Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

Muad-Dib This is the Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box (pronounced “maw-deeb”), made by the same company as the famous Launch Box vaporizer. It’s pretty awesome, and I think it’s a great alternative to vape pens if you’re lookin for something different.

It’s designed for use with wax and oil concentrates only, and the material you use needs to be very clean and melt completely to a liquid when heated. You can use other kinds of concentrates that don’t fully melt, but performance won’t really be at its highest and the box will require more frequent cleaning (“burn-offs”).

Optical Glass Lid So the box itself is made from Maple hardwood and then the color is darkened with a special ink. The lid or cover has an optical-quality glass lens, and it slides side-to-side to open or close access to the trench area. Inside the trench (chamber) you’ll find two rods holding a small stainless steel screen. This screen is where you load your concentrate, and you need to be very careful because it’s super delicate.

I have an early model so my vape is missing a brass trench insert that they now include with all units. It goes underneath the screen and heating rods and basically just looks cooler and makes it easier to clean off the bottom. The screen is also replaceable now, so if you break it by accident it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to replace.

Battery The Muad-Dib is powered the same way as the MFLB, with AA rechargeable NiMH batteries rated at 2000mAh or higher (with wrapper removed). The battery only engages when you actively push it in, and depending on how big your draws are you could get up to 50 pulls from a full charge, but the average may be a little lower. When the batteries are completely drained they’re gonna take a few hours to fully recharge, so if you plan on using it a lot I would invest in extra batteries and/or the power adapter they make.

The vapor it produces would be too hot and harsh if you tried drawing right from the box itself, or even with a short stem, so they include a 1.5 ft black whip to use with it. Both ends have brass fittings so you stick one end into the draw hole on the front of the box and basically the other end is the mouthpiece.

To get started all you need to do is load a tiny amount of concentrate onto the trench screen, start off with an amount equal to the size of the ball bearing on the top. If the material you’re using doesn’t want to stay stuck to the screen try engaging the battery for a split second and then letting go, this should make it melt a tiny bit and stick in place.

Loading Tool Close the lid after loading and get the mouthpiece ready by attaching the whip, then insert one of the batteries into the side of the box.

Now this is very important, there’s a specific way to use this vape for the best performance and vapor quality. Unlike most other vapes, you want to start drawing from the whip before you engage the battery. Draw as fast as you can too, if you draw slowly the vapor may get a little harsh and the taste might suffer a little. Engage the battery right after you start your draw, and keep it engaged the whole time you’re drawing until you see no more vapor being produced through the lens.

For best results you should vape all of the material you loaded in one big draw, you shouldn’t load a lot and then try to get multiple draws from it. If there’s any residual material on the screen after your draw you can do a burn-off by opening the cover and engaging the battery for 5-30 seconds. When the screen is clean and no more vapor is produced it’s ready to be re-loaded.

I personally like this unit a lot. Pen vapes are cool and they have their place in anybody’s collection, but the Muad-Dib is special and unique, and when you get the technique down and use it right the performance and vapor quality are top notch. You can get really strong, smooth draws from this thing, stronger than most pens.

This company also backs their vapes with a lifetime warranty, and they a have really good reputation.

Stay up!


  • I just recently won one in a raffle. I have been using vape pens for some time now and after using the box, WOW what a difference. Highly recommend this even at the prices they charge for it. Highly recommend.

  • I bought one of these for 225$, seems like i finally found my list electronic device for ”concentrate”
    So I use it like the directions says only enough for one big inhale at a time.
    After a week, the batteries got defective, the thing didn’t work and it would overheat on my charger to the point i thought it was going to catch fire
    They tell you ”life-time” warranty but i fought for 3-4 weeks by emai back and forth and I’m getting a replacement battery, if its not the problem I’m back on 3-4 delay. Shipping alone is 30 days so I’m up to 60 days + without my mudb-dib.
    Save your time and money, get a Pandora pen, 1/4 of the price works A++ and you don’t have to settle for less then you expected !!

    • If MF is fighting you on your “Lifetime Warranty” it’s likely because you bought a second-hand box, such as one you’re likely to find on eBay. I bought my first MFLB about 4 years ago from a licensed reseller (for wayyy less than $225, btw) and a friend just poked through the screen, cracked the monocle glass and snapped the draw stem all by dropping it. I told MF, and they didn’t ask for any warranty information or anything, just the serial number. I confirmed both the serial no. and the damage by photo, and they shipped me a new one. Turnaround from it breaking to them shipping was less than 48 hours. In the mean time, I’m using my Da Vinci Ascent and I ordered the MF maud-dib moreso to have near-identical conversation pieces and support the company than to replace my MFLB’s concentrate trays. Fyi, I don’t use pens any more and I rarely use my Ascent unless I’m experimenting with a new strain and graduating the temp for specific terpenes. It is definitely a personal preference, but I love the psychological chill aspect associated with the MFLB ritual, whereas other vapes like Pax, Ascent, or even the Volcano simply don’t have a “user skill” aspect to give a good, wholesome and rewarding experience.

      • I can appreciate the willingness to invest time and effort to develop a skill.
        For me, however, the potential outcome has to be superior to what you could have received from a product with a lower access bar. Thus I would never personally put the Volcano on that list; I don’t think you will get superior vapor with any Magic Flight product, regardless of skill.
        That said, they’re superior in other ways. Size and weight, general portability, arguably looks, and certainly price. There’s a lot of reasons to get one, particularly since they “improve with the user.” I would just never put it up against that particularly type of vaporizer.
        To me, it’s like expressing pride in your motorcycle and your skill with it, and then saying you wouldn’t get to use your skillset with a sixteen wheeled truck. Which is probably true, but those vehicles aren’t really competing either.

  • This thing is awesome!!!!! i just got it last night and im blown away with its performance. Ive been using The Cloud and and Omicron for the last couple of years and this thing blows them out of the water as far and vapor and flavor. im amazed at how small the amount of material you need to get huge hits. I was concerned about it only being one hit per load,but its seriously amazing. One hit is all you need. Thanks for your review. it was pretty much my deciding factor in purchasing the Muad Dib.

  • Hello there. Whats the best way to clean this device. I have a lot of residue on the bottom and on the two levers . Which I think is affecting the performance of my Maud-Dib.

    • Hey the first thing to do is a “burn off”, which is where you open the lid and engage the battery to let any buildup burn off. If you have a lot of residue I would hold the battery in for about 30 seconds.

      If the two rods inside still aren’t clean you can try using a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and gently rubbing them while they’re still slightly warm.

      If the bottom of your box underneath the trench is just the wood like mine is I wouldn’t really recommend trying to clean under it.

      Some boxes have a brass insert at the bottom of the chamber which you can use the cotton swab with alcohol on as well.

    • What I do is ball up sheets of rolling paper and with a tool, wipe up the oil in the trench with the papers. You can then figure out what to do with the oily papers. ;-)

  • I have been on the fence about this until I saw your review and decided to give it a go. I would have to say hands down its better then any pen I have tried in the quality of the vaper that it produces. The only minor drawback that I have run into is just having to reload each time after a single draw. But it has definitely changed the way I will be using my concentrates from here on out. Also I have been using the same battery for about a week and seems to be going strong still, that’s on a once a day session rate (5 pulls a session on average). Going to start trying diiferent types of concentrates over the next few days to test vapor quality as I know they really want you to use ones the melt all the way.

  • Been checking out your site tonight and it is awesome. This unit looks pretty rad… Very steam punk.

    Nerd trivia: Muad-Dib means “desert mouse” and is the name given to the main character of the original Dune series… Haven’t read it since I was a kid but that name has always stuck in my mind… Maybe I’ll have to get one just for that reason!


  • Nice review! I’ve been waiting for you to review the Maud-Dib and didn’t want to get one util I saw what you thought. Looks like I’ll be ordering one.