DaVinci IQ vs. Firefly 2

DaVinci IQ vs Firefly 2 As far as portable vaporizers go the DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 are pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to how they work and perform.

The IQ is a pure conduction vape, which means it utilizes radiant heat from the hot walls of the oven to vaporizer your herb, and the FF2 is a pure convection vape which means it vaporizes your herb or concentrate solely with super-heated air.

How they’re used is going to differ quite a bit, as is the ideal situations to use them in.

I would say that the IQ is an excellent choice for supreme portability, it’s one of the best performing vapes that can fit in your pocket. This is a “session” vape though, meaning you fill it up, turn it on, and then take 10-20 draws before it’s spent and you turn it off.

With the FF2 it’s an “on-demand” convection vaping experience, so there’s a little more manual labor and technique involved with this one. However once it is mastered (which doesn’t take long) there is no other vaporizer quite like it in terms of vapor taste and smoothness.

Check out my comparison table below listing the main areas of importance and how they stack up to each other:

Portable Vaporizer ComparisonDaVinci IQFirefly 2
Heating StyleConduction
(radiant heat)
(hot air)
Oven MaterialCeramicGlass Walls, Steel Screen
Oven Capacity~0.3g~0.15g
Vapor PathCeramic Zirconia (w/ silicone gasket)Borosilicate Glass & Stainless Steel
(w/ polypropylene mouthpiece)
Removeable BatteryYES
Sessions per charge~5-7~5
Draws per session~10-20~5-7
Charge time~3.5 hours~45 mins
Bluetooth / APPYesYes
True Heat-up Time60 seconds5 seconds
Easy to Load?Yes
(pack tight)
(pack loose)
Stirring Required?NoYES
Draw ResistanceBelow-averageAbove-average+
Vapor ProductionAbove-averageAbove-average
Vapor SmoothnessVery goodAmazing
Flavor / TasteAbove-averageSuperb
Odor LevelAverageBelow-average
Works with Concentrates?NOYes w/ concentrate pad
Precise Temp AdjustYES w/ buttonsOnly with APP
Country of manufactureChinaChina
Dimensions (my measurements)3.5″L x 1.7″W x 0.9″H5.1″L x 1.6″W x 1.0″H
Warranty10 Years2 Years
VapeRatingTier 1 Top PickTier 1 Top Pick
DaVinci IQFirefly 2


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  • I have the FF2 – LOVE IT. Have not picked up either of my pax’s since I bought the FF2 – was considering the davinci for a change of pace but the FF2 is so tasty and efficient with my material. I feel the davinci will waste material like the pax does. Just my thoughts though, I have never used the IQ.

  • I found the FF2 was closer to 90 minutes, not 45. Awesome comparison, I hope you can do this for even more vapes.

  • I vape mostly at home and prefer small sessions. so I am leaning towards FF2. However, I see that with the IQ you can purchase glass spacers to vape half bowls. Has any one tried these glass spacers and do they do the job as intended?

  • How is the cleaning compared with two? Coming from a PAX 1, which I like, except cleaning routine and just a few flavorful draws…

    • I’d say both of these are average with cleaning and it’s definitely not an involved process like it is with the original Pax, but I highly highly recommend brushing out your spent herb immediately after your session with both of these to drastically reduce maintenance.

      • Thanks for that. Ended up getting two firefly 2’s. Came down to the vapor quality (absolutely ridiculous flavor on low, and a few nice ones on high) and the 30 second wipe down for machine to be 100% clean….

        Only complaints are draw resistance is only fair and its a pain to have to use an app to adjust the temperature.