Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

MV1 Vaporizer

This is the MV1 Vaporizer from Ghost Vapes, and it’s a very impressive portable vape designed for use with both dry herb and concentrates.

You get on-demand convection heating with this one, which means it heats your material solely with super hot air, and you heat it up for just one draw at a time for max efficiency.

Its metal alloy body feels very solid & durable, and it has a bit of weight to it. It’s one of the sexiest and most elegant vaporizers I own, it makes you want to keep it out on the table as a statement piece. It is also extremely ergonomic and fits your hand like a glove, it feels great.

MV1 Stealth Vaporizer

It has a retractable mouthpiece, a ceramic herb chamber that is removable, a long-lasting battery pack that is removable, and all of the internals can quickly be accessed for easy cleaning.

The flavor, smoothness, and potency of the vapor it produces is extremely impressive, even for me who owns over 200 vapes. Vapor this cool and comfortable is not something you typically see in a portable vaporizer, it’s usually reserved for top-tier desktop units. This is not by accident either, that heat sink assembly at the top is very effective at reducing the temperature of the vapor before it hits your lips, which in turn makes the taste incredible.

As for efficiency, you can’t get much better. Your herb use will drastically be reduced with this vape, you only load about 0.1g to 0.15g at a time but the effects from that amount are way stronger than average. You typically need to double that amount to feel the same effects with most other vaporizers.

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Ghost MV1

MV1 Oven

Heating Chamber

Heat Sink & Crucible

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Here’s my original full review video of the MV1:

UPDATE 2018 – The new Crucible Dispenser is awesome, I highly recommend adding one if you get this vape:

Crucible Dispenser

MV1 Crucible Holder

This is a quick size and weight comparison with some other popular vapes:

MV1 Comparison

These are the other finishes the MV1 comes in – Black Chrome, Satin Silver, Nickel & Rose Gold:

All MV1 Finishes

The following review was written by @acstorfer from the VapeLife Forum:

“Monsters are real, and Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” -Stephen King

In this world, monsters and ghosts really are among us. Usually they haunt our dreams. When it comes to the Ghost MV1 it doesn’t haunt my dreams, it is my dream.

(Spoiler Alert: I love this vaporizer)

When the MV1 made its release, just like most things that are new there were some bugs. Things happen and just like the Ghost, the company had a learning curve to overcome. With excellent customer service they blew through the learning curve and now they have a vaporizer that lives up to the hype!

Upon first inspection, well just by looking at the packaging I got pretty excited. The sleek package was only outdone by the vaporizer itself. I bought my MV1 used, but it was still exciting to take it all in. Unfortunately when I first used it there was an issue with the door. It didn’t close properly so I had to physically push down on it so it would work. Then there was the 35 hours of “does this thing work?”, “did I just get a hit?”, and “did I just waste my money?” Then at hour 36 it all came together. At 36 hours I knew I made the right choice. I learned my biggest problem was not inhaling long enough. Soon after, I had issues with the batteries. Eventually they took their toll, and my vape was dead. Wait! Can a ghost die? Is it a zombie or a hell spawn? Well in my case it just died without any murderous repercussions. So messed up door, messed up batteries, dead unit, one would think I hate this thing. Nope! I missed it immediately, and I replaced it quite quickly. Even with the issues it rocked! Even with the issues it hit hard. Even with the issues the MV1 hit as hard as the ghost of Muhammad Ali! Some people have issue with the crucibles. At first I wasn’t a fan. Now that I’m use to them I actually prefer the crucibles. I keep a couple nearby so I don’t have to get up to repack. I use my Ghost all around my condo so this really does make things easier.

I ordered my new Ghost MV1 and when it arrived, I saw the packaging, and I was as excited as I was when I got the first one. I told my seller to surprise me when it came to the color. To my delight I got nickel, which actually looks more like chrome. Even as a guitarist I’ve always had problems naming inanimate objects. Damn if I didn’t want to name my guitars, but I just felt so dang stupid doing so. Well when I got my MV1 I named it. I named it, and it’s perfect. I named it Green Eye. I named it after a dysfunctional Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica series. The Cylon’s name was actually Red Eye, but the Ghost goes back and forth with a green light.

So did the updated vape address all the issues? Hell yeah, and then some! Door, fixed. Battery, fixed. Then there were issues I didn’t even know about with my first Ghost. The power levels works so much better! I use to have to heat on setting 4 or 5, and I just accepted that as the norm. With my new MV1 I can actually use it at level 1, but I usually stay at level 2 and 3. It just works perfectly now. There is also a function that lets me supercharge or even undercharge the default and custom heat settings.

So what about the unit itself? It is a perfect blend of form and function. It sits perfectly in the hand. It has a perfect weight. While it feels substantial, I wouldn’t say it feels heavy. It just feels really good. It’s damn comfy. After using my MV1 I kind of cringe at picking up my other vaporizers. I love my Mighty. I really just love the heck out of it. Unfortunately after using my Ghost, I just hate the feeling of my Mighty in my hand. The Ghost feels like a perfectly balanced sword, or in my case a light-saber (I really want them to make a lightsaber edition). It feels like it’s always been there. I know it sounds irrelevant, but the ergonomics on this thing absolutely deserves high praise.

Nothing medicates me like my MV1. It is powerful. IT IS NOT A SESSION VAPORIZER! This thing gets you there quick. It rips the chemicals off the plant. It isn’t a gentle removal of in my case the THC. It also doesn’t combust. It provides smooth hit after smooth hit. It does take a long draw for it to be effective though. There is a moment at about the 12 second mark when I feel like my lungs are about to explode. It’s the same feeling as taking too big of a hit from a water pipe and knowing I’m going to cough for 20 minutes. Here’s the thing. It is an exceptionally smooth and cool hit and there is little to no coughing. After taking a hit all I can do is shake my head approvingly, while staring at my Ghost and saying “f*ck yeah”.

Cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be easier. I have plenty of crucibles so I rotate them through an isopropyl alcohol wash. When I take my morning shower I throw the heat sink in the ipa for a cleaning as well. The other stuff is a q-tip and warm water deal, but rarely needed. It takes seconds of effort. I know it can go much longer without cleaning, but I’m anal retentive and I hate smelly vaporizers.

What makes the Ghost MV1 different than all of the less expensive (and even more expensive) vapes? Well there are several things. First off, it’s an on-demand convection vaporizer. That means I can take as little as one hit, save the rest of the bowl for hours, and the rest tastes as good as new. How is this impossible thing that I speak of possible? Simple really, while conduction vaporizers work by heating the material directly, convection vaporizers work by heating the air around the material depending on the user to pull the hot air through the material with the intake. It doesn’t burn the flower. This is what keeps the chamber tasting fresh. The user-replaceable batteries, temperature control, and optional quick charger also brings the MV1 to the upper echelon of portable vaporizers. The thing that is most important to me though is the draw resistance (or lack there of). I had a Firefly 2 that I really liked but what killed it for me was the draw resistance. The Ghost is just an effortless delivery system.

I already answered this, but it really is the only question worth asking. If anything happened to my Ghost MV1 would I replace it? Yes! Hell yes! F*ck yes! Even at the near $300.00 price, to me it is a must have.

-By @acstorfer


  • I am new to vaping. I originally bought a pulsar flow. To be honest, if people would have seen me using it at first…totally would have cringed.. l abused it like a normal old bowl. But I researched and learned. I bought the mv1 and after a month of figuring what works best…I am loving the ghost!! But I will say that the $80 pulsar flow(which is a session vape) puts out some serious vape for a “low end” vaporizer. Don’t really know if I would spend $300 again, but it is great….. now my biggest complaint…WHEN ARE THE CRUCIBLE DISPENSERS going to be available? I would NEVER buy the MV1 without it! Total pain in the ass to fill after every spent one

  • I got the stealth a week ago. Very sleek and sexy, nice hand feel and matte finish is very smooth. Feels solid, pretty heavy but well balanced in the hand. I got the fast charger with a bundled deal, but if are thinking of getting the fast charger you should get the battery instead. The fast charger is a cheap plastic cradle with an external AC/DC adapter which should not cost more than a few dollars to make, the battery should serve you better.
    I suppose your paying for the design. The Vape is tasty and smooth, this is only my second vape (G-prod original was my first) but enjoying this vape very much. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how it works, the crucible is a bit finicky but after a few attempts you get used to it. The only negative so far and this could just be me having to learn to better use the device is that I don’t get enough hits 3-4 off a crucible , was expecting more.

    None the less this is a great Vape and I recommend it.

  • I agree 100% with Bud’s review of the Ghost MV-1, and bought it a few months after it came out. Sure there is a leaning curve, but once your past that, its very easy to use. I’ve had zero problems and the thing works perfectly to this day. It kicks ass in terms of potency, efficiency, smoothness and flavor. I also have a VapeExhale EVO, and this is the only portable vape that competes with it in the above categories. Thanks Bud…..good work on this one.

  • I am kinda dissapointed with this vape, I’ve had it almost a year and I can barely use it. I grind my product, pack it loosely, I can hardly get draws like you do in your video reviews. I can have the battery fully charged and when I hit the button it starts flashing red and I still have no clue what that means. With my pax 3 I can see vapor coming out on every hit, and I can get more than 20 hits on 1 pack. But with this, I can probably get 2-6 basic hits and nothing else. When you open the crucible 80% is brown but where did those hits go?

    I’ve pretty much abandoned this vape and in the market for another pax

  • Hello
    I wanna ask if you be so kind end recommend me some very good portable vap.
    Something strong foe every day use.I smoke a lot I all ready have Vulcano it is very good but to big.
    Can you recommend some good vap for me like real expert because I think you are.Thank you


  • Good: a couple really good hits, decent battery.

    Bad: Pain in the ass to fill, you need to rotate a hot crucible so you get every last bit while burning fingers…still end up losing some green after I can’t get any more hits….Not A+ efficiency by a long shot especially when compared to my crafty.

    I give this a solid B.

  • Just recieved my ghost mv1. It worked good the first vape….then i installed the android app and connected it to my phone and now just by connecting to the app to change the temp settings it no longer works… very disappointed. Now i have to deal with customer service and most likely send it back the very next day unless someone knows how to fix this software issue.

  • I’m not sure what the problem is with live resin but I did a great dab with it once pack and then I try it again and it oozed everywhere the next day when I went to dab with the Ghost. I had to clean it off green silicone part (Stealth model), it was annoying. And it wasted a pretty good dab doing so.

    It seems to work best when it’s relatively tightly packed with herb and on pretty high. The default stuff does not product enough vapor whatsoever even packing it how you’re supposed to with the correct grind as well.

    I do enjoy it, I am glad I got it on sale because the fast charger was essentially free. No reason to not include it though.

    Am I doing something wrong with the dab? Is it live resin specifically? I am following the instructions perfectly and got it to dab great the first pack. I just don’t want to waste another dab testing.

    Maybe the dab was too big. I don’t know. Only explanation I can come up with.

    Herb vaping is fire and I use a lot less with it though. Just wish I could get it to vape concentrate more consistently for me. Super potent vapor with a semi tight pack of fine-medium herb though.

    • Also, I dont mind stirring/shaking/inverting the crucible. I am used to it with the volcano a bit with bigger packs, no worries.

      Plus any extra greenage goes great into edibles with ABV.
      ^ This is why convection vapes are awesome.

      • You are biased Bud. Anyone that does a review and mentioned referrals, I don’t trust your review at all Bud

        • Hey Kyle – just fyi he’s getting paid no matter what vape you buy, he’s both a reseller and an affiliate marketer. That means two things:

          1. Like everyone else who writes on the internet, he is getting paid. But there is no indication that he’s getting paid more or less for any given vape.

          2. This is how the internet works, if you are reading a review of something, it has been paid for one way or another.

          3. Every reviewer (internet/magazine/etc) is constantly accused of bias by people who disagree with them, it’s just how it is. So no problem if you disagree, but you shouldn’t accuse him of promoting one vape over another because of a referral, he gets paid for all of them.

          Thanks for your work Bud!

  • Great vape. Only issue is spending 300 and getting a shit USB cable which takes forever to charge. And the fast charger is another 60.

    Great vape but they can go f themselves for being cheap with the garbage slow charging cable.

  • I ordered my GHOST MV1 on Black Friday and I’ve been using it daily.. I’ve got the MV1, extra battery, fast charger and crucible dispenser. Overall, I like it but it is certainly not perfect.
    On the plus side, vapor is cool and smooth, even on the highest dry herb heat setting. The battery lasts a long while and with the fast charger and a spare battery, I will never have to wait to charge a battery anyway.
    On the down side, although I get lots of good vapor at first, when the herb is finished it is still green.I use the highest setting and I’ve used at least four other vaporizers and never saw herb that was finished look so green. So I saved the “spent” herb until I had enough to load up my S&B Plenty and fired it up. I got clouds of vapor and got very high. I’m grinding if course and packing it loosely so I don’t know what I may be doing wrong. I certainly have no complaint about amount and the really excellent quality of the vapor I get initially.
    Another thing I don’t like is that it is unbalance and if I try to stand it up it always gets knocked over. I’ve learned to lay it on it’s side. I would recommend to the manufacturer that they add two batteries to the battery pack. That might balance it better and it might make them able to increase the temperature so that the herb can be finished as well.

  • Bud, you’ve helped me out twice before with your reviews but I think I have to stick with S&B over the MV1. I just don’t enjoy the experience as much. I’ve seen that you might do a buy back? How does that work? I have the stealth with the fast charger and dispenser. I appreciate your knowledge though it helps to have a trusted voice in the game.

  • Hello, I want to know if the movile app works well With Voice Over in Ios, cuz i’m blind, and i need the movile for set the temperature of the Ghost vaporizer. How can i buy the Ghost vaporizer in Spain? ^^

  • I just got my Stealth Edition a little under three weeks ago and the latch has already broken on it. I can see where a small tooth that connects with the tray to hold it in has snapped off. If the latch was metal, I don’t think this would be a problem, but because it’s made of plastic, I think this will be a common problem. I’m currently emailing the Ghost team to see how they will rectify the situation.

    • Hi Sean, I’ve been told by Ghost that your situation has been rectified and that this is not a common issue at all.

      Please see the Vapelife forum for up-to-the-minute reviews and feedback on the MV1.

  • Hi Bud,

    I just saw that the Ghost “stealth version” is now available on the official website (but not yet in Germany). Are there any technical differences towards the “black chrome version”?

    Thanks for your professional reviews :-)

    Best regards


    • Hi Dirk, when the Stealth version first launched it had a few updates that the other colors didn’t yet, but now all finishes are shipped with the same updates from the original version.

  • …bought the first mv1, after initial functioning, its performance deteriorated..where..I stopped using it…saw the reviews and color of new stealth and decided to jump in…so far so good…exact opposite experience as before…it woks on every hit now…no longer a “lottery” on whether it will perform or not…when it works..its outstanding…so far it’s working…and that’s a real good thing….

  • I bought my ghost 11/17 and have had a lot of problems . Hope your are still buying back. Please advise .Rose gold with quick charger. Thanks

  • Still my #1 top pick and they recently released the matte black Stealth model, it’s the best one. Check out my forum thread about it here.

  • I used to trust your reviews but you’ve blown it with this one. I
    Own a crafty, firefly2, gpen elite and, after reading your review I purchased a ghost.
    The build quality is poor. The first unit hardly worked at all, looking through to the heat unit it seemed out of line, the usb socket snapped inside on its second charge and the plastic on the buttons wore off after a few uses. After countless emails I was sent a replacement. It does certainly work better but is no where near as good as the crafty or firefly.
    The crucible is a design disaster. It’s fiddly and despite ghost saying it dosent need stirring, it does, several times. It makes an annoying whining noise as it heats, the crucible is too small. Flavour is ok for the first hit but the vapour production not great.
    The fierefly and crafty are in a different league, even the gpen, despite not having as good flavour, produces much more vapour and is easier to use.
    I rarely use the ghost now and regret purchasing it.

      • I never heard from Paul and as I re-read his comment it really seems like a troll, very few of his complaints are valid.

        If anybody didn’t notice EVERY vape reviewer now likes the MV1, a small percentage of people have troubles with it.

        • I’m among the larger percentage and I agree about the trolling. Maybe he got frustrated with the learning curve. :)

  • I have to say that Ghost MV1’s representative got back to me instantly today and said they would send 3 replacement tubes free of charge. So I have to take back what I said about their business practices. Apparently they have a very small team. The rep’s explanation for the scarcity (they’ve added new retailers and have sent these out to them) seemed reasonable. And they are proving more than accommodating to me. So apologies to Ghost MV1.

  • I loved myGhost MV1 until today. I cleaned it for the first time. The glass stem broke in the heating element. I got the broken pieces out. I cleaned everything well. I then went to the Ghost MV1 site to order 3 more glass stems and guess what. They’re out of stock. OUT OF STOCK! for the one thing people complain about. The Ghost MV1 is notorious for the fragility of the glass stem. And they sent me my new vaporizer a month ago with only 1 glass stem. No extra ones. Stingy expletive-deleteds. And when you want to buy another one it’s $10 apiece. Nearly $30 for 3. I am (in case no one noticed) pissed. I sent the company a nasty note requesting they compensate me for the delay and loss of my vaporizer by supplying 3 new glass stems free. Lotsa luck. The vaporizer is great. Their business practices suck.

  • Thanks for your reviews, I have a Plenty and have had a Pax 1 for years. I am getting little or no vape production with my MV1.
    I feel that I have done the work to learn how to use it but I have not seen the results.

    full overnight charge
    firmware update v1.2.8
    corse herb
    loose pack
    Heat exchanger flush down
    stem 3/4 out
    heat levels 3,4,5
    button down long draw till second vibrate
    Nothing or very little vapor.

    • I actually think I have got it working with a more videos and a tweak in my draw cycle. I thought I needed to press the button and wait till it vibrated and then start the draw. I was pressing the button and wait till it vibrated almost right away and then start drawing. It seems I needed to wait till the second vibration as the first happen when you press and the second when it’s ready. So far better. Thanks again.

  • This is the most economical way to smoke flower. With the Ghost MV1, the flavor,on low, is the best to date. My issue is with my lung capacity and the Ghost. Only the highest and next to highest setting, for flower, works for me. I decided to try the Mighty and found, that particular design works best, with my scared lungs. Both are excellent products but at age 70, the Mighty is the best choice for me.

    • This is an update on the Ghost MV1. I made the same mistake as some other people and did not wait to draw until the vibration was complete. The draw is improving with experimentation. One issue, here in Vegas, is that our flower is incredibly fresh. It tastes wonderful in the Ghost but the resin builds up quickly clogging the air flow. Bud suggested leaving the flower out for a while. The flower is still clogging up the air flow after three or four days. Any suggestions, would be appreciated.

      • On my other vapes that do that I put a top screen on the bowl. I will try it when I get an mv1 but it has worked for every other vape I own. Daily mouthpiece cleaning became every 7-9 days…. though the top screen will need a brushing every few bowls and a quick iso soak

  • Hey! How would you say this compares to the ArGo? I’m not quite sure which would be a better choice.

  • Just want to plug in a thank you comment somewhere. LOL what the hell did the dumb trolls on YouTube do to make you shut off comments?
    I I bought a Ghost a while back and was stuck in the learning curve like every new vape. It was fussy and I had to clean everything to get it to work. There are a lot of video tutorials on the Ghost website (the link in the blog post will take you there)
    After watching your latest update video with troubleshooting tips, I’m in total vape heaven! It works! The things to check were incredibly simple to implement. I am in love with this vape!
    I thought my EVO spoiled me into a snob about taste. But now this little guy tastes even better now that I know what I’m doing ;)
    Thank you so much, Bud!

  • I recently bought my mv1 bundle after reading your reviews and I haven’t been the biggest fan of it unfortunately. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but when I vape flower or concentrates I don’t seem to get much vapor out of the handheld. I also noticed that if I vape a concentrate it kills the battery after trying to vape 3-4 crucible loads (not sure if this is normal). Another issue I’ve had is if I vape conentrates the handheld will usually overheat (3 flashing red lights) after 1 crucible load. Overall the experience hasn’t been great which has been upsetting since I’ve always enjoyed your reviews and used them to buy my crafty and vapexhale.

  • I absolutely love my MV1. I have owned several vapes both large and small and this is the best. I bought mine when they first came out and after a few months of use, the button on the front started acting wonky. Ghost replaced the entire unit after requesting a vid of the defective MV1 and even let me keep the old battery, crucibles, and accessory kit. Their customer service is outstanding and I highly recommend this vape and company!

    • I’m just doing some rotating of the links on my Top Picks page, I still consider both of them Tier 1.

      They’re different style vapes (on-demand vs. session) and it’s about a 50/50 split on which type is best for each person.

      Ideally, you should have both kinds of vapes at your aresenal, they’re both useful at different times, so in essence my two overall top picks at the moment are the MV1 and Mighty, but it’s very important to learn about the differences between the two if you’re deciding between one or the other.

  • What is the importance of vapor? I hear a lot about vapes making nice big clouds, whether they produce good vapor and which settings give better vapor, etc. But I’ve seen some videos that make it seem like there are certain situations where getting less vapor might be okay or preferred.

    I have asthma and I hoped that changing from the bowl to a vape would stop my lung issues but it only lessened them. My lungs are still sensitive to the vapor and sometimes want to start spasming which isn’t fun!

    So 2 questions:
    – What is the importance of vapor? (learning question)
    – Would vaping toward LESS vapor (lower temp?) potentially help my lung issue?

    • Have you tried vaping with water filtration? It’s a lot easier on your lungs. Or microdosing with edibles?

  • Hey guys I just posted an update inside the post, Ghost is offering a bundle deal now and if you end up buying this vape I think you should take advantage of it.

    If you buy the MV1, fast charger, spare battery pack, and crucible dispenser you get a $50 discount, so $395 total for everything instead of $445, not bad.

  • got it right from here, got the whole package but they were out of the extra crucible pack i’ll get that later. thanks Bud

  • Hi — I just placed an order for the Ghost MV1 — I clicked the link on the first part of the review…I hope you will be credited with my purchase…I didn’t see the link above until just now…after my order went through. IF I clicked the wrong link, is there a way to get you credit for it?

    • EXCELLENT Customer Support! I had an issue with my order and Whitney was great — I also asked at that time about clicking the correct link and here is Whitney’s response today: “I believe all clicks through to our website from the Vape Critic site currently activate a referral if they lead to a sale. Have a great weekend!” So, YAY!

  • I have had two MV1 devices now and both have been defective. I have had my replacement for only 3 weeks and it is dead already. When I place a fully charged battery on it and turn it on it goes to 3 solid red lights and will do nothing. I have reset the firmware several times with no luck. This is a highly technical device and I’m not sure they have the engineering horsepower on their team to work out all the defects they are experiencing. I would love to see their FMEA on all the failures and what countermeasures they are taking to correct them. I wish them the best of luck because they need it.

      • The same problem. 3 solid red lights with a fully charged battery. Coil failure. I am not convinced the unit can handle the higher heat settings long term.

        • Ghost is not sending out new units as soon as they are notified of failures which is also very disappointing. Given the amount of money this unit costs replacements should be sent upon notification of a component failure.

          • I got my replacement ghost and I want to believe there has been some engineering changes. This one definitely outperforms the last. It gets hot faster and doesn’t error out due to overheating, at least rarely. I am very happy again. This is the best vape technology on the market today! Us demanding users get grouchy when introduced to technology of this sort and it doesn’t function. I wanted to make sure everyone who read my previous upset posts knows Ghost came through and this unit functions excellent! Happy camper right here!!

    • Mine died the 2nd day that I owned it. Put it on charge all night until red light was out. It was out because it is dead. Can’t turn it on anymore. No lights no nothing :/

  • It’s a matter of general principle with no coupon code or discount or atleast package deals (on accessories) – THAN NO DEAL !

    I’ll wait (or find something else). I know you have nothing to do with that but you offer a forum here wherein the voice can be heard. Thanks for what you do !

  • Bud, first off thanks for what you do. My wife and i received our ghost a week ago. We were impressed by your reviews and the vapor from strong draws off the Ghost. We’ve watched all of your videos and tips on how to draw from the ghost and troubleshoot. With that written we have been unable to draw any vapor from the ghost so far. The taste is there and the herb in the crusible is a darker color but each pull from the ghost is unsatisfying. We have done everything that we have control over such as ensuring the heating element is seated, not packing crucible too tight, maintaining cleanliness of the SS top on the crucible, upping the power level, etc. Sorry for the long draft but any other ideas i can try?

    • Hey Justin sorry to hear that you’re having troubles!

      This is one of the common complaints and the most common reason is that the user is not drawing hard enough or long enough to create a big cloud of vapor.

      The vaporizer itself is not going to produce any vapor, it gets produced when you breath enough hot air over your herb for a long enough period of time.

      For optimal vapor production you should draw for the full 15 seconds and you should be pulling briskly, a light draw won’t do it!

      • Hi Bud, thank you for the response. We are pulling for at least 15 seconds strong with no reward. From your reviews i see a lot of vapor coming from your draws, im jealous. I switched to level 4 and do not see/feel results, are you on level 5 or? Im currently drying my herb out completely so hopefully it will work. Im back to burning my herb and am kind of pissed i paid so much for this good looking paper weight. Im confident however that we can find a way to begin enjoying this thing.

        • Hey Justin try vaping with it on level 5 and see if it makes a difference, also did you happen to watch my last 2018 MV1 update video? I talk about how you need to bump the heat level to 5 to retain vapor production once the battery drains a little bit. We’ll get it working!

          • Of course i saw your video! Ill try it on level 5 and see whats up. Thank you again

          • Hey Bud, i tried on level 5 and the device is hotter and my herb is more brown at the end of a few pulls but the strong vapor is not present. I read reviews of people getting strong vapor but im not seeing it. I noticed the herb has to be on the dry side though which mine is. So ive tried level 4 and 5, Im drawing strong, ensuring its clean, ensuring a good seat on the heating element, not packing the crucible too tight, and drawing past the second vibrate. Frustrating, but the taste is there i must say. What do you think i should try next, a firmware update or is that futile?

  • Bud I been really thinking bout coppin the mv1 .but am ripped between 3 different devices the ghost, tubevibe,or haze square ( and you know if your vape was out as of date it would be on this list and will be in my collection my newest device is the tera as and k really cant say I love this vape and am a on-demand kind of dude my self …but have a couple questions to ask about this decision am going threw which one should I cop and and do you have any mv1 I can get from ya brother….love your videos never stop and fuk YouTube you are the shit and was great chatting it up w ya hit me up soon

    • What’s up man! So right now I’m still diggin the MV1 and usin it every day, and I like the Haze Square too. I like them both a lot but I’d say the Ghost edges the Square out in some key areas: taste, efficiency, build quality & battery life. I’m fresh out of units my man sorry!! Hit me up on the forum if you can, I get some back sometimes and might have more soon. Thanks for your support bro I really appreciate it, stay up!

  • Draw resistance is a big big deal…the Solo 2 is C+ for draw resistance. That is a deal breaker. The Mambo is no fun in this category. I took it to a theater show for outdoors during the break. I can barely get a hit on the thing…sexy,tactile,and portable but I’d like to punch a couple of holes in it to get some frickin airflow…jeez. I may have to get one of the Cylon helmet nightmares just to get decent performance for under $300…portable vapes are either too hot,ot too much draw resistance. I cant become worried about battery life yet until I find one of these goofy things that works..

  • Just checking, you don’t happen to have a used, returned or beta testing returned unit for sale or know how to get in line for one do you?

    • Yes I was able to actually update and fix just about all of the units I bought back from people, so I have a bunch of them. I do have a list of people waiting for one of these like-new units but I’m putting you on the list and I’ll email you when I have one for you. Thanks for your interest.

  • Bud,

    Thanks for all the hard work/information/support re the MV1. It is a nice vape. What is your take on the SLX grinder and its suitability for use with the MV!?



  • Looks nice but i don’t get it why use silicone (even if is medical grade) in the vapor path … for me is one of the most important things on a Vape, apart with Vape production and battery life.
    Every manufacture says it’s ok, but for me, plastic or silicone in the vape path is not good.

    Did you feel any sort of silicone taste ?

    I’m buying a Vape but i can’t decide which one is the better … in terms of flavour and pure vape, i’m tending to buy the Solo 2 but for the reviews that i saw, don’t produce a lot of vape.

    What is you opinion ? Thank you in advance

  • Really like the website, and I’m hoping you can answer my question. I got a FF2, and I HATE it. Can’t stand the resistance, can’t stand the unsatisfying hits/clouds. The great taste isn’t enough to make it a good product imo. So I really want something else, but am afraid to lose another $300+. Does the ghost produce big/thick smoke? Can I take a hit without nearly collapsing a lung?

    Please not that I watched countless utube vids, and tried very hard to make the FF2 work. Had many friends try it too. My gf won’t touch it, and everyone says they aren’t interested in messing with it. I did give it as much of a chance as I could, and screwed with every aspect I could think of.


  • Sounds like it has the potential to be a nice unit, but gonna hold out until the bugs/kinks are resolved, whilst I enjoy my pax 2 in the meantime.

  • Is there any other threads or forums talking about the ghostvape?

    Hard to tell the success rate from reading this thread. The people with defects have more posts than the people that are stoked. would like to hear some good reviews if there are any?

    Any idea what the defect rate is? 1 out of 100? More? or less?

    Been going back and forth on this one for a while.

    • By the way I never even got my second email to purchase the mv1, I got the first one saying they were going to contact me when it was my turn to order and didn’t get any other message. Last I checked they were sold out of everything?

      Are they restocking soon or did they stop sales til they work out some issues?

    • I grouped all the MV1 threads on the forum into one category.

      Basically Ghost is still working on and finalizing the firmware updates for the defective units out there, I’m not 100% sure of when the final version will be ready but I was told another update is going out by the end of this week, so it’s an ongoing process at the moment.

      I’m not happy at all about how the roll out went but I’m glad that Ghost is at least stepping up and providing good customer service on a daily basis, they interact with end users on the forum regularly.

      This vape really is an amazing piece of equipment when it works the way it’s supposed to, the vapor quality and flavor is extremely impressive, but of course it needs to actually work right so… I have Ghost’s word that their top priority is getting this fixed for everybody.

      If you’re sitting on a defective unit and you don’t want to wait for the app update any longer please send me an email and I will buy your vape back from you as long as it’s still in good condition, I don’t want anybody out there feeling screwed at all.

      It’s unfortunate that the ratio of complaints to praise goes up when there’s defects like this, because there are definitely loads and loads of very happy MV1 users, and many of them agree about how impressive the performance is.

      On the forum is generally where you’ll find more of the people who are satisfied with their unit and talking about it.

      Thank you to everyone for your interest in this vape and your interest in helping to support what I do, I truly do appreciate it and at the end of the day I want ALL of you to be very happy and content with your vape purchases.

  • Hi Bud, I follow you since a lot of videos ago, I already bought two products based on your recommendations and I’m very happy with them. Im very interested in getting the MV1, I already read all the posts here and in the forum, I totally understand all the “bugs” the company is having, is not easy to start something from scratch even pixel 2 from Google and Samsung are having issues, also I heard from others and you, Storz & Bickel had a lot of hardware bugs too. I experienced by myself similar issues with my first pair of AIAIAI headphones, all first units were defective from the headband, I got the headband replaced with a new model, that was like 4 years ago, today Im a happy owner of two of the new models and I love the company, the key here is the Consumer Service they assed all the issues and the guys were totally cool. Which is also the thing I’m seeing from the side of ghost and you, so I trust, but the thing is like this, I live in Spain I guess this product is traveling overseas, it will be totally inconvenient to have a malfunction unit back and forth; america to Europe, so is there a way to have a unit double check? with all the issues I’m reading already solved? which please correct me if Im wrong, are the following:
    – New not noisy/scratching glass stem and sleeve
    – No Overheating unit
    – New firmware update already install
    – Working App (Android?)
    If this is not posible right now, when would be the best time to buy? Is there any MV2 coming soon? New Matte colours?
    Thanks a lot for your help Bud! keep it cool.

    • Your best bet is to wait to buy untill the app comes out which should fix most problems otherwise your takeing a big chance on getting a faulty unit. I currently have 2 faulty mv1s and am waiting on the app to be released. And it seems they as of now that they wont send me the app early. Hope this helps

  • Ok so now i have 2 mv1s and both char on all settings but 1 w a loose pack and various draw speeds. Wtf! I would wait to buy untill the app comes out. Hopefully then issues will be fixed. I must just be super unlucky i guess. Sure when the app comes out i will love it!! but on another note the same day my new mv1 came my pax3 matte teal came and luckily that is working great and im loving it. Will post a review after app as i said before when i recieved my 1st mv1. Im confident it will be a great review w working unit. Ps. Bud does good honest reviews so stop hating just because he likes this vape best everyone is different and prefer different types of units he just trying to give a run down on how the units work u decide for yourself if the unit is for u or not. Cheers -tony-

  • VERY few people who have fully functioning units are unhappy with it, VERY few, virtually every complaint I’ve received is because of a malfunction.

  • I have used only Vaporizers for over 10 years, primarily the Volcano. In the portable department I have had the Vapir, the Iolite, the Pax 1 & 2, the Crafty (on my 5th unit ;-), the Plenty (great vapor, weird design)

    My Ghost did not work. 3-4 draws and I get nothing and the material is as green as when loaded. I appreciate their tech support as we did a Goggle hangout with video to make sure I was doing it right. This was a very efficient way to do it and they will be replacing my Ghost.

    However, that said, I really don’t like it. It’s too heavy, 3/4 of a pound. That to me is not portable. Yes, maybe portable within the confines of my home, but I am not putting it in my pocket, I am not taking it in my luggage when I travel, it will be a weird thing to show up on x-ray. I have no issues traveling with the Crafty.

    I find loading it to be a pain as well. And controlling it is like the friggin DaVinci code: hold click on, hold click again to check temp, double click to change, triple click to put in vape mode, hold the back button down, vibrate one, vibrate 2 .

    I think the thing is over designed.

    Frankly if they had a money back guarantee I would return it. True that I have never experienced it actually working and delivering vapor but based on it’s design I don’t like it at all.

    I only went for it based on your review, but this is the first time I ever disagreed with a review. Once I get a unit that works, I’ll probably sell it. I really don’t see EVER wanting to use this vape over the Crafty or Volcano.

    • I agree w rick it has a lot of negatives even when working crucibles need cleaning every night my door is impossible to open packing is difficult and annoying…this is strictly a house vaporizer and even at home its still annoying. Only positives r great vapor long battery but overall id give it an 80 to 85 percent at best and i own 10 vapes so i know whats up. I would go w a pax 3 over this easy use and function w good track record. I pick this over the iq because the hinges on the iq can where out and the ziconia ball can break off so for longevity and ease fo use pax 3 i think wins for best ovrall right now.

        • For everday use yes….. Its ten times easier to use and pack its very portable and dosnt have parts that can break easy. Also my girlfriend vapes as well so having to repack the mv1 two or three times to get results sucks. The mv 1 is the best cordless at home vape or tied w the solo 2 but overall if i could only have one hands down pax 3 for portability stealth and ease of use mv1 has much better vapor quality and good battery but lacks in every other area compared to the pax 3 and i take pax 3 over crafty because crafty build quality is not good. Anyone who has owned a crafty and uses it heavily i gaurentee they have had to send in for a new one. Again im not trying to hate on the mv1 but for portability its too big as well as to difficult to pack if u wr hiking or something. Mv1 prob best at home vape where u can spend the time to pack it and everything also having to clean the crucible lid daily is kind of rediculous…. I understand im a heavy user but other vapes only require weekly cleaning. Im a huge vape fan and huge vape critic fan…….but im just giving my honest opinion

        • at least his pax 3 works, doesnt char, etc. seriously Bud, isn’t a new vape with so many malfunctions not worth buying, especially with the cost? I’ve been waiting and reading reviews, no chance im spending the $$ for a ghost. i can buy an arizer or davinci and greatly lower my chances of defective product

          • Ok Bruce besides the defects what have you read about this vape in other reviews? I’ll tell you what you’ve read, that it tastes amazing, it’s insanely strong, and the vapor is smoother than anything else.

            In case anyone is not aware I took all the risk away from early adopters by offering a personal buy-back guarantee, I’ve been buying this vape back from anybody who doesn’t like it for any reason.

            People who like it but have had an issue with something are getting their issues straightened out immediately at the expense of Ghost, their CS has been extraordinary so far.

            I’m still getting shit on left and right though so it almost doesn’t even matter that I’m going above and beyond with this one.

            You can get a PAX or IQ instead if you think they’re more reliable but those are conduction heating only and you simply won’t be getting as high and you’ll be using more herb.

            Buy whichever vapes suit you best, I just lay it out how it is.

        • Thank you Bud for the buyback offer. I think you are a person of great integrity.

          I was out of town for a while and I am just getting back to your site and this post after getting a Ghost that works and spending a week with it.

          On the plus side I agree the vapor is of high quality and it’s potency is exceptionally effective! How quickly it’s ready is nothing short of amazing!

          I just did an interesting battery test over 3 days. I charged the Ghost and Crafty fully. Then each time I had a session I did a bowl from each of them and then turned them off. So they both had the same usage time and idle time.

          After two days they had 6 sessions each.

          On the first session #7 of the third day, the Crafty pooped out and did not complete. The Ghost still had 1 light left. However, it was not making vapor like normal. It was taking 2-3 times longer than usual and ultimately in looking at the material, it was still half green. Later I did the Ghost again for session #8, still 1 light, but it really couldn’t make vapor.

          I am wondering what you found?

          I always appreciate how you sort out “preference” criteria in your reviews. I think a lot of my considerations are in that category. I’m not crazy about how large and heavy it is. I wish they made the crucible round so it would easily drop in. By being oval there is only one way. I find it hard to load in a dark room like when watching a movie.

          I also find that screen gets clogged up just in a day and the draw then gets tougher. I’ve been alternating soaking screens over night in alcohol but even that doesn’t clean up about 20% of the holes and the provided tool doesn’t really clear them Plus it’s kind of tedious trying to ;-) poke all those tiny holes. ;-)

          What have you found?

          • One more thing. The Crafty I used for the battery experiment was a new version with S&B saying 20% more battery life. it’s my 5th one since buying it new in 2014.
            ;-) Upside, I got a lot of accessories upon replacement. ;-)

  • I’m always waking up with sand between my toes after a night of hitting with the ghost. Any ideas?

  • Hi Bud,

    I wanted to say thanks for all of the great reviews! Personally, I find them well written, informative, and frankly I trust your input. So far I have purchased (and then sold) a FF2, to replace with a Pax 3 (which is now for sale), to be replaced by the Ghost MV1. Keep up the good work and remember, haters going to hate!


  • I just want to let you guys know to calm your tetas and be patient. Bud and the mv1 ghost team are extremely helpful and their customer service is impecabe if YOU LET THEM. Thanks again bud and ghost team, you guys are awesome!!!

  • This is the 3rd vape I’ve owned and it probably the best one out of the 3. The first one doesn’t matter it is an old conduction vape. However the second one is a firefly2. While there is nothing wrong with the Firefly2, the difference between it and the MV1 is very noticeable.

    While the MV1 is slightly larger, and I do mean slightly, it produces such a better vapping experience. I’m far from an expert on these things but it’s a great vape.

    There is one downside, while the metal on the front looks nice and all, the door to the oven does get warm to the touch when in use, more so on concentrate. I think if they went with the same material they are using on the back /battery I think it would be an improvement. However it would not look nearly as sharp.

  • Just to follow up, found an issue with the build on my MV1. The silicone piece that the heat sink slots into is not seated correctly which is leaving a gap around the edge of silicone and may be causing my charring problem. I have sent the image of this to Ghost and Bud but haven’t heard back from them. Worrying lack of contact from Ghost, said they would call last week but didn’t hear from them yet!!

    • Sorry for the delayed reply, I just responded to your email regarding this and the way your silicone looks is actually normal, I’m thinking you just have a unit that needs the firmware update. Try the vape on heat level 1 (the lowest level) and see if you get better results, I’ve tested this with a hot-running unit like yours and it worked pretty well on level 1 (for the time being).

  • Got my mv1 and chars on all settings w very loosely packed crucible. Very sad about this because they are already starting out w faulty products as we have seen before. I will wait for the app to fix this or for a new mv1 before i say anything negative and post a review. Also tried different draw speeds and own a volcano,grasshoper,crafty,davinci iq,davinci ascent, pax 2, epic vape,pinnacle pro,pax 1,healthyrips force,airvape xs…… i would say i know a thing or 2 about vapes lol…..hope my issues get fixed and i come back w a positive review but people should know as of now there are problems that need fixing asap because for almost 300 dollars i expect a working device.

    • Having the same issues as described by Tony. I have emailed Ghost and Bud with pics and info. Charring consistently no matter how I use.

  • Hi all

    I have been using one of these devices for a while now. Both a prototype and one of the first production models. This vape is excellent. I prefer to use it over my wasteful Plenty. The MV1 is by far the most efficient device I have ever used. I don’t have a mighty so cannot compare to that. My devices do not overheat when used properly. Once warmed up you must draw air over the device when ever the button is pressed and then a little more. There is a big heater in this device the correct airflow is needed and this is greater than other, more restrictive, devices.

    I would have to concur with the thorough review done by the vape critic, which was spot on. For full disclosure I was paid for a few consultation/testing sessions with the manufacturers. I do not earn if there are increased sales or for posting any review. I should have started to post sooner but I don’t really like internet forums as it tends to bring out the worst in people.

    If your device is over heating and you are sure you are using it correctly then there may be an issue that would most likely be fixed with a firmware upgrade. I can see from the other comments that the Vape Critic is very pro-active at dealing with these.

    TLDR – MV1 is excellent, the Vape Critic review was spot on, i believe most people are not using it correctly. If the heater is held on with no airflow it will get too hot. STAY OFF SETTING 5, it is too much for most material.

  • if you are considering buying this vape, remember you are an early adopter, expect issues, pray there is none, i waited out the da vinci IQ, considering purchasing soon, just so they can iron out the early issues and also to see if anything new is coming out, and its not like “bud” didn’t guarantee you first 30 days, you dont like it return it and stfu, you are an adult, you can read reviews, you can make adult decisions to take the jump with your hard earned money or not, nobody is forcing you, if it dont work or you dont know how to work it, email bud, he will take care of you with either a new unit or refund, whats there to bitch about?

    there is absolutely NO NEED to troll, i know it is easy to do so because you’re sitting behind a computer and you give zero shits what people think and just want to be an absolute ass, one day your identity will be required to be used to post online, its already happening in china in the soon future

    be respectful, be reasonable, we are all adults

  • If you are having problems with your unit overheating or charring your herb it is either defective or needs a firmware update, and if you send me an email about it or PM me on the forum like a normal person I will arrange for a replacement to be expedited to you.

    It is not supposed to char, it is not supposed to overheat, so if yours is, it’s not working right, send me an email please.

  • To the losers who insist on trolling my page repeatedly, you really need to get a life you’re embarrassing yourselves. Let’s hope for your own sake that we don’t meet in person, ya fuckin losers. Because that’s all you are, you don’t even deserve a more thought-out response, you’re just losers.

    I’m a sellout everybody! I’m a sellout! Don’t buy this vape it’s a piece of shit! (too bad I can’t put the eyeroll emoji here, I’d put about ten)

    Ya fuckin losers.

  • Just received my unit I don’t know what happening but it is overheating. I have owned various vapes and have never encountered this issue. By the fourth hit it just starts blinking red, so frustrating to have this happen with all the hype put into this device, I had to switch to my mighty to finish my session. Really wanted to like this vape but have not been able to use it without overheating

      • Hey Bud,

        Great look and feel but it a seems to be overheating and the Black Chrome is da shit!
        What can you do for me as I am in Canada as you may recall and it was a real hassle getting it in at first.


  • Think some people need to read the instructions cose your over heating by not drawing properly.. it is a quality product when used correctly… An reading through some comments obviously jealous haters or trying to claim there half witt designs that char more than vaporise/ is better than the ghost lmao … I’ve used a fair few types of vaporisers an the ghost by far excells over them… Think one guy saying no names should use the Gpen about his level lol

  • Hey bud any idea on why there
    seems to be an overheating issue? Mine is getting a flashing red light after the 4th draw preventing further use. Thanks again.

  • First of all great vape & vapour quality
    Is definitely next level….,,
    But please someone tell me where in
    The blue hell do you download the
    APP from ???? Anyone

  • Yes John I can confirm min is doing the same thing it is my second day owning the ghost Mv1 and it is not working out for me either when I first bought this thing I was reassured by bud that if I tested it within two days and did not like it I could send it to him And he would check it out make sure I didn’t scratch it up and then give whoever sends one to him that bought it under his link would get a refund from him I was wondering how you do that?

  • Send me an email I’ll get you a new one or give you your money back, that’s not how it’s supposed to perform.

  • What does it mean when 3 red LED’s appear followed by a long vibration when on a level other than six? I think it is an air flow issue but don’t see it documented anywhere. I will be half way through a session (primarily when sharing with others) and when holding the vape button, this behavior begins a few seconds in effectively ending the session until it cools down. Is this normal? Does this mean it is packed too tightly or the unit is too hot? Aside from that issue, this is one of the best vapes I have ever used. I’m a week in and my 4 Crafty’s (I’ve been an S+B purist up until now) have been reduced to one. Love the review, recommendation and experience. Excellent, excellent job and thanks for all you do for the vaping community.

    • Hey that sounds like the overheat protection, it usually indicates one of two things: 1) your crucible is packed too tight, or 2) you have an airleak in your heat sink. Lemme know how you make out!

      • I reseeded the heat sink and didn’t pack as tight and the issue has not returned since. I think it was primarily air flow issues. It worked great for another three weeks. I unfortunately have since broken both my crucibles and am waiting for the crucible kit to go on sale so I can replace them. Do you know when they plan on selling the accessories? I am eager to test the new stem system. I greatly appreciate your continued patience and am glad they are onto something quite revolutionary. The product is incredible. Thanks.

  • Disappointed
    I as well got my brand new mv-1 a couple days ago and have to disagree with the positive comments about it. (I may have gotten a defective unit I won’t know until ghost gets back to me). Vapor production is terrible and very uneven heating is what I’m mainly seeing, and I’m not a stranger to high-end Vapes or their quirks and tricks of using them.
    So for me I’m disappointed in both the unit and the review (this will be the third vape I’ve bought mainly from buds review ) but we’ll see what happens bwhen ghost gets back to me.

  • Got a black chrome one today. I kinda wanted nickel but I didn’t want to wait any longer. Good decision on my part! After I charged the battery with the free quick charger I got the thing loaded and fired her up. Outstanding, love it but it’s got a little getting used to. Thanks for your recommendation. Tell them they need hats and t-shirts

  • Hello Vape Critic community,

    Bud, I really appreciate you taking your time to help us make informed decisions. I notice you have some skeptics and other impatient stoners commenting (cmon guys.. read) and Im hoping this post helps clear the air. I received my Ghost today and Im commenting to verify Bud’s review in that it is indeed a good vape.

    A really, really good vape. Totally worth the wait. Granted, Ive only used it a few times (again, got it today), but I am more than satisfied. Bud has endorsed a solid product (pending quality control?).

    That being said, I will disagree with you Bud, on one thing. I dont feel the draw resistance is “practically none”. This was one of the reasons I bought it, unfortunately. Im not saying its hyperbole, but not what I thought considering your opinion in the video.

    Be that as it may, its the best portable Ive used (Crafty, Pax, Solo) and better than most desktops, if not all of them.

    I hope you’re making money off of this – thanks for what you do.


  • The only thing I wanted to know was the only thing you never mentioned: how long the battery lasts (considering all the heating variables)……

  • Hey Bud, Just purchased a black chrome MV1 and am pretty stoked, but what’s the deal with the app? I went to download it to my iPhone and it’s nowhere to be found. One of the reasons that’s I got the vape was the precise temperature control that the app offers. When will it be available? Seems a bit hasty to release the vape before the whole package is complete.

  • Hey Bud, I noticed that you have a rating for the new Solo 2, but I can’t find your review anywhere. Did you create one yet?

  • Hey bud just wanted to check with you. Any idea when we should be getting that second email? I got mine on the 31st Oct. but still haven’t gotten another one. Thanks a lot again!

  • After reading the comments an seeing how the FF2 dropped in score makes me think if this will be over hyped by the critic only time will tell.

    • Yes it looks like tomorrow their store will be ready to start taking orders from those that pre-registered, but I will confirm this on the forum tomorrow morning.

  • Hi Bud, one question about the rating. I just had a look on the comparison table in the ghost vap article. In this table the ff2 got only 84 Points. But i had a look to the ff2 article. There the rating is 95 (Same as ghost mv1) i am a little bit confused about that???? Because til now i took your advices very serious. Hopefully you can give me an answer because I would like to have the ghost too :)

    • Hey I’m very sorry about that!! That was an oversight on my part, I updated my ratings recently and somehow I missed updating the Firefly 2 page, I just made the change.

      My apologies for the confusion and thanks very much for bringing it to my attention!

      • And why updating the rating and ff2 lost about 11 points? How could that happen? I do not understand?????

        • My rating system used to be different, I recently re-worked the whole thing. A 95/100 rating previously meant it was a Tier 1 vape, there were multiple vapes with that rating and I only had four ratings: Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4.

          After the MV1 came out and I updated my rating system the FF2 dropped significantly.

          • Other ones too, I’m checking around my site and either I somehow missed more than just the FF2 or somehow my changes got reverted by mistake, but I’m going through the others and updating now. DaVinci IQ and PAX 3 used to also be Tier 1 and dropped a bit with the new ratings.

          • Personally i do not follow your advices anymore because the ff2 review…. Befote that i had complete trust….. I have bought the arizer extreme q, the pax first gen, the v2 pro, the crafty, the mighty (really the best portable ever!!!) and finally the ff2 the worst f-ing peace of sh-t ever… good taste for 2-3 puffs wtf i got almost 20 puffs ouf of a mitghy or crafty thx bud.

  • The addition of a wrist strap would be handy, I’ve dropped my other vapes on a few occasions when I’ve been baked

  • I got an e mail that I was one of the first to sign-up for the goast but can’t put my Creat card in,are they taken payments yet. Thanks Mary McKinney

  • This thing looks like a light saber, or some sci-fi weapon.

    It’s funny reading all the bitching and whining in this thread about it taking a minute longer to come out, what fortunate times we are in to have such problems.

    Stoked it’s getting close to coming out

  • Why arent Canadian retailers jumping all over this? This has me concerned, as a Toronto Vaporizer customer, where I first learned of the Ghost MV1. So ghost is going to retail their own product, fair enough, but will I be able to purchase from your referral link so you can collect your commission, and I still receive the free charger you are offering? I live in Toronto Canada.

  • Hi, Bud, a friend was selling me on the Firefly 2, so I did a little research and found your reviews, on your recommendation I have reserved a Ghost MV1. However, I am in the UK, no I am wondering as someone below in the comments asked, will it be shipped overseas.

  • I think i know what that humming is from. My fancy electric style cooktop has a hum also

  • I’m eager to get my hands on this love my firefly2 took me a minute but my technique is down like riding a bike now is this flavor up to par with the firefly2? Is the referral link for the charger wit purchase still active or is it useless until they activate pre orders? I much rather it take longer than get sub par product but a official date would be nice I just want an awesome vape lol but yeah flavor in comparison to firefly2?

  • @bud – are they going to push back the release date then to sept? Rather have a decent product than thing that comes out with any kind of problems – however from your video it seems the unit was functioning superbly.

  • For all of you guys wetting themselves because it is taking longer to release, take a chill pill and flog your dolphin. Geeziz. Relax!

  • hi @bud @vapecritic i don’t know how to pay your attenction but i really need an answer, i’m an european customer and i want to buy that beast, so, over knok when do you think it gonna come out i need to know if they gonna sold the mv1 in europe, or if they could send it

  • Wow only 2 year warrenty is a bad sign compared to pax amd davinci……makes me think there may be to many parts that can get faulty with time. Also with the high price tag at least a 5 year warrenty is a must to show your product will last. Would hate this to be like my crafty where after 2 years it was toast and warrenty over… ..made the crafty not worth the price

  • All bud said on this was bull**** .. still not out and still making us wait with no update .. if you ask me this was just to promote the company to see how many ppl will be intrested and then start making product..

  • Hey. I watch a lot of your videos and I’ve seen you use a “scooper” (a hand tool with a scoop or spooned end). In a few vape reviews you’ve used this to load a vape, etc. Would you mind letting me know what that is and if you’d recommend it for loading? Thanks.

  • Oh, other questions relating to this vape…

    I have a Firefly, Davinci IQ, and a Mighty. Different experiences across all three. However, ease of use is key. Temperature control is a one touch affair. It looks like I physically have to look down at the device to cycle through temperatures. Can I use my pinkie or index finger one handed with single presses to cycle through the temperatures or do I have to cycle through those LED light submenus? One handed operation with minimal futzing around is key. I can raise up the temp with the davinci or run a smartpath with single button presses on the side. The Mighty, same deal, simple button presses. When I had the crafty I could cycle between two heat settings with button presses. Easy. One handed type stuff yo.

  • Hey! What happened to the free charger with purchase? I clicked on your referral link when it came up and reserved or at least marked the items as wanting to buy and linking my email. Was that enough to make that work at that very short period of time you had it up on your website? You took down all of the mentioning of that now. I went back through all of the pages and want to make sure I’m good. Thanks

  • Last question, you say coarse grind is good for this one is the newvape grinder too fine for this vape?

  • Curious if one could use the concentrate pad and put some flowers on top. Is there enough room in the crucible on top of the concentrate pad? a dab of cbd oil with some flowers on top is my favorite.

    • Hey there, had a quick question… kinda complicated, thc-v has quite a high boiling point. 428 °F (220 °C). Now, would I actually have to set it that high to get the benefit of this chemical? It’s very useful for my condition, i’m not talking about normal thc… I assume you now that.

      I realize you’d probably never set a convection vape that high, but with a close temperature would you still get that compound from your herb? Thanks for you answer in advance.

  • Your killing me with that new review, need this vape already! Quit teasing me!

    Seriously though, I had ordered a mivape and luckily the store was out of stock and had to refund my money, then I found your website when looking for an alternate vape and you sold me on the ghost mv1. Been waiting anxiously for the release, probably more anxious than I should be cuz I got no good vape to use right now. My solo is about dead and barely works anymore. I made the mistake of taking it all apart to clean it real good and pulled the oven out, no the temp control is all over the place and doesn’t hold steady. Anyways, still holding my money for the mv1, just hope it actually does come out soon!

  • Hey Bud can you use this while charging it? I currently have a FF2 and thats one of the few gripes I have with it

  • I hope they design a glass crucible so you could vape concentrates like my favorite vape, the cloud evo’s vapexnail. I’m not a big fan of the concentrate pads. But they are pretty cool and better than nothing.

  • Hey Bud,
    It amazing that it has all the great features that were missing in some of the top vapes.
    Looking forward to getting one asap.

    • Fast forward my new video at the top of the page to 6:09 and you’ll see how it works with concentrates!

  • I enjoyed the new video. Had one question, Will this vape include the hard case that’s pictured on Ghost website or will that be a accessory available later on?Thanks for all your hard work Bud with this vape and being patient with the complainy vape divas out there. I know the delay is out of your control. I’m very much interested in adding this one to my collection. I have many vaporizers that you have reviewed and don’t regret buying any of them bc they all work very good and all have a different purpose depending on my mood and vaping situation. FYI for any herbalizer owner’s out there, I have found that you can use Volcano Solid Valve kit on the herbalizer, you just have to hold it down, it’s way more relaxing and you can change bags, even put turkey oven bags for 2 bucks a box at any grocery store.
    Thanks again
    -Vapexhale cloud evo
    -Da Vinci IQ
    -Haze V3

  • UPDATE: I just posted my new review of the MV1 at the top of this page, it’s a revised version of my original video with a lot more info in it.


    I want to be able to return this product with my money back if it is not worth it.

  • I think we the customers should get a much better price on the units for being so patient and giving them a chance to sell their product and make alot of money. instead they decided to overcharge us for batteries.that was not wise. We may just have to wait and see what kind of defect rate these units really have.thats why as many have stated, they must include a good warranty (lifetime) or i would advice not to buy a disposable unit for that price. Ive seen this happen with plenty of new units reviewed by people, they come out people praise them until the forumns get flooded with unsatisfied customers.thats why i dont believe reviews until actual mass-produced units are well tested and priced accordingly.

  • Still not released. There must be a problem. It would be wise to wait for a couple months so they can get all the bugs worked out.

    • Good advice. Let others pay a lot to be part of their test team to work all the problems out.

      • The delay has nothing to do with the vape itself, which is the good news, the bad news is that outside factors got in the way and it’ll be a few more weeks before stock arrives in their US warehouse. They’re not taking orders until they physically have stock in hand to ship immediately.

  • ive been smoking joints for years now but it’s getting to the point my throat can’t take it anymore especially that last third. I can afford anything you’ve reviewed so far but I can’t afford to make a mistake and buy another. Not really interested in bags, whips seem like they’re just going to get nasty after a while and some of those glass ones will get knocked over by me or one of my lap dogs. So I’ve narrowed it down and for me the Mighty or the Ghost look to be the most sensible choice. The reliability complaints towards the Mighty have me leaning to the Ghost so much so I’ve put my name in que there. Finally getting around to the question. I noticed in your Ghost review video on the 3rd or 4th draw you appear to be hacking up a lung. Many reasons for this one being a harsh hit,so my question is does this thing hit easier and cooler than a joint?

  • Are you going to be to get a ‘view out on the loto lux coming out? I’m curious about it’s induction heating. Looking forward to it and it’s comparison to the other top dogs.

  • Hey, Bud!

    I have this question, I don’t really need a portable one, it will just be a little comfortable but nothig else.

    How would you compare it to VapeXhale EVO?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • The battery and battery charger is overpriced,$30 and $30 is pretty fair imo, $60 each ?

  • I am totally down to buy this and check it out to see if it really is the best vaporizer for me. What I look for in vaporizers is its ability to get strong rips and have good taste, and have a long battery life. How much material can fit in a bowl for this vape?

    I currently have the Pax 2 so hopefully this vape is a huge upgrade.

    I am very excited for there to be a money back guarantee in case it doesn’t live up to the expectations. How can I assure I order the link with that money guarantee option?

    ** Lastly, Bud, can you please do a video where you complete multiple sessions at different heat levels. I wanna see how this thing constantly rips. Not just a video where u show two hits and thats it. Thank you, big fan of your work and I trust your word! Keep flying high ~ !

    • I don’t think there is such a thing as a money back guarantee in the marijuana industry. Once you’ve used it doesn’t it become a federal illegal piece of merchandise?

      • Try and keep up with the class, Bruce. You can find the link to Bud’s Money Back Guarantee below. Absolutely astounding offer too, IMHO.

  • Requested info from ghost vapes twice. No reply. And yeah, $120 for a 2nd battery and fast charger? I’m quite leary of shelling out $300 for this 1st time product from a rather stealth new company. And maybe I’m wrong here, but has Bud stopped reviewing other new products (arizer solo 2), just to push the mv1?

    • @Bruce – I didn’t post a full review of the Solo 2 yet but I did add it to my Top Picks page as the best option for $200:

      I’m not trying to “push” anything I’ve just been in a lull lately, it’s been tough to produce new content but I have a bunch of things in my queue to review.

      • Thanks Bud, really appreciate your response. Now that you’ve had your MV1 a little while, anything new in your opinion ?

  • Battery 60$ + Fast Charger 60$…come on. The Battery inside the Ghost Battery is worth 10$. I think, this is the try to make a better Firefly 2. It use the same methode. But…this method is shitty :-) Firefly has proved it twice! ;-)

    • You won’t need the spare battery, only if you want a backup, and if you go through my referral link to order you’ll get the fast charger included for free (limited time)

  • Hey Bud,
    Very excited about this vape, looks like the one I’ve been waiting for. I reserved mine, but how do I make sure I purchase it through your link so I can take advantage of your very generous (amazing, really) money back guarantee. In my opinion you’re going way above the bar on this offer, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be sending it back. Can you tell us what the manufacturers warranty is and where we could find it on the site? I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    Thanks, Ben

    • Hey Ben I’m going to post my referral link front and center once they start taking orders, and I’ll make sure to send out notifications on all platforms. They’re actually still in the process of finalizing the terms of the warranty, please standby for the final word on that, but I was told it will be “years”

  • Hi Bud thank you so much for all your time that you put into this vaperizer , you certainly do deserve something you’re good to all of us I remember with the firefly I hated it it didn’t work no matter how hard I tried but you took interest and you were able to get a refund for me or an exchange I’m sorry and that’s when I bought the mighty I trust everything that you say about this vaporizer as I know you’re on our side I put my order in but how do you get credit for it if I put it in on the ghost website

  • If you had to compare the firefly and ghost mv1 side by side with taste, smell and size, which would you prefer?
    I am stuck between the two and I am going to be living in an illegal state for my college years, and I smoke for my anxiety and naseua
    I feel like these two would be the best in those categories, I cant decide and I wanted to ask your raw opinion if you did not mind.

    • Goast MV1,I had the firefly and I heard that it really works best with concentrates not dry herb

    • @Albert: Check out my overall VapeRatings for each unit in the chart posted under my review. Overall the MV1 gets a pretty significantly higher score, but taste and smell specifically are not night & day.

      MV1 has no draw resistance (big difference) and there’s no stirring required (another big difference)

  • Bud, can you please include in your vid, or make a vid where you unlock the settings and vape at the highest setting you can stand it? Now I’m curious about that green section where the crucible goes. I’ll post this question also in vape life.

  • When and where can I purchase this, I want a good semi portable and this one looks like it is the cat’s meow.

  • What about concentrates ? Im really hoping this one actually works with oil

    • Oil?

      I really hope this will work with concentrate as no convection vape has satified that itch yet

      • It does work well! I’m working on a new video now that will include more info about concentrate usage and I will post it ASAP

  • As soon as I saw the vapor production video I was sold.

    The moment a matte black finish comes out I’m buying one of these!

  • Hey Bud I know you are getting tired of answering this question but I am wondering when the MV1 is being released. All of us are waiting patiently for this thing to drop and it’s killing me because I don’t have one yet. I can’t watch the videos anymore cuz you are really making me jealous. :) and I want one. Did I already ask if mine is in the mail yet. The biggest draw for me is being able to control or dictate how I want my session to go being able to heat on demand solves the I gotta puff like a madman until it’s spent or oh shoot I fried my material cuz I spaced out. Thanks again for all you do man really really appreciate it.

    • Hey no worries I really appreciate your patience man!

      Their website is actually going live within 24 hours (if all goes as planned) and I will have my referral link posted immediately.

      They’re still waiting for stock in their US warehouse but you’ll be able to reserve your unit when the site goes live.

      Please follow this thread on the forum for up to the minute updates.

  • Isnt Grasshopper the only other on demand portable? ???,Ah thank you Grasshopper, youre a very good student of vape and herbolgy my wise one.

  • God d–n that looks like something. I glanced quick at info. Any pricing ???? Thanks

  • Nice job on both videos for this unit. I am excited for this vape because it looks like I will be able to use the crucible to practice some portion control. I thought I saw a crucible case at some point and I was thinking that would be perfect! Anyhow, I think this would be good for use in the home but can’t imagine taking it out in public places. I’d still use my pax for that. Well like everyone else here looking forward to it’s release!

  • Hi!
    I hope you will answer this question:
    I have the Davinci IQ (thanks for your in-depth review!), and from what I understood the MV1 is much better in many ways. I have the Plenty too (thanks for your 2 reviews) and from part 2 you are telling me the MV1 is as powerful as the Plenty but in an handeld volume? Is it right?

  • Hey Bud, thanks for the reviews! Maybe can you tell us how much you helped them to tune MV1? How much it changed since you got involved? And what were the main issues at the start. Would be interesting to hear. Thx and keep up good work ;]

  • Release date? And will you have coupon codes? Also how well does it work with concentrates. I don’t recall seeing anything about that in the two videos.

  • Hey Bud when you gave the Airvape Xs C+ for Cleanliness. what does that mean exactly?

  • You are an agent for this company given your work with them so your reviews are going to be affected by this, more favorable. People need to understand this.

    • It’s called being an “affiliate” and everyone with a head on their shoulders knows how I operate and that I’m the most transparent reviewer around.

      • Absolutely, i trust you. Ive watched your site for awhile,i was happy with your flowermate stuff

  • If you want to really get rid of a lot of the skepticism about this vaporizer you need to do a video showing the most vapor you can possible get from a hit off this vape.

    Start at high temperatures, increase the draw resistance, and take a long pull and display the cloud with proper lighting.

    Do the same thing through water and try to white wall a water piece.

    That’s what people really want to see from a vaporizer at the end of the day. You can’t show us how good the flavor is at low temps, but you CAN show us how thick the vapor is at high temps.

  • Extremely Important Question: What happens if material falls through the loading capsule on to that stainless steel plate above the heating element?

    I see a great danger for concentrates leaking through if the concentrate pad is loaded too full.

    Do you have the ability to blow through the heater from the bottom in order to warm and clean that steel plate?

  • Although the Ghost MV1 seems to look and perform quite decent… I can’t help but to think your review and judgement of the devise is definitely biased and might be not as truthful and a bit shrouded by the fact that you did in fact have a part in the manufacturing and/or sale of the product. Maybe its the reason you disabled the comments on your youtube channel regarding this vape? Still looking forward to trying out the Ghost MV1 but I just hope your review isn’t too influenced by your connection to the company.

    • That’s why I’m offering the personal buy-back guarantee, for skeptical peeps like you, even though I’m the most transparent reviewer on the internet.

      YouTube comments are disabled on all of my videos going forward because I don’t have the bandwidth to monitor and reply to all of those messages, that’s why I created the forum where I encourage you to share your thoughts and ask questions.

      • Can we PLEASE not apply Stoner Skepticism to Bud’s review? God, do people have no faith?

        Yes he took part in the process of creating this vape, but I’ve owned 4 vapes now because of Bud’s reliable (iny my opinion) videos and Ive liked all of them (Pax 1, ENano, Volcano and Crafty). If anything, we should appreciate that his expertise went into creating this device whereas other vaporizers are designed by… well probably not people like Bud.

        How many other ‘people on the internet’ are standing behind a product like Bud is? Uhm.. no one. Crazy considering he’s just a guy doing what he does and is willing to accept that burden of returns.

        Im thankful for your videos Bud and Im very curious what my own personal experience with the Ghost will be. I hope others are too.

        – viewer since 2012

        • Right on OtherJames …what trips me out as well is how people making demands and shit lol as if they are experts and know how to make these devices. And then, instead of making a decision based solely on what they think, they gonna talk about it and then bandwagon.

          Not to mention the fact that, as you said, this is Bud we’re talkin about. If it were somebody we didn’t know and they started blabbing away about “buy buy buy it now!” then I understand, I’d be the same way cus I wouldn’t know the person from a bucket of paint. But some of us have had experiences where Bud actually guided us to products that made us happy and lived up to our expectations. As he said in his part 2 video, if he were just for the money and screwing people, we all wouldn’t be nowhere near him or his sites to this day….yet here we all are . I’m a supporter of people doin right by others and I’ll always support that cus I would want the same.

      • “YouTube comments are disabled on all of my videos going forward because I don’t have the bandwidth to monitor and reply to all of those messages, that’s why I created the forum where I encourage you to share your thoughts and ask questions.”
        what does that even mean??
        you don’t have the bandwidth to monitor?
        and what you accessing this forum magically doesn’t use up any internet data?

    • What more do you want he is given us a buyback guarantee if you’re not happy what did you get your money back

  • My most improtant factor what is the warrenty wont buy anything w less then 5 year

  • Hi Bud

    From where this unit will be sold eventually? US ? EU? And more importantly, from where is the unit sold when buying it via your link? Im from europe so it would be very nice to be able to buy the vape from EU country to avoid customs fees (even if Im buying it via ur link). Is there EU plugs on fast charger?

    BTW how is it performing when using concentrates? I have deep doubts about convecting style vapes and concentrates. I hope u can prove wrong.

    Thanks for your video reviews.

  • Hey guys I just posted a Part 2 follow-up review to answer a lot of your questions and go into more details, check it out here.

  • Hi Bud thanks for the video ,count me in,when will it go on sale ?also it sounds a little complicated , if you’re not that mechanically inclined do you think it would be very hard to learn how to use it ?also I will not order from any other place other than the one you recommend for I know I’ll be safe that way I trust your judgment and opinion

  • Aye Bud, I’m curious as to the minor difference of rating the vapor production of the Mv1 an A rather than an A+ like the mighty and the crafty. Why the half Mark off? Is it because you don’t see the clouds from the first draws?

  • Hey Bud when you gave the Airvape Xs C+ for Cleanliness. what does that mean exactly? Thanks

  • Forgot One quick question are the two green parts between the crucible silicone? Maybe you mentioned it but I missed it. Thanks again

  • Thanks Bud! Nice review your making me jealous cuz it really looks like your enjoying that vape. Really looking forward to adding this to my collection. Keep up the nice work your reviews are spot on many enjoy and appreciate your work. Is mine in he mail yet!

  • This vape looks nice, here’s some things I wonder about that I’m hoping you could comment on:

    •Is the external charger included or costs extra? (I have a hunch on this one…)
    •Water adapter usability?
    •Concentrate performance, is there spillage, what kind of concentrate pads?
    •Can you take longer draws by resetting the heater button?
    •Does it overheat and stop heating ala the Firefly 2?
    •Loading capsule durability?
    •Is the loading capsule hot after a session is finished, how long does it take to cool?
    •What is included in the box? How many capsules, batteries, chargers, cables, glass stems, etc. ?

    • Also, where’s the Matte Black Finish???

      If they can do Matte Silver, they can do Matte Black.

      No Matte Black = No Buy.

      Matte Black = Instant Buy!





    In case you missed this official update from Ghost Vapes today please check out their post.

    Unfortunately they gave it everything they had to get the store launched today but they still need a small amount of time to feel comfortable launching, which in the end is better for all of us.

    They don’t want to take pre-orders and have you waiting for vapes you already paid for.

    They’re going to be launching their website next week and forum members will get first dibs on reserving their MV1 of choice (no deposit required).

    • Like the Grasshopper that I paid for and then waited three years for delivery…And then had to send it in for service four times in the first eight months I had it. Good move Ghost…sell it when it’s ready and able to ship.

  • Bud how we lookin on getting the review posted? I need to get one of these on order and get back to my yard work. Thanks Bud

  • Hope to be rewarded for my patience and get one of these NOW! That vape looks awesome and checks every box on my list of what I want. I am patiently waiting for the review and website to open up take my money please. Soooooooo close mouth is watering I have dropped everything I’m doing.

  • Satin is so much better! Whoever thought that shiny version looked good should be fired.

    • lol the Black Chrome is awesome it’s actually my fave, check out this pic I just took it shows the colors a little better (shiny vapes are hard to photograph):

      MV1 Colors

      • Pretty pretty pretty gooood. Looking quite nice. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

      • Yeah tbh I thought the rose color was pink, I’m definitely not into pink, but now that pic shows them much better. I might get one of the chrome colors because I hate having the same as everybody else, I’m a lone wolf follow my own shit…but the satan silver is calling my name. When I saw that, I wanted it. But that’s trivial, now I want the verdict of it’s performance and that will be the highlight of my day after work. If I’m “up in the clouds” the color of that thing is the last imma be thinking about if the vape is the best. I can see that the reflection of light is what causes it to look shinier than it really is, so I can through that and have an eye for that. Where is the 4th color…was it chrome silver?

  • Aye Bud, I want to pre-order and also want that Satin Silver, it looks dope af. Also, I definitely will take you up on that buy back offer, because I’ve been screwed so much in the consumer world lol I’m just about had it. I want to believe in this vape…and I want it to last so long my youngsters will inquire about it. So my next question is, after your testing and review, do you think it’s longevity is promising like some of the other vapes you prefer and like? What can we do if the product does malfunction, is it a long drawn out process to get it fix? I already know that will probably addressed in the warranty topic but details would be nice. Any cool accessories that it comes with? I mean for a nearly $300 product that would be nice if it came with some stuff. But even better if it doesn’t need any, just means it’s that much more efficient. Lol anyways I’m excited and can’t wait for the review and hope it’s like you say…. like a kid seeing the toy they want on commercials.

  • Thank you so much for your awesome vaporiser reviews. I was about to pull the trigger on a mighty or firefly 2 but this ghost MV1 looks so much better. I’m so glad I checked your site. How does the bucket size compare to the mighty/crafty’s? Does it come with something equivalent to storz & bickel liquid pads if I don’t want to fill up whole bucket?
    Many thanks

  • Seems a bit complex, and bulky.

    On the positive side, the performance as you state seems impressive; the removable oven (crucible) and battery are badass.

  • There’s actually 4 colors per Bud’s mini intro review :|… and two of them ik appeal to people.. I guess they went invisible while viewing them hahaha

  • I was extremely happy with you recommendation of the Crafty, 2 yrs later I Lost my Crafty, I was about to buy one on vapeworld & something told me “BRO! Before anything checkout & see what he recommends now”. After watching that video! WTF! I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes for my MV1. MOVE OVER STORZ & BICKEL. Do you know if this company is going into desktop units? Thank you in advance for the answer.

    • Not yet but there will be as soon as I post my review, please standby for updates, the current ETA for my review is 7/15. Thanks for your interest!

  • Also what will the warranty be? What are their other products warrantys and how long has the companie been in buisness? Their website isn’t very informative right now.

    • Please standby for final word on warranty, it will be sufficient I can assure you, their first priority is making sure you enjoy the vape and have no problems. It’s a new company in the vape scene but the people running it behind the scenes are very experienced in inventing and producing high-end consumer products. The ETA for their full website launch is also 7/15 and it will have all the info you’ll wanna know about them.

      • Ok, you’ve got me. I’ve spent days researching different vapes, the last few days deciding between the mighty or da vinci IQ, now it looks like I will wait a bit longer

    • Yes lol, the polished finishes look really really nice in person, they’re just very hard to photograph, and they feel very durable and high quality, I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it.

      They will have a matte Satin Silver color that is only shiny on the oven door and heat sink, I’ll have pics of that one posted ASAP!

  • The “chrome” look is hideous. Definitely should have went with an all matte finish or anything else but that chrome look. It makes it look really cheap like those “chrome” rim covers auto zone sells. The paint will probably peel quickly and not last long at all. This looks like a really good performing vape and I would like one but the chrome is turning me away.

    • It looks and feels amazing in person, not cheap at all, I promise. My pics don’t do it justice.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks very much for posting your questions and feedback, I really do appreciate it a lot and it’s extremely helpful.

    I just posted this update on the forum and I wanted to post it here as well:

    A couple of you guessed it right that I’m under a strict NDA with this vape.

    My original ETA of 7/1 was Ghost’s intended target date not an official launch date. They did not release it publicly or give me a specific launch date but I wanted to give you guys an estimated time-frame. Please direct any frustrations at me and not at Ghost just to be fair to them, they’re really trying hard to make this happen and not disappoint you.

    They spent the last 2 years working on this project under a veil of secrecy. They placed an embargo on media coverage in advance of their launch and I had to plead with them to let me preview it a few weeks ago. I agree with you that this is maybe not the typical way to do things but these guys are pros and everything they do is well thought-out, please don’t worry.

    I’m embracing the different approach because a lot of companies have made the mistake of launching too early and ended up disappointing people. They assured me that they’re going to launch and get this vape in your hands as soon as possible and I believe them.

    This vape is becoming my go-to and I cannot wait for you guys to enjoy it too.

    Your patience, as always, is appreciated more than you can even imagine.


    Stay up!

    • Thanks Bud, I’ll definitely be waiting cus I want to get on that list or at least be one of the first to get it if it’s as spectacular as you say. As I said before lol, you’ll definitely be making us spend the money and I’m sure the company will appreciate you for that.

  • Reading some comments lol I see people judge real quick. Anyways about the superficial stuff like colors and size. From the photos it doesn’t look big at all…it looks like some type of device I’ve seen them skaters use for their electric skateboards. Any type of smoking device such as a vape is going to take up space when considering all its working/quality components the way I see it, but it’s all about how it takes up the space and I think from the looks of this thing, they’ve done well enough. Besides there’s time and place when needing to be discrete. And the shine, well I’m partial about that. When I first saw this, I felt it stood out BUT it’s not in a bad way, it actually looks too unique to look like a vape. I would suggest a blue color cus that’s my color lol. I’m more concerned about it’s function than anything, the price for the value, the flavor, the effectiveness, battery life, durability, it’s longtivity, it’s maintenance and of course be entertained by some nice vape clouds. But I’ll say this as well, I definitely don’t want no shit like I got from that V2 ..that 7 series crap from florida…ill be waiting and expecting the best

  • Lol Bud, you definitely know how to make people spend their money because they way you make it sound…I already want to purchase it …and remember I just bought the arizer air not long ago…but I do want something more portable, and just in case I feel risky to burn something else, I want that option. And the price?! I’m all for spending the best of the buck for something well worth it. I’ll be wait for your review Bud cus if it’s all good, imma get my behind on that list hahaha..dont let me down.

  • this vape sounds great, the ONLY downfall i can think of is
    1. is it water tool friendly?
    2. maybe a future version where its less bulky, say more like davinci iq size form factor = perfect
    3. warranty period?

    but overall still very impressed and will pick one up, on demand temperature regulated, replaceable battery, sounds good to me

  • I am very interested in this vape but i noticed you said you would post a forum we could preorder our mv1 ghost from to recieve a very important accessory when will you be posting the link for that?

  • Hope it’s not another Firefly 2,they must have paid Bud for that review………
    I don’t trust him like i used to do,too many kickbacks in it.

    • Same here that Firefly 2 sucks. I took his word for it. The mighty is good that I have no complaints. But the Firefly does not do nothing for me. I tried every way it sucks even try sucking Vapor out of it sucks.

  • Not impressed. Give me something sleek, gives great hits, long battery life and… really portable. This thing stands out like a sore thumb. Looks way too bulky and that shine…. please. I don’t care about 40 proprietary parts and supposedly next generation technology, sounds like bs. You’re really going to have to do a great convincing job on that review Bud. Airvape XS, Davinci IQ, Pax 3, etc. all look better to me.

  • Tell them to do a matte black, carbon fiber finish (semi gloss)

    As of now its too shiny imo, matte black would probably take the cake as preferred choice

  • It looks like a VR controller, it’s very bulky looking in the hand, and the chrome makes it look cheap or painted metal plastic looking.

    If the internals are not plastic, the outer shell is metal like the arizer air solo (a light metal shell that keeps it cool), battery life is good and you get good clean hits I’m ok with it looking ugly.

    There seems to be a lot of parts and the more parts the more maintaining and possible missing parts or break downs. Are the coils easily replaceable incase they burn out or break. The glass meeting the thin metal screen and ceramic bowl and if so does the other end of ceramic bowl build up material like the DaVinci IQ making it hard to clean.

    This seems like a house unit to me, which I’m fine with, for $295 the quality needs to be good. If you have any input I would ask if you can have the option to make it silent, sometimes you want it to not make a loud vibrating noise and sneak a few hits here and there because the DaVinci IQ is extremely loud with the vibrations. Please see if they can make a matte black or a chromeless color. Also if they can make a more travel size one maybe 25%-50% smaller kind of the concept of mighty and craft (I use mighty as home unit and DaVinci IQ on the go but also use water adapters with DaVinci IQ), make better colors for more of a portable or camping going out to bar/discreet etc…Make this for home and a smaller one for on the go and then you have a HR. ***Also I think this is a must, make a new chamber or screen system because that thin metal screen is going to be extremely to hot to handle just as the ceramic chamber, also it might be easily lost when putting materials in or out.

    I have not seen it in person so this is all just first initial thoughts and concerns I have. I hope this helps in any feedback you might be looking for.

    • Wow, for someone who has never seen or used this unit, it’s amazing the amount of detail you go in to fix it. You’re living in a dream world. Do you realize how much it costs in patents, production maching, development, testing, marketing, etc., etc., to get a product like this to market? You say make ten different colors, different sizes, etc., like money is no object. Sorry, but that’s not possible for a startup and their first product. I would suggest you keep your comments in the basement until you actually try the product first, then give your “professional” review.

  • Thanks for all your reviews! I would love to see a report of your “top 3 best-flavor portables and desktops”. Just a thought…

  • I am on the market for a vaporiser and I am definitely going to buy this one, I hope that you are going to post your review as soon as possible.

  • #thevapecritic need to know when pre sale will be available want this product asap now I am very excited about this product have been waiting for double portable for a long time that is not a combustible vaporizer that will be smooth on the lungs please update asap want this now

  • Sign me up! I want to get this baby. I am going to work extra just to get it. I hope it is as awesome as it looks.

  • Looks really cool but I’ll a few months until they’ve done a few more production runs. It seems that whenever something new comes out, there are a lot of quality control issues the first couple of runs.

  • I think I will pass on it. Looks bulky and fiddly. I prefer my Pax2 which is sleek, discreet, and is a good sipper but not a ripper.

  • What’s great about it is that it looks nothing like anything we’ve seen before so kudos to Ghost for doing it different! Hoping the performance takes me out of this world like it’s looks!

  • DUDE! The vape looks hella ugly and cheap. Is it plastic with a chrome plating? Reminds me of those old toys I used to get from the local Pic ‘N’ Save as a kid.

  • Hi,

    You mentioned these are UK designed, yet they have a $ price tag. Any idea if there will be a UK release date alongside US? Do you have a price for us over here across the water in UK?

  • Thanks as always for your efforts. I was wondering if you could run this through a water piece for massive, milky hits. Thanks again and stay up! :)

  • I want one I just hope it’s like the firefly,I trust your opinion as I did buy the mighty when you were able to get the exchange for me on the firefly thanks to you or I would’ve never got it back thank you so much I love you you’re the best

  • Great review. I’m curious to know how long does the flavor last. I have a davinchi and a crafty. The davinchi flavor last longer to me. In comparison to the davinchi do you think the flavor last longer? And would you recommend this over the davinchi?
    Thanks for all your videos too. I definitely trust your opinion!

  • Can’t wait for this device! On-demand convection is the way to go, especially if it features a removable battery, full temp control and a pod/crucible/capsule system. Also hoping that the MV1 is truly more medically built and driven than most vapes out that feel too much like a toy.

    Bud, How does the vape feel? Heavy duty and solid or light and crispy? Is the main body metal?

    I would love to see some detail pics of the chamber, mouthpiece system etc…Thanks for the awesome preview and keep doin it!

  • Nice Bud. Looks like it will have all Tier 1benefits. I look forward to your full review.

  • Hey Bud,
    Looks like the one. All the features I wanted are here in this vape.
    Look forward to your final review.

  • Hey Bud, can’t wait to see the review! How would you stack this up to the Mighty? The quick preview already has me considering grabbing the Ghost!

    • Hey Nick it’s a pretty different vape from the Mighty as far as the technology and how it works when you’re using it, and I’ll never say I don’t like the Mighty anymore. But this one is certainly very impressive with what it can do as an on-demand convection unit, the vapor it produces is very good quality and it’s very potent. Stay tuned for the full review bud!

  • Do you have to stir between hits like the firefly 2?. How cool is the vapor?

    I’m sure you’ll cover everything. Bought 3 vapes now based on your reviews, never been surprised or disappointed. Thanks Bud.

    • Stirring will not be required for excellent results with this one, but it can never hurt with a convection vape.

      The vapor is very cool with this one, possibly top 3 smoothest vapor I’ve experienced from any vaporizer, it’s one of the major advantages for sure.

      Thanks for stickin around my friend! ;-)

    • LOL I hear you! We haven’t gotten there yet, this kind of performance in a tiny compact unit, it’s a pretty serious machine.

  • If a vape doesn’t fit nicely in my pocket, forget it. That IS a beast.

  • Hey man, thanks for all the information regarding vapes, you really made a difference in this industry.

    A few questions:

    Does it work like the FF2 in that it is not session based?
    What is the heating up and cooling down time?
    What will be the cost around the FF2 or the IQ?

    Thanks agian

    • Hey sup!

      Correct, you heat it up for one draw at a time, and then it cools down until the next draw.

      The first heat up from a cold start takes about 10 seconds, then you start your pull. After that the unit is warmed up and it only takes a few seconds for it to be ready after you press the button.

      Cost will be $295 which is only a tad more than the other ones.

      Stay up!

  • Heya, so this vaporizer can not be used like a session vape(The Mighty)? I’d like to be able to take 11 or more big tokes from a vaporizer ;> Is there something else – new or not – that I can compare with the mighty in terms of a good session vape?

    • Hey that is correct, each packed chamber in this vape is good for about ~5-8 draws depending how you use it. If you want more you’d have to swap out the crucible for another one (it’s gonna come with at least 2).

      As far as the best portable vape for full sessions, where you take 10-20 draws back-to-back in one shot, the Mighty is still on top.

  • Well we know what will be sold out in seconds once released. It will be this “Sexy Beast” of a machine!!!

    • This looks like how I hoped the firefly 2 would be! Instant heat , great vapor, and draws like the crafty. Could be awesome if it is as good as it looks – wish I hadn’t spent the cash on a firefly 2 which has now packed in with a cracked bowl even though it has never been dropped.

      • Hi Bud I no that this MV1 is a great vaperizer but like anything new there will be flaws,I really think that it’s the heat sink ,I am on my third MV1 and when it works there is nothing on the market yet that can compare to the MV one , I am going to send these back and Waite till they fix the promblem,I do not want my money back as I love the product and I have faith that they will fix the problem and the next batch that comes out will work fine until then I will wait and leave a credit in there and then when they fix the problem order another one ,Thanks Bud Give it a little and this will be the vap of the future and best medical device for medical marijuana ,I will keep checking in,also I am sending both Vapes and paying for my returns as Ghost has paid 3 times ,Thanks Mary