PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

We’re up to the PAX 3 now guys.

PAX Vaporizer

This is the third generation vaporizer for dry herb from PAX Vapor. This model has always been one of the smallest, sleekest and best performing portable vapes you can buy, and this new version continues the tradition.

There’s only a few things that are different with V3, it’s actually a very similar vape to V2, and their size & shape are identical.

Watch my PAX vaporizer review video below for the full scoop in 6 minutes, and I also made a 3-minute cleaning video if you keep scrolling.

Overall, I’m diggin it.

It’s easy to use, convenient to carry around, and produces lots of tasty vapor from short draws. There’s a certain way you should grind your herb and pack the oven (shown in video) and when you do it’s a very consistent vape.

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UPDATE: The shiny finish shown in my original review video below is no longer the standard finish, the PAX 3 now has a matte outer shell, thank goodness!

More pix:

Pax 3 Black

Charging Contacts

PAX Oven

PAX Mouthpiece

PAX 3 Cleaning Tutorial:

PAX has consistently been on my Top Picks list of the best portable vaporizers since 2012 when the original model was first released.

Review video transcription:

It’s the PAX 3 everybody! Nice and shiny, that’s the PAX 2 on the left, and the new one is mostly the same but with some nice upgrades.

Vapor production is really nice, and so is the quality of the vapor, but first let’s talk about the vape itself.

The new one is shiny right, but I’m not diggin the outside – it scratches, fingerprints all over it, why?? I really liked the outside of the PAX 2, but most of it looks the same now.

The black PAX 3 I have was a pre-production unit which is what I based my initial thoughts off of, but the rose gold unit I’m using for this review is a final production unit.

The first area I want to show you here is the oven or the bottom part, because the inside looks just the PAX 2 except for the screen at the bottom, they made a couple of extra edges and ridges to help with airflow but it’s mostly the same.

The part that’s different is the oven lids they include now because they give you a couple of them, in addition to the standard one they give you a half pack lid to fill the oven halfway so you can use half as much herb a usual.

And now with the PAX 3 they also include a concentrate insert. I initially wrote this off as a non-functioning gimmicky piece, but I tried it for this review and even though it kinda look silly and it sticks out when you put it in the oven I was actually surprised when it performed fairly well and I had a nice little wax session with this thing, but I do think that the can that you put your wax in, the silver thing, it definitely is a little weird.

The PAX has just one button on the top, you push it and it turns the vape on, and if you hold it down for a second you can see what heat setting its on.

Now the PAX 3 actually does heat up a lot faster than the PAX 2, 3 times as fast, in 15 or 20 secs instead of 45 secs. Initially I didn’t think that the vape actually got up to temp that fast, but with this final production unit I changed my mind it actually does and it works really well.

It has four preset heat settings which are easy to change, you can do it on the vape or you can do it in the app it has now which I’ll show you later.

The top part, the mouthpiece part, you just sorta pull it out it’s that little silicone piece. They give you two but the flat one is actually the one I like and recommend, because this other one that sticks up a little bit, which most people would think actually looks more normal, it looks like the one you would wanna use, it doesn’t quite work as well, I don’t really like it as much. And I think that you’re gonna like the flat one better too

Aside from it being highly scratchable I do kinda like how it looks. The charging dock is magnetic, it sorta just attaches to the bottom of the vape with those two contacts, you plug it into the usb cable.

The PAX2 had the brushed aluminum finish and now the PAX3 has the polished finish. I’m thinkin maybe somebody needs to make cases for these like they do for cellphones, cus it seems way too delicate, it’s way too easy to scratch you can even see it in my photos and I haven’t had this vape for THAT long.

I def would have liked to have seen an improved with the oven in the PAX3, like some kinda of different situation in there with that screen cus it’s not really ideal. But I was happy to see the inclusion of the different oven lids now cus that’s cool

I’m going to load half packing right now, here’s the half pack oven lid, and I’m putting in about .2g, and then I’m using my PAX loading tool to firmly pack it down, with the PAX you need to pack it down tight to get good results with it and you need to grind fine too.

Something you don’t have to do with the PAX 3 is take a long draw, you’ll get nice clouds of vapor, nice satisfying draws by only pulling for a few seconds.
This is not extremely common, this is doable because it’s a conduction vaporizer.

The vape is pretty smart actually, it knows when and when not to heat the oven, to give you the best vapor quality and efficiency. Vapor quality overall is very good. It’s very smooth, it’s comfortable, it tastes good.

For a conduction vaporizer they really nailed the performance down. If anything id love the draw resistance to be eased up a little bit, but it’s just like that because of the design.

Otherwise, very nice performance, I’m impressed with it, and I do think it’s a slight improvement over the PAX 2.

Since the PAX is so popular companies makes accessories and stuff for them. NewVape has a bunch of them, one of the things being this water pipe adapter, which easily lets you use your PAX in any 14mm or 188mm water piece.

Some people like to vape though water to cool and condition the vapor even a little more. They make the loading tool I showed you before, this thing is a must have.

They also make a cleaning rod, which ill you in a different video, I’ll make a separate cleaning video because it’s a little involved.

They also have these aftermarket, upgraded oven lids. These things can help you boost the airflow and performance, and remember how I said grinding fine is upper important with this vape? They also make the highest quality fine grinder I’ve tried to date.

And now they got an app with the PAX 3 too. And it’s kinda cool they give you a few cool options. You can change your temperatures, they give a few different modes even. These basically let you have more control over your session or what happens when you have it on. I like the interface but the colors are a little weird, it’s easy to use though.

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  • Does the Pax3 still have a problem? I was going to maybe upgrade. Had Pax2 for over 2 yes and now use it daily…going on 6 months daily.

  • For anyone trying to get in touch with Pax Customer Support over the phone, I have their number: 1-844-334-4729

    I literally just got off the phone with them (they called me because I emailed them multiple times). So this phone number is legit as of 12/5/2019.

  • I bought my PAX 3 at least 3 years ago. Worked fine. I switched to vape and was happy but have activated my PAX again.
    Gave it a good clean. Lost my charger so I bought one online (not really official) and it works great! Still happy! And it works great after 3 years of non use!

  • Maybe I have a bad piece? The thing overheats like a mbitch. Will have to try contacting support. Their Product registration link doesn’t work. So I now have no way to register the device for warranty, Clever lol. Bought mine a week ago at a local shop.

  • Damn I wish I read the comments here before buying the pax3. Just saw some reviews, Bud’s old ones on YT too. No mention of the horrible experiences you guys had. I was being lazy and now have a stupid burning steel pipe that doesn’t do half it’s job. So disappointed.
    But hey getting a “omnivong” tomorrow, let’s see how that goes. This portable vape game isn’t fun :( tried all the major ones.

  • I use my pax 3 alot an when I charge I use my old pax 1 cable on my pax 3 charging dock an I have never had a problem..I do clean an maintenance it often an I love that on the app it now goes down to 340 degrees farenheit when it was just 360….bottom line my pax is still working like a champ an I love it…peace

  • Mi pax 3 no quiere agarrar carga titulan los pétalos pero no carga gracias por la ayuda

  • 69 year old hippie from 60’s and 70’s.. oven never heated to capacity. Just roll a joint because they just don’t care. Did everything they wanted me to do except send vedio and add app, because i don’t know how. Oven never heated up. Just roll a joint.

    • Had the same problem. you need to dowload the app on your smart phone, from there you need to change the temp of your pax3, otherwise the pax doesn’t heat up to operating temps.

  • I really appreciate the video transcript, not enough people do it and a lot don’t add captions to their videos so it can be very frustrating for some of us.

    Thank you very much.

  • Having the worst time with pax support. Bought the pax 3 kit off the official website and after two months it will not charge. First they tried blaming it on my charger and now I’m getting multiple emails with new follow up questions. They are slow playing me hoping I will just let it go instead of honoring their warranty. They will not admit their product is defective. It has been weeks and they have not offered to exchange or fix my 200$ pax pen. Please people do not buy and get stuck in this situation. From what I hear this same situation happens to most of their customers.

  • Hi Bud!
    I have just bought a PAX 3 complete kit after having my Davinci IQ stolen from my suitcase at the airport.
    I want to use it to smoke hash too. Do you have any recommendations for this use?
    Thanks a lot!

  • So i literally called and asked the pax tech suppe what kind of grind to use and he said to have it course, also he said that the material should be moist? And to not pack the oven too tight? This tech stated that he went to a pax learning school before he became a tech agent,
    Now this shit goes against everything i thought i knew? Im still not quite sure if i agree, what do you guys think?

  • My fourth Pax3 in one year has now failed, just like the other three. It worked great for a few months, then suddenly refused to charge. All four lights are still flashing after three days connected to power, meaning no charging.

    Pax support policy is to slow-roll warranty claims. No phone support, only Chat is allowed. First they blame it on my USB ports. Then they blame it on the charging cable, which they want to replace. But that doesn’t fix anything. Then they want me to return it so they can “take a look.” This process takes many weeks. Eventually they will have to replace it. Meanwhile, I’m outraged that such an expensive product is so poorly designed and that their support is so dastardly!

    There is a serious flaw in the Pax3 charging design, because it always fails after 3-4 months. Pax is dishonest because they won’t admit their problem or fix the design.

  • I’ve been using my Pax 2 for about 4 months daily. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with it. I use a relatively coarse grind and pack it tight. One oven will give about 10 hits before I cash it. By that time I’m well on my way to the 7th Heaven.

  • This thing NEVER worked correctly! Paid $300 for it a couple weeks ago and nothing…I smell hot air only. Damn thing left me stranded in Key West last weekend, my wife walked into a local head shop and bought another brand that worked right off the bat! Woohoo!! And it does oil, herb and wax. Contacted Pax to try to return but no joy. They basically don’t do returns then the senior rep Chris told me that It’s my fault. a buzz shouldn’t be so hard to achieve. Stay away from Pax 3. When I go home tonite and enjoy some smoke, I’ll look at the brand that works and comment again.

  • Got the PAX 3 after being a regular smoker for almost 10 years. I think the pax lives up to the hype. After a lil hit and trial, I now get great clouds and taste.

    A thing I learnt is to pack the oven a little more than the half and keep the half oven lid butting out a couple of millimeters. This effectively works as the pusher and vented lid combo I guess. I get nice clouds at less temperatures.

  • IMHO – Do NOT buy anything PAX!!! I purchased one 3 years ago when they were over $300 mainly because they came with a 10yr warranty. I have spent the past 5 weeks of my life, countless emails and even a phone call and they refuse to cover the $20+ in shipping costs. They sent me a replacement and IT was broken -would not, could not charge it, never used it. They would not cover the cost of me sending back their broken one. Instead, they sent me a car charger for the PAX1 which I told them twice by email and over the phone I absolutely did not want and would not use. The phone # for customer service is no longer active and they only deal with you by anonymous, form emails. You might as well smoke the warranty. Plenty of other brands out there with better features and for far less.

  • Very happy to see I am not the only HONEST customer who paid $ 300.00 and more for PAX products.

    Unit has wonderful BIO ( Built In Obsolescence ) and has very poor designs that work a for a short period of time before they make one feel like they wasted a great deal of money.
    They advertise and stress IT HAS A 10 year warranty. Which is a great selling point when considering spending so much hard earned money. It may take 2 years to finally have them honor that warranty. All the problems and issues mentioned here are exactly what I have encountered. They continually reply to my emails with tips for cleaning and caring for the PAX.
    They charger problems that we all mention are a fire hazard to our homes and safety.
    The magnets are Chinese quality and without quality magnets it is easy to lose the parts.
    And the unit CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT THEM. Very intelligent marketing and excellent
    BIO.once again.

    Been there..Done that….They are not interested in honoring the warranty. Why should they. They already have our money and who has the time or energy to DEBATE their ignorance ?

    In this case I gave them every opportunity to resolve the PROBLEMS and HONOR the warranty.

    Very – Very sad company and product.

  • Hey Bud,
    I got the Pax 3 based on your review and recommendation. It has been great to me for a couple of months until it stopped taking a charge. I have submitted multiple tickets for warranty months ago and still have not heard back even though I was under the impression that their customer service was exemplary. The automatic reply from Pax says that they would get back to me within 5 business days. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reach them?

  • Hi great review just wanting to know if I have a problem with my new pax3 with the oven lid removed it makes a rattling noise when shaken sounds like it’s comming from bottom side walls, with the oven lids on no noise, would you know if the cause is because of floating magnets in the side walls to connect with the oven lids.

  • I would NOT get another PAX, I have TWO and they are great when they work. I have had them less then six months and the power button is broken on both and I know TWO other people with the same problem..Good luck getting warranty, I have waited TWO months and they wont even issue a RTA.

  • The concentrate contraption. sux. It will work very well, BUT it is tiny, easy to lose, easy to break, and not put together very well.

  • First: I salute Pax and Ploom for making the most popular vaporizer of all time. The advantage of having a Pax vaporizer and is because it’s so popular it’s easy to get one in most local vape shops. The reliability of the Pax is outstanding. Rarely do I come across a complaint about the warranty (10 years)

    There is a $ 75 (USD) difference between the Pax 2 and Pax 3. I don’t think its worth the money to upgrade from the 2 to the 3. I feel like my Pax 2 costs $200 (USD) is more in line with $100 vape. It’s a very plain vape with few features like the IQ.

  • Hey! I bought a Summit+ Vapium vaporizer last year. I was very happy with it until it recently began having battery issues, and now it’s just an unchargeable brick, so I’m looking to get a new vape. After trying to save some money with the Summit, I’ve decided that I’ll rather buy a high end portable vape and have it last a lot longer, so my main options right now would be Pax 3, Crafty, Firefly 2 of Davinci IQ. Which one would you recommend me, knowing that my main concern is durability, since I think that all of those vapes are already amazing vapes…

    • If you are a medium to heavy user I would not recommend the crafty for any but maybe concentrate. It’s definitely a big step down from the mighty as far as reliability and battery life.

  • New Vape – Custom Instruments company is a total rip off company. The $50! fine grinder you recommended is awful. Too wide and too stiff to turn. My old metsl one is way better. After saying they would issue me a refund, made me pay for shipping again and now say since its not new I cannot get a refund!!! Their $15 screen is undersized and fell out every time and now is gone from always falling out. Their scoop tool is way overpriced and a joke for $16. Your good revie on them cost me $100 for nothing but total aggravation!!! Be careful who you are promoting and recommending cause New Vape took me for $100 I couldnt afford to lose, thanks to me trusting your recommendation.

    • Hey I’m very bummed you feel this way, you are literally the first person to ever complain about NewVape products to me and I’ve been recommending them for about 2 years now. The products they manufacture and sell are extremely good quality and well-worth the prices they ask for.

    • All those products work fine. If you did your homework you would know the screen falls out but gives way better air flow …it’s called taking care of your shit!!!The grinder is awesome…if you can’t turn it..put less material in it dumbass!!! I will agree with the scoop being overpriced. But I have all these accessories and love them except for the scoop which is basically a tamper. I just use the head of a construction screw it fits perfectly. Just because you don’t know how to keep track of a screen and don’t have a clue on how a grinder works doesn’t mean they are crap.

  • I own a PAX 3. I have not used it yet.

    Would it be best to grind my herb with the “Fine Grinder 3 inch Titanium Gray (2726)” from New Vape or
    an electric coffee bean grinder? I already own a brand new coffee bean grinder. I am not sure how
    finely ground the herb is after New Vapes’ grinder but the electric one grinds it super fine. Anyway, how
    fine should the grind be to optimize using the PAX 3?


    • Reply from PaxLabs:

      Thanks for reaching out to the PAX Pros! That’s a great question! We recommend a medium to coarse consistency for material being loaded into the oven. You do not want it to be finely ground, contrary to what some may say.

      You also will need to pack down the material firmly. If you’re loading half an oven’s worth make sure to use the half pack oven lid. You want to prevent any excess void space present in the oven, such as being loosely packed or using the regular oven lid when it’s only half full.

      Start on the third temperature setting (390-400F), and once the device is green give it a few seconds to build vapor. Follow it up with a slow and steady draw. Do not draw heavily or aggressively as this will increase air flow through the oven and cool the chamber, thus reducing the amount of vapor produced.

      • Heh heh heh, “contrary to what some may say”

        Can’t help but think they’re referring to me cus I recommend the fine grinder in my review, but I never really say that it’s required for the PAX 2 or the PAX 3, only that I prefer it. A coarse grind will work very well in both of the newer PAX models, but some people will find the vapor a little light and it doesn’t exactly feel like a hard hit.

        With all PAX models you WILL get the most vapor and the strongest performance with a fine grind, contrary to what some may say… LOL

        They probably don’t want you to because it slightly increases residue buildup in the oven and therefore more complaints from customers.

        Packing the oven tight is 100% accurate though and you MUST do that for good results.

        • I don’t agree with you my friend I have a pax 2 and I don’t even grind my flowers. ..
          I just push press them in the oven.

    • Hey I just answered your other comment but I personally find the NewVape Fine Grinder to produce the perfect consistency grind for the PAX 3.

      A coffee grinder will get your herb too fine, I wouldn’t normally recommend using that if you can avoid it.

  • I watched and read your reviews before I got my Pax 3. I have a Pax 1 and love it. I think to go from a 1 to a 3 is wonderful. It’s much easier to clean and to use. I don’t care that fingerprints get on it at all! Mine doesn’t make a noise when I shake it like yours did in the video. This was a relief to me. The only thing I wish was better on this unit is that the battery doesn’t last long if it’s cold. Since I live in Alaska, that’s a given. But other than that I love it!!!

    • The oven lid has to magnets to hold it in place. If you shake it back and forth one way it won’t make sound. It you shake it back and forth other way very vigorously you can hear the lid move back and forth. I can’t imagine a scenario why it would ever be shook vigorously like that to make sound. This should be the least of your concerns about the PAX 3.

      • >I can’t imagine a scenario why it would ever be shook vigorously
        This one of official ways from user manual of bluetooth activation.

  • PAX has extremely poor customer support and service. It took them two weeks of back and forth emails to “verify” my SN. I sent them picture of sticker box and SN printed on the PAX 3. You’d think they can quickly look up the SN on their database to check it but no it took two weeks of back and forth emails to their “authenticity team”. I honestly think they wanted me to forget to follow up so they don’t need to help me. Once they verified it was authentic, they ignored me telling them about a manufacturer defect. I sent them ultra high resolutions showing the metal was not machined smooth before black anodized coating was applied. They would not acknowledge the defect and instead replied back copy and pasting legal jargon on their warranty. They would not respond to what they thought of the images I sent them snowing manufacturer defect. They also insulted me telling me to make sure I peel the clear plastic off, prior to that I sent images and it’s clear it was peeled off. The images are so high resolution you can see dust particles and fingerprints, they probably never even looked at the images if they are telling me to peel clear shipping plastic off. They think they are perfect and it’s not possible to have a manufacturer defect. They treated me very poorly. I have a PAX 2, two PAX Era’s and a PAX 3. They didn’t want to swap out my unit with manufacturer defect to make a long time customer, advocate and early adopter happy. If they are going to go with a polished anodized finish they should make sure metal is smooth without grooves/scrapes in the metal before applying anodize finish. You can see them and feel them running fingernail over them. I probably would not care as much if this was a lower price point but for this price I expect a unit with finish done properly from factory. Also the PAX 3 is not worth the upgrade if you have a PAX 2. The app to control temp settings needs a lot of work and the concentrate oven is quirky. You are better off with a Davinci IQ for dry material and a LINX vape pen for concentrates. I’m so thrown off with how I was treated that they will never get another cent of my money. I am so upset with them I tossed my PAX Era’s in the garbage as I no longer will buy the PAX Era pods to support them. I sent them emails every few days for last week and am being brushed off and ignored. They obviously don’t take pride in their products or making sure customers are happy. I’ll post an update if anything changes but won’t hold my breath based on interaction I’ve had with them so far.

  • Pax 3 Rocks
    1. Very Mobile
    2. Works well on small amounts = saving $
    3. I don’t care about vape clouds who does seriously ?? Long as objective is reached. I prefer discrete in public placed while baking.
    4. the after market 3D base plate is good mod Pax should do this standard for the price or a free upgrade for people who have already purchased as the standard plate is no where near as good or robust.

  • Hey bud! I think I heard you mention the screen on the 3 were a little different? Do they fit in the pax 2?

  • Hey I’m having a hard time deciding on getting the pax 3 or the crafty, I currently have the pax 1 so I guess I just wanna know if the craftys flavor is much better then the pax 3 even with using the flavor mode on the app, since that’s what I’m really concerned about

  • What are your thoughts on the Pax pusher/vented lid? The pusher seems a bit superfluous since it now comes with the “half-pack” option. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this review and your comparison video! In the video with the IQ and Pax 2, you said it had a rattle when you shook the Pax 3. Does the final production unit still have this product for the 3s?

  • Hi. Never owned a vaporizer before and was choosing between the DaVinci IQ and the Pax 3… I won’t be sharing this with people and be just myself so which one would be better to use..just a few hits and or is there a better one other than these two for just a couple draws.

      • After reading a comment from a iq user and hearing about the unit getting very hot and the flavour chamber compartment snapping off, I think I’ll wait a bit before buying a portable vape. Was going to buy the DaVinci iq for the quality of vapor, draw resistance and it being sealed better as to keep it from smelling, but might go with the pax 2.

  • Great video as always! Would love to see a cleaning video for the Pax 3. Never owned a Pax vaporizer myself, so it’d be much appreciated!

  • I have a pax 2 that I am selling for sure in order to buy either a pax 3 or the davinci IQ. I use my vaporizer daily but don’t care to carry around an extra battery while I go about my daily routine… Which device would you say lasts longer off of one charge? Also, how complicated is it to do a thorough cleaning on the davinci IQ? Cleaning the pax 2 through one straigh pipe and herb chamber was never too much of a hassle, so I’d like to know from experience how much wax collects around the herb chamber and the mouth piece. And would you say the smoke quality of the IQ is really that much better than the pax 3?

  • Awesome post as awlays, Bud!
    I bought the PAX2 last year based on your review and recommendation and I LOVE it. I would consider upgrading to the PAX 3 simply for the half-pack lid because I like to vape small product quantities at a time. Pack sells the Half Pack Oven Lid separately and I wonder if it will fit on my PAX2?

    • Yes the half pack PAX 3 lid will fit a PAX 2 as they are basically identical except for the gloss finish on the 3.

  • Hi, Bud!

    I really appreciate all of your reviews! I am a medical patient relatively new to vaping and am having a really hard time deciding between the Pax 3 and FF2. My requirements are that it is portable, creates excellent tasting vapor, has temperature control and is low maintenance and easy to clean. Having a concentrate option is a bonus.

    The FF2 seems great for my needs, however some of the things I am weary about are the long pull time, learning curve and the numerous bad reviews. As for the Pax 3, I’m not crazy about the metal chamber, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    I would really appreciate your advice and I am open to other options as well :)

    Sidebar: do you have to grind fine and pack tight for the Pax 3? Or will it work well with lose and course?

    Thank you!

  • Great review, Bud. Looking forward to the more detailed follow up vids.

    At this time I will pass on the PAX3, I really like the PAX2, it was my go to vape for a year (along with my old friend MFLB), but I recently the FF2 is my go to vape now (still experimenting with the Davinci IQ – but I’m waiting for an good half bowl solution). The ‘ease of cleaning’ is a big thing with me :)

    • I have the firefly2, it hasn’t been the best experience for me. The pull seems to weaken as I use it.. am I suppose to have course grind rather than the fine grind? & is the app suppose to be left open on my phone in order to get the most experience out of it? I’ll use it for a good 30 minutes and it will be HOT. Ive learned to press for a few seconds and let go while pulling vape, but some reason it’s still not doing much.. I ended up going back to my arizer solo and I am debating about keepin the FF2

      • Definitely want a coarse grind with the FF2! Bud posted some great tips on his FF2 review page, I’d recommend taking a look at that video as the vape requires some pretty specific techniques to get the most out of it.

    • I own a Pax 2 as well, and modified the oven area by going to purchased a vented oven lid with the pusher, which I think is better than the pax half pack lid that the pax 3 comes with, because of the adjustable pusher! Also purchased the waffled bottom screen for increased airflow made my pax 2 vape massive clouds! These Mods will cost around $40.00

  • Is it a neccesary upgrade from the pax 2 to the pax 3, also how good is the concentrate for the pax 3?

    • Nah I wouldn’t say you have to upgrade, the wax can is just OK, it works good but the design of it isn’t very user friendly, it could use some improvements.

    • If you’re diggin your original model you’ll definitely dig the new one, it works better and has less problems!

      • I have 2 new pax 3, one died in 2 months the other still functioning…ive tried to get a customer service rep to answer my request NOTHING…also it gets so hot you can’t hold it . Terrible choice

      • I’ve had great customer service. My Pax 2 had an issue. I contacted Pax and they emailed a prepaid shipping label. A few days later they sent me a brand new vape along with some goodies for my troubles.

        • Pax 3 customer service is Ghost and i am a Verified retailer who bought them from a verified distributor. I have even shook the hand of the CEO. The cartridge is garbage and breaks easily. I may do away with the pax if someone don’t contact me soon!!!