Dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

This is the Dr Dabber Aurora vape pen designed for use with wax and other solid concentrates.

Magnetic Connections Game Changer: Magnetic Connections (Threadless)

Biggest difference between the Aura and other pens?

The 3 main components are held together magnetically instead of screwing the pieces on and off. This is the first time I’ve seen this, and I love it.

I was worried that maybe the magnet connection would be too loose and the pieces would come apart in my pocket, or that it might be too tight-fitting and annoying to pull apart… but neither of these thoughts came to fruition.

It seems like they used the perfect magnet strength to hold the pieces together – they come apart when you want them to and they stay together when you don’t – nicely done Dr D.

Vape Pen Components Just remember to keep the connections clean and oil-free by wiping them with ISO every so often, which is no different than a pen with threads it’s just a little easier to clean with this one because of the flat surfaces.

The only part that doesn’t have a magnetic connection is the mouthpiece which is held in by the typical rubber o-ring.

Even the charging dock attaches to the battery magnetically, which is sweet but does mean that it’s proprietary (can’t use any threaded chargers as backup).

Being able to quickly open and view the atomizer is the major benefit of the magnets, it’s a pretty big time-saver if you compulsively check your coil after each hit like I do ;-)

3 Atomizers: Dual Quartz Rods, Dual Ceramic Rods & Ceramic Disc

This kit hits the spot – they give you three of the most popular and best-performing atomizers currently on the market. The coils do behave differently than some other top tier pens though, and it’s important to know why and how.

Dual Quartz Atomizer All of the chambers are lined in quartz (bottom and sides) and they’re all the same size with a max capacity a little under a half gram. However, you should never really pack any vape pen full to the brim, I usually recommend loading atomizers only about 25% to 50% full max for best performance and lowest chance of issues (splatter or clogging). So figure around .2g is realistically the most you should load at once, and a BB-sized amount is pretty much the minimum.

First you have the dual quartz rod atomizer, which we’ve seen in a few other pens but I’m sure you’re with me when I say it’s about damn time Dr D! lol

At the bottom of the chamber there are 2 quartz rods wrapped in a titanium wire coil, and honestly I think this style is the sexiest looking of them all. Actually, it’s pretty much my favorite one to use also.

Dual Ceramic Rods Next we got the dual ceramic rod atomizer, which is sort of a hybrid of two popular styles. The two ceramic rods is nothing new but placing them inside of a crystal quartz chamber is nice and not extremely common.

These don’t work like your typical ceramic wicks, they don’t get as hot and don’t really absorb your oil so they stay white longer and don’t turn dark for a while. I talk more about this in the section below as well as how to get the most vapor from it.

Then there’s the ceramic disc or ceramic halo atomizer, and this one doesn’t have any coils or rods. The wire that heats up is inside the ceramic disc which means your concentrate never really touches it. This means the only materials your wax really comes in contact with are quartz and ceramic in this one.

Ceramic Disc There are two air holes on the outside of each atomizer which channel air to those tiny holes inside the chamber, and then they added another air hole on that middle part that’s just before the mouthpiece.

All of the atomizers work differently, not only between each other but also compared to the same coils in other pens, which brings me too…

Performance: Lowww Temperature Heating

Dr Dabber’s slogan is “Less Heat. More Flavor.” and they definitely kept the theme going with the Aurora.

All of the atomizers heat your concentrate at below-average temperatures, and two main things happen when you do this…

Quartz Atomizers Flavor is the top priority at low temps, that’s the main benefit of going lower – you taste more things in your concentrate. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, because believe it or not if you don’t have access to high-grade concentrates then you might not actually want to taste everything, you know what I’m sayin?

But if you’re using the good stuff you will absolutely love how this pen performs. The flavors and aromas you get from it make it crystal clear how different this is from the Ghost.

Ok so the taste is great and everything but what’s the tradeoff? Well, it’s draw duration, or how long you need to pull from it to get a big cloud of vapor when you exhale.

To make it super simple, I consider this a “long draw” pen, meaning you kinda need to take a ~6-10 second draw to feel like you’re getting a big satisfying hit, and to blow out a nice cloud.

This is because of the super slow heating, so you just need to know what to expect. If you only pull from it for a few seconds you might feel like it’s not working to its full potential, but it’s still vaporizing your material just not fast enough to build up visible vapor. You can still feel the effects even if you don’t see any vapor, the visual part is more of a psychological thing.

Aurora The Aura battery is variable voltage with 3 heat levels, and through my testing I’ve noticed that I prefer a specific heat setting with each atomizer. I wouldn’t really consider the temps to be far apart so the differences are pretty subtle.

With the dual quartz coils I like to use the medium heat setting which is the blue light. But listen, I also learned the specific way to draw from this one because I didn’t quite get the best results at first.

This atomizer seems to perform best when you take fast, long draws. You want to pull in the air very quickly – it’ll be easy because of the free-flowing draw. If you don’t take a hard hit it’s going to affect how it tastes and also how much vapor you get.

To put it another way, breath in hard enough that you can actually hear the air rushing through the pen. If you do this you’ll get nice big clouds of smooth, tasty vapor. When I try and pull slowly on this one it just seems a little harsher and the flavor isn’t quite as pure.

Now with the dual ceramic coils I also like to use medium heat, but high heat can be cool sometimes too. These ceramic rods don’t act like most others I’ve tried so just like with the quartz I kinda recommend taking a long, fast draw for the best taste and vapor production.

Aurora Box The ceramic rod atty can usually produce the most vapor and biggest clouds, but the quartz rods aren’t far behind at all.

When using the third atomizer they include, the ceramic halo, I recommend keeping the battery on the low heat setting and taking long, slow draws. This one you should use differently than the dual rods, if you try setting the heat too high or you pull too fast your wax can start to bubble up and splatter around inside.

But when you hit it low and slow… ohhh baby is it sweet. The vapor is super smooth and comfortable, and the taste is basically as good as it gets.

The catch with the ceramic disc is that you’ll usually get less visible vapor from each hit. If you pull for 10+ seconds you’ll get vapor, but anything less than that is normally just a light wisp.

It’s all good though, it just means it’s the most discreet. You’re still gonna get the same effects because even though you can’t always see it you’re still getting invisible vapor goodness with each draw ;-)

Full Aurora Kit To Sum It All Up…

This pen is good enough and unique enough to say that I highly recommend it and think everyone would enjoy having it in their collection.

The magnets… I mean come on. The 3 atomizers… you betcha. The quartz… can’t get enough.

If I had to get super duper nitpicky, which I do cus I’m The Critic, I’d say the power button could have softer edges to make it feel more elegant and the matte black finish could be a little more durable, but that’s about it.

Stay up!

A few more pics:


  • Hi, i just wanted to ask you if you have batteries to sell for the Aurora because i don’t know why it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s something normal and i should reset it from any hide part of the vape, what do you say? When i push the start button five times to get it on, it begins blinking but not heating. I would appreciate a response. Thank you. Alberto

  • This thing is f####n awesome , never really into using concentrates , but after purchasing the Aurora and some Punxsy Punch shatter now nothing is better than dabbing. KNOCKS U ON URE ASS !!! T U … Stay stoned

  • I had never vaped and bought this pen based on a Rolling Stone best of list. Didn’t realize I needed to buy a 510 thread adapter so it would work with pre-filled catrsiges. So I pad an extra $20 for the upgrade.

    That said, I get weak sauce vape no matter which coil or heat setting I use. I assume it works better for dabs and shatter. I would give it a D grade for vape. One pull off my friend’s Vaporfi Pro showed me what a real vape cloud looks like from a cartridge.

    Live and learn, I guess. Wouldn’t recommend nor purchase any other Dr. Dabber product

  • Just got it last night. For some reason the mouthpiece that came on it won’t draw. But luckily mine came with two and the other worked fine. Deffinitley like this pen. Been hitting it since I got it and battery still goin. No charge yet. Hits nice and smooth and good flavor. All u complainers are poo butts.

  • There is nothing great about this product. No level of quality control. Don’t get me started on how expensive these things are…GARBIGE F^^k u shitty dabber! Coils and rods and ceramic and quartz rods all are s%#t GUNK UP IN LESS THAN 2 GRAMS AND STARS TO TASTE BAD THERE GOES ANOTHER 25 BUX DOWN THE HOLE. The freeking ceramic halo donut
    B.S. cracked Quartz dont do anything! Stay away

  • I am ordering two of these today and they only come with the one mouth piece! I looked and called to ask. Can you hook it up with one for each Aurora please?

  • Super new to Vape and Vape Pens does the Aurora work with the profiled cartridges like “Absolute Xtracts”….. done my research and the Aurora seems like the best…

    • It works with cartridges.. but you need a 15 dollar magnetic 510 thread from Shotty Dabber.. buy a 20 dollar low volt battery, way better buy.

  • JUSTIN!!! You are the man! Thank you to Justin for his easy fix below, and to the other people that directed me to his post.
    If you are getting blank hits, atomizer not even warm, or just look at the coils. If they don’t start turning red hot almost immediately then….
    CTRL+F key type justin
    Go past all the thank you Justins, and read his post.
    Basically, you are just pulling the magnet connection on the atomizer out a little to better the connection with the battery magnet. I pulled mine out all they way on accident, i put it back in just barely(it has a little post connected to it) Then I put the battery side on and pushed it into place for the perfect connection. It will most likely need to be done often…..Major design flaw! Dr. Dabber, how much money have you made from people replacing atomizers when all they needed was a 5 sec. fix !?!?

  • Justin’s comment below worked perfectly!
    Used my finger nail to gently pull on white part of atomizer (where battery connects side). Put it back on battery, power on and sizzle! Snap crackle pop


  • Got the flight edition… battery life bad out of the box. Dr. Dabber replaced the battery.. old atomizer doesn’t fit on new battery.. atomizer periodically has stopped working– have tried to clean, doesn’t help. This is all after about a week and 3 hours of total use.

  • I was wondering if you could smoke weed in it or just oils and if you can which end would be the best

  • So everyone that is having issues with their pen; please see the posts from Justin below! Apparently the connections in the atomizers are pushed in to far. If you take a small screw driver, tweezers any flat implement whatsoever and GENTLY pull the small round disk towards you and further out of the silicon the connection will be better and work properly. Calm down and vape on. Trust me I was pulling my hair out as well, ready to find someone to yell at for this expensive pile of shit that I just waisted my money on, when I found the post from Justin below and the anger monkeys went back to hibernation! Thank you and props to mister Justin for the easy and cheap fix.

  • I’ve had this pen for 3 weeks (so longevity of it all is still in the works for my anecdote) but do not heed poor consumer reviews. people who typically complain are the ones that dont get the same effect from their recreational habits as with this pen. the ones who will put a third of a gram or more into a chamber and TELL about the quality of the product, when a grain of rice is the recc serving, and in this guide saus max .2 (probably more accurate, rice is about a 45 minute session) they are also probably using poor quality substances (shatter works best for molding the doses into tiny balls. wax seems to gurgle and splatter and gunk it all up)

    take care of it. don’t over load it. don’t leave it on. if the walls on the OUTSIDE ARE HOT LET IT COOL DOWN YOU TWATS. and learn to understand you’re probably using it wrong if you’re having reoccurring problems with it. tens of thousands of others praise it, while non-reading, hung-ho users think it’s as tough as a rig and a torch. learn to enjoy smoking, instead of chasing your desired effect.

    this thing has revolutionized how I handle my daily routine. no torch. no rig. hardly any smell.

    • Hey man I hear ya but there is an issue with this pen. Not just user error some of use aren’t entirely stupid!

  • This pen fucking sucks!!!!! Just wasted a $100 on it. It doesn’t even hit. Switching back to my 20$ rig till I find something better

  • Hey man could you help me out maybe pm me I read this the day you posted it and bought one the next day literally. I was pumped and right fully so besides the charger having to be finagled with to work it was a beast until two weeks into it started having problems with atomizers not connecting then not working at all I am down to the dual quartz one and I rarely can get a little puff off it. Have seen on many threads you were very helpful with these types of things and was hoping you could help out. Thanks!

    • Did guy ever get back to you I’m on day four of this thing and I have the same issues. Fucking pissed!

  • The pen I purchased a couple of weeks ago is not working. I have charged it, replaced the atomizer and cleaned the pen. It still will not produce vapor. The pen is heating the concentrate but when you take a pull you get nothing.

    This is the second Aurora I have owned and didn’t have any issues with the first one. Any suggestions for getting it working or is there a way to get a replacement? Thanks!


    • nvm. I thought I was on their website. LOL I am going to go send this in an email to their support. Also, you should add a delete button to your commenting section.

  • Great pen, work fine for me. No issues straight out of the box.
    Surprised by the reviews.

  • I’ve purchased about 8 quartz heaters and three batteries, all trying to get the dam thing to just work consistently. Absolute FAILS across the board on product. two tries – that’s about all the times each heater will work. I had an even worse experience with the Boost. I’ve had three units – all have failed within a few times trying it. I even had two glass attachments break trying to get them on and off because the specs were too tights and the glass just DID NOT FIT!

    I can absolutely say without any hesitation that their products suck and fail within the first few tries, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sure, their customer service is great, but does that REALLY make up for simply not having any good products?

    I am SOOOO sick of this company and their advertised differentiating features that end up reducing the reliability and basic satisfaction of a product.

    I’m looking for a replacement. This company is NOT the right producer of quality product, I’m sorry to say.

  • A real piece of shit! I’ve bought several atomizer at 25 each, followed instructions, etc, and nothing happens! Over and over! Take it where I bought it, they just sell me more shit! Pure trash!

  • Just wanna say love it . Got the v2 pro series 7 and this br dabber is new in my collection and recommend it to other vapours

  • I had some of the same problems that others reported with the pen failing within days of buying it. I had this happen with 2 of the atomizers that came in the package. However, I had good success reaching out to customer service at Dr. Dabber. They responded to my email within hours. A few days later they sent me a replacement for the battery. I was skeptical if this would solve the problem with the atomizers since 1 of the original 3 still worked, but the other 2 did not. However, since I got the new battery, all 3 are back to working just fine. I wonder if they had a bad batch of batteries out there with so many similar issues floating around. Wish it would have worked like it was supposed to the first time, but at least they came around and got it working again.

  • My connections are not correct in some way because I can rotate it and see have nothing then it works and or partly gets its correct voltage the the battery

    • Same with me! If frustrating to find out I’m not the only one having issues I messaged dabber today hopefully they will fix the issue as it’s been a month since purchase and two weeks into the purchase I had issues and now nothing works at all one atomizer will rarely get a puff..

  • I just bought this to use with essential oils, I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Do I put the essential oil straight into it or do I need to mix it with a carrier oil? I’m a newbie, please help!!

  • Mine stop working also. I think the problem is the magnet on the battery. I played with it lightly with a sharp picker or screw driver and it started back working perfectly. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  • I am a noob to using cannabis . My neurologist suggested that I start vaping it for full benifits. I just received the Aurora in the mail today. It doesn’t explain which atomizer is the best for type of concentrate. I also kind what type of concentrates it uses.

  • First atomizer stop working within 2weeks. Second stop working in about 1week. I only use it once a day at night before sleep, don’t over load just enought for about 2-3 pulls. For $100plus pen I excepted better. Email customer support and they said because I was heavily using it? Really? Once a day and stop in 1 week? Come on!! The website advertise average atomizer life is 8-12weeks. That’s some BS!!! Stay away unless you want to pay $30 every week to replace atomizers

  • Got my first pen ever. I watched the review from the Vape Critic, in the store I decided to buy this unit! I think the salesman thought I was nuts until I told him what I was doing.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^

  • Bought mine right after they came out. Didn’t know much about any of the pens. Been smoking a lot time and have always only been a flower guy. Love the pen no issues. Super easy. The hits and draw are strange to me but I’m not used to a pen….for 100 after a few years I’d buy another if it went bad it’s worth it to me nothing lasts forever anymore. Not my main source for smoking though still have my bubbler.

  • I don’t understand how this vape has such positive reviews I have had only issues with it. It hits well is the only pro of it. I have had my pen for almost two months now and have gone through three batteries that did not heat up coil. There is a year warranty on it so that was an easy replacement. It was then working for about a week and has again stopped heating completely. It looks like oil seeps through the bottom of the chamber into the area that connects the battery which might be the problem now. I am hoping I can bring it into my local store for a refund.


  • I “was” a brand new customer first time. Referred by a friend. I was told the Dr Dabber company was local to me here in Las Vegas, great. I was told the new “Aurora” wax pen was a must have. I am a MMP and need to use only “quality” medicine and equipment.

    When I received my Aurora right away the ceramic atomizer malfunctioned. It did not turn on half the time and when it did the atomizer became so instantly hot it nuked all ofy medicine and gave me a terrible tasting burnt smoke.

    When I called the first of three times to customer service I was seriously disappointed. The girl who answered was not able to answer the simplest of questions about the atomizer. This is not the type of customer service I would expect from a self proclaimed quality pen maker.

    I was referred to a man named, “Chase” who said he would take care of all my needs. Chase sent me another replacement pen quicker than I thought. But that pen also did not work. Again, same problem. The atomizer either would not turn on or it would heat up too hot.

    I repeatedly asked Chase if I could speak to the owner and was told I could contact the owner through the same email Chase and I had been communicating through via a CC to the email. Problem is when I repeatedly asked Chase for the direct email to the owner… Chase repeatedly denied me a chance to speak to the owner. Not a very good practice, IMO. That says a lot about how the company feels about its customer.

    Buy this product at your own risk. But if you want to take advice? Buy a Candy Pen. Cheaper and better.

  • I just fixed mine and it was super easy.

    If all three of your atomizers Are not heating properly/evenly and the two dual coils are not getting red hot (like mine were not), don’t worry. It’s an easy fix. Steps on how to fix below:

    Step 1: Take your atomizer off the battery and locate the little metal disc shaped connectors at bottom of atomizer.

    Step 2: Take a small/thin eye glass repair screw driver or your finger nail works good too and slightly lift up evenly around the circumference of the disc. DO NOT LIFT HARD! You will feel and see it slightly raising.

    Step 3: When you have lifted the discs (slightly), put your atomizer back on the battery and press button. You should now see and hear the coils heating faster and evenly like they should be. You should also see them get red hot again. If this does not happen, try lifting the discs again. If the discs have been raised too much, the battery won’t snap back on…which is fine. Just take it off and put back on and you should hear/feel that snap sound again from the magnets…and try to heat again.

    Step 4: Thank me.

    And you’re welcome! :)

    I noticed my atomizers were heating only at certain positions when on the battery but with very low and inconsistent heat.. so I messed with the disc connector on the atomizer and realized they get pushed down slightly over time which causes the battery to not get the proper connection. This was my last option before sending it back but turned out that was all it needed.

    Not sure if this is something that I will need to keep adjusting but we will see. Must be a flaw in the way they are made but as long as it’s an easy adjustment, I don’t care.

    • Why would any customers who spend $100 on a “Premium Wax Pen” have to do anything of the sort?

      You sound like a company spokesperson, IMO.

      • I have the same problem with my pen. For $100plus pen not sure why I would do any of this also. What a waste. Wish I read these ‘real’ reviews beforehand. I notice the dr dabber website only posted postivetive 5stars reviews and nothing else. I know because I left a review that wasn’t a 5 star and it was never posted.

    • THANK YOU!!!
      I don’t care what none of these haters say. 2 minutes and a pair of tweezers and I’m smoking again. After weeks of frustration and emailing the company to tell them what a piece of crap it is. AHHHHHHHHMAZING! My husband is going to be so happy (and high) when I get home. :)

      I will say, pics would have been helpful as I was unsure of what I was supposed to be doing. Once i figured it out, it took literally 5-15 seconds.

    • Thanks! It worked perfectly. How many atomizers do you think they have sold because people thought they had died….Mine happened, the first night, so i knew your fix was the issue. Thanks again!

    • Justin it’s classic you use the Atomiser, I do the same thing but I approach it from the battery, perhaps you can approach it from both? Also they told me sometimes a little bit of tinfoil or the like can work, in other words you just need to improve the magnetic connection and that is the strength of it. Although you know what, I know the Vape critic, who is an absolute expert compared to me obviously, I don’t think he is quite as satisfied with these folks as I am. But I won’t speak for. My guess is they have a great idea, and all they need to do is a few simple improvements, but they seem to be putting it off a little. As people are like guy what’s another $15 for a battery, and they always seems to be having sales that draw you inTo be fair the last battery I got was a much better.And it took me a few orders before they taught me how to fix it. So I’d spend a few dollars. That said, I started sending my batteries back after a couple weeks every time, and then they taught me ha ha Ha. Yes the squeaky car does get the grease instead of using simple reason to start more often than not, unfortunately. But sodas being nice. Still, when it comes to a lot of these companies, and actually the people have been very nice to me at Dr. dabber, but their policy seems to be just ship out product instead of perfecting the product. I understand coil‘s don’t last forever, but the battery needs to be improved. By the way I also use a glass On top instead of the usual ceramic top one at my house. As that seems to work a lot better, so I took a glass connector that goes with the tube that bapexhale makes, and I put it on top of the pan and puff. Once Canada goes fully legal next year, I really think there is a lot of potential for someone to make a Vape pen that is 99% dependable for like five years, charge say $70, and the user never has to worry about anything for a long long time. Sorry but quality means a lot, and people will pay 10 extra bucks to avoid the hassle. Dictated

      • Ps if you buy this product it might be smart to invest in some very very very thin tweezers when you need to fix the magnetic connection? Although it would be better if they made it and sold it or included it themselves.

    • Don’t listen to anyone. I just fixed mine super fast and it was easy. Will post to comments how I did it. Pen works great and you’ll like it.

      • Please, the community is waiting for the fix. Do not keep us waiting any longer.

        Speak, Mr company spokesperson. Speak! Please explain why Dr Dabber is not taking care of its customers.

        • Sounds like they took perfectly good care of you, you’re just a whiny pain in the ass.

          Call your cell phone provider and ask to speak to the owner, or maybe Best Buy. See how far you get. You won’t. You’ll be connected with a liaison or customer service Rep of some kind. This is standard practice and Dr Dabber is doing the same shit.

          • Name calling doesn’t phase me and only proves my point.

            …another company spokesman. So sad.

  • Hey guys anyone else having issues with this pen? Feels like the connection to the battery isn’t consistent, many times drawing blanks for 10 seconds. My $20 G Slim pen is holding up way better in comparison of getting consistent strong draws.

  • Worst pen I ever bought I bought 1 the battery was no good store told me to get a hold of company so I needed to have a pen so I bought another pen from store it would not heat up properly I am trying to get a hold of company for them to do something for me I will let you guys know how I made out with warranty

  • If you have issues with your pen as I did. Seems everything should work but isn’t. Take tweezers. Gently remove contact from battery. Not to pull apart from wiring. Make sure contact is out far enough from the casing. Take wire cutters. Gently crimp the casing of the contact to the contact. Easily reinstall contact. Mine worked perfectly after this. I believe it is only a design flaw and needs better contact design. Something stronger. To deal with the magnet. Hope this works for you too

  • The first aurora I bought did not work at all luckily I was able to trade it out for a different one which worked perfectly…once. The ceramic halo doesn’t heat up enough and ceramic coil heats up too much on any setting instantly smoking even when it’s dry. The quarts isn’t much better. Battery life is terrible. absolutely terrible. Do NOT buy

  • I just received my Aurora yesterday. Straight out of the box 2 atomizer don’t work. Connection seems good as 1 one them works. Hoping customer service takes care of it

  • This pen sucks. Donut already broke the QDC taste like burnt ass and I ain’t paying £20.00 for a replacement atomiser. Do not buy this pen

  • I’m a super long draw kind of guy so this sounds absolutely perfect! Thanks for keeping it real and honest, will be ordering shortly.

  • Loved it, until the battery crapped out. No response on customer service. Same thing happened with Puffco Pro (2 batteries, some customer service). Lots of products out there use lithium batteries, but for some reason no one in the vape space has been able to figure out how to make a batt that lasts more than a month.

  • I guess I’m in the same boat as the folks saying that the pen didn’t work very well. It seemed ok for a few hours, but now isn’t producing vapor. The ceramic atomizer isn’t firing at all, the other ones barely produce vapor at all. I’m not looking for giant clouds, but I see and taste nothing. Battery is charged, made sure the contacts are mating up. I also agree that the magnet connections seemed like a cool idea, but they are not very secure, and it will come apart in a pocket.

    Back to the search for a decent pen…

  • Can I use disposable oil cartridges with the Aurora? I usually buy elephant extracts but would like a quality pen to go with it.

  • Just got one last week Love it except more attachments would be nice being all magnetic limits choices but other than that has honestly exceeded expectations in every other way

  • Hi I am new in using a vaporizer. I am using now since two days my a vaper but it gets really hot all the time. Is that normal?
    Thanks for your answer, al

  • I liked mine for the first 21 hours, but then it stopped firing the coils. I used it for approximately 30 hits in that time.

    The shop I bought it from was nice enough to test it and they confirmed the battery was defective. They swapped it for a new one so I’ll see if the problem recurs.

    I’ve noticed quite a few similar stories – practically brand new but it just stops working- which it leads me to question how reliable these devices will be in the long term. Dealing with warranty returns and exchanges is an undesirable outcome when I use the device for medical reasons. I need something reliable.

  • I’ve had mine for about a week now.
    Very crappy pen.

    1) 2 of the 3 atomizers sometimes do not create a connection to the body. This leaves you sucking in air without realizing it isn’t even giving you smoke.

    2) the atomizers with coils burnt up within 4 days.

    3) The last atomizer I had left, the dish, works however, when I decided to pull it out from my pen, it also pulled the magnet mechanism attacked to a single delicate wire. The whole body is now destroyed.

    4) The magnetic connections are a bit flimsy, allowing you to bend the pen when you don’t want to.

    5) The wax likes to leak out of the magnetic sides, leaving you with sticky fingers.

    I am surprised that vapecritic recommends this vape pen when it is such a bad quality pen. I would only recommend this pen if you want to lose $100.

    • I’m inclined to agree based on my initial experiences with the pen. All 3 atomizers fit differently, the donut atomizer rocked back and forth on the battery, and the worked for less than one day (21 hours) before the apparently defective battery gave up the ghost.

      The magnetic connections may seem cool, but so far it looks like they’re too flimsy/fragile for actual use.

      I’ll come back and post another comment after I test this second battery. If it dies too I’ll be swearing off Dr. Dabber products for good. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

      • Just tried the replacement battery… doesn’t work.

        Totally swearing off Dr. Dabber products now. I am never buying one of their products again.

  • Do you recommend or have a preference in choice of temperatures and atomizers for high quality medicinal grade shatter?

  • I am using oil in mine, using the dual quartz rods attachment, oil viscosity VERY thick and sticky, consistence of a thick unchewed toffee. My question is, what would I use the ceramic rods attachment for? Can I use e-cigarette liquids with the ceramic connection, I would imagine not. I would imagine I would use the ceramic disc attachment for waxes, but im a bit unsure about the ceramic rods attachment

    • Agreed. I get loads of emails from Dr. Dabber to buy their new products, but I don’t get responses from their customer service. They make great products, but they don’t care about fixing their faulty merchandise. My pen died after 2 weeks of light use. I’m still waiting after more than 5 weeks for a response from their customer service. Don’t buy!

      • I like it.
        Below is my experience.
        Concentrate makes the connecting pieces stick.
        You have to get the chamber hot.
        Trying to figure out the reason why the light turns from blue to purple. Doesn’t charge like it did when I first purcashed it, similar to an I phone charger. Have to keep moving the base ad it will eventually start charging.

  • Having major issues with this pen. Cosmetically it looks horrible after riding in my pocket for a few weeks but that’s not really the problem. I used the quartz rod atty first and it worked wonderful, but then started having issues with it heating. Figuring I had burned it out I switched to the other coil, which also had heating issues and didn’t seem to last as long.
    Lastly I started using the dish and again I’m having iheatingissues.

    The pen is fully charged ,clean, etc and when I pres the button half the time my atomizer doesn’t heat up. iWhen t does it’s not consistent and it’s only a month or so old.

    Ps. Also ddo you know what happened to Nimbus pens? I had one and it was AmAmazingly shop picked it up from doesn’t cary it anymore

  • Mine was great for a week and then stopped working, Emailed Dr dabber 4 dyas later no response, so wont be back to them and will look elsewhere

  • Really liked your review, whew you break down each section explaining such detail that I’m going to order one.

  • I just bought the aura a couple of weeks ago and I was hating the hell out of it.I looked into it and realized I probably had a faulty pen.I ended up emailing dr dabber and agreed on a bad connection from the battery.They sent me a new battery (seemed to be a second generation) and it kicks ass now!!!what a jem!!!….I suggest not using the tip,only with .2 or less.

  • How can I get one of these shotgun tips? I just bought an aura not too long ago and I found that the mouth wasn’t that great and I lost it anyway. so I’ve been just using the metal piece.more flow is better but I want the mouth piece…please help lol

  • Over priced,,, does not hold charge,,,Do not buy this pen,,, pen half the price are twice as good,,, complete garbage

  • Having issues with mine have kept it clean and only use super clean Med the light was always purple and now is green don’t know what’s up with that try looking into but my pin is failing I got it at a trade show called Champs in Las Vegas July 20th which ironically is been like 10 days and I’m having issues it’s not charging or something I don’t know I don’t know the light has stayed purple as directed now it’s Green it lights up but the coils are not heating up.

  • I have the worst luck with these pens. Quick run down. I purchased the Aurora last week. Each atomizer that I try doesn’t get hot without me making an adjustment. If you look on the bottom of the atomizer you see a silver plate. I’m having to pull that plate out a little bit so it actually makes connection with the battery. If I don’t do that the atomizer never heats up. Anyone else in the same boat??? I know this can’t just be me.

    • Also the charger itself if you look at it has the same metal plate. I had to pull that plate out a little bit this morning because the battery wasn’t making a connection.

  • You think this is better than the puffco plus? I’m split between the two. I’ve used the aurora many times and love it, but I’ve heard great things about the puffco plus. But waiting for the drops of the puffco is getting annoying since I can just buy the aurora from a local head shop.

  • Disappointed in mine.
    After packing mine hitting it and leaving it standing up overnight it leaked through the atomizer onto the battery and no longer works. Had this issue three times. Beware

    • When they say light a low temp do it. Monster clouds off the green and blue setting. I wasted a lot using full temp thinking that the reviews said it was the lowest heating pen. Make sure to clean your atomizers with ISO. And the battery. If you have goo sometimes it won’t register the power correctly. Small Dabs on low heat make this a dope portable for wax.

  • Hello, I just purchased the aurora and it stopped working within the first two days. The pen still turns on, but it does not heat the atomizer. I was wondering if there was anything you could think of as to why it’s not working

  • I am a newb with wax, I bought this because of the reviews. When the battery is low will it not work like it does on a full charge? Like a phone it works the same until the battery dies, is that not the same with this device? Can I burn out the coils? By making a newb mistake?

  • Mine rolled off of a table ONCE onto a concrete floor, seemed fine, hit great but when I went to charge it for the first time, nothing… Have you had any problems with the charger being cheaply made or did I break the battery?

  • What’s up man,

    Wanted to get the new shotgun style mouthpiece for my Dr Dabber aura pen .. Didn’t order thru you but, through another website .. Can I order from you to get that mouthpiece? Tried the official Dr Dabber link & they don’t sell it individually .. Gotta buy the whole kit .. Tried contacting there support team but, no answer yet .. Any help or referral will be greatly appreciated Thanks !! And keep up the great work ! Love the reviews

  • I have a problem with my aura heating. It’ll blink when I tried to heat it up and it’s fully charged.

  • I seem to have a problem with wax falling below the atomizers on my Aurora, especially with the Halo. I feel as though I’m wasting some product each time I load it. Any suggestions for how to alleviate this problem?

  • i trust bud that this pen is fantastic, however i’d like to echo complaints about the actual organisations operations

    i’ve called every day this week trying to get an order to be processed/shipped/corrected (at this point, i have no idea what is going on with the $115 order i created) only to receive “our business hours are 9-5! please call during those times!”. I’ve probably called 20 times during those hours over the course of the week and have never talked to anyone. I tried using their email/support form, and the person who responded totally ignored the issue and did absolutely nothing except say ‘i hope you enjoy your aurora!”…when the issue is that they can’t process and ship it. Awful company. I blame the magnets

  • Hello Everyone,

    I thought that I would chime in here after seeing similar complaints. My Aurora stopped working after about a week. Purchased additional atomizers from a local store to double check, still not working. Your best bet is to contact them through info@DrDabber.com This is how I was able to reach them and they replied within 24Hrs. They’re sending out a new battery so I’m happy in that regard. I’m posting their response to me.

    ” JUN 10, 2016 | 11:16AM EDT
    Kristin replied:

    Hey Sean!

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t able to enjoy your Aurora. It definitely sounds like it is a connection issue with the battery itself. We are more than happy to send you a replacement. Your information has been passed along to our Warehouse team. You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your battery has been dispatched. Enjoy your weekend Sean.

    **Please keep in mind that in order to be more efficient and provide better customer service, we are currently in the process of switching shipping platforms therefore there MAY be a slight delay in the package we will be sending you. We assure you this is an isolated situation. We appreciate you being part of the Dabber Family, and we hope you can bare with us through this process!

    Thanks and Regards,

    Dr. Dabber”

    Bud stay up \m/

  • I read you review after buying the aura thanks for tips on use for each atomizer it really helped me would have gladly bought through you in highnsight sorry. Wanted to see if you have info on hoe to purchase the shotgun mouth peice cant find it anywhere.thanks for your time and a spot on reveiw.

  • I really love the intelligent and thorough reviews, and value your opinion so would appreciate your objective opinion: I’m new to vaping and trying to decide between this pen and the Gravity. I can only buy one, so which would you recommend for my first time at this rodeo? THANK YOU!

    • So…I bit the bullet and bought the Gravity after reading comments about glitches with the Aurora here. I look forward to seeing what it’s like. I’ve only tried oils in dedicated pens. Thanks for this great resource at Vapecritic.

  • Good Morning- I recently purchased an Aura second-hand from a friend. I was wondering if you had the new shotgun style mouthpiece available for sale, or if you knew where they could be bought individually?

  • Just got mine yesterday. I’m very confused which wax to use in which atomizer, and which atomizer for the crumble? Can you answer me these questions kind sir?

    • Hey you can really use any type of wax in any of the atomizers, you’ll just notice slight differences in the performance with each different consistency.

      The “halo” or ceramic disc atomizer is the best for low temp hits with not a lot of visible vapor, and the other two with the dual rods produce more vapor (the quartz one giving the best flavor)

  • Had this pen two weeks, pretty much has stopped working. I loved the magnets at first too, but I believe thats the issue I’m having as charging it is giving me issue as well. Will come back after support has taken care of me, I hear their support is top notch.

      • They just closed and I have STILL not gotten back a response. I called Saturday and left a message. Monday I called two more times and filled out a service form. Tuesday another two calls and another service form. Today, called again, and an email to their info@drdabber email. Plus, a message on instagram.

        No reponses. Very upset at this point.

        • Update: Finally got a response, maybe theyre having trouble with their support page form. Recommend info@drdabber for anyone having issues. Sending out a new battery no questions asked.

          Time will tell if the Aura design really is the problem. If I have another issue I may ask about a Ghost. The quartz isnt worth calling up the warranty a second time.

          Note all this if deciding between the Ghost and Aura.

          • Update 2: Finally got my pen. Worst customer service experience I have ever had. After countless emails and phone calls, finally got in touch with someone.

            I guess their service form page was not working. info@drdabber is who finally answered me. No excuse as to why they never responded to my voicemail with my name and number, not to mention I called another 6 times.

            Then I ask for overnight shipping since I was waiting all this time just to speak with someone. I’m sure they can not do that for everyone, but my circumstance was a little different and would have appreciated that after waiting about 2 weeks just to get my issue taken care of.

            Waited another few days for shipping, upon arrival I plugged in my new battery and it works great again, for now. But I really think there is an issue with the magnets and see it happening again.

            Everyone I have spoken to has told me Dr. Dabber has had excellent history of customer service. I will say this, they were kind enough to not even bother asking for the old battery. I explained the issue and my guess is it is happening with quite a few of them.

            Dollar for dollar I’d get something from Kandy just cause it’s the same product minus the awful service and magnet issue.

            The magnets are cool, but I didn’t find myself changing atomizers as dual quartz was the best.

            The magnets on the mouthpiece were definitely convenient for refilling, but the atomizer magnets just caused me issues.

  • which is better the Aurora or the ghost . and by how much better. another question I want a good low buck e-nail kit (controller flat coil and titanium nail .thanks

    • I was in the same boat. Having the issues I ahve now, and reading the above issues, I’d say ghost. The dual quartz is MILES better in my opinion, and the magnets are cool and convenient.

      BUT the magnets seem be causing many issues, and I don’t use the other two atomizers at all. OR just wait till their next iteration and they get all the kinks out.


    I just received the new “shotgun” style mouthpiece tips and they’re awesome, check em out here.

    If you already own the Aura and you bought it through me I can hook you up with the new tip for free, just send me an email or PM me on the forum.

    • I must say iam a beginner vaper. I own a crafty and a lotus.
      I now have bought a dr. dabber witch has the same issues Jeff D. (see post above)
      This is a bummer because i have had the device for a full WEEK now. When it works its great. I just think its is strange that in the vaporizer scene you have to buy two of everything because they breakdown alot. but buying two crafty’s and two dr dabbers to keep me going is outrageous. Yes both have broken well within the warranty limit. I wrote a email to their info address three days ago but still no reply.

      What to do what to do?!?!?!
      I realize now that the newest and greatest is not all that if the product keeps breaking down.

      That all said, i would like to give Bud the Thumbs UP, Thanks for all the info. and please keep up the great work.

      • Well i am back from the shop i bought my aura from and they gave me a new one no questions asked. I was even allowed to keep one of the atomisers because i had filled it just before the unit gave out.
        So thumbs up for there return policy.

  • I purchased one, liked it. Purchased a backup. Before the backup was delivered, the first Aura (now Aurora) stopped heating the element on low. The button lost about 1/2 of its light. I figured I had a bad battery. I ordered a THIRD battery. Before it was delivered, the same problem happened to the second battery. It won’t heat on low, and the button light was funky. Both of the first 2 complete kits I purchased came with intermittent power supplies which change state when bumped or tapped lightly. The third battery came. I used it for maybe a week. Went to disconnect it from the charger, and the battery terminal in the battery stayed with the charger, making the third battery inoperative. I complained on pissedconcumerdotcom, and two others have had the same power failure.

    I now wait for Dr Dabber to decide to send me replacement units that are defective, waiting to fail in the next week or so, that is, if I don’t put the whole mess on ebay just to make it someone else’s headache.

    I have owned the Dr Dabber Ghost, and 2 lights. I still have one of the lights. No complaints.

    The Aura (now Aurora) is not of the same quality as were previous Dr. Dabber releases.

    Buyer beware.

    • Hey Jeff thanks for posting and I’m bummed to hear this. It doesn’t sound like a typical experience so I’d like to help, can you let me know how you make out with this?

  • Hi there,

    I quit smoking 2 months ago and I just discovered your website. Could you please give me some advice about the best vape pen I could use for smoking herbs only? Many thank for your help and keep on rocking!

    • Yes and the new Aurora kit actually comes with BOTH mouthpieces, the flat one and the new shotgun one.

  • So I purchased this pen about a month ago and i am absolutely in love! But my problem is,it doesn’t want to charge anymore! I tried many devices to connect the USB but no luck ;(

  • Hey, how can I tell if I have the new or the old mouthpiece? I ordered through your link but am not sure if I got the new designed mouth piece or not. Thanks!

    • The original mouthpiece is flat, the new one is round (shotgun style)

      You probably have the flat one, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with the new one

      bud [at] vapecritic [dot] com

  • Great review! I’d love to order through you! Please contact me with information on how to order :) thanks!

  • The Dr. Dabber aura pen is the best dab pen i ever owned but there is one thing I wish they would have done differently and that’s the mouthpiece

  • Hi, thanks for review!
    Decided to have a vape pen, never used them. How do you think about using Aura with dry herb (not wax or oil)? looking for best portable vape pen for dry herb in 100$ price range.

    Thanks for answer.

  • Hey bud I bought the aura when it first came or but now it won’t charge the light on the pen just blinks 4 times. Im guessing the charger is broken cuz when I first got it the light on the charger was ALWAYS green now it’s just a dim red. I emailed DD but they haven’t responded. Any thoughts?

  • I just bought the Aura. Well built but the motuhpiece sucks. It clogged within the first 3 uses. My brother bought the same pen and his mouthpiece was solid no hole in it. I should’ve probably got the galaxy.

      • I just got the new ‘shotgun’ style mouthpieces that eliminate the clogging issue and really free up the draw – shoot me an email or PM and I’ll send you one

  • have you gotten the new mouthpiece from dr dabber yet. I emailed them and they said they wont have it till the end of may.

  • I like the dr dabber ghost better you get better hits and bigger clouds plus you can attach a cartridge to it. You can’t do that with the aura and the aura flat tip is not changeable like the ghost you can go to any smoke shop and get tips, globes, and atomizer for dr dabber ghost. Dr dabber ghost ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • I have been tempted to pick this one up for a while, but am hesitant because of the long draw time. I have been using the micro g pen and the draw on that is ideal draw time. When adjusting the temp setting on this pen will that decreaae the wait for the draw time?

  • Man, I wish the Aura was as great as this review! I bought the aura 1 1/2 months ago and was super excited after reading your review and a few others. First session ever I put a small amount of wax into it and it was ok. 2nd session, same small amount. The wax was leaking out of the mouth piece, the sides and top of the atomizer chamber making the wax creep out of the opening itself! What a waste! I emailed them to ask about this, they told me I cant return since it was used. Huh? How exactly would I know there was a problem if I didnt use the damn thing? They said I was filling it too much, so I used less the next time. 3rd session wax creeps out of the mouthpiece and next thing I know I have wax on my lips like chapstick. I havent used the Aura since and got the Haze Dual 3. The Aura looks nice but performs like crap. Im cleaning and selling mine on ebay next week, wax is too expensive to waste like this.


      It’s the mouthpiece, I just put a note about it at the bottom of my review the other day, it’s causing issues for some people and not others, possibly because of slight variations in the size of the opening.

      BUT new mouthpieces are already in the works and should actually be here very soon. I’ve been testing out one that’s very similar to the new one and in my opinion it drastically imoroves the performance of the pen and eliminates the clogging issues.

      Since you bought the pen already on my recommendation I will hook you up with one of the new tips when they’re available. I think you’ll notice a big difference and I think you’ll like it.

      Stay tuned I’ll post updates to this page when they’re in!

      • Sorry just saw this after I asked the question below. Will you send tips automatically to anyone who purchased thru your link? Or only who contacts you and requests one? I did use your link to purchase the pen from DD. Thanks for the review!!

  • Hey quick question, when I order online from you guys what comes up on my debit card transactions list? I’m thinking of buying one of these

  • Thanks for review…

    Overall, which would you prefer?

    The Hypno Zero or Dr Dabber aura? I ordered my zero, but debating whether to return it and get the aura. Zero doesn’t have quartz and flavor is most important for me, but it looks like there are issues with the draw and temp on dabber. Will the quartz make a huge difference in taste? Also, are the magnetic connections worth the switch? I saw you mentioned residue and clogging issues with the air flow on the Zero…

    I’m a conservative user and want the best pen for quick hits every once in a while at home or on the go. I had a KandyPen and you could taste the metal. I’m looking for a clean + tasty draw, without a sticky mess to deal with after numerous uses.

  • Hey guys I’ve been working with Dr Dabber about the mouthpiece clogging issue and new tips with wider openings are on their way, hopefully they’ll be here within a month or so.

    If you buy this kit through me before the new tips are included, or if you already bought it, I’ll be getting extra new tips so I can send one to you, I wouldn’t leave you hangin!!

    I’ll keep posting updates on this page as I get new info

    Stay up!

  • Just got mine the other day, I am SUPER NOT IMPRESSED

    THE MOUTH PIECE CLOGS UP BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No matter what atomizer I use, what temp I use it on or how I draw from it.

    3 or 4 puffs then it is plugged up!!!


    Tried to email and to phone the phone number on the website, this was bought directly from Dr Dabber Website. no ones answers the phone, and have yet to hear a response via customer service.

    Please Help

    • Hey thanks for posting and I’m really bummed to hear that!!

      I’ve spoken to them about this and they’re currently working on an updated mouthpiece tip, but until that’s available there’s a few things I can tell you to try:

      – It happens way more when you pull slowly or try to do a mouth-to-lung hit, the mouthpiece clogs quickly if there isn’t swift airflow through the unit. Try doing direct-to-lung inhales and pull as fast as you can.
      – It seems to happen more when using dry or powdery concentrates
      – If you can find a wider mouthpiece tip that fits it this will solve the issue, I’ve actually been using the tip from my Ghost globe attachment, it fits great.

      The mouthpiece is really the weakest link but they’re definitely working on it and thank goodness it is a very easy and inexpensive part to swap out!

    • I have a quick question for you, do you keep the pen pointed down the entire time you use it? I’ve had issues with clogging too and I’ve noticed it only happens when I have the pen tilted sideways either when I’m pulling from it or right after I’m done using it. I haven’t had any issues when I just keep it pointed down.
      I’m also not sure if the type of wax has anything to do with it, I’ve only used crumble in it.
      Best of luck.

  • Bud – Just received my Aura on Saturday. The vapor is pretty good with one of my waxes, but with another wax (which is a little drier and waxier than the other) it is causing me to cough a good bit. I have used it with all three atomizers–same result with all. Is this likely because of low quality wax? Thanks.

  • I’m new to vape pens, but I think one other negative to the aura when compared to the galaxy is that because of the magnets instead of the traditional 510 threading, it’s also not compatible with the pre filled cartridges. Do you think DD will end up making a 510 thread attachment to help with the backwards compatibility?

  • Have you had any issues with the matte finish wearing down? I have read that some people who used 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean it ended up wearing off the finish and this concerns me. Also, I usually prefer a higher temperature dab because I am more concerned with effect than flavor, does this pen deliver just as potent as effect as the kandypen alternative or does the temperature not get hot enough? Can you up the temperature to a level that is comparable to the kandypen?

  • Just got it in the mail waitin on wax look and feel is awesome I love your YouTube channel very informative stay up

  • Ehhh these type of pens still don’t do it for me. Mouth piece gets clogged up quickly (even with light use) worst of all is it ruins the taste of your wax and gives me the nastiest cough after just a couple hits. Who knows what else you inhale when it’s lit. Sticking to my oil rig

  • Hey Bud! Just got one of these cuz of your recommendation. I’ve been doing a lot of research recently about titanium coil and ceramic atomizers. When heated, these elements may release toxic fumes through the vapor pen pathway. Especially materials coming from china, where Dr. Dabber pens are made. When I tested my dr dabber cermamic dish atomizer out-of-the-box, with no oil, there was a nasty odor coming from it. Not too sure what the health affects are of inhaling grade 4 titanium coil fumes. I probably should’ve researched this stuff b4 buying it but your review had me sold lol. Can you really trust the purity of products coming half-way around the world?

    • This is so ridiculous. Lots of great products are made in China and lots of bad products are made in the USA. You cannot reasonably or effectively deduce the quality of something based on its country of origin.

  • Hey man , just pick up the aura and the quartz oil is giving me a chemical smell and taste any ideas on what it can be? Thanks

    • You said this pen isn’t for oils, but I’ve several types of vape oil and I need to clarify which pen will work with which product. Please reply as I want to get started!
      1)Green Garden Gold CBD Vape Oil (30ml bottle). Specifically sold for use in a vaporizer.
      2)CannazALL “Domestic Pure” Hemp CBD Oil (1ml syringe) The directions state to simply squeeze out about 4-5 drops onto the tip of a spoon, so I’m guessing this is a bit thicker, and the company also sells e-liquids and tinctures, which I assume are ‘thinner’ products.
      3) Essential Oils: Some essential oils are beneficial when directly inhaled. Can I use “neat” essential oils in a vaporizer pen? What about essential oil that is diluted with a carrier oil such as fractonated coconut oil?

      I bought a Volcano Inferno before I knew that it wasn’t meant for the thicker CBD Oils. I love the Low temp feature of the Aura and Ghost and the “Magnet” feature of the Aura. I’d like to buy a suitable pen that would work with at least #1 & #2. I already bought a diffuser that I can use with the EOs if the vape pens aren’t suitable for EOs.
      Please let me know as soon as you can (anyone also please chime in here with your experience/use of the above products in a vape pen) if I could use any of the above products in the Aura and/or Ghost?
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank You
      4 your great, detailed reviews… most informative!

  • I bought the Aura a week or two ago…this thing is just about perfect. I use medical shatter so sounds like a perfect setup, but it draws nice and smooth, large capacity yet relatively easy to fill, and having no threads on the connections is a godsend. Only complaint I have is sometimes if I don’t load it right I get wax bubbles that seem to keep the vapor from reaching the mouthpiece, but I’m sure this is just user error. Also the colors on the LEDs are a little confusing, especially because I can get so freaking high using this thing. Overall excellent product, I’m still using the double quartz coil and haven’t tried the other two because this is just so good. I’m sure the other coils will provide interesting experiences as well. I definitely recommend for $100, if you find for less than that run, don’t walk.

  • I love this pen it’s definitely been an amazing experience. However recently I put some co2 extract into the halo ceramic and one of thedual rods and it gave a horrible disgusting tasteand smell and became unsmokeable any ideas what went wrong or was my extract just garbage it was on medium heat setting

    • Hey you mean like thin co2 oil that’s liquid at room temp? It’s really designed for solid concentrates which could explain it but it totally also be the quality of your stuff

  • Just received this pen and cautiously looked for the clogged mouth piece. I do use medical shatter so its perfect for this unit. So far no clogging whats so ever. Buds review is pretty spot on with how I feel. 9 second draw and you will be fine and the magnets are easy to keep an eye on that atomizer making sure everything is legit. Great review as always bro!

      • Hey Bud, My mouthpiece clogged while I was in Vegas the past couple days. I put it thru a lot of use and noticed my shatter is bubbling up quite a bit…its leads to bubbling into the magnet area and the mouthpiece. It cleans easy so its back up and running but do you have any suggestions as to why this happened?

  • Was wondering if you can soak the Dr dabber aura atomizers in alcohol like the kandy pen atomizers

  • hey there
    thanks for the review
    i am really interested in the Aura. I’m wondering if you think it’s really meant to be used with shatter or the gooier types of wax.
    looking at the comments, it seems like there may be trouble with crumble and concentrates with a powdery texture?
    what do you think O wise one?

    • Mark,

      I’ve used shatter as well as the softer gooey stuff and no problems at all. AFAIK, the only concentrate you want to stay away from are the very thin liquid like concentrate and dry crumble or powdery like stuff. The Aura has worked great for me.. Maybe Bud will chime in on this as well…

      • Thanks for posting Kevin, I’m very glad it’s working great for you. This issue seems to only affect some people and it also seems that the most likely cause is the type of concentrate being used, although I’m thinking it could possibly also have to do with how fast or slow you hit it – still keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more info!

      • Aha!

        This could possibly be the culprit, you got me thinking and I believe when I used crumble that’s the time I had the clogging too

        Is there a way you can test it with a waxier concentrate that’s more gooey?

    • Hey thanks for posting, I’m trying to get to the bottom of this issue because it doesn’t affect everybody, can you tell me which atomizer you’re using when this happens?

      • I have used the dual quartz rods and the ceramic rods and I have experienced issues with both of them with the concentrate getting clogged in the mouth piece

        • Ok cool thanks, next question lol, do you press the power button first and then put it to your mouth and hit it? Or do you put it to your mouth first and start hitting it before you hit the power?

          I think I’m noticing a pattern of clogging if you press the power before beginning your draw

          But let me know!

          We gotta figure it out, I’ve tested this pen a lot and sometimes I do get some buildup at the mouthpiece tip but it’s always been a tiny bit that hasn’t affected performance, so I’m trying to figure out what I’m doin different

          • I have pressed the power button and hit it at the same time and my mouth piece gets clogged. I have also tried the other way around and it still gets clogged. I have also tried to load it small but same problem occurs

  • I’m torn between getting a dr. dabber aura or a puffco pro. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the puffco but the aura is pretty new so I haven’t heard much about it yet.

  • Got one of these and love it, always buy my products based on your reviews. Sadly I lost my charger (go figure) and they don’t seem to sell chargers alone on their site, so I’m curious if I’m supposed to buy a whole new pen or what? It’s Sunday so I can’t get ahold of anyone at dr dabber

      • It’s now February the 9th, a Tuesday. After multiple calls to their hotline (1 (855) 362-3227) and multiple messages I’ve failed to speak with an actual person. I love this product, but holy shit what’s a man gotta do to get some customer service? Outsource to fucking Asia? I’ve left so many messages during there office hours of 9-5 that I could repeat their whole damn recording. It’s sad to see such a good product backed by people with ZERO fucks about the customer. You’d do good in this industry @thevapecritic make a vape pen and respond to your customers questions and comments as you do and you’ll be set. You’ve got my vote

          • I am in the same boat as Ethan. I’ve called numerous times and cannot reach anyone either. I like the pen but after spending the money I would like to see some care for the customer. Where am I supposed to go from here?

  • Hey man, love your reviews. I’m a UK vapourist but always look at your reviews for advice and recommendations. The Vape scene in the UK is still only just taking off but we’re slowly getting there. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Hi, I am fairly new to vaping and have a question about this product. Since it comes with three different chambers would it be possible to use this pen as both a wax and concentrate, and an e-juice pen?. I smoke both grass and am trying to quit smoking using an e-pen. I have not found one I like as of yet. As a noob I am not aware if the temperature settings for e-juice, and for wax and shatter are different, or if it has an effect on the flavor of both. The look and your review for this pen are great. I hope you can help me with this info. If this pen is not able to do that, is there some setup you could recommend that would function as an e-cig with one cartridge, and a wax/concentrate pen with the other?. Thanks!, love the website, very informative.

    • Hey what’s up!

      This Aura pen is really just designed for use with wax and oil concentrates, e-juice would be too thin and liquidy :(

      It’s tough to find good vapes that work well with multiple types of material, right now I still recommend getting separate pens for everything

      There are some models that can vape herb and wax very well, but the ejuice is really on its own

      There’s one 3-in-1 pen I’ve reviewed called the V2 Pro that I would consider *decent* with all materials. It has three different cartridges for herb, wax and e-liquid. Performance isn’t mind blowing with any of them but it’s not bad

      • Thanks for your reply, this is what I thought to be the case. I did own a v2 pro, and it was ok but nothing fantastic, I think I will take your suggestion and just get 2 different ones thanks!.

  • This pen is definitely one that works best and has no issues when used in the straight up and down position (vertically)

    If you keep it slightly angled it’s fine, nobody can keep it 100% vertical, but once you start getting close to a horizontal position your wax inside will start moving around because the heat thins it out and makes it more liquidy.

    This is true for pretty much all vape pens, but especially true for low heating pens like this one.

  • Hey it seems my mouth piece gets clogged before i can even get a hit. Iv had it for about a week and iv been having the same problem since day one.

    • Hey check out my response to Gumby a few comments above this one, but basically it could be:

      – using the pen horizontally, the oil will drip up to the mouthpiece, you really have to keep it vertical

      – heat is too high, try using it on low heat

      – pulling too long, try taking no longer than a 10 second draw

      – try different types of concentrates, some consistencies work better than others

  • I just got mine, had the Ghost and i am finding it a little more difficult to the the wax onto the coils with the Aura than i did with the Ghost. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated thanks in advance.


    • I feel you, the deeper atomizers are a little harder to load than shallow ones for sure.

      Try putting some wax on the very tip of a dab tool and then gently press it onto the coils, then twist and move the tool to the side wall to get the rest off.

      It’s tricky but you’ll get the hang of it, check out the animation I made on this page for a visual: https://vapecritic.com/load-pen/

      That pen is the Hypnos which doesn’t actually have a deep atomizer, but you get the idea ;-)

  • Thanks for the write up, a lot of good information here.

    I am looking for a vape pen with minimal odor. I see this pen has low heat and smaller clouds. Would the low heat produce less of an odor than I higher heat pen?

  • I’ve noticed the battery light stays on even after the Aura is fully charged.

    Anyone else notice this?

        • I’m also experiencing a lot of clogging of the mouthpiece, even when I load small <.1g dabs. I'm hitting it long & slow, on multiple heat settings. Atomizer type doesn't seem to matter as they all clog the mouthpiece after the 3rd-4th hit.

          Am I doing something wrong, Bud?

          • I can think of 4 things that might influence this:

            – hitting it too long
            – having heat too high
            – some concentrates splatter more than others
            – not keeping the pen vertical when you hit it

            Try using it on low or medium heat and don’t take longer than a 10 second draw.

            Also make sure you draw from it with the pen vertical, straight up and down, because if it’s angled your concentrate can run up the side to your mouthpiece

  • I’m just wondering how the 3 heat settings compare to the original single heat setting on the ghost. What would the ghost heat setting be equivalent to on the aura if any?

    • Hey it’s really hard to say, it’s really a totally different pen, but I can say that the three heat settings are not extremely different, and they’re all very low.

  • Hi Bud!

    Great review as usual, what do you recommend is the best: Source orb 3, Galaxy, or Aura?

    Source seems to be cheaper, so I’m leaning towards them, but what do you think? And what do you think between Orb 3 and Orb Slim?

    Looking to get my first vape pen and looking to get a quartz one. Good thing I waited this long to get one! thanks again for all the reviews!

    • Sup Jimbo!

      My my my, the choices you have ;-)

      Honestly, you cant go wrong with either of them, all 3 are the best I’ve reviewed so far, and i would mainly think about which style you like better and which one you’d want to look at every day lol

      Or better yet, get all three!

  • I am interested in Kevin’s question I’m a senior with lung cancer. I’ve read a lot about cannabis and cancer. I haven’t smoked it for over 40 years and I think that vaping concentrate in small amounts would be ideal for my condition. Do I have to worry about leaking between uses?

  • So I know this must get annoying but I am just recently making the switch from [water pipe] to vape after my buddy let me try his and it opened a whole new world to me. I have been researching to try and get the best one since this is my first one. I originally Was trying to decide between the V2 pro series 3 and the migvapor matrix leaning towards the matrix just trying to justify the price. Then i discovered the v2 pro series 7 and saw that it was better and saw this aura you speak very highly of. I can get my hands on more dry then wax/oils but I would like to get a vape that allows for the combo. You are kind of my final decision making from what you have to say because I love your reviews so any help would be great

    • Hey it’s good that you’re doing research, but listen it’s really tough to find an inexpensive vape that works well with both herbs and oil. Two questions for you, do you need the vape to be portable? And what would you say your max budget is?

  • Great review man, I really like the magnetic feature, the ceramic mouthpiece, the variable heat settings and the choice of three quality atomizers! I also like that it is more stealthy in appearance than the glossy and bright bling of the Galaxy. I really want to buy this thing!

    I’ve never used deep dish atomizers, so I’m used to loading a very small amount to finish in one session… Like The VB Dabbler.. So here’s my question: can I load like .3g to .4g and hit it over 2 days with 3 or 4 sessions? I’m worried about leaking between sessions if I pack it back up in the storage case between uses. It would be really convenient to use in that fashion…is one atomizer better than others to use as I’ve described? Would you reccomend waiting like 5 minutes or so for the oil to harden after each use before storing it on its side? I mean no one wants leakage and an oil mess between uses… Thanks..

    • Hey Kevin what’s up!

      You can absolutely use this pen like that, and any of the atomizers will fit the bill.

      You’ll normally never need to wait more than like 30 seconds for the oil to cool enough to harden, and then you can store it any way you please and it will not leak.

      Let me know how you like it!

  • I just saw this on the web and lo and behold…The Vape Critic steps up with some real info ASAP,as usual!
    I know you hate to answer the old “which is best” question,but lol..here comes one. I’m on the fence between the Kandypens Galaxy and this new Aura.
    I was thinking the galaxy because I can also use the ceramic/disc atty two make kinda two pens in one. Then this one comes along.
    So,in your experience which set up would be best if I like good clouds but about 50% of the time I kinda like/need to conserve?

    You’re doing good work Bud,stay real and STAY UP!!

    • Hey what’s up I gotchu!! ;-)

      So Aura vs Galaxy is a really tough call, but I’d say the two biggest differences to consider are how they look & feel and how long you want to be pulling from them when you take a hit.

      You really have to take long draws from the Aura to get a lot of vapor and you need to pull quickly – it still works great with shorter hits and it’s more stealthy you just won’t really see anything so some people freak out lol

      The Galaxy tastes pretty much just as clean and pure but it heats a bit faster so it produces vapor more quickly. Usually a 4-5 second pull gets me the perfect size hit with this one, which I kinda personally prefer as far as the ideal draw duration.

      The Aura has the awesome new magnetic connections and the Galaxy has the most luxurious feeling finish.

      Hope this helps a little!