Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder Review

Brilliant Cut Grinder

This beautiful block of aluminum is the Brilliant Cut Grinder made by Grinders For Life, and it’s been my #1 go-to piece since it came out in early 2019. It’s my all-time favorite, bar none.

I’ve reviewed vaporizers for ten years now, and let me tell ya, I’ve never been blown away by a new grinder release. I mean, even being blown away by vapes themselves is rare, but with grinders it’s like unicorns and leprechauns. Almost never happens.

Grinders For Life

I’ve owned them all, and still have most of these herb grinders – Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, NewVape, SLX, Lift, The Ripper – to name some of the more popular ones.

From the very beginning, over a decade ago, Space Case was my #1 go-to grinder every day. Over the years a few of the other brands made a couple of models that I took a liking to, and they would be in my regular rotation for a while, but if push came to shove I was still choosing my SC first.

Then these guys released this Brilliant Cut Grinder and as soon as I got one in my hands it was lights out, it was even better than anticipated.

BCG Grinder

If you care about the smoothness of your grinder, if you care about high build quality and extreme precision engineering, you will love this grinder as much as I do.

First of all, without even going into how well it functions yet, look at how sexy this thing is. Without hesitation, the nicest looking grinder I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

We named it “Brilliant Cut” after the pattern on the grinder’s top and bottom, similar to the cut used on diamonds and gems in jewelry!

BCG Medium Plate

Sure it’s looks great, but it feels even better. “Like Butter” is the first thought that comes to mind.

Yes, there are cheaper grinders out there if you only wanna spend 10 bucks, but it is my honest opinion that you absolutely get what you pay for with herb grinders.

The cheap ones don’t feel as good, they don’t look as nice, and you’ll notice this every single time you pick them up. Think about how often you use your grinder, pretty much every time you vape right? Treat yo’self!

Seriously, a really nice grinder is possibly one of the best investments that can be made in the 420 world.

BCG Herb Chamber

So here’s the next very cool thing about the Brilliant Cut grinder, they offer it with 3 different grinding plates: Fine (smallest holes), Medium, and Coarse (largest holes).

The grind plate is the middle piece where you load up your herb before grinding, and the different size holes will determine how small your herb pieces are after being ground up.

You can buy it with just one plate if you only need one size, or you can order the bundle which includes all 3 plates.

If you need to save some cash and only want to get one plate I would highly recommend getting the Medium plate, it’s versatile enough to be used with any vaporizer as well as for rolling up joints.

Herb Grind Consistency

This is a slightly advanced topic, but one exception to this rule would be if you exclusively use “conduction” vaporizers like the PAX or DaVinci IQ. These vapes, because of their heating style, tend to give you the best performance when your dry herb is ground up very fine.

On the flip side, if you strictly use vaporizers with very large chambers, say for example the Volcano or the Plenty, you don’t really want to fill them up all the time with finely ground dry herb, you would blow through it too fast. In these cases I would actually recommend the Coarse plate which gives you the largest particles of ground herb.

All that being said, if you’re not sure what to get or if you use a wide variety of vaporizers, go with the Medium plate if you don’t want to buy the whole bundle. The grind consistency you get from the Medium plate will work great with any vaporizer, even the models mentioned above, and it’ll still be good for rolling as well.

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