The G43 Vaporizer

G43 Vaporizer

This is the G43 vaporizer that I’ve been working on all year, the one we’ve been calling Project A, and you wanna know what’s cool about it? The flavor is excellent, it’s super potent, it’s very easy to use, and I kept the price nice and low 💪


  • Hi Bud,

    Just checking to see what I need to do to get in the queue for one of these! If Troy likes it, it’s gotta be good!


  • Where’s mine girlie..You added me a few months ago..What’s my No#?
    I got the plenty !!! Feels like a toy but Riiipppsss

  • Want the whole set up my peeps
    Make my old ass a BEAST OF ALL AT HOME VAPES !! EXCUSE ME I WANNA G43..
    Also killed my Ghost MV1 ..GoTta replace it.. Fuck !!

  • Hey, how are ya. Im trying to get on the list for the g. I did write before but I have no idea if 8m on the list or not. I appreciate the time.

    • Hey Joseph thanks a lot for your interest man, check out this post on the forum with info about getting on the list and if you have any questions about it please send a PM to @Hazel

  • 100% want to be on the list to get one of these. this looks amazing and actually extremely clever and one of a kind in term of herb vaporizers. I absolutely love the glass beads as the method for increasing/decreasing the size of the chamber that is genius.

  • I’m really excited about the fact that its $100 and that you can use a box mod as the power source!

  • I would like to hear how this works, but a 99.00 price tag is certainly quite affordable.

    • I’ll be posting a full video about it very soon, if you still have any questions after watching please feel free to post them here or on the forum!

      • Hi Bud,
        Krazyhorse old lady here! I would love to try your new device. will it come with everything I need? or do you suggest extra anything thanks so much Bud
        I have volcano, herbalizer, but this is small and easy. cant wait to try it……also still trying to figure out rosin press maybe nugsmasher mini

        Put me down for one G43 please thanks