Launch Box vs. NO2 Comparison

NO2 vs. Launch Box The Vapir NO2 and the Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizers may both be portable, and they may be somewhat within the same price range, but they work very differently. The MFLB is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but the NO2 is more of a handful (eh, maybe two). The Magic-Flight uses rechargeable AA batteries as its power source, and the Vapir has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. I think both of these vapes are good just in different ways.

The main advantage of the Launch Box is that it truly is super portable. It literally fits in your pocket, comfortably. It comes with two AA batteries that when fully charged will last you at least two chamber-fulls each. Almost everybody who owns this absolutely loves it, and it’s hard to find a bad review. The other cool feature is that it’s super quick – you can be vaping in under 10 seconds with this thing.

The NO2 is definitely larger than the Launch Box, so it’s not quite as portable, but its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold and easy to use while doing other things. It also takes the guesswork out of how long to heat your herbs before vaping because once you set the desired temperature and the unit heats up you just take draws at your leisure. Now the NO2 isn’t quite as fast as the MFLB, but at a warm-up time of 60-90 seconds it’s not bad at all.

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Video transcription:

What’s up, guys? This video is going to be a quick comparison of the Magic- Flight Launch Box and the Vapir NO2. Now, these are both portable vaporizers and they’re not too different in price. The Launch Box is $119 and the NO2 is $179, but they do work very differently.

The Launch Box is really small. I’m pretty sure it’s the smallest vaporizer that you can get. It fits in the palm of your hand. It easily fits in your pocket. You can bring this thing anywhere. All right, this thing is tiny.

The NO2, as you can see, is a little bigger. It’s probably four times the size of the Launch Box, but it’s a handful and then a little more. Some of its off the camera here but the only thing up here is this little tube part and this part actually could come off but it’s recommended to keep it on. So, this is the whole thing.

The way that these are powered is a little different, also. The way the Launch Box works, is it uses a double AA battery, like this, a rechargeable one. This is a little cap that you can put on it when you’re not using it. It just looks like this. So, after you put your herbs in the chamber and you want to start vaping with the Launch Box, you just take your charged battery out. You put it in here, you put it in all the way and you should be able to see in there, the red light that goes on to indicate it’s starting to heat up and then you start vaping. So, it’s really quick, it’s within five seconds, you’re vaping with the Launch Box. It’s amazingly fast.

Now, with the NO2 it’s a little different. It has an internal rechargeable battery and it comes with a wall charger. There’s the little jack there. So you’ve got to plug it in and it takes a few hours to fully charge the battery but then once it’s charged, what you could do is, the on-off switch is on the side, you could turn it on, you set your heat, which for this vape I set at 350 degrees.

In my other review video of this vape, I talk more about why I set it at 350. So, once you set your temperature to 350, you turn on the heat with that button. Then, you’ve got to wait about 60 to 90 seconds with this one, and when it’s fully heated up to the temperature that you set, this red light will turn green and that means you can start vaping.

So, as far as how long they last on a charge, with the Magic-Flight I noticed that each fully charged battery will get you, at least, two packings of the chamber before it starts to die out a little bit. And it’s not going to be as powerful as when you first started using it. But if you really wanted to, you could probably squeeze, maybe, four chambers out of one battery. Generally, I do about two. It does come with two batteries though, so technically you can get four chambers out of two batteries.

Now with the NO2, I found that a full charge will last me about an hour, which was about four 15 minute sessions for me. That was kind of cool because that’s kind of a long time. The NO2 is also designed pretty well because it’s really comfortable to hold and once it’s heated up and you have your herbs in the chamber, you can totally multi-task with this thing because this is all you need to do and then you inhale from the tube and that’s it. You’re good to go.

And speaking of how simple it is, this vape is basically just two parts once you get it together. This is the top chamber. This is where you put your herbs, in that piece there. There is a little screen down in the bottom of the chamber there. There’s also this screen on the top here. So, this vape has two little screens. It comes with a bunch of them when you first buy it, so it’ll last you a good few months, at least.

Once it’s heated up to the temperature that you set, mine’s smoking a little bit from whatever residue was in there, but once it’s heated up and you put your herbs in, you just take the top and screw it back on like that. Then you start taking pulls out of it and that’s it.

Then, you basically keep taking draws until it’s spent, and then you can turn off the heat and that’s it. Now, this vape is cool because it also has an automatic shutoff so if you turn the heat on and you put it down and you forget about it or whatever, you don’t have to worry too much because it will just shut itself off after 20 minutes. So, that’s kind of cool.

One of the other things that I really like about both of these vapes is that they are totally silent when you’re using them. They don’t make any noise from the second you turn it on, through the whole vaping session, to when you turn it off, you won’t hear anything. And that’s also why I think these might be better than some of the other portable handheld vaporizers that are out there. Because I heard that some of those make some noise when they’re heating up or whatever, like the butane ones.

These are pretty cool. They’re really, really well made. The brand that makes this one has been around for years and years and years. They make really good stuff and it’s very affordable, which is cool. The company that makes this, I’m guessing this is their only product as of now, but they really put a lot of thought into it. Even though there’s no mechanics in this thing. There are no electrical circuit boards or anything, it’s just basically wood and some metal rods and some acrylic, but they really put a lot of thought into it. It’s really made well and it does the job. It’s definitely a good product.

Now as far as which one I think is better, I actually gave both of these roughly the same rating, these vapes, because I think that between the two of them, their pros and their cons kind of even out and it really just come down to your personal preference and what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for something that’s extremely portable and you want to take it everywhere with you, go with the Launch Box. That’s what you want because like I said, this thing’s tiny. I have the mouthpiece, the stem, in here now, but you don’t even need this in here.

If you really want to make it small, you could leave this part at home and just take it like this. Just take this and your battery in your pocket and that’s it. Both of these fit in the palm of your hand so it’s kind of cool because you can literally take this anywhere with you. The NO2 is obviously a little bigger so it’s not as portable, but you can still do other stuff while you’re using this. It has no cords, obviously, and it fits really comfortably in your hand.

There are pluses and minuses to both of these, but when you weigh everything out it’s really just what you’re looking for. I think that they are both great products and I use them both. If you want to see my full reviews of two vapes, there will be links right here for the Launch Box and the NO2. To see my full reviews, there will also be links below and a description.

If you’re looking to buy either one of these and you want to just go right to the store, go to to go to the Launch Box page and go to to go right to the NO2 page. And if you already own either one of these, let me know in the comments below, what you thing about it. Do you agree with me, do you not? What do you think? Which one do you like better? You’ll also help people out who haven’t bought it yet to decide which one is right for them.

Thanks for watching, guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my stuff and I’ll see you soon.


  • I would NEVER recommend the Vapir NO2. Have had all three units I’ve bought thru Vapir, FAIL in as many years. Yeah, the trade in program gets you a new one for $75, but that only implies that’s all it’s WORTH. The parts they use are cheap. I had the main power switch fail, the main power connector fail, and then the thermostat. The NO2 V2 was an improvement in heat up time and battery life, but still the same cheap parts list. Do Not Buy! That is my experience. – Rob V.

  • Hey! I’m looking for a vaporizer under $200, the most important thing to me is vapor production, which vape would you say produces the most vapor under $200 (willing to go a little over $200, but not much)

  • Hi
    I have a PAX with problems and want to have a portable vape for both Tobacco and Herbs without spend all my money again….
    My doubt is about which one to buy, the MFLB or NO2?
    Which one is best for tobacco??
    Which one has the bigger chamber??
    My Pax did a great job on vaping tobacco before it stop heating and charging.If you live outside US or Canada dont buy a Pax because you will not have a warranty!!!!!

  • ive had the vapir no2 for a couple years now and it still works great and i still love it! tastes sooooo good!!

  • Hi. Great reviews! — I had a question about the NO2. I really like the unit, but the use of so much plastic at high temperatures makes me worry about toxic fumes. The manufacturer says they use a special hardened plastic that will not be affected by the high temperatures, but I still have doubts.

    Is it possible Vapir will make a model with metal or glass parts to ease consumer’s fears?

    • Hey I’m not currently aware of any new models coming from Vapir but you never know what could be in the works!

  • @joynone: I use the MFLB as a personal (solo use) stealth vape – thats what its really good at :)
    In my personal opinion, it can not really go the distance for a group session unless u carry spare batteries, even if u do, I still would not recommend it for group sessions unless if u have the MFLB Power Adapter, then maybe (I don’t have the power adapter).
    To add, there also is a technique to using the MFLB that people have to learn, and this can be frustrating with newbies coming along and burning the herb.
    Its a great stealthy, personal vape, that can still be shared with 1 or 2 friends on 1 healthy battery.

  • 1st: I’m sorry about my english language issues.

    I was investigating about pen vaporizers, but many reviews tell that is not really a vapor tool. Seems like a e-pipe…

    Now, I’m tending to buy the MFLB.

    I heard a lot of histories about fakes pax and I prefer a no risk buy.

    The reviews about davinci and solo Discouraged me. when we talk about the vapor density, vapor pull out difficult(draw resistance?!*), and the Pocketable function.

    About the MFLB, i have some questions/afraid
    What the main difficult to play long/group sessions with MFLB?
    Is he hard to recharge?(the herb)
    How much doses of 0.3 (or 0.5?) grams can I play with 1 AA battery?

  • Thanks a lot. I found your videos to be very informative and helpful. They played a major role in my decision making, ultimately leading to a purchase.Keep up the good work.

    • They’re not far apart in that area but you may find the odor a little easier to control with a vape like the Launch Box where the heater isn’t engaged the whole time.

  • Launchbox deffinatley next, and i was super bummed about the PUFFIT might do some electronic upgrades with a Vapir No2

  • Vapir N02 second best purchase ever, next to volcano. check out the vapor dome attachment for the volcano. killer whip attachment

  • Hey, I am wondering if buying the MFLB or the NO2, I am new in this thing of vaps, I would really love to get the one that is going to get me [strongest effects], I read that the best temperature is 356 – 392 F, so that makes me go more for the NO2 because it lets you change it, but which one would you recommend me? (I don´t care really if the MFLB is easier to carry anywhere)

    • Hey Sebastian,

      As far as how strong each vape is I think they’re fairly similar. The main differences to consider with these two models is first the size, but also what scenarios they work best for.

      I find that the MFLB works best for vaping small amounts at a time (roughly 0.1g) spaced out over a longer period (a few hours or all day).

      The NO2 is better for vaping a full session at one time (roughly 10 draws or so) and it works best when it’s fully packed with approximately 0.2g of material.

  • Thank you for your comparison. I actually own the NO2 and love it , but I will say that it loses a lot of vapor to condensation within the walls of the nozzle and the straw. Screen seems to clog pretty fast as well. Haven’t tried the Launch Box but after this review it’s def going on order. Thx again and stay up !

    • I love my launch box. Did u get yours? I’m getting another just because. I think maybe walnut or cherry premium woods look nice. If I have the extra money I will becuse it’s such a cool product I’d like to collect all te wood types and the finishing grinder for each one. You MUST own the finishing grinder by them for best results. The Vape critic will tell u the exact same thing in his videos. That’s where I first learned. Then I tried for myself and I can agree with Bud (Vape critic) that you can SERIOUSLY supercharge your portable vaping sessions with that grinder in use. It’s tiny like the launch box is. In fact it sits on top of the trench. Pretty sic. Next up for me is their power adapter. From Bud’s video it shows you being able to really turn up or down the heat, and I always wished I could do that when a battery ran low..just flip a switch. The next best thing for at home use is the power adapter. I don’t work for Magic-Flight. I’m just a big fan and hope u liked your launch box as much as I do. Be cool. +Æ*—

  • Hey man,
    I never smoked or vaporized tobacco or … herbs. But after learning about vaporizing herbs I decided to try it. Needless to say I’ve been reading a lot of reviews & threads and your’s have been by far the most informative, thank you. Eventually I want to get the plenty for home, but for now I narrowed it down to these two portable ones.
    I have a few questions. First off, I have a 1 1/2 year old son and he tries to get his hands on everything. I obviously plan on keeping it out of reach, but how dangerous would you say the batteries for the MFLB are? Also I read your tips on the MFLB, to grind to almost a powder state & laying it on a piece of paper so it can dry, but how hard do think it would be for someone who has zero experience smoking or vaporizing to pick it up?
    From what I read all you need to keep buying for the MFLB is batteries and all you need to keep buying for the NO2 is screens, so which one would I be spending more money on? Lastly which one would say feels healthier or cleaner to you? Sorry for writing an essay on here & thanks again for the info.

    • Hey Jon,

      The batteries used with the Launch Box have the outer shell removed, which I suppose technically makes them a little more dangerous than normal ones.

      This means the whole outer surface of the battery is the negative terminal, instead of just the very bottom part. So if the battery were to come in contact with metal touching both the top and sides it would start to heat up.

      Normally you avoid this happening by keeping rubber caps on the batteries, but these are small and you wouldn’t want the little one getting a hold of those.

      I don’t think learning to use the Launch Box is extremely difficult, but some people consider it a little tricky at first.

      If you go into it knowing that the material you put in needs to be dry and very finely ground you probably won’t have any issues using it.

      The hardest part after that is just figuring out how fast or slow you like to draw to get the vapor density to your liking.

      I’d say that over the course of time the cost of ownership would be roughly equal between the two. The MFLB starts out cheaper but replacing batteries will add on a little more over a couple years. Batteries are about $10 per pair and depending on usage they should last a good 3-6 months.

      The only real maintenance with the NO2 is keeping it clean and changing screens every so often, and the cost of those is very small.

      It’s hard to say which one feels cleaner, they’re fairly similar in that regard.

      I would say that the NO2 is a good choice if you plan on enjoying a full session in one sitting, over the course of 10-15 minutes or so, and then putting it away.

      The MFLB would be the better option in my opinion if you instead plan on taking one or two draws, putting the vape down, and then picking it back up again for another draw 20 minutes, an hour, or a few hours later.

      I hope this info helps and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!


      • Thanks man. I think I’m going to go with the Launch Box. Have you used the wipes with it? If so do you like them and think it helps with cooling? And have you used the wooden Magic-Flight grinder that they sale? If so, how do you think it works compared to others?

        • Hey I haven’t tried using a whip with the MFLB other than the water pipe whip.

          I have tried their finishing grinder though and it works great. I find it works a little better and builds up less gunk when you put material in it that’s already been ground up, so I actually end up grinding twice (first in Space Case, then in this one).

  • Dude, You rock! Very useful videos. Bought the volcano and launch box at the same time( after watching your videos) love them both equally. hard to compare though,one home use and one portable. so ,ordered the No2 to compare to the launch box. The Launch box is going to be hard to beat. fantastic product

  • Thanks for your opinion, I need some help.I got the MF launch box and until I chanced across it I had never heard of this way to use herbs. I am a veteran herb user going back to 1966. just now in my life no friends use herbs to relieve stress or pain and i am certainly behind the times on techniques. I do NOT like the MFLB at all. After reading your review,I think I got some bad batteries. I will charge them and mostly get no vapor of little vapor and have to inhale 6- 8 times exhale and do that several times over and over just for any effect at all. The only time there is any positive outcome is if I use a certain battery right after charging. I have seen videos on utube and see much vapor coming from peoples mouths and I think the technique i have is good just no results. I think a plug-in vape is the best for me but dont want to spend the volcano price. and dont want those little baloon bags. and dont want to get ripped off. I just want one for evenings to sit down and relax and relieve my hip pain. any advice? also the herbs never darken except one batch did . I just change them and use them to combust and they combust with good results, but I have some old lungs and need relief. Oletimer in Florida

    • Hey Oletimer,

      Thanks for posting your experience with the Launch Box, I may be able to provide some tips that could help and make some recommendations.

      The MFLB is one of the most finicky vapes (hardest to use properly) but with the proper technique it is possible to get good results with it. Out of all the vapes I own now and have reviewed I still like to use my LB a lot, and I still prefer it over many others.

      3 very important things to get good results with the MFLB:

      1) Batteries must be fully charged and can’t be too old – after a few months of regular use they tend to die out and not hold a strong charge anymore. As long as the orange light inside emits a strong glow when you engage the battery you should be in good shape. If the light only has a weak glow then you may need some new batteries.

      2) The material you put in must be VERY FINELY ground up, as close to a powder as you can get it. The finer you can grind your material the more surface area the heat reaches and the better the unit will vaporize it.

      3) The material you put in must be VERY DRY. If your material is moist at all it will greatly hinder the performance of the vaporizer. One tip that works is to lay your material out on a sheet of paper to dry for at least 15 minutes AFTER you grind it up, so you lay out the tiny grinds on the paper and it dries faster than big clumps.

      If you make sure you take care of those 3 points you should be able to get good results from your LB.

      However, no vape works flawlessly for everybody, so if you still don’t seem to like it I can make a few other recommendations…

      The Volcano would be my #1 recommendation, but I know it’s very expensive, so next I would recommend either the Plenty or Silver Surfer.

      If you really don’t want to spend a lot at all you can also consider the Extreme-Q, which is decent but not one of my personal favorites, and you can also consider the Hot Box.

      I’m currently in the process of reviewing the HB and haven’t posted my review yet but I think for the price (under $200) it does a good job of producing vapor. It’s nothing fancy and it’s not made of the highest quality materials, but I think it’s a good inexpensive option if you just want decent vapor production.

      Generally I’ve found that desktop (home) units perform better and produce more vapor than portable models, so if the Launch Box doesn’t end up working out for you I would think about going for a home unit for better results and I would avoid buying any more portables.

      Hope this helps!

  • Are these the best two portable vapes in the 200 and under dollar range? I was looking at pax or the solo but they are too expensive.

  • Hey once you get the hang of the MFLB is the vapor quality as good/better than the no2. I saw the question above about potency but thought that applied more to how high you were going to get.

    • Sup James,

      The MFLB is different from most other vapes in my opinion because it produces a unique kind of vapor.

      It doesn’t produce big clouds or much visible vapor but it’s actually very potent, a little bit goes a long way with the Launch Box.

      The NO2 produces a little more visible vapor but I think it’s slightly less potent.

      One thing that both the LB and the NO2 share is that the vapor is a bit on the hot side, so it’s not as comfortable as some of the better vapes. But regardless I think that they’re both very decent vapes and worth their respective prices.

  • Hey I was wondering if you have had any experience with the dragon lite portable vaporizer? It seems to be just like the mflb.

    • Hey sup, that dragon vape is a cheap knockoff of the MFLB and it’s made from inferior parts. It also doesn’t work as good. I would stay away from that one and get the real thing if you like how it looks.

    • Hey sup,

      I personally enjoy the MFLB a bit more. Even though it’s one of the least expensive vapes I have I still do use it sometimes and like how fast it is.

  • Hi, thanks for the info, I found your posts very informative and am waiting for my MFLB to arrive :)
    Have you ever tried out the HerbalAire H2.**’s vapes?
    I have the H2.1, it does a great job IMO, except the OEM pump was a bit slow which they have now changed with the H2.2.
    Just curious to know where you would place it as I’ve only tried that and the Vapir N02 (and some electronic pipes like the Atmos RAW and Skyda 5 pen).

    • Hey Vik,

      I actually haven’t had a chance to try the HerbalAire yet but I’m going to put it on my list of future possibilities – thanks for the request!

  • I only asked because I had heard that the MFLB only can get you at about a 5/10 at best. How does it compare to the Arizer solo?

    • Believe it or not I think the Launch Box can get you to at least a 8/10 which is one of the reasons I rate it so high for such an inexpensive vape. That and how quick it is to use.

      I rate the MFLB and the Solo the same, but they have different qualities…

      The main benefit of the Solo is the vapor quality and taste. It’s bigger than the launch box and not as fast but it does a very good job at producing tasty vapor, especially for a portable vape (although it is a little harder to carry around because of the bigger size and glass stems).

  • Hi, I was just wondering which one of these is most potent. They both seem pretty even overall. I think the potency will be the deciding factor between these two. Love your vids man.

    – Joel

    • Hey Joel thanks for your feedback.

      I’d have to say that the MFLB might be slightly more potent than the NO2.

      Stay up!

      • Thank the Lord baby Jesus. I have been loking for this answer everywhere!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve had the launch box for a few months now and I love it. Its the only vaporizer I have and ever used and I’m still shocked of how awesome it is. Its craftmanship is supurb and its so portable I take it with me everywhere . I would of liked to have gotten an extra pair of batteries simply cuz I vape 24/7 and the batteries die pretty quick so it’ll b perfect jus to have an extra pair jus to keep them in rotation. Nonetheless, its a 5 star product hands down.

    • Sup dude,

      I’d say that the three most efficient vapes I’ve used so far are the Volcano, the Launch Box, and the Extreme-Q (when packed in the elbow).

  • hi, i like your page! found some good tips here specially cleaning and more and i like the comparison no2-flight box. I’m using the Arizer extreme and now I’m looking for a mobile version, thats how i found ur page. Do you have any experience with the arizer Solo?

    thanks again for the good infos