WISPR Vaporizer Review

WISPR The WISPR is a newer version of the iolite vaporizer with a few enhancements over the original.

It’s still powered by butane and has very similar (if not identical) inner workings, but the outside looks different and they changed the mouthpiece and starter button on this one.

This is a portable vaporizer to consider if you don’t want to worry about having to plug in or recharge your device. As long as you have a can of butane handy you can refill this vape over and over again to your hearts content, without ever needing electricity.

In my mind, the first obvious benefit is that it’s great for long trips or outdoor activities like camping where you won’t always have access to an electrical outlet.

Stay up!

In Depth Review

  • This is the WISPR vaporizer which comes from the same company that makes the original iolite vape, and the retail price of this one from an authorized dealer is $269.
  • The iolite is a very popular portable vaporizer and the manufacturer, Ogelsby & Butler, released this version more recently to improve on the aesthetics and to add a few features missing from the original.
  • This Vape is made in Ireland and unlike most other vapes currently on the market this thing is powered by butane gas. There are no batteries or chargers with this one, this thing uses the butane that you fill it with and a built-in igniter to heat the herb chamber.
  • The Wispr is available in a handful of colors, and this one happens to be called espresso.

To Start a Session

To give it its power you need to take a can of butane, which is sold in most convenience stores, and insert the filling nozzle onto the gas valve located on the bottom of the unit.

Once you have it lined up you simply push down on the can to start the flow of fluid, and after a few seconds you will see and hear the chamber start to overflow which means it’s filled up.
After filling the butane you’ll want to wait a few minutes for it to settle before pressing the starter.

Now one of the upgrades that they made to the Wispr is they added this viewing window to see how much butane you have left. This is something that the original iolite doesn’t have.

Through my testing I found that I was able to get just about six full Vape sessions, roughly 15 minutes each, out of each gas filling, which is the same I got with the iolite.
Now with a can this size you should be able to refill the vape roughly ten times.

To fill your herb chamber you pull out this rubber mouthpiece part right here, and inside this top piece with the screen installed you’ll lightly pack your herbs. The bottom chamber here inside the unit is what heats up. Then you could take the unit and slide it down on top of the mouthpiece like so.

This flexible, rubber mouthpiece is also new for the Wispr, because the iolite has a rigid plastic stem instead. One of the cool things about this one being rubber is that when you’re not using it you could fold it down and store it like this.

Once you have your butane and your herbs all packed up, you’re ready to turn it on. Pushing this side switch down to the first position will start the flow of gas and pushing it down to the second position will engage the igniter. To see if the vape is turning on properly this indicator light on the side will first turn blue and then orange within a few seconds. Every once in a while, it won’t start on the first try but all you need to do is wait a few seconds and try it again.

The Heat

Each time the heater is engaged you’ll hear this low hissing sound, and the way this vape works is that it attempts to reach and hold a preset temperature. The preset temp is 374°F or 190°C and it holds it steady by periodically stopping and starting the heating element during your session.

Each time the heater turns on you’ll hear that hissing noise, and the orange light will start to glow. This cycle of turning on and off will repeat itself until you turn the side switch to the off position. Now one of the things that’s a little funky with this vape, which also happens with the older iolite model, is that there is a little bit of a butane smell every time the heater is reengaged.

It’s not a humongous deal, because through all my testing I never tasted the butane through the mouthpiece, just don’t let it throw you off if you smell a little while vaping. The smell of the gas seems to come from the side of the unit and does not pass through the herb chamber.

While testing the Wispr I found that if you take long, slow draws instead of fast short ones, you’ll get more vapor. The only downside to this is that the air passing through the short mouthpiece stem gets pretty hot after a few seconds, so you’ll have to do some experimenting on your own to figure out the best draw speed for you.

I’d say that the herb chamber is medium-sized for a portable Vape, meaning it’s not tiny but one packing is really only enough for one or maybe two people. With the herb chamber packed mostly full you can realistically expect up to 10 small to medium-sized draws.

When you’re done vaping and you want to turn the unit off, simply flip the side switch back to the original position.

The Final Verdict

  • One of the cool things that I really like about the Wispr is that it really is pretty stealthy.
  • It’s definitely not the smallest Vape out there but with the way that it’s shaped and the design on the outside I’m sure most people would not know what this is if they’re seeing it for the first time, especially with the mouthpiece in the stored position.
  • It also comes with this simple drawstring bag to carry it around in.

So overall I think this is a pretty decent Vape, and it’s probably best for you if you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about plugging in or charging their vaporizer.

If you’re interested in buying one of these I put a link in the description to my favorite Vape store that I highly recommend you check out, and they do include your first can of butane free to get you started.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet you can also check out my website VapeCritic.com for more reviews and comparisons.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video, and if you have any questions send them my way.

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  • For 85 they should ship you a replacement and the geckvwith all that postage. Write them.

  • These work better if you turn them upside down to light and heat up.. You can also fix the removable chamber (will not stay in) by taking a small socket (from a mechanics tool chest) with a shoulder and inserting the small end into the chamber. Then bang it with a hammer to force open the stainless steel chamber. This will spread the chamber out evenly. Take your time- if you bang too hard it will be too big and render it useless. Hope thishelps.

  • Iolites have had good and bad years.. for the most part they make a very good product. But for about 4 years ago they started getting complants about them failing to quickly.. idk what they changed then had to change back but what ever it was the fix piece turn out to be the death of the thing..
    If you have a really old one or one made in the last year or maybe two you should totaly be in the clear..

    • How long ago.. was it on sale or old stock maybe? Sounds like the ones that broke fast from a few years ago??

  • I have had 4 WISPR Vapes to date. Amazing product! Reliable, discreet, easy to fill & clean! I have had them last up to 1.5 years before butane leaks. Customer service at Iolite is nothing short of Fantastic!! Warranty replacements no problem! Great item! Upgrading to WISPR-E!

    • Hello , hot you clean complete , the wispr 2 ; un the instruccions said y hay you souldnt use alcohol , WhatsApp tipe of product can i use? , thank you

  • Thank you for this clear informatjon. Is there a way to clean the butane port? After sitting dormant for a while, my wspr 2 wont take the butane anymore. Thanks.

  • Good news! I’m up above 7000 ft in flagstaff AZ, and found a way to light my Iolite with *normal* butane. The iolite had *never* worked until I held it at a distance and started spinning in a circle while trying to light it. The idea being to increase oxygen pressure.

    I can post a video if you like.

  • The only thing you need to know about this sketchy vape: it seeps butane right into my mouth. For more:

    Neurotoxic Effects from Butane Gashttps://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/neurotoxic-effects-from-butane-gas.15291/

    I threw this in the trash and wrote it off. Not worth it.

  • Pitiful review. I’ve read a few of these and you should just quit guy. Bad priorities make bad reviews. The mflb is worthless and you rate it better? Please. This thing is also the most reliable. I have seen 3 flight boxes 2 pax, and a solo shit out before my whispr. 30 out of 100 for the reviewer. Learn to write or just stop.

  • Hello,

    I’ve had the WISPR 2 for two years now and have never had an issue with it. Yes the unit can get hot but I experience that after about keeping it on for about 30 min.

    I think this produce is awesome I would experiment with different screens because I like a tighter weave to make sure my finely grinded herb doesn’t go down my throat. Other than that the unit has worked perfectly for me and I use it about 6 times a day.

    I Do hope for a WISPR 3 in the future!
    I am also interest in the PAX2.


  • My second one isn’t working now and the price is down to under $100. I plan to get another. They seem to last a year +. That is an incidental expense to using a good looking portable, non-electric vaporizer. And now perhaps I’ll have one in use and one in repair. The ignition went on my first and the jet is clogged on the second.

  • I have tried refilling my newly acquired Wispr with butane and after I fill it and turn it back right side up, the butane seems to escape again until I turn it back upside down – the area of plastic around the valve gets all cold and the amount seen in the view window goes down. Am I doing something wrong? Help!

    • Josie when filling vape and area around valve goes cold then tank is full. vape up

  • Ive had the Iolite WISPR Version 2 , for about 3 months now, and I use zero impurity butane with it. Its worked perfectly every single time Ive used it, my only issue is that the mouthpiece doesnt hold in the small space when not being used, it just pops out.
    Besides that, vapor is amazing, i can get about an hour of vaping on one refill. Ignition has never not worked, and its never gone out randomly either.
    Very discreet, and no need for batteries was a huge plus for me, as recharging time is always a bummer, especially if I cant vape inside my house during the day.
    The lanyard that it comes with isnt very good or nice, but i bought $5 hard drive case on ebay and store it in there and its basically smell-proof inside that case.
    Would definitely buy again. If i needed to pick another vape, i might try the v2 pro because of its ultra resemblance to all the ecigs out there.

  • My original WISPR just broke after 2 years. It just won’t light any longer. I used it between 3-6 times per week for almost exactly 2 years. Always used Vector butane and other than the flint crapping out, it’s still in perfect condition. The manufacturer offered to fix it for $60 plus the cost of me shipping it to Ireland (like $25). I’m considering it, because it’s really a nice vaporizer, but I was hoping they’d just repair it if I paid for shipping. I know it’s out of warranty, but the flint should break this soon. It’s a design flaw.

    Functionally, though, I love the thing. I wish it was silent, but the fact that it has no battery and you can instantly fill it up is a really nice feature. It produces strong vapor and has an interesting portable design. I’ve used a WISPR2 and couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Most likely internal design improvements.

    I just bought a Firefly and love it. Still, for $85 I may ask them to repair it anyway…so that should tell you something about how good it is.

    • For 85 they should ship you a replacement and the geckvwith all that postage. Write them.

  • I had an original Iolite that I eventually gave to a friend of mine. We live at a high altitude so there were ignition issues but once I was a little closer to sea level, no problems. That Iolite has been going for several years now with zero problems.

  • I think they more than fixed issues with the WISPR2 as the vapour performance is better and reaches heat 2-3 times as fast as the iolite original v2. The vapour is dense but smooth. I suggest waiting about 5 min. from clicking it on and vape it like a cigarette where you don’t inhale the vapour directly into your lungs but first into your mouth, etc…

  • i find the wispr tends to be a bit harsh in terms of vapour but i keep it around as a backup and when you’re without a power source the ability to recharge instantly with butane is very useful.

  • Most lighting problems are due to butane impurities and can be solved by cleaning the ignition system inside. I have been cleaning mine every two months and after two years it keeps lighting after the first click. So maybe is just needs to be modified to be given mantnice from the user.

  • I’ve had the new version 2 for a year and it still burns hot and uses lots of butane… otherwise it works well…

  • … make that 7 years old.

    The comment I got that from above said: “five years old” 2 years ago this month. I am not sure how true that is, it may be even older.

  • Hey Bud, any chances of a WISPR 2.0 review soon?

    I would go ahead and get one but I need to hear some good news from a lot of people first, what with all the issues on the WISPR 1 and all.

    You are pretty good at this so these manufacturers should listen to recommendations from you, Bud, and others here.

    The iolite technology behind the WISPR is 5 years old so, perhaps it’s time for an update? Maybe it’s time for a WISPR 3.0 with:

    – auto shut-off
    – battery option instead of just butane
    – temperature options
    – 10 year warranty
    – self-cleaning (baahahaha)
    – $99

  • Been using the Wispr 2 and yeah, the vapor is definitely hot so you’ll have to be careful with that. It doesn’t seem like one fill of butane will last an average of 2 hours as their FAQ states… mine blows through butane way faster than that.

    Butane-gobbling aside it seems to be working fine for me and I’ve had it about two weeks. Although I have to say if I do experience problems sounds like it’s just easier to go with a different vape, so I might move on to the Solo if my Wispr ever breaks down.

  • My wispir proved to be dangerous
    I was using wispr for about 10 months and it worked just fine, but then while I was vaping the valve that is feeding gas to the burner broke and the liquid butane started liking inside the device, now that its pretty dangerous I got so freaked out that I don’t intend to get it fixed what if it happens again and the damn thing blows in my face.

      • Thanks Bud. After wispir I have bought arizer solo and the vapor was awsome but it failed after a month and is switching it self off after few second I am going to send it back to get it fixed. Now I am looking to buy a backup You have a lot of vaporizers can you recomend one that is most reliable I am looking for portable one for home use.

  • My iolite wispr seems to leak also – if you leave it full it will empty in a day or so – smell of butane pretty strong. Weird issue with it – you get two, maybe three good draws that produce vapor, then nothing – herb is brown/used up and you have to reload! After two draws! Refilled three times to get desired result. I did write to O&M and they offered to replace but I’m thinking Pax…

  • The Wispr 2 is the only device I use. I use it everyday and it has never failed me ever and this is my third iolite device. Love these devices and for the price it is a great deal. Sad to see so many people having problems, not me. Die hard iolite wispr fan right here!

  • Got my wispr Christmas … It’s now Boxing Day …

    First day rocked. Yesterday, was eating fuel, today I can here the his of a leak, bottom near fill pin is cold and giving off smell from fuel, vapor now is weak

    Not happy at all, especially since it’s my first try at vaporizing.

  • Had an original WISPR that stopped working after about a year, finally got around to cleaning bowl with alcohol and yeah it took a bit of time, but not too bad. To be honest I just used q-tips, lots of them…anyway there was a really tiny bit of stain left behind but it was accepted under their warranty. Best part is they sent a WISPR 2 as replacement just today. First go it seemed a bit hotter, and then I read that they did increase the temperature a bit, and long story short the new machine works like a charm.

    • Hey cool thanks for posting, I always thought the vapor from this vape was a little on the hot side, is it even hotter with the new model or it feels the same?

  • I have used an iolite original for the past 2 years. About a year ago, it started to become difficult to ignite. It would frequently take a dozen tries, and sometimes it wouldn’t ignite at all. Recently, it stopped working altogether. It also seems to have had a small leak in the butane tank for a while.

    I’m shopping for something new, perhaps. I’m curious if folks have had experience with the WISPR 2, and if the quality is any better?

    • Hey I haven’t tried the Wispr 2 yet myself but I’ve definitely received a large number of reliability complaints for both the iolite and the original Wispr, so I would tread with caution.

  • The Wispr works. I think the problems people have with it is that they don’t know how to use it or clean it. Only use dry material. You may have to clean them out sometimes. Call the company too. Watch the YouTubes on it.

    • I think the main issue with it is reliability, I’ve received many complaints that it just stops working after a short period of time. It also isn’t known to produce the highest quality vapor.

  • Im like some of the other posters here & im quickly losing
    confidence in Iolite products-
    I brought an loite in may 2012 & I have had 2 faulty Ignition’s in 6 months. And this replacement is now leaking gas from the valve just after 5 months of use.
    when these things work they are great!!!!! but most of the time its how long the thing will last & how long will i have to wait for another one, think my last wait was 7 or 8 weeks…..

  • I’ve tried it and wonder why they put a larger speaker in? Sounds much louder so it draws attention in a crowd, which I don’t need. Also burns hotter at times which means sometimes it burns my throat and I get actual spoke on exhale. Have to reload more often. Liked the first version except my third one stopped igniting after 8 months ( had to return the first two: one remained ignited all the time burning up the fuel and the second wouldn’t ignite). My dealer gave me the this version when my old one stopped igniting. Uneven heat creates a problem.

  • Have you tried the WISPR 2 yet? I’m looking for a simple, handheld vape for my grandma and someone suggested that one.

    • Hey I haven’t tried it yet but this original one is only so-so in my opinion. I would look into the Solo or the NO2, those are fairly easy to hold and use and they perform pretty well.

  • I took had problems in the beginning. Yes, was using super refined butane. I bought from a local guy, luckily… the first one stopped working after one week, would not ignite. Retuned it and got home, fire it up and it would not work at all! The third one has not given me any problems in the six months I’ve had it … he says, fingers crossed.

    • I entered info on the Wispr 2 so see that. The 1 stopped working after 8 months… a good reason to have a local dealer…a great idea, but the 2 burns unevenly and will sometimes burn my throat.

  • just bought this device and handling it very carefully after reading the above comments. my question though is – in the little bag of spares that comes with the unit, what are the brass dumbell shaped whatsits? my only thought is as tampers for pressing down the vaping mixture but one has a thread at one end.
    thanks in advance.
    justin hale

    • They are to push the screen and c shaped ring out to clean the screen. You don’t need them I feel like they are left over parts from the first generation. Wise to hang on to though if you can’t find something else to push the screen out.

  • Ive had my Wispr for about 2 months so far. And I love it. It get me where I want to be. I love the portability and the fact that its as simple as using a lighter. It looks very sleeky and nice too. Ive had no problems so far. Lets hope it remains that way. I have a MFLB. I like em both, However I have only been using my Wispr lately. Id recommend it.

  • Another issue to consider if it hasn’t been mentioned yet – the unit will not work when cold, so you can’t store it in your car or garage during the winter. It will begin to work fine again once it warms back up to room temperature. Not sure how cold is too cold, but temps in the 30s (f) are certainly too cold.

  • Hi critic i have watchd all yr vids man thy rock but it hasnt help me make my mind up im after a portable vape for wen im fishin n campin for like 3,4 days at a time n waz wunderin wat u wld reccamend ? Ps i like a thik creamy draw can a portable do this

    • Hey sup if you’re not gonna have access to electricity a butane-powered vape like this one might be beneficial.

      The only thing is it doesn’t really produce a thick draw and it does have some reliability issues.

      Another option worth considering is getting a Launch Box and just buying like 10 extra batteries (they’re small, AA size, but rechargeable).

      You could charge them all before-hand and have enough power for 20-25 sessions, which depending on usage should comfortably last you 3-4 days.

      So you have options, but I personally would lean toward the MFLB, I find myself using it more often.

      If you want the thickest draws from a portable you’d have to go with a Solo or Pax, but neither have extra batteries you could bring and I wouldn’t really consider their vapor thick compared to a good desktop unit.

      • Hey thanks for reply msn soz i took a wile to get back .. n yes i was thinkn of th mflb do u no weva thr is a new n improved wispa cumin out at all ? As like the idea of no batterys or mayb a vaporcone or sumfin have u treid 1 of thm or nethng simlar?

        • No doubt, yea I think there is a new version of the Wispr coming out soon but I don’t know any details about it yet.

          Pen vapes are really just for oils they don’t work well with herbs, so I’d probably avoid those.

  • I bought a WISPR about a month ago after owning an original Iolite for close to four years. Yesterday, it started leaking butane. Never been dropped or mishandled. Kept in a case when not in use. I got online and found out its a common issue. From what I hear, the Ogelby and Butler customer service is good about replacing the faulty units, but even the replacement vapes end up malfunctioning. This bums me out as I loved my original Iolite and it worked perfectly even with daily use. I’m going to try to get a refund instead if a replacement vape to bypass any future issues.

  • I am just about to use mine for the first time, so here goes. I will let you know how long it works for!

  • I have now had so many faulty products from Oglesby and Butler that I have lost count (I think its 3 Wisprs and 3 Iolites). I’m aware of the inner working to an extent, O&B let me keep the last defective Wispr, which I took apart. There is a ceramic-looking inlet port for the catalyser which can become blocked, as well as the piezo unit and tank problems.
    My latest Wispr stopped working two before Xmas, unbelievable timing. By the time ‘customer support’ (or should I say lack of) had replied to my email it was too late to obtain a replacement, as I would have had to send the original back first.

    The customer support rep I have been dealing with is so slow to respond, it can take weeks or months to obtain a replacement. Please note that in the EU at least the warranty is worthless; no refund is available form either retailer or manufacturer short of taking legal action. They just jerk you around and if you are persistent you might get a reply. Or not.

    So rather than wait for another dodgy replacement for weeks or months I resolved the issue myself. There is no sign of my repair as the unit is easy to clip back together, although self-repair would probably invalidate the (expletive deleted) warranty.

    The problem this time is that there was a blue glow to indicate ignition, but this went out and was not replaced by the orange glow indicating the catalytic reaction. I used an air duster (via the thin plastic tube it comes with) to clean the catalyser grill and inlet port. Hey Presto, a working Wispr.
    There is an alternative and simpler method used by a friend; at the bottom of the Wispr, on the far right from the butane inlet, there is a slit about 30mm long. Blow vigourously through this and occlusions may also be blown clear.
    The faults I have had so far have been blown fuel tanks, faulty Piezo ignition units and blocked catalysers. This product has been on the market for years, yet still has considerable faults. I believe that O&B are deliberately withholding information on known faults. I also believe they are lying when making the following statement:

    “Giving our customers and our partners the kind of support they expect and deserve is all part of the promise at Oglesby & Butler. Quality products require quality service and support. It’s as simple as that.”

    The Wispr could only be defined as a ‘quality product’ if it were to work for longer than a few weeks or months. Perhaps the phrase ‘poor quality products’ would be more suitable. As far as I can tell, ignoring and lying to customers is not ‘quality service and support’; its crap and ‘it’s a simple as that.’

    • Really sorry to hear about your frustrations with these vapes Pete, but I do appreciate you sharing your experiences with them.

  • I bought one of these in Canada a week ago and it was great for a week. Now it won’t light, and no answers to my service request online and through the phone. STAY AWAY FROM THE WISPR

  • I am really thinking about buying one of these, but after reading all of these reviews im not as sure. My friend has one and it works great, i loved using it and it was the best portable vape i’ve tried. I’m just not sure if i can trust this manufacturer of the product. Has anyones had no problem at all so far?

    • Hey Jessica, yea I’ve received quite a few complaints from people about the reliability of the iolite and Wispr, it seems there are some issues with the build quality that cause some units to not last very long.

  • Hi!

    I am having some trouble that i hope you can help me with.

    I think i overfilled the butane tank so it bursted. Now whenever i fill up the tank, the butane just leaks right out the same way it came in. Is there anything to do about this, or is it just broken?

    I really hope you can help me.

    • Hey Rem,

      Sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with your unit!

      I’m not exactly sure what could be wrong, I’m not very familiar with the inner-workings of this vape, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer (Oglesby & Butler) to see if they can provide more insight than I can.

    • this happened with wispr-v1 a lot of times (we are 3 wispr users here and 2 of us had the tank problem, one did not ignite anymore).
      the main problem with v1 was, that the material gets stressed if filled in hot state (buthane is very cold). so after using it for long time, one has to wait some minutes before refilling the butane.
      in wispr-v2 the tank material was changed, it is not so transparent (opaque) but one can still see how much butane is left (after all, we did not check if the device can refilled in hot state).
      another change in v2 is, that the ignition button is easier to push (and seems to be more reliable, too).

  • Thank you for your comments. My third iolite has broken. Will not take butane just like the first two. I was lucky that the first two times it was still on warranty so I could take it to the store for the replacement. This last replacement lasted the longest and I switched to a different butane. I was thinking of trying the wispr but it sounds like a waste of time and money also. Will research this solo you all speak of. Am sad as I loved my iolite when it worked.

    • Hey sorry to hear about your troubles with the iolite :(

      If you’re looking for a new portable the Solo is great and the new Pax is excellent as well.

      Let me know if you have any questions

  • Hey
    Very nice vids here thanks for that so far.
    I have 2 very important questionts on the WISPR:

    1. Is the WISPR heating again after turning it off? Because the Iolite did that one or two times after turning it off. So u always heard the heat up after u turned it off.
    2. Can u inhalte while the wispr is heating up or is this going to be unhealthy while inhaling butane gas?

    • Hey thanks,

      The Wispr doesn’t heat up again after you turn it off like the iolite does, once you turn off the flow of gas it stays off for good.

      You can definitely take a draw while it’s heating up because the butane doesn’t flow through the heating chamber or mouthpiece. However, with some brands of butane it will release a little odor out of the side of the unit while it’s heating, and technically you could smell it while you’re taking your draw.

  • I’ve had my Wispr for about three months now using it 3-5 days out of the week since original purchase. For me it is still running without fail (knock on wood) and I love it! Thanks for the great reviews too, was very intrigued by the Puffit but now… not so much!

    • Hey Matteo,

      Awesome, thanks for posting and letting everyone know. Definitely let me know if you run into any issues with it, otherwise enjoy and vape it up!

  • I purchased a wispr online on January 1st. Used for about a month and then started having problems. By mid-February it had stopped working all together. After going through the slow replacement process which took over a month, I received a new wispr. Now it’s almost April. By the time May rolls around I began having problems again. It is now July, almost August and still no new wispr.

    • Hey Phillip,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with this vape, you’re not the first to mention an issue like this.

      In one of my more recent reviews I made sure to mention the issues some users have with this one with reliability, it’s never something I like to hear.

      Have you thought about any other vapes that are out? Got any questions about em?

      • I’ve had no luck so far obtaining a refund, in the UK this is covered by the Sales of Goods Act, and the Wispr is not fit for purpose. So far Oglesby and Butler are refusing a refund on the grounds that the original unit was not purchased from them, and the vendor I bought the original Iolite from are also refusing to refund me, as after the first 30 days responsibility lies with the manufacturer rather than the vendor.

        O&B have informed via email that the Wispr was taken off sale for three months recently to sort out performance issues with the tank and ignition system. That’s great news, but after such poor performance and terrible customer support I don’t care; I want nothing to do with O&B’s products. They show total indifference towards post sales support, and I don’t believe they care capable of supplying a reliable product.

  • That’s a good point about the shorter heating cycle. I am here once again to report on my replacement Wispr. The replacement for the original faulty unit has stopped working after 10 weeks. In just over one year I have had two faulty Iolites and two faulty Wisprs. It has taken anywhere from 2 weeks to two months to obtain replacements, I think that I’ve spent about 8 months of the year with a working product.

    I know the returns procedure and address by heart. Both Iolite and Wispr are unfit for the purpose they are sold for, since they are clearly unreliable. I wonder how long O&B will take to respond to my email and get a new Wispr out to me? Many customers might not want to return their Wispr, especially if dogs can detect the presence of miniscule traces of proscribed substances. There will also be those who just don’t bother. I suspect there are an awful lot of defective Iolites and Wisprs out there.

    • Hey Pete,

      Your experience is very concerning.

      Most of the time I direct people who ask to other vaporizers, depending on their needs, but hearing about issues like yours makes me even less likely to recommend O&B products.

      I feel bad that you’ve had to go through this!

      • Don’t feel bad, life is full of disappointment, and having a series of dodgy Iolites and Wisprs annoying but not much of a hardship. The customer support seems a little better, I had a prompt reply to my email and am waiting to hear back about a refund. I’ll still miss the Wispr, it was a good little vape when it worked.

  • had two original ioltes…loved them both until they stopped working after a year…too much residue to send back, s i ordered a whispr…2 weeks in…no ignition…so i sent it back…after 30 days with no communication they sent a replacement and this one does not work at all:( the whispr is no quieter than the original and i find the design to be bulky…the previous design was more ergonomically designed to hold & hide in your hand…so i used to be a huge iolte fan but now after $600 spent on vaporizers and i have no vaporizer and now have to spend more $$ to send this second one back…original iolite…PASS…whispr…FAIL

    • Ah damn that sux! I appreciate you posting your experiences with these vapes, it helps a lot. In one of my upcoming videos I’m going to be mentioning the feedback I’ve received about the Wispr, because you’re not the first to tell me you’ve had issues :\

      I hope everything works out for you and try to stay up!

    • Heavily resin coated bowls were a problem for me as well on two occasions. There are ways to clean the bowls, by soaking in isopropyl alcohol for an hour, then scouring the bowl steel wool and a small, flat-headed screwdriver. It does leave a few scratch marks, and takes bloody ages, but it is possible to remove resin. I’d wager that for every faulty iolite or wispr returned for replacement, there are many more that are just left in a drawer or thrown away. I’m sorry to hear about your problems and expense, as far as I’m concerned neither the iolite or wispr are fit for purpose. I also agree that the Wispr is no quieter than the Iolite, although the heating cycle seems shorter.

  • According to the manufacturor, it was a faulty piezo that caused the failure to ignite. I received my new (QC Checked!) Wispr on monday ( about three weeks after it was returned. by me to Ireland. The delay we caused by the customer support lady being on sick leave, so nothing happened for a couple of weeks or so). I was informed that standards of customer support had slipped.Hopefully Oglesby and Butler will be on the case of returned faulty merchandise. Initially that was inded the case.

    The lady who kindly phoned and emailed me to confirm that a new Wispr was on the way to me. She did make a comment on the Wispr and Iolite being prone to bugs or hitches, as they are ‘new technology’. In fact the basic design is nearly five years old.

    I feel there may be reliability issues with the Wispr, so will provide periodic updates and would welcome anyone else’s experience. I still love this little vape, but have also bought the Arizer Solo as a backup.

    • Thanks for the updates Pete and I’m really glad they sent you a replacement unit. Please do keep us updated on how it performs for you going forward.

      How are you liking the Solo?

      • In answer to your question on the Solo, it’s the best portable vape I’ve tried so far. It heats up fast, produces plenty of vapour and is simple to use. The glass on metal design means there is no taste other than the substance being vaped, and the vapour is much cooler than with the Wispr and Iolite. Battery life is good, around 3 hours on setting 3-4, and an optional mains adapter means it is possible to bypass the need to rely on the battery.

        The Wispr is a lot more discrete looking though, while the Solo look like a piece of drug paraphernalia.

  • I guess its just one of those things, and all I can do now is wait patiently. I’ve asked for a refund and am waiting for a reply, failing that I’ll use a replacement WISPR as a spare portable vape. I took the plunge and ordered the Arizer Solo today.

    I have totally lost confidence in Iolites/WISPRs, which is a shame as the WISPR is an outstanding vape when it behaves. “When it was good it was very very good, but when it was bad it was horrid” sums up my experience with both Iolite and WISPR.

  • The real issue I’ve found with both the Iolite and the WISPR is poor reliability. In the last 11 months I have had two faulty Iolites, and was generously given a WISPR in replacement. After two weeks use for a few hours a day the new WISPR will not ignite’ and has been sent back to the manufacturer Oglesby and Butler in Carlow, Ireland. Customer support at the company is good in so far as they are helpful and polite, but the speed of service is glacial. This means that I spend around three-four weeks every four months without a vaporiser, while I’m waiting for a replacement.

    When the WISPR works I find it to be ideal, a stealthy and highly effective vape. I don’t think I’ll be buying another though, I’d rather have something that works reliably

    • Hey Pete,

      I’ve heard this from a few people, can you tell me what type of butane you were using in your units?

      From what I’ve read if you don’t use the super-pure butane they recommend you may run into problems, but I myself am guilty of using the cheaper stuff.

      It could be an issue of contaminates from the lower quality butane causing the vape to fail, but I’m just speculating.

      • There are only two brands recommended by the manufacturer, Newport and Vector. I have been using Newport all along, which is supposed to have near zero impurities.

        My Wispr has been back with Oglesby and Butler for over one week, but I haven’t heard anything back from customer support. I always send faulty vapes back via insured air mail, so that I can track delivery.

        • Damn that’s a bummer man I’m sorry you gotta go through that. I may have to revise my rating of this vape if I start hearing more stories like this.

          • I too have owned both the Wispr2 and the original Iolite. It’s always had problems with ignition, it often takes 25-50 clicks to get lit. Once lit it works fine. My original unit eventually stopped igniting altogether after about a year and a half of daily use. I bought the Wispr2 hoping they’d solved this issue, but I’m finding after a few months that I’m already having to click a ridiculous amount of times to get it lit. I’ve heard that they don’t work too well at altitude, and living at 6k feet above sea level seems to present issues for the unit. I’ve emailed Iolite asking how I can get a refund on my second unit.

          • Hi Bud –

            I just bought the Iolite Wispr 2 and you should DEFINITELY change your review. It’s just awful and for the price point, a HUGE disappointment. The butane does not last long at all. The one temp burns the herb far too quickly. The ignite button almost never works. It’s ridiculously loud. Takes far longer than 30 seconds to heat. You really have to suck on that tiny straw to get a half of hit, which leads to headaches.

            As for customer service…took over a month to receive because they sent it to the wrong address. No apology and now I’ve wasted $169.

      • i have a iolite i use only clean butane 1½ year i have use clean butane, is this better in iolite? i looking after the best vaporizers on gas, normal i use on batteri, but some time i´m hike in the Wood long way from elektricy, out there only gas :)

    • mmmh i just sent mine back as it stoped workin, wonder if il get the same issues..?.. let you know…b. bristol..

  • THIS VAPE IS PERFECT FOR ME :) Me and my friends used to smoke out of a bowl, but I have recently been performing well at track, so I decided to invest in a Vape for lung preservation. In my situation, I don’t usually have a place to plug a Vape in, or even a wall outlet to charge one. My friends decided to purchase a VaporGenie, which is basically a pipe with a filter. I saw this as a piece of shit, as lighting every time you need a hit is quite annoying. I then decided to independently purchase the Wispr, and it is an amazing purchase. It is so versatile, considering how it can be recharged in seconds, it produces great vapor (which doesn’t hurt the lungs), and it heats up in around 30 seconds. One of the most appealing features of this Vape is its sneakiness. I call it my magical juice box, because someone who would see me using it is just as likely to think it is a juice box rather than anything suspicious. Now my friends who bought that stupid VaporGenie envy me. This Vape is a perfect fit for me.

    • Okay man I don’t even care that it’s been two years .
      The vapor geine is not a “piece of shit” it’s a really good decently portable vaporizer , and FYI it’s really conservative and potent it also goes around good if you teach your friends to use it effort is always rewarded and the genie delivers it’s also only costing me only 55 dollars on there website regardless for the past 4 years that I’ve had it whenever by mouth piece broke they would send me a new one for free . So let’s not be so quick to judge a good piece just because some people don’t like putting a little effort .