Linx Eden Vaporizer Review

This is the new Eden vaporizer from Linx Vapor, a portable vape primarily made for use with dry herb and it features the best build quality you’ll find for the price ($99).

Linx Eden Vaporizer

Impressive Look & Feel – As Usual

Linx has always impressed me with their build quality ever since I reviewed their first vape pen years ago, and they’re keeping it going with their latest products including this Eden.

There’s a few things I really like about this vape considering it’s only $99

They put a quartz herb chamber in there, this is very uncommon for dry herb vapes but it has a few advantages, and the materials they used in the oven look excellent. Depending on how you load it, the recommended load range is approximately 0.1g-0.25g.

The mouthpiece stem at the top has a really nice magnetic top and it’s a very practical feature in portable vaporizers to be able to cover up your mouthpiece when not in use.


It also has haptic feedback, so it vibrates when it does certain things, which is another nice feature not found in all vapes. They have four preset heat levels with the Eden and one of the triggers to vibrate is when it reaches operating temperature.

Strong Convection Heating, With One Caveat

I’ve found the Eden to work well a few ways, and also the ways it doesn’t work well. Convection heating is a little tricky to master in a portable vape, but with the Eden specifically there’s only one trade-off, and that is this: Repeated, big, long rips on high temps will make the mouthpiece get uncomfortably hot.

There’s two ways around this from my testing…

Method 1) Load the herb chamber like you would load the PAX vape – Grind your herb very fine and pack the oven full and tight. I stick to heat level 3 when I do this but for the hardest hits go to level 4 (red). Then take slow, long draws and keep your lips near the end of the stem and you’ll be fine, it won’t get too hot.

Quartz Chamber

Method 2) Now having the option of packing the oven looser, this method involves using a glass rig to extend the vapor path and make it comfortable to take big rips. You don’t have to grind as fine, and you don’t have to pack as tight, but you won’t get great results like this if you try and hit it straight from the mouthpiece, it’ll get too hot too quickly. You’ll probably want to open it up once per session and give your herb a little stir as well, just to ensure even vaporization.

This is where I feel it has a limitation as a true portable vaporizer to carry in your pocket, but it’s not the only one in this category, and it’s half the price of the first one that comes to my mind, the Grasshopper. Either way, many people find that there are plenty of good uses for a vape like this, and many people like using their vaporizers though glass rigs anyway (no water for me please).

As I show in my demonstration video below, the top of the Eden mouthpiece just so happens to fit perfectly flush against both 14mm and 18mm female joints, so you don’t even need an adapter to use it through the rig, you’ll see what I’m saying in my video below:

So as you can see, it works, but I haven’t even mentioned the vapor quality or taste yet…

Flavor & Vapor Purity Are Above It’s Class

Most, if not all, portable vaporizers in the ~$100 price range are easily distinguishable as such by their bland-ish flavor or the hot & harsh vapor they produce. Usually.

What I think is different about the Eden, is the purity of the materials used in the oven and air path make this is a really nice vape to run some good dry herb through and get great quality vapor, with some people like myself preferring the use it through a glass rig to cool it for comfort.

I want to just reiterate the build quality of this vape, it is really nice.

Anyway back to the vapor, what’s different about it is that it’s quite possibly one of the only sub-$100 vapes I’ve reviewed that doesn’t impart at least a little bit of plasticy flavor into the vapor, it seems like a very clean, isolated air path.

Linx Vapor Eden

Again, some people may find the vapor a little harsh and may find the vape itself to get a bit hot around the mouthpiece, but these are my only gripes with this vape. Using it through a rig like I demonstrate eliminates both of those issues, making a it a real nice unit for the price if you’re into this vaping style.

They also include a full silicone sleeve that covers and protects the entire vape, except for the glass mouthpiece stem, so if you plan on using the vape in a rugged scenario it can be helpful, but I don’t feel it completely solves the hot stem problem after big hits.

Nice Battery Life & USB-C Charging

Battery life is average to above-average even when used at the higher heat levels every time. I consider a “handful” (5 or 6) sessions per battery charge the acceptable range for most portable vaporizers, and the Eden has no problem with this. It also has a USB-C charging port so charge time is below-average.

Lastly, as far as using concentrates in this one, they do include a set of “lava plates” which are the typical stainless steel mesh pads we’re all accustomed to. However, this is just my opinion, but I probably wouldn’t load up wax in this until you really get the hang it, you don’t want to gunk up that nice quartz chamber! Maybe leave the wax to their other oil pens the Blaze or Hypnos Zero ;-)

In summary, when I figured out how easy it is to use this vape with a glass rig it really opened up the usability for me, and considering the really nice vapor quality I think you’ll like it too if you dig using portables through glass, and you won’t even need an adapter.

Click here to buy the Eden vaporizer directly from the official Linx Vapor store. Linx compensates me if you order through my referral link but I always do my absolute best to express my feelings without bias, and I appreciate your support more than you can imagine!

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Linx Eden