Sticky Brick Junior & HydroBrick Maxx Review

This review is of two vapes from Sticky Brick Labs: The HydroBrick Maxx and the Sticky Brick Junior.

These are both butane-powered portable vaporizers that are designed for use with dry herb, and they’re super cool and unique.

Watch my 4-minute review video above for the full scoop!

Stay up!

Some pix:

Sticky Brick Junior HydroBrick Maxx


  • Are some cheaper butane torches dangerous if used upside down for long periods? Junior looks the way for big hits.

    • I’m cheap and i wouldnt cheap out i use 11x refined butane in a blazer which i picked up on sale. I have a flip brick coming in the mail ive never used anything from sbl but i will probably be using my blazer in place of the provided one. Also holding your torch upside down will causr sputtering which will cause you to inhale butane as its not being burned off

  • I really like this device. I just bought the brick thanks to your review.

    Ps the crafty/mighty vs sticky brick jr??