Hypnos ZERO Vape Pen Review

Hypnos Zero

This is the Hypnos Zero vaporizer pen from Linx Vapor, which is the new and improved version of the first Hypnos pen I reviewed.

What’s cool and unique about this one is the new atomizer style, they’re calling it a ceramic plate and I’m diggin it, a lot.

In addition to the wickless heating element they also made improvements to the battery, mainly tweaking the 4 temperature settings and adding the 5-click lock function.

The vape pen market is moving fast and these guys are at the head of the pack with just a few other companies. Read on to find out what I like, and don’t like, about this pen.

Zero Vape Pen Small, Sleek & Discreet

I mean, just look at it. It’s easily one of the nicest looking pens I own, and also one of the most elegant feeling. The outer shell is strong, durable, precision machined, and the brushed stainless steel finish is buttery smooth.

It’s tiny too – at 10cm long it’s currently the smallest vape pen in my top picks. It’s still very easy to hold and use though, so they shrunk it in all the right places. You’ll be able to fit this pen anywhere and carrying it with you on-the-go will be a breeze.

I’m gonna give it an A in this department, and the only reason I’m not giving it an A+ is that the mouthpiece tip is clear glass and after a few sessions you can see residue start to build up inside, so this prevents it from being completely stealth.

Wickless Ceramic Plate Atomizer

I’ve never seen this style before, very interesting and innovative. They completely did away with any sort of coils, rods or discs, and now there’s this plate at the bottom of the chamber.

Zero Atomizer The only material your concentrate ever touches is ceramic, no metals. If you look closely at the pictures I took of the atomizer you’ll see how it’s constructed, the plate kinda pops up a millimeter or two in the middle and then there’s sort of a shallow dish around it.

The plate is the only part that heats up but it actually does an excellent job of vaporizing your wax down to the last drop, there’s very little reclaim with this one even in the dish part.

I’ve noticed when I use it a certain way I get better results from it – a nicer taste and bigger clouds. Instead of holding the pen completely still when you hit it try slowly rotating it a tiny bit while you draw, and holding it at a slight angle. This helps your wax continuously “coat” the ceramic plate so that it vaporizes more effectively, if you hold it still the first few seconds are great and then you can get a slightly bland/weird taste after that (sometimes).

Now the capacity of this one is not that high, you can’t fit a lot of wax in there. I’d say the max you should load for best performance is somewhere between 0.1-0.2g, a pea-sized amount.

However, it is quite efficient, and even though it doesn’t hold a lot it’ll still give you 10-20 draws from that small amount (depending on heat setting and draw duration).

Super Smooth Vapor & Big Clouds

Hypnos Atomizer Wax The Zero produces noticeably smoother vapor than most other pens, and this I feel is an important advantage because a common complaint with wax pens is hot vapor or a scratchy feeling in the throat sometimes.

For example, the other vape pens in my top picks right now include atomizers made with quartz, which can provide a slightly purer flavor but can occasionally cause the vapor to feel a little raw or scratchy when you take a big hit.

These are very subtle differences I’m talking about, but I’ve noticed a pattern in my testing of pens over time that ceramic elements generally provide the smoothest vapor and quartz elements usually provide the purest flavor.

I would still give the Zero an A in the taste department, I personally find it very pleasant and enjoyable. I really dig how comfortable the vapor is though too, that’s what draws me to it the most.

4 Temperature Settings & Great Airflow

Another unique feature of this pen (notice a pattern?) is the four (4) built-in heat settings. Most pens have 3, a couple have 8, but the Hypnos has 4.

They recalibrated the temperatures a little bit which makes it perform differently than the original Hypnos battery (better). The lowest temp now goes even lower, and the highest temp goes a little higher.

Zero Coil I personally end up using it on the highest heat level most of the time (red) because this gives you the strongest draw and most vapor, but if you’re not looking for something as intense simply start on level 1 or 2 and work your way up.

Airflow is great with the Zero just as it was with the original Hypnos. They have 4 air holes placed around the inner top edge of the chamber, and as long as you don’t load too much these holes will never get clogged.

They did change the way the screen in the mouthpiece is machined, it has a different hole pattern now and builds up reclaim in different areas. This part will occasionally feel clogged for a second when you first take a hit after it being cold, it’s caused by the little bit of wax that builds up in the mouthpiece and covers the holes. But once you heat up the chamber again it frees up in seconds, so this has never actually affected performance for me.

Industry Leading Battery Life

I did a thorough test recently with my top rated wax pens to see how long each battery can provide power for before it dies. In other words, how many hits you can get from a full charge.

When compared to the KandyPens Galaxy, Dr Dabber Aura, and SOURCE orb the Hypnos Zero provides the most usage time (nicely done!). Surprisingly, the Zero battery lasts about 25% longer than those, the ceramic plate must be designed to draw power more efficiently.

Vape Pen Components To do this test I put the battery on the highest heat setting and held the power button down for a full 15-second heating cycle. I then repeated this until the batteries were completely dead, taking short breaks every few cycles.

15 seconds is on the long end for power cycle durations, but in my testing I’m still able to get through 65 full heat cycles before it dies. This is a little over 16 minutes of total usage time, meaning the total amount of time you can engage the power.

When using a 2-amp wall adapter you can expect it to fully charge in 75-90 minutes, which is slightly above the ~60 minute average with most pens. They only include a usb cord in the box, so if you don’t have a 2A adapter to plug it into then it may take a little longer to charge.

Cleanliness Might Be The Only Drawback

Ok so here’s one of the only things I feel needs to be improved – the buildup that happens inside the mouthpiece.

This wasn’t really an issue with the original Hypnos, probably because of the very low temp heating, but the Zero is more powerful and this can cause some of your wax to splatter up into the mouthpiece during use.

Mouthpiece It doesn’t reach your mouth it just builds up inside the glass tip and also around the built-in screen.

I’m really not surprised this happens because of how short the distance is between the atomizer and the tip of the mouthpiece, but it would be cool if there was somehow a way to better prevent it from happening.

Aside from the buildup just being visible inside the tip I’ve also occasionally experienced some wax getting onto the threads of the atomizer and causing it to stick when screwing and unscrewing the mouthpiece.

Just to reiterate, this buildup issue has not affected the performance of the pen for me and is more of just an annoyance, it still works like a champ. Cleaning is simply a matter of soaking the mouthpiece in some ISO alcohol for a few mins, and I’d recommend doing this once per battery charge.

Also, I use mine almost exclusively on the highest heat setting, so if you use it on the lower settings you’ll have less splatter and less of a buildup issue.

Final Thoughts About The Zero

Linx Hypnos Zero I’m up to damn near 50 vape pens now in my collection (not counting herbal vapes) and this one really impresses me, there aren’t many companies that I consider to be on the forefront of innovation.

If you’re used to pens that have wicks or rods I think you’ll definitely notice a difference in how this one performs. I like both styles equally, it’s just unique and very cool.

Click here to buy one with free shipping from the official Linx Vapor store. Linx compensates me if you order through my referral link but it’s seriously a good pen and I greatly appreciate your support!

Stay up!


  • After paying a LOT of money for me, I bought this pen about 4 months ago. After using a normal cartridge once, it grinded down the threads and then NO CARTRIDGES would fit. After contacting customer service, they only guarantee the atomozer will fit and wont’ replace. AVOID THIS PRODUCT.

  • To fix the “stop working atomizer”
    If it doesn’t heat anymore, it is probably because the connection between battery and atomizer is no longer established.
    The trick is to push the metallic part of the atomizer which is in the bottom. I’ve pushed it gently to a side, and my atomizer was working back.

  • BUYER BEWARE. This pen is horrible. I personally never got 65 full heat cycles before my hypnos zero died and had to be recharged. The reclaim is certainly NOT minimal nor does this atomizer burn wax evenly. Both myself and a family member had my hypnos spit half of the wax up into the mouthpiece and burn our mouths. This hypnos burned about .7g of wax in total before before the atomizer burned out. Customer support said to ship it back and they would test it because it shouldn’t have gone out so quickly. They sent it back saying they don’t know what its not working and that the package contained a new hypnos zero. Definitely a zero considering this one might have made it to 1g before burning out just weeks later. The warranty expired, which i was unaware existed, and I was left with either spending $30 every 4 days with this company or having an overpriced paperweight. I have a paperweight and beef with vapecritic for the false review.

    • A mirror of my story..
      Mine NEVER WORKED!
      Didnt ever heat up enough than to melt tha wax into liquid..
      Highest setting….
      Bought new head…
      No heat right out of the box!!
      I cant get this product to work…they r not cheap either..

  • DO NOT BUY THIS PEN! I purchased one in December and it quit working today. I reached out to support and was told “The atomizer is considered a consumable and only comes with a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.“ So now after having this product for less than 90 days I have to spend another $30 to replace the atomizer. A total joke. I had longer use with no noticeable performance difference from a $40 off brand purchased from the local head shop Very disappointing!

  • Have any of the issues been corrected with this vape? I’m looking for a small pen with a bucket and decent battery life. This meets all of my criteria. However, the issues described here make me nervous.

    Can anyone provide a recent update on this vape? Would the Prism (regular or xl) be a better choice?

    Are there any others you would recommend? Thanks!

  • I had high hopes for this but just got this pen yesterday and am not satisfied with it at all. Does not give consistent vapor and once the concentrate melts off the plate and down in the groove, it no longer vapes thus wasting your material. It is not particularly easy to load, (although I can attribute that to the very melty concentrate), easier to load if you freeze it first. I also have the Pax3 and was looking for a portable vape that worked better for concentrates but the Pax 3 concentrates chamber, though not great either, works better, easier to load and clean.
    I also smelled something burning when I turned on the unit w/ no concentrate in it, so it’s not exactly “zero”.
    This unit would be improved by making the ceramic chamber glazed, for easier cleaning, and have a shallow dish shape at the bottom to hold the concentrate where the heat is.
    Also, the replacement atomizers, which you will surely need at some point, seem a bit over priced.

    • Yes it’ll work with both just remember that this isn’t a leak-proof cartridge or pod so if you’re using a thin oil you’ll need to keep the pen in a vertical position to avoid leakage (straight up and down).

      Once the oil or wax cools it usually hardens up enough where you can store the pen on its side or in your pocket and it won’t leak out.

  • I had actually made up my mind to buy one of these based on this review but now I’m looking at the Linx Ember. Any experience with that one yet or plans for a review?

  • Just a quick update that I still think this pen is one of the best, I’m bummed some of you are having problems with it but I really do receive very few complaints about this pen and about Linx in general, and I haven’t had any of my personal units fail.

  • This thing sucks. I dont like it at all. It barely produces any vapor. I sent it back to be reviewed by the company and they said there is nothing wrong with it but I know its a load of bs because it doesnt do anything but waste your money! I would suggest going with a different vape from a different company.

    • Completely agree just got the unit and im very disappointed small clouds oil disapears into an unknown area I cant see and then will not cook….the other coil is beyond useless.

  • Their customer service is the worst I’ve encountered. Mine broke on 3rd use and it took 2 months to get my refund after multiple attempts to contact them. I’d be very cautious of this company.

  • I purchased this item with lots of excitement. After checking multiple sites and different reviews I decided to give the Hypnos Zero a shot. It looked like it had what I needed and seemed like it was a quality product. Unfortunately when I received the Zero the product DID NOT WORK. There is some sort of issue that is causing the atomizer to not heat. I contacted the company and they offered to send me a new battery but the “upper management” refused to sent it expedited shipping, even after I told them I purchased this product for the sole reason of bringing it on vacation. This company does not care about making their customers happy. I highly advise finding another product so that you don’t run into the same problem as me. A company’s job is to make the customer happy. This company does not care about doing that.

    • I just got one. Doesn’t work. Battery lights up but atomizer doesn’t heat. Huge disappointment. We shall see what the company says when I contact them. Based on what others have said, I’m not expecting much.

      • OK, so I contacted them and they asked me to send a video demonstrating the issue, which I did. They then immediately shipped me a new atomizer at no cost to me. The new atomizer works! My first impression of this device is that it’s my favorite vape for max flavor and max efficiency along with sleek look and feel. The 4 temp settings give you a lot of flexibility, and the ceramic plate atomizer is really nice. I hope the device holds up and I don’t have to replace parts all the time.

  • I own 2 of the zero vape pens and my wife and I absolutely love them! The vape/air ratio is perfect and they’re easy to clean. I also own the Kandy pens elite and it sits in the drawer. We’ve used the zero vape pens for about 3 months daily and have had no problems what-so-ever. I highly recommend this vape pen, just make sure and buy direct from linx vapor.

  • Loved the pen at first but it doesn’t stand up to daily wear and tear if you plan to carry this with you on a regular basis. I never broke a mouth piece but went though 3 atomizers in 6 months (on pase for 6 a year). If you live outside the US the shipping options are terrible. If you still decide to order it don’t bother paying extra for 3 day shipping as it wont arrive on time. Its a waste of money.

    There customer service is some of the worst in the game. I was warned about this by other users before purchasing but now have had the displeasure of dealing with them personally.

    Smoking – 5 out of 5
    Longevity – 2.5 out of 5
    Customer Service – 1 out of 5

    Over all I would not recommend.

  • This thing is total trash. Atomizer won’t fire up after 4 days of use. Kept in perfect condition. Customer service doesn’t seem to want to cover it. Dont buy!

  • I own a mighty for flower and a mini nail for daily home dabbing.

    Going away soon and wanted to take my mini nail for hotel use but was thinking a wax pen would be nice on the beach!

    1st falling into the hype I wanted a PUFF CO 2 PLUS – after reading vapecritic’s review I changed my mind to the linx!!! until I read this REVIEWS!! NOW I AM LOST!! think these pens still got a while 2 do !! still in teething stage!! or do stormz and bickle need 2 make 1!!!

  • Having read the review has bought this Pen. To my country Linx does not send. Bought on EBAY. The good evaporator. But in 10 days click at heating began to appear sometimes.
    And then at a sink the torch has fallen off…
    Beautiful convenient thing, but bad quality and guarantee only at purchase LINX. Again I do not recommend to buy.
    Guarantees from Linx at me are not present. Also there is no shipment to me in the country. A useless subject.
    More shortly a bad, beautiful thing. But judging by responses and my experience quality very bad…

    • Really? Its a bad product because you use a possibly used and already broken one off Ebay? I don’t think so buddy

      • Ryan, it’s also a possibility he ordered a bunk unit. Chinese counterfeiters often duplicate great products.

        When one person buys from an unauthorized merchant, you run the risk of getting an inferior counterfeit product. When you buy from Ebay or Amazon, sometimes it’s a gamble, obviously Amazon items fulfilled by Amazon are less of a risk, but both Ebay and Amazon are not authorized Linx resellers, and the few dollars you might save buying from Ebay or Amazon, negates the warranty. Vape pens can be fickle, having a warranty is really the only way to go.

        What this person should have done was find someone he trusts outside his home country to buy it, then mail it to him, as long as it’s legal to do so of course.

        • All can be. I have not seen any external signs of a fake. But it not the first purchase and such problems were not… Fakes are on sale cheaply. And on Ebay and Amazon there are different sellers. And not all swindlers…
          But my problem not the unique. At all a fake? Or curve business LINX?

          P.S.: a problem of return to the seller does not solve a quality problem.

  • I had this pen for a good 4 months and its been good easy to use and cleaning isnt too bad just gotta be careful, i used to use daily now i use my rig more but use it at night when too lazy to get rig out only thing im seein is my battery startin to shit out it still works but def got weaker and battery dies quicker, but still workin,when i got it i used it like 5-6 seshes a day so like 3-6 hits per sesh sometimes used with my boys so i beat my battery up, if used on occasion i see this pen lasting really long, if anyone knows if u can get a non linx battery thats stronger pls lmk i had an old adaptor from an old vape so i can use on box mod but didnt work also i get problem when battery is charged but doesnt work try messing with it by unscrewing then screw on better itll work after a few tries atleast for me it does, so far it was a good investment

  • I received mine today and the atomizer doesn’t work. Not impressed. Currently waiting to hear back.

  • Hi,
    I would like to know if this vape pen is works also good for normal hash? You know the brown/almost black stuff which deforms easily in your hands like Plasticine?
    Thank you a lot,

    • Twiggy asked me to send pictures and informed me that the battery looked damaged and asked if it had gotten wet. It’s brand new. No reply after one business day.

    • first experience with a vaporizer, not sure if they are so temperamental but this one is and trying to communicate with them is difficult. offered to replace the unit then they go entirely quiet. call them and they say they will give twiggy a message. all of sudden i get an email from twiggy suggesting that i am not getting his email. Really? and now he wants to just replace the battery. i would suggest buying something else.

  • Be careful with the ceramic plate. Mine came off after a couple weeks. I mess around with it too much and am using a thick ice wax. No plate and a single ceramic dish that heats up at the bottom would be the bees knees, at least for full melt ice wax. Similar to the puffco plus. co2 oil is ok on low, but splatters a bit. Didn’t get a chance to try BHO in it.

  • couple questions please:
    do you need to unscrew the battery then screw in a charger?
    the concentrate must splatter up, do you have to scrape it back down ,do you have to keep it up right all the time?

    • Yes to the battery. I hold it upright most of the time. if you tilt it the product slides off too.

  • Is the Linx Hypnos Zero pen still your top choice in vape pens for wax? I’m currently looking to buy one and I want the best I can get. Please help, as I am not familiar with vape pens. Thank you

  • I emailed linx customer service to ask them if they could recommend an adapter that would allow their “zero” atomizer to be used with a 510 thread box mod. Their response was they were unaware of anything that existed that could do that; also advised me that using the atomizer with anything other than their battery would void the warranty.
    Am I completely off base in thinking this is rediculous?
    Anyone reading this have a solution to my problem? I made the mistake of buying the atomizer, now I’m stuck either eating 25 bucks, or shelling out another 50 for the battery and mouthpiece.
    Talk about a fucking RACKET!
    Are their any other ceramic plate atomizers on the market that are any kind of versatile?
    Buyer beware…

    • So you can’t put a refillable cartridge on it instead of wax or crumble? I have 5/10 thread cartridges and was hoping I can use them on this pen.or is it just for dab

  • I normally don’t take the time to write reviews but after viewing some of these bad reviews I figured it was my duty to write this. I have been using the Linx Hypnos Zero since June and I must say, this vaporizer is truly in a league of its own. The ceramic plate atomizer produces flavors that are out of this world. I love the 4 variable temps too. They allow me to choose low temp mode for flavor and high temp for stronger hits. I think the best part of the Linx Hypnos Zero is the cleaning. I can soak the atomizer and filter section in alcohol and use a q-tip to get remaining wax out. As far as customer service, I actually contacted the Linx Vapor customer service department with a question about my battery. I got a response the same day. In my experience, their customer service department has great follow up. I cant really speak to the issues mentioned in the review below, my experience was hassle free. My only complaint is that I wish this company would come out with a herb vaporizer. A quartz atomizer for Hypnos would be amazing too (If you guys are listening better get on that lol). My experience with these products and this company have been great so far and I hope they keep up the good work.

  • After 3 days of using the hyno zero, problems started to come up. Everytime I plug the fresh battery in, it doesn’t fire up. I keep playing around with it and realized that if I keep switching the heat setting, it will eventually fire up again. I emailed Linx immediately and they responded quickly and advised me to clean it throughly and it should solve the problem. I emailed Linx back and said it didn’t work and I suspected that it might be the battery and they agreed to send me a new battery in exchange for the old battery that I have so they can test out what’s wrong with it. I went out of my way and ship their battery back on my own expense and keep in mind this whole time I couldn’t smoke because their product was not functioning properly. I am sure all of you know how it feels when you wanna smoke but can’t. After trouble shooting it for a few days, Linx claimed that there was no problem and they advised me that it’s just dirty and clogged. 2 days after receiving the product, this vape again failed me with the same issue. I emailed Linx and they told me it has to be the cleaning problem. To prove them wrong, I decided to clean it and plug a new battery and shoot a few videos to show them that it’s for sure not the cleaning problem. However, after I sent them the videos, Linx immediately stop responding for 2 days. I demanded a refund because I do not want to deal with this shit anymore but Linx refused even when I showed them a cleaned atomizer not firing up. I will not spend a dime with Linx if I was you, unless you want to have a dispute with your bank because Linx refuses to give you a refund on their defective item. I have all of our emailed conversation as a prof and also videos of their product not working. Please be wiser than me and don’t waste your time and money.

    • Load that up on youtube. If they can’t stand behind their product, more people should be aware of their poor service.

  • I was really excited to receive my Zero over the weekend, but it shockingly broke after a single use. The atomizer no longer heats up. When Linx finally answered my support request, they say they’ll give me 30% off a new battery. I’ve never heard of a company charging the customer for their own defects in craftsmanship, but what’s more is that I already told them the battery is fine. It certainly seems like they’re trying to take advantage of their customers. Definitely beware when buying anything from Linx.

    • Today, finally, after sending my pen in and waiting a long time for a reply, Linx tells me that the atomizer was “tampered with” and they will give me 20% off a new atomizer. I’m appalled that a company with such a high reputation refuses to stand by their craftsmanship and won’t replace a defective item.

      • I finally got through to their customer service department and spoke with Edward Richardson. He told me that they would ship me new atomizer, but they won’t do it through expedited shipping and I need to pay the cost. I can’t believe a company would charge me for the replacement of their defective product. They refused to accept a return, so I’ll have to pursue a dispute through my credit card company.

        • I have the same issue. Won’t heat after only one charge and less than a week of use. I contacted them and will update.
          I’m not paying shit for shipping. I’ll do a CC push back before that.

      • That’s all I needed to hear! Thanks because I was looking into getting one. What a disappointment!!! All these complaint’s and no effort in their customer care. They wouldn’t be anything without us! They also need to remember that they make accessories for an industry that was built to help people such as medical marijuana patients. Not to capitalize off of the patients that really need their medicines and the accessory in which they favor to consume their medicine I will find a brand that will live up to their reputation and will provide great customer service experience if need be.

  • This pen is fantastic. I’ve been using the atomizer it came with on the third highest of the four temperature settings for almost four months now, cleaning it once every week or two. Flavor and vapor production are still pristine. Easily the best airflow, smoothest vapor and highest quality feel of any of the twenty some odd pens I’ve used. My only request from Linx would be to find a way to make the plate flush with the bottom of the chamber. That aside, this is still the best pen I’ve used

  • I bought the Zero a couple weeks ago to use BHO oil and I have been not impressed. I find it leaks oil through the air holes and mouth piece. I get oil in my mouth once and a while when it splashes out of chamber. I have to keep the pen vertical whenever the oil is warm and flowing. This pen is not for oils.

  • I tried one of these and I LOVED it, I immediately ordered one online. It is an AMAZING pen.

    Unfortunately, someone missed something and my box was missing the heating chamber and battery. I ordered direct from Linx and they have been helpful (They need your order number, I didn’t have mine) and, even though the problem isn’t yet resolved, I’m sure that they’ll correct the issue.

    When my friend showed me his, we went through the better part of a gram of CO2 oil with little effort over 4-5 hours. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for cancer patients or any other medicinal user who needs to maximize their consumption. To treat my cancer, I have been told I need to consume (via vape, ingestion, & tacking combined) a minimum total of 1 gram of 70% cannabinoid oil per day) and I struggle to do this.

  • Just wanted to tell you that I think your reviews are some of the best I’ve seen in any industry. Oh, and I just bought this using your affiliate link. Stay up! :-p

  • I was wondering if you have a recommendation for a dry herb vape pen? I have had chronic nerve pain for years (tough way to spend my 20s), and am going to Oregon later this week and would like to try a few CBD strains for my pain. I see you have some great concentrate vape pen recommendations, but was wondering if there’s an herbal one you can recommend? I wish I could buy a Pax 2, but since I’ll only be in Oregon for a couple weeks, it’s probably not worth it.

  • after many days looking and searching for pages to help me in my journey for a new pen your page was very helpful and descriptive of the product. I recently just ordered one from them because of your help
    Thank you so much!

  • Has anyone who has used the Hypnos Zero atomizer ever experienced the atomizer itself making a loud &annoying whistling noise through the airflow holes?

    I have had a 2nd atomizer shipped to me by the company because of this problem, and the new one they just sent me whistles just as loud! I just want to know that there are ones out there that don’t whistle before I give up on this lovely atomizer. I adore everything about it, but I just can’t stand the noise it makes.

    Please let me know!!

    • That whistle happens to mine if I just have the filter part in hand, nothing attached. It creates a little vortex when drawn through, So I think your filters have a flaw if still making sound once attached. If you are not against a little tweaking of the filter, making the holes a little bigger or changing their shape slightly with a tiny file might help.

  • Hey bud, do you know if a quarts atomizer chamber from the kandypens galaxy would fit on this hypnos battery? thanks

  • The hypnos vs the galaxy
    Most interested in performance, then price and conservation.
    I own the dabber light currently, its good for on the go
    But I’m more looking for a one stop shop kinda pen
    Keep up the great work!! best review site !!! I turn to your site for most information

  • HI Budd – do you happen to know the new temperatures that are now pre-set in this unit?

  • Just bought this after reading your review. Way better than the dr dabber light or my Accuvape stick. I am in love with this pen!! I used your link too

  • Hey man, thanks for the great review and the great site. I only started vaping and using concentrates for the first time recently when I picked up a V2 Pro Series 7. The herb cartridge works very well, but the coil cartridge (solid concentrates) and wick cartridge (“liquid”) are not especially durable or functional. I think the liquid cartridge is really designed for a pretty thin e-juice… I filled it with some syringes of CO2 oil, and it works, but not too well. I think I will continue to use the Series 7 as a dry herb pen, but get another pen dedicated to concentrates, and ideally one that can handle both solid concentrates like shatter as well as CO2 oils, the latter of which are my favorite.

    My question to you: have you tested this with CO2 oil, as well as more solid concentrates like shatter or crumble? The design seems amenable to dispensing a small amount of oil from a syringe onto the ceramic plate, and I imagine the lower temperature settings might work for these oils as well. Can you fill up the bowl with concentrate to just below the air holes, and will the design pool it all to the atomizer?

    Finally, how does this atomizer design compare to the atomizers included with the Aura, especially regarding CO2 oils? Are there other products I should look at if I’m focusing on those?

    Thanks if you’re able to help, and thanks again for the great work!

    • I’m wondering if you ever found out the answer to the Linx Hypnos Zero working well with co2 oils?

      • It does! But the chamber is very small so it’s for just a few hits at a time, and you have to keep the pen vertically to prevent leaking, but it works.

  • Wonder if making a wickless quatrz atty is possible. I still wonder if these pens produce offgassing of some sort under the heater where the battery and electronics are. This pen looks promising after seeing this. Nice review V/C. Thanks for the details bro~

  • i was waiting for this! im sold about to purchase one for myself. please never change and keep up the good honest reviews. in every other review i read, no one else brought up how the mouthpiece builds up with wax rather quick. that’s not stopping me from getting one!!! its very nice to know you’d rather be honest letting us make the decision than ignoring the important issues just to make a buck off us.

    thought you’d like to know STAY UP