V2 Pro Series 3 Pen Vape Review

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a pen vape that really, actually, truly vaporizes dry herbs. I say this because every other pen-style vaporizer I’ve seen up until now that claims to vape dry herbs just burns it, or it performs very poorly.


V2 Pro Series 3 This is actually a 3-in-1 unit, and it uses different cartridges for its three functions: E-liquid, Loose Leaf (dry herbs), and Wax (concentrates).

The cartridges are held in place with a magnet, as is the charger, which I really like because it’s super easy to use. The only issue I found with the dry herb cartridge is that the metal ring at the top can get a little hot during use, so just make sure you avoid touching that part and only put your lips on the silicone mouthpiece.

When using the one for dry herb you can only fit about 0.1g in there, it’s pretty small. However, it’s very efficient with your material so you’ll get about 5-8 decent draws from that amount.

V2 Pro Loose Leaf To keep the herb chamber clean you should brush it out after each use with the little tool they provide, and the small stainless screen attached to the mouthpiece will need to be cleaned quickly with a little rubbing alcohol every once in a while to remove any built-up residue.

The wax cartridge for concentrates feels solid and well-made, and it’s the heaviest of the three. It has a “snake” coil at the bottom and the inside walls slope down into the middle where it heats. I actually think it performs very well with wax, I get some nice sized draws from it and they’re very smooth.

I’ve also tried the e-liquid tank a bunch of times and it performs pretty well, but it does seem geared towards beginners. If this will be your first pen I think the performance is more than enough.

Wax Cartridge So what’s really cool about this pen is that it’s truly the first 3-in-1 vape that I’ve reviewed that I actually feel works well with all three cartridges. Every other “3-in-1” I’ve tried up until this one has really only been good with concentrates. That really says a lot, so kudos to V2.

Vapor Quality

You should get about 5-7 draws from the 0.1g the chamber holds, just don’t expect big clouds of vapor.

Even though it’s light the vapor has a clean taste and it’s pretty smooth, I didn’t have any problems with that aspect. It doesn’t burn your stuff at all either, it vapes it nice and evenly which I definitely like to see.

When you get near the end of your session the last few draws won’t taste quite as good as the first few, but that’s not really abnormal for portable vapes.

Charging & Battery Life

It takes about 75 mins to fully recharge, which isn’t terribly long. The charger it comes with has a USB connection, and they do offer a wall adapter and car adapter also to plug it into which is pretty convenient.

This unit also has pass-through charging, which means you can use it and vape while it’s plugged in and being charged. You can’t do this with a completely drained battery though, you’ll have to let it charge for about 20 mins or so before it’ll turn on and let you use it.

This vape has a 2-minute automatic shut-off feature, which means every two minutes it’s gonna shut the heat off and if you want to continue your session you’ll have to restart it. Luckily, you only have to hold the button down for 2 seconds to start the heat again, but you will have to watch it because only the light blinks to indicate that it’s shutting off, it doesn’t beep or vibrate or anything.

I got about 15 of these 2-minute sessions in my testing, which is about 30 minutes of actual usage before the battery dies.


I think this thing is pretty cool, and if you’re lookin for something efficient with small amounts of material, that gives you just a handful of light draws, then this might be the one for you.

Stay up!


  • I’ve been loyal to the Arizer solo but looking for something a little more discreet and versatile.feeling like the V2 might be it. I could use it for e cig to help quit smoking, herb, and oil. Quick heat up, use while charging, seems like a good bet for a 3 in 1?

    • Unfortunately, you can’t get them anymore. I had been very pleased with mine for a flexible, discreet, on-the-go device, but the loose leaf cartridge has failed, and replacement cartridges are basically impossible to come by now. JUUL bought V2 back in 2018 and shut them down, thus removing a competitor. The utter contempt I harbor for JUUL cannot be adequately conveyed; they embody everything wrong with the industry.

  • Hey, is there any chance I could purchase any loose leaf cartridges you may have. They are no longer available online or even on ebay. I’d very much appreciate it!

  • I purchased the v2 pro series 7 in October 2017, it stopped holding a charge in March- the customer service department informed me that in order for the device to be warrantied I had to purchase something else. This is ridiculous- why would I buy more faulty stuff in order for the original garbage to be replaced.

  • Sorry, but in my opinion, this is not a good vaporizer. Bad design in a pretty case. Draws hard even when the screen is clean, and it plugs up too often. Don’t like the way the mouthpiece just sticks in the case. Can’t carry it in my pocket,cause it comes off too easily.

  • Bought Vapour2 (European one) during last year. However it was more expensive it think it is great brand. I myself like that 3 in 1 option, because use all of them. The product has easy usage, the magnetic charging and magnetic cartridges are good idea-probably first time i have seen. And also the capacity of cartridges is also bigger what probably many of us appreciate. So would not critic anything maybe just that price:-(

  • I placed an order on Sep 4, 2017 with rush shipping and then never heard back. Contacted V2 support within a couple of days to ask for a refund of the rush shipping charge, which they did. Still hadn’t come a few weeks later, so asked for a full refund. At first, they refused, but then said it would arrive in 15 days (this was Dec). It’s now been six months, four phone calls and numerous emails later and they still keep telling me I will get my refund in 15 business days. Bunch of crooks. Do NOT buy V2.

  • This pen SUCKS 100% for wax!!!! Customer service does not care in the least either! Do not listen to the good reviews because they were bought by v2 and are not accurate!

  • Does anyone know what the heating temperature is for the dry herb chamber on the V2 pro series 3?
    There is only one temperature setting.
    I’m not necessary interested in answers like “medium heat”, I’m looking for numbers with units (Celcius/Fahrenheit).
    Thanks a lot

  • Just flew with mine to another state for vacation. Bought this for flowers only. Positives: very discrete in hotel parking lots, no questions through airport security. Also bought extra batteries, so charging is not an issue. Negatives: both the glass stemmed and softer mouthpieces come off too easily, meaning if you put it in a jeans pocket, they come off, and material may spill. Only other issue is that when using the silicone mouthpiece, the small screen in it clogs too easily, and I had to do a quick clean after each bowl. (? I’m grinding the material too fine and kiefie.) The clogging isn’t a problem at home when using the glass mouthpiece..but for travel/stealth use, the silicone is more discrete.

    • I find it works much better with the screen off altogether. Only thing is Iost a few mouthpieces, because the magnetic mouthpiece does keep it on better. Also, around the 7th draw I can get a mouthful of abv, but I’m prepared now and can avoid that.

  • Hi Bud- any idea what the Oven material is? I have an auto immune disorder and cannot use a vape whose oven is comprised of metals- can only use glass or ceramic. Their website does not indicate what the oven is made of…

    Both my Dry Herb & Liquid Cartrige broke.
    Dry Herb Cartrige: 1 month – The Ring came off (Glue doesn’t hold) no big deal, but, 1 month after that, the screen in the rubber tip, now comes out every time I pull off the tip to put in new herb. It falls into, the metal chamber & because its sticky, I always have to clean off some herb, now that is irritating. The glue also isn’t holding, that’s the reason. I know because I had to dig it off the rubber, wasn’t sticking to the metal. But that wasn’t the worst…
    Oh last thing, I Vape big bowls, the dry Herb is cute, & fun, but way too small for me, the high is short, but if your the occasional vaper, then you’ll b fine (low tolerance).
    (Worst) My e-Liquid Cartrige (a month after use) separated @ the top, where the plastic meets the metal, the metal is jaggedey, but the only thing holding them together is also the glue. That is the worst joint I have ever seen. When I went to switch out my Liquid cart, the bottom half stuck in the pen by the magnet, & the top part was only in my hand. It was full & the Liquid spilled all down between the walls of my pen. I was freaking out, cause I couldn’t get the Bottom half out, & the Liquid was soaking. I finally grabbed a needle nose pliers & pulled it out. Cleaned up all the mess as best as I could, hoping the Liquid didn’t go deep & will be a big problem in the future. I emailed them, & this is there quoted reply:
    “We apologize for the delayed response. Cartridges are considered consumable items, therefore are not covered under warranty. Wax a Loose Leaf Cartridge, can last anywhere from 3-5 months. Liquid Cartridges for an optimal vaping experience, should be replaced after 5 refills. We do not recommend using any form of adhesive on the Cartridges or Vaporizer. In the event that there is any other way that we can assist you please send us another message.” …(I did not edit anything in the quotes, that’s there exact reply)
    I put scotch tape around it to hold the pieces together, how ghetto is that?
    So, if I was dumb, I could swollow whole (consume) all 3 of my cartridges? They’re only supposed to last 3-5 months, well mines broke 1-2 months… I asked what glue they use, & they won’t tell me (it has to be Heat & Inhalation Safe)…my guess is they don’t want people fixing there own vapes, they just want us to buy new cartridges every 2 months?
    Honestly, a pen this bad couldn’t be a 4.5, along w/ lame customer service, & bad warranty. The pen itself I’d give a 2-3, but the Cartriges a 1. All together, I’d still conscider it a 1 because they go together. I think the reviews are false, I bet, everyone in the company along w/ there family & friends were forced to put 5’s so it would be high. I had another Vape, found out later it was a 3.5, but it still lasted longer then this vape, by far. I just started using my wax cart 2 days ago, & honestly, it does look strong, but I really don’t expect to last either.
    Won’t buy again. I almost never write reviews, only unless I get screwed over, & I feel like paying $80 (for the kit) should last way more than 1-2 months, hence, I was screwed over badly!!!
    I have pictures also, that I sent to the company, I can’t post them sadly, no attachments.

  • I just got my v2 pro series 3 and it wont work im using dry ..it am not getting hit..or smoke..but turns stuff brown ?? It us fully charged..light turned green.. ?? What am i doing wrong..

    • Tap 3 times quickly (in 2 seconds) then while its flashing hold for 4 seconds+ or until the white light stays on and the base-light goes on red. Then wait for it to turn yellow then green. At green, suck through the mouthpiece. Should be grey white vapour.

      • Did you read the manual out of curiousity?…
        If it’s turning brown then the heater is working, so the vapour should be releasing…

      • I have new V2 3 and am experiencing the exact same issue as Rhonda. No vapor at all, not even light. Followed the manual directions perfectly and no issues with charging, unlocking or for the LED lights to turn the appropriate colors before attempting to take a hit. It did not work. I did not over-pack, or under-fill the chamber either. I even waited a little longer while the LED was still green and still…. no vapor! . But, when it cooled off, I looked at the material and it was all burnt! Any ideas?

  • The V2 series 3 is a nice vape, But, the loose leaf cartridge came apart after 2 months of use. There is a small line of glue or epoxy that holds the cap in place. That failed and when trying to remove the cartridge from the vape, the cap comes off and the body of the cartridge stays in the vape. A small pair of pliers is needed to get it out. I contacted customer service and was informed that the cartridge is good for twenty uses. If you need to use your vape once a day, you’re stuck buying 18 cartridges in a year. At $24.99 a pop, that’s over $400 a year. Something to consider when shopping for a vape.

    • You are correct sir! Not only has the loose leaf cartridge come unglued but so has the e-liquid cartridges. I’m talking about the series 7. Just be warned that super glue works for putting it back together. I still love my V2 Pro tho, still the best.

  • Can’t say enough spectacular things about this S3. The small sleek discrete design, the 3 in one cartridge ability, and the magnetic charger make it my go to mobile vaporizer.

  • I am new to using a vape pen , and like the Kandypens K -Vape with all the goodies , but the chamber is pretty big . According to your review this chamber is small . If I only have 1-2 sessions a week and like to use a small amount of dry herb as I am asthmatic and only take 2-3 hits at a time is it better to have a small chamber device such as the V2 or doesn’t matter how much herb is in the chamber ? Thanks and love your reviews . Also is this the best choice for my needs ?

  • I was gifted this vape at a golf event as a door prize. Through use I have an issue with the smart magnetic cartridges. The cartridges are not magnetizing anymore to the battery unit and they fall out when not vertically held. Also the cartridge does not heat to correct temperature. Unfortunately the manufacture will not give me warranty because I do not have proof of purchase and do not feel the need to contact the charity that held the event. Any recommendations?

  • This thing is a peice of junk. Get a Yocan for half the price and don’t look at this again.

  • I called V2 at 4:00pm to customer service.

    The girl first told me that you can’t get a coupon discount AND referral points. After questioning that fact, she said it would have to be done manually and that she didn’t believe the Series 7 starter kit I purchased qualified.

    After about five minutes on hold, she came back on the phone and stated that it DID qualify and she needed the name and address of the person who referred me.

    It was my sister, who is also my roommate.

    At that point, she stated that she could not give her the referral points, as she lived with me. Again, this didn’t make sense that two different adults, as roommates who live together, who placed orders under two different accounts and credit cards, could not get referral points.

    She then placed me on hold for 20 MINUTES while she checked with a supervisor on this.

    She came back and advised me that it is an “internal” policy that is not written or disclosed to customers anywhere (yes, that is what she told me), that the referral points can not be given to someone who lives in the same house as you. Which means that anyone living on any other floors from me, will not be referred by me to V2.

    These policies and her lack of knowledge have lead me to believe I made a completely poor choice in what company to buy from and have most certainly lost them two customers permanently.

    I will be sure to refer THAT message along to all of my friends and any websites I can find where I can review and comment about V2 on.

  • I was not at all impressed with the V2 Pro Series 3 and the company hard to deal with (trying to be nice).
    I had already heard that they take a few days to process your order so I knew not to pay the extra $20 for the three day delivery. It was a week (8 day actually) before they sent it out.
    The liquid cartridges do not last more than a few fills and they advertise 15 to 20. The loose leaf needed a few minutes in between puffs and you maybe get four puffs before you need to refill.
    I enquired about the liquid cartridges and after four days I was told that I needed to wait 45 min to an hour before using the V2 Pro Series 3 after you load the cartridge. I was shocked because I never heard that and none of the cartridges needed an hour the first few times I used them so I asked about that. Three days latter I go a odd response regarding another one of their products. So again I asked about the product I had purchased. since they attach your invoice to your messages I thought it was simple. I guess it is not so simple.
    I never heard back so I sent another message asking about returning the vap pen. I was already aware that they will not do returns or refunds on the five liquide and one loose leaf cartridge I purchased. I have yet to hear back so I guess I am out about $140.
    I used the pen for almost 3 weeks. I really did like it at first but it doesn’t last very long. A friend showed me a few tricks to get a little more life from the cartridges but I have already spent a lot of money on this item that is ok at best.
    As someone who vapes as an alternative to cigarettes I found the whole experience to be hard. I have never bought a pen that in this price range and I wish I never did. A friend loaned me an extra until I can get a new one. I have also lost trust in most the the review sites. It did not take me long to realise that most are paid advertisements and not actual reviews. The whole thing is so shady and makes the big tobacco companies look good.

    • I sent them a message after waiting for their online chat.After 2mins of waiting I replied to the message.I demanded a discount for ordering. Also told them I had $102 in my cart and was ordering overnight. And I wanted the v2s3 for free for placing a order over $100 which is a promo at this time. They sent me a unprecedented code for 25% off. I had a hard time ordering online as it did not or couldn’t apply my discount.So I called. Some dude whose name I don’t really understand answers: hooks me up with discount,which was honored for 25% afterward telling me 15% is their max discount. And I’m good to go,I got charger power cell cleaning tools all the carts. for dry and wax etc.for $108 which I think is a fair price for what its worth.The prob with review sites is everyone has their set of moral standards to address.And they think you should adhere to theirs.Sorry bout your bad exp.

  • I can’t seem to get a decent draw from my v2 pro 7. My magic flight vaporizer using the more recently supplied stronger batteries provides a much better experience without burning the herb.

  • Just got my V2 Pro 3 in the mail and I love it. There is a learning curve if you have not used a vape pen before. So far I love the wax and oil attachments and need more practice with the loose leaf chamber.

    • Do you use oil in your V2 Pro 3? I’ve been trying to use oil but its so thick I cant get it down onto the coils properly. When I try to use the V2 my oil ends up coating the entire inside of the chamber right up to the mesh. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. Try to squish the oil down onto the coils, or let it sit above the coil in the chamber area?

  • Does anyone know if there is a new model coming out i don’t want to buy the V2pro Series 7 if a newer one comes out? I heard something about V2 Pro Series 9 and I’ve seem some pictures on google but don’t know if there are real.

  • Upon review of your video above, I purchased one of these V2 Pro Series 3 pens. All I can say is AWESOME! My wife even said; WOW! you can actually taste the leaf and not the device! Both my wife and I are light weights in the vape community and so this pen and the amount it uses is perfect for us. Thanks Bro for the advice and stay up and vape like an ape!


  • I bought one of these in Oct 2014 and it still works great. Use it a few times daily. Battery still lasts just as long. I use it 99.99% with dry herbs, nothing else. ONly problem I have had was with the cartridges, the metal ring tends to come loose on the dry herb cartridges after a while. But Ill go out for the night with the pen and 3 cartridges filled and I am good. Very discreet for concerts and shows also. Been thrilled with my purchase.

  • Complete waste of money. The cartridges get fouled easily and refuse to vape. I’ve gone through 6 in 3 months. Ridiculous. Don’t buy!

  • Its worth mentioning that as a daily nicotine delivery system, this pen sucks complete ass. I bought it to avoid smoking cigarettes and after 5 liquid tanks, oh yeah those cool smart magnets?? Yeah those shite hunks of glass and plastic and metal.. Well not only do they need to be completely hucked when they bust comically early like a 16 year old on prom night, which by the way is super environmentally friendly of them , but on top of that they are simply of poor, like i dont give a dead babys pet rats ass about your dollar, quality. They leak straight from the box and by the second day of moderate vaping it tastes so burnt youd swear you were ripping lemony flavoured farts through a filter of old gym sock straight from Donald Trumps anus. Its a good thing that the local smoke shop sells them for 6 bucks instead of the online prices ive seen or id have lost it by now… Im really writing this because i read this very review before i bought it a couple months ago and soon realized the reviewer took like 10 puffs and said all that glowing positive bs as he went back to his fancy regular supermodbox 2.0.3.X.fuckyoumancanwegetsomehonestyinhere?.. So to all you rational people out there, its lies, as a daily vape it does not function properly and youll be banging your head on the wall to simulate a buzz. One weirdly positive thing tho, the dry herb cartridge does actually work,and thats THE ONLY consistently listed feature of this vape ive seen mentioned in reviews or vendor descriptions that holds water. For its size, and for how little material it takes, about .1 g, it can easily blast off the most seasoned of space voyagers, and by that one thing alone does this piece of false information and plastic remain safe from my trash can. But to the point, if your like me and just wanted a good, cheap, intro vape thats small enough to wear jeans with and doesnt feel like a brick sticking in your thigh, then look elsewhere as the fuck and let me know where to find it, on the other hand if you feel like wasting money, thinking the cool factor means anything, being wasteful, having headaches, and i guess getting a decent herb vape for 60-70 bucks after youve bought the separate attachment, well here ya go, but between you and me you can do waaaaaaaay better.

  • Stay away from this product. Over the long term its a nightmare. Cartridges that leak after a few days, devices that stop charging, and now it’s burning the liquid beyond what is enjoyable.
    Nothing but problems and Ive had three different already.
    Go elsewhere.

    • had mine for 8 months now – it is my best friend!! liquid and herb just fine. Couple of carts out of many didn’t work properly and were replaced – no questions. Couple of times I needed to reset it but for the most part it’s the best. Keep it clean and it will last. For reset and tips see here – Pro 3 same as Pro 7 I believe

  • I charged my v2 pro fully and now the light flashing red the shuts off.. please help I love this thing.. thank you

    • you cant love it.. its horrible. you need to order a new one from them, hope your warranty is still good.
      Just know the replacement will malfunction also.

  • I have the V2 Pro Series 3 and I am interested in a dab pen. Would you recommend getting the wax chamber for $30 shipped, or go with the Galaxy by KandyPens for $90 shipped with your discount coupon? I’m not too concerned with taste or harshness, just the result.

  • Hey Bud, thanks for all you do here. Really enjoy the site and the content is super informative.

    Quick question, Is this still your favorite 3-in-1 vape? Just curious since its been over a year now and wasn’t sure if any other better ones came out in 2015. Thanks!

      • Seconded — I owned this pen for a year and a half before I finally lost it. I was not that sad to see it go as the liquid barrel leaked from purchase. I had to clean the inside of the barrel out with q-tips from the ongoing leaks and wipe the outside of the pen regularly. Because of leaks, it was exhausting to carry inside of anything including my pocket. I bought a loose leaf cartridge at the same time I purchased the kit and within 2 light uses, the loose leaf emblem fell off of the cartridge leaving a hole in the cartridge — this basically made it impossible to use the loose leaf cartridge. Also — as others have noted, charging problems. I eked out as much use as I could from this device, but I will never purchase one again.

  • I got the Loose leaf vap cartridge to work with medicinal herb. Grind or cut with scissors to very fine/small, then add a drop or two of e-liquid. Works great now! I Couldn’t get it to work at all before. And this was with fresh herb too. Enjoy!

  • Hey bud, what’s the best overall vaporizer for dry herb? Including desktops. Is this v2 pro better for dry herb than a eq, volcano plenty etc. Could you give a top 5 dry herb please. Thank you

  • Hey bud, great website, I’m from the uk, I want a top herbal vape pen that doesn’t combust or burn the dry herb directly, one that isn’t going to cause me problems either would love to hear your recommendations. Also what is your opinion on the new snoop dog ground material g pen herb vapourizer please. Thanks man keep up the good work.

  • Just bought this pen but didn’t get the wax cartridge. What concentrate can i fill the liquid cartridge with?

  • Hi All,
    I’ve used this device since February so for about 7-9 months, very infrequently (1-2 times / month at max as I have a less mobile device as well) with its loose leaf cartridge.

    The magnetic ring in the device were fallen out after 4 months of usage and needed to get replaced. The £15 loose leaf container got fall apart after around 20 refill. The top mouth piece should be used to remove the cartridge from the device that is glued to the cartridge. This glue will unleash earlier than you’d expect so you can purchase a new one.
    This would be a lovely device with good design tricks but it is definitely not for regular or long term use. If you really want to vaporize and do not want to regularly re-purchase each element after each 20-30 heat up, I’d recommend to choose another product.

  • Dear bud,
    Where I can buy the quickdraw 300 dlx (or others like this) from an european seller?
    Thank you

  • Hey Bud, love watching your reviews. I was just wondering what are your thoughts on the grasshopper vape pen. It looks good, right price but I’m a bit dubious about the pre order wait time. It would be great to hear your opinion about this one. Thanks mate

  • Hello, I have a box mod and was wondering if you had reviewed any dry/wax atomisers for such devices. I can find flowers all over the place where I live but occasionally, I can also find wax. So my main concern is finding one that will truly vape my flowers but can also handle the wax that will occasionally come its way. I have heard good things about ones with ceramic plates/rings/doughnuts but, do they truly vape or just burn? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get away from smoking entirely, not just tobacco.

  • Have you tried the Atmos Vicod Advanced True Vaporizer Kit from SMK24? My husband is curious about vape and there is a good deal on groupon right now.

  • Hey everybody,

    I just spoke with the support from Vapeworld. There are a couple of things one should consider with regards to the warranty when buying the QuickDraw 300 (as mentioned in Bud’s review this is the exact same unit but under different branding. Manufacturer is Hold Your Fire)

    QuickDraw 300’s warranty ONLY covers the battery (for 1 year).

    The cartridges, in which the heating element resides are only covered for 30 DAYS. Moreover, the rep told me that these cartridges should be replaced every 6 weeks.

    Unfortunately the rep could not point out where on the webpage they inform customers about this. (it is not on the webpage) However she invited me to contact their support to learn more about the warranty.

  • Hi Bud, your reviews are very well done and fun to watch, thanks. But — I’m another person whose experience with the V2Pro series 3 is not at all like yours. I bought it to use dry herbs, and it’s been a total waste of money and material. I’ve followed the instructions and used different packing methods and replaced both the unit and the dry leaf cartridge, but I’ve never gotten any vapor or expected effects, at all. Given what I see in your video, to get no vapor when I use it is really perplexing. I understand your own experiences are genuine, and you must base your comments on them, but because you link to their site, and my experience has been so unlike yours, I thought you should know about it.
    I’ll be sure to post again when I have something positive to say; I’d really like to join the chorus of really happy people! Thank you.

  • Hi, can u suhgu suggest one for India? Please name the site or provide me the link if possible.

  • Fou d this at the local tobacco store. $34.99 for the vape, $17.99 for the dry leaf cart….

  • Bought this pen based on your review and loved it for the 2 months I had it…. then it stopped working !!!! I paid extra for the herb cartridge and all that money is gone….ordered it from the site the V2 site……couldn’t be more disappointed….

  • I have one issue with my new V2 Series 3. The rubber mouthpiece on the Loose Leaf cartridge took on a strong “herbal” odor the very first time I used it. V2 has no advice on how to avoid or dissipate this odor. I’m going to try the rubbing alcohol you recommend for cleaning, but if anyone has found a better solution (Vinegar perhaps??), I’d love to hear about it!

  • REALLY looked forward to having this and enjoyed owning it for the past 2 months AND then it breaks !!! Since the guarantee is only for 30 days ….I am out of a vaporizer…..not cool at all….

  • Hi man, like your reviews and i’m wondering what do you think abot the Storm Vape Pen?

  • Any word on how many cycles this battery gets before it starts holding a charge? Can you replace it if the battery dies, does a warranty cover this etc.?


  • Bud, your reviews have been spot on so far so riddle me this: over the last 2 years I got the mflb and the V2 pro. I’m thinking about the Pax 2 now. The V2 doesn’t hold enough but the taste is great, the mflb tends to give a burnt taste toward the end of the trench. Price is not a big deal for me. How does the Pax 2 compare to the V2 taste? Vape is the way!

  • Hi, howdy, hey! I have a TriStick that I love. I managed to get my hands on another dry tank, but they are slightly different. One is super easy to change the coil, the other makes me need the first tank after I change the coil in the second.
    It annoys me to the point that although I love it (discreet, looks just like a plain old ecig, no odor (!!!), and really efficient) I’m on the hunt for another unit if there’s something comparable or better. I’m assuming you’re familiar with the Tri, so with that in mind, is this something comparable or better? Thanks in advance!

  • I would love to see a follow up review on the v2pro s3 . I have read reviews in the past and they said the carts failed about 3 months and batt played up . Apparently it’s been fixed but I’d love to hear that from a user not a rep
    Thank you keep up the good and honest reviews

  • Hi I am ready to order one of your V2Pro 3 series pen but don’t know where to buy. Could you please help me out here?
    When I click to WHERE TO BUY button it says FORBIDDEN

    I want to buy this pen with its all three cartridges PLEASE kindly suggest me where I can buy it.
    I would really appreciate your support very very much


  • Soooo many choices. I’m stuck between getting this or getting a summit for dry herbs and a dr.dabber for wax… what im wondering is is there any difference between these? other than chamber size(for dry herb). I’ve only used the no2 and loved it but want something more portable. Right now I’m using a cloupor(which works alright with wax) and combusts herbs poorly(why did they even add it). I also have a portable vape called i-vape(by fusion) and while it worked alright now it doesnt seem to vape at all or do anything but heat up. A big question I have coming from the no2 is the life of the battery. Paying 45$ for a new battery turned me off. I just don’t want to waste more money. Thanks so much for your reviews and help. The world of vapes can get confusing with so many knock offs its hard to understand.. but you kill it!

  • You’ve been saying for a while now that the v2 pro series 7 review will be up soon but it still hasn’t appeared. I really want to buy it but I have read in your comments that you have some reservations about it. Please please please post your review on it as soon as possible so that I can make an informed purchase. I really trust your reviews and value what you say but I cannot use the review if does not exist. Thanks!!

  • You should review more dry herb pens. The V2 series 7 is out now and I’d love a review. Does improved vapor quality justify the jump in price? The series 3 is sooo much sleeker.

    You should also consider reviewing the Blackout X Dry Herb +. I want to know whether I should get the The V2 or the Blackout. Build quality on the V2 seems to be higher. The Blackout’s vertical heating element in a pen is impressive and vapor production seems to be greater.

    What do you think?

  • Question. I just got the series 3 with the loose leaf cartridge. After I add the herbs and take a draw, it seems like the mouthpiece screen clogs immediately so that I can’t get anymore descent draws. I grind my herbs very fine with the magic flight finishing grinder. Am I grinding it too fine? Should I use small whole buds without grinding or maybe pack the herbs tightly in there so it doesn’t get sucked up the screen? Thanks, and keep on making those videos!

  • Hey man, great videos. Very informative and helpful.

    Ive heard a lot of complaints about V2s customer service, and thats a big thing with me. So i wanna grab a QuickDraw 300. I know you said its pretty much the same, however are there any differences whatsoever? Do you have any experience with it at all?

    Thanks man, keep up the good work!

  • Hi Bud, thank you for your informative website, it’s helped me foray into this (oh so vast) new world i knew nothing about.
    I’m looking to buy a small vaporizer for an herb smoking friend in Europe, and have narrowed it down to the V2 Pro or the Summit. What would you advise?
    And what are the expendables i ought to include, so that she doesn’t get stuck out there without a critical component?

    I’ll order through your site, for sure. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the great reviews! I’m looking at v2 pro 3 as I really want a pen that I can use for all materials but does NOT combust herb. They have a series 7 v2 pro, how does it compare to a series 3? Thanks again, I agree you have the best reviews out there!!

  • My v2 seems to charge fast and doesn’t last as long as it should in my opinion. Any thoughts

  • Hi, guys, I am Amy from QOP Technology Co., Ltd, an experienced Chinese e-cigarette and acessories manufacturer. We would like to introduce dry herb/wax silicone container, silicone tray, silicone dab mat, various color and style available, cheap price, private logo available. Now, we also developed silicone BHO Barrel, cute and small, 8 colors with limited stock qty. If you are interested or want to see some samples, pls contact me, tks.

  • Really enjoying your detailed, high quality reviews, thank you. I’ve been in the market for my first vaporizer and I stumbled upon the first reviews of the V2 Pro Series 7 which seems to have the same strengths as the V2 Pro Series 3 without the drawback of the small oven/chamber for loose leaf. The price is also very competitive compared to the Pax 2.
    I was wondering if you were planning to review it soon now that it’s available and shipping. I’m very curious to hear what you’ll have to say. Cheers !

  • I live in Pittsburgh. Over the past year vape shops have popped up everywhere, naturally since there’s a lot of colleges here. But none of them have ever heard of V2 Pro. a few of the shops recognized the name V2 for their disposables but that was it. Granted its brand new out here, and still not mainstream like in med or rec states, but i was surprised that even shopowners who carried pretty much everything else on your site didnt have this one thing. i wanted to at least see and hold the thing before i bought it. i got no problem ordering off the web site but now im paranoid it wont get delivered here because of state laws.

  • If you were thinking about it, do not buy from this company. I ordered this vaporizer on Feb 23rd, got it a week later without the loose leaf cartridge. I emailed them saying that they forgot it and they told me that the part was on backorder for 30 days. I asked why was I able to pay for something that they don’t have and they upgraded my shipping. I still haven’t gotten it. They aren’t responding. Get a different vaporizer.

    • You happened to order their product at a time when then loose leaf cartridge was on back order. that shit happens bro. it happens all the time actually. they did you a solid shipping you the starter kit ahead of the cartridge instead of making you wait until the whole order was complete. why don’t you wait til you get the dry herb cartridge and see how you like it before you condemn them just like that.

  • U think the temp of 180C = 356F is high enough to vaporize all the desireable compunds in loose leaf / dry herbs

  • Hi
    my local herb shop (colorado) suggests that the V2Pro as a dry herb vapor doesn’t yield an “even” vaping of the herb leaving some herb not vaped in the chamber. he prefers a more evenly enclosed chamber similar to the PAX. Any thoughts on this suggestion or user experience are welcomed

  • Hi first time buyer, looking for a pen that gives the best [effects] (not necessarily big quantity smoke) I love my herbs but I also like the oils. Which one would you recommend that I get. I’m kinda in a budget so I wanta get my money’s worth.i been reading the comments and looks like theirs a back order problem, what other place do you recommend getting it from? Thank you

  • Hey Bud, thinking of taking the leap to a portable vaporizer and your site + vids have been super helpful. My main noob question is this: I use a one-hit bat/dugout currently and do one “batfull” nightly before getting stuff done (so not a lot). Will I waste a lot with a portable vape like the Pax or Crafty? From what I’m seeing/reading it doesn’t look like you load it full once and use it all week or something… more like for each session, and you don’t turn it on and off: It vaporizes all that’s in there at once and you either pull in the 10 or 20 hits or lose it… Too much at once for my daily use. Is there a “pack it and sip on it for a few days” solution or better to look at herbal vape pens (V2 Pro for example) that do smaller amounts? Will the portable vapes I mentioned work with a “bat sized” small amount? Thanks in advance!

    I know this should be more in the Q&A as opposed to comments, but couldn’t find where to ask. Haha!

  • Bud,
    You are the man! Thanks so much for the detail on these Vaps. It’s extremely helpful, and being new to Vaping, it’s been a life saver.

    I ordered the V2 Series 3 based on your review (and linked thru your site), because I thought it would be the best for my situation. I’m normally vaping by myself, so don’t need anything too big and i like something discreet. I might have 2 sessions in a night. I didn’t know what to expect since this is my first Vap device, but I’m disappointed. As others have mentioned (and you did too in the review), it’s too hard to get a good drag. Most of the time I’m not sure if I even got anything, and I feel light-headed because of how hard i’m pulling on it. It’s taken the enjoyment out of the whole process for me. So I’m sending it back.

    My question for you is, should I expect the light Vap and hard pulls on all these products? Do I have to go with a desktop to get something more substantial? I’m intrigued by the balloon feature of the desktops, but I’m wondering if you have to Vap the whole balloon in one sitting, or can you keep some for the next night? I’m worried it’s going to be too much for just me.

    Again, thanks so much. There are a lot of people you are helping – including me!

  • hey how do you usually take in the draws, is it better to take long draws or short? thanks for the review!

  • First of all thank you for the great website and the time you spend answering followup questions. This isn’t a question but a comment. I ordered this item and the loose leaf accessory several days ago and was billed immediately, although I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation. When I asked about this they told me they didn’t have either of the items I ordered (blue pen, leaf chamber) in stock and didn’t expect to for two weeks. When I asked them if they could please not bill me until it shipped or cancel my order, they hung up the phone. I have since not gotten through by phone, emails aren’t replied to, and I got through once to the livechat to someone named Fernando but when they confirmed the item wouldn’t ship for two weeks and would take another 10-14 days to arrive after that, I asked them to cancel, and the chat closed, and they haven’t replied to chat requests in the past 24 hours. I’m extremely unhappy with the attempted purchasing experience, and I can only imagine it gets worse from here given people’s reports of faulty components (does it take another 10-14 days to receive replacements? this is insane…). If I can ever get them to reply to email, phone, or chat again I’ll hopefully cancel the order and go with one of the other people you recommend. I would strongly urge people not to purchase from them, especially since they bill immediately, list items as in stock that are on 15 day backorder, and use very slow shipping methods compared to other vendors.

  • V2 customer service SUCKS! They MAY have good products,BUT… I say MAY have good products because it has been over a month and I haven’t received my order nor can I get a refund. If you ever need to deal with their customer service, be prepared for the run-around. They are happy to take your money without telling you the product is on back-order. Then they make it very difficult to impossible to get a refund. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE YOUR

  • I’m looking for healthy vapor without carcinogens that you’d get from combustion. I also would like a small vape that is easily concealed. I’m not a heavy smoker, just using it medicinally for when I get back spasms. It seems like this is my match, but I’m concerned about vapor quality. Will pretty much any vaporizer deliver healthy vapor even though it may not be considered ‘smooth’ like the more expensive ones?

    Thanks so much you do a lot of good work here.

    • Hey Blake the vapor quality is good from this one as well as every other vape I rate at least 80/100. The vapor will vary in flavor, smoothness and strength between vapes, but none of them will combust or burn your material.

  • Great Website! Been looking everywhere for a site like this! Im hooked. Very intrigued with the V2 because of the versatility. Would be using herbs and e-liquid. My biggest concerns are the amount of vape produced with the e-liquid and herb, as i like it fairly strong, but am ok with one I can puff on longer to get more vape as long as i can feel it in my throat like a real cigarette. Also, does the eliquid tank on this Vape regularly leak like others normally do? Ive been using cheap crappy ones that give u a mouthfull of liquid within the first few uses (HAUS, South Bch Smoke, FAZE) and would like a better one that can also use herbs

    • Hey Brian this pen is great as a multi-purpose unit, it’s basically the first 3-in-1 vape I’ve reviewed that works well with all 3 cartridges (e liquid, loose leaf, and wax).

      With dry herbs it’s very efficient (holds 0.1g) but the vapor is on the light side, it’s not what I would consider very potent. But from that small amount you can get 5-8 nice draws from it, and it’s smooth and tastes good.

      I like the performance with the e-liquid tank, and it can definitely produce strong draws/vapor that you’ll feel. They normally don’t leak at all, but I did have an issue with my first cartridge being defective and it came apart at the bottom, but I got a replacement.

  • Very excited to see what you think of the series 7. Trying to decide between the series 7 and the summit

    • Got one now and will have review posted soon, I would probably go with the Summit I’m not as impressed with the Series 7 as I am with the Series 3.

  • Here’s the problem with this whole kit. I like the model, works well for the price. But after 5 weeks, the proprietary magnetic charging cable stopped working. The light on it no longer comes on and it doesn’t send a charge to the battery. V2 claims that there’s a warranty on this product, but their warranty department seems to be nonexistent. I was on hold with them for 57 minutes before I hung up. Their “live chat” is a broken page. Sent them an email 2 days ago with no response. Furthermore, these things seem to be nowhere in stores, so the only option is to buy a new charging cable on V2’s website for $13+S&H. Buyer beware.

    • Snap!! Did they ever respond to your email? I’ve received some reports about defects but replacements were always received (eventually), please let me know!

  • Thanks for all the great reviews! I am new to all vaporizers so this sight is very helpful. After seeing all your reviews, I just couldn’t understand how a vaporizer could cost so much for such a simple concept. This drove me to the V2 Pro Series 7. I bought one on release day thanks to your good review on the Series 3. I can’t wait to try it out. I have a chronic pain issue which has me on [pills]. It’s a shitty quality of life and very bad for my health. Unfortunately I’m military, retiring this month luckily, so I’m anxious to try out some high [quality] dry herb and oil. I can’t wait to get my life back. Thanks again for your reviews and I hope this will get me of the [other stuff].

  • I hope you get to review the 7 Series soon as it just was released. I would like to know how it stacks up the the Pax and 3 series. I like the company lists out the ingredients in it’s eliquid too. It’s the only company I found that does this, and I trust them more for it. I kind of wish there was an optional portable water percolator attachment for these portable dry herb vapes sometimes…I know about the hydrotube, but it seems actually required then an optional attachment due to the heat of the vapor. Keep up the good work bro!

    • Hey James I did get the Series 7 and I’m testing it out now. It’s very different from this Series 3 pen, it’s a tiny bit larger than the Pax in size.

      Review coming soon!

  • I would like to ask you which one of these portable vaporizers it’s the healthier in any ways and especially concerning heart conditions.



    • Hey Van all of the vaporizers I review will truly vaporize your material, meaning your herb is gently heated and never burned.

  • I see they put out the wax cartridge. Will you be reviewing it?

    The Series 7 is out now too. Same basic design but oval and larger. Multiple temps. Cheaper than PAX. I wonder if its just as good. I’d be keen to see a comparison from the vape critic.

    BTW some complain that they get no vapor on the V2. If you leave some space at the top of the chamber in the Series 3 it gives way more vapor. I only pack the chamber about 50% to 70%.

    If it is packed really full, give it more time to heat. Still not as good as half packed though.

  • Hi,

    I couldn’t believe my luck when I noticed that you reply to comments! I have studied your amazing site intensely as I am looking to purchase a vaporizer. But here’s the thing; I’m a non-smoker. And I simply do not understand most of the vape lingo on here so I cannot decide which vaporizer I should seek out for purchase. I have been recommended to try vaping to deal with intense pain issues following an accident and a surgery gone wrong. Never having smoked tobacco, I thought vapes would be the way to go. I therefore need a gentle taste and easy-clean but I also don’t want to throw endless amounts of money after groceries so one that makes good use of the “food” you give it. It will not be easy for me to get my hands on oil either. Whether it’s portable or not is not important, neither is usability, I’ll figure it out. It’s not my brain that’s malfunctioning. If you have the time, I would be over-joyed if you could point me in the right direction here!

    Regardless, thanks for making this site.

    Best, DeeDee

    • Hey DeeDee I totally understand where you’re coming from, and you actually landed on one of the models I would recommend, this V2 Pro pen.

      Since you’re a beginner and want something very efficient you’ll probably like this one, it works with just 0.1g and produces a handful of smooth light draws.

      If you want to vape a little more at once and get closer to 10-20 draws (~0.2-0.3g of herbs) I recommend the Summit: https://vapecritic.com/summit/

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much for your answer. I am now the proud owner of a V2 Pro series 3 vaporizer – it is beautiful! Elegant and user-friendly and it’s even quick to charge and warm up. Wonderful. I couldn’t use the link you provided for some reason, maybe because I’m in Europe, so I purchased from V2Cigs UK and it arrived the next day – impressive. Thanks again.

  • hey bud,

    big fan. quick question about the v2 pro series 3- you say you can get 15 2 minute sessions, but approximately how many bowls does that equate to? i can usually get through 3 bowls before the needs-to-be-charged lights start flashing.

    also, after letting it charge for a while and trying to use pass-through charging, it always end up shutting off again after just a few hits. it will also turn green much sooner than i would expect it to when re-charging after using it for a bowl or two, but then will just die once i start it up again.

    does this sound normal, or might it be a battery issue?

    thanks! keep up the good work!

    • Hey Matt I’d say 3 sessions sounds about right, roughly 10 minutes each usually for me.

      The second thing you mentioned about the charging doesn’t seem right though, I will contact V2 support and describe the problem and see what they say.

      If it’s defective I’m sure they’ll replace it for free but definitely let me know how you make out!

  • Hey Vapor Critic,

    I need your advice. I am relatively new to vaping. I bought my first vaporizer about 2 months ago. I bought the Da Vinci, which turned out to be just an okay vaporizer.

    The reason I bought that particular one was, I was new to vaping and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my first vaporizer in case I did not like it. They were running really good deals on it and I got it for around $100. But now that I am vaping, I am loving it.

    The problem I’m having is a lot of times I am vaping alone and I am just looking to get around 5 good draws from it. I don’t think the Da Vinci is good for vaping a small amount of material in it. It doesn’t seem to work as well as if I had filled the chamber at least halfway. Do you agree? Is there any tricks to getting a good vape out of a small amounts of material in the Da Vinci?

    So now I am looking for a vaporizer that will work well with a small amount of material inside it and still give me a good vape from it. Almost like a one hitter.

    When doing my research the first time around, I saw that most of the pens did not do a good job of vaporizing dry materials. But now I see your review of the V2 Pro Series 3 Pen and it looks like it may be just what I’m looking for.

    Would you recommend the V2 Pro for my needs or do you think there is a better vaporizer for what I am looking for? The price is not an object so feel free to recommend something else. The most important thing to me is that it can vape small amounts of material and get me feeling really nice after a bunch of hits. I would also like it to be easy to use, easy to clean, and quick to put away.

    So in your professional opinion, what vaporizer do you think would be best for me?

    • Hey Jon this V2 Pro pen would definitely fit what you’re looking for, it works well with just 0.1g of material and gives you a handful of decent draws.

      The Firefly and the Launch Box are two other good vapes that also work well with a tiny pinch.

      • Thanks Bud,

        I decided to order the V2 Pro series 3 pen and I used your link. Considering the loose leaf cartridge is out of stock and it won’t ship until around March 31st, I was going to wait until closer to the end of the month to order it. But then yesterday I got an email that they were running a 25% sale on everything for one day, so I decided to place the order. Paid $63.73 for the kit and the loose leaf cartridge.

        One reason I was hoping to wait was V2 has acknowledged, on their forum, that there is a problem with their charger cables. The problem is apparently in the microchip design in the charger cable itself. There won’t be get a sufficient inventory of the updated chargers until April 1st so I probably won’t get the updated charger with my order. I hope this won’t be a problem. But on their forum they do say when the updated charger comes in, if you request, they will send you the new charger free of charge.

        I have a question. How do you personally charge your V2 series 3, via a USB port or wall charger? If you use a wall charger, do you use the one you can purchase through V2 or another USB wall charger that has the same voltage and Amps?

        While looking into the wall charger for the V2, it apparently uses a 5 volt – 1 Amp charger. The same as an iPhone charger. Have you heard of anyone just using a different wall charger then the one V2 sells to charge it? I have so many extra chargers sitting around, that I didn’t think it was worth it to purchase another one, especially if I had one that uses the same voltage and amperage.

        Let me know what you think and thanks again.

        • Hey Jon I’d say it’s a 50/50 split for me, half the time I charge via USB and the other half with a wall adapter.

          I have a bunch of extra adapters laying around also and that’s what I use, I never actually ordered the wall charger from V2. I believe an iPhone adapter will work just fine!

          • Thanks a lot. Your the best. Still anxiously waiting for my loose leaf cartridge so I can try it out. They are backordered until March 31. Thanks again.

  • Hey man, thanks for the reviews on vaporizers. I’ve been recently looking at one, mostly for home use, but price is a pretty big factor for me, along with performance as my first vap i bought was terrible. Really wanted the ssv vap, since one of my favourite bands Cephalic Carnage endorses it and everything, but the price of 270 is just too much. Looking for a good vap for 150 tops. This pen seems like a good price and will do decent. Any recommendations for a house vap around my price range that is good quality? Can be a standard, or portable, like the pen.
    Thanks again, great reviews. Very helpful. Will definitely purchase my product through a link of yours to help you out.

  • It was not clear to me from your review, or from the V-2 website, that the dry herb cartridge was not included with the purchase. I purchased two units, one for myself and one as a gift. It took almost 2 weeks before the units were received, and now I have to spend another $30 each(including $5 shipping) for the cartridges plus wait another 2 weeks.

      • Hello again. I placed the order on 2/17 and am still waiting. It has not even shipped yet. Worse, their customer service does not respond to email, and the hold time for phone or chat support exceeds my 15 minute limit of patience. Do you know another source to purchase the dry herb cartridge?

        • Oh man!! I don’t like to hear that I’m sorry!

          Unfortunately I don’t know where else to get these cartridges, please let me know when they respond!

  • I tried to order the V2 Pro through your link. They charged my card for the item and overnight shipping, but didn’t have the item within the next 30 days so I have cancelled my whole order. I appreciate your reviews, Sorry I tried.

  • During your video review of the V2 Pro, in the background you show someone using this vap pen and blowing out clouds of smoke. I found that to be very misleading. I purchased this pen based on your review, and I have been seriously disappointed in its performance. I’ve tried it several times, and I cannot get any vapor or smoke out of it. I’m following all the directions to the letter (I’ve been doing this for longer than most of your viewers have been alive), and it’s doing nothing but wasting herb. The performance and effects of using this pen are extremely disappointing, and I could not recommend it to anyone.

    • Hey I’m really really sorry you’re so disappointed, it doesn’t make me happy to hear you feel mislead.

      This vape is definitely on the lighter side in the vapor department, and sometimes it can be tricky to get a good draw from it.

      With finely ground material, semi-firmly packed full into the chamber, you should be able to get at least a little visible vapor but you have to take a longer draw than you may be used to.

      Try taking a slow draw for 5-10 seconds, or you could even try a few short draws in succession.

      Also please keep in mind that the lighting in my videos is setup to enhance the visible vapor to make it easy to compare vapor production from different models.

      Sometimes vapor is hard to see under certain lighting, so even though you may not see it it’s most likely there, but I totally get how it’s not as satisfying when you don’t see it.

      It might also be the draw resistance you don’t like, if you don’t pull very slowly it could be difficult.

      Are you open to other types of vapes or do you specifically need a pen?

  • Love your videos, keep it up. This video is what made me buy the V2 pro series 3 I ordered it yesterday waiting for it to come, can’t wait so excited!

  • Hey dude – Great site! A couple of things:
    1) I’ve been waiting on the Series 7 but I just got the Series 3 and so far, I’m loving the e-liquid side of it (I’m trying to stop smoking with it). I’m having less success with the loose leaf side. I get hardly any vapor. Is it possible that I’ve ground the leaf too finely?
    2)On the V2 site, they’ve taken down any mention of the Series 9 for now.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey in general the finer the better with this vape but there could be a few other reasons for no vapor.

      You want to pack the cartridge fairly tight and snug, but not super tight where the airflow is completely blocked off.

      So basically if your herb is packed too loose or too tight the performance will suffer, it has to be just right. It’s a little finicky, the Pax and some other models are like this too.

      The other thing to look at is your draw speed, you want to take a slow, long pull for a good amount of vapor. If you take just a few second draw the vapor will be very light.

      Thanks for the heads up about the Series 9, I noticed that the other day also!

      Stay up!

  • I was just looking at the Wulf vaporizers. Any insight into how well they compare to other pens? The Wulf Vape Classic Tundra is advertised as a dry vaporizer with 3 temp. settings and a non-combustion chamber.

  • Hi Bud,

    Solid reviews on your site. I ordered the V2 Pro based on your review. I was looking for a decent ‘low-profile’ portable that could handle the needs of a light-head such as myself. Whereas I was impressed with the Pax which I had been able to borrow for a month, it (like most portables I’ve come across) needs its chamber nicely filled to work effectively and consistently, which is rather more than I am comfortable with ingesting.

    Having used the V2 a good few times now I have to say it delivers. The small chamber holds a good amount for my needs, and it sure makes a little go a long way. Proper, even vaporization; it seems to get every last bit from the chamber, with nary a hint of ash. It’s simple, feels nice, looks nice, and is inconspicuous, as it just looks like a posh e-cig. It’s certainly a one-person vape though. For two people, a re-pack or swapping in a second pre-filled loose-leaf chamber is in order.

    The short auto-off time hasn’t proven much of an issue for me, as the heat-up time is fast. Impressively fast. The only issue I find is that there is no way to ascertain the battery level, just “I’m fine… I’m fine… I’m fine… I’m fine… I’m fi-oops, zero”. Just need to be sure to keep it fed fairly regularly. Nothing’s perfect, eh.

    In closing then… yes. Overall, it’s a great little vaporizer that does just what I hoped it would. Your review didn’t let me down.


    • Hey very glad to hear it!!

      I’m happy you feel that it performs the way I describe it, and that you’re diggin it overall.

      Thanks for posting, vape it up!

  • Bud,

    Appreciate the review videos. I bought my first ever portable vape (Magic Flight Box) based off your reviews, which i’m very happy with. Although one of the things i don’t like about it is sometimes it combusts herbs if i’m not careful. In your opinion which of these vaporizers is more healthy between the V2 pro and MFLB?

    Also the v2 pro looks a bit better in the convince and stealth aspect (not having to carry around batteries), and i think if someone saw you hitting that they’d assume it’s just a e-cig. Also, does the unit come with any type of warranty? Thanks again for your info!

    • Hey Ian glad you’re diggin the Launch Box, I actually think these two vapes are fairly similar in terms of performance, and they’re both efficient with small amounts of material, but with the MFLB yes if you heat too long you run the risk of combusting. This V2 will never burn and produces a light but pleasant vapor. The warranty on this one is 6 months, and it doesn’t cover the cartridges just the main unit and electrical components.

  • Hey Bud,

    Your reviews are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to give such detailed reviews. Helps making an informed choice much easier.

    I’m “new” to the whole vaping world. Looking for something that will vape dry herb efficiently. Id like something that is relatively portable.

    I’ve narrowed my choices down to the V2 and the Pax. Quite a difference in price between the two. Price isn’t much of an issue but I’ll probably only be using two to three times weekly.

    Based on your experience Pax or the V2? I though about the Magic Flight but the chance that it can combust the herb scared me off.


    • Hey thanks glad you them helpful!

      The V2 Pro 3 is a good choice if you only plan on vaping small amounts at a time, roughly 0.1g of herb which equates to about 5-8 draws of light vapor per session.

      The Pax would be better for slightly longer sessions with slightly bigger draws of vapor. When half-packed with about 0.15g of herb you can get about 10 draws, and when fully packed with about 0.35g you can get about 20 draws before it’s spent.

      They’re both good in my opinion and both are very popular, just depends which style you like better, how much you want to spend, and most importantly what your usage habits would be like.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Bud! Thanks for your awesome reviews! I have been overwhelmed by all the choices for pens, but your videos were so helpful! I ordered a V2 pen through your link so you will get compensated. Thanks again :)

  • Hey Bud,
    Could you please review Imag+, as it it is the direct competition for this model? It has the same price and similar results (actual vaporization), but which is better?

  • Thanks for all your vape reviews! They were very helpful when learning about vaping & deciding what to buy. Bought one of these V2 series 3 pens. It’s been interesting getting used to the difference between smoking & vaping. I have one question. What should the leaf look like when it is fully vaped? I don’t want to waste any.

    • Hey Debbie with this vape your herb should turn a dark green to light brown color when it’s spent. You’ll know it’s done pretty much when you stop getting any vapor from it.

      The default temperature of this model is set at a medium level so your material will never really get dark brown like it can with some other vapes.

  • Hey, thanks for your reviews…helps in the choice making! I’ve just ordered my v2 vape, along with a sample pack of flavours with 0%nicotene which they say will increase the smoke thickness…and well…I guess I can have some fruity flavours without having to head over to Amsterdam! Haha I’ve ordered through your link too! Will let u know my thoughts when I get my baby through the post. Cheers

  • Hey Bud! I’ve had bad experience with finding a good portable vape that will work with dry herbs. First I bought the Atmos Raw, which just never vaped it, it was more like a E-pipe….
    So I found this review and I’m really interested in the V2! But just want to know one thing, can you put [concentrate] in the dry herb chamber and vape it? you were able to do that with the Raw, and they kinda have the same look when there is a glass screen in it. So why would it not work on the V2 chamber?
    , Kim

    • Hey Kim I don’t think it’d really be a good idea to try and vape concentrates in the loose leaf cartridge, it wasn’t designed for that and it could possibly damage it.

      It works well with dry herbs though and soon they should be releasing their concentrate cartridge for it, which I don’t know much about at the moment but I’d imagine it would work well.

      • Wax in the loose leaf works if you add a mesh pad. I used the one from my crafty and cut it to side. Works perfectly. On the quality question, my battery is starting to fade badly after only two months of vaping. Liquid cartridge started too sizzle and crack a few weeks ago. I don’t use it much, but I think there comments about poor quality control may be warranted. My first loose leaf cartridge was also defective, and currently the pen only works for more than a few minutes if I’ve leave it plugged in. Shame because it really is a great true vaporizer

        • Ah nice tip!

          I actually just received the new wax cartridge for this pen and it’s awesome, great performance. I’m going to update this review shortly with more info and pics.

          Very sorry to hear about the defects! How has their customer service been are they responsive? Hopefully you’re able to get working replacements, let me know!

  • Thanks for the hard work! Chose the V2 for my first loose leaf vape. Soooo impressed. I’m in love. Equally as impressed at the liquid performance. Recommend it to anybody, no question.

  • Great site, I was wondering if you have ever tried a pen vape called thekindpen it has attachments so you can use it for wax, oil, or herbs. I wanted to get a pen that would be able to use all 3 and they sell one as cheap as 49$

    • Hey I haven’t reviewed a pen yet that can truly vape all 3, although this V2 Pro will probably be the first when they release their wax cartridge for it. The model you mentioned is a typical “3-in-1” pen that doesn’t truly vaporize dry herbs and will combust it.

  • I got the V2 and I like it. The first night I tried it we had some house guests; They both ordered one on-the-spot an (through your link of course).

    Discreet, efficient, light and tasty. Great efficacy too. Being able to have multiple chambers ready to go is an advantage over other portable models. Who wants to re-pack while out and about?

    • Awesome Josh I’m really glad you’re diggin it, and thanks!

      I use mine pretty often for nice light sessions during the day, it’s definitely efficient and tastes good

  • Hi, and thanks for yet another great review! I’m very active in different MJ forums, and people often ask what vaporizer to go for. I always recommend your page, and from my own personal experience, I tell people to look into the MFLB. I hope that you will continue to serve us with your experience and knowledge, and I’m hoping to see the MiniVap on your channel one day! Thanks again!

  • Hello Bud,

    I have a dilemma of which dry herb vape to get and I would appreciate your help.

    I have 3 in mind.

    1. Pax
    2. Kind tru va
    3. V2

    Please help.

    • Get the V2 if you like to use small amounts at a time and get the Pax if you prefer more vapor and longer sessions

  • One more question, Please. Do you think it is worth it to get the Pro Series 3 Pen now or wait for the Pro Series 7 Pen?
    I ask because reviewers are saying it is difficult to draw from because of Resistance.
    Do you think the Series 7 would be more free flowing and easier to draw from and worth the wait?
    The Series 3 is smaller, lighter and cheaper which I prefer but if it is hard to draw from, is it worth it?
    I would be using it for Loose Leaf and sometimes oil.
    Thanks again Bud!

    • I don’t know anything about the Series 7 yet unfortunately so I don’t know for sure, but the Series 3 does have some draw resistance.

      If you pull lightly you won’t notice it much, and this vape isn’t a big hitter so short draws is usually the way to go.

  • Hey Bud, love your YouTube Reviews!
    Can you Please tell me which Cartridge would be used for Full Melt Oil or CO2 Oil. Would it go into the E-Liquid Cartridge or the Wax Cartridge, since the oil is so thick?
    Thanks for the info as I am a bit confused.
    Take it easy Buddy!

  • In other videos you mention grinding the herb very fine to get good results. Is that required with the V2 as well, or is the chamber small enough that it matters less?

    This thing seems nice, especially since you could get extra loose-leaf chambers and have them ready to go in advance.

    I’d buy the PAX, I think, except it seems to require more material than I would usually use at one time.

    • Hey Josh yes this vape will work better if you grind very fine since it’s “conduction” style heating, just like the Pax

  • I’m a newbie here and everything seemed to be good all information is good and I was looking for vape pen now I went to the v2 website I have seen the v2 pro but wait now which is the best one you recomend the v2 pro series 3 or 7 or 9 i they all do dry herbs wax and liqiud which is best for them all especially dry herbs.

    • Right now only the Series 3 model is available and that’s the only one I’ve reviewed, the Series 7 and 9 models should be coming out soon maybe in the next few months

      For being the base model I think the Series 3 does a very decent job so I’m looking forward to trying the others as well

  • This daughter of Glasgow has found the cure to cancer with this vape stick. So long smoking!!

    My guardian angel knew I had to survive major disasters to continue my cancer research!!

  • I really wouldn’t be promoting the V2 Pro S3 to all these people. The device is KNOWN to be quite faulty and there have been MANY complaints about it. I’ve read people having to exchange this device up to FOUR times before they had one that somewhat worked. I’ve read V2 claim the bugs have been worked out of it numerous times, after they’ve openly stated there weren’t any problems, only to see more people having problems with the Pro S3.

    As for the Pro S3, it’s a nice idea but people need to understand that the device uses proprietary tanks. They are not a generic tank you can buy from any vendor. Once with the Pro S3, people are stuck buying the tanks ONLY from V2. The liquid tanks had known problems and still do, from the glue letting loose to burnt tastes after only a few fills. Also, tank stock is hit-or-miss most of the time and it’s not uncommon for people to wait a few weeks just to receive a tank.

    Hopefully people will do some research because if they do, they will see that the Pro S3 is quite overpriced and not worth the money.

    • Hey Bill I haven’t used it for e-liquids every much and my viewers are mainly concerned with the performance of the loose leaf cartridge with dry herbs

      Mine is still working fine and I haven’t received any complaints from others regarding any problems with it

  • Have you tested the cloud v premium? I know you docked the original for having only one high temp.

  • Thanks Bud. Would thicker vapor get one [stronger effects]? And as far as smell, which vape would you say are the most discrete?

    • In general yes, but it is possible for vapes to produce very strong vapor without a huge cloud

      In terms of odor a vape like this V2 would be more on the discreet side since the vapor is light and smell doesn’t escape from the unit during use

  • Hey bud
    I’m brand new to vaping. I am looling to invesr in a portable vape. I’ve watched many of your videos and tutorials as well as read many of your reviews which are very helpful. I want to make my first purchase. So far I like the Pax, Crafty, V2 Pro, and the Firefly. Since I’m a vape newbie what would you suggest?

    • Hey Roger you really can’t go wrong with any of the vapes you’ve narrowed it down to

      The Pax is wildly popular and easy to use

      The Crafty is overall the best and produces the strongest end results

      The V2 Pro is good for small amounts at a time and just a light vapor (but it’s good quality)

      and the Firefly requires a little more technique for best results but can produce an exquisite-tasting vapor.

  • Hello!
    I was just about to order through the link but it seems like the loose leaf cartridge is not included?

    • Hey yes the base package comes with the e-liquid cartridge and the loose leaf cartridge for dry herbs is an add-on

  • Can’t wait to see you get and review the v2pro 7 series as it has a much bigger oven and 3 temp settings, might be worth the extra $. Thank you for your hard work, I’m still debating a good first portable without breaking the bank and then upgrade later 2015

  • Hey Bud,

    I just now stumbled upon your site. Like many others, I am new to vaping and have been learning about different devices suitable for a beginner. Some of the other vape pens have many parts that screw together, making the V2 Pro look very easy to use and I really like the simplicity.

    My purpose for vaping is to help control chronic intractible pain. The three types of cartidges will allow me to try all forms of [material] to find what works best, without needing completely different devices.

    I have never smoked anything, so I think the smaller amount of herb and lighter vapor will be perfect for my needs!

    My question is, are the heating elements built into the cartridges on this unit? If so, how durable are they and will they last a long time?

    I’m so glad I found your site! I almost bought an Aspire Nautilus, based another reviewer, but changed my mind when I saw your excellent and thorough review of the V2 Pro.

    Any advice for a newbie will be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work and thanks again for the great review!


    • Hey Rita yes, the main body of the vape is the battery part and then each cartridge has it’s own heating element built in, and the vape will automatically detect which one you have connected and heat it accordingly.

      They’re pretty well made for what they are so I think they’ll last a good while, but if/when they die they’re luckily not expensive to replace

    • It’s light since it holds such a small amount of material, but it’s nice. For me it’s good like during the daytime when I don’t want anything too strong, but at night time when I want more I switch to a more powerful vape.

  • Hi Bud, I am new to the vaporizer world, I see that this blog is mainly for vaporizing dry herbs, but I realize that is a serious and professional review, thats the reason I want to know your opinion of this vaporizer as a replacement for smoking cigars, and if it has advantages over electronic cigars. I am a heavy smoker from 1 to 2 packages per day. I want to replace the cigarette to this vaporizer that really appeals to me. Maybe in the future I can try to change to dry herbs or waxes in a way that my smoking habitat can change into a healthy habit.
    My main priorities are, if this vaporizer can support a day of smoking or something close, especially concerning to the duration of the battery? and on the other hand, does it can give a similar experience to the taste of a cigar? I smoke menthol light. Hope that you can give me some idea. Thanks in advance and Happy Christmas.
    (I am not a Natural English Speaker, so excuse me if there are some errors, if I buy the vaporizer I am going to import it)

    • Hey Alex, since posting this review I actually did buy some e-liquid to try with this vape, and I think it works really well. I even bought one for my mother to help her cut down, and she’s using it regularly now and says it helps a lot. It’s going to feel a little different but if you’re going to give it a try this is the pen I would get, it’s well-made and produces a lot of vapor so it’s very satisfying. When using the e-liquid cartridge the battery should last at least a full day of use, but when using the dry herb cartridge it doesn’t last quite as long because it draws more power.

  • Hey Bud, I’m in the market for a vape about $100, and I’m between the V2 Pro Series 3 and the Magi Flight Launch Box. Either design will work for me–I’m just interested in the quality. Any advice?

    • Hey tough call, they’re both good for the price and equally as efficient. They’re made of different materials but both feel quality, not cheap or cheesy.

      I would probably base your decision on which design you think you’ll like more, or just pick one now and get the other one in the future ;)

  • Okay, thanks. I’m on the hunt for a good pen vape that wont combust dry flowers. The T-vape looks interesting.


  • Love the videos man.
    Was wondering if the loose leaf cartridges are easily cleanable? For example, let’s say I wanna [use it] but then wanna bring my vape with me on a plane. Could I clean it up so there’d be no problems?
    Thanks a ton and keep up the good work!

    • Hey it’s hard to say 100%, it’s fairly easy to clean it but there are some really tiny crevices that might be hard to get into. I think the safest route would be to pick up an extra cartridge and when you travel just bring the new one.

  • Im new in this vaporizer thing i am between this one or atmos boss what do you recomend? Or if you have another recomendation for a economic portable vape or pen

    • I haven’t tried the Boss yet so I don’t know if it’s good but this one is a great option if you want a pen that truly vapes dry herbs

  • I would be really interested in seeing the v2 pro series 7 in action. I dont know if I should by the series 3 or 7.

  • Great review as usually. The link for your Cloud V Phantom review doesn’t work on the site, but I saw it on youtube. I’m requesting a review for the Cloud Terra. It’s got 2 lower temp settings than the Phantom, at 375 and 410F.

    Also looking forward to hear what you think of the Arizer Air.

  • First off I wanna say, Bud thanks for the great review, you make it simple to choose the right vape. I just ordered this vape recently based on your review.

    I got the vape, but unfortunately the loose leaf cartridge was out of stock. I just want people to know, if you plan to get this vape, expect a wait on the loose leaf cartridge. There is about a 10 to 15 business day wait period for it due to high demand. I wasn’t aware of this when I bought it so I don’t want people to have to deal with the surprise of a wait period.

    I haven’t received the loose leaf cartridge yet but I am optimistic of the performance because of your review.

    Thanks for your work Bud.

    Stay up!


  • been looking at the v2 pro…need something portable but cant make up my mind with this or the pax or davinci ascent. Not worried about the amount per pull. I’ll sacrifice the $ for the best.

    • Out of the 3 I would go with this one or the Pax, they’re pretty different but you can’t go wrong with either one!

  • Hey Mister Bud…these reviews are well thought out, much appreciated!

    Got a Q on the V3 in terms of portability…if you’re using the dry cartridge, and then want to switch to the liquid cartridge, can you carry the liquid cart without it leaking juice? Or, do you have to bring the juice bottle and fill it at that point and then attach it to the battery case? Hope this makes sense.

    • Hey Carolyn yes, you can carry around the eliquid cartridge separately (pre-filled) and it will not leak. I wouldn’t store it upside-down or anything, but standing up or on its side should be cool :)

  • Wow, great blog , a real service to the community. I’m getting complaints from a neighbor about smells from my apartment (circulating through heating ducts), so I need a vape that is odorless – what’s the best vape for that need?

  • Hey i just ordered this, and i am wondering if it’s harder to inhale than smoke because i can never inhale an ecig without pain and coughing. I can inhale smoke just fine. Thank you in advance,

    • There is a little draw resistance with this one so it’s not gonna be completely free-flowing, but just take an easy slow pull and you’ll ge tgood results.

      • That’s not what the man asked. Read it again please. It has to do with his ability to draw from a vape without pain or coughing. Your response addresses the pull strength needed, not the comfort factor. I say this because I also have difficulty with too strong a hit, making me cough, and causing lung pain. I have to avoid that, because I’m 65, and a harmonica player. I want to preserve my lungs.

        Thanks for your reviews. You’re usually quite accurate. You must have been tired when you read this one.

  • So Ive been visiting your site every now and then since I found it in 2013. Ive come to respect your opinion and believe you know what the hell your talking about lol.

    With that being said I have been looking into getting my first vap (gonna use it for oose leaf) for some time now.

    I kinda decided on the Orbit or this series 3 vape but I dont know which one I should go for? Which one do you think would be better for a first time Vape user? The price on the V2 Series 3 is real appealing. I saw that you mentioned it has light tugs, but is it enough for the average person to get enough in one session?

    • Hey if you’re deciding between this one and the Orbit I would go with this one, especially if it’s your first vape.

      Yes the vapor will be light with the V2, but it’s super efficient, so even if you have to pack it twice to get full effects you still only use about 0.2g (chamber holds ~0.1g).

      Orbit isn’t bad and since it’s significantly bigger it does produce more power, so you can get bigger draws but you need to pack more material (~0.3g).

      I’m a heavy vaper and for me one V2 sesh is good for daytime for something light, at night I would need two packings.

  • My biggest concerns are potency and conservation. I’m guessing the V2 is probably the best at conserving [material] and it’s the cheapest, so that’s why it stands out to me. I am tempted to look into the crafty cause of the stuff that comes with it including the pad for vaping smaller amounts. I would like to know if you could point out a vaporizer that induces the [strongest results]; not necessarily the biggest clouds. I think my decision is gonna come down to the V2, pax, magic flight, crafty, or the firefly. Another vape I seen was called the Alfa goboof and I was wondering if you knew anything bout that too.

    • Hey Mike if you’re looking for the strongest results (most potent vapor) then I’ll point you towards the Crafty & Mighty.

      I like and recommend all 5 vapes you listed, this V2 is very efficient and the vapor is good quality but it’s light and not as strong.

      I don’t know anything about that last one yet but I do have it on my list of possibilities to review, thanks for your request!

  • Hey, Mr. Bud!
    Thank you SO much for such nice, honest, and thorough reviews. I’m glad I came across one of your videos (for the V2) and ended up in your website. Will definitely order through your links! :)
    So, here’s my thing: I’m new, like totally new. I’m considering the Pax or the V2. I actually do have the money to get either… though, considering I’m most definitely not a ‘connoisseur’, I wonder if it’s reallllllllly worth for me to spend $250 on the Pax, when I can get the V2 full kit for under $120. I mean, it’s a huge difference in price. I guess my concern is that the V2 would end up being “cheaply made”. Do you think it’s sturdy, well made, etc??
    Many thanks for your advice!

    • Hey thanks Tony!

      As far as build quality I actually think it’s pretty good with the V2, it doesn’t feel cheap at all, and I wouldn’t say it’s very different between the two.

      Biggest difference I would say is the chamber sizes and how many draws you get per session. V2 chamber is smaller, only holds about 0.1g and you 5-7 light draws from it. Pax oven holds about 0.3g-0.4g and you can get ~20 draws in one session.

      The V2 you would have to restart, or turn back on, every 2 minutes because of the auto shut-off timer. The Pax won’t turn off unless you set it down and it doesn’t move at all for ~20 seconds, it’ll stay on the whole time you have it in your hand.

      They both have some draw resistance, and vapor quality is fairly similar you just more with the Pax.

    • Hey that’s actually a price range that not many vapes fall into, I would say to either go a little cheaper to about $100 or go higher to about $250.

      On the lower end I like this V2 Pro and the Launch Box, and on the higher end of that range I like the Firefly, Pax and Haze vapes.

  • Thanks for the review! Would it be possible to [use solid concentrates] with this? If so with chamber would be good?

    • Hey normally you need a concentrate that fully melts when heated for it to work in a vape pen, but this model actually can’t do concentrates at the moment because the wax cartridge isn’t available yet, should be soon though.

  • Hello Bud,
    Do you have any news on the Series 9 that is coming out? I wait for your review. Have a Great Thanksgiving.

    • Hey I don’t have any news at the moment but I’ll def be checking that one out when it’s released, thanks for your request!

  • ty for all your reviews I purchased this and the space case grinder(thru your links of course) and am really looking forward to using them. plan on getting the plenty down the road!

  • How long do the loose leaf cartridges last? I’m considering ordering 2 so I dont have to worry about it later. Is it worth it?

    • They seem pretty well-made so my guess would be they’d hold up for many uses, but I can’t say exactly how long yet. It can’t hurt to add on an extra one, but you probably won’t need it for a while.

  • Hi i was wondering what your thoughts are on the cloud v phantom, and if you had to choose between the v2 pro and the cloud v phantom which one would you choose?

    • I have a review for the Phantom comin real soon but it is a little different than this V2.

      The biggest differences are that the herb chamber of the Phantom is bigger, it can hold ~0.25g versus ~0.1g. So you end up getting more vapor and a few more draws from it.

      But the temp is set higher on that one so the vapor isn’t really as smooth or comfortable as the V2 Pro.

      I like both and would say to get the V2 if you want a really efficient vape with small amounts of herb that produces a lighter vapor, and get the Phantom if you want stronger vapor and don’t mind it being a little hot feeling.

  • Hi
    I was just wondering, does this particular pen alter the taste in any way? I looking to purchase two portable pens that are true vaporizers (no combustion) that does not alter the taste of the herb. What pen do you recommend? Is this still your highest rated? I live in an apartment complex thats strict no smoking policy but I dont want to have to leave my apartment everytime I need to smoke :( so discretion is a MUST..

    • Hey I think this vape is right up your alley, it truly vaporizes dry herbs (no burning) and the taste is pretty good, just as good as most other vapes. This one is very good for using small amounts of material at a time (0.1g) to get roughly 5-7 light draws of vapor. It doesn’t smell very much either which is nice.

    • I also live in a no smoke unit.what I do is blow my exhaust in a stream of running tap water.absolutely no odor if done correctly

  • Pretty cool features. I believe it is an art to get “cool feature” and quality in the same product. Not dogging the V2. I used their brand when I tried to quit smoking. So off topic. Per your advice I bought the Pax Ploom and the Herbie. Love them both. But change the bags regularly or else you’ll have herbs from herbs past in it. Pax I like also. Gives a huge “ploom ” of vape if you will. Well done sir. Keep em coming.

  • Hello Vapecritic, huge fan!
    I’m interested in buying the V2 Pro Series 3, but would most likely be using it solely for dry herbal material. My question is whether or not the loose leaf cartridge for the Series 3 is durable and will last, or whether I will need to buy new cartridges frequently on account of it getting worn-out, or anything like that? Would I be better off doing this, or getting something like the Pax that–with regular cleaning–will last me longer? Thanks a bunch!

    • Hey Andy!

      The loose leaf cartridge actually feels really well-made to me, I’m thinkin it’ll last a very reasonable amount of time before you need to replace it. I’ll definitely update this post if I find otherwise.

      As for this one versus the Pax, I would go by the experience each one will provide…

      The V2 Pro is better for very small amounts of material at a time and taking only a handful of light draws.

      The Pax would be better for packing a decent amount and vaping a full session of 15-20 good draws.

  • Bud, youre the best! I dont know how i stumbled upon you and your site, but I’m glad I did.

    I was all over the internet trying to find reviews of various vapes. A lot of those reviews are a joke. I mean people are out here recommending products that straight up burn/combust material.

    Now, VapeCritic is all I need. I trusted your recommendation on the Pax and was not dissappointed. Now I’m using your research, your review, and your link to purchase the V2 Pro Series 3.

    Stay up brother and know you are truly doing some marvelous work.
    Peace ,

  • Hey man, I am trying to narrow my search for a good portable vap. I was thinking either the MFLB or the V2 pro series 3. I like the V2 pro series 3 since you can use the E liquid as well. Also i was looking at the vapolution pocket vap (glass piece) to vap with. Any comments on that?
    Great work with your reviews!

    • Hey Chris they’re both good vapes, and they’re both very efficient with small amounts of material, so I don’t think you can go wrong with either one, I would just go with whichever style suits you best.

      I haven’t tried that other vape you mentioned but I’ll def check it out, thanks for your request!

  • Howdy Vape Critic,
    Awesome informative site here. I been reading the reviews for your top rated vaporizers (the herbalist on down). A lot of your reviews talk about the vapor being “comfortable.” But, I haven’t really found that aspect specifically compared. My throat has become very irritated through old school methods, to the point I need to change things up. What I am eager to know is what is THE MOST “comfortable” vaporizer out there? All the others qualities are secondary for me. I will use a whip or balloon, portable or desktop, small clouds, whatever :) Spending $700+ doesn’t thrill me, but, i will do it if a device produces the least irritating vapor available. Really appreciate any feedback! Thanks! -Thomas

    • p.s. – FYI – I am really considering the Plenty, with it’s “cooling coil” and all. Sounds cool. – Thomas

      • Hey Thomas,

        Basically right now I consider all of the vapes I have rated 93/100 or higher to have excellent quality vapor.

        Some of them produce vapor that’s strong enough to make you cough a little, but it’s not because of it being hot or harsh, just very potent.

        I’m inclined to recommend the Volcano or Herbalizer as the two best vapes for high quality vapor that’s not really intense enough to make you cough.

        The Plenty, Mighty and Crafty are really the vapes I’m referring to when I say ‘intense’. However, if you dial back the temperature with these and set them for light vapor it will definitely be less intense.

  • Could you do like vaporizer giveaways… I want a good one really bad but I am a poor college student. Thanks. And I love your vides by the way. You are really funny!

      • I’m joining to the compliments
        What do you think about this vape vs. the new cloud Phantom.
        Since A LOT of people are super excited about it, and I could see that so were you?

        I own Magic Flight Launch box with the power adapter, but now I’m out looking for good vape pen as next step.
        The V2 Pro seems to have big shortcoming, very small chamber.
        It could be nice if you can add to your “best of…” categories, an other option, like second best.
        Your opinion is important to me, and it is a big part of my decision, but not always fit to my needs. So, a second best can sometimes solve the problem.

        I think your reviews are excellent!

        After looking around all over youtube and other internet reviews I really, honestly, think that you do the most job.
        I feel like you take the stuff super seriously and thoroughly.

        • Thanks Sal!

          I’ll definitely consider adding alternative options to the best of list. I think the Phantom is pretty good and if the newer model has a lower temperature option it probably works well, the original one I have only has one heat setting and it’s very high.

          I like the Phantom and this V2 Pro just about equally, but the V2 is better for smaller amounts (~0.1g) and the Phantom is better with ~0.25g, so you can get bigger draws out of it.

          • Hello I was wondering if I should get this or the original davinci vape for 100 dollars or is their anything better then those two for that price range?

          • I was going to ask about the phantoms as well. Nice to see you already answered. If you regard it so highly, have you considered doing a full review on it?

      • Hi Bud!
        Couldn’t find where to leave a comment. I just purchased one based on your review. I use it for dry herb. It’s my first vaping experience. When you talk about draws, is it slow gentle draws or like if you were sucking on a straw. I feel like it has a lot of resistance.Im considering the crafty but I don’t need long sessions. [some text redacted] Any suggestions?
        Thank you,

        • Ground medicine fine..
          make sure it’s dry…
          I have one also and it works like a charm…
          draws are slow like you said…
          the metal piece comes out of mouth piece clean that also on both sides… I have used a pin to poke out lodged particles… dab some alcohol on it and it should be good…
          It takes some getting use too.