Dr Dabber Boost Portable Dab Rig


This is the Boost eRig from Dr Dabber.

It’s basically a portable dab rig that’s powered by a rechargeable battery, and it’s replaceable (18650 style).

Dr Dabber also makes the popular Aurora wax pen.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The number of defect complaints with this unit is above average. I didn’t have any issues with my units during my testing phase, hence the glowing review, but if you read through the user comments below you’ll notice a different pattern.

Stay up!

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  • I just got a replacement battery piece because my other one the nail snapped off super quick after trying to change it for the first time ever , and well this one is lighting up green when i plug it in indacating that it is charged but when i unplug it and try to press to turn it on no lights come on, nothing heats up it like doesnt work?? Very dissappointed :(

  • I just purchased a dr.dabber boost black addition. Love the box too! Have tried many many similar products….this is by far in the top 3 ive tried. All the negative comments about the blinking light kill me…the battery is dead folks…this thing takes alot of juice to heat up. I simply bought 2 more battries and a charger for 15 Bucks, and always have back ups. This this works great!!!

  • Ours is blinking 5 times after doing about 8 dabs last night. Went today to use it on vacation and bam, blinking 5 times blue after we hit the button three times. There is no where anywhere (in the manual or internet) that explains what this means. It also doesnt light up when it is plugged into the charger. Not sure if anything is happening. Save the money and dont get this product.

  • Broke in two different spots in less than 8 months of gentle use. When I say gentle I mean only used a few times a month. Not my daily piece. Save you lot money and avoid it

    • Same here. I have purchased 2. I will not be buying anymore products from this company. And it’s become my mission to make sure no one else does. Expensive piece of shit.


    I was about two seconds away from throwing my unit into the garbage after it appeared to be broken after only one night of use before I figured out this fix. Granted it’s first night of use was at a party where it and it got used quite a bit, but the next day I went to fire it up and got the blue/white light. I threw it on the charger overnight and woke up the next day to find the same issue. Didn’t have time to mess with it as I was heading to the airport so I threw it back on the charger. Came home 3 days later, same issue. Changed the rod, same issue. Changed the nails, same issue. I was truly stumped by this and figured the battery must be bad, but tried a few extras I had around and kept getting the same issue.

    It was at this point that I was looking at piece, totally stumped, and pressing the button rapidly in frustration when I noticed it. Underneath the ceramic rod, I could see what looked like a very tiny spark, I had noticed what looked like red before but thought it was just the base of the rod heating up. IT WASN’T!

    Removed the rod and fired the unit to see the same spark right between the two couplings, followed by a bit of smoke and the blue/white light. Busted out the jewelers lens and tried to see what the heck was going on but couldn’t see anything significant bridging the two couplings. However, even after alcohol rubs etc. the spark between the couplings followed by the low bat sign was still present.

    At that point I took one of the smallest shims I could find, and you need a VERY thin one to get it in between these couplings and just ran it back and forth a few times. For the life of me I didn’t see anything on the shim after I pulled it out, but I did feel a very small obstruction at the very base dislodge. BINGO. The unit fired up correctly and I’ve gotta say that when working correctly, the battery life on this thing is IMPRESSIVE.

    The problem is that the couplings are so damn close together that if you’re an idiot like me, and jam a boatload of concentrate onto the nail with the intention of passing it around, and it sneaks down into the threads (as it does on every vape I’ve ever owned), the impurities, the wax itself, or pretty much the tiniest amount of ANYTHING, and I do mean TINY, will bridge the couplings causing a fault and leading the user to believe the battery is too low. There were a few times at the party that this happened intermittently but we shrugged it off to over use. It wasn’t until everything had settled, hardened, whatever, that the fault became permanent until the obstruction was removed.

    It would be helpful if the manufacturer would add in a separate light signal for “fault” rather than the same one used for low battery because I would’ve started trying to diagnose the problem completely differently if it had. Hell, just have it blink 2 white, 2 blue or similar. I really encourage people to try this if they are experiencing what they believe to be battery issues etc. You may just have an invisible piece of nothing between the couplings that is causing an intermittent fault.

    Now complaints about the bad spacing on the couplings aside, it doesn’t feel right leaving this post without also including that this unit is the best one I’ve ever used hands down and I’ve used them all. I have 10 batteries in my desk drawer from Kandy Pens, Cloud, Atmos,, G Pen, etc. etc. etc., and the only one that even comes close is my PAX V3 which cost me considerably more. This is a badass, well designed (almost completely lol), quality unit. They just need to add an extra 1/16th of an inch between those couplings. Good luck and God bless!

  • People really need to stop being dumb. Treat the unit gently and it won’t break. Yes, the battery sucks, but don’t act like it’s a unit issue, it’s a personal issue, you gotta charge the baby back up when you get the blue/white light, it means low battery, not poor connection with the WiFi router. And just as every poor review has mentioned, the heating rod is extremely delicate. Just don’t clean or replace the nail often and you won’t have to worry about breaking the rod. When I remember to charge her she blows beautifully.

  • great buy, aside from having to heat the glass nail and the titanium nail twice before taking my hit I think this is the next best thing to an E nail…basically is a portable e nail. you just have to be smarter than the devise and understand how it works….worst part about this dr. dabber is the need to clean the cap and glass all the time, it tends to get messy. But overall great investment.

  • Every piece that could break did, and the company was very difficult to deal with. They pulled my negative review from their website and stopped responding to me.

  • dabado bolt pro over the dr dabber all day …best in my opinion and i have the cloud v electro , the dabado bolt m pro with thunderbox mod,and the dabado bolt pro ..had the dr dabber but sold it …

  • i have the dr. dabber boost. the nail screws on. the only issue i have had was with the battery, i get maybe 20 to 25 hits out of it, and i always forget to put it on the charger before i go to sleep….

    • 18650s are cheap online, purchase a few and a decent two bay charger, you shall no longer have that problem

  • Their customer service helped me out with an issue I had, so I figured I’d mention how to contact them for anyone else that stumbles on your review too. Their email is info@drdabber.com

  • My nails stuck to my battery via wax how do I get it off it’s stuck. Please someone help

  • I love the boost. It’s an amazing idea and everything you need can be easily transported in the box that comes with it. The drawback is the amount of heating elements I’ve gone through, although I admit a couple times it was just learning what not to do. Their customer service is great and understanding and they ship out replacements in a timely manner, but I hope they’re working behind the scenes on a longer lasting unit. This is the first of its kind so the room for improvement is high.

    I’ve read about the comments regarding the battery. The battery they supply is very cheap to keep the unit cost low, but it’s still effective, and can be replaced by a better battery if you decide you want to purchase one outside of their store. I feel like the “very cheap to keep the unit cost low” is pretty standard across the board for this product. I had bought the product when it was $200 and see that it is now $150. For what you’re getting, this is as cheap as you will ever find something like this, so it’s understandable that the parts holding it together are as well.

  • We love our Dr.dabber boost it did just break. The heating element center detached we fixed it ourself. We still are ordering a replacement heating element. I like it enough to buy the replacement. We use it a lot so we expect to wear out.

    • How did you fix your heating element deb. I’ve been having same issue with my dabado heating element

    • hey how did you fix it yourself my qartz element broke off too like the saudwring came apart?

  • I just bought mine today. Out of the box, I had the 3-4 flashes of blue/white light when I tried a 3x and a 5x press. I read reviews and got scared. I charged it for about 20 mins and tried again, and it was good. I was anxious so I was trying to charge it for 5 mins to get a hit, but the light would dim out.

  • I’ve been using mine consistently for months. After 2-3 months the ceramic rod broke, they were quick to replace it and included an extra ti nail. This and my volcano are all I ever use anymore.

    • I completely agree!!! My husband bought it for us, and it’s all we use..unless it’s charging! Lol. We just had our ceramic Heating rod break too, but it’s easy to do. Plus, it’s well worth the investment to replace it!
      This is probably one of the best purchases we’ve made.

      The Dr.Dabber Boost eRig is amazing!! I love it. He loves it. No torch required? Yes please, and thank you!!

  • I bought one 4 days ago. The glass isn’t even drilled out properly, so I’ve been fighting to get a replacement or return. I couldn’t even use the thing in the first place and now it’s a giant hassle to get one that works, and I live in the same city as them. So I figured well the glass isn’t perfect but at least I can use it in the meantime. Nope, my battery was dead as hell after maybe 5 uses tops. Brand new. Look for others, don’t buy this, it’s just a cheap piece of junk with a fancy trendy name painted on it. Sometimes they work but overall there’s pretty bad reviews.

    Let me tell you guys a little story.. I bought a boost from a local vape shop in Salem, NH for $140 ~ complete deluxe kit, keychain and all. (whoopty f***ing doo) I go to Boston and buy $250 worth of concentrates because I was so hyped up from all the “good reviews” on their website and from the gentleman working behind the counter! I use it, it’s awesome.. except the water can’t escape the pipe, oh and it can leak into the electronics, but anyways, it was great.. for two days.. until I realized the battery lasted 15-20 hits MAX if you were lucky, on the lowest setting nail, and then I tried to heat up the glass, like it said in the manual to remove it, and it f***ing explodes in my face all over my kitchen! So I e-mail Dabber and they offer to replace the “battery”, element, and glass mouth piece, but the glass only one time, and only if I send everything back first to basically prove I wasn’t lying about their cheap, piece of s**t, Chinese vape bombs!! So I rushed it out there, and in a week, (pretty quick and polite, I must say) I had it back and they switched out a new element with a new titanium nail, placed a glass piece in the empty slot in the box, and managed to completely forget to put the brand new battery in the case; (citing the fact that they don’t “sell batteries, they are just included in our products”) not great, but not bad. The next day, I put the “quartz” nail on, it jammed stuck, and ripped out the f***ing ceramic rod on the new element!! I had to break off the glass nail just to attempt to save the ceramic rod, but I failed miserably when I realized it was caught in the metal twist ring of the nail, not the quartz part. I e-mailed them back, and in a few days, I again had a new element AND base AND nail! Of course, just my luck, the new glass piece doesn’t fit on the newer element’s stone/rubber ring section, so I heat it up with it barely over the first teal ring, and eventually, I’m able to wiggle it down onto the base and get it to work.. I guess the heat warmed the glass enough to make it expand out and make it easy to place on and remove, but not for long. (of course) Today, three day after I recieved the newer unit, I tried removing the glass piece while it was warm like I was told, and the glass broke off with almost ZERO pressure so I f***ing give up on this piece of s**t knock-off “e-nail”!!!

  • Alot of people complain on here is a rig to do drugs be careful with it (like any other bong bowl rig ect) and it will last longer keep it charged for the best hit and for the love fo god just clean it every once in a while and it will all be 100

    • Mine works great only 6-7 dabs per battery. Get like 20batteries and a 4pc charger for the wall, a 2 pc charger and boom. You’re set!

  • This is a great piece. Although you do need to exercise care when handling the ceramic rod, it works VERY well. I was reading through these comments to see what happened to my ceramic rod…noticed the address was 5min away and decided to pay a visit with my broken rig. Awesome customer service! It was minutes to get me back up and running and they even upgraded all 3 of my nails (even refusing payment). Friendly and fast!

  • you have to be careful with this rig… as long as you clean it and are careful with it it works extremely well.

  • Recently bought a boost. First time using it ceramic piece on heating element cracked off.
    BAD QUALITY! We will see how Dr Dabber handles this one. Stay tuned.

  • Thank you so much for this post!I just happened upon this site looking for the Boost. I told my clinic I was having problems with my Aura and was told “we all use the THE BOOST “.
    I am on disability and have very limited income so ThANK YOU for saving me from wasting my money!

    • @RAY they are no longer respondin to me either ray they said they would send me my tracking number then bam no response to any emails so I would cut your loses or if you really feel the need just buy a replacement top heating rod but that wouldn’t be my recommendation

  • I bought this e rig and when I first received it worked phenomenally I got a nice big hits but then you have to clean it which is very difficult to do because you have to be so delicate to remove the nail from the base is very hard because of the white heating rod can break and it did after about 3wks in which made it inoperable so I contacted dr danger and they replaced it which I really appreciate but I still wouldn’t buy this product because it will break no matter how diligent you are

  • Shoot I guess I’ll add my two sense also. If you set it down too hard the glass will break the ceramic Heating Bass. Also my charger port is totally full of wax and my charger it drips down into the charger port and ruined my charger they gave me. And of course battery only lasts for a few hits. When it works it works good.

  • I returned it after 3 times. It was to hard to clean and would not hold charge. Very unhappy

  • After my 4th heating element I’ve mastered the unit and I love it but there’s a lot of maintenance and the heating element is mad fragile. I wouldn’t be surprised to get a few more replacements before my warranty year is over. I would definitely suggest getting multiple batteries. The battery do run out after 12 uses or less so keep that in mind. They should’ve just explained all these things from the jump. Other than the high maintenance and low battery output this shit is the shit. Hella flavor nice tasty clouds, not harsh. I would also keep the unit as clean as possible.

  • I’m in the same boat. Unit worked great for 2 weeks, no it’s a crappy paper weight. Not to mention arrived with broken quartz nail. I would avoid this thing….

    • Heating element broke off after buying a new quartz nail. Threads melted on it. 60 for a new heating element sad disappointment dr dabber boost

  • They sucks. Bought 2 of them. One came with broken glass and had to argue with them to get a replacement which they never sent me. Loved the product for the couple days it worked. One didn’t work the day I got it and the other one stopped after a couple days. Too bad they don’t stay working or even back the warranty. After spending that kind of cash with no service sucks. Should have bought enail or gone through G Science. Stay clear from these scammed.

  • My Boost unit died after less than two weeks, as I had purchased it from a local authorized dealer Dr Dabber informed me that they would not cross ship leaving me with a dead unit for more than two weeks, not cool after spending over $250 on the unit and two upgrades. I was forced to order a replacement heating element at full retail to keep the down time at a minimum.
    Dr Dabber turned out to be a quack!

  • I bought a Boost and I also have battery problems, maximum 15 uses and after it has to be recharged.

    Then I bought several replacement lenses including a Made in USA at almost $ 200 and it is not well adjusted to Boost. It does not fit properly and after-sales service did not want to know.

    For the battery they also told me to buy a better one …

    Really bad after sales service :(

    To think before buying!

  • I have dr dabber erig boost and like every one here it seems the ceramic rod for heating up the nail literally just came out now it is 60$ for a new heating element because the connections suck just to replace a ceramic rod it costs 60$ + tax this is a huge design flaw

    • Same shit. Im on heating element # 3 ceramic stick fell off one after about 20 uses. Bought a dabado rig (exactly the same except the soder work on the ceramic stick sucked), got good use for about a week. but that rig does not get even close to as hot. Im pretty sure the ceramic stick failed because of moderate use(do not buy it) so now on veterans day dr dabber had a sale for like 120$ for the boost Package. Fast service! Been 2 days and this one you can see the ceramic stick was attached better than the last 2. I think the key is dab very little at a time and do not clean the nail until the unit is cool to the touch unscrew it then clean the nail. And store the rig with that squeshy cap to prevent the ceramic stick from getting touched. Do not touch the stick it will break. Try not to over tighten the nail it can squeeze the ceramic stick and dislodge it from the soder mounts. And dont dab more that 3 times let it cool down. Trust me this is an investment but it works so good. The quartz on 3 tap = fat hits. So clean and dont even get me started on the glass piece. Just let it gunk up and be happy :)

  • Oh by the way, Dr Dabber deletes bad reviews off their site. I left one recently for my experience with the Aurora pen. Couple days later I noticed it had been deleted.

  • I have the exact same battery issue. Lasts about 10 cycles and needs charging. And I got the same response about buying an external charger.
    They really just dont give a shit that it doesnt last anywhere near as advertised.

  • Saga update… Dr. Dabber replied publicly (IG) to a post I made and suggested I buy an external charger to fully charge the battery to get the 50-60 uses claimed online. And told another customer to buy a better battery to get his unit to the proper temp because they use “inexpensive” batteries to keep the cost of the unit low.

    Low for Dr.Dabber maybe. Now they want us to spend more to meet the full potential of the claims they make on their site? Awesome.

    I’ve made peace with my 10 uses per charge because I have to. No refunds.

    They are very much misleading in their claims on the Boost battery. Crazy part is, I probably would have still purchased had I known from the beginning that it was only 10 uses per charge.

    Now I just feel lied to/defrauded. At least someone there finally admitted, in a way, that the units aren’t performing as claimed.

    Hopefully this is my last update.

    Stay lifted.

    • its not just dabber, its those shit bag salesman who wouldn’t know an honest sale if it lived with em. why would they sell this to me having had to have known what the result would be. fucker took too much money from me and how did i miss these reviews until after purchase. 4 star here 4.5 there. now i i can find is crappy reviews.
      its all a conspiracy man. now what?!

  • After receiving 3 units that all flashed 3 times after 10 cycles, I decided to try recharging it… Hadn’t thought to do this since Dr. Dabber claims 30-40 uses per charge on their website…After the long battery charge time, it fired right up again. Three flashes may not indicate a connection error, just a low battery much much sooner than expected…I let Dr. Dabber know, but they don’t seem to give two shiiits… Anyway, the unit works, just don’t expect 30-40 uses per cycle any more than you expect to get a refund. It’ll be 10 (on the higher heat setting)…Seems like some false advertising on the battery life.

  • Dr. Dabber customer service has gone above and beyond with me yet again.

    Mine is working, and when it is fully functional, it is awesome, but I still wouldn’t recommend buying the Boost. Their pens, on the other hand, have been great from day one.

    Customer service is saving their assessment right now. I hope they appreciate that.

  • had the first generation with press on nail and loved it!!!! but after awhile the plastic around the nail melted and could not remove the nail even after heating and about melted in my hand. ordered the new screw on nail rig and worked awesome for a week exactly when I was on a road trip to Virginia when I pulled it out of the case, assembled the rig and hit the button. light came on and turned color like it should but the nail did not heat at all. went online filled out the warranty claim and also called. the service was excellent and very fast, no hassle or uncalled for questions and I should have my replacement parts by mid next week with a return sticker!!!! the dr. has always treated me very good and the first problem I have ever ran into so I see no reason for a second opinion!!!

  • Will the boost glass or recycler glass fit other 510 treaded heating element or it will only fit dr dabbers

  • Got my replacement. It arrived defective. Three flashing lights as soon as it made contact with the battery. I’ve gotten one day’s use out of this thing. USPS has had it longer than I have…SMH…they need to start giving refunds on the boost…great pens, but this is a POS.

  • I bought the Boost on June 5
    It’s broken and been replaced 3 times! I’m on my fourth Boost in less than 6 weeks and this new replacement is also broken!!
    Anyone considering purchasing this product should think twice! I will never do business with this awful company again!!!

  • I loved this product. For about 10 cycles. And then, lo and behold, I got the connection error as well. I was so excited when it was working. I thought, “awesome, I’m not going to have a defect like everyone else does.” Silly me. Thousands of people having the same problem can’t be wrong, apparantly. Bought this because of the review on here. However, I don’t recommend this item. Now to attempt to reach Dr.Dabber for a replacement. Woo-hoo.

  • My dr Dabber boost stopped functioning after four cycles .Even though battery. Appeared to be working the titanium nail would not heat up this just after four uses When I removed the nail the white stick came out.u. So far no response from customer service Dr. Dabber.The boosr Erig is apiece of crap made in china

  • I got the latest edition that came with the titanium, quartz and ceramic nails but it doesn’t seem to twist apart to replace the battery. I have quite a few 18650 batteries for my e-cig and swapping them would cut out that 2 hour charge time. Whats up, did they change it to a built in?

    • I had the same problem when I tried to put on the replacement heating element that they just sent me (I had the same busted ceramic base problem after a few uses as others have had) I was afraid to twist too hard and break something else! It finally came undone, but not without a ton of effort. Now it doesn’t seem to want to hold a charge. It was having some connection issues, and now will only hold one cycle of charge before I get the three flashes, so yippee back on the customer service train -___-

  • So i sent my dr dabber boost back i was told i would recive a tracking number its been 3 days and they still have not sent anything. That place is a sham they are buying chinese crap and rebranding this after i get my stuff back they are going up for bad review i just purchased a 510 nail from dabogenic labs cant wait to try it out it has a rebuildable metal rod vs ceramic and a bigger ceramic nail!

  • Eeek…should I hold off on this purchase, Bud? I’ve really been looking forward to picking up the Boost.

    I love my Ghost and Aura/Aurora. Picking up a few “Light” sets for my groomsmen gifts and was thinking of fitting the Boost into the wedding budget as well…haha…Their customer service has always been great with me and their products have performed really well, but these comments are giving me flashbacks to the headaches and hassle I had with Vapexhale for a year before their customer service got their act together.

    Thoughts? Was it simply a bad batch? Have they been taking care of the customers who have this issue?

    Thanks, as always!

    • Tried it out at the High Times Concentrates Cup and it was pretty sweet. Sucks for all the folks having issues with it…Instill haven’t made my decision

    • The reply from customer service when I asked what the issue is… “The issue we are having is the white ceramic rod is held in place by 2 filaments soldered in place. When cleaning or removing nails they can be moved out of place and loose connection. I advise only to change your nail when you ready to throw it out. This will protect the ceramic rod. Also if I have to remove the glass or nails always “preheat” the Boost for a couple seconds. All it needs is literally a 5 count to get the residue warm enough to remove a nail or glass.”

      Poor design IMO. I hope you update your review as I’m sure this thing will go back numerous times. Sure, there’s a “no questions asked” warranty, but that’s because it seems guaranteed to break when you want to swap nails. I’m extremely careful with all my rigs and still managed to run into this.

      I wish they were local so I could immediately exchange it every time. Maybe then they’d understand how frustrating this is.

      I’m thankful customer service has been very attentive, but frustrated I’ll be getting to know them so well.

      Maybe I’ll dig up an old operation boardgame and practice for swapping nails on the Boost whole I wait for my repaired/replaced unit..Haha…SMH

  • Originally purchased June 29th, 2016. I also received a malfunctioning unit. Stopped working after a day or two. I noticed the ceramic (I think) ring thing that the blue rubber bands wrap around was cracked all the way through. Some water may have gotten in to the unit and damaged it, too. Probably should not have a water attachment for something that is not water tight. Hoping the replacement unit arriving tomorrow is better.

  • I just got my dr dabber boost quartz nail broken, ceramic nail broken the threads were rough and hard and almost seemed like the wanted to strip and the charging port is broken and the nice little dr dabber button it collapsed inside, i feel like i purchased a a shitty dhgate china model with dr dabber logos i will be in las vegas next week with my dr dabber boost and recipt im gonna return that package by hand and get my money back!

  • Hey guys I want to help anybody who’s having problems with their Boost, please send me an email with any info & pics you can and I’ll personally look into getting you a replacement – bud[at]vapecritic[dot]com

    • I literally just called Dr. Dabber and they picked right up. We’re helpful and courteous, I hope the Boost Rig arrives in one piece but so far so good. I called because my order has not shipped after about 3 days since the order was placed.

    • Hello my boost e rig is not working also been charging it for 20hr and it still hasn’t turned the light green when I press the button to turn it on nothing happens can you please help thank you

    • Mine won’t hold a charge and when I plug it in it goes green in like 5 min and won’t turn on

    • Hey is bestfire imr 18650 3.7v li-hp A working replacment for the bestfire bmr 18650. Mine will not hold a charge

    • My boost keeps tipping over it
      won’t stand up anymore and I’ve only had it for 1 & a half weeks
      I noticed that the ceramic heating rod is bent over to the side, could ‘this be the reason why my stand keeps ripping over !
      How many clicks for each nail nobody can give a straight answer.
      Thank you for your time

  • don’t even bother spending your money on any Dr dabber products.. they don’t even have customer service .. you call during business hours they never answer.. long story short I bought a boost dabber I used it 5 times and it stop working.. and I’m stuck with -175 and something that doesn’t even work

    • I bought the Dr. Dabber because I trust the vape critic. My boost arrived today and I used it a few times and it already doesn’t work. I’m so upset and annoyed. Please look into this and possibly removed the rating.

      • The Vape Critic(Bud) was able to send me a new Dr. Dabber boost and it has been working perfectly for me for a few weeks now. I’ve only had to charge this one once, where as my first one needed to be charged after a few uses. I’m glad that I’m not out $200 and that I have an awesome portable rig. Thanks again Bud!

  • Hate to say I am having a similar issue to many of the posters before me. Purchased the Boost rig on May 21, 2016 and got about 10 uses. I tried all the nails out and actually enjoyed using my rig.

    But on day 2 I got the three flashes indicating a connection error. I emailed customer support and got immediate response actually. I was informed to mail back to Dr Dabber Returns in Las Vegas, NV. I shipped back and sent tracking info and shipping address for a replacement heating unit. Was informed I would get tracking info once USPS scanned the replacement package.

    After a few days I emailed customer support with no luck. I continued calling and emailing each day for the next 3-4 days. I finally took to Facebook to attempt to connect with someone. I was successful in doing so. The next day I was told I would get my replacement and some goodies for the trouble. Later that evening I got an email with tracking info.

    Today June 13, 2016 I received that package. I was excited to be back in action to open the case and it contain everything the boost comes with except the heating unit! So I am back to square 1 with tons of accessories. I got my fingers crossed that I haven’t been hustled. Been thinking of starting a smear campaign on social media. hahaha.

  • I work at a smoke shop, so you’d think the urgency would be pretty high on their end to give quality customer service. I reached out to them the day my Boost broke, about a week into buying it.

    Same experience as recent users – ceramic base of Boost broke after a week. This happened over 2 months ago, and I have been going back and forth with Dr Dabber ever since. I was told 4 weeks ago to expect a replacement in the mail, and never received one.

    I have now e-mailed them, called, and tweeted, and have had no response for the past 2 weeks. I have over 4 e-mails from them saying my order is being processed, but I have nothing.

    I would not recommend this product – they obviously have a large scale problem with the product and are either ignoring customers or floundering in returns. Either way, $200 down the toilet.

    • I have to agree I bought this May 3rd I don’t think it was the updated version it took it up to cycle four or five to finally hit correctly which it just wasn’t for me. I tried mine on Craigslist for a go si o two and a half foot percolator oil rig and I’ve been using it everyday compared to this which just say under my bed , unused. As of now if day a no go u ntil price comes down or quality way up.

  • Just bought mine the other day and after using it only five or six times I received a connection error. I’ve looked into fixing it myself and can not figure it out. Looked for trouble shooting on the Dr. Dabber website and there was nothing to help me out. I just emailed customer service this morning and have not gotten a response. Im a little worried hearing about past experiences with their customer service and how unhelpful they can be, although some have said they are extremely helpful. In my opinion, I’m already starting to regret this purchase but we’ll see how it goes. If I do not hear anything back from customer service by tonight I’m planning on calling them.

    • Just an update…
      I got a hold of customer service and made sure my boost was under warranty, which it is, all boost’s come with a one year warranty, so register it as soon as you buy it! Tomorrow I will be shipping my heating unit to Dr. Dabber facility in Las Vegas where they will either fix or replace my unit. Eager to find out how long this process will take. So far I am impressed and wondering why others have had such a hard time with Dr. Dabber customer service representatives.

      Will update when process is complete.

  • Nice review however, not accurate. I purchased my Boost May 4, 2016 and after just 5 uses and 4 days later it took a shit. It wouldn’t hear up anymore and I was getting a connection error flash. Not to mention, the ceramic nail came broken in the box. After speaking with a customer service rep, he assured me someone would email me and send me a return label. Took a few days to get that email and she (Steph) totally ignored the broken ceramic nail issue AND NO RETURN LABEL. I responded to the email explaining the nail and return label issues and……nothing. I had to call back a few days later to get them to respond. After finally receiving the return label and shipping the item back, I again had to contact them to get a status. The defective item got there on a Monday and I didn’t hear from them so I AGAIN called them that Friday. That rep said “I don’t know what’s taking so long” then stated he would “put this as a level 10 priority” which he said meant they would send out the replacement that day…..they didn’t and I’m still waiting…..I paid almost $200 for this piece of shit and I only got to use it twice!

    • Same thing happened to me buddy. Have you gotten a replacement part or even figured out what is wrong with it?

      • This just happened to me!! I used it 4 times the first day I got it, and than BOOM! It doesn’t work… What number did you guys call? Any tips on what I should tell customer service so they don’t mess around like they did with you guys?

    • Same here. Used it about 6 times and now I get a connection error light code. The quartz nail was broken in the box when it arrived.

  • I just bought the newest version in a authorized dealer and I’ll tell you is the best f*n e-nail of all. Thanks for your review I don’t hesitate and bought it and you as always hit it right on.

  • Was really excited to use this rig
    Got it, used it 4 times, seemed Legit.
    Tried using the next day, doesn’t work.
    Emailed Dr Dabber. Let’s see what happens

  • Would love to see a review comparing the dabado bolt to the dr. dabber boost!

  • 50 – 60 uses per charge is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy off. i get maybe 10. then it doesnt work so well for a couple hits, then nothing. it takes waaaaayyyy too long to charge also.
    otherwise i love it.

    • Agree with this, I get my 5-10 decent hits then I have to charge it for like 10 hours! The best thing I would say is, invest in this, but don’t make it the only thing you smoke out of.. Otherwise you will be super irritated.

  • Hey Bud, I liked your review. I purchased the first version of the Boost from Dr. Dabber around Xmas 2015, and as your review showed, they re-designed the top of the main unit around the electronic nail head so that the nails screw on. The older ones just fit on top and could be removed after heating the unit slightly, but as time went on, the nails just slid on/off freely. I had a hard time reaching Dr. Dabber at first for any support on the product, but it seems lately like they’re really upping their Support Dept. I emailed them to ask for a replacement top to my main unit that had the screw-on receiver and heard nothing. Finally, I called their main number, asked to speak to someone, and spoke to a representative who I told my situation to and asked for a replacement. They were super-friendly and said “no problem, we’ll send you a replacement unit and a return sticker so you can send the old unit back. They didn’t just send a new receiving head, they shipped me an entirely new Boost unit, glass, tools and all! How awesome are they?! Anyway, I thought I would pass that along. I fully support Dr. Dabber and love my Boost, especially now. The hits are terrific and you don’t have to deal with expensive glass dab rigs and torches. What could be better!?

  • if you had 2 dabs of wax the same size and strain .do one with the eboost, the other with the kandy pen, will one get you medicated more than the other?

    • I think the eboost gives me a stronger hit at times. I feel like the arua doesn’t conserve as much as the boost the original glass peice is not to easy to clean but the new glass on glass is easy to clean

  • Just picked this up a couple days ago based on your review. I must have some version 1.5 because my nail is screw on, came with 2 titanium nails and only 1 heat setting. Found it at a local smoke shop, they weren’t aware of the updated version. I’m wondering if the company will replace old versions with new ones? I’ve been dabbing mainly co2 oil and eventually it just pools at the bottom of the nail. It takes about 3 power cycles to get the nail a high enough temp. Could the higher 5 click setting for the ceramic nail be the key? Hate to think I got shafted on an superior product. Overall I love the unit just wish I had the higher heat setting.

  • Last week I purchased the Aura and Boost eRig and the Aura was fine, but the Boost eRig arrived with a missing chunk out of the piece under the two blue O rings. I was hoping it was just a cosmetic problem but it causes the blue O rings to slide off or smash down to the bottom. It’s only a matter of time before the two blue O rings break. I e-mailed the company and sent them photos but all they said was that the part is not covered under warranty but I could buy another one at a discounted price. So I guess I learned an expensive lesson. I shouldn’t have used it and just returned it immediately. I was just too excited about trying it out. Extremely disappointed.

    • put a litte vg on the rings – vegetable glicerene… will make it slide on with ease and not wear the rings – mind had the smallest spot but vg made it perfect

      love it – and the newest one even has a quartz nail with the TI and ceramic!

      love it, keep the reviews coming!! I am off flowers thanks to your channel!! (Saved me ALOT of wasted buying!)

  • Hey, nice review as always. I wished I had waited for the updated Boost. I have the original one and the rubber washer thing right under the nail is all messed up now and I’m not sure if there’s any way to replace it. Since my nail is not a scre-on, originally it was very difficult to remove — you had to start heating the unit to get it off. Now my nail just slips right off when it’s even cold for some reason. But I agree with you, it’s a great little tool when you don’t have the cash or interest in the traditional dabbing sort of bongs with torches. What a hassle. So thanks Bud, and Stay Up!