VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer Review


This is the VapeXhale EVO vaporizer, a top-tier desktop unit with an all-glass air path that produces excellent quality vapor, and a ton of it. A huge advantage this model has is that the performance is superb with both dry herb and concentrates.

It’s at the top of its class in terms of the volume of vapor it can produce, you can get humongous clouds with this thing. It’ll work perfectly fine taking shorter draws too if you’re just looking for something light – another one of its strong points is its versatility.

You can use this unit with your own water tool, or you can get it with one of their matching HydraTubes that fit on top. These glass pieces hold a little bit of water and allow you to further cool and condition the vapor to make it as comfortable as possible.

You’ll see it used both ways in my video review, with my own water piece as well as with a few different HydraTubes. You have to see this thing in action!

Turbine HydraTube Efficiency is really good with dry herb, and it’s amazingly efficient with concentrate. When using it with herb you can pack the chamber with as little as .1g or as much as ~.5g. The more you pack the more draws you can take, just don’t pack it too tight and don’t pack it more than about 80% full so airflow doesn’t get restricted.

With wax and oil concentrates you would put a tiny bit at the bottom of your VapeXNail and then place it inside the heater. When vapor begins to form you place your HydraTube on top and take a nice long draw. This vape is designed for one draw at a time with concentrates, it’s like a torch-free safer way to dab.

I’ve owned my specific unit for quite a while now with no issues, it still works and looks like new. They also bumped up the warranty on the electrical components from 1 year up to 3 years, which I was really happy to see.

Stay up!

Video transcription:

This is the VapeXhale EVO. This is a desktop vaporizer, it works with dry herbs and concentrates and now it’s been over a year, year and a half that I’ve owned this specific one right here and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. It is still performing just as it did when it was new. It still looks like it did when it was new. The warranty was extended to three years for the electronic components, the heating element, all that stuff so I’m really happy to see that. I’m happy with this company, they’re proving to be a real contender.The biggest advantage or feature of the Cloud EVO is the huge draws, big clouds of vapor you can get from it. But not only do you get a lot of vapor, the vapor is extremely high quality. Now the way this vape is designed, the vapor path or the air path, is completely glass. There’s basically a glass tube that goes down the middle of the vape from the bottom all the way to the top. The air just pretty much has a straight path up the middle of the glass tube and the heating element inside is actually wrapped around the outside of the glass so the air never passes through any of the electrical components or anything except glass up until it gets to the easy load bowl or ELB they call it, or the herb chamber where you’re actually going to put your material.

This little chamber is stainless steel, and it’s a high grade stainless steel. Pretty much every vape has a screen in it. The vapor is very pure that it produces, the taste is very clean. It’s really strong. This vape does a really good job of fully extracting everything from your material. At the end of a session, your herbs are going to be really evenly vaped. They’re gonna be thoroughly vaped, especially if you’re on a higher temperature. I’ll get to that in a second, but it really is a very efficient, very high-performing vaporizer. It is delicate because of all the glass and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve already broken one of my HydraTubes and needed to get a new one. But if you’re not a klutz, it’s really cool.

Now on the topic of the HydraTubes, this vape is actually designed to be used with a glass piece that goes on top, almost looks like a water pipe. But the bottom is just designed to fit the joint at the top of the unit. You do put a little bit of water in most of the HydraTubes except for the dry mouthpiece and that little bit of water actually further conditions and filters the vapor a little and makes it really comfortable. You don’t wanna use too much water because I did find that the more water you use, sort of like the more flavor gets filtered out. Kinda makes the vapor a little blander, I guess but it’s not really a huge difference. There is a tiny difference but because it makes it a little smoother, it kind of evens out.

Now you don’t have to get the HydraTube with this vape. It is kind of an expensive vape so if you wanted to just get the base unit, it is the standard 18mm connection on the end. It’s got a male connection sticking out so if you have your own piece, your own water tool you can use this vape with that and it will work perfectly fine. This vape works upside down, sideways, it works in any direction when you’re using it with dry herbs. That is the least expensive way to use this one and it will still perform just as well as having a HydraTube on top. The HydraTube is just a little maybe more convenient, a little sexier, something different.

Now they do also offer some adapters and stuff if you have a smaller piece or connection. They also offer like a cool base thing to hold the HydraTubes. Now this vape can also be used with concentrates, wax, oils, stuff like that so to use those in this though you would use their glass nail which they call the VapeXNail and this thing is used in place of the stainless steel ELB. This is actually a truly 100% glass vaping experience because now not only is the entire air path glass, so is the chamber where your material. This is basically the torch-less, much safer way to dab, I would say. It’s basically like the same experience. It’s one draw at a time is basically how it works with the VapeXNail. You can pack a tiny bit and get a little light draw, but you can pack a good amount and get a humongous draw and it’s gonna be super strong, it’s gonna taste really good, really clean. Super duper efficient. You can use just a tiny, tiny little piece and get good vapor from this. I really like that about it. Like I said, it is pretty expensive but with the amount of material you’re gonna save using it, it really isn’t gonna seem that expensive after a little while.

What’s cool at the top here where the ELB goes, it actually doesn’t get super hot, the stainless steel chamber. You can pull it out at any point. Every once in a while it’ll be a little warm, but it only lasts a couple seconds. It’s very convenient and easy to unload, load, take out to stir, which you might want to do every once in a while. I really like that about it, it makes it real easy to work with. The other thing that’s cool is that you don’t really have to grind super fine for it to work really well. The grind consistency from a normal 4 piece grinder will work very well. You can basically pack as little or as much as you want, but it is recommended to not pack it more than 80 percent full just so you don’t block too much of the air flow. It will also work with like a .1 in there, just a pinch. That’s what’s really cool about it. You can use it for one draw or ten draws.

The base unit itself stays very clean. You’ll very rarely have to clean anything, even the connection at the top here. The ELBs can be brushed out, scraped out after each session and then after every few sessions you can soak them in rubbing alcohol overnight, gets them basically like new. The HydraTubes will build up a little bit of residue from the vapor after a few sessions. Those can also be rinsed out with some isopropyl alcohol or just some hot water to clean them up real quick.

Let’s talk about the temperature control or setting the heat level because with this vape, all it has is a dial, an analog dial on the front. There’s no digital screen. You’re not setting your temperature with a button. You’re just kinda setting the intensity of the heat with the dial. A good place to start is roughly the 12 o’clock position. This normally will produce kind of like a light vapor. It’s not gonna fully vape your material, so if you do vape an entire session at 12 o’clock, save your stuff because you can re-vape it at 3 o’clock and get more out of it. Vaping at a setting like 3 o’clock for instance, the intensity is a bit more and you’re gonna get a lot more vapor out of it. It’s gonna be more intense.

Now I would say that one of the downsides to it or the drawbacks to this vape is that the temperature isn’t very precise or you can’t set it to a specific temperature and with other desktop units that are at this level, top tier, those have more control. That would be nice, maybe on future versions or something. Now the power cord that goes into the back, it is removable which is nice and convenient. I kind of feel that it’s a little bulky, it’s a little big. It’s like the same size as like a power cord for a computer. The vape itself is actually pretty light. The cord for it just feels like a little too heavy duty. If it had a thinner cord coming out, I feel like it would be a little more appropriate.

The other thing that you probably noticed is this sleeve on the outside, this neoprene sleeve. This is to protect from the heat this thing produces because without the sleeve, like if you just have the base unit bare as it comes, and you have it turned on for at least 10, 15 minutes and you’re at any temperature at 12 o’clock or beyond, the outside of the unit’s gonna get pretty hot to the touch. It’s really not gonna be comfortable to pick up and hold so you kinda have to use the sleeve if you don’t want to risk getting burned or be picking up a hot thing.

Overall, it’s a very, very good vape. I’m very happy with the performance. The build quality is good now, it’s stabilized. The company is good, they’re here to stay. I definitely recommend it. It is on the expensive side but the vapor quality is top shelf. It’s pretty hard to beat. The strength of the vapor is top shelf. You do have to be a little delicate with it if you’re gonna have friends use it or people who haven’t vaped before use it, you’re gonna wanna coach them a little bit, show them what to do, show them to be careful with it. But otherwise, if you haven’t tried one of these yet, you’re kinda missing out. Check out my link in the description if you’re looking to maybe buy one, I do appreciate you watching and stay up!


  • How would you clean the bottom part of the base of the device the bottom the bottom t gets very dirty how would I clean it out with the Q-tip the other side of it the bottom the hole on bottom

  • Would you say this is the best unit as far as concentrates on your desktop vape recommendations? Really only interested in vaping concentrates.

  • Bud – Love your site & thanks for your thoughtful reviews. Your discount codes are great and I always make sure to click through your links when I buy something, you deserve it for your quality content.

    I’ve had my Evo for about 2 years. I bought it because I was quitting smoking and I wanted something that gave HUGE rips like a bong. Another big reason it appealed to me was because it’s super easy to clean as long as you use the cheap non-bubbler glass mouthpiece.

    Here are some of my thoughts after 2 years of ownership:

    Pro’s – The simple glass mouthpiece can be wiped clean with alcohol in less than 30 seconds leaving the vape tasting brand new. It’s very efficient if you want to vape a small amount of material. The first hit of a fresh load tastes amazing and Evo can vape a tiny 1 or 2 hit load really well. It absolutely can give you a rip almost like a bong if you go for it. You can take smaller hits too, but those big ones are powerful and will satisfy you if you’re used to smoking.

    Con’s – I know some people like it for concentrates, but I don’t. Every time I tried it for concentrates some would invariable bubble out of the glass nail and into the heating chamber, and It’s pretty hard to clean drippings out of the glass heating chamber. It comes with a fabric covering to keep it cool to the touch, I don’t care for it and took mine off. It’s a little on the fragile side. I broke a couple mouthpieces but I dropped them so my fault, but in a way it’s a bit like the Ferrari of vapes, and Ferrari’s are fragile too. Since the unit is designed to be picked up and it has a power cord there is a small annoyance factor of the attached power cord, but it has a powerful heater so it absolutely needs the power cord.

    My biggest complaint after 2 years of use is the amount of work required for a vaping session. If you’re just after a couple of hits the Evo is great, but if you’re in the mood to vape 1/2 a gram or more then Evo starts to feel like a lot of work compared to a Volcano.

    If I’m looking for an experience that’s closer to puffing a doobie I’ll use the Volcano. If I’m in the mood for a couple huge tasty rips of my finest top shelf then I’ll use the Evo.

    • Agree completely with this.. the volcano is just so much easier to use, it does all the hard work for you with the fan.

      The volcano also does not have an auto shut off, which means you turn it on and thats it, it sits there all night ready to fill balloons for you as needed, no waiting, no planning, no thought. Might sound like a small thing, but it makes all the difference.

      That said, the evo is significantly better in terms of the amount of vapour produced, efficiency, flavour etc. In fact, its so much more better that I actually save all the abv from the volcano for a re-vape in the evo, as theres always still plenty of vapor in there.

      The volcano is also very loud (both the superloud fan and the rustly rustly bags), I’m surprised how little this gets mentioned. Its a genuine concern if you’re vaping late at night with people sleeping in other rooms.

      When I was first looking for a vaporiser I thought the most important things were obvious.. the amount of vapor they produce, and how efficient they are. So I got an evo and it was great, but after a while I found it a bit of a chore to use, and started to go back to joints. So I took a chance and got a volcano.. no more joints, and for the most part no evo either. For me, the most important thing by far, is just how easy it is to use.

  • VAPEXHALE HEALTH CONCERN: Hey Man, first of all thank you for all the great info, I’ve made all my vape purchases based on your reviews and have used your codes for my purchases. With that being said, I absolutley love my vapexhale and have had it for quite sometime now, what really sold me on this was it seemed to be the safest health wise to use considering it has the all glass vapor path. HOWEVER, it just recently dawned on me that the baskets that it comes with that’s used for the flower, how are screens welded/soldered together? From my understanding solder is a LEAD based metal, and inhaling heated up lead seems like it would be a definite health hazard. any idea on this?

  • So I bought one local from an authorized dealer today. Got home all excited to try this concentrate I have. Open the device and notice the warranty card missing and a tube from Grav Labs, no sleeve, no concentrate nail….was concerned I was ripped off so I email the company and they said it is real and under warranty but an older unit………ok cool but when I asked if I was missing out by not having a new model they eluded that I’d be better off with the latest version.

    So I ask those that have old models of this, what problems have you had that have been rectified by the more current models?

    • Also I am kinda bummed. Was so excited to show this off for the holiday weekend :(

  • This looks like a great choice for me, but I’m worried about the interior heating element being made of glass. The fact that their warranty looks sketchy is keeping me from getting it shipped to me in Canada here. Anyone have experience with their packaging and warranty?

    • I am from Canada and they will ship it very well, not a worry to be had.

      As for warranty, I’m trying it right now so I will have to post back to you in a bit when it’s all said and done.

      For what’s it worth, I have had an easy time contacting the CEO of Vapexhale and getting my words out etc.. I don’t think you need to worry.

  • Hey man i enjoy your reviews I got a cloud evo a few days ago. I haven’t bought a hydratube. I’ve seen every video in YouTube and been on all the sites and forums but I do still have a question since there isn’t much information on it, what do you think the difference is between the mini hydratubes or the regular sized ones? I emailed vapexhale, they said the minis take more efficient hits and they also may hit a little easier and should have the same amount of airflow and also balance better on the device. So I asked if that’s the case then are the minis essentially an upgraded version of the larger ones since it only seems to do things better without restrictions. They responded and said there basically isn’t a difference between the two which confused me. If they made the minis I’m assuming there is a difference at first it seemed like minis were better by their description but then they backtracked and said there isn’t a difference so what do you think? If you compare for example a small hydrabomb compared to a larger one, will the mini have more restriction in airflow, since it’s smaller will the hit be not as smooth as the bigger one. Since it’s smaller are the hits more concentrated ? As far as I know the vaporizer burns as you hit so I guess you can take a big hit on both but does the mini take longer for me to hit to get to the same volume of vapor as a larger hydratube. I wanted to be specific here I would love to see what you think since there are no reviews on the minis performance compared to the larger ones. Thanks again

  • I love my vapexhale but I was washing my hydratube and shaking the water and one of the trees broke off so it’s now useless. Anyone else experience this?
    I emailed them and the unit is less than a year old with very little use . I am a glass artist and if appears the glass just wasn’t strong enough on the weld lines.
    I’ll comment back on the outcome but I bought this unit direct from them and I believe the glass is faulty so it should hopefully just be replaced .

    • Update
      I was sent a replacement hydratree free from Vapexhale !
      Fantastic Support!
      I give this company my Highest Rating for Customer Support.
      Highly recommend getting any product from Vapexhale !!!

  • Hi Mr. Vapecritic,
    First off, let me say that your reviews are the most helpful I’ve found. I’ll avoid boring everyone, but let’s just say when I bought a Pax in 2013, I will never go back to “smoking”.
    In celebration of California voting to legalize recreational cannabis I want to buy this vape. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’ve been all over the official website you linked, plus just Googling when I saw there was no free shipping. It’s just me, I order online all the time and free shipping is usually part of the deal. The official website calls it VapeXhale EVO, but you and other websites refer to it as the VapeXhale “cloud” EVO. If you or one of your helpful commenters know whether these are 2 different models, then I can make a decision. I also researched the 3 different hydrotubes and frankly, they all sound awesome.
    If the VapeXhale EVO without the “cloud” in the product name is a different newer model, then I want to order that one. I can suck it up and pay for shipping. And to be honest, they do have some cool package deals right now.
    Christmas and my early January birthday nobody wants to remember or celebrate are around mean it’s up to me to do or plan something (or pity myself, not fun! Never going to do that again! LOL).
    This vape sounds incredible.
    Thank you, Sir!
    Stay Up! ;)

  • ours started tasting really bad and it was heating the herb really unevenly. We figured out that the glass inside was cracked? This was really strange to us because it had never been dropped or anything of the sort. Sat for a bit and when we contacted the company they would not warranty it.

    Because of this I’ve talked 8 people so far out of buying one and instead into buying something else :)

    I just pulled this one out of the closet where its sat for over a year now. im going to get it signed up so that i can get it fixed for the $75 that they charge, send it in and list it on ebay. I hope that whoever buys it has a wonderful experience with it. I’ll be happy to never purchase another one of their products again.

    • I have owned mine for almost a year without ANY issue at all. I grind herb until it is fine to solve one of your 2 issues. What I do is take off the keif holder on the bottom and turn my grinder upside down until I have what I’m looking for. This ensures an even vape of the material. If people simply tear up buds with their fingers, use scisors, or do not grind enough your unit will not be operating at optimim effiency. Another common problem I read about before my purchase was that it is not a durable unit – yes it is made out of glass inside. If you know this treat it as such and if you are stoned, then find out somehow it was broken the next morning after a vape session – own up to it – pay the cash – and get their turnaround repair service(everyone acknowledges glass breaks even the mnfg). I have been smoking almist 30 years and this unit changed my health – I still burn a bowl once in a while but not very often.
      It is well engineered for its purpose, it is efficient, EVEYTHING is easy to clean, replace or repair without purchasing a new unit as products made in China require. The company is here in the US and ran by an American. I can go all day why I would buy this product and never talk someone out of it.

      PS:please sell it to me for $30 right now without getting it fixed and I will do it sight unseen. You can make $30 for sure without spending a dime – I pay shipping.
      You accept Paypal?
      (pics required)…..

      • Yes sight unseen was a little bold after I thought of it laying around in your closet…
        so pics required lol

      • Thanks for that tip on grinding!
        I like to use my large grinder with a crank and grind a bunch up at once instead. I guess it’s sort of like coffee; some want grind up the whole beans for each pot, others buy ground or use the store’s grinder.
        I was thinking about buying one of those MF wooden fine grinders for a finer grind when needed. But I’m going to try this. I have a small space case that I’m going to try the upside down method and see how it goes :
        I really want to get this vape, but I need to know whether the “cloud” Evo is the same as the just plain “Evo” first.
        We voted too legalize recreational cannabis in CA this past election! Woo Hoo! Celebration time!
        When I get stressed out hearing about the presidential election (and no matter who you voted for, people are just being horrible about it), I remind myself of the number one issue I got my butt to the polls and the landmark victory:)

      • Well dude I did pay the $75 to send it in. Filled out the form about my experience, packaged it up and shipped it out.

        Through out the whole entire repair process they were top notch! Fast emails letting me know ahead of time where things were in the process tracking numbers all that jazz.

        But the greatest part….. was when THEY REFUNDED MY $75 BECAUSE OF A MANUFACTURING DEFECT THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM….BOOM!!! I told you I didn’t drop it.

        Since then I have had it back and I have used it everyday and I would recommend one to someone else. I felt bad about telling people not to buy one but at the same time you make someone that paid for a warranty pay $75 just incase to send it in. Rather than explain that if it’s this, then it won’t be covered under the warranty like stated and if you want it fixed you will be charged($75). If not they will be charged the shipping back.

        But I got it back they put a new upgraded dial on it. I see people that use it at 2 o’clock I use mine at 10 o’clock sometimes It might take 4 draws or so before I start to get good smoke but with vapping you don’t really need tons of smoke to get the effects of the medical Marijuana.

        I’m still thinking about putting it on eBay or something? only because I bought it for my wife and me to use together but she just uses her personal handheld vaporizer.

        -Flavor is awesome
        -Big hits
        -Can hit it upside down, left, right or up your butt and it still hits the same way
        -It doesn’t feel cheap
        -Easy to use
        -Not a lot of parts
        -Baskets aren’t hot when you want to change them out in the middle of a vap session

        -Paying ahead incase something isn’t covered under warranty
        -The cord that comes with it is really stiff so it makes it a pain to move around
        -Where the cord plugs into the back of the unit is a IEC CONNECTOR and it’s a pain to get unhooked. I’m worried that I could break it from unplugging it.then I would really have to pay $75. Quick connect/disconnect (Battery pack would be amazing)

        Well that is all that I can think of at the moment, do with it what you will. I like mine it’s just not that practical for me

  • I have an aromed and a volcano and the evo should be arriving by monday

    which of these three are your favorite VapeCritic! :D thanks! I can’t really tell from your reviews you seem to like them a lot

  • “But if you’re NOT klutz!”

    I truly enjoy your reviews and base many of my vape buys on your videos, because you seem to value the same kind of vapor experience, and you have never steered me wrong! :) as far as desktops i just use my 7 year old SSV classic which i might have to replace in a while. Been looking at this one as a substitute maybe?

    • the SSV is amazing, so you have no worries especially if you know her well!

      if you need something new I would check out the aromed and the mighty, or even the minivap if you’re looking for something that’s as good as a desktop but portable.

      of course the evo is awesome too! if you do get an aromed get the recreational herb holder with it, I would buy it direct from the company as they’ll give you goodies and deals.

  • The Crafty is great. I am on my 9th unit as my 8 previous
    units all failed. The problem was the Crafty vape battery
    would fail if you charged it while the unit was hot. So people
    who recharged their unit right after use had a real high failure rate. People who let the unit cool down before recharging did not have any problems. So the problem was directly proportional to
    when you recharged it. The new units will not charge when hot. They sit idle for 15 minutes or so. I have had this modified unit for 2 months which is a record for me. I love the vape.

  • Hey Bud!
    Just curious, what is the heater made out of? Also does this device have any electrical components, metals, plastics, or anything other things that are inside of, or could possibly contaminate the vapor path?

  • Hey Bud!
    I have been just been trying to figure out something for a while now about this vape..
    Is there any electrical components, any metals, plastics, or anything that could possibly contaminate the capo path of the device? It looks like a great vape, but health comes first!

  • I’ve watched a lot of your reviews and concluded that there are so many quality desktop units on the market worth buying. My question is which desktop unit is the best overall? Price is no issue in this, and I simply want the best of the best.

  • I was looking at buying the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer or just buying a couple portable vaporizers what would you recommend? I live in an apartment complex that allows no smoking but live in a state where weed is legal so was wondering how much the vapexhale smells? I saw where you said the pax2 doesn’t smell that much and same with the kandypen just not sure what route to go.

  • Hey Bud, I just got the Cloud Evo (and used your promo code :) ) and I was wondering, when I put my screen in do I need to wait before I take a draw? Sometimes it feels like I’m not getting the desired amount of vapor in my hits, and I got the HydraBomb.

  • Has any one had any experience with thr customer service? Do well do they service thr warranty? Storz and bickel seems to stand behind thr products for the most part.

  • Im in Canada, so CAD prices suck. I have a Crafty since Jan. 2016. I love its vapor quality and feel. but, hassle to clean, short battery life, like 2-3 sessions. it died, is now at S&B . they offered to switch it for a Plenty. while I wait, Im looking to either a Firefly2, $525!! CAD , a Cloudxhale $600 CAD w fancy honeycomb thing, $450 plain. am Un sure wether to take the Plenty or keep the Crafty. and wether to go for a Firefly, at ridiculous amt of $$ to have an extra. maybe a Plenty and a firefly would cover all bases. Can the Plenty do concentrates, oils etc. ? do you like Firefly over Crafty? thanks for your great reviews.

  • Hey Bud, Love the videos. Right now I own a Pax 1. Love the device, but I am noticing that even though it’s a vaporizer, I am still getting a sore throat after I use it. I was thinking about going with a highend desktop vap in hopes of finding something that will allow me to get a smooth vap and feel great after. I was thinking about a volcano or a vapeXhale. I was wondering. Do you feel like one of those gives a move soothing vap? Price isn’t an issue, but I am a bit of a hypochondriac and I want something that’s gonna allow me to vap and feel safe all the way. Thanks so much – Drew

  • What’s the best hydratube or the best dab rig you have experienced with the vapexhale? Ordered the turbine kit. Wonder what else you would recommend

  • Hey bud,
    I managed to convince my wife to pull the trigger on a cloud evo thanks to your video! I wish for the price (cad conversion + import fees), the bottom had some added weight to avoid being tipped over so easily with the hydratube on top and some basic ergonomics in the design to make it easy to grab. Overall, for the price and all glass path* it rocks. I had a very interesting misfire the first time I turned it on (flashing red light) but after unplugging it, it went away. Do you know what the difference is with the logo color (I’ve seen color, white and gold)? Let’s see what the vapexhale gen 3 cloud evo will look like! Keep up the great reviews

  • LOVE, but i disagree, when you can do what this vape does, and add a balloon, aroma therapy, top 2 quality companies, The Volcano, balloon only, buy the most under rated and best unit is my Arizer Q Air, is there anything better than glass and metal? If you don’t LOVE aromatherapy then your not human!, its also the best air deodorizer, perfect for after a dry herb session! Digital, and remote control. Not a cheapie that promises big. Arizer is a Canadian company which many including myself say they are the best, and they are very good to deal with for any post purchase matters. Not sure why the Arizer Q isnt number one.

  • Hey Bud, really appreciate your reviews.

    I’m shopping for a vape for in-home use as a bong replacement. Looking for strong, water filtered pulls with dry herb. I like very small sessions- just one amazing hit/pull at a time, and I’m happy to put in fresh herb every time, don’t care about conservation of material.

    Is the Evo my move? Which Hydratube do you recommend? Any thoughts on the Vapolution 3?

    Thanks man, stay up

  • Great reviews, Bud, thanks.

    How cool is the vapor overall? Does it stay cool throughout the session and not harsh? The Plenty, in my experience, for example, can deliver pretty harsh and ‘hot’ vapor at even 5-6 on the dial after 3-4 pulls. Great vape, though, otherwise!

  • Nice review. Is there such a thing as a e-bowl attachment for dry herbs for water bongs?

  • How is this vape in terms of sound? Need something pretty much silent, my Volcano is great but people can hear it when I’m filling those balloons and that’s a problem I need to eliminate. Thanks

  • What about using the herb baskets from the Cloud EVO with the Arizer Q.
    Do they fit in the “cyclone bowl” of the Arizer and wouldn’t that improve one of the issues with the Arizer?

  • Hey.. i bud the vapexhale but after 4 days it dosent work any more… i dont now wat to do man!!.. get it fix or get may money back and buy the erbaliser… please can u help me? im loking for the best flavor posible… i didnt like to much the taste with vape exhale but, the potensie is incredeble.
    i love my crafty becose the taste is so good.. so i like de taste of crafty and the potensie of vapexhale.. can i get the best of this 2 on the herbaliser?? You r greait critic sorry about my english, stayup!!! Thanks

  • Hey bud,

    Just got this unit in two days ago. Today I noticed very small glass bits scattered around my tabletop. I assumed one of my friends had broken a beer bottle or something and did a poor job cleaning up. But when I went to use it just a few moments ago, a small glass shard fell out the bottom of the unit. I guess there is a break in the glass somewhere near the center of the unit because I cannot see one looking through the top or bottom (maybe a small part of the defect can be seen when looking through the top). Other than that concern, the unit works perfectly surprisingly enough.

    Just registered my product and will employ the warranty to demand a brand new one, but I am wondering if this is an issue you have heard of before?

    Thanks Bud.

  • Yo man you fucked me by saying the herbalizer is better, you should help me sell my brand new herbalizer..

    • Hey it’s been quite a while since I’ve said that one is better than anything, things change very quickly in the vape world, but I feel bad that you feel screwed :(

      I wouldn’t say being stuck with that one is a bad thing though, you can still get very high quality vapor from it.

  • Hey,

    I have been watching your reviews all day and I am wondering would you suggest this unit over the herbalizer?

  • Hey bud I’m thinking about getting this vape but was hoping you could help answer a question for me.

    love the reviews, you’ve informed all my buys. I recently got the Plenty because I wanted to be able to vape with a large group of friends because my pax wasn’t cutting it. however the plenty uses around 2g to fill fully and people generally feel stingy about throwing in and will just want to smoke instead. I’m considering selling my plenty and getting this just for personal use.

    my question to you is for a personal session would you go to the plenty or the Exhale and why?

    keep up the awesome reviews!

    • For the Plenty, why didn’t you use the included pad for smaller sessions? You don’t need to fill it all the way!

      In terms of personal use, the Cloud Evo actually (imho) works better that way instead of large groups. Small groups are fine with the Evo, but with all that glass (in the unit and the hydrotube itself), I don’t feel comfortable with sharing with large groups, but only with trusted small circle of friends.

    • Hey Jim, Joe is right!

      With the Plenty you should use the included liquid pad to take up the extra space in the herb chamber

      Pack only about 0.15g, enough to completely cover the bottom screen, then place the pad on top and close the chamber

      You’ll get about 5-10 nice big hits from that and if you want more you can re-pack, but this is definitely the most efficient way to use it!

  • Hey Bud, Great review, I finally pulled the trigger here. My one complaint about the Vapexhale site is that they don’t offer overnight shipping, so now I have to wait :) Can’t wait to try this out as my first table top vape.

  • in colder days (non summer) for optimal flower vapor, it’s best to heat soak your unit. turn on and ramp the temp up to full blast then dial down to your desired temp after that has been reached. of course wait for it to cool down to green. some people advocate heat soaking for an hour perhaps at their “landing” temp. I can tell a difference whenever I try to turn it on and vape flowers at first green. after it’s been running I usually run well below noon on the knob.

  • Hey man I got my vapexhale today. It’s working great with wax, but no so good with herb I only get like a tiny amount of vapor with herb I have it set around the 1-2 o’clock position. Any idea why Im not getting a good hit? at first. Thought It was cause it wasnt grinded up good then I went out and bought a good diamond grinder. Still doesn’t work well, I was just hoping maybe you could give me some pointers

    • also making sure you don’t overfill the chambers helps create more vape if you pack the bowls to the brim you want get good vapor production. definitely half filled bowls way to go

    • Hey usually this is because the unit isn’t actually hot enough to start vaping, even though the light turns green, so before you take your first hit give it an extra minute to heat up if you want to get vapor right away.

      Otherwise if you start hitting it as soon as it turns green you’ll have to just take 1-2 draws before vapor production really ramps up

  • greetings,
    i love your Reviews and they leaded me to my current vapes: as a Desktop vape i own the arizer v-Tower and as a portable vape i own the mighty.pretty happy at least with the mighty.
    right now i am thinking of another Desktop unit. what i am looking for is the best efficency for my herbs. so which would be the best pick if i am loking for the hardest effects with the smallest amount of herbs? considering either the volcano, the vapexhale or the plenty. the vapexhale seems to be pretty effective, will the plenty top that in this regard?

    • Hey tough call, they’re both basically the strongest desktop vapes I’ve reviewed, with the Volcano not far behind at all.

      With the Plenty and the VapeXhale you can use as little as 0.15g and you’ll a handful of strong draws from that

  • Hey bud,

    i´m want buy my first vaporizer but i dont want use ceramic,aluminum or stainless steel so only glas.its quite hard to find a all glass vaporizer especially glass heater

    you can recommend something for me please ?

    • Hey Joe this VapeXhale unit is all-glass with the exception of the bowl where you pacl your herb, that is stainless steel.

      I haven’t reviewed a 100% all glass vaporizer yet but I’m actually in the process of the testing one now called the Vapolution 3 and it’s truly 100% glass, I’m hoping to have my review up within a month

      • 3-4 o’clock setting sometimes i warm up the concentrate vials a little before i put the oil in them to make dab hit a little cleaner. sometimes if you put to much oil in it will not taste that good

  • Hey brotha,
    I ordered the vapexhale today I got the thanksgiving bundle they were having cant wait to try it out. Anyway, Iwatched the review and I had a few questions about the temp settings that are unclear. You say something about turning the dial to 12oclock for herb, is this what you vape on? Also what temp for concentrates

    • Hey man yes I start my herb sessions at the 12 o’clock position which is supposed to be somewhere around ~355F, then if I want to fully vape my material I’ll bump it up to about the 1:30 position on the dial.

      When using the nail with concentrates I’ll usually start around the 2 o’clock position and adjust from there depending on the consistency of the wax/oil I’m using

  • do you like the vapeexhale as much as volcano I have the Plenty but I want another one and the plenty for solo use is a pig using product like 3 -4 hits out of what would be 8 [water pipe] hits so it uses a lot becuase the wide bowl it has great for huge hits but it constantly needs changing

    • Yes I do Tim!

      The performance and vapor quality is top-shelf with the vapexhale, it’s nice and efficient with your herb too. The only downside really is that it doesn’t have precise temperature control, there’s no digital readout or anything just the analog heater intensity dial.

      But once you find the temp you like I’ve found that you really don’t change it much, so having very precise temp control is cool and useful but not necessarily required in my opinion.

      I think you’ll like this one if you’re going through too much material with your Plemnty

    • …than X for asking exxactly what my ? is. The hits/vapor from my very poorly made K-VAPE pack the punc i like. thru my research (mostly Bud’s site). i figured i get a more ‘sophisticated’ effect with PLENTY. Nonetheless it is as though its a PARTY DOOBY, . made for SHARING. (KANDI PENS site has terrible online customer service…DONNIE ESP) PSA My my k-vape is on the way back for replacementm(cant upgrade to -DX???KANDI PENS???) and i just ordered a PAX2. Out of the three Bud, which one should be my GO TO VAPE for FULL EFFECT of product(dry herb). Than X Bud. i make my purchases based on your excellent, thorough and cogent reviews. Peace yall

  • Hey Bud,
    Can you post a video for how you clean your hydratubes? I picked up this thing for my husband a couple of years ago and it works like a charm for him (I’m a non-user who scored MAJOR “wife points” with this one Christmas) even after frequent use.
    My only gripe is that the hydra tube (we have a shower cap, which I don’t even think they make anymore) still seems to have a little bit of water left in them that won’t come out and there’s sits there until the next time you rinse it out. We soak it in rubbing alcohol, like I’ve seen reccommended but it’s hard to rinse it all out and I’m nervous about my other half and his friends inhaling alcohol vapors. Can you reccommend some tool to get in there and scrub with or a method to dry it? We have well water and I’m a major germaphobe.

    • Hey great question!! I was perplexed by this as well when I first used my ShowerCap tube, then I figured out that if you hold it upside-down and blow into the bottom hole of the tube the extra water will come spitting out of the mouthpiece.

      Give it a try and let me know if this does the trick!

  • Hey Bud,

    This sounds really Vaping good. I love the glass on glass. looks perfect.

    May The Vape Be With You,

    Bruce Brewsky

  • hey bud, i want to know the differences between this and the herbalizer. I don’t care about price, I bottom line want to know which one you think produces stronger vapor, which one milks glass better, and which one is most efficient with flowers (what i mainly use). I wanna put either one on my nightstand and rip it through glass regularly (either a hydrotube or a 18 inch [water piece] with an inline and 8 arm tree perc)

  • What time do you set your knob to for flowers ? I used to go from 11:30 up to 2:30 but recently had the bamboo replaced and now it runs much hotter. I can’t get it to vape flowers like it used to. I pretty much just use it for concentrates now.

    • Me too, when my cloud was new i had to be careful not to combust. Now i have it cranked to the highest setting and it barely gets the job done and the notion of combustion is a joke now.

      Unfortunately I didnt register within the first 30 days so i have no warranty

      • No experience with that, but it sounds like something internal/electrical is broken. If glass bamboo is broken, the opposite happens and everything combusts in a hot, smoky mess (at least in my experience). They replaced my bamboo for $88 last week and the customer service was great. Email one day, they email back the next and send you a tracking number when they return it, but you must be there to sign. I have no idea what the cost will be, but the customer service is very good and it’s better than buying a new one. I have owned this a year and a half and use it daily with dry material, but have never had issues with combusting (unless bamboo is broken:) Maybe the dial is set too high and the electrical part wore out from high temp vaping (is that even possible?)…VapeXhale will know. Stay between 11-3 for dry materials and vape should work fine for years.

  • Hey, great videos by the way and I’ve been a fan for along time. I’m thinking about getting the vapexhale cloud and really want to know if it’s that efficient/good when vaping concentrates. I would the vape I buy to be able to vape herb & concentrates really good. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks!

  • WAY too expensive when you can just as easily buy a volcano for the same price. I don’t think so. Plus you constantly say nothing has beaten the volcano thus far. So I think I’ll pass but it’s cool for using a [water tool] at least. Though you can mod that on any other desktop

    • Yea it’s a totally different heating system than the volcano and not nearly as flexible. Volcano is very sloppy with concentrates you should think of this in the price. It’s like getting a tabletop vape that carries the quality of vapor possible even higher quality of vapor that the volcano does and then also your getting a glass water oil rig that would run prob upwards of 150 by itself. IMHO that makes it way better value than the volcano and I’ve owned a volcano it is wonderful and up until now I considered it the best hands down but not worth the money and I still feel not worth money because it doesn’t work well with concentrates. In addition to be fair to vape critic I think his reviews of volcano l saying best and better than anything are probably dated before this product was even on market or at least before he reviewed it.

      • I agree with all this and more. I love my volcano but don’t put it out unless I have a group of people. The Evo is just so nice for everyday use. I mostly use it for concentrates which it is perfect for. The other thing I love about the Evo over the volcano is the hydratubes. I love them much more than the loud crinkly bags. That reminds me, the volcano is loud to operate and the evo is silent. Add that the evo is so much easier to clean and I think it’s the winner.

    • I would recommend checking out the Aromed 4.0 it’s great too! and Bud hasn’t gotten to it yet (; I have the Volcano and Aromed and I rate them both 10, the Aromed does have a learning curve though unlike the Volcano which works easy every time (not getting into decimals)

      • bud is missing out on the aromed, especially if you get the recreational herb holder with it, it’s nearly as powerful as an evo, but it came out 10 years ago.

  • Hey bud…
    …I couldn’t agree more w/ your review…
    I actually use my evo as my #2…this leaves an open path to get to experiment w/ new devices and what not w/ out ever having myself covered %100.
    Thanks for all the great reviews…