Palm Vaporizer Review

Palm Vape So the Palm is a portable vape made by the VaporBLUNT company that has some striking similarities to the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Overall this is not a very well-made unit and it’s not really one I’ll be recommending. I don’t like the knock-off design and I definitely think the MFLB is a better product.

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Video transcription:

What’s up guys? In this video I’m going to talk about the Palm Vaporizer, which is this guy, right here, and I’m also going to compare it to the Magic-Flight Launch box, which is this vape up here. Now, what’s interesting about the Palm Vaporizer is that it pretty much seems like a rip-off of the Launch Box. So first I’ll give you a brief overview of the Palm and then I’ll show you how it compares to the Launch Box.

So, as you can see here, the outer shell of the Palm is a plastic material and there’s a little removable mouthpiece on the end here. There we go. Then running into the mouthpiece is this stem in here, and this little stem is what connects to the herb chamber inside. So, if you open the plastic cover here, which you do by just pulling up in that spot and then it pops open, you’ll see that there’s a little trench in here. This is a screen material.

So, the way this one works is you would place your ground up herbs inside this trench. Then you would close the top. It snaps close like that. Then you would take one of the rechargeable AA batteries that it comes with and you would insert this battery into this port or hole on the bottom.

Then, when you push in the battery, the little orange indicator light will go on inside to indicate that the heater has been engaged, and the heating element or the heating rods under the screen will start to heat up. That’s how the herbs vaporize. So, it’s a really simple device. There’s not much to it. That’s basically it. Once you’re done, you would pull out the battery and that’s it.

So if you’re not familiar with the Magic-Flight Launch Box, I’ll give you a brief rundown. This is the stem or the mouthpiece, and this thing is removable. If you wanted to take it out and use it like that, you could. Most of the time, I use it with the stem in there. It has an acrylic top that slides off like that. It’s on a hinge back here.

Then it has a trench area inside. This is where you would pack your herbs. Then you would close the acrylic top. Then take the same type of rechargeable AA battery. Put it into this hole in the side here. Then when you push in the battery to engage it, you’ll notice the little orange or amber light inside goes on to indicate that the heating rod is engaged, and then you would start taking your draw.

Now, I think the Launch Box is a great vape. It’s an inexpensive vape. It’s only $119 list price. But I like it. I’ve owned mine for over a year and a half now, and I still do use it. My opinion is that the Launch Box works very well for what it is. Now, this is the part that’s really not fun for me, but I need to let you guys know what the deal is.

Like I mentioned before, the list price on the Launch Box is $119, and I bought this Palm for $109. So, it’s $10 cheaper, but my opinion is that it should be $50 for this one. Because when you have both of these and you’re looking at them side-by-side, and you’re using both of them, the Palm is noticeably cheaper. It’s obvious when you hold them both in your hand that it’s an inferior product.

I personally don’t even understand, really, why they would copy so many parts of the Launch Box, because the Launch Box is a great vape as it is. Where’s the originality in this? I just don’t see it.

Now, one of the supposed benefits of the Palm over the Launch Box is that the screen or the trench inside is replaceable, meaning if you wanted to, you could pull out this whole screen piece here and press in a new one. Now, on the Launch Box, you can’t do that and that might sound like a great feature. But like I said, I have owned my Launch Box for over a year and a half and I’ve definitely used the crap out of it during that time. My screen is still perfectly fine and in no need of replacement.

In fact, what you sacrifice with the Palm having the replaceable screen is that it’s not fit in there as well, and it doesn’t look as good. It doesn’t feel as good, and it doesn’t work as good. Now, keep in mind that my trench, or my screen, in the Launch Box, is very dark and weathered because, like I said, I’ve used it a lot. But it’s at least fit in there really well.

You could tell that even though the Launch Box is an inexpensive product that it’s well made. But when you look at the screen on the Palm up close, you could see that it doesn’t fit that well. There’s even a little space in the side here. There are bumps and ridges and creases. It really doesn’t look very high quality. Even if you look at it like this, you could see that the trench isn’t even centered, like it’s off-centered. It’s tilted to one side. Not only does it look way different, but it’s actually smaller than the Launch Box.

During my testing, I was actually surprised at how much more herbs I could fit inside the Launch Box than the Palm. Another thing I noticed, when testing out the Palm, is that the usage with the battery is not as smooth as the Launch Box. What I mean by that is, when I was in the middle of a session and I had the battery engaged, and then I wanted to let go and disengage it, the battery got stuck a couple of times and I couldn’t get it out right away. It ended up burning my herbs inside the chamber.

So, as you could tell overall, I’m really not happy with the Palm. I really do think that if you’re choosing between these two, my recommendation is that the Launch Box is a much better product and a much better option and, like I said, it’s only $10 more.

So, hopefully, you have a pretty a good idea now, of what the main differences are between these two units. But if there is anything I left out or if you have any questions I didn’t answer, please let me know and I will definitely do my best to help you out. I do have a website,, where you could watch more reviews and see the ratings I give to each vape. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to watch this video, and stay up.


  • I’m new to “dry herb” vaporizing, but have used vape oil pens. So, I assumed the total experience would be the same. It’s not. Do NOT expect clouds of smoke with this unit. I feel that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway. A vaporizer! Just hit a real pipe if you want the smoke. I was upset when I first got and tried this unit. There was nothing obvious on exhaling that it had worked, except for the taste, which I assumed was just the taste of wind through my ground herb. I hit that sucker 3-4 times, with same result. Dammit. I opened the “bowl” and my ground herb was brown! Then WHAMMO! Right betwixt mine eyes, I was heavily medicated! The damn thing works, folks. Period. And it’s small and stealthy. Probably better ones out there, but if you are like me and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars (and it’s all your head shop has), it will do the job very well. Don’t listen to the elitist, pro, BS reviews. It works. Enough said!

    • Yea i know what you mean lol whenever search reviews its all elitest and they have seemingly infinate supply of money. i wonder where all that fooking money comes from! can’t work good job becuae drug tested. so they aint workin. and then get something like: this is crap for 80$ go buy a buddah instead, 250$ dang where do they get all this cash. they work for the rotschilds or somethin?.

  • My boyfriend spent a lot of his hard earned money on the palm 2.0, and I feel so bad about it. The green is definitely being heated, because you can smell it and it turns brown, but we don’t get any kind of high at all from it. I told him to send it back, but it’s probably too late now. What a waste of money

  • Don’t listen to the bad reviews. I almost didn’t buy the palm after all the bad reviews, sounds like competition nonsense. This vape works great for what it is and it works with oils. Just make sure you take sips on it with the battery pressed to let the vapor build up.

  • Does anyone know how to contact Palm? Nothing on the website or paperwork. And I think I know why. The Palm is an expensive, dangerous and poorly made piece of crap. First battery died in two days. Second battery one month later. It has burned my hands and lips. That’s if it even works at all, which is rare. I’ve had it three months and I’ve used it about six times total. It is just a rip off piece of garbage. Id love a contact addy for them if anyone has it. Thanks!

  • Like you may have seen me say, I’m new to all this. I’d like to get a portable vape selection started with maybe 2 or 3 .. & then get a good desktop model. for portables I am considering these:
    1) Vapor Genie Vaporizer-$55
    2) VaporBlunt-$99
    3) Palm 2.0-$107
    4) Atmos Jewel Vaporizer-$109
    5) Pulsar Element vaporizer-$119
    6) Magic Launch Box(this 1 is here due to ur comparison of the original palm vape & the launch box)-$119
    7) Lolite vaporizer 2.0-129
    8) Lolite Wispr vaporizer 1.0-129
    9) Vapir No2- $134 I think I like this 1
    I’ve seen ur reviews on #’s 7, 8, 9, your comments on the atmos vape/pipe & a comparison of the palm vape(#1) to the launch box & a re-cap of 12 previously reviews. I’m clear on those & can decide accordingly. I wanna pick maybe 2 or 3 at most to cover my needs & desires for health, stealth, the versatility & access, performance, convenience, price, enjoy-ability. Enjoy-ability based on good pulls .. nothin to harsh & so on. So, I guess what I’m askin is if you can briefly trouble shoot my list of 9 there .. not counting the 1s that I mentioned seein u previously review of course. I jus wanna know do u see anything good or bad that jumps out at u?

  • Speakin of pipe-like vapes what are your thoughts on the “Vapor Genie Vaporizer” the vape that is actually flame & lightor activated? is it truly a vape? & a good 1 at that?

  • i’m a newbie .. very much so & I may just be impressed by the simplicity & small # of movin parts & the compartment for extra material. u know ijs but still .. yeah do you think that the pulsar element vape matches up to the palm & the palm 2 & the launchbox?

  • not to step in anything but have u seen the palm 2? do u feel any better about it? ur thoughts? is much smaller. its further away form the launch box & I’m askin have they improved the construction in ur mind I guess. Plus it’s size is such where PREACTICALLY speakin its a lil bit close to have some similarities to an inhaler. I saw ur feelings about the puffit but i’m sayin .. its a good goal to shoot for .. in terms of concealment

  • Palm is cheap and once you got one in your hand its obvious its a $20 thing that is marketed for ~ $100.

    For that much I expected more instructions. You get a little folded up like a map set of very simple instructions. The battery charger has no instructions at all other than warning you to keep caps on batteries or risk ruining them.

    The “tools”…a brush and the cheapest pipe cleaner I have ever seen.
    I did get a free pink raspberry tip. Its like putting a piece of candy on the pipe. :(

    Not much good to say other than it does function well so far.
    Got mine 48 hours ago.

  • The launch box does look like a much better quality product to the palm, but the battery placement on the palm looks a lot more comfortable than the MFLB. No way does that sway the palm to the superior side, but just something I noticed. You had trouble at first with the MFLB’s battery being a comfortable press when you first got it, I think. Cool review

    • Hey thanks for posting! Believe it or not the MFLB battery is way more comfortable to use than the Palm IMO, the placement is weird on this one when you actually have it in your hand.

  • There’s already a slightly shittier knock-off of the MFLB; it’s called the Dragon Lite and at least they have the decency to charge $25 retail for the thing.

  • hi i was wondering but would u prefer the mflb or the no2 the issue im trying to solve is that the mflb is a non varible controled heeting element were as the no2 is and also im a first time buyer of a portable vape i want one because my friend has a at home box vape not sure what brand but a full pack goes for like an hour could i expect the same from the no2 and mflb

    • Hey man I like both they just work differently and vary in size.

      In my opinion the MFLB is better for small, quick sessions and the NO2 would be better to vape a full chamber-packing in one longer session.

      You won’t be able to go for an hour but you could probably stretch it to around 15-20 mins.

  • I agree when I first got my palm everything was great then the heating element stop working as good as when I first got it then I thought it was the batteries . So I remembered it said lifetime warranty on batteries but where do I get them from

  • Extremely disappointed! I bought the Palm several month ago. At first it was okay – burned the herb frequently, but I figured that was ‘operator error.’ I didn’t use it as often as I normally would, simply because of the overheating. After a couple months, I went to use it and it wouldn’t heat up. Figured it was the batteries, so made sure I charged them. The batteries weren’t the problem – it appears there’s something wrong with the heating element or something. It just doesn’t heat up at all anymore.

      • In regards to both of those vapes … could those batteries be changed out for any AA battery? if so does the battery need to be rechargeable? does any of that matter? or does it have to be a AA made especially for this type of product?

        • Normal batteries will NOT work. Notice how the battery is silver and that the battery seems to only need to make contact at one end? This is because the entire outer shell of the battery is the negative terminal, while the nub at the top is the positive. Storing these batteries is tricky. If the come into contact with metal – or with other batteries – they will discharge… or worse.

  • I purchased a PALM VAPOR BLUNT and man does it suck. I used the product twice, and I am very disappointed with the product’s engineering. First, the item heats up to really high temperatures when used frequently, making it very uncomfortable to smoke from. Second, when speaking to the associate about the product’s battery life, I was told that the battery would last me a whole day, soon did I come to figure out that the battery lasts a total of 15 minutes.

    In summary, if your thinking about purchasing a palm vapor blunt, I do not recommend it; you will be left with a poorly engineered product, and a feeling that you have been HUSTLED for $90.00. I really hope that by reading this review, you the reader can gain an understanding of this store’s retail work ethic. I truly wish that no other person has to go through the same experience that I have. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day.

  • Hi. Im a first time vape user. My first vape is the palm and I love it. Its small discreet and does what I want it to do.

    • I made the mistake of purchasing a Palm 2.0 at the recommendation of a local shop and it Horrible. I am getting very little vape and I’m not even sure if it is working properly. It also gets very dirty and the only way to clean it is to remove the screen thus necessitating the purchase of another at 30.00 dollars. At this point I’ve given up on the product and recently purchased a Arzier Solo which I am very satisfied with.