shuts off). Says to do this like 3 times to get it going. I swear, I had to do this 9 second deal like 20 times to get any draw at all! The unit gets so hot, I can barely hold it in my hands even tho the herbs are still green and barely heated. What could I be doing wrong? I mean, eventually, I get it to work but, I shouldn’t have to go though a nearly 10 minute process each time I use it. Please help! Thanks.

  • Too big to be a real vape pen? Meantime you recommending V2Pro … How does that sound? Please man. You only promote the vapes that VapeWorld holds exclusive. Go ahead and publish this. You won’t. I see your MO … slight jabs at vapes that are widely sold while boosting up the vapes your “buddies” at VapeWorld have a strangle hold on. Your whole game is suspect.

  • I like it, but it is my only experience with wax. I won’t be going back to flowers anytime soon.

    Not paying attention directions, I left the spring in the mouth piece while dabbing. I put a small pea sized ball at the end of the spring and when it melts it seems that most of the material stays with the spring rather than touching the coil and seems to vape nicely. Must be that anti-gravity technology, thanks NASA.

    My beef with the unit is that there seem to be small vents to draw air through, and they get clogged quickly. I clear them by removing the battery, a very important step, pouring isopropyl alcohol in the chamber and blowing it out. It takes some effort.

    Like you, my buddy took out the spring and puts the wax directly on the coil. Am I just way off on this? Have you heard of anyone else doing it my way?

  • Great site, man, I love it. The Atmos Dart is on sale on GroupOn. I was set on getting the V2 Pro based on your video, but now I’m curious. Do you have anything to say about the Dart?

  • What does any one know about the XRT Vaporzier? I was going to buy an Atmos Raw but I read bad reviews. This seems better. I want to get a Di Vinci.

    Please any one with knowledge on these let me know.


  • I just purchased the R2 and charged it completely, when I go to use it it will not power on. The blue light is on when I charge it but doesn’t seem to work when I take off power cord. What am I doing wrong I’m beyond aggrivated since I paid the extra money to overnight it and it already took 4 days to get and I still cannot use

    • Hey it might be locked, try pressing the battery power button quickly 5 times in a row, it should blink to indicate lock/unlock

      If that doesn’t work you may have a DOA atomizer, if so I would contact the store you bought it from to get a replacement coil.

  • I will never EVER buy another product from this company. I received a vape pen from a close friend that was leaving to go over seas the next day. I tried within a week to register my product but because I do not have the receipt, nor can I attain it now they will not let you register your\, I mean their product that you bought. IT HAS NEVER WORKED & THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH ME TO REPLACE IT!!!!

    I had also bought within 20m days of this gift another Atmos product through Groupon. Thank god I bought through them as they care about their reputation & are replacing what is not working.

    It is of note that yes, I did inform customer service at Atmos that I now have 2 of their products withing 30 days of each other & neither works!!!!!!!!!!!! Their onyl solution was to send me a new part for free. However to send me that part that is less than 2 grams in weight it will cost me $12.95. THAT does not sound free to me!!!!

    I reiterated what I have gone through & what I have experienced with their CRAP products & it does NOT matter to them.


  • heres the bes way to break it down. atmos rx is great for mixing shatter and flower, its like one or two mega hits and wow. but yuor sraight up combusting. move to the atmos jr. only works with shatter/wax or tiny amounts of flower and still just strgiht up combustion. however i dnt know if you can really “vape” oil as it is by nature turned to vapor in a pen or on a nail. now at first i tried the atmos boss and was disappoin ted as it worked but i kept pulling the herb into the screen creating suction. then i remembered i had those dumb little glass cancer screens atmos tried to make you smoke. i put it on top of my flower inbetween the mouthpiece abd loaded chamber. WOW.portable volcanoe. seriously once it warms up watch out this thing is legit

  • The thing (r2). Is a total pos. Threw it in the trash where belongs. Tried glass filters and the whole nine.

  • Hey Bud,
    I recently purchased the Atmos Boss and was wondering if you have had a chance to check it out? I don’t feel that I am getting the intended effect of my material and was thinking that maybe I wasn’t pulling properly. When I take a big long pull (mouth totally closed around the pen) it hurts my throat (even worse than other methods I’ve used). I do get more of the intended effect this way but it hurts too much. When I take short pulls without having my mouth closed around the pen completely then I don’t really get the intended effect. Any advice/ideas/thoughts? Thanks!!

    • Hey Jaime, I’m not familiar with that model yet unfortunately, can you maybe take a picture or two of what your heating chamber looks like? the part where you put your material

      if so please email to stayup[at]vapecritic[dot]com

  • The R2 is marketed by Atmos as a dry herb vaporizer, but as Bud said, it is not. It is an electric pipe and not a very good one. I bought one for $140 and out to the box the chamber did not work. I called Atoms the day I received it and the warranty consisted of me having to purchase a new chamber at a “discount” (they said it was shipping cost) which is more than I could buy on line or from the store I purchased it from. They also offered to sell a true vaporizer for a “discount” Once again on could buy the same product cheaper on line or from the store. II said I would if they would include the chamber with no shipping charge. There web site says free shipping on order over $100. They said no DON’T BUY ATOMS BUY ARIZER. They do not stand behind their products.

  • Hey bud,

    I’m trying to buy a vape pen that works good with herbs. I want on that truly “Vapes” herbs. What do u all think of the Atmos R2. And what about other vape pens? Any suggestions. I also wanted to kno about people’s thoughts about the “Fog Pen”. Thanks

  • Hey I have a quick question, I just got the RX Dry Herb Vaporizer and it worked for like 2 mins and then the battery started flashing 3 times every time I tried to hit the power button. I’ve tried rapidly pressing the power button to unlock it but nothing seems to work? Have you ever had any issues like that? Also when I try to charge the battery the light on the charge block stays solid green and when I screw the battery on it flashes three times again and the cahrge block light stays green… any thoughts?

    • Hey Ashley it sounds like maybe your battery or atomizer is defective, try playing around with it a little more and if you can’t get it to work I would contact the store you bought it from

  • Mine is doesn’t let much air through the heating chamber… a stick that you put [herb] in and it heats it…..but no dice…..ribs hurt….

  • Have you reviewed the Atmos Boss? Just got one yesterday and my only issue so far is the rubber taste you get from the mouth piece. I’m hoping this disapates over time.

  • Is anyone having issues where you cant even get a pull?
    I charged over night, cleaned all the various elements and still no vape/combustion.

  • The only vaporizer I have had any real success with has been the Da Vinci Ascent, its a little expensive at $250+ but it is far worth it and in my book the best vaporizer there is.

  • Bud,

    First, I just want to say that I think that your reviews are great. It’s so hard now days to find trust-worthy reviews I feel like yours are consistently reliable. In the past your reviews helped me purchase two vapes that I loved: the NO2 and the Pax. Now for various reasons I have neither and am looking at getting a new portable vape.

    At the Hempcon in SF this year the people at the GV booth were selling a new Atmos product called the Atmos Orbit which seems to be a big improvement over the Raw though it is pretty monstrously big (like a metal cigar which is kind of cool in some ways). I was hoping that you might be able to review it at some point because the few videos that do exist are poorly done and don’t actually show the vapor quality, make useful product comparisons, talk about the build quality, etc.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Dillon, very funny you should ask because I’m editing my Orbit & Transporter review now, I should have it posted very soon. Thanks for your request!

  • man please help my atmos pen blinks 3 times then wont wrk it wont charge can i do something to fix it or i jus lost my money thanks

  • hi , how can i use the concentrates in the volcano? i have the metal filter ,but where it goes and which tempetature i have to choose?
    also other question , the best vap for concentrates is thermo vap CERA loose leaf ? is that true , costs a part ?

  • I found that putting a drop of essential oil onto the heating coil makes it vaporize the herb quite nicely.

    Different oil can be used, and each has medicinal qualities.

  • I had problems with the Atmost vaporizer at first but I bought the glass filter and it works fine now. Its not what you get from a desktop model but it’s good. If you press the button in hold it for one second inhale slowly for a few seconds around 5 or so what ever you comfy with you get vape and not smoke.

  • I had problems with my Atmos Vaporizer in that the heating cartridge stopped working after the 5th use and I tried everything but I found the problem if it does it to you. If there is battery life keep on pressing it on and leave it for a few seconds draining out the battery then re-charge it and my pen started working again perfectly fine.

  • This product is a scam!!! I bought an Atmos pen, it worked once and then broke!!!

    I called the company: before they will do anything, you have to register the product. Ok, I registered.

    Then when I wrote to explain that I had a defective product, their answer was that because it is a product used for “smoking” it cannot be returned — and they will not be replace a defective unit. They suggested I buy another, Ironically, when on hold for their customer service, their recorded message says: “We stand behind our products and as a guarantee offer a replacement warranty.”
    But they don’t — THEY LIE!!!!!

  • Got one of these and now all the battery does is flash when screwed togther but not when the battery is screwed to anything

  • I have the atmos Jr and when I purchased it, I was told it is specifically for concentrates. I burn my 76% wax in it and have no problems aside from the chamber getting sticky sometimes, for that I just take a qtip and swab the chamber with alcohol, good to go. For dry herb on the go, get a pax. This is a workable product however not if you want to vape flowers.

  • I find that everybody likes to complain about the Atmos Raw, and I have had a mixed experience with it performing 100% and consistently like a “true vaporizer”, but it works great as an electronic pipe and a vape(under certain conditions/quantity, the oil attachment is a godsend, great manufacturing quality and yes, i have been able to vape bud in it with minimal combustion using one of the newer glass screens.

    What i find that works
    1) Vapir No2 screens are phenomenal, and for a minimal smoker, they are perfect, in fact almost any type of screen works well, though it does make the chamber smaller, so those who are “regular” users should avoid it for that purpose.
    2) my battery life is incredible, i have had this for two months now and have several hundred draws per charge using either the oil or dry herbs attachment
    3) the oil attachment is incredibly easy to fill especially if you have a dropper or buy a high quality oil/e-liquid…virgin vapor is awesome and comes with a dropper in each bottle…the key is to tip the chamber towards you while you place the oil on the side and it will drip down and fill the chamber, an absolute must have for this device
    4) there are hundreds of videos on youtube that show different ways to make the atmos work well, maybe not as good as my volcano, but very efficient.
    5) I would not spend $200 for it, and i did not [some text redacted]
    6) if you love concentrates this is an amazing device, i am not too into concentrates, but have used it once or twice, but i thoroughly do not like cleaning up after concentrates, whereas with dry herbs, it is simple to clean, just make sure you have a paperclip nearby to clean out the ceramic filter(not really ceramic by the feeling, but close, and easy to clean.

    I have only had experience with two other portable vapes, the IOlite original and the Pax Ploom, and the Ploom is mindblowingly awesome for dry herbs, but i wanted a versatile device and did not want to spend that much for a single use device.

    I would recommend the device at the ~$100-120 price point for people who are not obsessed with perfection out of the box and are willing to give their device a little love and care, and there is nothing wrong with “ghetto rigging” to achieve perfection.

    I would not recommend this device for “heavy” users looking for a pure vape experience with dry herbs, but it provides a good vape experience when you increase the distance of the herb from the burning coil(aka smaller chamber=not as good for heavy users, but great for smaller users)

    I researched the device extensively before i bought it, and i would buy it again, despite my early expectations of a device that would ultimately fail, i have found that it has lived up to my needs, and as everyone knows, opinions are subjective and everybody on this post is seemingly critical of the device, once again, subjective, just as my mini-review is. And no i certainly do not work for atmos and live/work in the netherlands (but am from America)

  • I rarely write reviews, but this one I just had to.

    Finally decided to get my first Vape, and after researching here, and at other sites, came to the conclusion that I was going for either the Pax, Firefly or Ascent. So I found out that my local shop carried the Pax, and I figured, they may carry the other two as well, so I get there thinking I could ask someone more tips and make my final decision once I physically saw them.

    I start asking the guy at the counter about Pax, Firefly and DaVinci. He brought the Pax out and tells me the price of $300 and how it’s really pricey, which I also thought it was since I’ve seem them advertised for a lot less at other places, and then he recommended me either the MFLB or the Atmos. Since I kept asking about the Pax (apparently he only carried the Pax out of the 3 I wanted to check out), I guess he figured I wanted the compact stylish kind, so he starts telling me a lot of people are real happy with the result of the Atmos and how they keep coming to ask for it and how the parts are more affordable and available, etc.

    He finally convinces me, even when something in my head was telling me that I’ve read things about it, but at the moment I could not remember what, besides it was $100 and I said “what the heck I’ll try it”. Big mistake.

    When I get home and on this site and read Bud’s review and all these comments, and how about 90% of you had nothing but bad experiences and a few others claiming to be satisfied, had thoughts of going back and returning it before I used it, but finally I was dumb enough to decide and give it a chance
    After I get to test it and failed to obtain expected results then figure out that I had to order the ceramic screen, which I did right away. On the first try, before I got the ceramic screen, I did not get vapor, it was hard to pull the air, and it burned the herbs, while still waiting on the screen I tried it 4-5 more times, same result. Couple of days later, the screens arrive, I start the trial again, no luck, very similar results, hard to pull air, nothing happening in the sense of producing vapor, I thought that I may have packed the material too tight and tried loosening it, nothing, I thought of shaking it a little and puffing after, and then I start to get something that thought was vapor, foolish me, I get hopeful that things are working, but I became suspicious on how it suddenly became easier to draw, and opened up the chamber to find that with the shaking, the ceramic screen had risen to the top of the herb and of course I was once again combusting and not vaping.

    Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to give some detail about all I went thru and how I fell for the positive reviews here, and after trying so many times with so many different methods recommended by some here and some of my own, I just have to tell others, if you are really expecting to get vapor: DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$! like I did.

    • Damn sorry to hear it man, did you get it thinking it was a true vaporizer for herbs or are you using it with concentrates?

  • So I have the atmosraw pen I was enjoying it pretty well until one day I misplaced the charger and now every shop I go to looking for a new charger none of them seem to have it can anyone help me find out how I can get another charger?

  • Hey, I’m in the market for my first vape pen “for oil” and man there is so many on the market. I’m leaning towards gentlemans ambassador v2 kit I dig the look and their oil cart also comes with a 2nd smaller pen for on the go which I like cuz my pen will be used everywhere!. But I am a noobie when it comes to the vape pen scene. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions?

  • bought the atmos pen vaporizer for myself on Christmas Eve of 2013.
    Totally bunch of shi*. Save your money, and don’t waste it on this.

  • Hey all,

    So I just got the thing through a Groupon deal, in part because it’s rated as the number one best vape pen by High Times. I haven’t even used it yet, but based on these reviewes, I’m thinkng about sending it back. Anyone have any idea how the Atmos rig dominated the HT vape review if it’s such a piece of shit? What am I missing here?

  • Appreciate the true reviews on these pens, saving a lot of dough. In your opinion, what is the best vape pen for concentrates? Thanks

    • Hey man it’s really hard to say because I’ve only personally tried a handful and all the models I’ve seen or heard about are very very similar, I don’t believe there’s any big difference between most of them in terms of performance.

  • I read all the reviews and forums and they warned atmos products were a rip off and short lived products. I got mine 3 weeks ago, charged it once and now it won’t charge again. They say these last 644 puffs on one charge i didn’t think they meant literally that was the lifespan. Don’t buy atmos!

  • i actually purchased this “vape” pen few days ago, and i actually don’t mind the fact that its technically not a vaporizer but a electronic pen? or wtv
    i did make my own make shift screen cut it down to size with scissors and tried it. It stopped combustion but since the chamber is so small, it restricts the heat reaching higher and gets clogged easier.

    coming from using my herbs in papers, this is a great alternative as my biggest issue is the fact that i have to use paper. My biggest and main problem i have with this unit is not the heating element style but the chamber size. its quite small, and i am not sure why they approached the design this way. Does anyone recommend a portable vaporizer that has a much larger chamber??

  • ATMOS is one of the worst companies I’ve ever bought from. Never will buy from them again. I bought 2 duel pens weeks apart. The first one when i was taking the top piece off broke at the middle as if there was no glue holding it together. Brought it back to the place a week later was told sorry you have to buy a new one. Like an idiot I bought a new one. 3 weeks later it will not hold a charge at all. Called the company and their response. “We will sell you another one at 1/2 price” then proceeded to tell me it’s a discontinued pen so i could buy another one” I did not take them up on their offer. And since this was a discontinued pen they will not do anything for me. Outside of buying another one. I’ll never purchase from them again. If anyone is looking to buy a pen, stay very clear from Atmos. They really are there for the customer at all. I’m looking for a new pen but will talk to many people before buying another one. And I’ll NEVER buy an Atmos product ever again.

  • I used my atmos for about 2 weeks before it quit heating up my dry herb. Found myself getting headaches fighting for a draw off of it. The raw never vaporized my herb,just burnt it. I highly recommend not buying this product from atmos for it is a peice of shit and you will not be satisfies. Shame on you atmos for taking everybodys money. Definitely false advertising at its finest.

  • Atmos Raw is complete junk! Cannot believe High Times magazine gave it their highest (no pun intended) rating………??? I honestly tried to be objective in accessing this device, and after many ‘tests’, the conclusion i reached is that it is a cool looking pipe, NOT a vaporizer. My NO2 vapir blows this thing away, though it’s size makes it impractical to be used with any stealth. Back to the Atmos; loading herb directly onto the heating coil is such a bad idea. the coil is going to burn out REAL quickly, and even in my limited trials with this thing it was starting to gum up. Next, the power button, if held down, automatically shuts down about the time the coil starts to glow, otherwise, if you just hold it down for a few moments, as suggested in the UBER LAME manual that came with it, it doesnt heat the chamber long enough to vape! They sent me two “afterthought” items with my unit. One is a rubber band type thing that is supposed to make using the power button easier, and the second is this tiny (easily lost) ceramic disc that is meant to be placed on top of the heating element, but falls out when you dump the spent herb out when finished. Worst part is that when in use, the thing actually burns the herb. after the initial enemic hit/draw, the second time you hit the power switch to finish up your loaded chamber, you inhale smoke, not vapor. I hate this thing. It is, hands down, the worst “vaporizer” i have ever purchsed.

    • Hey Tim I’m right there with ya, I bought it thinking it was a true vaporizer also.

      Nowadays there are dozens of pens on the market just like this one and most of them claim to vape herbs also, even though they all basically work the same way.

      It’s definitely misleading and pretty disappointing.

  • If you take the mouthpiece off, and press the button to heat the element, you can see exactly how long you need to hold the button down to produce vapor (have your material in the chamber when trying this). For me, the time needed to produce vapor, but avoid combustion, came to roughly 2 seconds. The pen does work as a vaporizer, but it takes some experimentation to figure out how to use it. I wasn’t using a screen, when trying this btw. I’m going to get a screen though, because you could probably get more vapor that way. The pen doesn’t produce a lot of vapor, when used properly. That is my only criticism of it.

  • Save your money. Buy a dugout with a nice one hitter. For home I bought a Silver Surfer. Awesome at home vaporizer. You wont be disappointed!!

  • My girlfriend has known that I’ve been interested in vaping, ever since using a friend’s Pax. She bought me this for my B-day. We loaded it up and got combustion. Took out the spring, got combustion. Put in a foil screen to prevent direct contact with the heating coil, got a bit of vape. Nothing much. I wish she wouldn’t have spent the money on this :/ We could have saved up and got a pax. She’s great though. :) We’ll be trying to make the best of it and I’ll update if I get anywhere.

    • Thanks for posting John and sorry to hear about the disappointing performance from this vape :\ my experiences with it were very similar.

      I’ve found it does work fairly well with concentrates if you’re into that – be well!

  • I seriously don’t understand the bitching going on. I’ve had my atmos for over a month now. The things vapes perfectly. Use the daisy style glass screens. They heat up and you get vape. You just need to a lil herbs and without the spring and it will vape. I press the button for 6 seconds let go quick and hit it again. After 5 times of that you get a nice effect going. It’s not crap as many claim. I guess some people just don’t know how to use it proficiently. It’s worth the $ IMO. I love mine and so does my wife.

  • Atmos Rx Vaporizer’s customer support is HORRIBLE!!!

    All they care about it making you buy more parts and products.

  • Yeah this product is a complete piece of crap. I own the solo, the davinci ascent and now this garbage. Atmos raw Combusts the herb (screen is useless) and tastes AWFUL…not a vape! The Arizer Solo is by far the best vape of the three I own . Davinci works OK and is convenient for portability and design, but the Solo produces the best vapor quality and also easiest to operate.
    F**k the Atmos raw.

  • so this may sound dumb, but I was wondering how do you tell the difference between vaporized smoke & not? I bought this & it came with a glass screen, but with the screen it doesn’t work. without it I think it works fine but how do I really know I’m getting what I paid for?

    • Vapor will feel lighter and cleaner, and the odor will not linger as long. If you’re not using any screens in this vape it is most likely burning your material (smoke), but even with screens I never got it to work very well (it’s really meant for concentrates).

  • I should add, when you add herb, SPRINKLE the herb, try not to squeeze it into balls and drop it in there. You want things as fine and light as poss.

    And when you’ve finished the spent herb should look a little browned off, not burnt, although you might find a speck or two of black herb, and I mean a speck, that’s fallen through a screen hole. When you press a bit with the bobby pin it should ‘crackle’ and not be wet or soft.

    If that’s what the spent herb looks like, you done good. Your once useless throwaway ‘vapouriser’ has suddenly become what it was sold as. The way these things are sold and marketed borders on fraudulent. The Vaporite was also originally marketed without the screen (they now come with a glass screen which does little – the spring mashes the herb so there is no way you will vapourise anything with that in. ;)

  • Hey, two glass screens might work, but my solution, and it vapourises great!

    Firstly, get rid of the totally useless spring, and I’ve also taken the metal filter out of the mouthpiece. With this method, not required. Place one ceramic screen in the bottom over the coil, next the herb, not too much, dry and fine but not fine enough to go down the holes in the screen. LIGHTLY tamp down the herb so you have a flat area on top. DON’T cram it down.

    Then, and this is where the planets align and the magic begins, drop another ceramic screen on top! LIGHTLY press that down a little so the herb is held in place toward the coil but NOT compressed. You want as much airflow as possible.

    Press button and begin inhaling LIGHTLY when light is about to flash. While the top ceramic screen acts to hold the herb down, the beauty is, it will dislodge if you suck too hard, a signal you are sucking too hard to find the sweet spot. Go lightly.

    After the first inhalation, have a look in the chamber to make sure all is intact, top screen still flat on the herb. If so, reattach and relaunch. I stop getting any vape (you can see it) or tasting any herb flavour after about three or four presses. At that point, pop off the top screen (large pin with bobble on handy), stir herb lightly getting the bottom and side stuff into the middle (a bobby pin is all I use, won’t damage ceramic chamber), relaunch. You should get another three or four inhalations. You’ll know when.

    Now you’ve finished, DON’T forget to switch the battery off (if you do forget, then the vaping was probably successful!).

    Simple. Works a treat, trust me. It may take awhile before you hit the ‘sweet spot’ but keep trying. Herb is done when no vapour and/or you can’t taste anything. You SHOULDN’T taste burnt herb. If you are you’re not vaping. It took me a couple of months of research and experimentation to work this out so hope saves you all sometime. ;)

    Incidentally, I started with a Vaporite Budypen Pro. Stay away. The thing was faulty and it has been nothing but trouble trying to get a refund. I am now using a AUS$25 AGO, a knock off of the Atmos. That’s right,

    Vaporisers are a blatant rip-off generally. ESPECIALLY the pen style as they rely on the fact people don’t know what vaporising is and just use them as electronic pipes, as inferred indirectly by the author of this informative article. And even when they do vape, come on, how much for a Launchbox? Pah.

    Have fun,

    • I just orderd an Atmos RX. Until I read your advice I thought I ordered a cool looking piece of junk that I may have some fun fooling around with for a couple days until the battery or heating chamber goes bad and than I just get to carry it aournd because it looks cool. After reading your post there is a glimmer of hope. I have a volcano so I know what vaping is all about. My question is do you get a some ceramic filters with it or do I need to order them. I’m not sure you mentioned the glass filter. I would think something needs to go between the coil and the herb to keep the herb from burning.

      • No, you need to get the ceramic filters separately (5cm or file larger ones down with a ceramics file).

        Drop one on the coil in the chamber, put in fine, dry herb, drop the other filter on top and tamp down (but not push hard, you want some air flow).

        I usually hit the battery button for five seconds or so, then finger off and start again to warm things up. When you’re not getting much vape, do this again. On the second press put your mouth or finger over the hole to stop vape escaping, wait til battery light starts flashing and start steadily inhaling (not sucking like a person possessed).

        Have fun. ;)

        PS: It’s not a volcano but with practise, you’ll find the sweet spot … and you can lay on the beach or sit in a park when having a break on a bike ride. ;)

  • hi was hoping you could help me since you own both Pinnacle and the raw
    could you check if the Pinnacle herbal chamber fits in the raw?

  • I just received my Atmos Raw today. After reading the terrible reviews I was unsure if I had made the right choice. I have to say some of you are way off about this unit. I went to a head shop and got a blown glass flower looking screens and this thing works awesome! No burn whatsoever! Nice vaporizer style mellow [effects]. I’m in love with this thing!
    I basically use it as a over sized one hitter and it does the job perfectly with no burn. I got nice smooth pulls and a real nice [effects]. Not much vapor smoke. But who cares? It’s about being able to hit this thing and not make a smell and get [effects]. It totally works great! Don’t believe the negative reviews. Just get a blown glass screen. Put a jelly bean sized nug of you fav herbs and you are all good. I’m not a frequent smoker these days, so it doesn’t take me much to get [effects]. But if you do what I said you’ll be happy with the Atmos Raw. It works great with dry herbs for me. I highly suggest it with the setup I have. :)

  • Did anybody try to use two glass screens instead of just one. It may create enough distance to keep the herb from combusting.

  • I bought a Atmos raw sort of worked for about 3 weeks it would burn the material on the bottom and leave the top materiel unvaped(basically wasted).

    Now the heating chamber stopped working so I called Atmos they said they only “warranty authorized dealers” I asked them if I did pay $200 through an “authorized dealer” what they would cover she said they would send me a new chamber for $20. shipping. I said it doesn’t cost $20 to ship something that small. She basically told me to go to hell.

    Don’t waste your money on this.

  • Hey Bud!So I’ve been doing some research on this product since I’m not very familiar with it and came across your site here which definitely turned out to be very helpful.Now I’m fairly new to the whole vape thing but prefer it over all other methods after looking into the pros and cons of it.A few of my friends have some and most suggested the AtmosRaw or,Rx,whatever. (What is it actually called by the way??Cuz I was told it’s called an AtmosRaw but then heard the company changed the name to the AtmosRx.Maybe you can clear that up for me) I was most interested in this one most of all because it’s my understanding that this particular one works with dry herbs as well as oil cartridges and even wax.Is this true??If so,how does THAT work?Because I believe I saw an attachment that could be purchased for this product in which the oil cartridges are compatible with.And the wax or dry herbs can just be loaded into chamber right??Speaking of that.How does this thing actually WORK?!Cuz after research it looks pretty easy.Don’t you just load the dry herbs into the chamber,turn it on,and give it a few quick inhales to get it going and warmed up,then take a rip??I saw a recent review on YouTube showed that it came with a little screen too,cuz I saw you mention several times above about the screen and how it doesn’t come with one and you had to make your own and stuff.Also,in that review the guy stated that it might be best to take the coil out to refrain from combustion.What do you think about this?My particular friend who recommended this item to me has owned his over a year and hasn’t had a single problem.I just really wanna know what I’m buying before I spend my money and time.What product do you think is the best,and if any different,which would you recommend over all for someone like me?I really want to get a good useful product and get the most bang for my buck as well.Sorry for the long comment and so many questions.Just wanna have a clear picture going into purchasing this thing.Thanks in advance!Your reviews are awesome by the way.Haha

    • Hey I’m really sorry for the delayed response!

      Basically the story with this “vape” is that it’s really designed for us with concentrates (oils, waxes, etc), and if you try using it with dried herbs you will more likely than not get bad results.

      And yes it was originally called the AtmosRAW and now it’s the AtmosRx, I’m not positive why though.

      If you’re looking for a good portable vape for herbs there’s 3 main models I like and recommend often: Pax, Solo, MFLB

      Stay up!

  • Hey there Bud,
    have a couple of questions for u ! I recently bought the Atmos Raw yesterday, after discovering your reviews, updated ones and all…well it’s a little too late to be asking to cancel a order now considering its on its way lol but, I have some extra money lying around to purchase a vapir no2 if need be. Actually after reading your review on the No2, I’m more interested in the vaporizer :) thanks for the thorough in put u share . N e who, I noticed u mentioned somewhere that u should use vapir no2 on herbs only, and I’ve gathered knowledge that the Atmos Raw works best with concentrates…Just scared to use my waxes in it, because I’ve heard in can jack up the internal system. Help a sistah out, I’m confused, & fairly new to the vape life…I owned a iolite for about 3 months and ended up selling it on eBay..just wasnt my cup of tea. Hoping u can advise me in this situation! Thanks, Bud. One love, my friend.

    • Hey Amy,

      The Atmos does work better with concentrates but you’re right that after repeated use the heating chamber could fail.

      Unfortunately this is true with almost all pen vapes out now that are made for oils & waxes – the heating coils they all have will work for a while but will eventually burn out and need to be replaced.

      You should be able to get a good amount of use from it before it dies though, and luckily they do sell replacement parts separately.

      Some people have mentioned putting your concentrate on top of the glass screens they provide to avoid direct contact with the coil, which is worth trying if you have the screen pieces (mine are long gone).

  • I’m having such a hard time getting this to work with my dry herb’s ;( I have the little glass screen inside, I’ve taken the spring in and out.. I feel like I bought a useless item. I really need help with this thing!

    • Hey man I’m sorry you have to hear it from me but this thing doesn’t work very well with dry herbs :\

      It does work fairly well with concentrates, which is what I’ve resorted to using this with unfortunately.

  • I was looking for a cool looking vaporizer i could take it with me everywhere. I own for a couple years the Magic Fly. That loved, that’s why i wanted to try and cooler way to vaporize.

  • Hey man I really like your reviews. Was wondering if you plan on reviewing the Atmos i4 or the MiVape by Vaporfection? Would love to see a review on those 2. Oh & btw I emailed Storz & Bickel asking about a cordless portable vape and they say “Currently we are also developing some sort of mobile devices. Details about a market introduction cannot be made yet at this time of development.” So I’m very much so looking forward to that release for sure. Hope to hear back from ya soon. Thanks.

    • Hey yes I do have those 2 models on my list of future possibilities, I appreciate your requests!

      And very interesting about the S&B portable, I’m looking forward to that as well.

  • The Atmos Raw works perfectly for vaporizing a wax concentrate. Use the glass filter and remove the spring (only needed with herbs). Pure, discreet, fragrance free vapor hits. Beautiful.

    • I just got mine in the mail WITH the glass attachment. does it really work and is it the solution?

      I live on a street where there are plenty of shops that sell pens. One I’m friendly with agreed to exchange mine out with another product they recommend so I don’t know if i should use mine yet or not. If the glass attachment is the answer, i can keep it.


  • Hi, all and congratulation for this site. Very good reviews, and very good videos.

    Ok. As everyone says, the atmos rx is not a good vaporizer, i can get it to vape, but i need to 2 or 3 charges to [feel the effects], and some times it still combusts. But i’ve been a long time smoker, so to me its not bad, because some times i just use it without the screen to stealth smoke, and just need one charge to [feel the effects], it’s an excellent e-pipe, and better to smoke [concentrates].

    About the charging issues, i had the same problem, when i tried to plug it into the usb charger it just stays green… so i was about to throw it away, when I decide to xperiment with it first, and i found it’s simple contact problem…. i just put a small electricity cable (without the plastic envelope, just the metal cable) about 4mm long into the tiny hole in the middle of the threads where you connect the battery, and TADAAAAA it works perfectly… this is about a week ago an problem solve. its working excellent, well for those who appreciate the stealth, and don’t mind a little combustion, or a lot patience to vape…

    i hope this help. and over all I love it, not a good vape, but awesome product, i’m thinking to buy an arizer solo to vape, and the atmos when i want smoke

  • I hate my atmos vape pen. The coil on the first cartridge broke and the chamber doesn’t heat anymore. Also the back up chamber that came with it (this was all a gift) has issues. The first time I used the back up cartridge I seemed to get no air allowing me to pull what was being burned/vaped. Maybe it is not really a backup for burning green? Anyone else have this suction issue? It is not clogged. It is an issue with the chamber for sure. Do you thin if I buy a new chamber it would work? I use it a lot but the first chambers coil broker after 3 weeks. This was a gift so I have no receipt and it was bought in a local shop.

  • I wanna get a vaporizer but I want to be efficient the best of the best any suggestions

    • Hey that’s sort of a broad question if you’re looking for a general answer I would say that the Launch Box is one of the most efficient vapes for small amounts of material (0.1g or less) and the Volcano is one of the most efficient overall for normal size sessions. Most vapes fall somewhere in between.

  • So Bud, if it were between those two, which one would you choose? Arizer Solo or Pax by Ploom? I’m new to this and need a great toy to be portable, easy operational, and herb friendly. I’m looking for a real vaporizer, not a fake. I’m sure you have kinda answered this somewhere in the above, but you’re never clearly one-sided, more neutral like a great sales person. Greeting from Tokyo.

    • Hey Pat,

      That’s a common question and I’ll be blunt and honest with you – I like and recommend them both but I use my Pax more.

      Basically the Pax is more “portable” as you can actually use this vape quickly on-the-go and it’s very compact for storage and traveling, as well as fitting in your pocket.

      The Solo is a bit heavier, bulkier and more fragile (glass stem), so I rarely (if ever) leave my house with it.

      Performance-wise I consider them both very similar, the differences in vapor quality and density are negligible in my opinion.

      They both have some draw resistance, but the Solo definitely has more (it’s harder to pull).

      The Pax does have more complaints because there’s a little more maintenance involved to keep it running smoothly and to avoid any issues, if you slack off on cleaning it you’ll run into problems.

      But overall if I had to choose only one I would go with the Pax, all advantages and disadvantages considered.

  • I just got the Atmos RX and it definitely vapes. My herbs went in green and came out brown. I used to have a vape daddy (glass vape withe the hand held tube) and this vape does do smaller amounts but it vapes for sure. I work for a elcitricity company not Atmos. Mine has the glass screen and vapes for sure.

  • Well today I got an AtmosRX Vape Pen in Purple from my sweet b/f, but I had only mentioned it briefly and hardly had any idea what to expect. I was so frustrated trying to get this unit to work without combustion of my herbs. After reading through your blog and reading about everybody’s mishaps with their pens, I began growing weary that I had just wasted my b/f’s money. I even ordered an oil attachment b/c I thought that was the only way I was going to get it to work. But as I read more, I saw how some people were recommending only burning concentrates in it. Luckily I had some Amber Glass lying around and I’ve been using that with NO PROBLEMS now!!! It gives GREAT HITS, and it tastes just like the Disposable Vape Pen I got at my shop the other day (that only comes with about 50-5 sec hits) for $45. DEFINITELY would NOT RECOMMEND this for herbs like you have been stating. This is mainly for discreetness in public and for times when you just can’t sit down and light a pipe. A little concentrate goes a long way too! I recommend getting this unit if you’re willing to just use it for concentrates. Thanks for your thorough reviews of this product and for attempting to work with it several times before discarding its claims. Happy Vaping my friend :)

  • Question: I recently purchased this piece for my husband, unfortunately it wasn’t until after I opened the package to assemble it, did I find your video. So, needless to say, I have been trying to play with ideas a bit and have come to the final resolution, that in order for this to be effective as a vaporizer, I need to get the material further away from the direct heating element. What would be the odds of a small glass bead (hollow center, and small, used for the intricate bead work) to set under the glass screen? It would take very little room and the glass should conduct heat just like the glass screen. My only hesitations, I am actually wondering why they choose the glass filter? Is that what is needed to cause the vaporization? We are new to this concept, but with recent health changes, we are being forced into the “new-age” real fast. Any help or commentary other than what I’ve found on your sites, would be amazing and greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

    • Hey Tish,

      There are various screen pieces out there that people use with this unit, some glass and some metal, but I haven’t found a good solution that works consistently and reliably.

      Moving the material away from the heating element is the general idea behind the screen fixes, but because of the design of the unit it doesn’t seem to do a good job of vaporizing, it’s hard to get good vapor production.

      Sorry I don’t have better answers for you!

  • I bought this under the impression it was a vaporizer, and when i took my first hit, I could taste that smokey sensation and just knew instinctually it was combusting….

    thats when it occurred to me that they did not call it a vaporizer, I had bought “a bullet”. proper omission right there, lol

    as described in this wonderful, and thorough review, I tried fitting a screen in there to create distance between the heating element and the herb. at first the power light would flash as if the battery was drained empty (but it was not) and I thought maybe it could sense an obstruction, so instead of cutting a screen to be the proper size of the diameter, the second time I rolled it into the shape of a cone and placed it over the heating element

    With a screen like so, I could achieve “vaporizer” status, but its such a pain to empty the herbs out of the chamber and NOT empty the screen out the window by accident. On top of that, like you said, using a screen eliminates half of my herb chamber space, I shouldn’t quite have to deal with that. Today I’m gonna hit the pawn shop and try out a glass screen like somebody mentioned.

    • * I am having fun experimenting with my atmos, and I do think its a cool product. It just not easy to use

  • so far the only hope for this thing is if that 40$ glass oil attachment works…. i tried to use the metal attachment with the cloth and wire in it but broke it as I couldnt figure out how u fill it up

    wish i used the $300 down i am now towards a respectable vape like the volcano

  • Thanks man I was so close to buying this until I saw your review. This is BS a $100 electric pipe. Who needs that I can smoke out of $7 glass pipe and get that.

    So what’s a good portable vape for around 100? I can’t afford the Persei or won’t better stated. $200 for a vaporizer wow!

    • Sup Dan,

      As far as herbal vaporizers go the Launch Box is the closest one to $100 that I recommend (it’s $120).

      All of the pen vapes on the market that are cheaper are really made for use with oils and concentrates, any that say they work with herbs work like this one.

  • My A-pen had a faulty heating element. It went out after one use. Lame!!! The company would not replace it but offered to give me a cartridge for 16.95$+s/h…… What?!!!! How bout just replace it since i only used it once?!! I would not trust this company!!!

  • can you review HI VAPE Bloom ? I havent seen any reviews on it and I was having thoughts of buying it but i have no idea if its any good.

  • So I’m wondering if you have one of the atmos models there not equipped to smoke dry herb. Sounds like it. Not all the atmos models are. They have a couple models that are built to do so and do in fact come with a glass screen/regular screens (which would have been my solution to your issue….they sell both at lots of head shops) and they have a dry herb attachment that comes with the same. Not very complicated you just have to read the information on each product, it clearly says what materials each vape is equipped to handle. Also, to anyone thinking this is an electronic pipe…I don’t think you understand a vaporizer. You are not lighting the material you place inside it. It is being heated to release chemicals in the herb, which is the definition of a vape. It tastes a little rougher sure, because it is portable. I have a different portable vape, and it’s the same way. You’re losing sight of the main feature here: the atmos products are all portable and fairly inconspicuous.

    • Yes the AtmosRAW I have is the model designed for herbal use – from the manufacturer’s website: “…this advanced vaporizer heats your herbs evenly in a closed chamber…”

      I tried all the different screens they offer, they don’t work.

      This device does in fact combust your material, like an electronic-pipe. There is never any worthwhile vaporization going on, even with the various screens offered. You either get combustion or nothing.

  • Hey, I am new to vaporizers and I actually just recently received this “vape” in the mail, as it is one of the newer ones it came with the Glass Filter to help with vaporization, one thing that I noticed in your review below the video is that you mentioned this but you were still having problems, I noticed in my user guide they have inserted a “If using Glass filter” section. Within this part of the manual it actually advises to remove the spring from the unit if you are going to use the glass chamber, I imagine this helps out a lot with keeping your herb from getting packed down really close to the heating element. I’m about to try it out myself but let me know if you still had issues just the same or if it works out better for you!

    Updated: I don’t know if I’m not doing something correctly but it seems like I can only get about ONE good hit off of this thing before I have to start sifting around the herb, upon viewing the herb it looks like the bottom bits are definitely charred whereas the rest remains untouched it would appear. Packing it tightly is the only way I have been able to achieve any sense of an adequate draw. Probably going to be looking to do a return on this one in all honesty.

    Also I purchased the PAX as my first vaporizer and I find it to be amazing. I good full body draws normally, especially after I have cleaned it for the day, I normally use the medium setting for the first 10 draws or so and raise it to high to achieve this, the only problem I have with the PAX is that after the first 10-12 draws it does seem to become a bit more difficult to get any pull from it, which I believe you mentioned similar issues in your review of it.

    Hopefully this may help you to riddle out some of the issues with the Atmos, but as far as a side by side up against the PAX goes the PAX wins hands down in my opinion with a 10 year warranty and 15-20 (PAX) draws instead of 1-2 (Atmos Raw) and some sketch warranty.

  • Hey i was wondering if i could get your opinion on deciding between the atoms raw or the ploom pax? i want the best portable vape i can get. im leaning towards the atmos because i like the pen style for then the pax bulky style. But if the pax is better then ill probably get it.

    Thanks, and keep up with the videos. learning a lot from your reviews dude.

    • Sup Nick,

      The Atmos is cool but it’s really just an electronic pipe, it combusts your material, it’s not really a true vaporizer.

      If you actually want to vaporize I would recommend the Pax over this one for sure.

  • I just bought an atmos stratus bare with me im new to thiis.
    I use oil in mine. So far its ok its not bad but I was tired of shelling out $20-30 $ every few weeks for hookah pens. It doesnt release as much vapor as other pens ive tried but it does the job. Right now im on watermelon flavor pretty tasty.

  • That makes sense and would explain why I’m so stumped on my search. I look forward to your best recommendation for an oil vape now! Thanks

    • Hey unfortunately as of right now I don’t know too much about oil vapes, I haven’t reviewed any models designed for that use yet.

      What I’ve heard is that the Persei is a good high-end oil vape, but I’ve never used one myself so I can’t say for sure how it performs.

      There are dozens of vape pens on the market right now, most of them being very similar products just with different labels, so the only thing I can recommend is that you stick with a reputable, well-known brand.

  • Hey, I was looking into the Atmos Raw as a good herb AND oil portable vaporizer but after seeing its drawbacks would you recommend any other hybrid type portable vaporizers?

    • Sup Ben,

      There seems to be a ton of vape pens on the market right now and most claim to be dual use, working with both herbs and oils, but they’re all really designed for use with oils, herbal use was an afterthought and from what I know about them none are very great at it.

      If you vape both herbs and oils I would probably recommend getting two separate units for the best performance.

  • hay man thanks for the tutorial….looked everywhere to get some info and tips on how to use my new HI VAPE (the BLOOM) pen and yours was the closest. As far as I can tell its pretty much the same as the pen you showed (however it did come with the glass screen). I’m tring to find out: with the glass screen how long should I let it heat or prime before hitting it. can’t seem to tell if when hitting it with the glass screen its giving me the results I want or should be getting…..directions say ingage the power for button for 9 sec twice???????? idk, it seems to do well as a pipe but don’t know if i’m usig it the way it should be and the way I want to as a VAPORIZER.

    • Hey no prob,

      Unfortunately you’re gonna have a tough time getting this vape to work well as a vaporizer, I tried many different ways of using it and concluded that it’s just not going to work.

      It makes a good e-pipe, but they really shouldn’t call it a vaporizer, it’s misleading.

      Sorry man!

  • I was talked into buying the Atmos RAW by the pretty little blonde thing behind the counter. Little did she know that this $200 piece of crap not only doesn’t vape (unless of course you take a 3 day course on how to and where to put the glass screen, and when to and when to not press the power button and for how long) but mine did not, and still does not work out of the box. Not sure if it’s the battery or the coil. But after anywhere from 6-12 hours of charging the battery I get ONE hit (combustion NOT vapor) and then NOTHING. Causing me to dig the remaining herb out and put it in a regular pipe to smoke. Now THAT is worth $200 right? (sarcasm in case you’re wondering)
    Can’t take it back to the headshop I got it from, And since I’m unable to find my receipt (yeah I know, I suck) The Atmos company will charge me $69.00 for the ceramic chamber and $59.00 for a replacement battery.
    And I used this thing twice. (that’s two combustion hits ladies and gents)
    Same thing you can do with a .99 cent lighter and a $7.00 pipe.

    Regardless of the dumbass I am for not keeping up with the receipt (not sure I even GOT one) I wouldn’t recommend this trippy-stick to anyone. And their customer service was very rude.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience man, sorry to hear it was so unpleasant. Why these people even call this thing a vaporizer is beyond me.

    • So I got my Atmos Raw about a year ago and it worked great as a pipe, but not a vape. However I didn’t care because it was so convenient and did not hurt my lungs and throat like smoking a regular pipe does. But then it seemed to stop working. So I ordered another heating chamber and a glass filter. I thought that would work. I had my battery charged and I can feel that the chamber is hot, but still nothing. In fact even less with the ceramic filter. Any ideas, besides that this is crap, why it isn’t working or tips on how to make it work? I even opened the chamber and when I held the button down I could see a tiny amount of vapor starting to form, but not enough for a real hit. Now I’ve gotten a year out of it, but I wish I would not have spent the money on the new parts since they didn’t help. I think it’s a cool device and I had fun while it lasted, but I would not buy another one.

  • i noticed if i dont pack in too much herb in, and manage to get one big draw out of it, then blow the moke out the window. it’s almost odorless.

    • Hey Claudia,

      I haven’t tried it sorry, I actually haven’t reviewed any vapes meant for oils yet, but I’m hoping to in the near future.

      Thanks for your request!

  • i bought the atmosraw the intentions of a odorless in public device. disappointed w that outcome so looking for something that can achieve that…any suggestions?

    • Hey sorry to hear.

      Generally any vape that works well and produces good vapor will not be odorless, they all smell at least a little bit.

      As of right now my 3 favorite portables are the Pax, Solo and MFLB.

  • I recently bought this and it works well as a ePipe. It’s discrete and almost odorless :)
    I am having prob putting the ceramic filter in the mouth piece… After putting in the mesh, ceramic filter, the moth piece does not fit all the way down flush… Any thoughts?

  • I got an Atmos Raw last week and after using it a lot over the weekend I love it whether it smokes or vapes there are so many situations I find this gadget very useful especially that there is no waiting time needed. I just pair it up with a Smokebuddy if I need to go stealth with this. Also removing the spring in the mouthpiece makes more room for herbs in the chamber also with out the spring airflow is better and a small amount goes a long way. Not as efficient as true vaporizers when it comes to conserving but if you are looking for monster hits this tool is great to have especially on very busy days where waiting time plays a big factor.

  • Hi, I just bought a Atmos Raw and the instructions say when using the glass filter to remove the spring from the chamber connector. Not sure if this would make a difference but I would give it a try.

    • Hey yea I tried using this model a whole bunch of different ways and concluded that it’s just not a good vaporizer, but it is a good electronic pipe.

  • For everyone who is interested, I am going to be setting up a class action lawsuit against AtmosRaw for false advertisement of this product. I can prove that it doesn’t truly work as a vaporizer, and it is actually and electronic pipe. I invite everyone who is ticked off to file an official complaint with the FTC. If they get enough, they will look into them and then see their horrible Customer Service. I don’t normally do this kind of stuff, but all I wanted was my money back and they wouldn’t give it to me…so now I do things my way. I have a lawyer, I have a contact at the FTC, and I have a lot of anger to power me through this process. I will pay thousands of dollars to see this company FALL TO THE GROUND IN PIECES.

    • Mar. Roriguez,im down I recently bought is not what it says plain and simple ,

    • I thought I bought a vaporizer. This is not a vaporizer.
      I am calling tomorrow to complain.

    • This product is total BS and their customer nonservice department is appalling. 10 days to get an RMA number confirmation is the norm unless you call and wait several minutes to speak with a retard who has you attempt surgery on the unit. My unit was dead on arrival, does not heat at all after fully charging. Now I’m supposed to pay for return shipping and then give them $20.00 for their trouble. WTF? I have a successful class action (23ish million payout) against another foolish company over a bogus standard 20.00 charge. Mary, if you guys filed I’m interested. I have already requested registered agent info from the company which no doubt they will ignore adding fuel to my fire. After reading all the crap here I just want my money back. If its not actually a vaporizer then I don’t want the product.

    • With those thousands of dollars you should’ve done your research and bought a better pen in the first place :)

  • i just purchased the atmos stratus and i am wondering how to use it? does it come with the thc ingredients or how do i use it?? very confused!

  • Hi I have been researching about this vaporizer the whole week. I am plannign to get this for my birthday and my purpose is for my meds. Is there a smell when combustion occurs? I have seen in the website of Atmos and the Atmos Raw comes with a screen. What do you of it does? It help produce more dense vapors?

    • Sup RJ,

      The AtmosRAW is really just an electronic pipe, so there will be combustion inside the unit and it will smell like normal smoke.

      The screens that they include are useless in my opinion because while they do stop combustion from happening they do not make it produce good vapor.

  • Wondering if you can do a review on a new atmos product called “Atmos Bullet Cartridge” its a dry herb attachment to any (most) atmos batteries. maybe its a better solution that this. thanks!!

  • This device isnt the best for herbs, but’s its amazing for [concentrates], especially bubble. AMAZING rips with bubble in the atmos.

  • Hey aloha from hawaii,

    So I just ordered the oil attachments they are on the way. Ironically I have never used my atmos for smoking/vaping herb, only this [concentrate] I got. It actually works perfect with the ceramic heating element. I removed the entire metal coil, the mesh filter, and the weird multi-holled plastic thing on the mouth piece. Hold down button for 5 seconds and the oil begins to bubble (u can hear a little), then I just slowly inhale. Getting super fat rips off the atmos, super clean taste and not a burning smell. Never had any burning oil come up into my mouth either, by taking out those filters its a much bigger and nicer hit too. … Actually I tried once with just herb and it sucked ass. But if you have a lot of oil on hand this is hands down the best way to consume it. …. IMO ….

    • lol Im actually laughing and vaping my oil reading everyones frustration . TRUE STONERS IN HAWAII FIGURED IT OUT! hahahah, LOVE FROM THE 808 good luck!

      • Haha sup man thanks for posting, but you’re not vaping! I agree the atmos has its uses, like oils as you mentioned, but there’s no vaporization going on if ur using the standard heating chamber, it’s just a more convenient way of combusting the material, which is cool if that’s what ur into

          • false! I hate this thing! Plus, whomever markets it is an idiot because the oil attachment is for tinctures not for concentrates (thats why there is a wick to soak in a glycerine based product). Sorry not sorry. I will not sell these to my customers. they are junk!

  • I noticed on the Atmos website that the RAW now includes a mesh screen as well as the glass screen. Have you tried the mesh screen?

    • Yea the mesh screen was always included, it just prevents herbs from traveling up to the mouthpiece, doesn’t affect what goes on in the heating chamber. Overall this is not a good buy if you’re looking to actually vape.

  • ok i just watched your 2nd video, what i do is i still put the glass piece and then i put the screen almost down to the screen and i vapes ok, but i have seen some videos with people using full melt in it, will this be ok to do?

  • recently got the atmos raw in spite of the shakey reviews and was taken aback and the engineering marvel that it is. I was convinced to make it work! as my first vape or vape session ever, the learning curve was intense. After much trial and error and screen escapades and spring mods etc. i came to the conclussion that it gave only very weak vape or quickly turned to combustion! I did find that it worked perfect for a little square chunk of [concentrates] that fit snuggly down the chamber directly on the coil. After a while of settling for this i had an epiffany and thought to compress a little piece of flower by rolling it between my fingers till it was dense as the [concentrates] (no oxygen= no combustion) and found that this produced very nice vapor and greatly reduced the chanced of combustion. the compressed ball of flower has to be just big enough to roll down the chamber and the spring is used to keep constant pressure. 4-6 strong vape hits. YOU MUST REMEMBER that is can always be made to combust if too much is tried to be wrung out of it.

    also another great discovery was taking into account the simplicity of the design, and though electronic, the temp control needs to be achieved thru ‘manual modulation’ of the power button.

    with an empty chamber in the dark, press the power and count how long it takes to glow red. mine is 3-5 sec.

    if you never go ever 3-5 sec bursts then you dont combust.

    I do 3-5 sec preheat let up start draw and 3-5 sec burst with 1 sec between untill full vape is achieved.

    you need to go by flavor and stop short of the final hits that will combust if too dry


    • It takes a open and persistent mind like yours to make these discoveries! I’ve been experimenting with my Atmos too, pollen, flower, [concentrates], trying to get a consistently strong hit, but haven’t tried this yet. I’m definitely going to try the ball method.

    • Thanks for this review and the tips. What u said makes a lot of sense. u r the only one I trust.

  • Hey, I am new to this whole vaporizer thing. I just bought a atmos Raw and haven’t used it yet. I was looking for some feedback on how to use it and found your page. I have a lung disease and was told by my doctor herbs would be good for me through a vaporizer. Any suggestions on a good relatively inexpensive vaporizer? It has to be a true vaporizer because if i smoke with my lung disease it wont be good at all, but there are true benefits to vaporizing with my disease. Any help would be great!? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your question.

      Will you be vaporizing mainly at home, or is portability a feature you require?

      • At home. I bought the volcano but I can’t seem to create a haze in the bag, I was told it should be very milky smoke in the bag, what am I doing wrong?!

        • In my opinion you never really get very milky vapor with any vape, but the Volcano and the Plenty do produce the strongest that I’ve tried.

          If you find that the vapor is too light you can try leaving the herb chamber attached to the top for an extra minute or two before turning on the fan, to let the chamber preheat a little bit. Also, you can wait for the orange light to turn back on before turning on the fan, so that the heater is actively running while you fill up the balloon.

          Also, make sure your herbs are very finely ground up, as this will increase the surface area being heated and should increase the vapor density.

          Those steps usually help me get denser vapor, and if you’re still not satisfied you can try raising the temperature setting, but I wouldn’t really go past 7 or 8.

          • try the ‘da buddha’ vaporizer. I think its very easy to use, and once loaded you can just draw on the glass mouthpiece/whip at any time, you don’t have to go through the process of loading up the volcano and filling the bag.

          • I’ve been using my volcano for over 2 years now and love it. Bud, your advice is right on. I first let my vocanol cycle through the orange lights and then I put the herb chamber on an usually let it sit there for a few minutes and when I turn the fan on it immediately starts filling the bag with a good fog. I do two 18″ to 24″ bags every night. I usually take a toothpick and stir the herb after a couple bags and I can get a 3rd and sometimes a 4th bag out of one fill and that’s with only a half filled chamber. I have a Atmos FX and the liquid chamber attachent. It looks like I may not get what I hoped for but since I got both the FX & the additional chamber for about $75, it won’t be too big of loss if it doesn’t vape like I would like it to. I’ll report back when I get it. I just ordered it last night.

  • Bought the atmos the oil canister..fills up much easier than the others from what I read from reviews. Just wondering if any talk of making dry herb attatchment for it..kinda bummed to not see one on website or shops.

  • The oil attachment device for the atmos raw works very well, you unscrew the mouthpiece on it and fill with your liquid concentrate. The rescrew on and it seems to work very well, hits are big and solid. Go for the 3 pack it’s a better deal and once filled and used they might clog in the future or not be easy to clean. So yes they definitely work you just might need to dilute your smoking oil with some alcohol and glycerin which is what I did and it worked great just use a shot glass sitting in very hot water to do so then use a dropper or similiar to fill it up with.

  • Do not buy a launch box, they suck. I had two different units, and neither would vaporize my medication at all. Has anyone tried the Optimus attachment for the Atmos (the refillable vials for oil and concentrates)?

      • either it is defective(which flight box’s are well made and is probably ok) or i agree with anonymous.. ..try drawing slow. the ebattery being pushed in is the “on button” and is hard to press in…(really the magic flight box’s only negative aspect in my mind) make sure you see the element light up red hot underneath the trough before drawing…..i can compare the magic flightbox vapor to my davinci vapor…..there is a learning curve with most vapes. i also have the herbal air table top unit with triple bag setup :)…………reason i am here is because i recently bought a skunk stick vape pen which is strikingly the exact same as the came with two ceramic filters..i have not tried [herbs] in it yet but im expecting that getting the happy medium between no vape and combustion will be tricky… im sure i will end up only using this with concentrates… cheers

  • Battery life ?? My new atmos only allows me to take about 6 or 7 draws and that’s it – seems like when I go to empty the chamber and refill it won’t relight. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Sounds like it might be defective, I would contact Atmos.

      The first time I charged mine up I got 60-70 draws before it finally died.

  • I have the ATMOS raw and the stratus both of these devices are truly trash
    Neither one is truly a vaporizer the herb material touches heatng element this causes instant combustion
    I bought my product the raw directly from ATMOS website it says customer satisfaction guaranteed when I told them that it’s not working that it’s not good they said can we send you a replacement mouthpiece to make you happy
    The Stratus that supposedly Vapes cartridges by organica labs contains vegetable oil and hardly any extract
    They say that they’re good for 200 puffs
    I tried five and they’re barely good for 50 then they taste like burning paper
    I would rate this product 00000

    • Yeap save ur money and buy a pipe and a lighter, it will do the samething that the atmosraw does. How can they sell a product as a vaporizer and it is an electronic pipe. Will never purchase nor recommened this product to anyone. I wont my money back for false advertisement.

      • Atmos products are horrible indeed. I used my pen literally once and it stopped working. I contacted them, they have me tips on how to get it to work again. After failed attempts, they just ignore my emails now. I spent my money to use the pen once. Definitely wont be buying products from this company again haha. My fault for not reading reviews first.

    • Yea man I hear ya, I wish they would get their act together. Did they send you the same glass honeycomb screen that they sent me?

      I’ve heard that Vapir NO2 screens fit pretty good in here, so I ordered some extra ones to try it out, and in a few days I should have a verdict on how well it produces vapor.

      • Welp, I tried the NO2 screens and they fit very well inside the herb chamber, but the unit still wouldn’t produce good, consistent vapor for me.

        I still like the Atmos but it’s not a good vaporizer, so if you’re looking to buy a good portable vape you’ll be better off with a Launch Box or Arizer Solo.

        EDIT 3/17/14: There are now a bunch of good portables to choose from, check out this post here.

  • Hey guys I’ll be posting a new review video tomorrow now that I’ve had some time to test out the glass screen piece Atmos is mailing out.

  • Hey I got my atmos and I did not get the screen I guess atmos is not the ones making the screens. Also I did find the atmos does burn that the end of the bowl but still think its a pretty good product and am hoping the screens do the trick

  • I called atmos and they said if u buy ur device directly from them then the screen should be with which I did so I’ll let u know

    • Cool man let me know, I contacted them also to see if they can send me the real screen piece everybody else seems to have.

      • Carefull that screen you guys are talking about came with my R2 it’s a screen inside of a small metal piece it fits into. The screen came apart in a week

  • Yea I got the atmos vaporizer or what ever it is lol but i needed something that was really protable and didn’t make a huge difference if was a true vape and this was the best thing I found, do u know of anything else

  • Did u ever recieve the new screen if so did it work and how can I get one, now I’m now a big vaporizer person or combust person I get started for medication and don’t know a lot just heard it Healther to vape so please let me know ur thoughts

    • Hey man, I didn’t receive the new screen piece yet but I should have it within the next few days. Once I try it out I’ll put up a new video showing if it works or not, hopefully sometime next week.

      Did you already buy the AtmosRaw or you still deciding which vape would be best?

      • eh man did you get the oil attachment with it as well?
        I own one and I got the oil attachment just tried to use it and I’m unsure what they are trying to do there’s basically no way to get your oil inside the chamber unless you get it all over and waste your medicine, was at the hemp expo in Toronto when I got it and the guy selling it said it was easy as just dripping it in with your glass dabber I feel very disappointed and was just looking for an answer to this question
        can you figure it out and post a video lol
        or let me know n e way =)

        • Sup man naw I actually didn’t get the oil attachment for mine and I don’t know too much about it.

          Based on what I know about the Atmos though I def believe what you’re sayin, it feels like they didn’t think everything through enough.

          If I end up getting one to try out or if I find out more info about it I’ll def post an update.

          Stay up!

          • I purchased an atmosraw a little over a month ago, my heating chamber was sucking air i called to get it replaced, they never mentioned anything about offering glass screens. I bought a 3 pack of glass screens. I called them back to ask them way they didnt offer the glass screens , they told me it was the company i purchased it from (zero gravity) fault for not giving me one. I asked who fault was it that i paid 150$ for a vaporizer and i got an electronic pipe. Zero gravity sells them for cheaper then does, i believe its because the know they product is BS. With or without the glass screen the atmosraw does not do what it claims to do. I do not believe i should have to make a screen that cuts down half of my heating chamber to get the product to do what they sold it to do.
            The atmosraw is a cool electronic pipe, but hey i am not to lazy to use a lighter. If i wonted a pipe i would have bought a pipe, but i bought a vaporizer. I would not recomened this product to anyone, unless u are someone who cannot keep up with a lighter. Save yourself about 120$ and just buy a pipe and a lighter, atleast then you will buy a products that does what it expose to do.

          • my buddy has one and he actually uses a syringe to insert the oil inside the chamber… hope that helps

          • You have to use a syringe to get the oil in the cartridge. There are clubs you can get pre-loaded syringes at. Atmos raw sells squeeze bottles with syringe tips too. The liquid oil attachment works well. I enjoy it, but it does work better when it has more than 1/2 gram of concentrate in it.

    • i bought the atmos also which did not have the additional screen. but i just bought some brass pipe screens and fit one in there safely and securely. it works. it dose not combust my herbs. the only downfall is its not a perfect fit to the chamber so i cant put a good amount of herbs in there. im still waiting to hear back from atmos about the screen. but im alright for now. lol

      • I was weary at first as well.
        If you put your blend on top of heating element, it burns and combust. If you use a small brass screen like mentioned above it works great.
        To get better hits, bypass the auto shut off by releasing Power before it shuts off and immediately press again. After about 4-5 times you’ll get great hits.
        The only drawback is the 9 sec shutoff which I’ve learned how to get around. 9sec hits just aren’t long enough. So keep pressing and release the power button within the 9 seconds!

      • I just order the atmos raw got a pretty good deal so I figured it would be worth a try, I also ordered some screens that fit my vapir n02 that I have seen some others on YouTube use in their atmos raw its supposed to completely fix the combustion issue and they fit awesome cux they are shaped for the n02. So I’m petty stoked to get my order in!

    • I LOVE MY DOPE PEN :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I smoke for the relief of chronic pain and I was feeling bad about the damage that my body, particularly my lungs, was suffering from my habit. I purchased this pen a month ago and it has quickly become my favorite thing ever in my history of favorite things! I LOVE THIS THING! You can even charge it on your laptop. I am giving this wonderful invention to every one of my pot-smoking friends.

      I am going to be the ‘favorite aunt’ again :-) !

      • I just bought one today and just used it for the first time Seemed cool ,but it was billed to me as a vaporizer. It seemed to hit pretty well, but there was a fair amount of smoke involved. Anyway – It’s seems to be working. :)