Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

Grasshopper Ah yes, the Grasshopper vaporizer, the elusive portable vape pen for dry herb.

As a truly portable vaporizer I personally feel it has its limitations, I can only tolerate it at low temperatures while using that silicone protector thing (which I really don’t like).

The tip of the vape gets hot very quickly for me, and the vapor itself feels pretty hot as well since it’s being formed so close to your mouth. Many people still like this vape a lot though and don’t feel the same way I do about the heat.

Stay up!

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  • these guys are a joke. warranty is a useless come-on. they’re probably under capitalized and poorly managed; definitely poorly managed. too bad, the unit i really like when it works and i keep waiting for a rival to come up with something similar and as suave but not happened yet. yeah, i’ve been waiting a year for warranty repair and recently they had me send it in then told me it would be until next year . . . buyer beware – don’t do it.

  • I bought and paid for a variety of items April 6, 2019. They were having problems with delivery on the batteries and asked me to wait until the fall. I agreed trying not to be difficult. Got some batteries which were defective and I was told to throw them out as they were a fire hazard. I was asked to be patient. I agreed again. Now it’s September 2020 and I have still not received my order. Visa and PayPal say it’s too late to make a claim, so now I am out $176.09 USD. Oh Yeah, and when I emailed custom support. I was asked to be patient because of Covid 19. Now I have received a bulletin to my email address telling that the batteries are ready. Where’s my order guys???!!!

  • I’ve been waiting a year for a warranty repair, and, today, I am being told again, that I have to wait at least another 4 months.

    Do NOT buy this unit with any expectation of any form of warranty repair.

    Only buy it, if, when it breaks (and it will), you don’t mind being jerked around with no warranty repair.

  • Unfortunately, I own THREE grasshopper vapes. I know, I know … why read a comment from anyone that stupid.

    To avoid being similarly stupid, AVOID this vape pen completely. At no time have all of them worked. Their customer services is nearly non existent. I’ve had two of them in for repairs for roughly 6 MONTHS while they’ve been making excuses. They now tell me it’ll be another month or two.

    All of this while they’re sending me emails touting their NEW vape pen. Seriously. In fact, rather than fix the one they now have had for months (and I now don’t even know if either of the other two I own are working … and don’t care … I’ve moved on to an Arizer Argo that ALWAYS WORKS GREAT) they tried to get me to accept a modest discount on a NEW one !!!
    Avoid Grasshopper at all costs. I made the mistake of buying in early (via their Kickstarter) and have regretted it to the tune of hundreds of wasted dollars.

  • This company is fraudulent.
    My device failed and I shipped it in for warranty. Nearly 1 and a half years later they are still making excuses as to why my device hasn’t been repaired and shipped out. The worst thing is, you are welcome to buy as many new units as you want and have them shipped out immediately; nope, not the broken one you already own. They even emailed advertising a brand new 65 watt unit I’ve still heard nothing else about, and you can put down a deposit for one.
    This company is screwing people, but they will pay for it.

  • Well well well…

    Notice on the Grasshopper website informs that there has been a fire at their facility.

    Obviously I don’t possess the sufficient facts to come to any concrete conclusions. This notwithstanding, I call bullshit. My guess is that they’ve gotten so far in over their heads with warranty backlogs and other assorted clusterfucks, that they’ve decided to pull the pin and ‘organise’ the fire in an attempt to claim insurance. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online testimonials outlining people’s experiences with faulty units and poor warranty turnaround. I too, am a member of the Grasshopper waiting game club, and can attest to their ineptitude.

    I’d be VERY surprised if any Grasshopper customers receive repaired units, replacement parts or refunds from this point forward. Having said this, I’d very much like to be proven wrong.

    If anybody knows where to obtain a replacement battery, please reply here with details. I’d like to get my hands on one in a last ditch effort to get my unit to work properly again. They’ve been out of battery stock for what seems like forever. They were recently re-stocked, but now that the fire notice has been posted on the website, the cart function in the online shop has been disabled. I can only find one third party seller with replacement batteries in stock. It’s based in Germany, and getting one shipped to Australia will cost me approx. $100AUD, which is not an amount of money I’m willing to invest in a product as fraught as the Grasshopper.

    I reckon these guys will be laying low for quite some time. Soooooo many pissed off customers.

  • Bought my Grasshopper (preordered) in 2015 when they first came out… used it till it gave up the ghost in 2017… finally sent it in last month under Warranty two weeks later it’s back in service like a pro… also thanks to hopper labs for including a new type 2 battery next purchase is the charging station with three batteries…

  • Do not buy the grasshopper this is the absolute worst Vaporizer Company on the planet they had my vaporizer for over a year then stated they lost it and refused to give me back my money for the case I pre-ordered or the battery charger I pre-ordered or the actual grasshopper so I’m out over 500 maybe $600 because of this company do not trust grasshopper they’re awful people I’m starting to think this is a Ponzi scheme the way Everybody’s Talkin about these devices

  • Every month I ask what is the progress and every month, they tell me 1-3 months. How is there not a law regarding how long before a company returns a product or money.

  • I’m on my 9th grasshopper body this is by far the biggest waste of money ever, please do not buy this vape there are so many other options like crafty and mighty or even the dynavap but this is Complete carbage you may as well get you 200£and set it on fire.

  • Dear, please do not make the same mistake as me.
    IS A GOTCHA!!!
    I bought vaporizers, chargers and accessories, they had a useful life of 1 month and, they have been in Technical Service for 1 year.
    The company is NOT responsible for its products, does not deliver answers, does not reimburse and there is NO true guarantee.

    I hope my experience can help that this SCAM, does not keep happening.
    They work with our money.

    A greeting.

  • I’ve had to send mine in for repair 2 times in about 3 years. Took a month to get back one time. But when you consider that all the other vaporizers are shit, don’t give good hits, and more often than not break within a week and do not have a real warranty, then what are options? This has been going strong for a long time now. I’ve known people to buy 5 different high end vapes and they were all garbage right out of the box. Manufacturers sent broken replacements to fix them. They also died again right after the manufacturer felt no more obligation to fix or replace. Might not be the best company cause they are small. But they make the best product. I dare anyone to find a better portable vape that can vape this well.

  • Don’t buy, it’s a scam! I’ve had 4 units…2 died on me and they have been ‘’in line’’ for repair for over 7 months. Buy anything else – they are unreliable and the warranty is effectively a lie

  • DON’t BUY Grasshopper from Hopper labs. This product is good looking but it’s a PIECE OF CRAP. Mine has been in Colorado for repair for 9 of the last 24 months. Needed to be serviced three times in the first 6 months.Go to their Facebook page to see how frustrated are their customers.

  • Review date: JANUARY 2019
    Orignial purchase: MAY 2017
    First Failure: JANUARY 2018
    Returned: MARCH 2018
    Repaired: DECEMBER 2018
    Battery: GHB2

    Device had failed to heat and indicate heating LEDs.
    Upon repair/return device heats and hits.
    *Remember to keep mouthpiece clean.
    **Recommend to loosely pack chamber. this is a private device; four gentle long hits per chamber, maybe five.
    ***Recommend start at low, experience terps, CMINTM!

    Since manufacturer’s repair it heats well.
    The temperature range is precise.
    Currently satisfied with perfomance.

  • The grasshopper vape pen by Hopper Labs is a piece of junk and their lifetime warranty is worthless. The original device I received was defective, so Hopper Labs sent me a 2nd device that was also defective. Both devices got so hot that they burned my fingers when I picked them up (the 30 second auto-off feature did not work on either device). They have had my device since April 2018 (today is January 2, 2019). I have contacted them 13 times since returning the device in April 2018. Oftentimes they do not respond to my status request and several times they’ve said they’ll “return a functioning device in 2 weeks to 1 month.” The owners of Hopper Labs are crooks.

    I purchased their vape 6 months ago and NEVER received it. Their replies to my repeating emails are always stalling for more time, assuring everything is right, just a small delay.
    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

  • I placed an order July 14th 2018
    Three months ago. My credit card was charged right away for 265.00 and have still not received my product. No phone number is available to call them and they don’t respond to email inquires. I read on their website that they have a manufacturing flaw issue and orders are behind but knowing that why take your money? Customer service is non existent. I’ve contacted my cc company to deal with them.

  • I purchased a Grasshopper vape and used it intermittently for about 6 months and it stopped charging. I contacted them on May 18 and was told it was a battery issue, so I purchased two new batteries for $14 from them. On May 21 they told me “After reviewing your request we will need you to send your unit in for service. Please see messages for shipping address and additional instructions”. I shipped it back and it was received by them on June 1, 2018. As of today, October 5, 2018 I have not received it back. If I ask about it I am told 10-20 days and again more than a month goes by with no response and no vape. I had previously purchased the Pax2 for me, the Pax3 for my wife and we both have the Pax ERA for travel. We both had charging issues with the 2 & 3 and Pax was fantastic and replaced both within a week. And my Pax2 was over 3 years old. Hopper Labs need to learn what service means. At this point I don’t want it back, I want a refund, but they do not respond to those requests. I am sick of contacting them and want everyone to know DO NOT BUY a GRASSHOPPER. If it stops working you are screwed.

  • This is a half decent vape….. If it actually worked!
    I barely use it and it has broken 6+ times now.
    I can’t be bothered sending back anymore.

    My initial order took over 1 year to ship when I was initially told it would take 2 months.

    I preordered a stainless steel case maybe 2 years ago. Still waiting on this.

    The efficiency is good, but boy is is harsh.
    I’ve already had 2 batteries die on me too.

    Once they sort out all these failure issues and blatant lying on shipping times…. Then I might actually be able to recommend this vape.

    • Yea I love using it with my bong. Produces great vapor way better than water filtration type vapes. Hope it lasts awhile but after these reviews I don’t have my hopes up

  • I wanted so badly for this company and product to match the initial hype that was generating during their IndieGoGo campaign. But I no longer can recommend anyone getting anything from them. I got mine back in May 2017 and it worked great for about 6-8 months until I had an issue with the charger. I sent it in and they replaced the charger and shipped it back to me right away… like literally within a week. Then a few months later I get the red/blue flashing lights and had no hesitation in sending it back once more since it was so fast the first time. Well… it has now been since March.. 5 months!!! I’ve made some inquiries about what the hold up is and I get excuses. What really chaps my ass is that they STILL continue to send out new units to new customers, yet existing customers are left waiting to get theirs repaired. Why not just send us out new units or replace parts from inhouse stock if it is going to keep a customer waiting 5 freekin’ months!?!?

    • If they did that they would go bankrupt. They seemingly advertised a product that was still experimental, got loads of money to make it a reality, then failed at making it a reality. In the process they discovered that there was a lot of money to be lost if they simply admited they couldn’t make it happen, so they decided to screw everyone over in the name of profit. Its sad, because I kept buying more accessories in a show of solidarity for a company that seemed to be super innovative and now i am just more money in the hole… BOO FOR GRASSHOPPER VAPES

  • Grasshopper is a terrible company. I bought a unit in 2017 (or earlier. Don’t remember exactly). The batteries hold very little charge to the point that it isn’t worth using unless you can keep it plugged in and charging. Then I had problems with it not charging. Sent it in for service. Got it back weeks later. Still broken. Sent back again. Got it back months later. Finally fixed. Then I ordered the new external charger in December of 2017 (certain on that date) with an expected ship date of December. Then immediately started receiving updates about production delays with no real time table for shipping. Finally they said it would ship in July of 2018. By then I was so fed up with the unit I had barely working and batteries (I had 5 or 6 by now) not holding charge that I got rid of it and asked for a refund for the $60 external battery charger I ordered. I got an email back saying I was refunded, but no refund was issued. I followed up again, and they refunded me $51. I asked where the other $9 were and I was told I used a discount. Looked up my invoice and I did use a discount. I was discounted $4.50 for a total order of $97 because there were other things on the order. Every email to this company takes them at least a week to respond. I urge anyone to stay away. It’s a decent product if you want to work hard to make it work, and it will give you problems eventually. Customer service is awful.

  • I sent mine back in January to be fixed and they still have not sent it back. Do not buy from this company! They will not give a phone number or any info other than they have a back log! That means a lot of them are broke! This is the second time I sent it in under lifetime warranty! it is junk, should have made them in china as they have no idea of what they are doing!

  • The problem with these getting hot in the clip area/blue light flash/not enough heat is due to bad connection at battery contact areas and in the threads. Use Isoprop on a q-tip to clean the contact areas (also battery terminals). Likewise with the threads. Put a dab of conductive grease on the threads for good measure. Problem solved. It has been reported that a bit of tug and pull when screwing it together will make for a better contact within the threads also.

    Grasshopper is flawed in the above area but finding out this info restored my “like” for it.

  • I ordered mine in March. It is now almost August and I have yet to receive the unit. I have tried contacting them several times and have never gotten a response other than a referral to their blog post which doesn’t give any information. I have now requested a refund. J will see if they even respond. I have already spoken to an attorney who is prepared to contact them. There is no one to talk to at the company and given all these posts I’d say the company has major PR issues. Hope I see my refund soon.

  • Worst customer service ever.Got it feb 2016 maybe 1/2 oz of material vaped through it since purchased.Sent in twice for repairs now it’s broke again..Turns on by itself and gets super hot front end and back end..I consider this a safety issue as it gets very hot..Contacted hopper labs ..More lies ..Buy a vape somewhere else cause this one sucks ..

  • They’ve had mine since November 2017. I’ve had constant marketing emails trying to sell me more crap in the mean time. As if I’d buy another one when the original one broke and didn’t get returned yet!

    Got some blog post email back on 1st May saying that they’ve brought manufacture in-house and are back on track with repairs etc.

    Since then no response at all to emails. Very suspicious…


    Dear all,

    I do not enjoy doing this but Hopper Labs has treated me so poorly as a customer, that I have no other choice than to share my very disappointing experience with both the Grasshopper and their ‘customer service’.

    I received my Hopper one year ago. Right from the start, I had the feeling something was off with the temp sensor. I had been having some trouble finding the right temp for several herbs. Sometimes they got burned really easily, as did my lips on some occasions. Then it broke down altogether, it wouldn’t heat anymore, temp sensor malfunction. This was not even 5 months after the purchase. At that point, I was sure this would be resolved easily because of the lifetime warranty. I thus spend $ 40 sending it back from Belgium for repair in the US. At this point the Grasshopper cost me $ 239 (purchase price of unit and two extra batteries) + $ 80 (import tax) + $ 40 (shipping costs for repair) = in total a whopping $ 369. This bought me not even 5 months of questionable use.

    My vape has been confirmed to arrive at Jan 18, 2018. Almost six months ago. In that time, I have not received any updates on the repair process nor an estimate on when my Hopper (or a replacement, for all I care) will be returned. This doesn’t feel at all as good service to me. I’m quite sure you understand my opinion.

    I’ve been working in customer service for a major European webshop for several years now. We are able to handle 90% of the returns for repair within 3 weeks, whether this means actual repair or replacement of the product. If the process exceeds that duration, we offer a full refund.

    The Grasshopper is pretty expensive and is described ‘industry leading in every way’. I must say I’ve experienced quite the opposite. To offer lifetime warranty is a bold statement. The fact that I’m already waiting SIX months for my expensive ‘high-end’ vape to be returned to me, tells me that I am not at all the only one returning his vape for repair. Or that repair is tedious. Both cases indicate errors in design and the inability to handle the subsequent demand for repair.

    I really feel duped and cheated upon. I’ve communicated this to Hopper Labs on several occasions in my customer account, but do not receive any answers. These people are frauds. I’ve completely lost my confidence in this company. All I want, is a full refund of $ 369, so that I can spend that money on a real high-end vape, that will not die on me in only five months.

    To be clear: I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!



  • I like the concept of the design, and I love the name; {a true light weight that can kick your ass}. I assume it takes standard AA batteries, it looked like, and I like that. I would prefer a set cooler temperature in the ideal range between 350 and 380 Fahrenheit to bring down the cost, and to keep the heat down. I hit very little on the go, so I would not want to spend much on one, or take one too seriously, but for a three hour outing on my bicycle about town, a discrete little thing like that could be just about perfect. Still though, for hitting in plain public sight, a small vape that looked exactly like an E-Cigarette would be more discrete. I still would not want to buy junk that easily breaks down regardless of how basic I might prefer.

  • Any positive qualities of this vape aren’t enough to offset how often it breaks, how long it takes to get repaired, and the crappy customer service from the company itself.

    They’ve had mine for 5 months. If/when I get it back, I’m not confident that it won’t break again despite what “upgrades” they may have made.

  • We loved this product so much we purchased three; but one by one they kept breaking. No problem for a long time, they just repaired and replaced. But now, nothing! No response! Fortunately my best friend is married to an attorney so he offered to get involved. If they are selling new vapes, they need to send us three replacements. They sound like they are a company going under and trying to get rid of their inventory.

    • Yes they have had my grasshopper longer than I have
      I asked for my money back of course you can’t talk to anyone
      They have new units for sale but they can’t send me a new one because it’s bad for the environment
      I’m willing to get a class action going

      • Count me in!
        this is ridiculous! It is unfair that there is no protection for us the customers!
        they received it mid november 2017, have not received it back, and for the past month no replies to my emails!
        what kind of law is this that allows them to behave in such way?

        • count me in, if this ever happens. A class action lawsuit would have dozens, if not hundreds of complainants.

  • I wouldn’t bother ordering this until (and IF) they get the kinks all worked out. Was an original backer and had to send it in several times already. They always fixed it and returned it and were very pleasant about it, but was an inconvenience.

    Now this last time we sent it in FOUR MONTHS AGO… in November 2017! They still have it. They say they had to upgrade their lab and after several inquiries as to what was going on, a month ago I was told the new lab was up and running and units would be shipping out that week. I waited another whole month and wrote again…NO ANSWER THIS TIME. I wrote March 15 and it’s now March 29 and they didn’t even have the decency to respond.

    Very disappointed.

  • SAD EXPERIENCE with Grasshopper Vaporizer

    September 25, 2017
    – JH (me who submitted this review) purchased a GRASSHOPPER Vaporizer.

    December 10, 2017
    – JH returned to HOOPER LABS the Vaporizer because it was not charging at all. The Warranty Reference number assigned by HOOPER LABS is is 60687897.

    March 22, 2018 -today
    To date, despite several follow ups HOOPER LABS has not returned to me my repaired unit, nor have they advised me that my unit was a complete write off and is being replaced with something else.

    HOOPER LABS SUPPORT has not /had the courtesy to reply to my follow ups.


    Jose Hiquiana
    Sydney Australia

  • I got mixed feelings about this one. I threw down early on both Titanium and Stainless models. I prefer the Stainless. The color anodizing on the Titanium vapes scratches easily. When they work they are amazing! The Grasshopper through glass with the PFE is mind-boggling. The quick heat up time makes it still the only one-handed, hit it and quit it, convection pocket-rocket vape on the planet with a lifetime warranty.,,,but there are some big drawbacks. They break down a lot. I’ve returned my SS unit FIVE times. My Ti unit is beginning to fail. Customer service is disappointing. The company lies to its customers, returns are a hassle, and I fear for their future if this continues. The batteries are crap and barely last a year…and you will need at least 3 if you want to make this your long-haul driver. It’s like having a really hot but really crazy girlfriend. I wish I could quit her…but I can’t.

  • Yes , same Here , waiting 5 months now. This product is not worth a fuck. Thank fuck I didn’t buy another one. Bought Arizer Air ll, i dropped it on the floor while nearly asleep. Broke screen in it. They replaced for me for free, the whole thing ha ha that’s what you call customer care. GH people are bunch of dopes creating fancy marketing slogans, nothing else. Stay away from them , if you can.

  • Bought my unit in March 2017 and loved it until it failed in December. It has been in warranty repair ever since, waiting for an overall production upgrade. Grasshopper sent an email a few weeks ago saying they were back in business & shipping product. However, they haven’t responded to several of my requests for a status update. I’d stay away from them at this point, as they show all the signs of being a business that may disappear overnight.

  • Received my brand new Grasshpopper in November, 2017. Device broke within a month. I sent it back (paid for the shipping), was told there is an internal component that broke. The company now has my device in their possession for over a month, and they telling me its still in “queue to be serviced”. Company is a joke, do not buy this product.

  • these things are junk and a complete waste of money, I’d roll a joint before i ever smoke out of this thing again.

  • I feel like the Grasshopper is getting a lot of bad vibe from the select few who had bad units. I purchased mine back in June 2016, both SS and Ti. These came with GHB1 batteries** and have had no problems since day 1. I don’t even have the updated parts or whatever. HOWEVER, up until recently, everything was working fine except the batteries would only last maybe 1-2 hits at the 3-3.5 power setting. I did not enjoy carrying 2 batteries to properly finish a chamber and was on edge to send the device in for servicing since it could take months+.

    A friend suggested that I try the newer batteries. Once I got the GHB2’s, they’re honestly like a new unit. The thing hits so hard now and lasts 4-5 chambers off a full battery. Also have noticed the back-end of the SS unit doesn’t get as hot as before. I use a LUC V4 charger on 0.5A – thing works flawlessly.

    TLDR; existing owners – check what battery you have, it DOES make a difference and def give it a try. I would not recommend this product unfortunately, since they are getting rid of their lifetime warranty. Spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere unless you can pick one up for about 120-150$ – they’re incredible for on-the-go and look sexy AF but there’s just too many better options for this price point.

    • I have sent mine back to fix. They have received it in November 2017 but can’t tell me when it is going to be fixed and returned to me. Today is 01/15/2018 and they haven’t even looked at it.

    • Agreed, I’m a 2 time loser now. Plus I was dumb enough to preorder a steel case. My bad. Thinking class action since they are holding our property

  • Hopper Labs does make an awesome vape pen when it works. However, they are a small company and the buyer should prepare to wait from 2 weeks to several months for delivery. Also, from my own personal experience it is an unreliable product. I had to send mine back for repair twice in four months. Currently it is still in the shop and its almost been 2 months. I would definitely not recommend this product.

  • After spending $280 dollars expected to get more than 2 weeks out of it before it breaks then I have to pay to send it back and get it fixed, seems like a scam to me worst thing I have ever purchased was just better off donating $280 instead of just throwing it in the trash which is where this vaporizer belongs. IN THE TRASH! DO NOT BUY, SAVE YOUR MONEY,

  • Got our Grasshopper in August and it has failed now for the third time. It takes about three weeks from failure to having a repaired one in hand. Out of the 14 weeks I have owned it it has been out of service for 6 weeks, more than 40% of the time I have owned it. That does not include this latest failure which just occurred. 50% is probably my usable number if I include this most recent failure. I would not recommend the Grasshopper.

  • I got my grasshopper vape in Mar and I’m already on my second replaced one that I just sent in. Don’t buy a grasshopper it’s not worth it. Terrible battery too.


    Grasshopper is a shitty company. They will lie to you about shipping and send you a broken product. They took 11 months to send me my vape. I have had to send it in for repairs 5 times: that’s over $60 in shipping fees and 2 full months out of the last year I didn’t have this vape. Also, the battery spontaneously caught on fire on my kitchen table.

  • Hey man. I bought the GH on your recommendation but it’s turned out to be a POS. I have returned at least 20 times since October 2016. When it works it’s great. but most of mine lasted only a couple of days. I was stupid enough to buy a 2nd one so as not to be without one when it was in RMA but that means I’ve twice as much trouble as i had with one.

    I’m on the priority list for a Ghost MV1 which you also recommend. But now I’m wondering will you be as wrong about the Ghost as you were about the Grasshopper?

    • Yeah most of these reviewers just use the vape for a few days, week at most then post their rave reviews. Pretty pathetic.

  • 10/10
    I’ve had a blue titanium Grasshopper since February of this year. It’s the first vaporizer I’ve purchased, and one of the best pieces I’ve ever invested in. It worked great straight out of the box, and has proved to be great for personal use as well as passing between a few friends. (Around 3-4 people)
    The vapor produced is generally very smooth and clean tasting, but quality naturally lessens when it’s time to repack. Using the silicone mouthpiece, I’ve never had much issue with vapor or front end temperature, although it can get a little hot with extended, sustained use. With the Grasshopper’s 5 second heat-up time, turning it off between hits is no problem; cutting down on unnecessary heat output and battery consumption. Your mileage may vary, but in my personal opinion this could be the reason some users have complaints about heat and battery life, as using the unit this way has always worked well for me. Keep in mind, the Grasshopper is not your roommate’s bong, and is designed for discretion and and convenience rather than being a large session piece.
    As shown in the video, the extremely simple but still adjustable interface allows you to dial-in your vaping experience to suit your own preferences, and the silicone mouthpiece works excellently to pair your Hopper with a water pipe. It also works just as well with the chamber full as it does with a small pack, and easily gets the job done with a few hits.

    As far as Hopper Labs and customer service goes, my overall experience has been positive, and Caroline responds fairly quickly to any issues or inquiries sent in. Like many others who pre-ordered their unit before HL began on-demand orders, I had to wait quite a while for it to ship, and it came well after the projected shipping date on the website. This being said, those who pre-ordered were doing so from a small indiegogo startup that was scrambling to keep up with surging demand. For this reason, I also take early reviews of defective and problematic units with a grain of salt, as HL was trying to iron out kinks on a new product while still filling the orders pouring in. Now that they’ve been able to catch up with orders and flaws in early models, faulty units and shipping times should no longer be an issue. I recently had the heater stop working on my Grasshopper (most likely from user error), and HL stayed true to their lifetime warranty, with my vaporizer arriving back in perfect working order around a week after mailing it in.

    Overall, an excellent product from a great company. The Grasshopper is easy to use, clean, & maintain, is as discrete as it gets, and vapor quality is excellent for a vaporizer of it’s size. Although there were a few bumps in the road early on, Hopper Labs has continued to develop both their business and a vaporizer that I would easily recommend to potential buyers.

  • Iv had 2 grasshoppers for 2 years and jave never had to send either in also use them daily. They do have a little bit of a learning curve w how to use them properly. Most peoples issues stem from improper use skd clicking the power button in properly. But i would only recommend this one for at home w water pipe.

  • Many of the positive reviews of this vape cone from folks who used it only for a few days or weeks at most then wrote up their rave reviews. I’ve had my hopper for a year and I think I can safely say that this is not the vape one should spend their hard earned cash on:

    I was told it would ship in two months; I received it in eleven months

    once my current warranty request has been approved, I’ll have sent it in 5 times for repairs. When have you ever had to send something in 5 times? This has amounted to about $60 in shipping fees and about 2 months of the last uear that I had to be without my hopper.

    breaking while trying to vape with friends. This is the worst because it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

    battery caught on fire while it was on my kitchen table. Luckily I was in the room and could put it out before my apartment caught fire.

    There is no way I can recommend this vape. In fact, I regret ever getting involved with Grasshopper at all. The past two years have been painful and frustrating. For those with chronic pain, vaping for medical purposes, stear clear. You will be left to deal with your pain while your vape is either broken or being repaired.

    I really hope Grasshopper disappears from the scene soon. They are as bad as Atmos and Grenco, imho.

  • DO NOT BUY! My piece arrived with physical defects after months of delays. After returning it for repair–on my dime, no courtesies for a defective product–the piece worked for a few weeks before the battery reached “the end of its life,” per the elusive Caroline. I’ve used up two batteries on a grand total of maybe four months of regular use. I returned it a second time for overheating, a problem which simply wasn’t addressed; they gave a me a new battery and mailed it back unrepaired. Responses from customer service routinely twist my words and show a lack of concern and attention. Even on a brand-new battery, I have to throw it on the charger after pretty much every use, so I basically couldn’t take it out of the house. Defeats the purpose of a portable stealth vape if you have to hunt for an outlet. It also can’t really be used effectively while charging like they say; just depletes the battery. When it works, it works like a champ, but not for long. Save yourself a big headache and get something else!

  • I posted most of this as a reply below, but having seen some of the other reviews, I decided to go ahead and post it on its own.
    I strongly disagree. I got my first GHV in February, ’17 and didn’t even bother comparison shopping for the second one, April ’17.

    They perform beautifully, can accomodate anything from a tiny load to a full pack, and are so concealable and so easy to transport that they are pretty much the ultimate in dry herb portability.

    We generally use them solo or just the two of us. We generally, with a loosely filled chamber, get about 6 hits – 3 per person. So no, it’s not a party hitter at all – it’s more of an individual or two/three person vape. And if you have two (for slightly more than the cost of ONE of some comparable vapes) you’re good to go for a solid 10 hits or so.

    The batteries are easy to charge in the pen, or in an aftermarket charger. Ours works great. The extra batteries, at $7, are worth purchasing for the ease of just popping in a fresh one with a new load of herb.

    Moreover, when one of our vapes developed a known “glitch” – hot back end – service was so prompt it was SUDDEN. Throughout the process, their customer service department has been patient, conscientious and competent.

    Can ya tell we’re happy with them?

  • I am the Chief Operations Officer for a large medical and recreational dispensary out in Colorado. As you can imagine I have tried multiple vaporizers and I must say that this unit is the biggest rip off out there. At first this company bombarded me with emails trying to get my business but refused to sample there product out for testing… so I bought one, big mistake and huge waste of money! There after sales service is terrible. I would strongly advise anyone to read the reviews before buying. No matter how good this product looks, just know that you will be wasting money. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!

  • This product is a joke. This company is a joke. Waited two years for the pos. Mine has broken for the second time. First time they responded quickly and sent out a unit right away. All was good until that second unit broke. Tried multiple batteries still does not work. Filled out another warranty request. Responded promptly but now they are making me jump through all these hoops before even discussing a replacement… As if its my fault their product is not working. Also, requested me to try charging it in different ways. Charger on GH, then USB. USB first, then charger on GH. As if that should make a difference… I payed quite a bit for this product and it should just simply work. It is not a 20 year old car that you have to finangle with its quirks to get it to work. Its a new product dammit. Also tried to reply after trying all their troubleshooting and when I went to reply their website is all of the sudden not working, and it is not my internet because every other website works just fine. Being one of their customers is equivalent to being a punchline of a joke.

    In once sense, its kind of funny cause GH company is basically an internet troll who makes money from trolling their customers.

  • I posted a review six days ago and in that space of time my Grasshopper died AGAIN. I’ve used it three times since the last time I sent it in for repair.

    This entire industry was legitimized by its association with health issues, built on the backs of cancer patients. We were the crack in the wall, Hopper Labs is the slime that oozed through.

  • I agree with others posting here, this is a terrible product. I’ve sent two grasshoppers back (won’t heat up), and the turn-around time was long. Two of five batteries were dead on arrival, and a brand new front end they just sent me was already broken in two pieces. The batteries don’t last, eventually the front end gets clogged and due to the tiny tube on top of the screen, it’s impossible to get it clean (soaking in alcohol doesn’t cut it). But the worst part is the miserable quality control. Not an especially cordial company, either. I waited over six months for this piece of junk. Bad bad bad in every way.

  • I have 2 of these vapes….s and titanium……I received them in April and May.. they have both been sent back 2 times…..Red/blue lights. No heat up…..unit didn’t charge……just a big pain in the ass

  • I bought 2 to replace my smoking habbit, both in titanium. both broke on the first use. not impressed at all.

  • Let me share my toughs. I have been using a $20.00 “Toke Master” bong since 1975 (43 years) without any issues at all. Grasshopper was founded on a great idea but without any infrastructure therefore until the dust settles everyone should hold their horses and keep their money in their pocket. This is the only way they will learn to give great service and improve the product….when you hurt their business. I more then anyone else would love to purchase and use the product as it eliminates carcinogenics making it a very healthy alternative. But let’s do some math. 1 oz of Blue Dream at $320.00 would last me a minimum of 3 years using a conventional bong that’s $107.00 a year. Granted i no longer smoke every day but only a couple of toke’s once or twice a week. Back in 1975 we had “Panama Red” and “Colombian Gold” which is the finest tasting and most potent weed i ever experienced and at $40.00 an oz…. The engineering of the “Grasshopper” is truly remarkable but their infrastructure is pathetic. Be patient and everything will work out for the best and when the majority of the comments are positive that will be the time to pull the trigger. Peace.

      • Not ridiculous at all. Blue Dream off a bong will get you high as a mo fo with one hit.

        He’s probably not staying stoned all day long and holding sessions with 8 or 12 of his nearest and dearest friends, but yeah … a solid, clean oz of BD and a bong will last 2-3 years, no problem.

  • I won’t recommend to anyone who want to start vape to start with that device when he work he work good but the problem is that this device is working only for a week and then got broken I have order 2 device from them the SS and the TI each one of them came broken even the one that they said that was good and they don’t need to replace any part of him they send him with a different number on him so ether they send you one with old parts that you need to hope that it may have work or they lie to me by saying that this device have worked from the beginning or they just send them and hope that they may work with the old parts,
    and also they did forget to say the battery only good for like a month and not more then that so kinda have to keep buying batteries all the time,
    as a person who has in his house mflb, dayna vape, grasshopper, and few more i’m not recommending on there vape at all!
    if you wanna stop and used something good reliable that lass longer and you don’t need to spend too much money on sending him back and forth all the time and also want something good,
    don’t start with there device it’s brake all the time and don’t let me start about there customer services only one girl that take care all the email and answer you a week later with the answer of send it back or buy a new one so you’ll have 2 and you never get stuck with one that don’t work,

    so my opinion don’t buy it very disappointed device not reliable and very bad customer services!!!

  • Ordered last November…was quoted 45 days to ship….Arrived March 1st

    In case mr. “they are just behind a little bit” is counting that is 4 MONTHS…then…It onlly
    Lasted one month…not lights just blink off and on…charging doesnt work.

    Good luck getting ANYONE to ever email you back with instructions of how to return the pos….they want to trouble shoot…I am done.

    Oh ya….carefull with the siclone tip when you vape it gets moist from your mouth a little then slippery and when you inhale deep it gets SUCKED INTO YOUR MOUTH and is a fucking choking hazard….WTH.

    What a hunk of junk…stay away and just

      • I would sell you mine, but the pos thing doens’t work. I have sent it in for repairs several times, it never works for long. The idea is good, but for some reason they can’t seem to put it all together.

      • I will! 307-733-5618. $200.00 with 2 batteries. its gray titanium. sent it back 3 times. ill sell it fixed. just so you have seen, they work for a week then breaks. JUNK!! they should not be in business.


  • You’re using it wrong!
    If you let it heat until it shuts off each time then yes it will get too hot.
    If instead you hit it for as long as you need and then immediately click it off, it will not get overly hot. It doesn’t need heat up time or to sit heating while you hold your hit. Turn it off and then on again a minute later when you are ready to hit it again. You let it sit and cool when you’d normally leave a convection vape “idling”(heating) waiting on your next hit.

    • yeah, like it takes a rocket scientist to push a button on a vape pen. the thing is a pos, breaks down constantly. My sister’s bf had one that broke and sent it in for repairs and they sent him another unit, but it had a different problem so he had to send it right back again.

  • Order my grasshopper in December 2016, received it mid-February 2017. Today, April 14, its dead; it lasted two months. Lights go red-to-blue instantly, no heat. Im so fucking tired of shit vaporizers.

    • when the thing works it is the bomb, and they FINALLY made the better mouthpieces for the front end, but if the unit doesnt work its basically and expensive paperweight pos

  • Ive been on fence for 4 yrs ever since i found out about it. That being said i still dont know. I mean 200,its really just to much money when you think about it.
    Anyway i found out about flowermate, i was able to get a vs o5,,, $ 69.00, i can buy 3 of these for 1 hopper. I will say my power button on flowermate has become a bit finicky. Other then that i couldn’t be happier with it. Plus i have a Vapolution, , $ 99. I think theres a s load of people that dont know that there are low priced alternatives that are still vuery very high quality. Vapolution is made in CA . That vape itself is unbeatable.

    • good call on the Vapolution but the flowermate to me looks cheap, like it will burn the flower. But if it lasts a year then it is a better investment than the hopper.

  • This vaporizer has been a lot of hype and no follow through. I waited over 6 months for it and it arrived non functioning. I had to pay to send it in to be repaired, waited another 2 weeks, to have it returned exactly in the same state. (Non functioning) Very disappointed, waste of time and money.

    • Who did you know that you got it in 6 months? Try waiting 2 years to get your hands on one, more than a few people have. They do seem to send units out that are not working, its like they have a bunch of morons working in the repair shop, probably dabbers.

  • I bought 3 GH’s – for me, my son & brother-in-law
    2 of them have had to be replaced 3x each (red to blue light instantly w/o heat up)
    Last 1 was in a box for a while and when used for the 2nd time – died and had to be replaced for the 1st time this month

    I had originally 6 batteries – since battery life is shortened considerably cuz the whole unit gets so hot – just ordered 4 more.

    Overall – i think its a good unit – but believe there are engineering flaws since they’ve died so frequently.

    I love the stealth quality of the GH – can take it pretty much anywhere.
    My Arizer Solo is more reliable – but definitely not stealth – so this is my at home unit

    • well lucky you maybe you are someone special because they made my cousin wait about 2 dam years

  • I have the Hopper TI, Crafty, Mighty, and Pax2.

    The Hopper TI is currently my top pick.

    HopperLabs has FINALLY gotten their act together in 2017. Shipping units in reasonable time. This was a HUGE problem in 2016.

    There does seem to be some quality control issues. So you might want to have 2 or a crafty/mighty backup if you have to send it in.

    There is another comment on here that discusses not using the silicone mouthpiece. I haven’t even taken the silicone mouthpiece out of the wrapper. I can use it with glass (my favorite, but that’s how I like to use all my vapes) or just bare. I suppose you could also try getting another metal tip and swapping it if it gets too hot.

    I start out with a few short 2-4 second puffs on the tip and then take a bigger rip and turn it off. When the tip gets too hot I just put more of the unit into my mouth. It looks a little weird sucking on a somewhat fat pen but whatever.

    Here’s one thing you MUST keep in mind with this vaporizer. Unlike the Mighty/Crafty where you want to leave it on because if you turn it off then it cools down quickly and needs to heat back up again wasting battery life etc. The hopper you WANT to turn it off if you’re not about to take a hit immediately. It heats up so fast that it’s okay to turn off between hits.

    Another thing about this vape is it PLOWS through material like no other. You can clear a chamber to a crisp in like 5 champion hits. For the most efficiency start off at lower temps and keep your draws to 6-8 seconds.

    I think the battery life is fine. Since it’s an on demand vaporizer instead of the traditional “turn it on keep it on” vaporizer. I don’t think you can judge the battery life in terms of minutes. Rather I think # of chambers per battery. I get 3-4 chambers with a single battery. Which is what I tend to get with my Mighty. The chamber is a bit smaller than the Mighty, but the hopper really extracts everything from the material. So I put the battery life at about 75% of the Mighty. With the hopper though you can switch batteries.

    You can get a nitecore battery charger to charge your batteries outside of the device.

    I did accidentally use the hopper while charging. Don’t know if it was actually charging the battery though. Wouldn’t recommend it yet.

    You can use the clip to clear the chamber which is excellent for on the go use. Just unscrew the battery cap.

    I think the vapor quality at lower temps is better tasting than the mighty. It takes a bit to get use to how dry the vapor can be. I don’t max it out anymore just 4-4.5 tops.

    I feel Bud really dropped the ball with this review by failing to consider that this vape needs to be used differently than traditional vapes. It heats up so quickly you don’t leave it on. You turn it on .. take a few quick puffs, 1-3 good hits. Turn it off. Take another good hit. Wait a little bit and repeat. With traditional vapes you turn them on and wait… and wait.. and wait.. and then you just leave it on. Also, you need to try w/o the silicone and just put more of the vape in your mouth if it’s too hot. The silicone likely insulates the heat.

    Since the hot tip is one of the strongest criticisms of the vape I wouldn’t recommend the stainless steel version. I’d also recommend perhaps a 2nd tip if it’s a problem for you. Still very portable.

    It’s an excellent vape… new company struggling with operational issues, but seems to be under control now in 2017. Frankly I think the hopper is one of the best vaporizers on the market period. Portable or desktop.

    The only place I see it really falling short is in a group setting (3 or more people). Tip gets too hot for back to back draws. You’ll have to repack it pretty much every round. You’ll also be switching batteries fairly often too.

    • Has the new hoppers been better it’s failure rate? I follow the Hopper thread on FC forum from time to time and hopper owners never seem to be able to have it working for longer than a few months max. I’m super interested in this unit, I find the price acceptable and it’s qualities suit my needs. What I can’t deal with is the anxiety of a unit falling apart every few weeks and having to go back on forth on the RMA. Thanks for the great detailed review, it was very informative.

      • good idea but they still break down lets see since Feb my cousin had his fixed about four or five times. Its too bad they can’t make the parts in America, or maybe the problem is with some of the repair staff doesnt know what the hell they are doing, probably they have a few dabbers working there who are always like “yup, its good to go” dabbers

      • I have 2 grasshopper vapes and have had nothing but problems with both of them…..
        I would stay far away from this….

  • Wow all this angry comments . I’ve had mine for 6 months. It has worked flawlessly and I only use it through glass at home. It does what I expected it to do. I really don’t see how this is a tier 2 vape. Sorry too all you that have had bad luck. I’ve had zero problems and it’s my daily driver.

    • how the hell did you get it to work for 6 months and has it broken down yet or what

  • Do Not buy thi piece of shit. waited 12 month’s for the grasshopper after order placed, on the first day the mouth piece stopped screwing on fully.

    After 1 week i am getting the red and blue flashing light’s of death and now the fucking thing will not charge. and as i am uk based i have to pay shipping both ways and customs duties.

    This vape is not fit for purpose and should never of been available until all this shit was sorted out. And they had a whole bloody year to sort it while i waited for it.

    If i could get my money back i would. but i refuse to plough anymore money into this piece of shit as it’s getting very expensive.£240 IN ALL READY.

  • DO NOT BUY!!! PIECE OF SHIT..and company is a joke….it works for two hits at a time then dies, Fuck is the point of a portable vape you cant use more than once without charging LOL…not to mention their shipping, and warranty department is a joke!! DO NOT BUY

    • You clearly had a bad unit or shitty batteries. I had a similar issue until I got new batteries.

      • no you can try to blame the batteries all day and night but he is right, also the warranty dept is a joke they send out units that are busted and have to be sent right back in again, what a bunch of tools.

  • Waited almost a year for my GH worked for a week did Warranty request they sent me new body didn’t work then they sent me new charger didn’t work then they sent me what they described as repaired grasshopper didn’t work do not buy piece of shit

    • well glad to hear I am not the only one who went through this
      I felt like they were just fucking with me, I see they are just incompetent. Too bad they couldnt hire someone with half a dab-free brain to work there.

  • Ordering process is a joke

    They lie and miss deadlines at such a high rate it is amazing they are still in business

    I can not comment on the actual product because it has taken 10 months and ~20 emails to try and get the cape delivered

    The vape must be OK since they are still in business but not sure it is worth the wait

  • This company is complet bullshit! I placed an order last febuary, they made me pay upfront. After 9 months, and no updates, i opted to cancel my order. They refused to refund me until i jumped through hoops for them. so i did, becuase i wanted my money back. After over a month of sporatic correspondeants, they shipped an order to an address i no longer live (after ALL my emails stating i didnt live there). They blammed their shipping deparment for the mix up. So in the last month you all fucking failed to communicte with your shipping department?!
    dont ever fucking order from these people.

  • Grasshopper is the worst company ever. I can’t believe there is not a class action lawsuit at this point. They basically went to market with a product that was not fully developed, tested or ready to sell. They are using purchase money to develope their product. I ordered my grasshopper in March 2016,still waiting with at least 6 promises of deliverythe following month. After calling to cancel my order on October 1st I was promised a delivery date of October 25 2016, they even took my shipping info. Never heard from them again unless that monthly email full of lies they send out each month promising your product and telling you how great it will be counts as customer service… more like Lip Service. I cancelled my order and will buy anything but this POS from these scammers! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS STARTUP COMPANY.

  • I waited 11 months for this POS! It lasted for 2 weeks now I have to send it back. I regret ever hearing of the Grasshopper. Don’t buy!

  • I have owned a Grasshopper for 6 months now and have been using it daily. Here is what I have learned:

    I have never used the silicone tip. I usually vape starting at setting 3.5 and escalate to 4.5. The hottest part of the vape is the very tip, so lip positioning is important. You want to place your lips beyond the angled portion of the tip. The key is taking long, huge rips less frequently and turning off the unit before finishing your hit. The residual heat will give you another second or two of vapor. I usually take a hit every minute or so until the bowl is done (usually 4-6 hits). I also hold the front end in my closed fist between rips which helps dissipate the heat in your hand and cool it down faster. Using the grasshopper in this way, all I find myself carrying is the hopper with leather sleeve and 2 spare batteries. Give it a try and see if it changes how you feel about it!

  • sorry one last thing. do you happen to know how fast hoppers are shipping out as of now? i assume as little as 3 months but not more than 6 if they where only growing at a steady rate. ill be ordering at least a color TI unit on top of my normal TI but i was hoping someone knew how accurate the shipping estimates have gotten like i said its unikely but if hoppers are shipping out in a month or 2 now I would order both for sure but otherwise I need something until it comes plus while my unit is in the shop again. Either the hopper or the milaana but i cant find the milaana anywere online plus the ff2 is also in stores for the same price as online

  • Hi my names Brandon I currently own a grasshopper i preoreder a year ago. I had an important question I need a consistent answer for. i sent my unit in for the hot collar issue, and they repaclaced it and when I got it back the heat was significantly lower but still there, it would get warm sith some hits especially longer ones and when i try to use it for more than a single hit every few minutes even if i click it off after each hit if i dont wait and take anoter hit about a min or less after and on the 3rd and 4th it’ll start getting hot to the touch almost about as hot as before but maybe a bit cooler and it definitly takes longer to heat up so somethings different, i see people saying their backend stays room temp. but i had caroline go and check with the team to see if the backend should produce any heat at all since the consenses was from an engenerring standpoint it should create no heat, but quoting Caroline “she asked the team and they said that the back end should produces some heat of its own, but if so this seems restricting and definitly something that will cut battery life so before i send mine in again i was hoping you could tell me if you’re units bakcend produce some heat and get hot with longer sessions? or is this just a glitchy part that happened to work better and got passed Quaity control? My batterys also only last one full bowl at any amount but it will get one hit off the next then die, i found one battery that lasted 2 sessions but the same battery only lasted a full 2 sessions after I used the charger that comes with the unit, I usually have to charge them externally so i have a nitecore and it works perfectly but somehow it seems like their charger somehow keeps them alive longer. i cant seem to figure out why because technically the nitecore should be able to charge them better if not just as well but it happened. just a weird thing i was curious if you may have noticed, but most importantly I need to find out if my unit needs service or not?

    my second question was while i wait for my grasshopper to be fixed do you reccomend the firefly 2? I need something that works like the Grasshopper but that wont take time to ship or need to be sent in for service like mine, i noticed i conserve alot more with the grasshopper than i have with my mighty or anyother top rated vape so i am ordering a colered hopper but im either getting 1 color tit. and 1 SS for my friend as a gift because he only uses small amounts. Or i would get the color hopper for myself and the firefy 2 for my friend and we live in the same appartment so I would use it until i get mine back and it would be his overall i plan to buy myself a ff2of my own but right now i just need to pick between which 2 to get, i am kind of a cloud chaser so i really like the grasshopper for that reason plus the lack of draw resitance etc. would you say the firefly would be a good stand in for the grasshopper and would my friend who has mostly been a smoker enjoy it equally as much as the hopper. i heard the ff2 has more draw resistance than the first so if thats true would it still be a good pick that i would enjoy equally as well as allow me to save herb like i’ve been since i got my grasshopper? i cant seem to make the desision myself since ive tried the hopper and know what its like i want to be sure the firefly 2 can give me the same results. Ive seen people blow pretty big clouds so from what ive seen it looks aside from more draw resistance it would do the same thing and stil allow me to save my herb and also be something my friend will be happy with it> like i said It seemed best to ask someone who’s tried both. before i go out and buy the firefy (lucky me its in stores here now so i can get it whenver i need it in place of my grasshopper but its also very temping i dont want make a desion ill regret out of haste.
    that was a bit long. to make it simple i just need to know if aside from the mixing and draws will it conserve and produce about equal vapor and cloud preformance unike the ff1 which i currenty own, something i wouldnt mind having to use in place of the ff2 if it is it’ll be something my friend likes too so 2 birds one question

    please get back to me at you’re soonest convenieace

  • I received a grasshopper in June of 2016 after having ordered it March of 2015. I have had the body of unit replaced twice. The last issue I’m having is the blinking red to blue lights and now grasshopper wants me to send everything back to them. In two months of having it I’ve had three issues. I ordered a different vape from a different company. It’s been a waste of time and money. He be warned.

  • Absolute piece of shit!! I bought one about 2 months ago and it is terrible. Battery lasts about 1/2 hour, take 3 hours to charge, end get so hot you can barely touch it, etc. I sent it back for warranty and Grasshopper supposedly replaced the charger. When I found out, I asked if they also replaced the battery to which they replied “I assume so but I really don’t know”. Great customer service there huh? Got it back and it was no better than before I sent it back. Emailed them again and was basically told “it is what it is”. Fired them another email voicing my displeasure on 7/29 and have had no response. So, I’m now emailing them again letting them know I’m moving on to PAX, which I should have bought to begin with, and will be telling everyone I know never to buy their shitty product.

  • I totally agree got mine after a very long wait and even on the lowest setting the vapour and unit get too hot unless they fix this issue hopper labs will be short lived as others move in with improved versions

  • Hey Bud,
    I’m really a big fan of your reviews and have been following for awhile. I think it’s some real bullshit what grasshopper is pulling with their “orders”. I put in an order in March 2015 for SS, today is 7/25/16 and haven’t received it. Caroline keeps jerking me off with emails using string along techniques that I haven’t heard of since I was 14. Please advise, should I cancel this order?

      • I can tell anybody who wants to know accurate wait time that I ordered mine last August and it just shipped today

    • she sounds like she is full of bullshit. If you have not gotten it yet I would cancel,the thing is a pos anyway.

  • The grasshopper gets the job done but the tip does get hot even with the mouth piece. For less than half the price of the mighty it is well worth every penny, especially if you got one before the price bump.

    Coming from someone that has both a grasshopper and mighty vaporizer(had a crafty first).

  • I jus wanna say thanks for being impartial in your reviews. Im getting my first vape and i was planning on the solo for budget vs quality reasons and overall ease of use. Other reviews of grasshopper had me questioning that, but no else is talking about the negatives of it as much. Most reviews seem more like sales pitches instead of a good review. So thanks again for getting it all out there, youve reassured me that the solo will be my 1st vape. =)

  • For me this is the perfect product. I prefer thoughtful engineering over electronic circuit boards. I use a water pipe and with this vape pen I can still stay with flower, get all the benefits of water cooling, and simple clean up. Let alone a lifetime warranty speaks much to their pride in an American made product. This is far from some China enjuneered disposable vape pen. The killer is their wait time and avoid giving an eta as if it was the DEA.

    • parts are made in china, they just have some morons putting it together here, and it sounds like they dont know what the hell they are doing, probably a bunch of dabbers that’s why.

  • Bud,
    What’s the final score? Are you scoring it as a portable or both portable/desktop since it seems to shine through glass? You seem perplexed? How does it compare to the Plenty or Enano? What about the Solo or Pax? Does stealth come into the equation? How does it function as a quick one hitter? Keep in mind, to some vaping is a holy ritual while to others it is a means to an end. Still lots of questions out there about this one.

  • Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone here who either ordered a Grasshopper and didn’t receive it or received one and had problems. Some nicely done positive reviews had me very close to buying one, with the expectation that it would ship in August. The inconsistent quality control is bad enough, but if the company is good about sending replacement parts, I still might have taken a gamble on it. The deal-breaker is learning that they are lying about the predicted ship date. That there are people who waited, and are still waiting, 8 months or more for this device is so deceptive and insulting to customers. I have no idea what I’ll eventually end up with (leaning toward a Pax 2 at the moment), but even if they start shipping today, it won’t be a Grasshopper.

  • Thanks for a great review once again Bud. That covered all my concerns, I have lots of people on my GH list that want one but I don’t think it’s quite as amazing as everyone expects, sure it has amazing heat up time and impressive clouds but the rest sucks. Battery and heat issues seals it for me, won’t be stocking the shelves until it is properly finished, maybe version 5… by the time they roll out a great version there will be better options I’d say, a shame but good to know the truth now, I personally wouldn’t want a vape that looked like a pen with a clip it looks stupid I agree.

    • the pen was so it didnt look like a vape, which I actually liked. your right though the units are not working good, maybe if they could have made them completely in the US they wouldnt be such a pos

  • Please post this review.. I’ve taken your advise on many vapes and yours are always very accurate! Thanks bud!

  • I ordered in March first est. was April now it’s July ! How long did it take to get yours ?

  • Hey man, I bought the crafty because of you. And I must say, it’s the shit! I mean that in a good way. Now I’m looking for something that has a smaller bowl and can heat up quicker. So…I really want to get the Firefly 2. But, before I do that – I was looking into the grasshopper. I see you received it in March. Any thoughts? Thanks Boss!

    • Don’t even worry about it. I ordered a grasshopper in January with an estimated ship date of February. There are people from January 2015 who ordered one and haven’t gotten theirs. The company is a mess right now and a lot of the reddit users who got theirs have had to send them back for defects. It will be a great device if the company ever figures their stuff out. Until then, or when someone else copies the design, there are other options to choose from that you can actually get your hands on before 2017.

  • Hey there. So what’s the score you give on this? I’m interested to see how the vapor quality compares to the Firefly 2, as I want the best. Thanks.

  • Man I am dying for your grasshopper review. Info on this vape is scattered and sketchy. I have been interested to check one out but I can’t spend a dime until I hear your review and recommendation.

    Love your work Bud. You save me frustration and money, Thank you!

  • Wow…GH Labs have done something that most companies find very difficult to impossible; they have destroyed their reputation and customer good will before even shipping the product.


    • No doubt dude. Fuck GH labs and their shady ass business techniques. Just be up front with customers and tell them you suck and have no clue how to estimate a shipping date and they would get a lot better respect from me. I waited 7 months then got my cash back.

      Firefly 2 it is

  • Hey there so first of all thanks for all your videos they are extremely helpful and informative. So I pre-order a grasshopper December 2015 because it was the best vape in my opinion at the time that I could find. The only problem is that they are taking way to long in their production is given other companies the time to catch up. I honestly don’t see myself receiving the grasshopper until August or September. With that said I’ve grown tired of waiting and then I saw your review on the fire fly 2 with caught my eye and if I order it I can have it by next month. Since you own both I was wondering if you can give me some feed back on witch one you enjoy using more etc. I look forward to hearing from you and again thanks for you videos man.

  • any thoughts yet on the grasshopper? Was it worth the wait? I have a GH on pre-order. I just return my defected Alfa and put that money towards a FF2.I’m really considering doing the same thing on the pre-ordered GH, and putting that money on a Crafty. Your thoughts???

  • i paid for this shit in december accepting february ship date. they updated it to march and still ok. but now a new update shows that new estimated ship date is in may!!!!! paying 6 months before getting product is stupid. little kids working there are definitely incompetence and cannot handle the business.

    • I ordered my vape in Sep’15 and my expected delivery date is now June (though I honestly believe it’ll be longer) Whenever I do contact support [she] always try’s her very best to avoid answering any of my questions

  • Glad to see that you received yours, I’m dying to know how long it took!
    A quick presentation: I live overseas, owner of MFLB, V2 Pro Serie 3, Solo and Crafty (I also got a Iolite as well but i never use it anymore). I vape and folow the Vape critic for a few years now.
    Now I’ll share my experience so far with GH Labs: I ordered a GH November 24 of 2015, they said 2 months to ship. Allright, I’ll wait. Seeing the early reviews, the unit seems to deserve that.
    Two months later, I got a new estimated shipping date for february. Well…what’s going on I told myself? So I started to search the web for similar experiences and found a lot. Customer’s service is mailed: “we’re sincerely sorry for…”. Ok, GH Labs is victim of its success I told myself. I’ll wait a little more..
    New estimated (that word is kind of the foundation of the scam here)date is March 2016. Alright, we’re now April 6 and my new estimated shipping date is somewhere in May (no day is given). Ok, understood, i guess i might as well assemble it myself…
    I don’t have enough harsh word for such business practices which is straight lying to customers. Understand me: the unit might be the bomb, you can’t condone such a way of treating customers.
    I don’t even have the unit yet, but the taste of it is getting worse by the day.
    I’ll wait my ass off and experience the ish off of it to its end: you don’t stop a tattoo midway. BUT my advice would be to buy something else or (because the unit is supposed to be that great, we’ll see after The vape Critic’s review) buy it from EVERYONE BUT GH LABS!

    • if you live overseas why mess with a pos hopper?
      you should get a De Verdamper

    • Can’t wait for your feedback… you recommend grasshopper or the Firefly 2? That would be interesting to know……I am enjoying my upgrade from a vertical vaportower to a digital volcano…now I am on the market for a PAX 1 upgrade…..Firefly 2 and grasshopper seem cool…..looking forward to your review….regards…and stay up!!!!!

    • Can’t wait for a thorough review and possibly comparison with other vapes. Grassshopper has more than a few things going for it so a comparison in following categories would be logical:

      Stealth/portability: Grasshopper v/s Pax2
      Vapor quality/taste : Grasshopper v/s the new king FF2
      Outdoor usability: Grasshopper v/s Haze 3 (removable battery)

    • Hey just wondering how long you test the product for before posting a review.

      I base my decisions off you’re expertise more so than any other reviewer out there. I have a pre-order, but trying to decide if the waiting game is worth it over just getting the firefly 2.

      Anticipating your review.

      • Waiting the GH for 6 month now and not having an real shipping date yet, I’d tell you to get a FF2. You’ll be able to use it at least.

    • Glad you got your pre-order!. Was curious when you originally placed the order and did it come in the time frame they said it would. (Eager to get mine! And just trying to guage)

    • How long did you have to wait for your pre-order? I’m going on 4 months which is very annoying since the emails they send to their pre-order customers keep boasting about their improved manufacturing meanwhile they keep delaying everyone’s ship date

    • how long before the pos busted brah? I heard that is why vw is not carrying it , from my boy we go waaaaaaaay back.

  • I’ve had the Grasshoper for several months now and I LOVE it. Before the Grasshoper I had the pax and firefly and really vaping was a novelty but I was still really a smoker. Since the grasshopper not only is the Grasshopper my most frequently used vape (I have pax2, firefly, mivape, Elo and vivape2) but I can honestly say I’m a vaporist now. The Grasshoppper because of its ease of use and amazing flavor really did change my behavior. Don’t get me wrong I’m not turning down any spliffs anytime soon, just probably not rolling any either unless it’s ABV from my grasshopper!

    • first of all smoking avb is gross, you can make butter or even just put some in some whiskey and let is sit for at least a month, for christs sake. 2nd of all how long did the pos hopper last before it broke on you?

  • Ordered a GH in Oct 2015 and was told that it would ship in Dec. In Dec. they said it would ship in Jan. In Jan. they said it would ship in Feb. Now I just checked my ship date and it has been changed to March. Is this a scam? No matter how good it is, this is dishonest business practice and I would not recommend for anyone to preorder.

    • Hopper labs are full of shit with their estimations. They estimate 2 months everytime in order to stay in terms of paypal policy of taking someone’s money but garunteeing a delivery of said product within 60 days. So yes they are blatantly lying to everyone including new customers check it’s page it says if u buy now u will receive it in April Candace pre ordered in October 2015 and I pre ordered august 2015 and it’s been the same bullshit lies from them every 2 months they tell me imma receive it. Check reddit they have so many people complaining about hoppers breaking down people on their 4 5 and 6 replacement parts. Last person said his grasshopper a river DOA dead on arrival and emailed Caroline and she emailed him back telling him to bang the hopper again the wall or table lol really hopper labs? Better business Bureau would love to get a hold of these ducks taking advantage of the world with this 60 day paypal loophole. When march comes check hopper site and garunteed it will say order now and u will receive it in may. Since its February now if u look at the site it will tell u if u order now u will receive it in April. This is all facts truth I speak on reddit and people hate on me for speaking the truth. This company is shady point blank save your money and get a Firefly 2 first pre order bat h will go out soon probably end of February. Stay wavy my friends

      • I ordered my Grasshopper in mid-January ’15, and was still waiting until today, when I finally got fed up and cancelled my order. My original ship date was March ’15 but since then I kept getting dicked around with updates. Now I see the predictable pattern was probably based on GH’s dubious interpretation of PayPal’s 60-day rule. To their credit, they did process my refund on PayPal right away, and frankly I was expecting some run-around. I’ve ordered the Pax 2, which apparently exists and has been successfully QCd. It’s a shame about the GH but there are just some basic business practices that need to be respected. I hope to buy this pen someday when that option becomes a reality.

        • I had the same bullshit month after month of excuses. I cancelled my order as well and did get my money back. I ordered in July ’15 and waited till February. I got sick of the “we feel confident in the shipping estimate” bullshit. Then the following month would be just another excuse.
          I’ll gladly spend double that on a firefly 2. My original firefly kicks ass but the battery sucks. I also have a flowermate mini, airvape and haze v3. They all work a little different but the firefly gets me the most tuned up. Lol

        • I had the same issue you did. After waiting for almost 8 months and becoming fed up I cancelled my order after being lied to about a shipping estimate whenever I inquired.

          I’ll stick to getting a firefly 2
          My original firefly kicks my ass every time I use it and the review of the firefly 2 being smaller, lighter in weight, 2 batteries, multiple temp settings it’s a true win win.
          In the world of portable vapes you get what you pay for!!

          • my cousin waited TWO YEARS, and the unit has had nothing but problems, sent in more than 5 times now

    • Same here! I purchased in April of 2016 and was sent emails explaining my GH would ship in May, then June, then July and here we are in late August and still no GH. It’s like you are lending them your money so they can grow their business while you wait for them to build the product. Too far in now, but if Grasshopper was honest about delivery from the onset, I would have gone with another device! Who wants to wait five months for a vape tool at almost 2 bills?

  • I was part of the indigogo campaign and I waited a very, very long time for delivery. Upon delivery the thing worked great, they missed an extra charger, but that was easy fix. I used for about 30 mins and the backend spit open! I was stunned to also see a type of adhesive used to hold the back end together?
    Went online and filled out a warranty replacement. In the meantime I figured if I held the backend together I could still use. NOT the case. The GH stopped heating up and went from a red (heating) to a blue (ready) LED. No heat.
    Emailed Hopper and wanted to see if they could mail a full replacement and I was assured it was the back end that was the problem. From GH “the back-end is not making a proper connection the new back-end we are sending will also resolve this”
    So I wait. Week later a replacement showed up (alone with my missing extra USB charger) and can you guess what happened?
    Well I screwed on the new back end and same thing. Blue LED, no heat.
    (Head in palm)
    I filled out a warranty replacement and waiting to hear back. Maybe, just maybe I might have a portable vape for NYE. I’ll try to update this post when I find out.
    Also still waiting on my smell proof case.
    Quality feels great, I got the titanium edition so its very lightweight and feels very nice in your hands.

    As far as the leather sleeve. I design leather accessories and plan to make leather sleeves and cases for my GH. I want to make versions with and without place for charger/extra battery/etc. If you are interested and have ideas I would like to hear from you.

    • A great wallet for me would be a wallet for my iPhone 6 and my grasshopper!

  • I’m about to pull the trigger on a GH. I bought the V2 Pro series 3 some months back because I wanted a good flower vape in a pen. It’s been a nightmare. First one got 6 mins on a full charge before it died. I sent it back, they lost the return and I had to wait 3 weeks for a new one. This one gets 15 mins on a full charge. You said yours got 30, so QC for the company is apparently really bad. The customer service guy actually said “Sorry, you can imagine how hard it is to keep everything straight when we’re getting hundreds of returns a day.”

    I’ve used the pax, MFLB, V2 (series 3 and 7), and desktops, and I haven’t been blown away by any of them. Other than the hot tip issue, there’s nothing I’m seeing in reviews about it that I don’t like, and it’s got a lifetime warranty to rival the pax at almost half the price.

    I was hoping I’d get to see your review on the GH before buying it but even if you order it now you won’t get it for a couple months. You should email them though, I bet they’d send you one overnight if you promised a quick review.

  • Just got mine yesterday.
    It came with a white silicone mouth guard/cap thingy that protects your lips from getting burned. Using the cap is a must as the vapor is extremely hot coming out of the tip. Also, with the silicone cap on, which is necessary for normal usage, the grasshopper wont fit in the leather case that came with it.
    The hits so far are just okay and very hot. I also have the little Davinci portable vape and an Arizer Extreme Q home vape to compare against.
    It does heat up amazingly fast and is as portable as a fat pen.

  • This pen is awesome. Although I have had to return parts twice because of flaws, it’s an absolutely amazing device. The return process is easy and hassle free. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.

  • Ive had it a week… and it is amazing… Own the MFB, PAX1, and Crafty. This is better than all. Quick, great vapor, and Ok battery life. My favorite was the Crafty but I like the grasshopperit better for the following reasons. 1) MUCH quicker to heat 2)Vapor tast is the same but the draw is so much better. You can draw for as long as you want without the heat going down. 3) Much easier to clean… basically no maintenance. 4) As good if not better battery life and the battery is replaceable! I bought a an extra. 5) AMAZING build quality – just holding it in your hand feels right. 6)less than half the price!!

  • It’s appealing, but from a design and engineering standpoint, the confusion surrounding the silicone tip might be a herald of other flaws along the way. Let’s face it, from a design POV a unit like this has a very circumscribed set set of concerns to address, and it would seem that burning the user’s flesh might pop right out front there.

  • I don’t have one, but I pre-ordered a few months ago.
    At the time I was deciding between buying a Crafty or going for the Grasshopper. I went with the Hopper, because when using a portable vape on the go/outside with friends, I don’t really want to wait and prepare the device for several minutes. Instant heat, a temp dial, replaceable battery, convection, easy cleaning and a sturdy exterior are pretty good points, I think. As far as I know, there’s nothing else like this on the market, in this price range, right now. My only fear, and therefore my question would be the heat issue.

    There are several reports saying the heat is either no problem or a huge problem. Can I use it for sessions or not? Can I use it without the silicone mouthpiece or does it get too hot, on higher temp settings? Which version of the Hopper is the best to handle the heat? Is the vapor quality on par with the Crafty or too harsh and hot on your lungs?

    I love your reviews, so I’m looking forward to what you have to say about this vape, be it good or bad.

    • Crafty is very quick. Heat up time is not usually. Going to full temp takes <2 min. Don't think many people need full temp though.

    • I have bothered the mighty and Grasshopper. The mighty is a better vape. It doesn’t get to hot, is easier to pack, and has a better battery. I find the grasshopper to be a electronic vape one hitter.

        • I read your review on the Grasshopper vape pen. Yes, when it works it’s excellent but I have two pens and both of them have been sent back at least twice and one that has been sent back three times. I am presently waiting to send one back for the third time. They have the absolute worst customer service and it doesn’t stop with the vaporizers. Yesterday I ordered a battery and today it is dead. I wish the aeronautics engineers stuck with aircraft