Dr Dabber Light Vape Pen Review

Dr Dabber Light This is the Dr Dabber Light vape pen and it’s not too much bigger than a cigarette. It’s basically one of, if not the most discreet vape pens I’ve reviewed so far. It’s very easy to store, carry, travel with, and use on the go. Now what’s very interesting about the Light is that the coil inside of it is pretty much like a mini version of the Ghost coil, which I really like. The performance and the vapor quality are very similar, it’s basically on the same level. Obviously, the capacity is not as high with the Light, you can’t fit as much concentrate in there. This pen is made strictly for use with wax and oil concentrates by the way.

Dr Dabber Pens The atomizer in the Dr Dabber pens is a titanium coil wrapped around glass wick fiber, and I think it performs really well with it. It’s a really nice balance of vapor taste and strength, and it provides really consistent draws. The overall experience that you get from a pen with a coil like this one is really cool. I just find this to be a very versatile, easy to use pen in a variety of situations and circumstances.

It actually comes apart into a few different pieces like most pens. You have the mouthpiece tip you can just pull out; it’s held in by a little o-ring. Then the second piece also comes off, this is sort of like a sleeve or cover to the atomizer. Then you have the actual atomizer with the coil and this part will also unscrew from the bottom part which is the battery.

The Breakdown

Light Coil So these are really the three main parts: mouthpiece, atomizer, battery.

  • The battery is where the power button is, and you hold the button down while you take a draw. Any time you press the button the tip is gonna light up blue. Now the button is one of the only areas that I thought maybe there’s a little bit of room for improvement. I think it sticks out a little too far, like a couple of millimeters. I think if it was a little flusher it would be cooler.
  • The capacity of the Light atomizer is less, it’s probably about half of what the Ghost coil is, I’d say somewhere around .1g of concentrate. Loading it or packing it is pretty much the same though, you’re basically just gonna put a little bit of your concentrate right on top of the coil. Then what you can do is give the power button a few quick hits just to let it melt down into the wick. The Dr Dabber pens specifically are pretty versatile, they work well with both tiny amounts and larger amounts of oil.

You could put enough on the coil for just one or two draws, or you could pretty much fill it to the top and the vape is still gonna work well. You can take short draws, short little pulls, and you’ll get a nice little puff of vapor, or you can take a big rip from it and get a huge cloud of vapor if you want, so it’s also versatile like that.

Light Box Another thing I like about Dr Dabber pens is the air flow through the mouthpieces when you’re drawing from them. A lot of different pens now will have either extra air flow or adjustable air flow, but I kinda think that Dr Dabber nailed with the default thing they got going on here. There’s no adjustability, but it’s very comfortable, it’s easy to pull from. It feels natural. It doesn’t feel like you’re pulling too hard, and it doesn’t feel like it’s too free flowing, it’s a very natural draw.

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  • I bought the dr. Dabber light I’ve had it almost a year now. I’m having a problem though, my pen is fully charged but when i press the button it just flashes. If i take the atomizer off and press it the light stays steady, but as soon as the atomizer goes on the light starts flashing again.

    • I had a similar problem and it was just the battery. You have to move it with something to center it and put it back on the charger until it flashes or starts charging. You might think it’s charged but it just looks that way because there’s a bad connection so the charger will show that it’s fully charged. Good luck!!

  • Ok, so I bought the Aurora. So far it seems like a good pen, but it just started blinking when I push the button, counted 10 blinks.

    Anyone know what it means?

    • Ok, I figured out my problem, despite the jack of information from Dr Dabber.

      The battery was low. I put the battery on the charger and walked away, expecting it to charge, came back, saw green light, thought I was good. It wasn’t until I fiddled around with it in the charger that I realized it wasn’t taking a charge. I propped the battery with a small piece of paper until I was the light turn red and it charged without issue.

  • I have a Dr dabber light. Just curious how often do I need to clean atomizer with alcohol. I’m new to this.

      • That’s insane Dennis. I put down a gram a day and it lasts over a week. Stop holding your button too long and you won’t burn it out so fast.

  • Hey I just bought one and I put some concentrate in it and hit like normal then let it sit in the car for an hour or so then I went to hit it and the light blinks telling me the atomizer Is bad? Any suggestions?

    • i also just got my Light kit delivered, took 3 pulls and now the blue light blinks 10 times and does nothing. seems like a waste to me

      • I had the same thing happen. Do u know what happened? Seems like I’ll clean it and put a small amount in, and then it happens just a few minutes later

  • I wish I had purchased the Ghost instead of the light. it appears to me that the wick in not big enough to hold more than 3 good draws. I’m using CO2 oil from a syringe and put a stripe across the top of the coil. I usually have concentrate at the bottom of the bowl that I have to scrape out so that tells me the wick didn’t absorb everything I put on. I have heard that you get around 10 hits from the Ghost.

    • The ghost has only lasted me 1 session .. got it yesterday had 1 good session went to load it again and now coil is not getting hot waste of time and money back to my 3$ coals as they don’t fail like my 100$ pen

  • I have had the worst luck with this product, when I first purchase Dr.Dabber Light in Sept, I loved it, I still would love it if I got one that worked properly. After about a month I started have issues. First I thought it was the battery, I purchased a replacement battery, not the battery. Then I purchased a new atomizer so now I literally have 2 new parts. It worked for literally 1 minute 2 pulls worth and the light started the fast blinking. The battery was fully charged. I am so frustrated not to mention out money as Lighter USA, will not replace atomizer’s that have been loaded. Disclaimer: Lighter USA is a great company to purchase from after my first battery which I purchase didn’t work or so I thought, they sent me a free replacement which I sent back because we figured it was the atomizer. Anyone else experience this problem?

    • They had an issue with a batch of batteries, I called them and they sent me a new one at no cost

    • Yea, only had my aura for a week and now it won’t stop flashing. Waisted of money!!

  • This was my first portable vape. At first I was blown away by how small and simple it is. Basically fits in a coin pocket and packing it once lasted me all day.

    I tried two kinds of shatter, one called “Candy Dreams” from a club in Stockton, and Chocolope from a recreational shop in WA state just after the legalization law went into place and those stores started opening. The Chocolope was noticeably better.

    After a couple months of using it a few times a day, a few days a week, the hits started to get really harsh. It was still vaping the concentrates and I was still getting effects, but one hit holding the button for 3 secs would make my throat sore for minutes. I didn’t like the effects of the concentrates as much anyway, so I just shelved this thing and bought a V2 Pro Series 3 pen for flowers, and just recently ordered a Grasshopper. I really prefer the flowers over dabs any day.

    Is the harsh hit due to a dirty/used atomizer? I don’t know. I do have a spare atomizer that came with it, but if I’m hanging onto it in case someone wants to buy the pen. Also, I had bought this right before a memorial day sale and I emailed Dr. Dabber about it, asking to be grandfathered into the discount. They said no problem, then charged me the full amount anyway. When I emailed them a month later saying I never got a rebate, they said they’d send me a partial rebate lower than what they’d promised. If I bought another pen for concentrates, I’d want to try the Linx.

    • Yes the coil burns out after a while. You’ll want to replace this coil at least once a month with any regular use.

    • Yes. You can get it out with a toothpick and put it back on top of the coil. I’d say it’s a major shortcoming of the atomizer design. You’d think the coils would be at the bottom.

      • the coils can’t be at the bottom… the oil soaked wick would be far too close to the airhole and it would become clogged constantly

        you’re going to have run off in a pen design like this. it’s really a tiny amount tho…. and very retrievable

  • Hi!
    Great review as always!

    I have question about cleaning the device, maybe you didnt get to do it yet or it’s too similar to the ghost
    Is it hard to clean the coil?
    Is it feasible, easy with out breaking them?
    I want to know if I can re-use them :)

    Let me know!

    • Hey it’s not hard, all you need to do is soak the atomizer upside-down in isopropyl alcohol, usually 30 min or less. You can also try just giving the coil power for a full cycle or two, again with the vape upside-down and over a paper towel or something.

      They should last a while and you should be able to clean them a couple of times but eventually they’ll burn out and you’ll need new ones. I actually haven’t had a Dr Dabber atomizer burn out yet at all.

      • How long is each atomizer supposed to last? Also what your thoughts about pusing re-filled atomizers (with the oil).

      • Mine only lasted 1 session with the ghost pen I went to pack more and the wick or atomizers you call it was burnt out I have been messaging drdabber with no response