PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer

Puffit Vaporizer This is the PUFFiT vaporizer, a portable unit that resembles an inhaler.

Many people are intrigued by its appearance and low price point but unfortunately I was not impressed with the performance of this unit.

After trying it out multiple times I just can’t get it to provide a good vaporizing experience. All I can get is a light wisp of vapor on the first draw or two, and after that it just feels like air.

Because of this it’s not a vape that I’m going to be recommending as there are many other units on the market that I think perform better.

UPDATE: The original PUFFiT that I received when I purchased it ended up being from a bad batch that was produced (defective). I received a replacement unit from the manufacturer and this new unit doesn’t have that foul plastic taste that I mention in my review. However, I’m still unable to get good results even with the new device, so most of my review still stands (except the taste part). In one of my newer videos I talk for a few minutes about what happened, you can watch it here.

Check out my best portable vaporizer page to see all of the models I currently like and recommend.

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Video transcription:

What’s up, everybody? In this video, I’m going to review the PUFFiT vaporizer. This is the one that looks like an inhaler. Now, unfortunately, this isn’t going to be a good review. So if you already bought one of these and you own it, I’m sorry. But for anybody who didn’t buy this yet and was thinking about it, just skip it.

After using this thing, it confirmed for me that this is really just like a gimmick. It really just sells because it looks like an inhaler, in my opinion. Some people like that. But it really doesn’t perform well as a vaporizer at all.

This is the 13th vaporizer I’ve reviewed so far, and in terms of performance, it’s at the bottom of the list. So it’s really not a vape that I’m going to be recommending. If you’re looking for a cheap vape, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you want to try vaping out, take a look at the Magic Flight Launch Box. That’s one that I personally love. Tens of thousands of other people love it also. So you really can’t go wrong with that one, if you really don’t want to spend a lot of money on a vape at all.

Now the reason that I say that it doesn’t perform very well at all is because even when I fully pack the chamber and I turn the heat all the way up to the highest setting, and I took a really long draw, 10 to 15 seconds, which is a long time to be drawing on a vape, all I got was a little tiny bit of vapor. I got some flavor and I got the taste of plastic and metal. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m vaping, that’s not what I want. I want flavor, I want vapor, and I want no other tastes in there.

So normally, in my review videos, I go into detail about how the vapes work. I show you the different parts. I talk about the battery life. I talk about how many draws you can get from typical packing. But for this one, I’m not even going to go into that, because, like I just mentioned, I really don’t recommend that anybody buy this because I think you’re going to be disappointed in how it works.

I know some people are going to disagree with me, and that’s fine. If you bought this as your first vape and you like it and you think it’s great, I’m going to tell you right now that there are way better vapes out there. Like I mentioned, the Launch Box is cheaper than this and it works better. If you wanted to spend a little more, if you wanted to spend $200 or $250, you can get a really good vape.

So overall, even though this thing is cheap and some people like the way it looks, I’m not going to be recommending it. I do think you should avoid it. Listen, I know that it’s disappointing to hear that. I’m disappointed myself. I don’t like to see companies coming out with products like this, that get people excited, but then you use it and you’re disappointed. Who wants that? That’s not the way things should work. If you’re going to make a product where people get excited about it, back it up with the thing actually performing well.

So since I don’t really have anything good to say about this one, I’m going to keep the video short. If you want to see more reviews or see ratings that I give to other vapes, check out my website, VapeCritic.com. Otherwise, if you have any questions for me, about this or any other vape, feel free to let me know. I appreciate you taking the time to watch, and I’ll see you soon.


  • If you hold it upside down, and let it heat up 2-3 times you actually can get huge clouds. Just saying

  • I recently got a puffit x and gotta say with the added fan and heat dialed in and a little finess it works fairly well.

  • Ive had the puffit for 6 months now I wish i saw ur reviews befor buying it and like others im not very happy with it. i refuse to lose my loot so i toyed and modafide the plastic crap. first the screen is pushed all the way to the bottom the heat chamber and u have a heat coil to push aeromatics to the side walls to vape. what u want is heat circulation top/bottom with a heat chamber hence convection.. so i took two screens the puffit came with. ..1st screen i formed in too a half circle/bowl shape ,i put that in to the chamber with No screen at the bottom on the center of the inhale hole up side down (looks like a igloo)or dome.(the higher the dome the higher the 2nd screen will fit in the chamber.)
    “` 2nd screen i did nothing to it. i put the screen in the chamber as best i could evenly on top of the dome/igloo screen. It sits more a less in the middle of the chamber length now.

    …dont use the coil or stir cap thing just use the cap
    i attached a rubber o ring on the (out side of the cap just under the protective heat silicone cap) to hold cap in place with no play so when its put on twisting it to position and stays tight in place. other wise the cap seems lose it might untwist and u have mess.

    i found i get little better cloud better than befor.Dont expect greatness.. i get more air flow,and not like befor i felt like im taking a drag on a over wraped dube. most importantly the areomatics seem to vape in color more evenly sence the heat is on top and bottom because the screen sits in the middle of the chamber instead of at the bottom. i stir once and finsh it off tell the pop corny end. i will still invest in some thing better. But if this helps the poor lost souls mad and feel cheated like me and so many others posted then at least it was worth tinkering with and being mad my self and not just leting it sit there tell u get some thing better.

  • i just found my puffin from about 2 years ago today but the stirring metal piece that goes in the cap is missing, will it still work or..?

  • Hello bud,
    I am looking for a portable vape that is discreet in both looks and smell. My preferable price range is below 100. I already know that pax is great but the price isn’t lol.
    Got any suggestions. I was leaning towards the puffit 2 bc my friend had the first one and it worked well for just enjoying the herbs rather than having clouds.

  • I purchased the Puffit Vape about 4 months ago and am not impressed at all.

    Firstly, it has to be cleaned constantly (every few days).

    Secondly it has to be cleaned with alcohol and salt with just moderate use.

    Thirdly, the charge doesn’t last, just about 10 uses and that is it.

    Fourthly the battery is already not holding a charge and at $30. a pop I am not willing to replace the battery.

    I would not recommend this to anyone. It stinks, literally.

    At a price of $180 I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Well from all the reviews I have seen and watched for the puffit. Its negotiable that..yes there may be a plastic taste in the beginning of the first batches but I believe that they may have gotten on to something with th puffit2 I have done research on all my vaporizer trying to find the best affordable one and qualtity product. so I decided to give the puffit2 a chance and order it and try it myself when it arrives in december and Vape critic it would be nice If you re viewed it and gave it another chance unbiased from the previous ones I want this vape to be good and I haven’t seen barely any videos on it but one but not hinting to anyone but they don’t go into detail as you do.

  • I’m so pissed that bought this piece of crap. This product is a scam. Does not work at all. Worthless.

  • Hey bud,

    Will you be reviewing the improved version of the puffit (puffit 2)? I don’t expect it to produce anything near the quality of a solo or pax, but I just want to know if it would ‘get you there’. That’s all I would b asking from a device like this. There simply isn’t anything that could beat this thing in stealth. You could pull this out in the middle of a crowd on a festival/concert and no one would bat an eye!

  • I dislike the puffit very much I get no vapor / hear no fan / and feel nothing…. I use atmos vapor pen and it seems like smoke more than vapor and no clue why

  • Please don’t forget the Puffit X reviews others have been asking for. I love my Extreme Q but I’d like to have something smaller and portable occasionally. My lungs can handle neither combustion nor a direct draw from a vaporizer………I place the Q’s whip between my lips and turn the forced air on. The Puffit X looked promising with it’s forced air mechanism until I read so many less than glowing reviews of the original Puffit. As far as I can determine…….there’s not another portable with forced air. Please correct me if that’s wrong.

    Love all your reviews, advice, & tips………thanks a bunch.

  • so, I’m feelin pretty confident in sayin that the reason that the things appearance is exciting to ppl is because it is a great disguise. if you are on the go or if you are in a situation where no one is able to persistently monitor you then this device can open up a world of options to you. can you please speak to that and whether or not that aspect makes it look any better to u?

  • Apparently these only work for a few months and then the dont work anymore. It has always tasted like plastic and I had to rip it like 10-15 times before I felt anything whatsoever. Not sure if you can replace the battery, havent tried yet, but i charge it and then I have full red light until i press go and it blinks to death. Luckily I live in Washington so ill just open my sunroof when i smoke on the go from now on, and keep using my Vapir ONE at home, which kicks ass.

  • the puffitt is the terriffic , i saw this review after I bought one and said boy i made a mistake…NOT ….my unit is just great and YES it WORKS,,,,it is soooo good that i purchased another for a back upo and have not even opened the new one …i have had the original for 8months and it is fine…Bud u should revisit the puffitt .what else can i say .and i love the fact that it looks like an asthma inhaled ….u can lite up anywhere
    a satisfied and informed consumer

  • Well, I’ve had a puffitt for a year now and thought I’d weigh in on it again. Bud, you are right. To be blunt, this is a piece of crap. In a year I’ve used it maybe 40 times, mostly when camping or hiking. I also have a volcano for daily use. I can get the puffit to work. As I said before, you need to load it up with finely ground herb, raise the temp. setting to at least 7, and run it through a couple of cycles before using it. I can exhale a visible cloud of vapor as well.

    The problem is the battery. It only has a 90 day warranty. After 6 months, I could only get it to take a partial charge before it quit charging. Tried various AC or car charger adapters, same problem. Earlier in its life when it held a “full charge”, that so called “full charge” was barely accecptable for my needs. Now it’s pretty much useless for anything that requires being away from a charging source for more than a couple of hours. I’m thinking I’ll be getting the MFLB.

  • Just bought it yesterday and opened it today. Read the instructions very self explanatory. Packed it full of sum TASTY! Glad I bought it! ‘First! put both springs in it! straight one first and regular spring over it,Turn it up to 8 and wait till the light is green puff deep and gag away! :)

  • well i disagree with you not getting yours to work very well. i think you should just crank it to full put ur green in and toke asap but very slowly. i love my puffit problem being though is that mine already has come up with the yellow flashing led error and ive only had it about three months. for it to actually tell you that it doesnt want to work means that it clearly does still work to an extent. it can only be a specific problem therefor and yet absolutley nowhere does anybody tell you what it means or how to fix it. ive tried every contact method for puffit and ive yet to hear back from them. so in that regard i fucking hate puffit.

  • Hey Bud, any chance you will do a review of the new Puffit X? There have been a few changes, like the built-in fan. There are a few video reviews online and in these videos at least, the vapor is nicely thick and dense and free flowing (with fan on). Would love to know what you think. Thanks!

      • I concur. Please make a review of the Puffit X. Because you are hard to please, anything “Vape Critic Approved” tends to be great.

  • OK..I watched I read….I havent smoked any kind of blend in 25 years. The puffit was recommended to me. I tried it for the first time last night. I only took one long draw, and held it like back in the day….sure I am not the major blender I once was, and believe me I was a long time ago. So I took my long draw, it was its first use and set on 8. I had that special “thingy” as the mfg refers to it, in the cover. I felt and tasted the smoke or vapor go into my lungs…this is not a feeling you forget when you smoke as much as I used to……and when I blew out, no there was no visable vapor, which to me is the whole point. IMHO the whole seeing the vape is just a mind thing….almost like a mental confirmation to make you feel better. I have watched many video’s on this and spoke to many “caretakers” about this product, and all of them confirm that people think they have enough in the chamber, but they grossly underestimate what you really have to put in there. I’ve been pulled from work a year and a half ago…I also have severe Fibromyalgia. I did not pay 140 or more like others. I got a brand new, and newly manufactured unit and it worked the nuts. I do not work for this company…I wish I COULD work…being home sucks…being sick sucks more….but this definitely helps with the pain, nausea and all the other lovely things that come with cancer and Fibromyalgia. IMO I think keeping it clean, just like I used to keep my pipe clean, is key. I see a lot of people commenting who use blend for pleasure and have been using right along for a long time….I quit years ago because of the paranoia blends gave me….my script gives me paranoia as well….this did not….and if you want to write me off as not being a blend smoker for awhile and I dont need that much for it to work, so be it….but it works I think it might need a little more attention and care than people are giving it…I also did not have that plastic taste. I heard a lot about that in the positive vids as well as the not so positive vids. Maybe mine is a newer lot, I know it was manufactured this year not too long ago. There may have been some more QC done and issues fixed. I looked at others mentioned, and this was my best choice, especially after talking to many of the caretakers. I am pleased. The hubs has used blend for many years, he tried his puffit last night and was blown away. Initially he was freaked out because he could not see any vapor….but like I said before….isnt that the whole point is to be discreet….needless to say…he was blown away and very pleased, and he has consistently smoked blend for a long time. Thats my 2 cents for what its worth….Both my husband and myself are very pleased and will be sure to keep our units clean and take suggestions from other happy users. #CancerSux but I’m winning…for now

  • I was seduced by the stealth aspect and bought one despite the near universal bad reviews online. My previous vape experience is limited to the old lightbulb style one and a Vapir Oxygen Mini. I really dont know what the problem is! It does take some technique, not pulling too hard on it etc, but I even just stuff a bud in there without grinding and it works ok (when its dry, I take it out and grind with my fingers, before putting it back in). I’ve found it invaluable on train journeys and when DJing. Maybe Im a lightweight in how much vape I need to feel an effect, but I can assure people Im not an employee shill! I imagine the home-use ones are more efficient, but I like my puffit for use outside. Now if someone would just invent one that looks like a nicotine vape….

  • I may be missing something but since when does vapor have to be highly visible to be good? The Puffit seems to be all about keeping it on the DL so a lighter vapor makes more sense. It may take longer to feel the effects but lighter vapor tastes more pure in my opinion…the higher the temp, the closer you are to combustion.

    Anyways that’s my 3 cents. My go to is the Arizer Extreme Q which is amazing. It’s obviously not portable unless you feel like carrying a balloon around with you haha…

    • Hey Luke thanks for posting

      It really comes down to personal preference, some people like that type of vaping and some don’t enjoy it much.

      Stay up!

  • This thing sucks! It does not produce any vapor and effects are mostly from my brain not having enough oxygen. I should have bought more filling instead of this useless thing.

  • Bought this POS at a shop in Redwood City, CA. Junk, just a ripoff! Worse yet, I paid a buck eighty nine plus CA tax for a few bills over two Franklin’s! I don’t mind paying for high end products but this thing is shit! I would be skeptical of buying any product from this company. My mistake for not reading reviews first.

    • Damn man sorry to hear about that :\

      Some people seem to like this thing, maybe you could trade it for something good

  • I must own one of the only good Puffits on Earth.

    Regarding the idea that some people are on here posting comments to simply promote a company’s image – Doesn’t that work both ways?

    If you ask them, do they HAVE to tell you?


  • I really believe there are puffit employees posting positive comments. You already know theyre paying attention to your post. That’s why they sent you a replacement. Just trying to keep the nay sayers hushed until they meet their bottom line peddling this sh!t.

    • You could be right.. I’ve seen the same thing happen in other forums regarding synthetic urine products. However, what’s the point in being so negative about it right out of the gate. Do you have a PuffIt?

      • Yeah. Unfortunatlly. Comment not just out of gate however. Tried real hard to make it work effectivly. Product needs some good true unbias review. All the good reviews planted dupped me. Don’t be me…get anything else….anything.

  • Hey you should check out The Bloom by HeadVape it can be used with dry herbs, oil, and eliquid

    • It looks like one of those pen vapes that just combusts herbs though, it’s mainly designed for oils and concentrates

  • Hey!

    Just thought I’d share a little advice in case someone has already purchased a Puffit and is reading this review feeling cheated: DON’T.

    I purchased this device right before Christmas, and have just now perfected getting good, thick, steady clouds of vapor with every chamber full. 10-20 pulls, setting 6.5. GREAT effect.

    I’ll defer to the author’s MUCH more extensive experience with vapes and due to that I’ll concede that it may not be the best option for you, but I’ve read several reviews like this one and thought I’d pass out the tips that I’ve learned while using my device.

    Now that I’m doing this, it works great consistently (daily).

    There was definitely a learning curve, and much of that can be chalked up to inexperience as this is my first device. If any of these tips seem like they’re more for a novice, they are! Anyway here goes.

    1) Grind your blend fine. I get a finer grind by simply flipping my grinder over thus keeping the herb in the business end longer before falling through to the sifter.

    2) KEEP your SCREEN CLEAN. I mean, if you can clean it every time. If not, as frequently as you can. I think that a lot of the problems people encounter are from a blocked vape path. Also good to clean at least once or twice a week with Q-Tips and isopropyl alcohol. Don’t be afraid to clean around both ends of the vape path. Once you get this thing going, a gooey resin will form along the path relatively easily and quickly.

    3) Setting the device at 6.5 works perfect for me.

    4) I pack completely full, loose chambers and tamp them down to where about 2/3 of the chamber is full. No more. The Vape Enhancement Thingy does the rest.

    5) (Sorry if this is “novice” material) Pull SLOWLY. At least 10 steady secs or so, and then hold your vapor (which is hopefully nice and thick by now) for another 10 secs or so. I do this, and still get giant clouds of vapor coming from my lungs. In order to achieve full effect, I find that I need to hold the vapor longer than I would smoke.

    Anyhow, I use my Puffit at least twice a day, usually more, and I’m not at all disappointed in my purchase – it just took me a while to figure out.

    I’m sure there are better vapes out there, and so I’m not trying to dispute the author’s extensive review. I just don’t want anyone that has purchased one to think that they’ve bought a paperweight (as I’ve heard it described).

    I love mine.

    Thanks for listening!

    • Tried this – every part. It definitely helped some, though the “clouds” were still a light, as opposed to big clouds from a Vapor Brothers device, or even slightly more substantial clouds from the MFLB.

      • Update – set the temp to “8” (max) instead of 6.5, and when the gentleman above said draw SLOW take that advice seriously! If follow everything else he wrote, and draw like I am drawing mud through cocktail straw (I mean slllooooowwwwww…. like 20 real seconds just on one inhalation) and then hold it in for another 10 seconds like he advises, then Lo & Behold a pretty decent little cloud. And VERY clean. :)

        • Bumr50 & D.C. nailed it here. I’d add running the Puffit through a cycle or two before hitting it. I set the temp at 6.5 for the first session of 5 draws and then 7.5 for the 2nd session of 5 draws or so, taking the cap off and stirring up the blend after each session. I also use high vapor producing blends in the Puffit as well, not sure I can name them in this forum.

          Hey, it’s not a Volcano, but it certainly does the trick.

  • Also I use a coffee grinder to grind use highest setting have the vape enhancement “thingy”, as they so geniously labeled it and I can get what looks like a mediocre pipe rip of visible stuff I have to sit there pressing it for 5 mins (real stealthy who looks at there inhaler for five minutes). I’m just disappointed that I won’t be vaping because from the little high I did get it was nice but since all my cash is gone guess it’s back to the bong wish I woulda sprung on a pax

    • Hey Kurt,

      I agree with your assessment of this vape and I’m very sorry to hear you’re disappointed :\

      There seems to be some people who actually like it, so maybe there’s a possibility you could resell yours to someone and recoup some of your investment.

      If you’re strapped for cash but want to try vaping again I personally like the Launch Box a lot, and I still use mine often, check it out if you haven’t already it’s the cheapest vape I recommend at $120.

      Stay up!

  • I’m kinda choked I got this I can get visible vapor pulls but I know I should be getting more I emailed them they said u gotta pack it full bit that ruins the [herb] savings for me and they say it wouldn’t be discreet if you were blowing out big clouds but who cares about stealth when the function is whack now I’m out 140 for a very mediocre at best vape with no money to get another I will probably just go back to smoking cause that was all the money I had for a new vape

  • Hey I was doin some research on the puffit and it seems they have made some sort of improvement or change to it, involving some sort of coil to spread the vapables against the walls of the chambers to evenly heat or something. Can you do a YouTube review on it?

  • The Puffit is a dissapointment. Bad taste, bad draw, bad battery. Not much I can say about it thats good. Don’t buy it.

  • i have a question.. i saw all ur videos very good detailed reviews cover every thing up.. but down to a point the solo vs the pax in quality of vape the strength of it and the tast..

    • Solo has slightly higher vapor quality – it’s a little denser and a little tastier – the Pax is just much easier and more convenient to use on-the-go.

      • i got the solo to my self bomb ass vaporizer.. love it alot of resistance.. ALOT if u dont have lung power dont get it.. and the pulsar 7

          • after got the solo taken away by the pigis .. more like stolen by then ive decided to.get thay volcano vaporizer waiting for it.. should come tomorrow or monday.. my wife wants to.kill me.. i think she gonna like it better then i do

  • I tried the Puffit and despite finely grinding the contents and having a full charge, only a tiny wisp of vapour is produced on the highest setting. After half an hour’s use I become slightly stoned, the battery doesn’t last much longer than that.

    A waste of money. I find it astonishing that such a poor excuse for a vape is actually on the market. Did anyone actually try this product at any stage during development or quality control?

    • My experiences with it were similar Pete, thanks for sharing yours.

      What surprises me is how many people disagree with me on this one, and are happy with the performance, I don’t really get it…

      • I got the puffit X recently, and I had been regretting my choice the last couple weeks, because it would work but not very well. Last night I just replaced the screen (had been pretty gunky) and now it’s like a whole new ballgame.. getting really good results and a little bit goes a long way, when it comes to loading it. Dunno, maybe there’s some quality differences in the product that haven’t been worked out? Could be why the different results…

  • Hey Vape Critic,

    Man, I wish I’d seen your review before I bought this useless piece of plastic. You’re right on the money. So far the only thing it’s vaporized is my cash. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for the tips & have a good holiday!

  • I have a puffit, and am somewhat satisfied with it. While it doesn’t produce the visible vapor of other vapes, it does work. I only had the plastic taste on initial use, but after several uses, it went away. You do have to hit it a few times for it to take effect, but it does do its job. Almost like a creeper effect, or delayed results. I dig it, but am also interested in better products. The one aspect I really love is the portability and the fact that it’s event approved and even restaurant approved, due to its appearance. Stealth vaping at its finest, at least for me. I’m interested to see how the pax operates.

  • Thank you so much for confirming my doubts about this. I swear the reviews on the websites are fake, I try posting a negative review and they never posted it. Never been more disappointed in new piece as much as this, I’m talking shitty little one-hitters under $10 could do the job better then this thing.

      • it sucks when 1 or 2 people go online to completely rip a product that thousands of people seem to like based on the youtube reviews and comments? but your opinion is your opinion lol like i personally hate the MFLB haha but thats my opinion :]

        • Yea I know it sux but I definitely gave it a fair chance. I tried multiple units, asked the manufacturer directly for tips on how to get best results, but still couldn’t get it to perform at the level that most of the other vapes I have perform at.

        • I feel raymond has stock in Puffit. Owned Puffit for 4 days and a quarter z in and this thing sucks bad. So inconsistant its not funny. Takes at least half of its full charge just to get a head change w/ great quality herb prepared the way they say, and the lift may just be lack of oxygen. I don’t believe even the developers know how to use this thing because reading instructions in two differant areas they tell you to pack lose them in another they say firm. Oh and get this, I can take the used chinder after all this headache later when I was straight, cleanse the palate or whatever. Pack it in a [pipe] and still get pretty affected. Pile of plastic crap. Does not do what it say. Do not give this company your money…you will feel dipped in the end.

    • ya, just bought the puffit before i watched all these reviews. It sucks in my opinion $140 3-4 sit downs trying to produce even a little visible vapor to no avail. I feel cheated, i watched one guy on YouTube get a good hit but i am not one of them… Maybe the product is new and they haven’t worked out the bugs yet but that i am stuck with a $140 piece of plastic.

      • Hey man yea some people are giving me a lot of flak for my review of this vape but like you said I tried it multiple times (even tried 2 different units) and I still can’t get good performance.

        • I personally enjoyed this device, but I prefer a lower temp, less visible vape. But, they kept breaking. Lilly was great about replacing them. But none lasted more than a few months. And I am not a heavy user. I went through 3. I’d never get any feedback on what might be causing them to break and eventual my year long warranty expired. Too be fair, I had the Puffit-X and the fan is what broke on 2 of my 3.

  • yo vape critic, i just finished reading a review of the new pax and was wondering how it stacked up against the puffit. i’m just looking for something for personal use that’s easy to operate. i don’t want to spend a ton of money, but, if it makes a big difference in quality, i’m willing to spend a little extra to get what’s right. let me know what’s good man!

    • Hey sup man,

      In my opinion the Pax blows away the Puffit, it’s a much better unit.

      Right now I rate the Pax the highest out of the portable vapes I’ve reviewed because overall it is the most advanced, easiest to use, and it’s one of the easiest to carry around.

      I also like the Solo and MFLB a lot – the Solo for the taste of the vapor it produces and the Launch Box for its size, quickness and low price point.

      If you want a good portable vape and ease-of-use is what you care about most I would say your choices are the Pax and the Solo. The NO2 is pretty good also and easy to use but it’s not quite as advanced as the others and the vapor quality is slightly lower.

      Hope this helps – stay up!

      • Anyone who says they like the magic flight, discredits there opinion right away. and i own a solo and a puffit and my puffit works great :] i sold my solo but i would say the solo is slightly better. my magic flight i gave away. i bought one cus of the hype about it and it produced ZERO vape. I am waiting for the PAX to come down in price before i venture into that product. right now its waaaaaay to expensive lol specially for a portable vape :/ but it looks cool kind of.

        • I dunno man for me it’s the opposite, my MFLB produces vapor and I feel the effects – I can’t get my PUFFiT(s) to produce any noteworthy vapor and I don’t feel anything from it.

          The MFLB is tricky to use, no doubt about that, but if you make sure your material is dried out and very finely ground up the performance is good.

          No matter how full I packed my PUFFiT, or how finely ground my material was, I couldn’t get more than a light wisp of vapor on the first draw, and then nothing after that.

          My first unit ended up being from a bad batch so I got a replacement and experienced the same results.

          I keep an open mind and believe that some people might be able to get some kind of results from it, but if I can’t experience good results after multiple attempts and trying multiple devices then I just can’t give it a good rating.

          • Hi,
            I bought this and couldn’t get it to work, then found this page.

            I wondered if it was an issue with heat disspation and I was right. It now gives me a full lung’s worth of vape off a fill. (keep the dusty remainder; it probably doesn’t heat all the way through the stuff in the chamber)

            1. Install BOTH springs into the battery cap. Put the long skinny one in first, then the spring over top of it. Then, when the spring compresses, the other heating element still penetrates the [material] fully.

            2. Set the temp to full, 8. Anything less doesn’t seem to work very well.

            3. Once you have a green light, put your mouth over it THEN hold in the battery button the whole time you’re [drawing] (make sure you put the rubber cap on, keeps your thumb from burning). This keeps the element heating. [Draw] as slowly as you possibly can, taking air through the nostrils during the process if necessary. Basically, just [draw] very, very, very, slowly.

            4. After about 30-45 seconds it will overheat. The orange light comes on (although you probably won’t see it) and it stops heating for about 10-20 seconds, to cool the device.

            Doing it this way works pretty well. A packed full chamber is usually good for about three of these 30-45 sec. cycles. At that point, it’s basically brown dust.

            I get good vapor expulsion using this method. I’m a Canadian, not a false ID for a company person, and I reiterate that until I put BOTH sprints in the battery cap and turned it up to 8, it didn’t work.

    • Respectfully Vape Critic, this devicen is all about portability and discretion. it may not have the best technology bu it works well enough when directions are followed to warrant the cost . You have not served your viewers well in my opinion and they deserve an objective review I give itnfive stars for inventiveness and portability
      bun most important. Discretion

      • Yea this definitely was not one of my most thorough reviews, but I’m really not feelin this vape, for multiple reasons.

        It might be portable and discreet, but I was largely unimpressed with the performance.

        I also don’t think copying the exact look of a medical device is very inventive, and I think it hurts the credibility of the vape industry as a whole.

        • I have the puffit, I love it. Get massive vape clouds, and I mean MASSIVE. Granted I have a few tricks to bring it to that point. First when you get the puffit, grab the little spring looking thing from the box and pop it on the cap, the difference is night and day. The other thing is when you first start heating it up, heat it up 2 maybe 3 times before you draw. Idk how it works (maybe it just takes time to heat up fully???) but it makes a huge difference for the entire session