Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Da Buddha This is the Da Buddha vaporizer made by a company called 7th Floor, the same people who make the Silver Surfer (SSV) and Life Saber (LSV).

It’s a little cheaper than the SSV but it utilizes similar (if not the same) parts, namely the heating element, which makes it a good performer.

There are a few things about it that I’m not really thrilled with, one of them being the horizontal placement of the herb chamber. It’s a little annoying to keep your material flat and even with a chamber design like this, so it makes the angled heating element of the Silver Surfer a bit more appealing in my opinion.

Overall I think this is a good vape, especially for the low price point. If you can rummage up a few extra bucks I do feel that the SSV is a better vape overall though, it’s basically a souped-up version of the Da Buddha, with some very practical enhancements.

Stay up!

Video transcription:

This video is about the Da Buddha vaporizer. It’s made by 7th Floor, which is the same company that makes the Silver Surfer vaporizer, which is this guy right here. Now this is a whip style vape, whip only. It’s a pretty simple device. All it has is an on and off switch basically. This switch is also the temperature dial.So, to use this one you would turn it on, and it’s recommended to first turn it all the way up to the max temperature while it warms up. Give it about two or three minutes. Once it’s warmed up you can turn it back, somewhere around the 12:00 position is usually a pretty good starting point. Then you would test it out on your own and see if you prefer to go up or down from there.

Once this part is ready to go, once it’s heated up, you would just take your whip piece here. This is the glass wand piece and your material would go up near the tip here. There’s a little screen at this point. So you would put maybe a quarter inch of material in here, and then to use it or start vaping, you would then take this end and you would insert it into here.

Now the Da Buddha vape is a ground glass only connection, which is different than the Silver Surfer I’ve got. I’ve got the standard glass with the Silver Surfer, which means that you hold the wand up to the heating element while you take your draw. Then you put it down in between draws.

So with this vape, it’s a ground glass connection, meaning this wand piece will stick in and attach and pretty much get stuck to the heating element in here, or the glass heater cover. So once it’s attached you would then start taking your draw from the mouth piece.

So this vape is fairly inexpensive. Right now the list price is $189, which makes it roughly about $80 cheaper than the Silver Surfer, which is $269 right now. It is a very popular one. A lot of people buy it because it is inexpensive, and it’s generally pretty high quality. It works pretty well.

I do think that the performance is average or a little above average for a desktop unit. Now as you watch me vape with this, my first two draws that you see me taking, they’re actual time. I didn’t cut them down. But after the second one, so the third draw and on, I cut them all down just to keep it short.

So you’ll notice that I take about a ten second draw, maybe a little bit longer, to really get a good amount of vapor with this vape. That’s a pretty average amount of time, as far as whip vapes go anyway. This vape, it has a pretty simple little ceramic heating element in the middle part there. It does do a fairly good job of vaporizing your material evenly.

Now there are a couple things that I don’t really like about it too much. There are a few things I think the make the Silver Surfer vaporizer a better choice, even though it is a little more expensive. The first thing is the way that the herb chamber is, or how you put the herb chamber into the vape, which is just horizontally.

Basically what this means is, it’s a little difficult to keep your material flat and even inside of the chamber or inside of the wand, because it wants to just fall down. Gravity is going to do what gravity wants to do. So when your material is not flat in the chamber it means that the heat isn’t evenly covering all the material at once. Not that it’s a big deal, but you will need to stir the material inside the wand probably after every draw or two.

A couple of times when I was using this vape, I did wait a little too long in between draws. I kept my wand attached, but I wasn’t pulling on it. I just kind of was leaving it there for a little while. If you’re not careful with this vape, it can cause your material to overheat so that when you go to take a draw, you might get surprised by a little bit of a burnt taste.

So what that really means in the grand scheme of things is that, even though this vape has ground glass connection, or hands free connection, you really don’t want to leave it in there too long. So you kind of want to take it out in between draws anyway.

So in that sense, in my personal opinion, it’s almost more of an advantage to have the standard glass like I do with my Silver Surfer, where you just hold your wand up to the heating element. Then in between draws you’re taking it away from the heating element and you’re just setting it down.

Now, as far as how this compares to other vapes in the price range, though, this is actually a very good vaporizer. For under $200, you can’t really find too many other desktop units that are really good. Or there are not too many that I recommend anyway.

So as far as the vapor that this vap produces, I think that the potency is pretty much average. I think the taste is average to a little bit above average and I also think that the efficiency is fairly average. But again, for a vape being this inexpensive, being average is really not a bad thing.

So overall I do think it’s a great vape. Like I said, for the price it’s definitely good. It’s pretty much above average for the price range. But, out of these two vapes, the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer, I do think that the Silver Surfer would be the better option if you can afford the few extra bucks. I do think that there’s an advantage to having the angled heater cover.

Now one other difference between these two that I forgot to mention which isn’t a difference as far as how they perform or anything, It’s just cosmetic. With the Silver Surfer, you do get the custom glass knob. You also get the custom glass heater cover, which also has some color in it. The wand itself also has some color and some design in it.

Whereas with the Da Buddha, everything is plain. It’s all plain glass in here, in the heater cover. There’s no color or anything. It’s just sort of generic. That’s just something that some people will care about, some people won’t, not a big deal.

So if you’re thinking about buying one of these, check out the link I put in the description to the authorized dealer that I got mine from, and the place I recommend. Otherwise you can check out my website VapeCritic.com to see what rating I gave to it, and where it falls among the other vapes I’ve reviewed. If you have any questions for me about this vape or how it compares to some other ones, feel free to let me know. I appreciate you taking the time to watch, and stay up!


  • I’ve had the DBV for a while and hardly ever used it because I didn’t really know what I was doing and the vapor was way too hot on my throat. I also didn’t smoke that often either. I tried a water bong and loved it. Then I learned you could hook the whip to the bong. What a huge difference! I could get much larger clouds and much better results. I started with a Faberge Egg bong and then tried a single honeycomb perc ice bong. Bother work great. The ice cools it to the point of very little to no cough. The switch to medicinal weed happened at the same time, so my mind is blown.

  • Hi, I am planning on ordering this and decided to just go through your link since you get compensated. A few questions tho, I only see EU and UK voltage available, i live in the USA. Also, I don’t see a color option like 7th floor vapes website, is the one I’m ordering for $189.00 the black option? And lastly, it says it comes with a padded storage bag, is that specifically the same hemp bag from 7th floor’s site? Thanks so much for the info, I’ll be sure to show the person I’m gifting this to your video so they know how to use it properly.

  • Hello,

    Came across your review looking for some info or assistance about using my Buddha for diffusing essential oils. Having difficulty finding information on what attachment I should purchase for this purpose. My reading on forums has left me a bit confused because I am not sure if others are talking about actual essential oils (Lavender, cardamom, thyme and other nonsense like that) or THC oils.

    Do you have any experience or knowledge concerning this usage? Would appreciate any insight or even product recommendations

    Thanks in advance!

    • 7th Floor sells an essential oil diffuser for the DBV. It’s a heavy glass dish that saddles the heating element cover. It is specifically for aromatherapy, and NOT for vaporization of concentrates. I use lavender oil to keep my vaping room smelling nice.

  • Which desktop has the longest session with a single bowl? I want to us it with a group

  • I absolutely love the DBV. It is just as efficient as the SSV but for people on a budget. Great job 7th Floor.

  • the glass wand continually gets stick with the connection glass piece and I can’t get it out? Any suggestions?

  • I just bought the Da Buddha. Im getting very little vapor even at the highest setting. Is it possible that the element is not heating enough? It glows red. What else could be the problem? Should the screen be pushed all the way into the bowl or closer to the element? It came pushed in all the way. The herbs only get brown after 8 to 12 large draws at the highest setting. I am stirring every 1 to 2 draws.


    • It should be set to where the arrow is at about 1 o clock. Highest setting is too high. Your herbs should be finely ground and lightly tamped into the screen area. The herbs are supposed to get brown. Not vaporize as in disappear completely

  • I’ve a cracked cord n my budda n it’s a pity that seventh floor’s service isn’t nearly as good as it’s cranked up 2 b. Sent pic. Emailed. Called. 8 weeks now. wife said buy another. very nervous about putting it away. Have 2 cause Indiana’s not budda friendly. Thing gets me a buzz. what else do U want?

    • Can’t you just put a new cord on it? If you are so inclined, it’s one of the easiest vaporizers to work on. Putting on a new cord should be pretty straightforward. Eight weeks? Holy cow! I’ve always had nothing but great assistance from 7th Floor….Oh…..Nice to see another Rice around here LOL

  • Just trying out vap brand new at this never vapped before.Question; the glass that fits in the unit itself that fits over the heating element….does that piece have to be down to the bottom of the unit when in operation? It feels too loose but I also noticed in the demos that the glass is in the middle of the vap hole. So do I have to push down on the glass when putting it inside of the unit? Thx

    • I always make sure it’s pushed down and tight. They sell a Spacer & Shim Packet for $5.00 on the website. It helps tighten up the heater element so it sits straight and stays down. Might be worth a try.

  • I love mine had it for 3 days. Already found my perfect temp and enjoying!!! I only need to know how can I tell that bowls gone :( since no ashes with vaping???
    Please reply

  • I am thinking about picking up an oil kit for my DBV. Do you have any experience vaping concentrates with the the “flavor oil kit” setup?

    Your reviews are always forthright and focus on the practical aspects of each unit that are rarely covered in the marketing campaigns pushed by manufacturers. Thank you for providing a reliable and unbiased source of information for all us vaprrrs.

    Stay up!

    • Hey thanks for your comment, unfortunately I don’t have experience yet using concentrates with this vape, but if you do decide to try it definitely come back and let me know how you like it!

      • Over the holidays I picked up the new oil kit 7th Floor offers for the DBV. After using it for the past 6 months I am very satisfied with the purchase. I have been using my DBV unit regularly for 3+ years with no issues whatsoever. The addition of the oil kit essentially turns the DBV into an e-nail setup.

        The oil kit includes a globe/heater cover (be sure to determine the appropriate clip type when ordering), titanium nail (slides onto the ceramic heating element), glass wand (with reclaim node), and a glass “rain drop” carb cap (they even let you request a color).

        I have found top dead center on the DBV dial is plenty of heat and it’s ready to roll within 60 seconds because the nail is in direct contact with the heating element. I run my DBV through an Illadelph heavy hit beaker base with a glycerin coil and the combination produces the smoothest dab sessions ever. Like you, I am always searching for ways to make the experience cleaner without sacrificing flavor. With my particular setup there is literally no snap.

        In my opinion, the addition of the oil kit makes the DBV one of the cleanest, most economical and versatile units on the market. I can say with confidence that I have purchased my last can of butane. I know all the vaprrrs out there would benefit from your review of the oil kit.

        Stay up, Bud!

  • FYI – the heating element on my first Buddha stopped working about 3 months after I got it. I shipped it to 7th Floor with a note asking what I should do or could they take a look. I had lost the receipt but I told them the store I bought it from. Two weeks later a brand new Buddha was at my door. I thought that was really incredible.

  • I’m new to vaping and would like to know what unit is best for vaping at home. Should I get the magic flight launch box or da buddha. Thanks

  • I just bought this vaporizer and i must say, it is AWESOME! I get amazing vapor production and the vapor stays cool. The angle of the heater is a non-issue. Not once have i had my herb spill due to it being horizontal. I highly recommend this vape. I also like how the glass oil kit turns it into a dabber and the aromatherapy dish. Very customize-able. It is not much different than the silver surfer, and you can customize it just as much with custom glass wands, temperature knobs, mouth pieces, vape tamers, water filters, etc… i actually suggest this over the SSV since you can customize it to be almost just like the SSV and it will save you money.

    • To add: there is a slight learning curve with the temp control, which is expected due to no digital display. But I let it heat up on the highest setting and then once its up to temp, i bring it down to the 2 or 3 o’clock position and i get a ton of vapor. Not once has it burned the herb and always get huge vapor hits and it lasts a long time, while not over vaping and making your ABV dark brown.

  • Hey Bud,

    Between Da Buddha and the Arizer Extreme Q which produces the better vapor? Would you ever think about doing a comparison video between Da Buddha and the EQ?

  • I bought a black da Buddha 4/13 and LOVE it however two nights ago the glass heater cover broke in two, down near the base of the heating unit. Do you know if these can be successfully superglued? I see that part for sale online…

  • Hi! Love your site. My girlfriend has been using my DaBuddha for awhile now. She likes it very much, and wants to get one. Anyway, my question is this … My unit casing heats up until it’s uncomfortable to the touch. I noticed that the heating element had fallen down a little bit, so I gently pulled it back up. That seems to last for a day or two, and then it heats up again. It’s not under warranty. Had it since 2009. Should I send it for repairs, or should I get a new one? Which do you believe is most cost effective?

  • I bought one of these last month after reading your and other reviews. This is my first vape and I love it. It works great and has a pretty easy learning curve. I’d say I had the technique down after a few bowls. Da Buddha is very simple and built like a tank. The wand and screen gunk up pretty fast, but they’re very to clean. I’ve had a minor issue with the wand falling out of the heat cover, but I consider that to be operator error and it’s nice to have the hands-free option sometimes. just make sure the wand is seated securely and don’t yank on it too much. I don’t see myself doing very much [combusting] now that I’ve been spoiled by this thing.

  • I am old school and just got a Da Buddha before Xmas (Merry Christmas to ME! LOL) Previously, I have only used water/ice glass. This is new for me. I think the only thing that would make this perfect is a slightly downward pointing heating element.

    The question I have is about the temp. You say you should try at the 12 to 2 o’clock position. I have gotten it to work, but somewhere else I saw it recommended to use the 10 o’clock position, which is way too low in my opinion. Since I am new to this, and I have no one else to guide me, how do I know when it is too hot? I had a one herb fleck fall into the heating element and that was a rude awakening. Otherwise everything is toasty brown.

    Also, what should I use to clean the whip and glass? Thanks.

    • I actually set MINE at 3 o’clock position; this gives me the most vapor.

      For cleaning, I take the glass piece and drop it in a jar of ISO to soak, and put the tubing part in my dishwater to soak for a few days. I have multiple sets, so I then put in a new one.

      After soaking at lenght, you can flush out most of the gunk just using hot water and a couple Qtips. Although all that gunk IS [usable], if you have the time and patience to dig it out – warning, very sticky.

  • Hi! You are my guru in vaping, so I am going to ask your advice, please. I just bought a Da Buddha, mainly because it seemed like the best option at my price point for a tabletop model. I also bought a Vapman Mica as a portable. I’m not that happy with either. I understand that the grind may be part of the problem, so I ordered a Zeus grinder but it hasn’t arrived yet. Perhaps that will solve everything. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out how to get more vapor out of both. With Da Buddha, I am trying different pack sizes and different temperatures. And thinking about returning it for a Arizer Solo or a Pax and give up on a tabletop for now. Any advice on increasing efficiency of what I have and whether I should make changes to my current setup, and if so, to what? Thanks!

    • Hey you should definitely be able to get good vapor production with the Da Buddha.

      It helps a lot if your material is finely ground up, and it’s also important to make sure your herbs are lightly pressed down in the wand to keep them down against the screen, you don’t want the material falling on its side (then the heat passes right over it instead of through it).

      Once you have your stuff packed in the wand and connected to the heater you’ll need to take at least a 10 second draw to get good vapor, but it should definitely come.

      As for temperature start off somewhere around the 2:00 position on the dial and adjust up or down from there in small increments to find exactly what works best with your draw speed.

    • I am having the SAME problem after using RSHO for less than a week. Since I don’t want to break anything, does anyone have an idea to “unglue the ground glass, M&F pieces apart? Any help or ideas are appreciated.

    • It’s pretty much a toss up between those two in my book, the biggest difference is that the EQ can fill a balloon in addition to whip mode but I don’t personally find myself using that function often.

      If comparing whip to whip it’s kinda cool to be able to turn on the built-in fan of the EQ to assist your draw and help provide more vapor, but the Da Buddha feels a little sturdier so I’d say it just comes down to the which little details you prefer.

      Either one should provide a good experience.

  • Do you think their might be an attachment that might change the direction which you plug in the wand? So that all of the green stays on the screen.

  • Hey man I’m at an impass. Been smoking for a long time and now current lung ‘issues are making it evident that I need to vape more. I live in Asia where everything has to be shipped and it’s not so easy or fast to get parts or to send items back etc. I can’t decide on the herbalaire, hot box, the no2 or dabuddha. I’m looking for something good on the cheaper side. But also something that can accommodate our herb here. Having a MUCH lower [potency]. So I may have to vape double just to get a similar [result] to what you guys are doing. That’s why the small bowl on the no2 seems like it’s not worth it… Help.

    • Hey man based on what you said and the models you’re thinking about I would probably go with the herbalAire or the Hot Box.

      Those two models have the largest herb chambers (HAire is largest of the bunch), so you shouldn’t have to re-pack too much.

  • Hey I love all of your videos and I love all the advice you give so I have decided that I am going to either Da Buddha or the SSV can you just give me all plus minus’s to each. I am willing to pay the extra money for the SSV but I am wondering if it is really worth it

    • Hey I think the SSV is a little better and worth the extra cost, the Da Buddha has a tendency to overheat your material if you leave the wand attached for too long, and since it’s not angled down like the SSV your material sometimes falls on its side instead of staying flat against the screen

      • I don’t necessarily agree with the overheating issue. I leave my unit on most of the day at around the 12 o’clock setting and loaded. If left for a while, the first pull can be slightly warmer than subsequent ones. I will be a slightly stronger hit with more vape to it, but its not significant. Its only if the heat is too high or the bowl is overloaded that the herb can catch a spark….if it does you will definitely know you got smoke and not vapor !!

  • I’ve had da Buddha for about 8 months and love it! Ive tried others, many of them more expensive and while the big guns have their advantages, the difference in price isn’t worth it. I set mine between 12 and 1:00 for the best vape for my goods, other folks tend to set it a bit higher. At this setting, a gram of The Good will last a long time. I can get 4 to 5 vapes from one load, stirring the herb between puffs. Save the vaped herb for budder! I got COPD so I can’t hit the [pipes] like I used to so vaping is the best for me. I get tired of coughing up a lung every time I smoke. I recommend this brand to anyone who wants to save some coin for more herb. Besides, the Buddha comes in a great cushioned hemp bag that doubles as a headrest when couchlock takes hold!

  • Hey Bud, i recieved my da budda vape about a week ago, i love
    it. i’ve had good success using it, but a couple times maybe got a little
    to hot and combusted. but i guess you have to experiment to find the sweet spot. all in all a great vape.
    thanks again for what you do.

    • Hey Jack,

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the vape, thanks for posting.

      I had the same thing happen to me during my testing of this one. I started to make sure I remove the wand between draws and this seems to help avoid the issue.

      Vape it up!

  • i ordered da budda, its on it’s way. thanks for your info. this will be my first vape. i’m so looking forward to it. i think your info on how to use answered a lot of doubt i had.
    Thanks so much.