PAX 3 vs. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Comparison

DaVinci IQ vs PAX 3 The PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ both came out around the same time, and they have a lot of similarities, as well as some significant differences.

*NOTE: The Black PAX 3 shown in my comparison video is a pre-production unit. It actually needed some tweaks, and they have since sent me a final production unit now that it’s for sale publicly. This final unit is performing better, so I highly suggest watching my newer PAX 3 review to see what has changed since this comparison with the IQ.

Comparison Table

Check out this comparison table featuring all the essential characteristics – now with specs from the final production unit PAX 3!



DaVinci IQ

Heating StyleConductionConduction
Oven MaterialStainless SteelCeramic
Oven Capacity~0.35g~0.3g
Minimum Herb~0.15g (half-pack)~0.3g (full)
Vapor PathStainless Steel (w/ silicone mouthpiece)Ceramic Zirconia (w/ silicone gasket)
Removeable Battery
Battery life (Usage time)~90 mins~70 mins
Charge time~2-3 hours~3.5 hours
Bluetooth / APP
True Heat-up Time15-20 sec60 sec
Easy to load?
Draw ResistanceAverage+Average
Vapor ProductionAbove-averageAbove-average+
Vapor SmoothnessVery goodVery good
Flavor / TasteAbove-average+Above-average+
Odor LevelAbove-averageAverage
Works with Concentrates?YES, kindaNO
Precise Temp AdjustOnly with APP
Country of manufactureChinaChina
Warranty10 Years10 Years
VapeRatingTier 2 Top PickTier 2 Top Pick
PAX 3DaVinci IQ


  • Hi Bud!
    You make really great clips, so thank you for your commitment!

    Mostly because of your show I decided to get a Pax 3. But I’m not really impressed of its perfomance as you seems to be.
    I can only compare it to volcano, Arizer Extreme and to the Wispr 2.

    The wispr, as the only real portable in my list, tops the pax by far focusing vape density and volume. The pax taste is more delicious, but for a heavy smoker which needs the „hit“ i will go with the wispr instead.
    But in your review it looks like you produce really thick clouds – so maybe my technique fails…

    Can you confirm that the wispr produce stronger vapes /more intense clouds?

  • I got the Firefly2, but I just can’t get a satisfying vapor. Anybody wanna trade for a Davinci IQ?

  • Buzz- another great review.

    One thing that has always struck me is that a few more categories would be helpful in ranking the products 1. Material Safety and 2. Customer Service

    For example, Pax uses a fiber insulation material around their oven. (possibly what you were smelling -binder off-gassing) That’s essentially fiberglass. Super sketchy (even in a ‘sealed’ unit not in the air path). And they do their best to conceal that info by claiming ‘proprietary status’. Also their customer service is ….well… less than useful.

    Davinci on the other hand… no sketchy fiber insulation. Very open about materials, safety and super responsive CS. I literally had someone pop up and live chat me while I was cruising their site unprompted. And they actually knew what they were talking about. (props to Davinci since I had actually heard the opposite about their CS a while ago.)

    Stay up.

  • I have followed you for awhile and know that manufacturers listen to you. So…. please pass on that the bowl in the DaVinci IQ is too large. I own the crafty and firefly 2 and have no problem finishing a session. The 10 min session isn’t long enough to completely extract all from herb and when I look at the residual after 10 min I still see some green. Perhaps a spacer similar to the Crafty. I’m thinking of trying to cut that spacer down and try it in the IQ. Thoughts?

    • Do you think the FF2 is worth the $55 more than $275 (Pax3 & DaVinci)?

      Im seeing half and half reviews on the FF2 with most of the complaints being about getting hot and having to pick at the bowl every 4-5 hits. I will be doing alot of ONE HITTERS tho, so that is why I believe the FF2 is best. Vapor taste is #1 on the FF2, but apparently its quite a task to inhale alot of vapor production? Also DaVinci 4 has slightly better vapor taste/production than PAX 3, however, PAX 3 wax insert is not flush with the top. VapeCritic’s PAX 3 also made noise when turned off which is sketchy. FF2 worth it? It will be my first vape, thanks alot!

  • Would the Davinci IQ be a good back up vaporizer for someone who has the Firefly 2? Can you do a comparison of those models since the Firefly 2 is better than the Pax 3?