Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer

This is the Plenty vaporizer, a whip-style home vape made by the same company as the Volcano, and it produces some of the strongest, smoothest vapor I’ve experienced. It might look a little funky on the outside, but the real beauty is in the function.

The end results after a full session with this thing are the closest to smoking you’ll get from a vape, it’s really just as strong and the feeling is pretty similar (usually better). Watch my full video review and comparison to the Volcano above, it’s ~37 mins long but I really go over everything you could possibly need to know about them.

Plenty Handheld I’m not saying it burns your herb, because it most definitely does not, I’m just saying if you want the strongest effects look no further. It is 100% true vaporization with mostly convection heating, and it is damn good at its job.

Besides being one of the most potent it also has one of the most free-flowing draws you’ll find, so it’s very easy to pull from and it feels really natural.

Storz & Bickel now also has two portable vapes called the Crafty and the Mighty, and those are basically cordless versions of the Plenty in terms of performance.

The extra-wide herb chamber gives you that surface area you need for high quality, potent vapor draws. I would consider this one of the top models as far as best bang for your buck, and it’s also one of my all-time favorites. The vapor quality from this unit rivals that of many more expensive models.

Cooling Coil & Chamber The chamber is also huge, and you can pack as little or as much herbs as you please. It also vaporizes your stuff very evenly, so there are no hot spots and when you’re finished it’ll all be a nice uniform color.

Not only do you get a lot of vapor with the Plenty, but it’s super smooth thanks to that cooling coil between the herb chamber and the mouthpiece. It really does help cool the vapor to make it more comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention tasty.

All of the pieces also come apart very easily, so periodic cleaning and maintenance is a breeze (rarely needs to be done).

Click here to buy the Plenty from the authorized Storz & Bickel dealer I recommend.

Stay up!

UPDATE MAY 2019: I just posted an updated video review talking about how underrated and underappreciated this vape is, check it out:

Plenty Vaporizer Review
The latest review of the Plenty Vaporizer can be found here, learn more about this underrated desktop great!

Video transcription:

This here is the Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, which if you’re not familiar, is the same company that makes the Volcano Vaporizer, which happens to be my all-time favorite vape. So, this model is different from the Volcano, in that, this is a handheld vaporizer that uses a wick or, in this case, this coil, here. The Volcano, is a balloon vaporizerAll right. So, I’m just going to get right into it because there’s a lot of stuff to talk about with this one.

The first impression that a lot of people get, that I’ve noticed, when they first see this thing, is that it, kind of, looks pretty weird. Some people have been comparing the looks of this thing to a power tool or something and I can see where they’re coming from because it is kind of funky. But, I’ll tell you right now, if you’re buying this thing for looks, you’re buying it for the wrong reason, because the performance of this thing is excellent.

The list price of this thing is $349 and I’m going to be raising it above the other wick-style vaporizers I’ve tried because the quality of the vapor that this thing produces is really, really good, and, when I say “quality,” I’m talking about the quantity of vapor that it produces, the strength or the density of the vapor, the taste and also the smoothness of the vapor. This vape performs amazingly, in all those categories.

Now, the two main features that this vape has, that makes it better than most of the other ones that I’ve tried are, one, the size of the herb chamber because, as I’m going to show you in a minute, this thing actually has an even bigger herb chamber than the Volcano, which already had a pretty big one, and the cool part about having a big wide herb chamber is that it increases the surface area, which, in turn, helps produce better vapor.

The second cool feature about this, which sets it apart, is his cooling coil, here. This cooling coil, aside from looking a little weird, has a purpose, and it works. It actually does help to cool down the vapor, as it travels through the tube, here, before it reaches the mouthpiece.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen this material before. This is like a flexible metal tubing that’s, kind of, bent into a specific shape when you get it, and I do recommend that you leave it in this shape, because this is really how it’s meant to be used and it performs the best, when it’s left like this. During use, you can actually feel how the coil down here will get pretty warm, once you start vaping, and then, once you start working your way up the coil with your finger, you can feel it getting cooler and cooler and cooler. Then, by the time you get up here by the mouthpiece, you don’t feel any heat anymore, at all.

So, I really like this feature a lot, because some people, including myself, find that with some other vaporizers, the really hot vapor that it produces can be a little irritating, at times. I always kind of wished in the back of my mind that they would figure out a way to cool the vapor, and, then, these guys did. So, those two features of this vaporizer, the really wide herb chamber providing a lot of surface area, and the cooling coil, really make this vape a strong contender.

Not only is the quality of the vapor awesome, but it’s also been producing really nice, strong draws for me, and not in a bad way, like, overbearing or anything, just nice thick dense paper. It’s also really efficient with the herbs, like the Volcano is. If you’re going to use this thing by yourself, you only need to put, little more than, a pinch in.

What’s cool about it is that since the herb chamber is so large, you have the flexibility of only putting a little herbs in and using it by yourself or, filling the herb chamber, and using it with up to four people. So, there’s really an important tip about the herb chamber that I want to explain to you guys and I didn’t make this up or anything. It’s in the manual, but I just wanted to confirm that it does work.

So, I’m going to disconnect the cooling coil and your chamber, from the unit. All you’ve got to do is unscrew it, like that. Then, the cooling coil piece and the bottom herb chamber, the orange piece, they also unscrew, just like that. Then this is your chamber.

Like I mentioned before, it’s pretty large in here. So, what you need to do, if you’re going to use this by yourself and you’re only going to put in a pinch of herbs at the bottom, is you need to take this other piece that they include and it’s called the liquid pad. After you put your herbs in the bottom here, and again, this is only if you’re using it by yourself and only putting in a little bit of herbs. You take this pad, and after you put your herbs in the bottom, you put the pad right on top, to fill up the rest of the space inside the chamber, so that when you take your coil piece and you screw it on top, everything in the chamber becomes nice and snug. Your herbs are, sort of, pressed along the bottom screen, all evenly.

So, putting the pad in there prevents the herbs from sliding sideways, if you’re herb chamber is sideways like this, because you need to remember that when you’re using this vape, your herb chamber’s going to be in all sorts of positions. It’ll be straight up when you’re heating it up but, when you start taking your draw, you’ll probably be using it like this, so your herb chamber will be sideways. So, you just have to imagine that if you only put in a little bit of herbs and here and you don’t use that extra pad they give you, your herbs will be flopping around inside the chamber and it’s going to affect the quality of the vapor, and how evenly it’s getting vaped.

So, it is really important to use this thing, and I can confirm for you that it does work well. It doesn’t hinder the performance of the unit. It doesn’t lower the quality of the vapor or give you less vapor. It will still completely vape your herbs, and it vapes them better with this thing then if you didn’t use it.

Now, again, this is only if you’re going to put a little bit of herbs, and use it by yourself, because, if you’re going use it with multiple people, it’s recommended to fill the herb chamber completely, because, when it’s fully packed, and this piece is connected on top, the herbs can’t move around when you turn it in different directions. So, you don’t even have to worry about that. It’s not an issue. The fact that they’re packed in there will keep them pressed against the screen evenly, the whole time.

I’m going to cut in here, really quickly, so you guys can see this up close. So, this is the top piece, here, and when you screw this off, this is the herb chamber. You can see it’s pretty large. It’s pretty deep there. You can fit a lot of herbs in here. Like I said, if you’re not going to fill this up all the way, if you’re just going use it by yourself and you just want to put a pinch of herbs in there, just remember to take this thing, that they include, this pad, and after you put your herbs evenly across the bottom, stick this right on top, and then this helps fill the chamber up, so that when you take this piece and screw it on, now it’s all snug inside the chamber. So, no matter what direction you hold this thing in, your herbs are completely covering the bottom, here, and this just ensures that you’ll get nice, strong, consistent draws.

Okay. So, the way that this thing operates, and the way that it heats up, is pretty unique, also. So, let me briefly explain that. This vape does require a few minutes of heat up time before you can actually start vaping from it. The way that they recommend that you use it is to, first, pack your herbs inside the herb chamber, then connect the coil, then take your unit and screw your whole herb chamber and coil onto the top, just like that. Then, you set your temperature with the dial, down here. So far, I found that with setting it on seven, which is their max setting, it actually seems to be working pretty well but, as always, experiment on your own to really find what you like best, because everybody’s different.

Then, after you set your desired temperature, you hit the power switch, turn on the heater and, just like a Volcano, when you turn on the heater, this little light is going on in front. Then, you’ll see on the temperature dial in the front, here, that it will slowly start to rise. After about two or three minutes, it’ll be at the desired temperature that you set.

Now, one of the unique features of this vape, is that it has another switch in the handle, here, the grip. This is an actual switch. What this switch is meant to do is to restart the heater, after it turns off. But, you need to remember that before you can turn the heater back on, there’s going to be a 90-second delay. So, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to turn it on after you set your desired temperature. It’s going heat all the way up. Once it reaches that temperature, the light is going to go off and the heater is going to turn off. That’s when you can start vaping from it and taking draws, and during this time, you’re going to see on the temperature dial that the temperature is going to go down a bit. Then, after 90 seconds, or so, you can turn the heater back on by pressing the switch in the handle.

So, to demonstrate what I’m talking about, you’ll see that my light is off now. What happened is, it reached the temperature that I set. I set it at number seven and, according to the dial, it got up to 390 degree Fahrenheit. So, the heater clicked off. This is when you would start vaping. I found that this vape is pretty much like wick-style vapes out there, in that, it kind of needs to be primed, for the first couple of draws, before you start getting the nice, thick vapor. So, for the first one or two draws, you’ll notice that you get a lot of flavor, but there won’t be too much vapor yet. Then, by the third draw, that’s when the vapor really starts coming out good.

So, during this time, you’ll be taking your draws and, if you look at the dial, you’ll notice that the temperature does start to fall, while the heater is off, but you don’t have to worry about it, too much, with this vape. This isn’t one of those vaporizers where it needs to be on a precise temperature to work right. This thing works really well in a really wide range of temperatures. On the temperature dial, they have the ideal operating range marked in green, to make it easy for you.

So, like I mentioned before, there’s a 90-second delay, before you could restart the heater with the handle button. So, you might notice the temperature dial get down to almost 340 degrees F, before you can turn it back on, but it’s not a big deal it’s not going to affect the quality of the vapor. You’re not even going to notice the difference. So, all in all, don’t pay too much attention to the dial. It’s not a big deal.

So, after 90 seconds or so, if you push the switch down with your hand, the heater will turn back on and the light goes back on. It will heat up for about 30 more seconds, back up to the temperature that you set and then it will click off and the cycle repeats. So, the easiest way that I found to use this thing, so you don’t have to remember when to click this, is just every time you pick it up and start using it, and taking draws from it, just, naturally, grip the handle and press the button down. It’s not hard to push. Then, what this will do is, automatically after 90 seconds, since you have the handle, just push down while you’re using it. It will automatically turn back on, when it can. This is, sort of, just a safety thing so that if you put it down, once the heater turns off, it won’t keep turning back on. Since you don’t have a handle depressed, it knows you’re not actually using it. If you did happen to leave it off for a while, all you have to do is pick it back up, grip the handle, and the light’s going to go back on.

All right. This is the dial I’m talking about. You can see that the guys who made this are a bunch of jokesters, with that max temperature there. But, like I mentioned, the temperature will fluctuate a little bit during use but, generally, as long as the needle stays in this range of green, here, you’re going to be getting nice high-quality vapor. So, that’s all you have to worry about. You don’t really have to worry about keeping it on a precise temperature. All right. Also, don’t forget that this top piece here, this metal piece, will get hot. There’s your little warning. You’ll also find this little tag, on the cord, here, reminding you to only use substances mentioned in the instructions, for use. All right, no funny business in here.

So, overall, I’m really happy with this vape. I really like it. Obviously, it didn’t overtake the Volcano, as my number one choice and my favorite vape, but this definitely has become my number two at-home choice, because I really can’t get over the quality of the vapor coming out of this thing. It really is awesome.


  • I have one question. What is the difference between an older version of the plenty vs the new 2018 or 2019 version?

  • hello from austria!
    two weeks ago i bought the reducing chamber for my plenty. now it works good (i start between 5 and 6) with small ammount 0.1 – 0.25. but not with the capsulas(i love them in my crafty). does someone have some good tips….do someone us the reducing chamber with volcano easy valve,i have just solid valve….sorry for my poor english :)

  • Hi. I purchased a vaporizer pen recently and i LOVE it but it doesn’t cut it when there are more than 2 people using it in a session. Would you say the plenty is a good vaporizer for a group of 3 or 4 people or should i upgrade to a larger unit? I lovey your reviews and your opinion is much appreciated.

    • Plenty through those little vape pens and hand held devices out the window. Perfect party machine

    • The Plenty is insanely free-flowing, and even though the Mighty has low draw resistance for a portable it’s still not as low as this one, it’s basically just like taking a breath.

  • What vape do you recommend for mostly solo use the volcano or the plenty?. Money is not a problem. I have seen your comparison review and still cant decide. Thanks

  • I have been reading about vaporizers I think I have to much information I just want the best I can get for a decent price I have 350

  • I’m a long time smoker I’m getting old my lungs don’t feel as strong I’m thinking of getting the plenty I have never used vape of any kind not even a esig I here the taste is not as strong as smoking and you don’t get the same feeling I like the feeling and the taste of smoking but need to make a healthier change what would you recommend

  • Hi, What is the smallest amount you can efficiently vape in the Plenty? I like the form factor and was thinking of purchasing one but read many user reviews saying it’s not efficient with smaller amounts, what is the smallest amount you can use if you use the liquid pad as described in your review?
    If it works good with smaller amounts (0.1-0.2) it would be great as many times I only need a small amount to help with nerve complaints, sometimes I will use larger amounts so the large chamber would be good if it works just as good with the smaller amounts.
    What others vaporizers would be efficient for small amounts and still give good vapor? I’m after direct draw like the Plenty or whip if it has bag option that’s a bonus but not essential.
    I have also been looking at the VapeXhale Cloud EVO how well does it work with a whip?
    Thanks for your extensive reviews they are an excellent resource.
    Cheers K.D.

    • Like 3-4 normal sized pinches topped off with the liquid pad will give you 10-15 good hits if you use the reducer bowl that you can buy from their website.

      If you use the larger bowl that comes with it then like 5 pinches spread evenly on the screen and topped off with the large liquid pad will give you about the same amount of hits, but it will be a little bit thicker vape.

      The reducer definitely saves you a little herb over time, but you can honestly get away with the normal bowl if you break up your herb really well and make sure its spread evenly across the screen to the point where you can’t see through the screen anymore.

      Always use a liquid pad on top, unless you’re rich enough to mega pack the thing. (it stays cleaner using pads too)

    • the plenty cones with these pad inserts when you only need to smoke a little packing it down correctly and these pads can also be used for concentrates ..

  • Big Storz and Bickel fan. I own both the Mighty and the Crafty and recently purchased the Plenty. I see what you’re saying as far as the effects…some of the strongest from any vape I have tried. The only bummer is in the flavor department. For those who are looking for the ultimate best flavor experience, you can’t beat the first pull on a Crafty or a Mighty, it kills the Plenty in my opinion. Disclaimer, I am a huge flavor snob and will often cash out the chamber after a couple hits just because I don’t enjoy the later ‘burnt popcorn’ tokes. Also, for fellow flavor snobs…if you turn off your Crafty/Mighty after 1 or 2 tokes and then re-visit the same bowl after it has cooled down you can get an almost-green-hit worthy toke a couple more times. Love all your reviews Bud, you’re the man .

    • interesting….to me the taste through the Crafty is not good. Not even close to the flavor of using Volcano. IMO the Crafty/Mighty are mostly conduction vapes. I’m going to try the Plenty & see if it’s better.

  • I know of a guy who is a compolsive nympho/mbater/wmnzer, the plenty keep his habits at Bay. Excellent.

      • I wanted to say thank you for your professional review, best I found on line! I ordered mine two weeks ago, I was told it should arrive by end of next week. I’m in Canada and if I’m correct the unit ships from Germany if your order is from Canada. I’m so looking forward to it. Great channel, great revirws! Thanks again. P.s my first vape was the solo, great first vape. I broke it a month ago. Your review helped pick the right vape-plenty! I do not have all 3 of the problems the guy above has, just two and I’m breaking them as well. The plenty should be the finnal assistance I need.

  • Hello, thanks for all the great reviews. There’s a ton of vapes out there and you have helped me narrow down my selection. I know that I want the best performance possible. But something that I can also take with me on the road. Atleast in a back pack. It doesn’t have to be super portable. Just something I can take out of my house. From what you have said, I think the mighty would be the best vape for this. But I was wondering, how does the mighty compare against desktop vapes like the volcano, plenty of herbalizer. Would it be worth it to also invest in a desktop unit, or can the mighty act as both. Thanks a lot for all the good info.

  • Great reviews thanks for your expertise! With the temperature fluctuation of the Volcano classic, would turning it off and back on again get the heater back on if it was in it’s off phase of the cycle?

  • On my second Plenty now – wore the old one out! Bought it after seeing your review and everything you said was spot on! Thank you, my friend! Long may you prosper!

  • Hey Bud-
    Been on the spliff for some 44years— ready to take the next step due to health. I have read your reviews, and comments, & watched your video reviews. All fricken awesome and enjoyable, thanks!
    My question is, DaVinici IQ, Plenty or Mighty?? I have no concern about stealth qualities as the unit would be for home use, and needs to be somewhat compact (small living area) and easy to use. What I am looking for is not just experiencing the medicinal properties of vaping but the high also, along with NO BURN/HEAT. This is what has turned me away from such units in the past ( besides the good ol’balloon!) Sure would appreciate any feed back. Take good care.

  • I’m very happy to read all of your positive feedback about this vape, it’s one of the most-liked units I’ve reviewed (I still love it too).

  • hey – after reading many reviews I bought the Plenty over a year ago… it’s one of the best vapes I’ve tried (among many..).. One tip I would add is that I find you need to draw quite hard (especially at first) to get the thicker vape out of it… I really like the large sized compartment… I must admit that there is a slight ‘plastic’ taste bothers me a little…

    The only vapes that have provided superior vapor IMO are the vedamper (wildly impractical and cumbersome) and the Swiss made Vapman (unfortunately this is more of a one hitter and uses a butane torch lighter as a heat source – however.. once you learn how to use it properly it provides the best tasting vapor HANDS DOWN)

  • Love your reviews. I’m sold, and stoked to hear you get compensated for doing something you love. You’re living the dream! Puff puff pass

  • Thanks for the review, Bud! I just ordered this vape based on your review and through your link. I bought it to replace my Pax2 which quit working after 10 months (the on off button quit working and Pax is not responding regarding warranty replacement). I hope there is no problem with the Plenty I bought it because you said it requires less maintainance and has better vapor. Hopefully it will last more than a year.

  • How does a draw off the Plenty compare to a hit from a bowl/pipe or bong? Thanks!

  • Perfectly detailed review. Told me all I needed to know, bought the plenty.
    Wow. What a great choice. I couldn’t be happier with the quality construction and amazing performance of this vape. Thanks again.

  • Hey! As a heavy smoker for years and years, I am trying to vape more for health. I have had the Plenty for one week and have used it daily. Here are my thoughts. First off, it is rad. I love this thing. Yes it looks weird, that is not relevant. It doesn’t matter because it works so well. I saw some people saying after a few days they went back to smoking. I feel you have to give this thing a fair chance and be open minded. It will never be exactly like smoking. If you give it 4-5 days for your tolerance to adjust to this, you’ll see it works really well and even after only one week, my lungs feel so much lighter. As for how I smoke, I like to take a few hits, set it down, do whatever, pick it up a few minutes later, etc. All day. So what I have learned is important for this style of smoking is to turn the thing off. Like completely off. It appears that it will heat the product while it’s on, regardless of if you’re inhaling or not. I also stopped using the liquid pad. Not only does it get lots of evil sharp bits after 10 brushes or so, but I also read that the device works best without it, even though you have to put a lot of product. So that’s what I’ve been doing and the bowls really last. Cheers!

  • Awesome reviews mate..

    So i have been using the Vapir Rise for a while but i’ll be giving it out now mainly because the maintenance is just so annoying..

    I am looking to get the plenty vaporizer but before i do so, i’d like to ask a few questions.. I already saw your comments on maintenance and i’m satisfied.

    Stealth is very important to me.. I have used my vapir rise everywhere with no problem.. Stealth has never been an issue and i have never had problems in hotels with my vapir rise because of smell or triggering smoke detectors (i travel a lot)

    Will this be a problem with the plenty? Do you have any experience with hotel smoke detectors and vaporizers?
    What about smell? I expect it to smell but how much? On average after a full session and spraying some air freshner, should i be woried about smell considering the vapor is much denser than the vapir rise..

  • Hey Bud,

    I love my Plenty but have developed some rough deep scratches on the top of the heating chamber from use. They were very minor when I first purchased the unit and didn’t think much about them but now they are deeper, rougher, getting bigger, and now starting to do the same to the bottoms of my herb chambers.

    Have you ever experienced this issue or heard of anyone else having this problem?

  • I have had the Plenty for a couple of years now, on your recommendation! I am 100% satisfied with it’s performance and build quality and would add my own recommendation. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, my friend! Much appreciated!
    Take care now!
    Pete Crane

  • Hey Brother killer review had purchased a cloudv terra thing was a nightmare to hot and have gone through five mouth pieces in two months then burned my leaf mat and know blinks red and wont heat paid a 110 dollars at local smoke shop what a waist of money!!
    So thankyou for your review of the plenty im done with portable and going with the plenty has been months using papers again and my lungs and throat are feeling it. :(
    So on your rec i’m purchasing my plenty this friday need to get my vape on brother :). So Thanks again you are a life saver wish i had found you before my first purchase. Will be making my purchase through your link !!

    Thanks again brother you ROCK

  • I love my plenty, but have had problems with the filling chamber orange piece breaking twice. I find it sticks to the unit if you dont take it off often and clean it . And thats when it might break. I am going to try a plastic cleaner on the plastic pieces to see if It cleans them. Its a soaker cleaner. If I remember right , the plenty instructions said not to use alcohol on the plastic, probably makes it brittle. Not sure what boiling would do to the plastic either, or the silicone tubing pieces. Anyway, my advice is not to leave it too long without washing. Possibly buy pieces to replace the parts that need soaking. Or at least the orange plastic piece.I also soak the coil often in alcohol, and rinse thoughly afterwards. apply plastic wrap around the end of the coil with a rubber band to seal the end from leaking, and squirt alcohol into it from an eye dropper or something similar that will give a thin squirting stream of alcohol, until it is full. If you try to pour alcohol from the bottle, it will trap air and the coil will not fill. Then, when full, wrap the other end with plastic wrap with a rubber band. Let sit at least overnight. Turn it every so often to make sure the alcohol is getting everywhere inside. Any vaporizer piece with a lot of buildup seems to me to be hard to clean with just alcohol, so thats why I clean the coil often. This is a top unit , I fill fully with low or medium grade. For high grade, just use the liquid pad to fill up the extra space and give even coverage over the screen area.

  • Any other sites you can recommend buying this from? I’m located in Canada and no way I’m spending $63 on shipping.

  • Great videos, thank you for doing the hard work for us out there. I have used the digital volcano for a year or so when a buddy loaned it to me, but now I need to get my own set up. I understand its an investment and I am not concerned with price so probably avoiding the Arizer. What would you recommend between this unit and the Volcano? Or anything else that is on that level?

    I’m looking for a desktop model and while i usually use herb, attachments or ability to use concentrates is a huge plus as i’m trying to move away from my combustion smoking.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Just wondering does this vape work with concentrates, waxes, and oils or is just herb that you can use?

    • Yes you can use concentrates with it you just need to use the “liquid pad” they include (stainless steel mesh pad that holds your concentrate)

  • Just ordered one plenty in EU clicking on the link you gave us! This shop have the best price I found + free shipping :) Thanks!
    I also like Vape Xhale but it is too expensive for my pockets. I don’t like baloons so I don’t considered volcano and being scared about Crafty issues I haven’t considered it too.
    I own an old Pax but I need something that will give me something more. In 2 years with the Pax I couldn’t quit with combustion. Hope Plenty will help me to finally just go vape. Thanks for your reviews, very good infos in a cool way!

    • I hve the old Pax as well and wanted more. The Plenty does that for me. Vapecritic’s review is spot on and you will be very happy with your purchase. Can’t say enough about the taste you get. I will never burn again.

      Happy Vaping!

  • Hey Bud,

    I had the Arizer Extreme Q and was happy with it until I left it on too long and it started smelling like burnt plastic. Oops.

    So i’ve purchased this vape, but I am still trying to use it. I find with my dry material with it loaded halfway with the liquid pad, i’ll get like 4 decent puffs and then its done.

    Fair enough, but the vapor just doesn’t seem as potent. I have it on level 5-7.

    So anyways I go and try and pack another half bowl (this is with the pad as well), when I do this bowl always seems to fail.

    Like i’ll put it back together and start ripping as its at temperature, but no vapor comes out ..and after a few draws of no vapor I check it and its already cashed.

    Am I doing something wrong? It seems really inefficient and well, weak compared to my Extreme Q. :\ Seems I can get a better high off my mflb.

  • Hey Bud.. After going through a bunch of your reviews a few years ago I ended up with the volcano. I’m loving it so far but I think I would like to get a second vape that is more of a whip style. I’ll mostly be using this at home so a desktop style again is no issue. I’m torn between getting the plenty or the crafty / mighty. I’d probably go with the mighty compared to the crafty just for the additional size and battery life. I like what you say about the plenty in terms of it being closer to the experience with combusting. Any recommendations between the two?


  • …hey buddy despite my watching your excellent review…puffed my way thru all my stash but before tommorows delivery!!!You were so right!!! A pinch will indeed do ya… or in my case 2 pinches
    I took your advice and purchased the PLENTY, thanx to you, I saved/am saving time and money. Im an old hippie from the seventies and was tokin on a harsh glass pipe. Im also purchasing a PAX2 on your advice as well. Peace brother…heading to Key West better informed Than X to you!??

  • …really enjoy and learn a lot from your reviews. I have always used a glass pipe which of course is very harsh. I do believe I am using too much product (a pinch when smokin alone???) Ive been loadin her up & not feelin the FX. Than X.

  • Now I’ve never used a REAL vaporizer , but my first Vaporizer was thee Atmos.junior mini vaporizer I was extremely disappointed with this mini vaporizer because its just like SMOKING not vaporizing. Oneself just wanted to say this Plenty Vaporizer makes perfect sense compared to the above vaporizer RIP-OFF that I bought.

  • Bad news, my Plenty has broken. The off/on switch seems to have something to do with it. Or the cord, I hated that cord from the get go, great machine with a cheap cord that does not bend especially and impossible to work with if not not warm. I am so bummed.

  • I love The Plenty, I use it every day. I wish the cord was better, I live in Yellowknife,NT Canada, near the arctic. That cord becomes impossible to work with. Other than that I love it.

  • Trying to make a purchase decision soon and could really use your help with a few questions! How much of a problem is the heater turning off? Can the plenty heat up without being held? Can I vape half of the contents in the chamber and then resume later in the day? Can you take 45 seconds in between hits if you choose? or will the contents continue to burn while the plenty is not being drawn from?

    Thanks a lot, loved the review.

  • Hey man, thanks for all the reviews! It was your review which made us purchase a Hot Box vape last year and we love it as it’s stylish and simple…but now it’s also stopped working! We live in the UK and sending it back to the states is too expensive and apparently their heating elements are custom made so can’t even buy that over here…

    So we are looking for a replacement and have to say the Plenty seems like a strong contender.

    We are looking for something that is easy to use, easy to store away (in a drawer etc) and robust (our Hot Box only lasted a year). We only use it at home, so would you recommend the Plenty for this purpose?

    Is the power cord nice and long? Is cleaning it easy? And do you have to wait for parts to cool before refilling?

    Lastly, I assume this can’t be used with a car 12v socket with an adaptor? Are there any portable vapes which work just as well for regular home use?

    Sorry for all the questions and keep up the good work!

  • Hey Man,
    I am new to vaping. I am having a hard time getting the “end result” with vapes compared to water pipes, bowls, ect. I have had a Magic Flight Box, The Ascent, The Crafty and the Classic Volcano. All I have sold except the Volcano as it gets me the closest results to smoking. The trouble I’m currently having is choking on the vapor. I can not go above 5 on the dial without coughing up a storm. I emailed Storz & Bickel to ask about the Plenty but they said is NOT smooth at all, and I should stay clear. I notice you remark about how smooth it is? Can you recommend a vape that gives the smoothest, least harsh and non-coughing vapor?
    Thanks a lot

    • I bought the plenty a few weeks ago and I have some comments.
      First, you do get a huge cloud of vapor with the plenty. The secret is, a big, wide chamber for the herb that allows lots of area to vaporize at once but it has to be filled completely with herb or the herb can shift to one side and you’ll be sucking air. They supply an insert to allow about have as much herb to work but then you don’t get as big a hit.
      The design of this thing otherwise makes zero sense. It doesn’t just look goofy, it IS goofy. For example, look at the video. When you hold the Plenty, you can’t see the temperature gauge because it’s on the opposite side. This is important because it keeps shutting off when it gets to the correct temperature. It doesn’t ring a bell or sound a tone when it does just a soft click. I find myself waiting for it to heat up and then missing it and having it cool down again before I notice and turn it back on. Plus, when you set it down, it doesn’t stand up (although they supply a brush to clean the screens that you can stick in a hole in the side according to the directions). Why didn’t they just make it flat on the bottom?

    • Eric, I had the same problem when I started vaping. I tried to get huge clouds of vapor only to cough it out painfully. It is a lot like [solid concentrate]. We used to say that it “expands” in your lungs and the vapor seems like that. It seems smooth and cool going in then – wham.
      The solution is to take smaller draws. After a little practise, you can get a better sense of what is too much and learn to avoid it.

  • Hi Bud,

    I’m thinking of getting my first vaporiser and your reviews have been very helpful, but I can’t decide if the plenty or the crafty are the best choice. Can you give me a comparison of both terms of vapor quality? Your praise of the plenty’s vapor quality suggests I should get that but if the crafty can produce vapor of equal (or close to equal) quality then I’d rather get that for portability, as the plenty seems a tad cumbersome.


  • Hey Bud,
    Love the videos and appreciate the insight and expertise you share on the ever increasing number of options available. I just got a Plenty and I’m very happy with it. It’s a great vape. Thanks for the review. I felt a lot more comfortable putting $300 having heard your opinion. Keep the reviews coming and thanks again.

    Most sincerely,

  • So I am considering on getting a volcano or a plenty vaporizer, I want to know the differences between the two. Mainly, which one is stronger and which one is better for mainly personal use, I barely use it with other people. Which one is more efficient and easier to use?

    • Really tough to say which one is better, think about which style of vaping suits you best and go with that one (balloon versus whip).

  • Thank you so much for the work you put into this site and your reviews. I don’t think I would be nearly as informed as I am going into this investment. :)

    My question is about the Plenty filling chamber; does/would it fit on the exhaust vent of the Volcano? I am trying to figure out some workable ways to use the Volcano without bags and I thought that if the Plenty chamber could be placed on the Volcano with the full cooling coil setup attached, that might be a possible solution for whip/direct draw use.
    Do you think that experiment would be worth buying the chamber and the wear and tear kit for the Plenty?
    Or alternatively, could the Plenty cooling coil setup be attached to the Easy Valve chamber of the Volcano?

    Thank you so much for everything you do.

  • Hey Bud,
    Love your reviews. I’m a long time smoker, short time vape. I’ve followed your recommendations, and have 2 great S&B products (Plenty and Mighty). I use my Mighty as my “daily driver”, but would like to get some use out of my plug in. Problem is the plenty seems to rip through material, even with the pad. Any advice. One other question – I don’t see you mention log vapes (enano) at all. Any reason? I’m curious about the enano (efficiency, purity), and would love to see a review – good or bad. Plenty vs Log.

  • Is there a big difference in Vape “coolness” between the plenty and the mighty/crafty?

  • Great thread… I have just one question: the instruction on the Plenty, said you have to keep the chamber completely full to avoid shifting of herb. Yet have I do see here that you can use as little or as much as you like. (I’m a micro-doser.)

    I suppose as long as one is careful about the contents not shifting in the herb chamber, one CAN use just as sprinkle at a time? I’ve opted to add in my whole little bag and lordy it’s strong… but good! Thanks.

  • Hello I red that the plenty vaporizer could heat up to 200°C (maximum). Is this temperature really sufficient to extract all the components of the herbs ?

  • Hey Bud

    I’m trying to decide on a home unit and its between Mighty, Plenty or Cloud EVO with the basic dry tube because I would like to keep my cost under $450. I already have the G Pro and Summit for portable ones. What would your opinion be?

  • Thanks for the reviews buddy watched a bunch then went with the plenty, it’s everything you said it was and more, haven’t smoked since i got it, so impressed with the brand i think i’m going to get the crafty for a portable.

    Cheers man keep it up!!

  • Tried to purchase this vape, got a gateway error and I’m not sure who to contact. In the fine print it says that they need additional confirmation if the shipping and billing addresses are different. Please let me know who to talk to for this to get resolved. Thanks.

  • I checked many reviews before ordering the plenty. What got me is the easy draw you explained. No lie I ordered it and 12 hrs later it was at my house. Very good machine. If I do fill it full I tend to unscrew the two parts and let sit till I need it again. Just so it doesn’t overheat material. I give it a 10 out of 10. Useing for two months and no problems. Thanks for your time spent investigating different vaporizers.

  • Okay, so the mighty is in the running also! Which of these don’t come with a usb charger? Best for the money and lasts forever.. At least a really long time and easy use/maintence.

  • Hey, read through lots of the reviews and need your expertise! My only Vape experience consisted of 2 atmos raw vaporizers that both burnt out and stopped working. I almost gave up on my love for vaping since most burn out eventually and end up in the trash along with your money… Until I found you! So, my top 3 are the plenty, crafty, and pax2. Would love to have your input, thank you!

  • Hey Bud! Big fan of yours and I love your site, you make a lot of people, including myself, very satisfied when we make our purchases. I’ve had the Plenty for about two weeks now and let’s just say that this bad boy is my new favorite toy. The vapor is so powerful, yet so smooth, and I now can see why it’s also one of your favorites. I have a question about the grinder it comes with though: am I good enough with using that grinder as my main grinder or do you recommend me investing in a 4piece Space Case? Also how often should I clean my Plenty? I use it about once everyday and it’s been two weeks and already I see some grime on the screens. I always brush off the screens after every use and I make sure I take care of my Plenty. I was thinking I should be good with cleaning the coil and some parts once a month? (btw do you recommend changing the actual coil piece after a year or so?) And lastly, is it best to just replace the screens once they are really dirty or can I just wash them good and continue to use them? Sorry for all the questions Bud, I just want to make sure I keep my vape in top shape. If you don’t mind, tell me how you usually clean your Plenty. Thanks so much Bud, you’re the man!


  • Thanks for your reviews. I enjoy the Magic Flight box based on your review (I’m a weekend partaker). I am considering purchasing a Plenty for my man. He is a daily user (currently via water bubbler). It seems that there is very minimal garbage produced with this vape (eg, plastic bags that need replacing, etc). Do you agree? I’m looking for the most “environmentally friendly” vape for a high-use scenario. Thanks.

  • Useless warrantee. Less than one year top piece loosened to the point that tightening it sufficiently to keep it on during use caused plastic threads to crack. I explained this before sending it in, but still they instructed me to send it. After arriving they determined the unit had been dropped, then offered me a used one for around $270. It cost me over $300 new. Beware.

  • Hey Bud, I just want to say I love what you do and you should know how helpful you are to so many people, including myself. After seeing the reviews of all the vapes, I’m going with the Plenty, I just have a couple questions I wanted to ask you. First off, due to radiation on my face I have bad lung capacity and I was wondering if that would effect me while taking draws out of the Plenty? I think I should be ok, right now I use a [glass piece] and even though I’m not able to usually clear it with one pull, I still think my lung capacity isn’t that much of a worry. My second question is if the Plenty ever needs to cleaned? If so, which parts need to be cleaned? Lastly, right now I have a 2piece grinder that is pretty cheap and I know the Plenty comes with a grinder as well but I was interested if it’s really worth investing in a Space Case or Santa Cruz Shredder 4piece grinder? Thanks for all your help Bud and once again you have no idea how many people you are helping out with all your reviews! Much appreciated – Charlie

  • Hey Bud, I’m totally new to vaping and I’ve watched most of your videos for advice (good job btw!). I have a couple of questions about the Plenty.

    First, you suggested that solo users only put in a small amount and use the screen thing to keep it in place — but i’m accustomed to packing a full pipe and taking draws over the course of a couple of days. What is the downside of doing this with the Plenty?

    Second, the Plenty seems kind of large to store in an airtight container… how bad is the lingering smell when it’s not in use? If someone were to pick it up, would they be able to tell what was used in it? Assuming the bowl is empty.

    Thanks for your help and videos!

    • Hey Robert you can use it that way but I personally feel you get the best experience when you pack a certain amount and vape it all in one session.

      The taste ends up being a little better and it’s also a little more efficient that way. If you are going to split it up into multiple sessions though I would just recommend not more than 2.

      As far as odor it actually smells very little when it’s off, I don’t think anyone would know what it’s for without close inspection :)

      Stay up!

  • I love the vap but have problems keeping the temp in the correct range without it going into the red. Any suggestions?

    • Try setting the dial to 6, you want the max temp right before the heat clicks off to be just about 390°F (where the red and green meet)

  • Hey Bud,

    I gave up smoking at the beginning of the year and have been using a basic jam jar style vape ever since. I’m really enjoying it but it’s time for something a bit more proper.

    Your website is amazing. I’m so grateful for all the time and energy you have put in to making some great video reviews, they are truly helpful and I have learnt a lot from them. The comment threads they generate are invaluable and have answered a lot of my questions. I hope you don’t mind me running my thoughts by you.

    I was pretty set on the plenty, then I started considering a mflb or a mighty; I’m not really bothered whether it’s portable or not, I just really want to get this purchase right as it is a lot of money either way. Really, what I want most is efficiency. I’m used to small frequent amounts; I like to use a pinch in my current vape and get 10-20 5-second draws over about 10mins, like the combustibles I used to have, and do this 4-7 times an evening using roughly 0.5g over the whole evening. Your draws look pretty monster to me! I would be on the floor. I’m worried that I will have to put much more than I want to in the plenty and am wondering if the mighty will perform better with smaller amounts of material, making it worth spending the extra upfront. I’m also the only one using it. It sounds like they are both great pieces of kit and I’m not bothered about looks and would be prepared to spend the extra.

    Thanks dude, really appreciate your work.

    • Hey Alice thanks for posting!

      I’ve thought about your scenario and I’m leaning the towards the Mighty being the best option for you, but the MFLB wouldn’t be bad either.

      The Plenty is still efficient but you’ll go through more material than the other two.

      The Mighty will produce higher quality and much stronger vapor than the Launch Box, but with the MFLB you have the ability of pausing between draws since you only engage the heat when drawing.

      Stay up!

      • Thanks so much for your reply Bud.

        After much thought I got a Crafty and am so glad I did. I was very tempted by the mflb, especially the lifetime guarantee but it just came down to fiddliness in the end. I’m all for ritual but I like to vape in a more absentminded way; hard to keeping reading your book while taking a draw from the mflb. It seemed a bit crazy to buy the Mighty and spend a lot more money on essentially more battery power. And I’m almost certain the Plenty would have needed more material than I wanted to use, as you said. So I took a leap of faith with the Crafty.

        I’ve had it a week now; the first session was overwhelming but then I was a bit underwhelmed for a couple of days, didn’t seem to get much vapour after 5 or so draws and the unit seemed to be getting a bit warm (you don’t mention this at all – mine gets pretty warm, like a hand warmer, does yours not at all?). I also found I had to get used to the resistance, though this is fine and not an issue, just different. Thankfully it’s been a normal bedding in process and a week in I now love it. I’m only using 0.05g or so in each session, using the liquid pad, which gives around 6-8 draws with good vapour and quite a few more with little or no visible vapour that is still very enjoyable and effective. I have even re-vaped material to good effect and it’s easily edible too. The design is great, easy and simple and the battery cut off doesn’t bother me, though I know what you mean, it is a bit bossy. I really love that it is portable, nice to wander out to the garden with it and I’ve been plugging it in after every few sessions so battery life has not been an issue. Finger’s crossed Storz and Bickel come through if anything goes wrong; another decisive point was they can exchange the battery reasonably cheaply. Might have to get a mflb as my stand in for when that needs doing!

        I’m really happy to be vaping rather than smoking, I feel much better for it and am really pleased with the Crafty, worth spending the extra; it’s so efficient and really easy and nice to use. Thanks very much Bud, it’s been about 10 weeks since I found your website and even now I’ve made my purchase I’m still checking out your videos for tips and advice. Thanks also for taking the time to reply personally, much appreciated.

        Stay up!

        • My pleasure Alice! Thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts.

          Excellent choice with the Crafty, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it.

          If you ever feel like you’re not getting much vapor again try packing at least 0.1g in the chamber with the liquid pad, or a full 0.2-0.3g without it. The 0.05g you’re packing is very low so a tiny bit more will probably help the unit produce more vapor.

          But that’s only if you find yourself yearning for more, if you’re happy the way you’re using it now that’s all that matters!


  • Hey man, I was planning on buying the Plenty, but had one question about it. How much do you think the herb chamber can hold when full? Thanks for getting back to me and your vape reviews.

    • Hey the chamber is pretty large it can hold somewhere around 0.5g, give or take 0.2g depending on how finely you grind.

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud,
    First, I gotta say I really dig your videos man. I think i’ve seen ’em all and you’ve really helped me in my searching for the right vape. I decided to go with “The Plenty”, and I love it. There’s just a couple minor things that concern me.
    The first thing is that it takes a while for the vaporizer to cool down. Is this normal? I end up waiting until it gets back down to the low 100’s to start the heater back up again because I’m afraid I’m going to overheat the thing. How often should I start the heater back up? Also, what heat do you think is best, I used it on 7 and it was pretty intense, but I just don’t want to overheat it. Can you give me some tips about the plenty so I don’t run into any unexpected problems? Thanks a lot man. –
    – Matt

    • Hey thanks Matt, I’m really glad you found them helpful!

      Excellent choice btw, and I can definitely give you a few tips for it…

      When you’re vaping make sure to pull the handle at least once every ~90 seconds. If you have the temp set to max for example (7 on the dial) it’ll get down to roughly ~340°F before pulling the handle will turn it back on again.

      If you let it cool down any more than that you’re not really getting the maximum efficiency and performance out of it. Don’t worry about overheating, I’ve never had or heard about that being a problem with this vape.

      So try to always keep the temperature between ~340°F and ~390°F (around where the red & green zones meet on the dial) if you want the strongest vapor.

      If the vapor is a little too intense try turning the dial back but just a little at a time, first try ~6.5 and then 6, etc…

      Other than that it’s important to make sure the chamber is packed correctly, so just make sure if you use small amounts in there that you place the liquid pad on top to keep your material pressed against the bottom screen.

      Take slow, long draws for best (strongest) performance (8+ seconds), and for lighter sessions you can shorten your pulls to ~5 seconds.

      Vape it up!

  • Look up Vapolution. Haven’t seen any reviews here.Im not sure why no reviews but maybe its cause they are too cheap and they work to good,,,,just sayin..Cmo n vape critic.VAPOLUTION

  • Hey Bud,

    Just new to vaping. Really appreciate your reviews. This may seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering if you can tell a noticeable difference in lung health when using a vape, as opposed to combusting. For example, with combusting regularly I notice in the mornings that I hack up a few times with black particulates. Does that still happen with vaping, or does the supposed health benefit of vaping hold true? I guess I’m wondering if people who have heavily experienced both sides of herb inhalation would say that there is a noticeable health benefit to vaping over combusting?

    • Hey most people would agree that vaporizing exposes you to much fewer toxins and risks than combusting but I’m not a medical professional so I can’t comment with 100% certainty

  • Hi Bud,

    Great reviews, I really value the attention to detail! Based on your review and other feedback I just purchased the Plenty (waiting for it to arrive), and I have a question:

    I’ve never owned a desktop-type vape before and so am curious – if I vape alone most of the time, is there any harm done in filling the chamber completely, vaping what I need, and then turning the unit off and coming back to it later – as opposed to using the liquid pad?


    • Hey excellent choice, hope you’re enjoying it by now!

      You can totally use it the way you describe, but I’ve found that the experience is better and the vapor is a higher quality (i.e. taste) when you only pack the amount you intend to vape in one session.

  • just bought a Plenty, and it rocks. After 30 years of combusting, I am now a confirmed Vaper!
    Yes the Plenty has a huge bowl, but I get vapor for a long long session. I’m cooked before the bowl is cooked! Tried a Firefly first, had battery issues. I’m convinced that no portable that runs on batteries can deliver sufficient power, so I opted for a plug-in. Reading some threads on FC site convinced me that no battery can deliver for 3 years! Now if only the Mighty weren’t so freakin’ spendy….

  • I found the same things. Great battery, easy to use and clean. The oven likes to be packed tightly or ground fine.
    Can’t say enough about it’s ease of use, to clean and store away. Much jentler on the throat than a [smoking] with much less smoke which use to leave me scented.
    Yes I had to ask the vender “if that $380 price was right” but the unit has great reviews, a ten year warranty backing and admitedly I’ve dropped it barely making a dent.

    I love my PAX!

  • Just made my decision on The Plenty vape based on your thorough reviews. I have a PAX as well, but I don’t really take it anywhere and the vapor quality leaves a little to be desired. I want to thank you for all the great reviews!


  • Hey Bud, I love your reviews! Im going to buy my first vaporizer soon, and I want to go for top tier. Right now I’m torn between the Crafty and the Plenty because of quality and price. Which one do you think is a better buy? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey the performance of both is very similar (excellent), so I would base your decision on whether or not you want a small portable unit to carry around or if you don’t mind plugging it into an outlet for power

  • I have used the Plenty at a friend’s house and it rocked! First time I have vaped and felt like I was using a waterpipe. The question I have is, could this be used in a car with the help of an adaptor that converts 110 AC power to DC power in car’s cigarette lighter battery area? The adaptors are only like $20, but I want to be sure I don’t wreck the car or start a fire–lol.


    • Hey Jeff I believe you can yes, but be careful if you try it please ;)

      The new Crafty & Mighty portables that came out recently perform much like the Plenty but they’re smaller and cordless, maybe an option to consider!

  • Hi,

    I am looking at purchasing a vaporizer and decided to get a portable one as it will only be used outside of in the car. I was wondering though if I were to buy a rechargeable battery pack could I then use the plenty outside running off the battery pack? Do you know how many amps the charger is for the plenty? Size is not an issue. I just want to get the best vapor on the go for a reasonable price. The next option is the pax but the plenty is very cool.

    • Hey Chris the Plenty isn’t rechargeable and doesn’t run on a battery but if you want the same performance in a portable package definitely look into the Crafty & Mighty

      They’re the cordless versions of this vape and they produce the same strong, smooth vapor

  • Hey mate
    Very nice and informative site. As far as I’m concerned you are the benchmark when it comes to vape reviews.

    One question about my plenty: When I use my plenty it only works for the first few draws. I turn the device on, ensuring that the on switch is lit and wait until the temperature gauge is in the green or red zone. After about 5 draws of some very nice vapor there is no more vapor, even though the temerature gauge shows it in the red zone and the “button” on the handle is being pressed the entire time (I actually tied and knotted a metal coil around it to ensure it is pressed the entire time just to make sure it wasn’t due to me not pressing the button). And when checking the bud after a few pulls being taken after no more vapor has been delivered I can see that the herb is still green. However the metal mesh that the bud sits in is extremely hot. And the device is extremely hot. Does it seem that my unit is defective or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hey man I think you actually have to “pull the trigger” each time it shuts the heater off for it stay heated, if you rigged the handle to always be pulling the lever it might not be heating up on purpose.

      Also set the temperature dial so that at the highest heat level the needle ends up right on the border of the red & green sections, right before actually going into the red.

      • Thanks for your reply. The first few times I used the device I only pressed the trigger when I was trying to vape (but perhaps I didn’t wait long enough for it to heat up). However the device was showing the highest temp (ie the temperature gauge needle was pointed at the red (ie at the “420”) so I would have thought that if it is pointing at the highest temp it means that the device is very hot. And when accidentally touching the mesh the herb sat in as I was taking the unit apart I got burned. So the unit was definitely very hot. But for some reason the air wasn’t pushing through the herb somehow even though it was well packed. Maybe I will try it next time without the oil pad.

        • Hmm somethin doesn’t sound right, what’s the lowest temp it goes down to before the heater will click back on again?

  • I think people hate on Storz & Bickel products on the FC forums for the following reason: The moderators and regular members of the forum promote a certain kind of culture on the forum.

    They all circularly self-reaffirm their own ideas about vaping, for example I encountered the idea repeatedly on their forum that a thicker cloud means a better draw. I assert that a “follow the money” analysis would demonstrate that the FC owners/operators get a kick-back from many of the lower quality vaporizer companies, in exchange for essentially free advertising. But Storz & Bickel doesn’t pay them, so the moderators and regular members of the FC forum are encouraged by their culture to basically “hate on” Storz & Bickel.

    And for the record, Storz & Bickel is the best. :)

  • hey, love the videos man, they are highly informative and definitely better than most i see out there… and i have watched a ton of videos in the past few weeks. all of this because i recently decided that i want to get into vaping, but what all of these videos have in common is they never tell you how it effects you, how high it makes you feel… if you would… let me know on a scale from one to ten how the plenty hits you after one bowl, and maybe even after two of these 1/3-1/4 packed bowls you were telling us about in the video, and maybe how long it takes to feel the full effect? i am very new to the concept of vaping and have vaped from an mflb for a couple of days and had no real results from it, and my tolerance is very low compared to most. your feedback would definitely determine if i were to buy either the plenty or the volcano. though i am leaning more towards the plenty because of the cost reduction from the volcano and how you say it produces basically the same vapor. anywhosles, your feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

    • oh, and also can we get the same comparison of the effectiveness of the vape i.e. how it hits you and how long it takes to feel full effect with the arizer extreme Q as well, Thanks!

  • I got the g pen pro n don’t know how to use it! I was.thinking about buying the easy cape because my barber said it was good an cheap. Watching your reviews I want the plenty now but I’m not a heavy smoker. What do you recommend for a once a day person and not so expensive but good taste

  • Looking at the Plenty for my potential 4th vaporizer. I’m a medical patient and so potency, efficiency, and ease-of-use is important to me. I invest in my vaporizers.

    I started with VapirOne, but after a year, bags became too inefficient for my own experiences so I got a Magic Box, which burnt out way quick, but the small size was nice enough (and plus lifetime warranty) but it was mostly for while-traveling uses.

    So, I got a Hot Box as my first glass-whip type of vaporizer (yeah I got drawn in by pretty boxes). After dealing with the company on some little issues like shipping and stuff, I do not like the business practices as a customer, so yesterday when one of the glass components cracked (I actually woke and found it cracked, no idea what happened) I decided instead of getting a new 30$ piece, I’m just going to get a new vaporizer instead!

    The Plenty is at the top of my list and thank you, thank you for making these videos because it is informative and extremely helpful! The no-bag and no-glass wand, but strong potency is extremely attractive, plus I like the industrial aesthetic they gave it! It’s fun. They seem to have thought about a lot of things in designing the Plenty so I’m looking forward to using it for the next year or more. I’ll try and get back here to let others know how it went in a few months.

  • That was a really excellent review, both in terms of the write-up and the video. I’ve read the manual (downloaded it to help me make my purchasing choice), but the video added a few things that are not mentioned in the manual, plus gave some decent visuals/close-ups/etc.

  • Hey Bud,
    G’day from down under :) I’ve just ordered a plenty based on your review. I have never tried vaping before but it seems like the sensible way to go. [some text redacted]
    Now the nervous wait until it arrives in the post.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Bud, for your indepth and unbiased reviews. I have just ordered the Plenty… [some text redacted]

    I have been a [user] of herbs mixed with tobacco for 15 years, and am planning on using the vape with herb to quit smoking, thanks to your reviews i choose the Plenty for the thickness and density of the vapour, from what i can see this is the closest to what i am used to from smoking and should make the transition easier. Was stuck between the Plenty and the MLFB, but ended up choosing the Plenty due to the above reason.

    Am still considering the MLFB for the future as a portable option, if my transition from smoking to vaping goes well. Will it be worth using the MLFB after being so used to the density of vapour from the Plenty, or will it be nowhere close to the same effect, if not is there any other portable vape you could recommend for my future purchase, that will closer to the vapour experienced from the Plenty.

    Thanks again for the amazing site and the huge amount of information available.


    • Hey Matt thanks for posting,

      The Plenty is excellent, but the MFLB will probably not satisfy you after experiencing this one.

      You’re in luck though, because a few weeks ago the company that makes this one came out with two awesome portables, the Crafty and the Mighty.

      Definitely check those out!

  • How does it fare with waxes/extracts/resins? Am pretty much sold on this model. You have pretty much sealed the deal with your review so thank you…

    • Nice great choice, it includes a “liquid pad” that you can put waxes and concentrates on which then goes in the heating chamber. The pad is fairly large and you get the best results when you can put a thin layer over the entire thing, so it’s not really meant for small amounts of concentrate at a time.

      You would also use the liquid pad also with small amounts of dry herbs, to fill up the extra space in the chamber. This vape is a beast and still one of my all-time favorites!

  • Hey!

    Loving the reviews and have found them most informative. I am a complete novice with this and your vids explain just about everything I needed to know. Been a heavy [combuster] for way too many years now and the Plenty seems to be the one for me. I really loved the review of the Herbalizer but is a bit too pricey for me. That an the shipping price to Scotland is pretty high.

    Regarding the Plenty, though, I have one question. How many draws would you take when using just a pinch? Would a pinch be sufficient for a couple of draws or more?

    Also, you mentioned some links explaining how to get a more concentrated vapour but I couldn’t find them.

    Keep up the great work. You are providing an invaluable service.

    • Hey man, really glad to hear it.

      With this vape the minimum amount of material I would pack in the herb chamber is about 0.2g, and from this amount you can expect roughly 6-10 good draws. It doesn’t work very well with less material, but it can easily hold up to 0.5g or more if you want more draws or a longer session.

      This video explains how to get the best performance from herbal vapes:

      However, with the Plenty you really don’t have to grind super fine to get great results, it’s one of the few vapes that works well with coarsely ground herb as well.

      Vape it up!

      • I got the Plenty and have been extremely happy with it. it took a little experimentation with the amounts but I totally agree with the amounts you suggested. Also, I used some concentrate which I grated and then put on a liquid pad. This work pretty well too. Thanks again for the advice.

        All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. Now to save up for the herbalizer :-)

  • Hey man, nice review. I love the Plenty, but I have couple questions.

    1. I feel like because its vapes so effectively it goes through material a little fast. I was wondering if you had any techniques you think make the session last longer or just make for a better experience in general. Like what number temperature do you start at and go through? And are you better off taking small or big draws? Etc.
    Fyi, I put at least enough material to fill the surface area of the bottom with the liquid pad on top.

    2. Also I feel like I’m losing vapor at a rapid rate whenever I’m not pulling. While I love how the coil cools the vapor down I don’t like how easily the vapor steeps out. I have no experience with glass pieces or water filtration at all but do you think using one would help? If so, what kinds would work? Or any other ideas for helping to add resistance?

    • Hey what’s up, it sounds like you’re doing what I would recommend, which is to pack just enough to cover the bottom screen and then place the liquid pad on top. This should be somewhere around 0.2g.

      You should get a handful of big, strong draws with that amount and although there may be a few vapes that are more efficient the vapor that the Plenty produces seems to always be stronger. I think it’s sort of the tradeoff – it goes through your stuff a little quicker but doesn’t mess around when it comes to performance.

      For me what happens is I end up going through more material in most other vapes just to get the same effects.

      It does leak a little vapor in between draws so I do recommend vaping the contents fairly quickly, and not taking too many breaks or pauses.

      What you can try is laying the vape down sideways between draws which should stop vapor from coming out while you wait, although it won’t completely stop heating the material.

      I’ve tried using this unit with a water tool a few times but it didn’t work that great and in my opinion this isn’t a vape that really needs to be filtered, it’s super smooth as it is.

      Stay up!

  • Hey there, I love your reviews and you were a big reason why I decided to get the plenty. I’ve had it for 4 months now and love it. I also have an Arizer solo which I’ve started using through a water pipe at home sometimes. I tried it with my plenty but the airflow wasn’t that good, I thought it might be because its upside down. Anyway I was woundering if you’ve ever used the plenty with a hydratube?

    • Hey I’m really glad to hear you’re diggin the vape.

      I have tried the Plenty with a water tool and like you said it doesn’t work very well. I think it has to do with the fact that the Plenty draw is so free-flowing, there isn’t enough resistance to really use it through water. IMHO it doesn’t need it though!

  • Hi thanks for all the reviews, wich one would your recommend between the arizer extreme Q and the plenty? We will be 3 people using it so i dont really know wich one to take? Wich one is the easiest to clean and has the best performance?

    • Hey I would say Plenty is better across the board, but it costs a little more so it depends on your budget, EQ isn’t bad at all just not great.

  • Hey Bud, as with a lot of other people visiting your site I appreciate the tremendous amount of work putting together all these reviews and comparisons is, even if it’s also a labor of love. One thing I miss is that in a lot of reviews you have video that shows the density of the vapor produced (like in the Cloud EVO review). I would really love to see that added to the review of the Plenty so I can compare the results I get with the results you describe your were getting. I find that the vapor is not very dense or visible with the plenty, although this does not seem to affect the quality or the effect of the vapor. However this does not seem to chime with your summary comment “Closest experience to combusting, produces smooth, strong vapor”. As someone who has just given up smoking [some text redacted] I choose the plenty not solely but partially based on this observation. I am very happy with the plenty and I can certainly say that one bowl is enough for the evening and then some so no complaints there. Keep up the good work, vapes are expensive and your succinct but detailed reviews are allowing a lot of people to make the jump to a cleaner lifestyle. Much appreciation to you and please don’t stop!!!

    • Hey James thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      You make a very good point and it has been on my mind lately to create a Plenty session video to show vapor production. I think what I’m going to do is create a whole new updated review and just include clips of a session in the video, like the other vapes.

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the vape, but you most definitely should be seeing a good amount of vapor. when you pack the chamber just make sure you’re completely covering the bottom screen, and when you set the temperature put it on whatever setting makes the needle max out at around 390°F.

      Stay up my man!

  • First I have to say that I love your website and the level of detail with your reviews! I surfed YouTube and you reviews were by far the best.

    My question is in regard to cleaning the Plenty. If used daily for just personal use. Is it simpler to just buy new screens instead of trying to clean them? The lower screen seems to last a long time but I noticed the upper gets ‘resin’ like and gummy after a week or so of usage and could affect the draw resistance. I just got mine 2 weeks ago.

    Also how often would you recommend cleaning the coil and any other parts?

    Thanks so much!

    • What’s up Heath, thanks for posting!

      Good question, I too find that the top screen is really the build-up spot, and it may be easier and make more sense to just replace it when it gets bad. You can clean them by soaking in ISO but sometimes they won’t come out like new.

      The rest of the vape really shouldn’t require cleaning very often at all. I think I’ve cleaned my coil maybe once or twice since I’ve owned it, and the mouthpiece you could disinfect every once in a while with a little iso just to be sanitary.

    • Somewhere around 6 on the dial should provide the best experience. Basically you want whatever setting will make the temperature max out around 390°F.

  • hey bud,

    my first vaporizer was a mflb that i used for about a year until i purchased a No2. i preferred the no2 over the mflb and have been using for about another year now. id like to move on to a more advance vaporizer and im considering the Plenty. id like a vaporizer that will really impress me with its [draws]. my no2 gives me my desired effects but do you think the plenty will significantly improve the vapor quality that it will give me an even greater effect that’s worthwhile? i dont want to pay more than 350 so a volcano or any other expensive vaporizer is out of the picture but the plenty seems to be next best vaporizer. I also vaporize for home use with 1-2 people sometimes 3

    thank you!

    • Hey Nick,

      Yes, the Plenty will absolutely provide a better, stronger experience than the NO2, and the vapor ir produces will be smoother and tastier as well. To this day it’s still one of my favorites and go-to vapes.

  • Hi Vape Critic,

    I am a medical user in Canada and I just wanted to say I love your videos. Your site is the most informative and contains the most straight forward reviews I have seen. I made my first vape choice the EQ and although I was happy with it, I got the itch to get something better after seeing your review for The Plenty. Now based on your glowing review, I have upgraded to The Plenty and my verdict is “wow”! There’s not much else to say because you’ve already said it in your review! Thank you so much and looking forward to more vids in the future.

    • Hey Chris thanks very much for posting, I’m really glad you found my stuff helpful and I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying this vape, it’s still one of my all-time favorites!

  • if the herb chamber is completely full, how many average draws would you say come out?

  • Hey Bud,

    Love the reviews! I just ordered my Plenty and it should be here any day!

    I just had one follow up question about the Plenty, does the larger chamber mean that this vape has a stronger odor associated with it? Or is it about the same as most vapes?


    • Hey excellent choice!

      I’d say odor is about the same as most other vapes. Generally any smell comes from the vapor being produced, so the more vapor the more odor, and then once you end your session and the unit cools down it shouldn’t smell at all anymore.

  • Please let me clarify. What I read about the bag method is that the vapors will be lost gradually over 30-90 minutes after filling the bag, so that if one inhales less than a bag in an hour, one will lose the rest. By “small amounts,” I mean the amount one inhales within an hour. But I think I also read that the minimum amount one can vape efficiently into a bag produces a good bit more vapor than one person who inhales only a small amount (and then no more for well over an hour) would inhale. I’m not good with amounts here, but I’d estimate that I might inhale, when using dry herbs by the *burning* method, about 1/8 of the material in a usual tobacco cigarette. From what I hear, a good vaporizer will produce the vapors much more efficiently than by burning, so I assume that I would inhale vapors from a good bit less than 1/8 of a cigarette if I had a vaporizer that allows me to vape only what I would inhale. Thanks again, Bud!

    • Hey I just replied to your original comment above but the only thing I would add here is that with balloon vapes the vapor actually only stays “good” for 5-10 minutes once it’s in the bag.

      After 10 minutes the vapor will start to condense inside the balloon which makes it less potent and the taste will also start to degrade.

      One of the main benefits of using a balloon versus a whip is that with a bag the vapor is basically “on tap”, and all you need is short 2 second draw to get a sufficient amount of vapor. With pretty much all whip vapes you need to take a longer draw to get the same amount of vapor, usually between 5-10 seconds.

  • What is the best and most efficient vaporizer for small amounts and for waxes, concentrates, oils? I’ve read that the bag method is wasteful for small amounts (though great for large amounts), and that most vapes are not made for waxes, concentrates, etc. E.g., a long-time, apparently good, vape website shows very few vaporizers (outside of pens and such) as being good for waxes, concentrates, oils. Thanks for your help!

    • Hey Michael I would say that the Herbalizer is the best overall for small amounts of material as well as waxes and concentrates.

      I wouldn’t say the bag method is necessarily wasteful with small amounts, but the Herbie does have a smaller herb chamber than the Plenty and Volcano so it does provide a slightly more satisfying experience with just a pinch of material (~0.1g).

      For concentrates you would put that on the included liquid pad which then goes inside the chamber, and because it’s narrower it does a slightly better job at keeping the vapor dense.

      • And which vape is the most efficient for on the go use? I have the ascent and use at 395 and it takes a lot of [material]. I’m now thinking of getting something more economical. I like to take short deep draws for like 2 seconds.

  • I got the Plenty.
    I am stunned that they made the base convex so it can’t stand up. Had they made it concave it would sit up.

    Any suggestions for a “stand” for the Plenty?

    Otherwise, works well, looks weird.

    • Yes you’ll notice that there’s little rubber bumpers on one side of the unit because it’s designed to be laid on it’s side when not in use – I agree that its looks aren’t too hot but performance-wise it’s a beast. Not sure what could be used to keep it standing up straight sorry man!

  • Totally spot on review…. just got the plenty and its fully awesome. They’ve changed one thing , the lead is now about 3 meters long! cheers

  • Great review. I am new at this stuff and still call a vape a vaporizer. I have read that [certain substances] are heat liable. Won’t the vaporizing temperatures inactivate the chemicals?

    • Thanks Glen, heating your herbs to the proper temperature is actually what activates the chemicals, but you do need to make sure your temp isn’t too high or too low for best results.

  • I just bought the Plenty, largely based off of your reviews. I was very interested in the Volcano and the Herbalizer, but just had a difficult time justifying spending that much money on a vaporizer. Based on your reviews, as well as others I’ve seen online, it seemed that the Plenty offered as good a quality vapor as the Volcano/Herbalizer, but at half the price.

    I just used my Plenty for the first time last night and I am very happy after that initial experience. I had been using a Pax for a couple of months and have been a bit disappointed with that device. The Pax’s oven is too deep and I always had to have 2 vaping sessions for each fill of the oven chamber; in between those sessions, I had to empty out the compacted “brick” of herbs, turn it over, and put it back into the oven to get the other side vaped. This was very inconvenient, and the 2nd session always produced lower quality vapors with a bad char taste. Additionally, the Pax requires frequent cleaning, and the vapors taste like sanitizer the first time you vape after a cleaning. The Pax really creates a lot of gunk and buildup inside… just kind of nasty.

    The Plenty allows me to put less herbs in a wider chamber with more surface area and fully vape everything in one session. That is a HUUUGE bonus over the Pax, for me anyway. The vapors are better quality too, as they are cooler, denser, and you can better taste the herb. I wish I had gotten this instead of the Pax in the first place (I purchased it before I found your website). My only qualm with the Plenty is the temperature control – I just think it’s a little funky that you have to keep pulling the trigger in to keep the temperature up. I’ve noticed that the temperature drops quite rapidly if you don’t keep turning on the heating element.

    Anyways, your reviews really helped me out here, and I think you do an excellent job of demonstrating these devices and articulating what works well and what does not. THANK YOU!

    • Hey Ben thanks very much for posting,

      You made an excellent choice, and I’m really glad to hear that you’re thoroughly enjoying this vape.

      I agree with your comparisons to the Pax also, that one is very convenient for on-the-go use but it really can’t compete with a good home unit like the Plenty in terms of performance (and cleanliness).

      Thank you for your kind words, vape it up!

  • These reviews are the most informative I ever seen. I can’t believe I didn’t check em out before. After watching a couple of reviews, I decided to buy this vape. Best decision ever.

    Thanks for uploading such a clear and straight forward review.

  • Hi Bud,

    I bought one of these based on your review, and it is an amazing device!
    Before the Plenty, I had a Magic Flight, and it was very rough on my throat, but the Plenty is much smoother. Barely bothers me at all.
    I just cleaned the Plenty for the first time, and I’m curious whether it matters which end of the cooling coil you connect to the mouthpiece.
    Also, how long do you typically keep a liquid pad before you replace it? Do you know whether it will rust if exposed to water?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!
    Anne O.

    • Awesome thanks for letting me know!

      It shouldn’t matter which end of the coil you connect to the mouthpiece, and as far as the liquid pads I’m only on my second one in 2 years, anytime it seems to be getting gunked up I soak it in rubbing alcohol and it’s good to go. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel so it shouldn’t rust, but it’s probably best not to expose it to water if possible.

  • watched most your reviews…. thanks , im gonna roll with this one. will update.

  • Hi bud,
    I like your website it’s very informative. I’m making the change to vaporizing and can’t decide what to get. I don’t like the look of the vapes that have the rubber hoses and glass pieces and I also would like a portable. Would it be better to get the plenty then a portable or get something like the solo and the upgrade to the plenty at a later date. Also besides the cloud and the pinnacle pro are there any other vapes that have hydratubes?

    • Hey Todd, many people like the Solo and I do as well but I feel that the Plenty is one of the best models to transition to vaping with, it’s the closest experience to what you’re used to.

      The Cloud and Pinnacle are the only models I’ve reviewed that can be ordered with Hydratubes but some of the other models can also be rigged up to work with water tools if you’re really into that, it would just require some customization.

  • Love your reviews, man. Detailed, well-edited, balanced, informative, professional, and opinionated.

    Question about vapes such as the Plenty and Volcano with larger herb chambers and that don’t keep the herb heated full time: Do you have to polish off what you put in there that day or could you take several days to vape a full chamber? For example, could you fill the big chamber, turn off the heat when you’re done, then come back to it the next day?

    • Bud, never mind answering that question. I just saw your 2014 Q&A, and the answer was there. Good info, and congrats again on a fine site and excellent reviews.

      • Hey thanks very much for posting and for your kind words!

        For anyone else that may read this the Plenty vape typically works best when you vape the entire packing in one session, but with a vape like the Volcano where you remove your herbs from the heat between draws you can take long breaks between balloon fillings and still get good results.

  • Hey bud, how does the vapor density and potency of the plenty compare to the herbalizer through whip mode? Also, how does it compare to the evo?

    • I would say the Plenty experience is similar to the Herbalizer whip experience when you use the fan assist during draws, which helps create more vapor.

      It’s actually fairly similar to the Cloud EVO in terms of vapor production and quality, the main difference between those two (besides the glass) is that one has a very free-flowing draw and one has a little bit of resistance.

  • interested in trying a vaporizer, and i like everything i’ve read about the plenty (the volcano is just too pricey for me) couple of questions, does it eliminate the “herb” odor or taste? are you able to load up the chamber and just keep coming back to it throughout the day, or is best to just put in what you plan on using during that session? does it make your “herb” last longer? thanks

    • Odor isn’t completely eliminated with vaporizing but in general vapor smells less than half as strong as smoke and it dissipates more than twice as fast, so it’s much easier to control.

      This vape works best when you load however much you want in one session and vape it all in one sitting. Technically you can turn it off halfway through and come back to it later but it’s not most efficient when used like that.

      In most cases yes your herb will last longer when using a vape, just be sure to use the included liquid pad if you’re vaping by yourself so that you can pack a small amount of material and still get great results.

  • After lots and lots of research I went with the plenty because of your review. Best vaporizer I own. Small amounts of herbs translate to 15+ draw sessions, thanks to the liquid pad. Cooling coil works like a charm. I don’t even notice the heater turning off and on. Most importantly….. vapor is pure and extremely potent. Better than Volcano in my opinion, but thats only because I don’t care for the bags. No stale vapor if you decide to take a break for a few minutes. Terrific vaporizer at about half the price of a volcano with the same quality vapor! Great Unit!

    Your reviews are the best. Keep it up.

  • Hi Bud:

    Your the best Vapor Critic, that why they call you the Vapor Critic. Your right the Plenty give you the strongest [draw] out of any vaporizers I try, but I’m little spoil with the Solo taste, compare to the Plenty.

    If you like [heavy hitters], and want to try vaporizing for the first time, buy the Plenty. Thanks Bud, I’m not disappoint in my purchase of the Plenty, you get what you pay for.

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for a second vaporizer.
    I already own the volcano, which is awesome and it is used daily for the last 3 years or so.
    I’m doubting between the arizer solo or the plenty.
    Things i’m looking for in a vap are:
    – Quality and taste of vapor.
    – I want this one to be silent, so preferably no ventilator(or a very silent one) or crispy balloons. Lately i’m asked what i am doing and what is making the noise, i want to prevent these questions..
    – It will be mainly used for a few quick and hassle free puffs during gaming or other activities. Take a puff, leave it next to me, game, take a puff a bit later…and so on..
    – Portability can be useful when going to the beach or so, but it’s not a big requirement.
    – it must be capable of providing the same ‘punch’ as for example the volcano on setting 7-8.

    The volcano is for full evening kinda sessions, the second one must be for quick short, hassle free sessions, quick and easy to use…
    I was wondering if either the solo or the plenty could meet my requirements or maybe someone has a better option, price is not really an issue, i’m looking for the best i can get.

    • Hey thanks for posting, I considered all of your requirements and I think the Firefly meets most of your criteria, I would check that one out:

      It’s quickness is one of the key benefits, and the fact that it doesn’t heat your material between draws so you can place it down and not worry about when to take your next draw.

      The Plenty packs the biggest punch and I love it but for best results you need 10-20 mins for a good session and you don’t want to wait more than a minute or so between draws.

  • This vape is awesome in so many ways, but I’ve found cleaning it to be kind of a pain. Any tips on that would be great.

    My one complaint is that I wish it held the desired temp a little better. Mine seems to like to cool down a bit, even if I am holding the handle.

    • Hey what areas of the vape are you finding you need to clean? If you brush out the herb chamber after each use you should be able to go dozens of sessions without having to clean any other parts.

      The screens and cooling tube can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol but you really shouldn’t have to do this often.

      And yes I know what you mean, the heater is designed to cycle on and off at about 90 second intervals, so the temperature on the dial can swing down when it’s off but as long as you take a draw once every minute or so the herb chamber should keep a fairly constant temp and vapor production should be pretty consistent.

      Stay up!

      • I’m bad at brushing out the chamber each session, most of the time I get such a strong vape I end up just setting it down.

        At best I might dump out the chamber but I find it doesn’t take long for residue to build up.

        The black part and the silver inner ring give me the most trouble. I haven’t cleaned the cooling tubes ever.

        I always use a liquid pad and screens so I’ve never had to deal with the gunk worms mentioned in some of these other comments.

  • Hey! I’m new to [this] and am considering vaping. The problem is that I would probably be partaking in only 2-3 draws per session and only 2-3 sessions per day. From what I’ve read of your reviews and elsewhere, this could result in a lot of waste. Which vaporizer is best at functioning with small amounts of dry herb for short sessions. I am thinking that Plenty is probably the best bet. I am also interested in either Ascent or Pax. I appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hey Scott,

      For your type of usage these are the vapes I would recommend:

      Firefly – this is a very good cordless home unit that works best when you want just 2-5 draws per session.

      Launch Box – simpler version of the Firefly, works in a similar way and is very efficient with tiny amounts of material.

      Silver Surfer & Da Buddha – these are both desktop/plug-in units for home use that can work well with small amounts of material and provide 2-5 good draws for a mini-session.

      I personally love the Plenty, and the Pax & Ascent are both good portables, but all of those perform best when you’re looking for ~10+ good draws per session, for small sessions of 2-3 draws the vapes I listed above would be a little more efficient.

  • Sup Bud,

    Been using the plenty for a little over a month and this thing is great! big clouds,great taste,easy to use. My only thing is that it makes me cough a lot more than my [water piece] did. I set it at 6 and take long smooth pulls but I always start hacking my brains up. I’ve tried lower setting but the amount of vapor is smaller and less effective. You got any suggestions? also how often should I clean it?

    • Hey man I know exactly what you mean, and after at first being concerned I’ve realized that it’s just because the vapor is so intense, the unit itself isn’t causing any harshness or anything.

      This vape just seems to do a really good job of producing potent vapor while keeping the draw very smooth, so even though it doesn’t feel hot the vapor is very strong.

      One thing you could try is purposely not grinding your material too fine, you may find that a slightly coarser grind lowers the intensity a little bit.

      And as far as cleaning you really shouldn’t have to do it often, all it really needs is the herb chamber brushed out after each use and you should be able to go for dozens of sessions without having to do any other maintenance.

  • ahh .. and one more.. thanks to your video i was able to use the plenty out of the box … like a special forces trooper ;))).. it was like … baeemm, wusshh.. sladehhshhh.. ready.. gogogogogog ;))) and perfect result..well its the best and best use “whip” vape….. the funky double bend metallic whip is suuuuper awesome.. the bottom is so hot tha u burn our finhgers and the end with the mouthpiece is so cold that u can hold it.. and thats just passiv cooing.. very impressive!!

  • well thanks to your super and very reliable review.. (and friends that have a volcano so i knew “the volcano experience”)

    i got myself super fast (well ok german to german shipping is of course fast :) a plenty directly from storz and bickel and….WOOOOOOwww i love it.. its so awesome .. and its more like baeeemmm !! ;)

    the best thing is the minimum filling is “cover the whole chamber” and thats a usual [normal amount].. thats not much and u get more out of it with the plenty.. well i love it.. and !!! it even makes my nose and whole breathing and lungs more free than more coughing.. well its awesome.. and i even “with lots of scientific testing” i used about half of the amount of herbs i usually would use!!! awesome!!

    well the plenty is soo easy to use.. and especially its soo well made .. robust, sturdy super heavy duty indestructable solid build.. the cleaning is.. brush,brush. thats it. i love it…

    well keep up your good work… and i love my plenty!!!

  • Do you still consider the plenty to be the next best vaporizer after the volcano? Is there any notable smell when using it?

    • Overall with every aspect of ownership considered, yes I do. There is some smell with all herbal vaporizers but in general vapor smells less than half as strong as smoke and it dissipates more than twice as fast, so it’s much easier to control.

  • man thanks a lot for your video! I ended up buying the Plenty after watching and reading a lot of material, including yours of course. :-) (i am european, here it costs even less…) it arrived today. i can only refrain what’s already been said: it’s great! this is my first vape, and i have been smoking herbs (combustion) for over 15 years… the effect really blew my mind, 10 times [better] than combustion. the flavor wasn’t there the first session, but was there at the second. i am still a vape-rookie, so i think i will appreciate more this thing as i get better using it. :-) really nice product, i wish i had started with vapes earlier. thanks Bud!

  • Hello man, Thanks for all your reviews !

    [some text redacted] So vaping really seems to be the solution for me. Your website has been very helpful.

    I still hesitate between 2 vaporizers : the Plenty and the Firefly.
    I’m really determinate to buy a vapo that’s high quality with strong potent vape. I’m afraid to be disappointed compared to combustion so this is important for me.
    The other important thing for me is the ability to take it with me. I don’t want to use it on the go, but for example to take it to a friend’s house (like I would carry my laptop). Is it possible with the Plenty ? or is it too fragile to carry it ?

    The Firefly seems to be good, but I feel like I won’t get the full experience… But on the other hand the ability to use in different places is important for me.

    Could you tell me what you think ?

    Thanks again, keep up the good reviews ;)

    Adam from France

    • Hey Adam,

      Based on what you’re telling me I’m leaning towards the Plenty being the better option for you to start off with, mainly because it provides a very strong experience that is most similar to more traditional methods, so the transition to vaping is a little easier.

      The Firefly is a very good vape also but requires a little more technique for best results. It’s totally another vape to consider getting but speaking strictly about your first vape you may find the Plenty a little more satisfying.

      The FF is also obviously much easier to travel with because of the size, but it’s fairly easy to travel with the Plenty also by packing it up in its original box (it has a bunch of styrofoam supports in it, box dimensions are 10″ x 10″ x 3.25″)

      Hope this helps!

  • Sup Man!,

    I bought the plenty a week ago and have been vaping with it since, great vape! No draw resistance and big clouds, the only thin is it makes me cough like crazy when I take a pull. Gives me a real dry itchy type cough. Ive tried lower settings and taking smaller pulls but then I get smaller weaker clouds. Does it take some getting use to from smoking or is this just the nature of the beast?

    Thanks for all the info man

    • Hey man thanks for posting, it’s sort of just the nature of this beast but you’ll notice that it’s the ‘good’ kind of cough, it’s really just because the vapor it produces is so potent. But as you mentioned if it’s too intense you can always lower the temp a little bit.

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud

    Just purchased my Plenty today. Looking forward to using it tonight. I noticed in your review that you indicated you are ready to draw on the Plenty once the heating light goes off. Do you not recommend drawing on the Plenty while it is heating?

    I really enjoy your reviews, keep doing you.


    • Hey hope you’re diggin the vape! Yes you’re only supposed to wait until the initial heat up is complete to start drawing, but after it’s warmed up you can draw all you want whether or not the heater is engaged.

  • Hey bud! First of all, what great and extensive reviews! I enjoyed reading all of them- being a combustion smoker for over ten years I’ve decided to give up the ghost (the thick white smoky ghost) and make the transition to vaping. At first I was going to purchase the top vapor or one of those desktop Inexpensive whips but after trying a few similar models I realized they cannot produce a vapor strong enough for my demands…the volcano is perfect but the balloon system doesn’t appeal to me. So i have my sights set on the plenty. Coming from using from my water piece daily I hope to achieve similar results- especially if I gotta fork out $400 for the damn thing.

    • Great choice the Plenty produces very strong draws and in my opinion is one of the easiest vapes to transition with.

  • bought mflb and yesterday plenty thanks to your advice, I simply love the plenty, gave it to some friends who normally dont smoke and everyone was quite impressed, not to mention happily affected. Thanks for the great tips. Compared to this, seems like MFLB vapo-burns the herbs, the plenty is the real thing in terms of vapor.


  • I just got a plenty thanks to your review but im worried about it going through plant matter too fast.

    i purchased it hoeing to use less then i am now with my MFLB. that being said, aside from the jell pad do you have any other recommendations to make your plant matter last longer?

    I like to use one trench in the MFLB for a few days. im talking very light vaping. is there a way to do this with the plenty ?

    • Hey Jay,

      The MFLB works well with freakishly small amounts of material so it’s hard to compare it in that regard to most other vapes.

      What I’ve found is that the Plenty is most efficient when you vape it all in one session, so I typically use mine when I’m looking to get about 10-15 strong draws in one sitting.

      I grind my material to a medium consistency and then cover the bottom screen of the chamber with a thin layer, maybe 0.15g total, then I place the liquid pad on top and close it up.

      If you’re looking to start and stop vaping the same material multiple times (like you can with the MFLB) the Plenty isn’t really the best for that.

      You could try setting it on a lower temperature and then after maybe 5 draws or so turning it off to save the rest for later, but I would only re-vape the material once and to avoid wasting any during cooldown I would immediately remove the chamber from the base as soon as you turn the power off.

    • i will give my suggestion because i was in the same boat.
      i simply take a draw or two and then right after i take my last draw, i turn it off,and then remove the coil with herb chamber attached and sit it down for later. ive managed to make this work for me while conserving almost as good as my solo. i usually only take 2 draws,and sometimes i take just 1 and its so potent it is all i need after throwing a proper coughing fit.
      i keep it usually at 6 if i want to conserve because 7 is hot lava.
      i personally do not ever use the liquid pad,and i rarely pack my herb chamber full… i just simply pay attention not to tilt the plenty when i draw, and keep it straight so the herb stays in place. if you do not want to fill up the herb chamber all the way,and you also do not want to use the liquid pad, then just be sure to put enough material to cover up the entire width of the screen. because you want all of the hot air to first travel through herb before into your lungs.

  • Hey Bud! I hope your doing well man! Thank you so much for this review! I hated the Pax by ploom, returned it and never gave up on the idea of vaping. I just got my Plenty in today and b/c of you, I was ready to use this out of the box like a pro! My Plenty works great! You can tell the Germans made this with its sturdy construction. Mine was set at 6 out of the box, but the needle went to red (400+) on me, so I lowered temp. setting to 5 and now I get full flavor on green at about (360-370). …I will probably save 5K per year on spending now (so the $300.00 that I got mine for was an investment)!!! With the Plenty you really can use only, about .2 in the chamber and works like a charm ( this is vs. the .9 that I would use to roll)! Thanks again bud, now its back to vaping for me!! Happy 2014! -Ryan-

  • Hi bud,

    Thanks for all the great reviews and sorry to ask this question so late. You may have already answered it too but I only made it about half way through the comments (sorry again).

    The only thing making me hesitate buying the plenty is regarding the waste between drags as I like to have a few hits and then wait a while before hitting again. But I wondered if you could solve this problem by simply removing the chamber until ready to go again. Can you see any other problems that this may cause?

    Peace and love

    Jon x

    • Hey Jon sorry for the delay, I totally understand what you mean as far as how you like to sesh but unfortunately taking the heating chamber on and off during a session will not yield the best results with this vape.

      You don’t have to constantly be drawing on it, but to keep wasted vapor to a minimum you should draw at least once every minute or so. If you like to wait longer between draws I would recommend vapes like the Volcano, Firefly, Silver Surfer, etc… where the material is not constantly being heated.

  • Sorry meant to say thank you to bud for this great service he is providing you were a big part in my Vape choice.

  • Well I started to look at vapes about a mount ago and I couldn’t believe the vast range of vapes out there so I started researching and after some time watching videos and reading reviews I ordered the plenty today.

    The thing Is I am a total noob to vapeing and I am a little worried I may have jumped the gun a little.

    Dose any one think I should have started with something else ?

    Regardless can’t wait to Vape

    • Hey you made an excellent choice, this vape is one of the best I’ve reviewed, and also one of the strongest, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it should be an easy transition from what you’re used to.

    • Hey Philly my thoughts on that are that it’s completely unnecessary, the Plenty produces some of the strongest and most comfortable vapor I’ve experienced the way it comes right out of the box, so you can certainly experiment with vaping through water with it but I don’t think it’ll make the vapor any better.

  • High Bud,
    Just an update on my last post, where I cleaned by blocked plenty whip by initially using methanol, and then running hot water through, and blowing out a blob of filthy goodness.
    Well today it clogged again, couldn’t suck through it at all. So I dismantled it, and ran hot water over the outside of the last 2 1/2″ of the vape end of the whip, for 40 sec and blew hard over a receptacle. Lo and behold, a big,fat glistening worm of filth, an inch long, like squeezed out of a toothpaste tube.
    Ha ha ha ha!
    I hope some other of your readers who have similar problems can benefit from my discovery.
    This is where that metal plug is going to come into it’s own!

    Happy vaping,

  • i purchased the vaporizer after reading your review and i must say i am very happy with my Plenty! keep up the good work! :)

  • Hey Bud,
    Thanks for posting the premier vaporizer site on the internet! I had previously purchased the Wispr, but upon your recommendation have since purchased the MFLB, the Pax, and the Plenty. Oh my, the Plenty is my all time favorite! I have come to really appreciate the design of this unit. Don’t let the glue gun appearance put you off. It is the ultimate expression of German performance efficiency. Looking down the whip while vaping is kinda like a sci if voyage into inner space. I no longer combust anything! I no longer have a completely monogamous relationship with my herb of choice, and also enjoy vaping chamomile, mint, and occasionally a drop or two of essential oil on the liquid pad. Also enjoy the MFLB and Pax while out and about!
    Keep the great reviews coming!

    • Hey I’m really glad you’re diggin the vapes!

      Love the Plenty, still have it in my regular rotation.

      Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks to your helpful videos I got a Plenty. Great source of unbiased info.
    I love it but also developed a cleaning issue. After 3 months of heavy use it started giving vapor that hurt. My throat was wrecked for a few days from it. I ended up going back to combustion for a week, then realized it needed to clean out the coil. Here is what worked:
    seal one end of coil and filled with alcohol 99% isrproponol
    let soak several minutes ( or keep a finger over one end and fill 3/4 with alcohol, cover other end and shake shake shake )
    run hot water through it to blow out the lose gunk ( gooey tar like blobs )
    repeat until it is clean ( took me 4-5 times )
    first flush was almost black, then a few brown ones, then a yellowish, then it was pretty clean and OK to use again

    Had to do this twice in 8 months or so

    there is no way to get in there and scrub it, so you need to soak it out with alcohol
    a ultrasonic bath would work great too & be faster and less mess
    i stained the bathroom sink pretty badly flushing the gunk out :)

    If you use it alot you need to maintain it the coil and keep the screens clean
    guess it goes without saying but there is very little info on how to clean these out around

    • Hey John thanks for posting and sharing your experience with this vape.

      I use mine fairly regularly and actually don’t believe I’ve ever cleaned out the coil, maybe I should! :)

      Glad to hear cleaning it solved your issue, I don’t seem to get any harshness myself, it’s still very smooth, but I’ll definitely consider cleaning it soon and making a video for it.

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud,
    I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and the service that you provide.
    I am born and raised in Colorado, gave up cigarettes a couple of years ago and have been modifying my other use with edibles and tinctures. And now I have purchase the plenty vape because of your professionally done, personable reviews.
    Dude, this thing blows me away! I just sampled some flo that I took down few days ago. I mean it is barely even dry and not cured and still resinous and if any body doubts that the plenty isn’t plenty enough they can put their doubt aside. It was expensive, I had to swallow hard, and I know I am a good gardener, but this thing rivals my shotgun or sidewinder pipe draw wise without the smoke.
    You helped me sort through the maze of products and you helped me make the right decision. While I know that most people are on a budget, it was your breakdown of benefits and features that made the price for me the last objective. Thank you.


    • Hey Doug,

      Thanks very much for posting, I’m very glad to hear you found the review helpful.

      Also very happy you’re enjoying the vape! I agree the draws from it can be tremendous if you want them to be, definitely packs a punch.

      Vape it up!

  • Gday Mate,, Greeting from OZ

    Got a few questions for you,,
    Im a once a day smoker, maybe twice on the weekends,, I don’t smoke much, to give you an idea, I would only pinch a small amount for a pinner that will just give a 4 or 5 decent puffs, I wanna switch to vaping cause it could be the alternative im looking for. My Questions are :
    1. I want a portable, its come down to the Pax or the MFLB, im hoping that I can just vape the same 4 or 5 puffs to get the same effect as when I smoke my pinners,,, so in asking what you think out of the two when you consider that I want a smooth cool hit with as less impact and harshness as possible but I also wanna just be able to pinch a bit as to economise my herb,,, ive seen all the reviews and ultimately it seems like a shame that I cant seem to have one without the other,, however I would also consider getting a desk top to achieve this, thus buying two vaps, a portable and a desk top,,,, what combo do you think would best suit me, money not being an issue,,, with the pax can I somehow just pinch it in the oven and then fill the rest of the chamber with something to achieve the same effect as the pad thingy they supply with the plenty does,, hope this all makes sense.
    keep up the good work mate,,, you are providing a great service
    thank you.

    • Hey Sean,

      Thanks for posting!

      I think the Pax and MFLB are both great vapes, but for slightly different purposes.

      If you’re looking for maximum efficiency with 4 to 5 draws I’d say the Launch Box is one of your best options. I almost exclusively use mine now as a vape to take a handful of draws over a longer period of time.

      The Pax I take everywhere with me whenever I leave home, it’s super convenient, but it really shines and works best when you fully pack the chamber (or at least half-pack it), which is 10-20 draws.

      If you go the desktop route I’d consider a vape like the Silver Surfer to efficiently vape just a few draws.

      Hope this helps, any other questions let me know!

  • Can you attach a wip tubing to the mouthpiece? I have a NO2 that is just okay. The chamber is too small and it turns off automatically after 20 minutes. And with me being paralyzed. I have to ask one of my care givers to come into my room and turn it back on. So again if I could connect a piece of tubing in place of the mouthpiece. It would make it possible to use the plenty by myself. Also I was told that you can set how long you want the vaporizer to turn off on its own. Is that true?

    • Hey Scott,

      Yes you probably could attach whip to tubing to the cooling coil if you wanted to, but the issue you may have with this vape is that it checks every 90 seconds to see if you’re still holding onto the vape (the trigger switch) and if it doesn’t detect you squeezing the trigger it will temporarily disengage the heater.

      In other words you have to hold this vape in your hand at least once every 90 seconds for it to continuously heat your material.

      Will this be an issue for you? I may be able to recommend an alternative if it is.

      • To keep the switch activated, you can use a piece of tape or – even better – a velcro cable tie!

  • Hey Bud, thanks for your great reviews. Based on your reviews, I bought a Plenty and a Solo, and I love them both.
    I have an issue with cleaning the Plenty whip.

    After a while (2months) resin/oil builds up in the mouthpiece and tastes like shit, accidentally sucking it in. That’s easy to clean, but it builds up in the whip which is not easy to clean. I tried methanol to dissolve the gunk but it’s very slow, and I found it actually clogged right up so I couldn’t suck or blow through it. So I ran hot water into the whip and blew out a huge blob of gunk into the sink. Quickly retrieving it, I mopped it up with fresh ground herb and vaped it in the Solo. WOW!
    Huge clouds of excellent vapour, what a blast!
    It would be nice to figure out the most efficient method of cleaning the whip while harvesting that honey.
    I am interested in your thoughts on this.

    • Hey Colin glad to hear you’re enjoying the vapes!

      I actually do not believe I have cleaned my Plenty whip yet, I use it all the time but don’t seem to be getting much buildup. When I do get around to cleaning it for the first time though I’ll definitely take some time to figure out the best way, and if I come up with anything good I’ll def share it with you guys.

      Stay up!

  • Thanks for your reviews. just purchased the Plenty. Hoping a good upgrade from the Wispr. I Wonder if the design was based off the nail gun in ‘Weeds’ season 7, episode 10 :)

  • Hey Bud. The Plenty sticker on the front keeps falling off. Have you ever experienced this? Should I just superglue it or something, or do you think that would be a bad idea?

    • Snap! I haven’t experienced that myself so I’m not sure exactly what to use to keep it on, I would maybe send Storz & Bickel an email and ask them what you should use, they should be able to help you out. info[at]storz-bickel[dot]com

      Let me know what they say!

  • Hey Bud, I’ve had my plenty for quite some time now and I absolutely love it, in fact it was your review that tipped the scales in its favor. My question is about cleaning it and was hoping you might have some insight. Now it doesn’t build up very quickly so just the other day was my first thorough clean of it, but I can’t seem to get the water out of the cooling coil. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get this out to start using again? Or should I just let it sit around for a few more days (been 3 or 4 already). Thanks so much!

    • Hey Brittany,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the vape!

      I don’t think I’ve run into that issue but if I did I would let it dry out standing up (leaning on something) and I would also shake it every few hours to spread around any drops of water left inside so they dry up faster.

  • long time no talk bud! this have become my go to vape! First couple months i was on here sort of complaining about this peice and now (5 months later) i NEVER take my pax out, the clouds do not compare and in the beginning i never thought the plenty would convince me to not use my pax. Cant wait for a new review

  • Hey bud! as far as setting temp to 7 the newer models such as mine will go into the red and plus. i vape at 7 and the temp at shut off is past 420 maybe 425,430. In order to have needle stop at edge of green/red set dial to 5 1/2, 5 3/4s that will shut off right where the red starts

    • Hey Dan thanks for your input!

      So for anyone reading this when I say I vape with the dial on 7 in the my video my temperature is maxing out near the point where the green and red areas meet.

    • Same here. That confused me at first.

      I find you lose a bit of flavour in the red but the vapour is nice and dense.

  • Hi, just came across the site.
    Really like it, nice work!

    Don’t know if you can help me out with this.
    I’ve had a WISPR for the last couple of years and it’s my first vaporiser.
    Produces nice thick clouds but I’ve a few problems with it:

    – I find is that the vapour can get quite hot and lirritate and dry out your throat.
    – Have to draw quite hard.

    So what would be your recommendation for a vaporiser that provides the coolest vapour and irritates the throat least? Is the Plenty a good fit?

    • What’s up Ray,

      I agree that the vapor from the Wispr can be hot and irritating.

      Generally you’ll get higher quality vapor that’ll be more comfortable from a good home unit, and the Plenty is one of the best.

      Top 3 I would say Volcano, Plenty, Silver Surfer.

      Stay up!

  • Question Bud ~

    The Plenty is unbelievable. I was pretty shocked when I saw two reviewers in a row say they were disappointed. Albeit one was new to vaping. I’ve tried a couple vapes. From the Volcano to the cursed Easy Vape. I know for a fact that I’ve got not this type of vapor production from anything other than my Volcano

    Q: if I start a session (usually alone) what happens of during the session someone needs something and I have to leave the session? I mean can I come back and turn it on again and start vaping when it warms back up? Or is the material only good for the one use?

    Thank you

    • i have vaped a couple [draws], put down and have come back. one thing i will say is never leave a kicked [chamber] without cleaning. nothing will happen just much easier to clean while still hott. my screens got clogged up after a few weeks when i wouldnt clean [chamber] right after vaping. my 2 cents

    • Hey you’ll generally get the best results when you vape the whole chamber in one session but you could absolutely stop halfway through if you had to and resume later.

      When you start and stop sessions more than once you lose a little in the efficiency department because of the time the herb spends heating up and cooling down.

  • WOW! All I can say is next to the volcano this Plenty is my 2nd favorite Vape. The vapor quality is amazing. Never seen anything like it from a whip style Vape. Sure I only just got it but its super easy to jump right in and start vaping. And it’s gonna be easy to clean I think. I could be wrong but it looks like it will keep clean for the most part :-). Te vapor that comes from this is STRONG

    Vape Critic. Not sure how u can keep the Plenty at level 7 like u said in video. And the reason isn’t because it’s too much for me to handle as much as my Plenty unit gets to 390° on level 5.5. If I go to level 6 I enter the red zone.

    U said level 7 got u to 390°. Again I get that on 5.5. I wonder why such a big difference between units.

    Any thoughts? Anyone?

    • Haha yes! the vapor is definitely super strong from this vape, and it will stay very clean.

      My guess would be that the reason there is a difference in temp levels is because they may have tweaked the calibration on the newer models.

      I got mine right when it came out early last year, so they may have decided to recalibrate them a little bit after seeing how 7 doesn’t even get to the red zone on some of them like mine.

      Not that you want to be in the red zone, but some people like the ability to vape at super high temps.

  • 1st – I bought this about a month ago and it is EXCELLENT

    2nd – I personally prefer when using a small amount to pack the remainder of the chamber with used material rather than using the liquid pad. I think this gives a better quality experience. When you want to use it empty out what was inside from last time into a bowl, grind up your new stuff, put that in at the bottom and then use some of what you have in the bowl from last time to fill up the chamber.

    Obviously you can’t fit all the old stuff in as the new stuff is taking up space so it will constantly get cycled through and refreshed, i.e. you are only using say half of the ‘old stuff’ to pack in the new stuff.

      • Hey Bud,

        First of all, I have to echo what so many others have said – your site and your reviews are fantastic and have helped me a lot. Thank you very much :)

        Secondly, I just wanted to chime in and say that I find the top described Bro above works really well for me too. After quite a bit of testing, I feel like I definitely get more vapor out of a session when I use some ABV material AND the liquid pad to fill up the rest of the chamber, rather than just the liquid pad.

        Just wanted to throw that tip out there in case anyone else wants to try it :)

        I only got into vaping recently and thanks to your reviews made the transition with the Firefly and then shortly after, the Plenty. Both are great bits of kit and I’m really happy. Thanks again and stay up!

        • Hey I’m really glad to hear it!

          Thanks for sharing your experience with that method, I’m very happy you’re diggin the vapes also!

  • Hey Bud,
    I just received my Plenty yesterday and I’m really enjoying the potency of this device, I just wanted to thank you for recommending it and say I appreciate all the work you do in reviewing these products. Also I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the Ascent by DaVinci, review coming soon I hope? Either way keep up the great work man, another happy vaper enjoying “plenty” thanks to the honest reviews by people like you!

  • After watching all your videos, I have decided on either the plenty or ssv, which would you recommend and why? How does the vapor density and potency compare between the two of them? Thanks for all your help- Rob

    • Hey Rob,

      I like and recommend both, but if I had to pick one to keep it would be the Plenty.

      To put it simply – it’s a little more refined, a little easier to use, it stays cleaner, and it vaporizes your material in a more even manner.

      The vapor density and potency is great with both, but the SSV is slightly less consistent.

      Hope this helps!

  • Bud,
    I see that you’ve been providing very helpful answers to questions put to you. It’s a fantastic service you’re providing, not just because you’re answering questions, but that you have the intelligence and experience to do so usefully. You responded to one person that maybe (for very small amounts — using only for oneself — maybe the Pax would be best). I’m curious as to what you would say for the extreme case… only very small amounts (just a pinch) and that’s it. Is the volcano able to vaporize a tiny amount just as well? Does the bag work as well with only a tiny amount of vapor? Does the custom bag approach allow for making a very small bag which would work well? What about some other (smaller… and cheaper) vaporizer for this situation? Is there one that would be more ideal? Specifically, what about the Atmos pen vaporizer? Or the Inhalator? Using the material efficiently, as well as cool, good quality vapor would be my prime considerations. Also, having to wait more than a couple of minutes (tops) seems like a deal-breaker to me. Thanks so much for helping people make much better decisions, based on your experience.

    • Hey Greg,

      Thanks for posting.

      For very small amounts of material (just a pinch), and for quick vaporization on-demand, I would recommend considering the Launch Box. It’s also cheap, and portable.

      The Volcano is excellent, and does work with small amounts, but you do have to wait a few minutes for it to heat up before starting a session and it does provide the best results with a little more than just a pinch of material in the chamber. It also works best with full-size balloons.

      The main downsides to the Launch Box are that it’s a little tricky to use at first and doesn’t exactly produce the coolest vapor – it’s not bad, I just wouldn’t consider it cool, more like average.

      There is way to use the Pax with the oven about half full, instead of completely full, if you bend a standard round screen into a U shape to take up the extra space in the chamber and to apply pressure to the material.

      A vape like the Silver Surfer is also a good choice for efficiency, if you don’t need it to be portable, and the warm up time is only a few minutes.

      The Atmos pen I reviewed actually combusts dried herbs, so I wouldn’t recommend that one for vaping, and I haven’t tried the Inhalater yet.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Bud… once again, such good advice. In reading a lot more, i had come to some of the same conclusions… regarding the merits of the Launch Box (although i don’t like what seems to me the possibility that anything less than stellar technique risks actually “burning” the material slightly), as well as on some other points. Following up on what you said… using a normal size bag with the volcano, how does it work to just vaporize a small amount? You get a small amount of vapor in this big bag and…? I’m not clear on how much (plain) air is in the bag before vapor is “injected” into it, and whether this would mean that the concentration of vapor in the bag would be (substantially) lower than “normal” (and whether this would be noticeably sub-optimal).

        The Plenty seems good except… you’re implying that it, also, wouldn’t be so great with just a small amount of material? I also saw that you (sort of) downgraded your (relative) rating of the NO2 after some newer models “eclipsed” it somewhat. But, for me, it seemed like it has a good mix of features (small chamber, efficient). I’m guessing it would be cooler (if only marginally) than the Launch Box. The main “deficiency” you identified with the NO2 was the “quality” of the vapor. If this is simply a matter of the vapor being a little more dilute… that might not be a bad thing for me (lightweight that i am). I’m thinking that the scenario of using the NO2 with a small amount of material and completely vaporizing it in one “shot” (perhaps several draws) might be just right for me. I’m presuming, though, that “quality” of vapor is more or less synonymous with its concentration. Since a too _high_ concentration is generally more of a problem for me than too low (because getting too little is much more easily remedied than getting too much), maybe this “weakness” of the NO2 wouldn’t be a problem for me at all. There’s also the matter of vapor coolness, but i’m guessing that that aspect had little or nothing to do with your feeling about the NO2’s vapor “quality.” Is my presumption essentially correct here, or is there some other aspect of vapor quality which means that we’re _not_ just talking, essentially, about the _concentration_ of the vaporized material in the vapor?

        Once again, and as always, It seems that my predelictions represent an insubstantially tiny (and under-served), market segment. It just occurred to me that since the temperature in the chamber will affect which chemical constituents in the material are vaporized and which ones aren’t (since various substances volatalize at different temperatures), that this might be another possible vapor “quality” factor, as well. But as long as the vaporizer is both capable of sufficiently fine temperature adjustment and of getting hot _enough_, it seems to me like this shouldn’t be a factor. Although there’s also the “evenness” with which the material gets vaporized, to consider. I suppose a unit could be substandard in how well it vaporizes in this regard. Hmmm… I await your response for further enlightenment.

        • Hey Greg,

          Regarding the Volcano balloons, there is no air in them before you start filling so in that sense the density of the vapor should be the same regardless of how full the bag is. However, the caveat is that for thorough vaporization of the material you really need to let the bag fill for at least 15 seconds – to fill a balloon takes about 30.

          So while the Volcano may not be the best choice for one or two draws at a time, you can certainly just fill a balloon half way and have about 3-4 draws of high quality vapor.

          As far as how the V and the Plenty work with small amounts of material, figure that when I say a “small” amount I’m talking about like 0.1g – most vapes will perform well with any amount of herbs above that but only perform very well with that little in the chamber. Both of these vapes will work with only 0.1g but the results are much better with at least 0.2g in the chambers.

          The NO2 is pretty good but when I talk about the vapor “quality” from it I’m mainly referring to how hot it is and the density. I consider it average in that regard, it’s not overly hot but I wouldn’t consider it cool, and it’s not super light but I wouldn’t consider it very dense either. This vape also is only “ok” with an amount as small as 0.1g, it will perform better with at least 0.2g in there.

          Vapes definitely vary in how evenly they vaporize your material, but that also can vary solely based on how much material is used.

          The Silver Surfer may also be a model that could suit you – you can use slightly less material in it than you would in the Plenty and it’s used more on a per-draw basis, meaning you can easily take just 2 pulls if you wanted to and save the rest for later with none being wasted.

  • Hi Bud,

    Really useful, all these reviews you do. Thanks for the R&D.

    So I’m wondering: if this was your only vape, and you were using it regularly with the liquid pad, how long do you reckon the pad would last? Are replacements sold in packs? Just curious.

    This one really has my eye, although I’m a little worried about what I hear re: efficiency and how fast it can go through material. Still, sure sounds like quality gear.


    • Hey glad you found them helpful!

      The pad should last a very long time even through regular use, but if & when it does need replacement you can buy a 2-pack of them right now for $8.50.

      This is an excellent vape, it does go through material a tiny bit faster than some other models but IMO the benefits of this vape definitely outweigh that.

  • Back again!!!! BEST VAPE BAR NONE I spoke way to soon bud. i had a few issues at first and i believe my own lungs were the problem. i smoked 2 packs of butts a day on top of an 1/8 everyday. I quit smoking and now i am over a month into vaping the Plenty and no butts or blunts. my lungs couldnt handle a 10 second pull and now i blow bigger, cleaner, denser, stronger clouds then my blunts. i never thought it would that dense. Cut back by 1/2 a week!
    Also i believe the plenty is much better a week or 2 into vaping it, it tastes a lot better after used for a little bit a break-in
    thanks alot! let me know if you sell your volcano for a digital, its all mine!

  • I’m thinking about getting this to replace my arizer solo. Do you think it’s worth getting or should I stick with the solo?

  • Just finished more testing.

    Most important finding is, I was definitely wrong about color of herb not changing. It did change from light green-brown to brown.

    For the benefit of others, here’s what I learned from controlled tests vaporizing chamomile:

    You will never “see” thick vapor, but you can taste (mostly) and feel (somewhat) strong vapor in your mouth. You see basically the same amount of steam/vapor when vaping a packed chamber or vaping an empty chamber (i.e. vaping nothing at all). This is not a visual sport. It’s very nice that the strong feeling in mouth is not the burning sensation from heavy-on smoking. Since the vapor’s so cooled down (presumably by the cooling coil), the feeling in my chest never raised above medium-uncomfortable after holding it. Very unlike smoking. I don’t know for sure how much of the mildness of mouth and lung sensation is due to vaporization, though, since I have never smoked chamomile. Based on smoking a variety of other things over the years, I believe that the vaporizer is what is milding things out.

    Vaporization is fast. I tested vaporizing a full chamber of 1.65 g of chamomile. After 4 minutes of concentrated smoking with holding, the herb no longer gave strong flavor, and when I examined the chamber there was no green color left. I verified that it was really spent by attempting to vaporize it again– I got basically no flavor. In another (boring) test I vaped 1.2 g for 20 minutes. Close to no flavor for the last 16 minutes, but the herb in the chamber at the end was dark brown instead of light brown.

  • Hi, It’s Logan again. As far as warranty work goes on the Plenty mine stopped heating for whatever reason so I called them, sent it in. It cost seven dollars to send with tracking number. I only sent the heating unit. I kept all the accessories just to save postage. Well, the next day they sent me back a completely new, sealed in the box unit. So now I Have many duplicate parts. Cleaning brushes, etc. It took five days total and one of the Days was a Sunday. Talk about Service.

  • Hey. I’m working with S&B support because I am getting only very weak vapor. Using just as you are, Bud. I am using cigar tobacco while I wait for other herbs, so I’m only drawing into my mouth, not inhaling.

    Could somebody (Bud????) do me a big favor with their Plenty and see if full (long) draws are required to get good vapor density? I.e., can you get decent density without inhaling? I didn’t expect that because one can easily build up a big head of smoke with short draws on a cigar, but maybe vaporizers require a long draw to build up the pressure or something?

    • Hey Blaine yes you need to take a slow, long draw to get good vapor production (10-15 seconds), short pulls will not work very well.

    • Wow very strange, never heard of an issue like that with this vape, let me know if you have any problems getting it fixed or replaced under warranty.

  • Alright …received the Plenty and so far love it. It really extracts everything. I am going to send in my Volcano to be repaired. My pax was also sent in for a defect and before I got the Plenty I had no vaporizer at all…so it was back to combustion and I hated it. I missed the sweet taste and cool vapor and even took a break cause my lungs couldn’t take it and I just don’t get the same effect as I do with vaporizing, not nearly as potent. With the Plenty I am set. I like it even more than the Volcano as the bags seem stale unless you use immediately and the plenty’s long tube really cools things nicely and you don’t have to buy those expensive bags. Lovin it! Vape on! I cant imagine what technology will exist in 10 years!

  • Hey second day around and I’m producing more vapor! I have to take big deep pulls but i am starting to produce more. I will also say regardless of visible vapor I can 100% feel the effects. I may have spoke to soon

  • Hi, love your videos, made me get a PAX and I love it. Your input also made me go out and get the plenty but I’m on the fence still. The vapors I am producing are very very light and not dense at all. I have tried with a full bowl as well as small amount with the liquid pad and both ways gives me light vapor. I am not sure if it because it is brand new and needs a few uses? Maybe I am hitting it to hard? Please help because I’m ready to return it. Thank you

    • Hey Dan,

      It sounds like maybe there’s just a small issue with how you’re packing it or using it, I’ve found it to be one of the best vapor producers out of all the models I’ve reviewed so far.

      Make sure you attach your herb chamber to the base unit before you turn it on, so that the chamber has a few minutes to heat up as the vape does.

      Then after it’s warmed up the first 1 or 2 draws you take basically “prime” the vape, so you won’t get a lot of visible vapor yet.

      Once the vape is warmed up and primed take long, slow draws – about 10-15 seconds – and you should get a large volume of vapor.

      Also, make sure you check the heat level knob on the side of the unit, I’ve found that between 6 and 7 (max) is where this vape usually works best.

      Let me know if you’re getting better results!

  • Hey,

    I bought the Plenty vaporizer while ago and I m considering going to Amsterdam… Do you think it’s possible to travel with it if I clean it with ISO alcohol before?
    Thanks for your help in advance

    • Hey Joe I’m really not sure sorry man! I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel bringing a vape that far, but I tend to err on the side of caution :P

  • Aloha from Hawaii…Thanks for all the awesome reviews. I own a pax which I love for portability but it requires quite a bit of maintenance. I also own a volcano that was great for 3 years but needs to be repaired due to a malfunctioning thermostat and heating element. So my questions is, how does the Plenty compare to the Volcano? I like the fact that it’s seems to cool the vapor nicely. I am considering purchasing a Plenty but I haven’t sent my Volcano in for fixing as I am not sure how much It will even cost for repairs. Does the Plenty equal the quality of the Volcano? Are the vapor clouds smoother on the Plenty? Aloha

    • Hey What’s up,

      Have you seen my recent cleaning video for the Pax? They have a new mouthpiece lubricant now that makes it so it can go a dozen sessions or more between cleanings, def cuts down on the maintenance.

      Sorry to hear about your Volcano, that’s a rare issue!

      The Plenty is great, the build quality feels excellent and the vapor production is top notch, keeps it comfortable too.

      Main difference is how they work, Volcano is balloon but Plenty is whip so you’ll need to take a longer draw from the whip to get same volume of vapor as a shorter pull from the V balloon.

      I’d say vapor quality is about the same between the two.

  • Whats goin on, Im in the market to buy my first personal vape. I use my buddy’s volcano almost daily and absolutely love it, but i dont want to spend that much money. I’ve narrowed my decision down to the Plenty and the SSV but I cant decide on one. Ill be regularly smoking with 1-4 people. Any advice on which to choose and why would be greatly appreciated!

    • Sup Mike,

      I’m leaning towards the Plenty being the better option for you because even though I do like the SSV I found it a little less enjoyable to use with more than one person.

      Also the Plenty has a larger herb chamber, so you could up to 3-4 people in a session with one packing. You can also use the liquid pad they include to fill up extra space inside the chamber if you wanted to pack less material and use it by yourself.

      Stay up!

  • Hello again Bud, thanks again for your response on the Pax, but now I have a new question for you, how would you go about using concentrates in this vaporizer? Like something with a more waxy substance? Just place on top of the herb? Orr does the liquid pad play a role in this?

    • Yes you can use the liquid pad for concentrates, I would probably keep a little bit of herbs in the bottom of the chamber also though just to help make sure nothing drips down inside the main unit.

      • Very cool thank you bud, so just to be clear, (in order, [concentrate, liquid pad ((I’m assuming it will jut melt into the liquid pad?)) and a layer of herb underneath to catch any excess wax or any of that good stuff]) ?

  • Hey Bud,

    Your videos are packed with awesome information and so professionally presented and produced! I appreciate your honesty and all of the time and effort you put into them, so that us noobs, like me can make an informed decision!

    Based on your review I purchased this vaporizer two days ago because I need to be as health conscious as possible since I’m living with an incurable and incredibly painful condition. I can’t be around smoke of any kind as it burns my esophagus and swells it shut; end result, hospitalization; a fate worse than death to me! The same thing happens when my port has to be flushed with saline multiple times in a day; my chest burns so badly for hours that I wish someone would just kill me; its unbearable! Hand sanitizer has the same effect on me; just a little whiff and I’m in agony! I’ve been on [pills] for close to 15 years and they have wreaked havoc on my body, so I want off of them and actually stopped taking [them] (cold turkey) a month ago. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, but none-the-less I’m pretty proud of myself for at least trying to take my life back, as the last 10 years are pretty much a blur to me. I’ve been so sick that the only time I get out of the house is for doctor’s appointments and someone has to drive me; I’m alive, but not really living; if that makes sense! ~sigh

    So, my doctor reluctantly prescribed one of those “approved” substances for the Plenty for my chronic pain; no funny business here! HAHA I’ve never used this medical subtance before, so I really had no idea what to expect and unfortunately my first experience was not positive; but I’ll share it and the Pros and Cons of the Plenty.

    My first Plenty Experience:

    Two nights ago I tried the Plenty Vaporizer; I ran it through quite a few dry runs to burn off any chemicles or plastics left behind during manufacturing and during that time I read the entire manual. What I didn’t check before putting the med in was the heat dial. I had watched it go into the green zone quite a few times, so I thought I was all set! On the first pull I got a horrible plastic or chemial vapor and it stunk the house up and made my lungs hurt. I immediately looked at the temperature and it was in the red, and I mean almost topped out, so it burned the med. Stupid me took a couple more pulls and while there was more vapor the smell and taste were the same, so I let it cool down, which btw takes forever, but at least startup is pretty quick. Once it was cooled down I took it apart and rewashed it and then set the tempature dial to 5 and put fresh med in. This time it worked much better; the tempature stayed in mid green and it was not as harsh on my lungs.

    I’m not sure if the plastic, chemical vaper I inhailed was due to it getting too hot, but that plastic Logo they have glued to the front with some kind of industrial strength compound stinks to high heaven and emits a plastic odor when the device heats up. I’m not too happy about that feature; they could have easily used a metal plate, or just left the Logo off entirely in my opinion! But, I’m super sensitive to odors as a rule so it probably wouldn’t be an issue for most people. Unfortunately, I ended up with more pain to deal with in the form of a nasty headache yesterday, that still continues today behind both eyes, nausea, severe pain in my neck and irritated lungs that has kept me in bed for two days in my dark quiet room; not the desired outcome. I also couldn’t get to sleep after vaporizing; the last time I looked at the clock it was 5:00am and I was beyond exhausted. I should probably post this question to the Medical thread, but if you wouldn’t mind me asking, how long before bedtime should I vape? I need to sleep!!! :-(

    Pros: I was relaxed a bit, but didn’t feel out of control at all which is important to me as I’m a control freak, and when the dial is in the green the vapor is cool and not harsh at all. I think its all about trial and error with these devices! The Vaporizer is super easy to use and comes apart for easy cleaning. It looks like a power tool of some kind, so unless someone is familiar with it they would just think its a cool looking tool! The handle grip to restart the heater is also a nice feature.

    Cons: The plastic/chemical odor the logo sticker emits when hot! You have to set the Vaporizer sitting up on a sturdy flat surface when it is heating up and cooling down, and it is kind of wobbly due to where the power cord is located. It is really easy to topple the thing over. I wish that there was an included sturdy base that it could slide into so that I wouldn’t have to be so careful. If you set the temp to 7, at least on mine it maxes it out and burns the med. It takes forever to cool down, so getting it stored away is kind of a pain.

    So, I guess the million dollar question is; is vaping for me? I think its the most health conscious delivery method, but I’m not sold on it as of yet, but then again I’ve only tried it once. The med I got at the shop was Willy something and I was advised to use it at night. It did help to relax my body a bit, which was a nice feeling for me as I’m Type A and high strung so I’ve never been able to relax even with all the [other stuff] I’ve been on in high enough doses to kill a horse I’d imagine. I truly do think that this is a high quality product and would recommend it! Its not the Vaporizers fault that I had such a bad reaction to the med!

    I got a different strain for day, but I’ve been too afraid to try it as I’m still feeling so awful from my first experience, but I’m hoping my symptoms will will clear, and I’ll be able to give it another try. I have this sneaking suspicion that I just might be alergic to this med as my nose turns into a faucet and I get a slight headache when I go into the shop, and I can’t have it around me in my room; just the smell makes me feel nauseous. I tried to just use the medibles, but they don’t work for me due to malabsorption. I’m going to be completely bummed if I can’t use this for pain control; I mean it works so well for others, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; I’ve been taking one step forward and ten steps back for the past 15 years so why should this experience be any different?!?! I haven’t given up on it though!

    Thanks again for the awesome reviews!

    • Maybe you should vape at a lower temp than others so you don’t get such intense [draws] and effects….

      I think lower temps may be key for you. (From vaping in general, I haven’t tried this one….yet) I’m looking at this model specifically because I want big, thick [draws]……

  • hi.

    just got the “plenty” (after spending a week with the volcano)
    and i love it!.
    different kind of vap’ from the volcano, but the same quality of everything :]

    so thanks for your reviews man, it help me a lot!

  • Ha…ok I just saw your Plenty vs Extreme Q video saying the vapor from the Plenty actually tastes better to you compared to the Q.

    That answers my Question.

      • Hey bud, hows it going

        i ended up getting the Plenty about a month ago. I am fully satisfied. A few quirks to mention are the fact that you can not stand it up on its own,and to me the most significant ‘con’ is the fact that it does not stay at the temp you set it. When i set it to 6 it goes to 390F but as soon as it hits 390 the heater kicks off and the temp slowly begins to go down. This is really not an issue with me because i only take 2 or 3 hits most times and therefore the temp stays around the range i prefer to vape at. But at the same time it would be so good if only it would stay at the set temp for 5 minutes. Atleast 3 minutes.

        Anyway…. the other qualities easily outweigh the 2 cons i mentioned . This vaporizer has given me the best experience with my herbs that i have had in my life. The flavor and the quality of the hits,and the after effects are a thorough delight.

        Hitting this vape at 7, which is the max.. it reminds me of hitting out of a [water-pipe]. the hits are that potent. but with nice pleasant clean vapor . good stuff.. i have to recommend this to anyone who vapes and wants a superior vaporizer.

        • Hey Thomas glad you’re enjoying the vape

          The temperature does fluctuate a little as you mentioned but it’s only supposed to cycle off for 90 seconds, then turn back on again, just remember that the handle trigger needs to be engaged for the heater to turn on again.

          Vape it up!

  • I appreciate the response.

    I for sure feel the Silver Surfer is safe from any potential by products. I just have a big issue with it not giving any indication as to what temp. you are vaping at. I have read at least a few studies that have shown carcinogens begin to appear in vapor at just above 392F. So knowing this I prefer to keep my temp below this.With the Silver Surfer it is impossible to know what the actual temp. is you are vaping at so that makes it a no deal for me.

    I have confidence in the company that makes the Plenty, and I saw on their site they have shown the test results for the Volcano in terms of the safety of the materials used, but I did not see any listed for the Plenty. I sent them an email just a bit ago so hopefully I hear back from them soon. I really am optimistic about the Plenty after comparing, and getting feedback from you.

    If not the Plenty then I think the Arizer Q is the next option because I like that glass is used which makes it for sure safe, and it has a digital meter so I know the temp. I am vaping at. Although I have read some bad reviews from people and even you say the Plenty is a better vapor producer which is a big selling point for me. Even though the Arizer Q uses glass which seems like it would give a better tasting vapor then the Plenty, would you say the Plenty actually gives a better tasting vapor?

  • I was wondering how this unit performs with [concentrates]. I like to add [concentrates] when I vape occasionally and I want to know if you think there might be any problems with the plenty. I’m also torn between the volcano and the plenty, the volcano seems amazing, I’ve used it, but the plenty looks like it may give thicker vapor. Thanks for the great review.

    • Hey Peter,

      I don’t think you’ll have any problems as long as you mix the concentrates in with flowers, you don’t want to use it by itself in there.

      Volcano vs. Plenty is a tough call, but overall I rate the V a little higher and find myself using it more often. As far as vapor quality I consider them about the same, you may even be able to get slightly stronger draws from the Plenty.

      The difference in vapor is minor, so I would base my decision between the two on other factors, like whip-style vaping versus balloon vaping.

      • Do you own a cat? I feel like if I get the Volcano my cat is going to LOVE the noise the bags make. Strange question, but I haven’t seen it asked when comparing these 2.

  • Hey Bud,very helpful info here.Simple,and thorough without exaggerating information.

    I am considering getting the Plenty,but am curious about whether any unwanted by products could come into the vapor from the plastic or any other material it is made from.Is the area underneath the herb chamber made from stainless steel? From looking at it closely does any material it is made from seem a risk for unwanted cancer causing poo poo coming into your lungs?

    I have the NO2 and it is made from a plastic which looks pretty similiar to the Plenty and I feel it is possible the NO2 could give off unwanted junk from the plastic being heated so much because I get a slight plastic like taste toward the end of my session.

    I have been reading up on the “safest” vaporizers to use because it is a big deal to me considering the main reason for vaporizing is my health.

    I read people suggesting glass and ceramic and stainless steel type material as safest and recommending Silver Surfer,Da Buddha,Gnome,Ariza Solo,Extreme Q,among others.

    I just wanted to get your thoughts on this regarding the Plenty and also get your thoughts on some other vapes that you would consider top of the line and made with “safe” materials to avoid possible bad stuff coming into my body.

    • Hey Thomas,

      The Plenty is definitely made from high quality materials and I don’t personally feel there is any issue with any of its parts.

      The outer shell of most parts is a durable plastic material, but the herb chamber itself is stainless steel as is the plate on the main body of the unit that it connects to.

      If you personally would feel more comfortable with a vape that has no plastic that’s totally understandable.

      I would recommend the Silver Surfer as the best option for the least amount of metal and/or plastic in the vapor pathway. Aside from the ceramic heating element and glass wand the vapor only comes in contact with the stainless steel screen in the chamber and the plastic/rubber whip tubing.

    • If you are into the total health factor, I recommend you check out the Vapormed. Seems to be the Volcano with medically accepted materials.

      I do not think they make a medical version of the Plenty.

  • I love the Pleanty. It’s my first vaporizer. My doctor recommended me getting a vape. I use the liquid pad all the time. It doesn’t matter how much I have in the chamber. When it’s almost full, it compresses the material against the bottom screen and makes it vape more evenly and quicker. I love this thing. I’m an insomniac and I’ve slept every night since I bought it for the first time in 5 years. We use 2-3 grams a day in it, so it is very economical as well. Thanks for the wonderful review. It is one of the things that made me pull the $380 (w/ tax) trigger and buy it. It’s worth it. I’m glad I did.

  • Hi i just pass by to say thank you very much for your reviews.

    I have an extreme q for about 8 months now and i just received my plenty and wow :)
    I really understand why the plenty is getting the 90%. Very strong and tasty vapor.
    Keep doing your reviews you re doing a great job ;)

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m glad you found the reviews helpful and I appreciate the kind words.

      Enjoy that Plenty!

  • Hi, I was wondering: Before I use the Volcano Plenty for the first time, should I heat it without any herbs inside to perhaps get rid of industrial oils or such? The reason I am asking is because this was the recommended for the Arizer Extreme Q. Really like your reviews btw!

    • Hey it’s not really required to do that with the Plenty but it certainly can’t hurt, so I would go ahead and just give it a dry run if you have the time.

      Glad to hear it!

    • S&B does not mention anything about burning off excess chemicals before first use. On their website you can read the entire manual online if you want. They only recommend that you fill and fit the herb chamber onto the unit before warming it up.

      The plenty is plenty of a vaporizer, it’s plenty amazing! ;)

  • I’ve been using the Plenty for a week now and I must say I couldn’t be happier. It’s extremely simple to use and built to last. If you can’t afford it wait and save up.

    Bud thank you for bringing these reviews to those of us who are new to the vaporizer market. Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to future reviews.

    Happy Holiday and Best of Wishes in the New Year!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with it Sam, I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

      I appreciate the kind words, I’ll keep em comin :)

      Happy holidays!

  • Hey man, The VaporGenie was my first vaporizer and the only vaporizer I ever used. I hate it but I am sure that it is because the VaporGenie is really just a horrible vaporizer. I convinced my girlfriend to get me a Plenty for Christmas. I want to only vape moving forward and I wanted to know, the difference if any in the actual high when it comes to vaporizing as opposed to smoking when using a “true” vaporizer like the plenty. I went for the plenty because you spoke of the thick vapor that I felt would help make the transition from smoking to vaporizing a bit easier.

    • Sup Gil,

      The genie is poo-poo as you mentioned, and you made an excellent choice going for the Plenty.

      I personally think it’s one of the best vapes to transition from smoking with. The end result is very similar, maybe not the first few times but after you get used to it it’s basically the same, and the experience while vaping is top notch.

      Start off with the temperature dial around 6, and vape a whole session like that, and if you find you want the vapor even stronger bump it up to 7 next time (the max).

      Also, very important, use the included liquid pad like I talk about in my video. Only fill the herb chamber about 1/3 and then put the pad on top, I’ve found this to be the most efficient way to use this vape.

  • Great reviews Bud, appreciate all the info. Hoping for your perspective on my situation: Been using Iolite for ~1.5 yrs and now looking for something new. My main complaint with Iolite has been cleaning and maintenance (I’m kind of OCD about it), so what I want is maximum reliability with minimum hassle. My usage pattern is probably considered on the “light” side; usually just my wife and me 3-5 times a week. At this point Volcano and Plenty are my two main considerations, and more towards Plenty because of the obvious price difference. Any thoughts — particularly on the cleaning/maintenance question? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey thanks,

      I think you’ll be blown away by the Volcano or the Plenty if you’ve been using an iolite, they really perform a lot better and are very high quality units.

      Both vapes require very little maintenance. I’ve used my Plenty dozens and dozens of times and haven’t had to clean any part of it. After a while of using it I started to get a tiny bit of buildup on the upper chamber screen, but it doesn’t hinder performance and wouldn’t take long to clean off with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

      The Volcano is even better, I’ve owned mine for 3.5 years now and never had to clean any part of it at all, not even the screens, aside from a light brushing out after each session.

      I think either vape would suit you well if you like it to always look and feel clean.

  • Hey!

    Great videos and great editing. Pro stuff.

    I have never owned a vape. I want to buy this Plenty, as I think I would help the transition from smoking in a pipe. I like large lugs but kinda like “one-hitters” – clear the bowl and repack.

    My friend has had a volcano for a while, and I like it, but the bag is just too annoying for me. I also find that the vapor is not as dense as I would prefer.

    So basically this thing looks perfect for me, except for the wide and deep (in my opinion) herb chamber. I do not mind using the liquid pad, however I have not found that much information online about the minimum amount of herb that you need to use the Plenty properly with the liquid pad. I think I would prefer a vape that allowed one large lug (about 0.1g – 0.15g), and then I am repacking. Would the Plenty allow this for me (large lugs, minimum amount of lugs, I don’t mind repacking)? Do you think you can put two liquid pads in it?

    The only other vape that I like is the VapeXhale Cloud, but it is expensive and I really trust Storz-Bickel. I know nothing about the quality of this unit. I also feel that running vapor though water takes some of the goodness out of the vapor. Do you have any experience with or opinion on the Cloud and its construction?

    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words.

      Based on how you described your scenario I think the Plenty is probably your best choice.

      Storz & Bickel really knows how to produce excellent vapes, they’re still the top dog in my opinion.

      I have a Cloud vape on order and should have a review posted for it within a few weeks or so. It looks like it’s a fun unit that should produce a lot of vapor, but if it’s worth $500 is yet to be determined. It’s a small, brand new company that makes it and the warranty isn’t that great (1 year).

      So what you’ll be able to do with the Plenty is pack as little as about .15g with the use of the liquid pad that is included. As long as your material covers the bottom screen you’ll get good vapor from it, and it doesn’t take much to do that.

      Once the unit heats up you’ll find that the first one or two draws really just “prime” the vape, you won’t get much vapor yet but the herb chamber inside is heating up.

      By the 3rd draw you’ll start to get very dense, strong vapor. With a small amount of material like that you can expect about 5 good strong draws before the vapor starts to weaken. Then you’ll get a few more pulls of slightly weaker vapor before it’s totally spent.

      So personally, there have been many instances where I’ve packed .15-.2g for myself and it was more than enough. Sometimes I even have to stop vaping with this unit before it’s spent because it’s just so potent.

      But for you if the first session doesn’t get you where you want to be you only have to wait about a minute for the chamber to cool down so you can pack it again.

      Hope this info helps!

      • Hey Bud, thanks for your detailed comments.

        Just want to check my understanding. From what you said, as long as the liquid pad is there, a very small amount of ground herbs will not fall to the bottom of the chamber and therefore the Plenty will still produce excellent vapours. Is this correct?

        Does the liquid pad fill more than 80% of the herb chamber?

        Either way I like this device and think it is great. What I really like is the wide herb chamber (however I wish it was less deep). Seems like a great device that can be easily shared.

        The Cloud requires more maintenance yet is very simple as well. On the bad, I really dislike ‘dirty’ water. On the other hand it seems like it may be the ultimate ‘one-hitter’ vape.

        Can’t wait for your review of the cloud. I may wait til then before purchasing. .

        • Hey Josh,

          No problem!

          Yes you are correct, except with the liquid pad what you’re actually doing is pressing the material against the bottom chamber screen, not the top, so your herbs go under it.

          I’d say the pad fills roughly 70-80% of the chamber, roughly.

          It works really well at producing very strong vapor, and it still manages to keep the vapor cool and tasty. It’s definitely easy for sharing, one small downside is you don’t want to wait too long in between draws so that none is wasted, since your material is pretty much always in contact with the heat. Most vapes work this way, it’s just a main difference between this and the Volcano with the balloons.

          I’ve been testing the Cloud a lot the past few days and so far I’m not really sure if it’s gonna get a higher rating than the Plenty, but I still have some evaluating to do so it’s too early to say for sure. Should be ready with a final verdict within a couple weeks.

          • Hey Bud,

            Well I bit the bullet and got a Plenty as my first vape. I gotta say that I like it, works very well. Good design, you can take the herb chamber out easily and the metal parts will not touch the table top. IMO, the vapor is even better than the Volcano as it is more ‘fresh’. It seems to be working well, I haven’t had the want to combust since I got my Plenty.

            The only negative to the Plenty is that it does require more than a pinch to operate, even with the liquid pad.

            Thanks for helping me with my purchase. I wonder why so many people hate on S&B products on the fuckcombustion forums.

          • Awesome man, really glad to hear you’re diggin it.

            FC is weird, S&B vapes are top shelf and they treat them like I treat the Puffit :P

  • I’m looking for a vape that can easily be connected to a water pipe. Can you do this with the plenty? And if not, out of the ones you have reviewed, which would you recommend for connection to a water pipe? BTW, very professional and thorough reviews! Keep ’em coming!

    • Hey sup,

      The way it comes the Plenty is unfortunately not that easy to hook up to a water pipe.

      I never really tried it with the other vapes I have, but I know other people have mentioned doing it with the SSV, Da Buddha, Extreme-Q, viVape, Solo and others.

      Magic-Flight actually makes a water pipe adapter for the Launch Box vape and I’m going to be posting my review of it very soon. It’s a portable vape though, but I figured I’d mention it.

      • Bud, I think that like the Easy Valve the Plenty is in fact designed to fit with a standard water pipe connection. You gotta take off the cooling coil first. I believe Storz & Bickel considered customer feedback after the original Solid Valve, and thus made the Easy Valve and the Plenty with a good diameter to fit a glass water pipe.

  • Hi man great reviews !
    I’m from the uk and currently using a cheap vape I’m looking to buy either the plenty or volcano and was wondering which one was most efficient of the two ? And if you had to choose with money no object which would it be ?

    Take it easy :)

    • Hey thanks Pete

      I think the Plenty and Volcano are both excellent. However, I would say that the Volcano is slightly more efficient, meaning your session with be a little longer with the V if you used the same amount of material in both.

      This is really just because the Plenty produces slightly stronger, denser vapor, so it uses up the herbs a little faster.

      Overall I rate the Volcano the highest and if I had to choose only one that’s what it would be. I think that it really provides the best vaporizing experience in the highest number of scenarios.

      • Have u tried the solid valve kit as well as the easy valve kit ? How do u rate them against each other

        • I’ve only used the Easy Valve as of now but these are the main differences:

          Easy Valve:
          – Balloons and valves come pre-attached
          – After about 3-4 months of use you throw away the whole bag/valve and use a new one (comes with 5)
          – No cleaning required
          – Easier to use option

          Solid Valve:
          – Valve piece is heavier-duty and is reused
          – You make your own bags, balloon material comes in rolls
          – More parts & more cleaning/maintenance required
          – Over long term it ends up slightly cheaper than using EVs

          So with the EV you’re looking at roughly $30-$40 per year in replacement bags/valves, and with the SV you’re probably looking at only $10-$20 per year in replacement bag material (keep the same valve). EV is completely maintenance-free and SV will require a little time to clean and attach new bags.

          • Thanks man I think that about does it for me, I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives next week.
            Just a quick one I thought I’d mention the vi vape 2 which is a little more than the volcano a friend of mine bought the other week and u was nearly sold on it until we had a session on it for the night and tbh it was annoying the herb piece keeps falling out and although it had good vapour it’s has an automatic fan that keeps it pumping out which is ok if your on ur own but if your passing it round you waste a lot of vapour :( !!
            Bring on the volcan !!

            Thanks bud peace

      • Hey I also had the same question, just wanted to say thanks for your vape reviews. Your ratings are very accurate for the volcano and v tower in my experience

  • Well, I too am sort of disappointed in the results. I don’t feel like it makes the herb last any longer either. I was out of town so have only used it a few times, but not sure I am completely getting the benefit yet. I do like that it is no smoke or ashes though.

    • Hmm ok well maybe I can help you out if you still feel this way… it’s actually a very good vape in the grand scheme of things so if you don’t like this model you just might not like vaping in general.

      One thing to remember with the Plenty though is that it does go through herbs a little bit faster than most other vapes, and this is mainly due to how potent the vapor is that it produces. It also has to do a little bit with the chamber design because it has a very large surface area that gets heated.

      It’s still more efficient than smoking, and if you use the included liquid pad you really can get a full session for yourself with a minimal amount of material. Also remember to grind your material up real fine for the best results.

  • I feel like its kind of hyped. Its the first vape I’ve owned and I feel like my bong does just as good a job. I’m sure the smoke is cleaner and it definitely tastes better but I guess I expected to be a more intense feeling. It admittedly takes me a whole lot to get high and I was hoping to cut down how much I actually go through. But i feel like my 10-12 bong packs (one hitters) will use less that packing this big bowl 2-3 times. I’m also never sure if the bowl is done.

    Any thoughts? What level do you set it to? How many hits do you get off a pack?


    • Hey Shane,

      I think you feel the way you feel because it’s your first vape and don’t have anything to compare the experience to, because the Plenty is actually a an excellent vape in my opinion and produces strong vapor compared to many others.

      I set mine to the max temp level (7) and when I use it by myself I only pack the chamber about 1/4 to 1/3 full, and I insert the liquid pad to fill up the rest of the space. With just this small amount I get at least 5 or 6 big draws that produce strong effects for me.

      If you are used to using heavy hitters like water pipes it’ll take some time to get used to vaping, but you definitely have a great vape in your hands.

      Are you grinding up your material real fine?

  • Thanks for the videos and reviews – as a person totally new to vapes it has helped me understand the pros and cons of the different models. I am trying to decide between this one and the portable PAX for my first vape. I currently smoke once daily in the evening. Most of the time by myself. I do sometimes go camping, but 95% of the time I would be using it in my house. The reason I am still considering the PAX is just that it is more discreet, very small so easy to store and just seems like it is very easy to use. Do you think that the quality of Plenty is really enough better to make it worth considering over the Pax?

    • Hey,

      Based on what you described I think the Pax might actually be the smarter option in your specific case.

      I rate the Plenty a little higher because overall it has the ability to produce more, stronger vapor, which is usually high up on people’s list of importance.

      The Pax can also produce great vapor it’s just that the draws are a little smaller. But if you vape by yourself most of the time and only once a day, you might enjoy the advantages that the Pax has more. Like you mentioned it is much smaller and easier to store, and it’s very easy to use.

      • Thanks – that really helps. And the PAX on the charger looks like just another electronic gadget, at least from a distance, which is definately a plus for me. Placing my order today, I will let you know how it works out. I really do appreciate your detailed reviews and utube videos – demystified the whole subject for me!

        • Same logic and I’m considering the PAX too…I’m enjoying getting reacquainted with the herb that got me in so much trouble years ago now medicinally at my doctors suggestion…still don’t want to be puffing smoke though.


  • Alright mate
    Iv been enjoying your reviews from across the pond in the uk.
    I’m going to purchase a vape soon and am set on stors and Bickel.
    I have been a daily smoker for the last 10 years and want a healthier option. I bought a vapir mini but within a week was back on the joints. As i felt i wasnt getting high and wasting herb. I’m looking for something where vapor quality and effect come first. My question is why do you rate the volcano higher than the plenty? Is there a big difference in vapor quality?

    • Sup James,

      Excellent choice going with a Storz & Bickel vape, they are top-shelf quality.

      The Plenty is awesome as it produces very strong vapor that is also very comfortable and not harsh. I rate the Volcano a little higher because overall, with every aspect considered, I think it’s a little better.

      The vapor quality is not really what’s different, they both produce excellent vapor, the difference is more in how they work and the experience while vaping.

      I personally think the balloon system of the Volcano is awesome and I find myself using that vape the most often, but I still consider the Plenty my second choice and use that one a lot too.

  • Hey Bud,
    Big fan of your reviews I’m pretty close to buying a volcano but I would be curious to here your opinion on the viVape 2™ from vaporfection which to my knowledge seems to be another high-end vaporizer however I have never tried.

    Im thinking you should give this one a review or let me know what you think if you’ve tried it

    • Hey Brad,

      I haven’t tried the viVape yet but I do have it on my list of future possibilities, I appreciate the request!

  • Hey,
    Not sure if I just missed this, but is there a valve on the plenty? If not, does it leak when you are not pulling on it?

    • Hey sup,

      No valve on the Plenty, so yes it is one of those vapes where you don’t want to wait too long between draws because some vapor may escape. What I’ve found is that if you lay it on its side between pulls there is very little vapor that is lost, it is only when holding it straight up that is starts to flow out of the mouthpiece a lil bit by itself.

  • I love the cooling coil idea. However I prefer my vape mobile.
    I saw those cooling coils for 10€ on the official website. How hard would it be to mod one on Iolite?
    How they compare in sizes?

  • im thankful for your efforts.

    have you any experience with the da vinci portable?

    i am quite happy with my iolite and have NEVER smelt butane leakage, but would prefer higher than 190C.


    • Hey thanks for posting. I actually just ordered a DaVinci vape and it’s on the way to me now, I should have a review up in a week or two.

      I’m glad you enjoy the iolite – it seems that I smelled more butane than normal because I used an inexpensive gas. I need to order some of that Newport or Vector gas they recommend.

      Stay up!

      • Actually, I bought the da Vinci some time ago & loved it BUT it broke within a month. Shipped it to Vegas, & they replaced it immediately, which was great–until it BROKE two months later. My local smoke shop now refuses to carry them. So: caveat emptor!

        • same experience regarding break downs and replacement. excellent customer service. but gave it up and purchased the arizer solo instead. hits are small. but the vapor is good.

    • It comes apart into pieces that are easy to clean with either warm soapy water or a little rubbing alcohol. It doesn’t need to be cleaned very often at all.

      • I’ve had my Plenty since about a month after you posted this video, and just 3 days ago cleaned it haha didn’t have replacement parts. While I wouldn’t suggest waiting that long, it really wasn’t as dirty as I expected. Once every few months would be nothing, even as a heavy smoker who uses this when my Volcano gets to be to much work hah would be way easier to clean.

        • I have a rubbermaid bucket full of smoke soap + water , and just drop anything I use today in the bucket, and rinse them the next day. Easy peasy. Just don’t kick over your bucket – and strain the gunk out of the fluid once in awhile. It’s reusable but not forever. =)

      • You do know that the “residue” that you’re cleaning off with alcohol or soap and water is really vape residue right?

        It’s like [concentrates], and is quite potent!


        • Adam is absolutely correct. I use 92% iso alcohol to rinse my volcano bag and then pour it into a large pyrex measuring cup put it on the stovetop and boil off the liquid leaving the waxlike oil residue. I then use some vaped out “volcano poo” to rub around and soak up the oil for a carrier medium and vape it with mighty results. Bud, I thank you again for informing me which led to my volcano purchase as well as a Pax from the vender you suggested. We were watching your vids on YT just yesterday. I am converting my old buddies to the 21st century way to stay up.

    • Like Bud says, you don’t need to lean it often. I usually soak the tube in isopropyl for a bit and it gets all the vape residue out. Just be careful not to soak any of the plastic or rubber parts in the alcohol. I ruined a whole chamber that way.

      • I like your reviews. Hands-down the most informative on youtube. Based on the info in your videos I’m leaning towards the Plenty. The only thing stopping me thus far is the fact that I haven’t seen you use it extensively past the first drag. Would love if you could post an entire session with this!!

        Stay up Mr. Bud!

  • hey champ,

    first of all love the reviews keep them coming!
    im about to purchase my first vaporizer and im thinking of getting the plenty for my first vape. just wanted to know when you fill the chamber how many vapes would you get from it? would this be enough for 3-4 people? ?

    i will be purchasing the volcano soon but just wanted to dip my toes in first before spending alot of coin.

    thanks again because i had no idea about them untill a friend told me to check out your youtube site.

    • Hey sup man,

      Glad u like the vids!

      Excellent choice with the Plenty, it’s one of my personal faves.

      One of the cool things about it is that it has a very large herb chamber, so it can hold enough material for up to about 4 people, but it’s also able to effectively vape small amounts too when you’re using it alone which is awesome.

      It does produce very dense, strong vapor on the highest setting, so if you find that you’re going through herbs too fast you can try lowering the heat a little bit.

      Not only is the vapor really strong, it also tastes great and is very comfortable (not too hot). I really like this vape.

      Hope this helps!

    • It’s hard to say how many people a full chamber pack is good for, since everybody’s tolerance is different. I’ve had my plenty for a few years now and I’ve used it for up to 6-8 people and we all get pretty toasted. We’re usually like once a day vapers though.