EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Review


This is the E-Nano vaporizer from Epic Vape. What’s special about this one is its incredible efficiency, pure flavor, and potent effects.

Hand Crafted in the USA

So this can be considered a “log style” vape because of the cylindrical shape and the fact that the outer enclosure is made of wood. The E-Nano also happens to be the smallest desktop vaporizer I’ve reviewed at less than 4″ tall, and the footprint is only 2″.

It’s a very well made piece (made in USA) with just two main components: the wood body and the glass stem. Now this company doesn’t mess around, they’re pretty serious about their vape and what it’s made of. This vape is crafted from a solid piece of hardwood, no cheap laminates here, and they use a natural shellac finish, no lacquers or paints.

They have a variety of hardwood types you can choose from – everything from standard Maple, Cherry and Walnut to some really cool looking exotic woods (the one I have is the Walnut model).

Inside the wood shell is where the ceramic heating element is housed. The whole inner part of the vape is lined in stainless steel aluminum which also surrounds the ceramic heating rod that sticks up from the bottom.

The base unit is really just the part that generates the heat, you still need a mouthpiece and somewhere to put your herb. That’s where the glass stem comes in to play – one end has a stainless steel screen where you pack your material and the other end is where you draw from.

Glass Stem So technically, the only materials your vapor touches are ceramic, stainless steel and glass. This results in very tasty vapor that feels really clean and pure.

Visible Vapor from a Crumb

It’s really designed for use with small amounts of material at a time, I’m talkin tiny. The manufacturer recommends starting out with 0.025g (yes that extra zero is correct). This is an extremely tiny amount of herb, almost too little to get any effects from but if you just want something light it’ll definitely do the job.

You will actually get visible vapor with that little speckle of herb, it’s pretty amazing – VERY few herbal vaporizers work well with such a tiny amount packed.

Through my testing I’ve found that I kinda prefer to load somewhere around 0.05g of herb at a time, this helps it produce more vapor and you can get more draws out of it before it’s spent. Even if you want to put more in there it really works best with a max of just about 0.1g.

This is definitely one of, if not the most efficient herbal vaporizer I’ve reviewed. BUT, most users including myself will not get the full desired results from one packing, so for what I would consider a “full” session you’ll have to re-pack a couple of times.

The overall quality of the vapor is top shelf as long as you don’t overheat your herb. If you find that your material is getting too dark it might mean the screen is too close, try pushing it down the stem a tiny bit. It could also mean the temperature is too high, but if you’re set at 8 or below you shouldn’t have any issues.

Stainless Steel Liner Speaking of heat settings, the E-Nano has a rotary temperature dial in line with the power cord, a few feet down from the plug that goes into the back of the vape. The dial shows a scale of 0 to 11, but it really maxes out at 10 (on purpose apparently).

I’d say right around 7 on the dial is a good place to start, and then you can adjust up or down from there depending on how intense you want the vapor to be.

I’ve found myself staying between 6 and 8 on the dial and rarely (if ever) venturing outside of that range. Below 6 and the vapor is very very light, and above 8 you run the risk of combusting your stuff. Ultimately the temp to vape at is really personal preference, so after a few sessions with it you should have a real good feel of how much heat you like.

You also don’t need to take a long draw with this unit to get a good amount of vapor, this is something I really like. It starts producing vapor right away from the first second of your pull and after just a few seconds of drawing you should have a lung-full. I’d say you can pull for as little as 3 seconds and as long as 10 seconds to get the best performance.

Ceramic Heating Element Top Shelf Vapor Quality

Besides being ridiculously efficient the other big advantage this vape has is its vapor quality. The flavor of your vapor, especially at the beginning of your session, will be very pure and clean, all you’ll taste is your material.

At lower temperatures and with shorter draws it’s tough to beat the vapor the E-Nano produces. It’s still above average at the higher temps it’s just a little harder to keep it perfect and consistent, the line is kinda fine between thoroughly vaporizing your herb and starting to combust it, so you need to experiment a little to perfect your technique.

When you hit it just right you’ll definitely be impressed with how it tastes, and you’ll probably be surprised with the potency too. I’d consider the vapor to feel very smooth up until you reach the higher temps around 8, then it could get a tad scratchy feeling.

Cleaning is a Breeze

EpicVape gives you the glass stems inside of a fitted plastic holder. When the screen gets clogged or the glass gets dirty you simply put the stem in the plastic holder with a little bit of iso alcohol, then you shake it for a minute.

Heater Screen Then just dump out the alcohol and rinse the pieces with water and you’re good to go. No mess, no fuss, I’m diggin it. The glass comes perfectly clean and I’d say the screen gets 95% clean. A tiny bit of residue might get stuck around the edges but it shouldn’t affect performance at all, and if it’s bad you can always remove the screen and clean it in iso separately.

Final Thoughts

Everybody should really have one of these. It’s only around $200, and even if you have a better, more expensive vape already you’ll definitely enjoy the efficiency and unique experience from this one, I know I do.

This vape is very easy to use so it’s great for beginners, and it’s so well-made and high-performing that veteran vapers will love it too. EpicVape gives you a 3-year warranty with it, which is real solid and covers any defects outside of normal wear and tear.

Stay up!


    • Few comments can leave me so completely incredulous of what I’ve just read that I’m left rereading it and just staring at it, stunned and speechless with disbelief. This comment managed to do so in a big way with one simple sentence. Powerful stuff!

  • I had problems with the temperature changing on accident when bumped, so I put a heavy duty rubberband on the temperature dial and that’s that

  • I’ve owned quite a few vaporizers, most recently a Grasshopper that never works and V2 Pro that’s not bad, but it burns some of the herb, doesn’t taste great, and it’s difficult to clean. I’ve also owned a Volcano but didn’t enjoy the balloon experience.
    I bought the E-Nano and I’m very glad I did. It’s easy to use, tastes great, extremely easy to clean, and I can get a lot of vapor out of a small amount of herb. So far it’s been very solid, I think it will last. Good design, refreshing vapor.

  • Firstly I want to say awesome reviews alway. I can thank you for my Volcano and my Solo based on your reviews. BTW I like your girls review on the Volcano much better :-). I was wondering if it’s possible to do a review from Ed’s TNT for his WoodScents log vapes as I’d love to know how it compares with the E-Nano. cheers

  • Is the bowl size the only reason this is Tier 2 and 90/100? I dont mind the repack…would this be the best bang for the buck for a waterpipe?

    • Think of that as my overall score with every aspect of the vape considered – it’s an excellent vape and one of the most efficient I own.

    • this is one of, if not THE best vape to pair with a bubbler. ever. get specifically, the D090-d from dhgate. its a good size, doesn’t have a ton of draw resistance, and just seems to be made for the E Nano. enjoy the best vape ever made!

  • Good review and a lot of good info on a nice vape! I think you should change it though where you say

    “The whole inner part of the vape is lined in stainless steel which also surrounds the ceramic heating rod that sticks up from the bottom.”

    The bottom plate and side liner is aluminum not stainless.

    Otherwise awesome write up thanks!

  • The small load is an advantage, to me. One thing I dislike about direct-draw vaporizers is you get a lot of flavor the first draw or two and then, even though the draws are still effective, there is no flavor for the rest of the draws. I can load this with just enough for a good single draw and get a full-flavored draw and spend the load at the same time. Then reload as required. So every draw is good. I’ve never seen a vaporizer that could work with such small loads.

    I recommend most people get two tubes so they can load both ahead of time for longer sessions and to have a spare. Hell, get three so you always have a sparkling clean one for friends.

    One trick I do for larger loads is to use the fat end of a wood chopstick to lightly tamp the load. This will keep the load from moving if you hold the tube upside down and, I think, gives a better draw.

    I thought you review was excellent and spot on. It convinced me to try this log and I couldn’t be happier.

  • I live in a no drug enforced building and enjoy my herbs daily bot the odor is being detected by others on my floor. Will this device elimanate the output (smell)? Do you have any advice for me?

  • I bought the e nano based on your review and I was not disappointed. I was looking for a fairly inexpensive and efficient desktop vape and this one was perfect. It’s also very well made. I have accidentally dropped it twice and it still functions like new. Also the glass stem is extremely sturdy. I bought the aromatherapy cup with it and it works amazingly well for burning essential oils. So I can vape and then switch over to the cup and make my room smell like peppermint, lavender, ect. The only downsides are the heat up time is 10 minutes, and if you use it heavily you will be refilling often. Highly recommended.

  • Hi Bud,
    I tried to find this EpicVape E-nano log vaporizer at VapeWrold, but wasn’t able to. There was not link in your article either. Is this product for sale yet, and where might I find it? Thanks for your replay.

  • Greetings from Italy! Thank you for your honest reviews, I’m looking forward for your review of the grasshopper,are you gonna try one? the manufacturer says they are the best but I wanna hear your opinion before buying one. :)

    • Do not buy a Grasshopper. The whole thread on the Grasshopper at F-combustion forum says don’t buy…or be returning it for repairs all the time. I personally hate mine and will be trying to resell it soon. You like switching out batteries after every 2 or 3 uses and agonizing with your vape? Then get a grasshopper…. Ugh…. Anway this is just a warning.

      The Log or the Vapcaps from Dynavap are a much better choice!

  • Hi Bud! I just want to say thank you first, because of you I bought a cloud Evo instead of a vapezilla. Since I have an Evo, would you recommend having the e-nano to occasionally swap as a daily driver vs a different unit? Does the e-nano hit you a lot harder? I am looking for a second desktop unit to keep things fresh.

    • Hey James excellent choice!!

      This E-Nano is sort of just a smaller version of the EVO, very similar concept just on a smaller scale.

      I wouldn’t say it really hits you harder, but it could possibly be even more efficient than the Cloud, although now we’re splitting hairs ;-)

      If you want something that hits you harder than the EVO I would recommend considering the Plenty – super strong vapor from that one.

  • Bout Damn Time you reviewed the Nano! Been happily using this device for years and it fully put my S&B vapes into retirement. Do yourself a favor and check out Ed’s TnT for custom woody stems- IMO they are essential and the best way to experience the nano. They also have a fixed screen so I find them easier to get the same consistent results with every pull. It took me years of being a vaporist before coming to the realization other materials besides glass can make KILLER vape devices.

    …for those of you who are glass junkies, be sure to check out JODA glass for custom stems, sherlocks, hammers, water pipe adapters, etc.

    Nano is also great with concentrates, crank the dial up and let it rip!

  • Excellent review in every way. On the FC website in the enano thread there are instruction for a two-hit extraction method. For me this technique definitely gives me that strong power hit I think you were alluding to. A tip on cleaning the enano tube is to simply drop it into an alcohol container, screen and all, for about 15 minutes, run a pipe cleaner, and dry. If done frequently this makes it super easy to keep clean and ready to go. Thanks again for the excellent review.