Volcano Hybrid Onyx Vaporizer Review

High Quality, High Price

German company Storz + Bickel is famous for their line of Volcano desktop vaporizers. Their most updated model, “The Hybrid,” has a slew of new features compared to their “Classic” version, but of course, it comes at a higher price. For some customers, that trade-off will be well worth it; for others, the Volcano Classic may be a better choice with its stripped-down set of However if having the options features and lower price tag. 



While the Volcano Classic only has one vapor delivery system, a bag that is filled with vapor using a built-in fan, the updated Hybrid version can use a bag or a whip. Whips can be preferable for solo sessions. All the accessories from the Classic fit the Hybrid, which is nice and simple.          


Another major advantage over the previous iteration is the digital temperature display. The Volcano Classic and other budget-minded desktop vapes have a knob with a 1-10 scale. Users can look up the temperatures correlating to those numbers, but in reality, that’s a convoluted system. The digital display is very easy to understand. And has very few buttons. It is barely more complex than the Classic versions’ single knob and two buttons.                       


The Volcano vaporizer offers several advantages due to its innovative design and rigorous testing procedures. One of its notable features is convection heating, which ensures that the heating element never comes into direct contact with the input material. This clever design greatly reduces the risk of combustion when used correctly, providing a safer vaporization experience.


The Volcano’s meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional vapor production contribute to an unparalleled vaporization experience. Its heating block is made of food-safe aluminum, ensuring the safety of the user. The high-quality heating element guarantees that each session produces remarkably pure and potent vapor.


Storz & Bickel, the manufacturer of the Volcano, distinguishes itself in the industry through its strict testing and certification procedures. All of their vaporizers undergo meticulous design and manufacturing processes in Germany, employing an aluminum heat exchanger. A comprehensive study has confirmed that no traces of aluminum seep into the vapor, ensuring a safe and clean vaporization experience.

The Volcano “Classic” model has achieved the esteemed status of a medical-grade product after twelve years of meticulous research and development. To meet the necessary standards for medical purposes, the manufacturer has implemented comprehensive quality management systems (ISO 13485) and utilized premium materials.

Moreover, the Volcano has obtained electrical certifications (DIN EN ISO 60 335) and has successfully passed rigorous tests and certifications conducted by TÜV SÜD (Southern Technical Inspection Association) in Munich, Germany. These certifications further highlight the safety and reliability of the Volcano vaporizer.


The major drawback to the Volcano is the price. The newer models heat up a lot faster than the Volcanoes of a decade ago and are still built just as reliably and durably. There are certainly more fully featured vaporizers on the market that compete directly with the Volcano line. While many would prefer an all-glass vapor way similar to Arizer’s offering, Storz + Bickel has addressed these concerns with testing of their vapor and found it pure. 


Most notably, Arizers entire line of desktop units is an excellent option for budget-minded vapers who want a fully optioned experience. They come with remotes, LED lights, App control, and all the other stuff the Volcano has other than the tank-like build quality and Storz + Bickel reputation. 

Most of the additional features on competitors’ products are superficial to be fair. Certainly, lights and remotes don’t do anything to change the quality of the vapor. The truth is that the competitors are not really able to directly match Storz + Bickels exacting standards, so they add a lot of extra bells and whistles in as a distraction. That’s not to say that they aren’t great options. 

How to Use the Volcano Onyx Hybrid

  1. Press the “Heat” button to turn on the Volcano Classic
  2. Give it 3-6 minutes to heat up
  3. Grind your dry herbs, add them to the filling chamber, and put it on top of the Volcano
  4. Attach the valve balloon and press the green button
  5. Choose your preferred temperature by turning the dial up or down
  6. Give it 30 seconds to a minute for vapor to appear
  7. Turn off the devices once you’ve filled the balloon to your preferred amount
  8. Remove the filling chamber from the valve balloon and vaporizer
  9. Attach the mouth piece to the balloon bag and enjoy!


By registering their device, customers are entitled to a three-year warranty from STORZ & BICKEL for their VOLCANO CLASSICVOLCANO HYBRIDMIGHTY+CRAFTY+, or PLENTY,  and a two-year warranty for their MIGHTY or CRAFTY. During this specified duration, any defects found in the device can be repaired by STORZ & BICKEL at no cost to the customer.


No other desktop vaporizer on the planet has had as long of a run at being considered the best in class. For everyday vapers, this unit is absolutely worth the price over time. The quality of craftsmanship is unmatched and the features offered are exactly what is needed for a premium experience. 

The Onyx color of these units make them a sleek addition to your living room or bedroom and the versatility of the Hybrid over the Classic is a big bonus. While there are other vaporizers that have these same or similar functions, at the end of the day they aren’t a Volcano. 

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