Best Vape Pen For Wax & Oil Concentrates

These are my current top picks for best vaporizer pen for wax and oil concentrates in 2023 (THC & CBD wax, budder, sauce, live rosin, etc). Looking to vaporize dry herb? Check out my list of top picks for best portable vaporizer.


»   KandyPens Crystal 2  *Quartz crystal bucket, A+ flavor & efficiencyKandyPens Crystal 2

This is the new Crystal 2 vape pen from KandyPens, it’s made for use with all consistencies of wax and oil concentrates.

This pen comes with an all-quartz “bucket” atomizer that heats up from underneath with a metal coil. The Crystal 2 also boasts an adjustable airflow ring, allowing you to customize your draw resistance.

Adjustable Airflow

Flavor and efficiency are two of this pen’s strong points. The quartz chamber gives you a pure unaltered taste and it also makes your oil last a very long time, it doesn’t use it up quickly.

This one is ideal for loading about ~.1g of concentrate at a time and it’s so efficient that you’ll usually be able to get upwards of ~10 draws from that amount.

There are 4 heat levels and it also has a “sesh mode” which I like a lot, it allows you to simply tap the power button twice to have it automatically heat the coil for 8-10 seconds at a time.

It’s very easy to keep clean by swabbing out the quartz dish right after you finish each load, while the atomizer is still warm.

Overall I really like the performance of this one, the all-quartz bucket atomizer is my favorite way to vape wax in a pen to date.

Price:  $105 from official KandyPens store   (after using my promo code STAYUP30 for 30% OFF)

» Linx Blaze  *Newest Linx pen w/ Quartz & Ceramic bucket atomizersLinx Blaze

This is the new Linx Blaze vaporizer with two different atomizers included, and both of them are top tier. The finish is stainless steel and it looks & feels superb.

Quartz bucket coils are the latest and greatest in vape pens, and the Blaze is one of my top 3 favorites because of its excellent build quality and consistent performance. They also include a ceramic plate atomizer which has been their bread and butter for a while now.

Linx Quartz Coil

Flavor and efficiency with both of these coils is basically the best you can get from a pen this compact.

The chamber in this one is on the smaller side so I’d only recommend loading about a BB-sized amount of concentrate at a time, but it’s so efficient that you’ll get at least a handful of nice draws from that.

Linx Blaze Mouthpiece

It’s very pocket-able and Linx includes a stainless cap for the mouthpiece to protect it and keep it clean when stored.

There are four heat settings to choose from so whether you like huge rips or light sips you’ll be covered.

If the Blaze is too pricey for you I also highly recommend their Hypnos Zero pen for under $80, it just has a smaller ceramic atomizer but still works very well.

Price:  $136 from official Linx Vapor store  (includes free shipping)


C-Box MINI  *Tiny and powerful, great choice for carts510 Cartridge Battery

This new C-Box Mini vape battery from KandyPens is a real winner, they paid attention to what all the qualities are that people want in a vape cartridge battery and I really like this one. Plus it’s only 20 bux!!

It fits all major cartridge brands including all the ones that use CCell carts. Any cartridges 11mm in diameter or smaller will fit inside this unit.

Read my full review if you want to know all the details about it and the other qualities I like. For quick 2-minute breakdown with a demo sesh check out my video clip below:

It’s an auto-draw battery so there’s no buttons on it, which is a major bonus for simplicity IF the default power level (voltage) is set right. They did it right with this one, the default 3.7v has been perfectly vaping all the different cartridges I try in it, both THC and CBD oils, and both big and small hits.

Overall if you’re into using cartridges you can’t go wrong with this one at all, and for the price I consider it a no-brainer.

Price:  $20 from official KandyPens store  (after using my promo code STAYUP25 for 25% OFF)

Check back soon for updates because I update this page regularly!

Stay up!

Previous top Picks

Linx Hypnos Zero
*For light use, looks great, feels great, excellent performance

The Hypnos Zero from Linx Vapor is one of the smallest vape pens I’ve reviewed which makes it super stealthy and discreet, and it also happens to have one of the coolest atomizers I’ve tried. Build quality, vapor production, taste and smoothness are all top shelf, and it also features industry leading battery life.

It works best when you load small amounts of wax at a time, but it’s super efficient so you’ll be surprised how many draws you get. I would consider this to be one of the best vape pens for light to medium use.

The ceramic plate atomizer is smaller than average but it’s super efficient with your concentrate, so a little bit goes a long way. Out of the four heat levels the pen has three of them are pretty low, and they barely make any vapor, but the highest setting gives you those clouds and the flavor is amazing at any temperature.

I really like the look and feel of the outer shell too, it’s stainless steel and even though it’s small it feels nice & solid in your hand.

PCKT One Plus
*Small, sleek & powerful battery for 510 cartridges

The PCKT One Plus is one of the best vape pen cartridge battery I’ve tried, and I’ve used a lot of them.

It’s amazingly small but you don’t sacrifice battery life for that at all, it has a very long-lasting 660mAh battery inside that barely drains when not in use.

It comes with 2 different size adapters to accommodate the various size vape cartridges on the market. You simply screw the adapter to your cartridge and then slip it inside the unit, the cartridge will be magnetically held it place until you pull it out again.

PCKT One Plus

As the name implies you really can fit this in your pocket easily, even the small pocket of your jeans. Even though it’s tiny it feels real solid and the build quality is excellent, I was surprised by the price of this one, it’s definitely a great buy.

The new Plus model has a slightly wider opening than the original version and it now fits all cartridges up to 11.5mm, which is pretty much all of them!

KandyPens PRISM
*For light use, very compact, looks & feels great, cool features

This is the new Prism vape pen for wax & oil and I’m impressed with the size, build quality and performance.

It has an elegant stainless steel body with a black electro-plated finish that feels smooth and looks great. This type of finish does not show smudges or fingerprints.

The overall design is small, compact and stealthy. There’s no lights on the outside besides the subtle ring around the power button, and I can cover the entire pen if I close my hand around it.

Performance-wise it comes with two different atomizers – one has a ceramic-lined chamber with a ceramic plate heating element embedded into the bottom, and the other atomizer is ceramic-lined also but there’s dual-quartz rod coils inside of it instead.

Both coils provide a unique experience and they’re both enjoyable. Using the ceramic plate atomizer is considered the “coil-less” way to vape because your concentrate doesn’t make any contact with metal coils.

The vapor quality is great and you can get good vapor production from both atomizers. The coils are also leak-proof so they can be used with thinner oils in addition to wax. This pen is perfect for light users who vape a handful of draws at a time.

It has two charging ports on the bottom: a micro-USB port and a Lightning port (yes the one for your iPhone, pretty convenient), and it supports pass-through charging so you can vape from it while you charge it up.


SOURCE orb 4
*Great build, cool atomizers, good for light or heavy use

The new SOURCE orb 4 vaporizer combines top-shelf performance with an elegant feel and solid build quality. This one has a magnetic connection now for the two mouthpiece parts, inside of which is the atomizer. This makes it more convenient to open and close during use and it’s also pretty cool how it feels.

The orb itself is made of stainless steel and the atomizers are made of Grade 1 & 2 Titanium, as well as food-grade ceramics.

Vapor quality and taste is excellent with all of the coils, and they make a variety of types including dual quartz & ceramic rods and a titanium nail.

Their $50 orb 4 attachment kit is a very good deal and they give you 4 unique atomizers with it, all of which are awesome. Then they have a Premium kit for $100 that includes a battery and 6 coils, and also a Signature kit for $200 with an even bigger battery and 8 coils total.

Then, if you want the strongest vape pen experience there is, you get the new orb XL 2 with its monster atomizers.

This is one of, if not the most powerful vape pen I’ve reviewed, and it’s also made of very high quality materials which is why I really like it.

SOURCE makes the full range of pens for all users which is pretty cool and unique, they make vapes for light users that are awesome and they also make the hardest hitting vapes that’ll melt your face off.

There’s also the orb 4 slim, which isn’t exactly a skinny pen but it has a standard straight shape instead of their trademark orb. This is actually a pretty heavy duty pen that feels extremely solid in your hand, and it can deliver nice light vapor or big heavy rips.

This company sticks to using legit materials in their vapes and these are really the guys to look at if you want the strongest vape pen experience.


AirVape OM
*Cool keychain vape pen, very nicely made, works with oil cartridges and wax

The AirVape OM is a new keychain vape pen that’s designed for use with both wax and oil cartridges. It’s not a cheap pen by any means, that’s stainless steel that you’re lookin at and a glass mouthpiece tip.

That glass tip connects magnetically to the wax atomizer, the one with the dual quartz coils. The coil’s slightly below average in size, but for a handful of nice draws on-the-go this thing delivers.

It’s main advantage, aside from looking and feeling great, is that it can also be used with pre-filled oil cartridges sold in stores, and it comes with custom stainless sleeves that perfectly fit the two standard-sized cartridges sold on the market. This gives it a nice stealth effect because you don’t see the cartridges through the steel (obviously), so it could be an e-cig for all anybody knows.

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  • have you tried the lookah seahorse pro? I’ve seen a few videos of it and it looks very good, would be interested to see how it compares to these.

  • Anybody have experience with Batch brand cartridges? Over 1/2 of my cartridges have become clogged and unusable before using half the cartridge. Then it’s all about burning through the gummed up cartridge until it will let you get the smallest puff. It’s a thick oil, so maybe I need the right battery at the right setting, but I have had no luck with Batch brand. i am using a battery with green, red, blue settings.

    • I’ve never had a good experience with Kandypens but I can tell you they are quite different. They Crystal is for flavor and sipping on terpy dabs. The Utilian is going to give bigger hits with either coil and costs less. That is what I just ordered.

  • Have you heard of Elev8 Distributions stuff in Colorado Springs?
    The Wax Maxer Concentrate pen uses a ceramic heater which gives the best flavor by far. I would love to get in touch somehow and let you check out our stuff!
    Please get back to me when you are available.

  • Are you familiar with Vivant or any of their products? I’m looking at the Vivant Dabox Pro, and the Incendio kit (they both have the bucket style quartz atomizers) which is also made by Vivant. I need something for high end concentrates (live resin-sauce diamonds), with the Dabox Pro uses water thru a little bubbler, and the Incendio kit is a box type mod. Any help with be extremely grateful!!! Thanks

    • Id recommend trying the atomizer first. Its one of my favorite but there is a learning curve and the mouthpiece can clog really easy if your not careful. But its a cool little 20 dollar concentrate attachment. Works much like…. well… a meth pipe tbh o_O

  • Great article!!
    Though bc im on a tight budget im curious would you reccomend any under $50(or maybe $75 n under?)
    If you have a few suggestions maybe you could do a sequel to this w budget vape pens for waxes / concentrates!☺

  • Greetings,
    Based on your + review for the PCKT ONE battery I went for the new improved PLUS model and with your promo code 15% off, thank you! You beat their first time customer order by 5%! I’m all about quality at this stage in life, smoked my first joint when Lee Radizwill was partying at Warhol’s beach house and this product meets my standard. Pure quality, feels great, nice weight and fits in the pocket with ease. Looks good on the coffee table too. Immediate customer service as well, had a couple questions, no more button on the bottom. The new model has a larger barrel opening as well so fitting a cc cartridge is no problem. Now comes with two adapters eliminating the need for the longer cumbersome 3rd attachment. Classing packaging and the brush velvet carrying bag is big enough to carry lunch for two? Received fully charged and the battery is still at full 3 days, too users later. If the batteries (2) hold out this is a 5 out of 5 stars for me.
    Thanks for the steer job.

    • I loved mine for the first three months but now it’s become a pain. I clean the thing religiously and I have to pull much harder than I used to. Now, it’s about a 30% success rate if I get a hit at all; back to my cheap pen. Buyer beware on PCKT.

      • Four and a half months for my Plus. It will only contact/heat using two hands with either adapter – one to push down hard, one to hold the button. They will honor the warranty and the response was immediate, but I pay to return ship broken, they pay to ship back repaired or replaced. I haven’t decided as I’m not confident it’s worth it. Happy I keep more than one option at all times!

  • Hi, I have a lady friend that has been having problems from puffing joints in her apt in Montreal and she has asked me if she should spend $300 to buy a 4 ” can fan and can filter to keep from getting evicted, and since I have a top of the line 25 ton Rosin press and grow my own buds, I’m thinking of recommending to her that instead of investing $300 for air filtration in her apt, that she spend in the $100 range to buy a vape pen with a ceramic bowl, and I will supply her with Rosin instead of buds, she is a mild smoker, and my friends including Bubbleman/Marc Richardson have recommended the Puffco Plus due to it having a ceramic bowl, upon reading your reviews and seeing how you list the Kandy Pens Crystal with the quartz bucket as your No #1 pick, and didn’t use a Puffco Plus as a comparassin, please give me your opinion on which vape pen is best for her to use with Rosin.

  • Wax pens can be great but you must realize that gadgets are prone to problems. So many variables to take into account: atomizers, batteries, coil materials, usability factors. You must maintain them like your power tools. Cleaning and unclogging. Charging batteries. Don’t drop or misplace. With that said, I love my Source Vapes. I’m a heavy user and few years ago I bought a rosin press (AZPressCo) to make my own wax, at an initial cost of approx $500, and it’s completely paid for itself. This is the way to go, esp if u have access to quantity of herb, bcuz the price drops w quantity, and you have complete control over the wax you are consuming (you know exactly what’s in it!) I own the Source Orb 3 w Bubbler, Source Orb 4, Source Orb XL, and Source Nail. My daily driver is the Source Orb 3 w Bubbler for its huge potent hits and reasonably discreet size. The Source Nail is great too but requires more time and space to use. Best coil is the double quartz for flavor, although more fragile than the others. Source uses top notch materials and displays their lab tests on the website. Yes, I have had some problems w the parts but the customer service is great. For batteries, I recently came across the Uwell Nanchaku and it’s been awesome. I hope this helps people out there! Cheers!

  • I recommend the sai by HVT ,the Ti version is light weight and takes a while to heat up plus theres a huge selection of coils to pick from and its top airflow.
    Ive been interested in the Puffco Peak to give me rig like hits.
    Ive also caught wind of cloud v alien which is a pretty promising looking wax and oil vape as well as the molecule rda which is the 1st Wax/oil Rda ive seen thats rebuildable and has an all quartz chamber

  • Can anyone tell me why the organic smart cart cartridges don’t work with my k-pen? Screws in same 510 thread, but nothing happens?

    • I know mym510 pen had the same issue but I removed one part from the top of the p n and I get awesome vap. Hope this helps

    • It’s mainly for light use for one person, most small pens are, I would go with something like the HVT Sai for use by multiple people

  • So glad I found your review. I just ordered the PCKT ONE using your code. I’m tired of the cheap dispensary battery messing up with different carts. Especially when it’s 2am and you have a migraine and you can’t get it to work :( Hoping this provides consistent use.

  • Thanks for your review on the PCKT vape. Used your code and picked one up for myself, works absolutely flawlessly. I’ve seen other magnetic attachment vapes out there, but this was the only one with the auto draw I was looking for. The Pacific blue looks great too!

  • Source or XL isn’t listed with the rest on this page for review. Also they have the slim XL to check out

    • I love my Slim XL 510 adapter on my Drag mod. I just wish they made atomizers that fire at higher wattages in the 30-60 range.

  • I dont know weather to buy the linx hypnoz zero or the sai. Im a little bit confused with the coil chamber and the ceramic chamber…which one is better? . Isnt it a ceramic chamber easier to clean and load than the one with the 3 quartz coils? . How many draws can you get from each one ?

    • I own both. The Sai is a heavy hitter and I rarely use it away from home due to size. Although it is portable, it’s larger than a pen and not too discrete. The zero is a great quality pen best for solo use. I’ve used it in a casino sportsbook and no one seems to notice. Great hits, not huge clouds, but definitely gets the job done. And uses minimal concentrate . Efficient! One thing, it’s not the best with crumble or wet badder. It doesn’t seem to vaporize the material fully. For that I pull out the Saionara and cross over to the “other side”.

  • Whats ur stand on ceramic coiless chambers ? After some guy posted the link on the dire affects of heating ceramic ?
    Do u still endorse them ? Or use them still ?
    Im looking to get high not endanger my well being !

  • Bud…..Amazing that you have processed SO much herb!!
    and, you are not alone!
    Here I ask for a tip: ( a Mighty is on its way to me) and my Crafty is Great—purchased after much review on your cite…….I am very happy with the Crafty–which motivated me to go for a Mighty. OK.

    Now, the RSO is entering the unit via the Filling Chamber!! Not Good! Drawing is hard. Please tell me, how to CLEAN OUT what may be in the unit via the Filling Chamber. (I now strictly control the amount of RSO).

    I have been spraying ethanol into the unit via FC and kind of suck out juice/alcohol. But this is not so complete. Any Tips, Please.

    I`m in Mexico…..always.
    VERY BEST REGARDS, Bud…….keep up the great service….and humor………..


  • Would you be able to do a segment on e-Juice vapes? I use CBD after two spinal surgeries (I have dwarfism). I medicate via flower, but like the extra CBD while working from home.

  • Hey man im wasting a lot of product and money trying to find the right fit for live resins and terp/reg sauces without buying a portable E-Nail & a tiny rig or paying PAX3 prices. I need something flexable because out of the 4 brands ive bought from 3 have occasionally had adulteraunts that cause it to start burning at slightly lower temps or vice versa (opened my barbfire after a cloud that tasted like car exhaust to see what looked like a small explosion.) Moved to a Ti plate w/quartz cover (it seemed to get more on the quartz cover than in a hit) Anyone have SOLID advice for something in the $100< range, im kinda getting tired of explaining this story to every headshop and getting "Quartz Bruh, cant go wrong. Just keep practicing wasting your product"

    • Dude, seriously, you buy what you get. You could have utilise all those money that you wasted on all those 3 cheap ass quality vape pen to get a PAX 3 at the first place, and save all the trouble bitching up here. LMFAO XDDDD FYI: Im getting a PAX 3 Full Kit, SUP?!

  • Hey Bud- tried using the discount code for the Kandy Pens Rubi, but nothing happened.

    Also, is an atomizer only used for waxes?

    Finally, can oils be purchased in bulk to reduce waste? I want to refill the pod on the Rubi but hoping to avoid buying lots of little disposable cartridges.

    Thanks, DAK

  • I’m in love with the Kandypens ‘Prism’ but unfortunately lost mine. I’m looking to replace it or possibly go with the Linx ‘Hypnos Zero’. They seem very similar except for the coil differences. Any thoughts on one vs. the other?? Thanks!!

    • You know that KandyPens offers a free replacement policy if you lose your pen right?? I lost mine and just had to give them my name and they sent me another one! WHO DOES THAT?!?? Thats why they da best imo.

  • Has anyone here ever tried the Cyclone by Rokin? I like the look of it, and I’m curious to see if it’s mouthpiece actually does what the company claims.

  • How many sessions do you typically get from ceramic atomizers? Do coils last longer? I bought my first pen (puffco plus) and both ceramic atomizers stopped working after a week of use (gram or less of wax) at $35 per atomizer and only able to get a gram of wax use out of it doesn’t make economical sense. I would like to get another pen but I’m concerned about the cost to replace coils. $35\month is high enough….$35\week is ridiculous

    • My puffs plus sits and collects dust, after cracking multiple chambers loaded with stuff. Great idea but still 510 thread charger too. I use yocan now, evolve plus xl or evolve plus arsenal tools edition

  • Yikes!!! too many choices for a novice…. Looking for a combo vaporizer for both thick THC/CBD oil and dry. I ordered the v2 pro 7, but the oil chamber is too small to get thick oil in unless I dilute it. Help/suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

    • Combo vapes are tough! They really don’t excel at vaping either material, so I highly recommend getting one solid vape for each material you wanna vaporize!

      • hi what about the pax 3 it is for flower and oil and wax I have a pax 2 for flower and it works great do you know anything about the pax 3 and how the oil and wax insert woks? thanks

        • I live my PAX 3. I have all kinds of fancy expensive vaporizers and the one I go to first is my Pax three, for weed,.wax, it’s easy , simple, reliable , portable and it’s so easy it’s incredible. The only drawback is it leaves an odor. They have all kinds of Odor proof cases to carry the PAX 3 in that are inexpensive. Watch out for some of the ones on Amazon. I had one that broke 3 x’’s but each time the case company would send me a brand new one. Anyways,
          I love my PAX

  • Anyone have any comments on the Prism? They seem to be turned off on the actual review page. Cheers

  • These reviews are great and all but you leave one of the most important things about vaping concentrates. I go thru about a gram and a half a day of concentrates, I buy every new device I come across cuz Im a dork. The main thing I am looking for is how the device handles reclaim. I have yet to find anything that even tries to deal with it. Its nice when you unbox something and take a few hits but sucking on it all day long is a whole different story nobody ever talks about.

    The only thing relevant for any these besides the disposable PAX knockoff (it does hit great) is the coil. All of these coils are available for almost any vape.

    The only exception is the HBT Sai, it is a monster. The only thing bad about it I have found is the rubber rings become stretchy and eventually wont keep the seal or break. This happened on both sets of included rings on 2 different tanks after a few days of work. I had extra more durable rings from other tanks so not really an issue.

    The orb was trash when I bought one, it did not have these types of coils then tho.

  • I have been enjoying the vape cartridges from various different companies when in CO and CA and had trouble finding a good vape battery that would work with all of the cartridges. Some batteries would work with some carts but not others. Then I bought this Twist Battery from a company called Stanky Vapes. It works with all of my cartridges. I also got one of their keychain flip battery because it had lower settings for some of the carts with cotton wicks. They do better in lower voltage.

  • Could anyone tell me why Source no longer sells a wicked coil for Source 3 ? I have had good luck with them. I like wicked better then the ceramic and the other kinds..Is the wicked healthy? Thx

  • Yo, I have the Dr dabber. Man what overpriced garbage, the heating rod broke twice in 2 months and the customer service is no help. What a waste of money don’t buy and now I’m going to write bad reviews about it every where since they won’t help me fix it…

    • Totally agree Dr. dabber is overpriced and absolute junk the cheap shit last longer

      • My $100 Aurora…..what a WASTE of $$. Just letting you know before your disappointed . Called company and the owner was nice but was suggesting what I might try to fix it. Again $100 1 week of use.

        • My Dr. D Aurora is still ripping after 3 years, and never had to replace a coil once. Also have the Boost for 2 years now. But, how can you go through all 3 atomizers in a week! Sounds like misuse, instead of product quality

  • Can the tank/atomizer top piece be used on a different battery for example a box mod if set low enough? If so, I’d rather just buy their replacement pieces and save $50.

  • Hey, whats your take on the qloud up nexus. My friend has been raving about it for weeks now. I’m in the market for a new pen and I have always been following and taking your advise. I will probably get the nexus, but just wanted to see if you have tried it. Thank you, keep doing what you do.

    • The Qloudup Nexus is GARBAGE. No airflow, leaks and clogs just after a few tries. I have one. Used it once then threw it in the trash. Go with Kandypens, source, or linx instead.

      • I have the nexus, but I am really happy with it. I had the kanypen before which died out on me within a month didn’t bother replacing it because it tasted bad when hitting. I had a source a while back, that one wasn’t bad.

  • How do coils create vapor and not smoke (combustion) since the concentrate is making direct contact with the heat source?

    I’m also asking KP also but curious to hear end-user feedback and knowledge.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I got the source orb 4 and honestly its way too big, very unwieldy, and makes ma cough up a lung for a solid hour after. I only have a 3 coil atomizer, is that why? What do you recommend as a fix/do you recommend any other vapes?

    • Be sure that there’s no peeling or damage on the metal piping, or anywhere else. You may be inhaling harmful metal shavings, it’s a known issue with Source.

  • Hi,
    I want to buy a pen to use with pre-filled oil cartridges. Any recommendations? I haven’t been able to find a list of “best vapes for pre-filled cartridge use.” I’m new to all this… is it true I can get any pen with a 510 connection and the cartridge will twist right on?

    • not sure if you have an answer yet, here is my experience. I have mmj license here in AZ. Yes, they will fit, but other things to know. In my experience here, as products continue to evolve, different voltage levels are required by different vendor/mfg. If it you go to high on voltage, you ruin the cartridge, if you go too low, you get little to no vape. It is basically the viscosity of the oil that determines power needed (thats my understanding, could be wrong). Each company sells their own pen for $8-10 that is dialed in to the power level that works best for their cartridge. So if you dont have a variable power pen you better go with each companies little pen. If something goes wrong with your cartridge, most will replace it IF you havent used any other pen but the ones they sell. Long winded response, it seems much more organized in my head. Good luck

  • Hey bud im new to vaping and i was looking to buy a wax pen but not sure which one, i want something reliable that wont stop working after just a couple months and with good battery life. Im not big on super clouds or super flavor, i like it right in the middle. I’ve been looking at the puffco plus, KP prism/prism+, dr dabber aurora or ghost, source slim 4, as well as maybe the icon kit from KP, what are your thoughts?

    • Dr Dabber Aurora was a pain in the a. The battery wouldn’t charge, the ceramic coiled atomizer burst mid-session, the magnets wouldn’t hold it together in a pocket, the spring loaded pin not connecting properly to the atomizer…I could go on… Dr Dabber Aurora is a piece of crap for a dab pen. Mine lasted 3 months which included exchanging the battery twice and atomizer once. In 3 months. Don’t buy.

      • you must of been doing something off bc i’ve had my aurora for 2yrs and am on the original 3 atomizers. my guess is you didn’t read the manual where it says if it feels to hot in your hand to let it cool back down to room temp. before you contiue use. I know many people w the aurora as well and rave about it, and no one needed to replace a battery. Considering how many awards it’s won, and how many 5 star reviews it has on third party sites it seems like your the minority in this situation. i’m sorry you had a bad experience, but the numbers don’t lie, DR. DABBER IS TOP GRADE

    • Get the Brain Fogger by Mic it has ceramic coil make sure you have a box mod to attach it to because it is a tank. BTW I plan on getting the brain fogger here pretty soon

  • Please, someone start making vape pens with caps for transport! A nice magnetic cap would be awesome…..

    • I have a very nice vape pen with magnetic cap with a built in dabber that keeps anything from leaking and a magnetic cover/mouthpiece. It is called a magneto.

    • Dr. Dabber offers magnetic caps, as well as silicone containers to hold they’re atomizers if you wanna swap between quartz or ceramic.

  • I have the Max V2 Pro…I am new to wax..the instruction manual says you can use wax but doesn’t say at what temperature this should be set for wax use. I am assuming highest setting?? Can anyone help me out?? Thank you.

  • Hi Bud :)

    I’m new to vaping and have been trying to do my research, but there are so many options! I recently starting using wax with a dab rig, but I’m looking for something simpler and more convenient. My husband and I are both pretty heavy users, and while we love using the wax now, we don’t always have it and often still use dry herbs. While researching, I came across the Yabba Dabber and the V2 Pro Series 3/7, which can both be used for oil, wax, & dry herbs. However, I’ve read numerous complaints about the V2 pen, ranging from the poor customer service to many issues with the product itself, not to mention the cost of purchasing & replacing the different cartridges. As for the Yabba Dabber (by Mig), I’ve seen only positive feed back and the one single chamber can be used for any of the mediums. On the other hand, there didn’t seem to be many reviews on this one, so I’m not sure if it’s trustworthy.

    While doing my research, I came across your reviews and thought I’d give it a shot to comment and see if you’ve tried these pens or have any personal opinions for me. I’d be open to other suggestions as well!

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’m just investigateing. I want one but I kneed to know what was the best an how it works. But how do I get the wax for it????

    • I have the v2 series 7. It’s alright as a beginner set up for dry herb, but sucks for concentrates. You have to buy the concentrate attachement separately, as it doesn’t come with it, and mine never really worked properly. Crapped out after just over a month. Wasted 2 grams in it, and got nothing out of it. The dry herb attachement stopped working after about a year as well. $30 for a replacement. I would spend the money on something better

  • Hey Bud, Im in limbo about buying “the Dabbler” or the “Dr. Dabber: Ghost” both reasonably priced, but what would be the best in your opinion? what would be the best bang for the buck? I’m not too concerned about low heat. and also for a question for all the viewers: could it be possible to use shatter/budder/keif in any of these? PS, great job on every review. very informative.

    • I have a couple of Ghosts and they are fine. But my favorite is the Puffco + (plus). I can’t say a bad thing about the Puffco. Let me end this…I believe the Puffco Plus is better than the Ghost.

        • Hey Frank! Might I suggest taking a trip up to DC to get your hands on cartridges? There are vendor events around the city every day of the week where you can browse goods from multiple suppliers. Or you can hang out in the city and have it delivered to your hotel/coffee shop/restaurant/Whole Foods. Totally open to out of state residents!

          Search Instagram for the vendor events (#i71 #i71Compliant #initiative71) or “Where’s Weed” for delivery services. (WashingtonVapeCo, TrapSnax.x.x, H.E.M.P., BrightGreenGrowing, and DistrictOfC are some of my faves.)

          Drive up and make a weekend of it!

  • I have just started vaping CBD oil and I am looking for a reliable vape for that. I plan on using it every few hours during the day so something that will live up to that robustness and one that doesn’t “burn” the oil. I use a small square one now that just gets the oil too hot so it tastes burned.
    Please give me some great suggestions :)

  • Would you ever do reviews of disposable vapes and vape cartridges? I find that the quality varies wildly between brands, which is why I avoid them. I would, however, trust a review from you!

  • I read from straincentral’s tweet that you were able to find out the kandypens has glue. Do you still recommend it even with glue in it?

    • Yes only because it’s still a high quality and good performing pen, and from what I understand after taking it apart the glue doesn’t actually get heated and it’s not in the direct air path, and it was also lab tested to meet FDA guidelines.

      More importantly, I’ve recently spoken with KP to ensure they’re getting rid of the glue right away, so their current lineup as well as future models will no longer have this material inside of it.

      I’ve also urged them to offer free replacement coils to anyone who is concerned and they’re receptive to this, I’ll post updates about it on the forum:

      • Hi Bud, I’m fairly new to the #710 seen.
        IV bin getting a pull and snap shatter that I love,but it is thick . Is there a pen that will work with the more solid concentrates? Thanks

      • Bud,

        Who can we reach out to for replacement coils? I have gravity and pearl atomizers and would certainly like to be able to replace them for products that will not continue to poison me. Thanks for your work!

  • Hey Bud, what are the drawbacks of the source orb 4? I’m really leaning towards it because of the choice of atomizers and I’d like a good mix of flavor and vapor. I’d really like a good quality pen that’s going to be consistent without replacing parts every few months.

  • Do a riview on the qloudup nexus pen
    Ive heard pretty good things about it and id love to see a review

    • I hated mine. The battery felt light and cheap, and it’s very difficult to pull a hit from. Both atomizers produced very tiny clouds.

  • The best one I’ve tried so far is Quanta stick or Quanta cannabis, not sure their “tag” name but it’s called Quanta lol. Probably the most consistent high ever and it doesn’t give you red eye or munchies. No throat pinch or any of that crap. I’m on my 3rd one so far. “highly recommended”

  • Source Orb 4 is bullshit. Half of them they make don’t even work right. And the Kandypen Gravity is probably the best for flavor if you pack a minimal amount. It wont burn the concentrate if you put more than .4 of shatter in it.
    Puff pro 2 and even the Puffco Plus destroys both those pens, yes I’ve tried all 4. ( I work in the industry)

    Vape critic you used to be good at this before you sold out. Now you promote who pays. sad

    • Puffpro is a kickass vape but mine was stolen; I also have a Kandypens galaxy and Dr. Dabber ghost.

      The Kandypens hits like a sledgehammer when it’s working right, but it’s temperamental. I’ve had issues with leaking atomizers and incomplete vaporization, as you note. Best to load only close to time of use.

      The Ghost doesn’t hit as hard, but is much more consistent and predictable, with insane battery life and superbly efficient use of material.

    • @Sean Puff –

      My Puffco review pages are littered with complaints, it’s not me there’s just a shortage of great pens on the market.

    • Do they actually? I’ve been really considering an orb 4 til I started seeing bad reviews. But it’s confusing because for every bad review there’s 3-4 good reviews so Idk. What is your take on the Dr Dabber Aurora?

  • I have been looking for a Vape pen that gives me strong hits and doesn’t have a complicated atomizer to insert my CBD oil into. Im currently using the Yocan Hive and have trouble getting good hits out of them/ getting my oil into the atomizer due to the metal rod in the middle. Any suggestions?

  • Bud, I need a nice reasonable priced pen for my CBD concentrates an oils I had bought verdampfer with three different tops for dry ,wax an liquid from local store but the liquid tube broke I’m fairly new to these pens I just want one not cheaply made buy reasonable priced that’s gonna do the job an not be a waste of money I’m a single mother with anxiety an constant pain,

  • You should check out the Yocan Evolve Plus. Half the price bigger quartz titanium coil and you can get five of the replacement coils for the same price as one of the KandyPens Coils. I’ve had my Galaxy for almost two years and just replaced it with a pen that came with two coils for the price of two Galaxy coils and so far am happy with the change.

    • I wouldn’t recommend Yocan to anyone. I went through 2 coils on their magneto within 1 month. Contacted Yocan in China and they told me to contact the place I bought it from. Thankfully, they took care of me the first time. However, they said that they cant keep swapping out coils for me. So, Im sitting on a $45 paperweight.

    • I also came across the Yocan Evolve Plus and have nothing but great reviews about it. I’ve been thru about every wax pen on the market and I keep going back to the Yocan..dumb name but solid no-frills device. It beats every pen I’ve ever used in all categories that count. Galaxy coil might last a month before it needs to be replaced, Yocan in my experience can last 3-4 months easy with everyday use. Battery capacity is huge compared to Galaxy. Easy to keep clean and doesn’t get messy too quick as long as you don’t cram it to the gills. The 2ml silcon compartment on the bottom is a nice touch to make it good for a day trip. It only has one temp setting which is arguably too hot but you learn to feather the button to get huge rips. This thing chugs like one of those kids with their e-juice vaporizers blowing steam like a locomotive. You can use it while charging and it takes a standard micro usb like a galaxy s6 phone.

      • YoCan is made and is from China, so logically customer service and manufacturing are going to be poor, as well as their lack of care when it comes to toxic product with glues and chemicals not alowed int the US bc of their known health issues makes me hesitant to get anything from them just to save a few bucks. Also consider the human rights atrocities that go one at certain plants, and their lack of regulating this matter, I would support another company.

        • Well, just about everything is made in china
          Show me one made in the USA
          I’ve got Evolve Plus and Magneto and both are awesome.
          Still using the original coils and still have the others waiting, to be used and it’s been quite a few months of use on them.

    • YoCan products suck. You will make up the difference when your buying coils every couple weeks or your battery shits out on you and you need a whole new pen

      • I paid 28 dollars for an evolve plus and went a year before both coils finally burned out. Battery still lasts two days with heavy use. A lot of fake ones are out there, maybe you got one of those?

        • Ive got the yocan evolve plus xl, and i have nothing but great things to say about it. Everyone ive let rip on it loves it too. Also going on my 3rd month with the same coil, and im an everyday user. Best $40 i could have spent

  • Are these pens only for wax and oils. Or can you use the Co2 catridges with these pens. * Sorry new to all this…

  • I have had a Dr.Dabber aura (now the aurora) for a couple of years and am looking to upgrade but i am in love with the magnets instead of thread. I would also like something that i can fit a little more concentrate it but i want a good rip… Any suggestions?

    • Get the source orb 4. It has a magnetic top. I have the Dr. Dabber boost and the source orb 4 with the big battery and it gives bigger rips than the boost. The problem with source is their site is out of stock alot

  • Just a quick question….I have a PAX 3 for dry herb…I was looking for a good vape for oil…just needed to confirm…I can use oil in both the KandyPens Elite AND Gravity? Please let me know….

    • Yes correct, both the Elite and the Gravity have sealed atomizers so you can use thin oils in them.

    • I mix my own oil…..Bliss and Bloom and use a cartridge on a justdab pen and love it I have had it for 8 months

  • I’m deciding between the 3 pens above, the puffco 2 pro, dr dabber Aurora, And the Flo. Im looking for the hardest hitting, well built, best all around piece. What do you suggest?

      • What about for a softer hit? My lungs are sensitive, but I like the taste of virgin resin. Right now I am using the Mighty and with oils it hits a little too light for me (also it seems inefficient).

    • Out of your 3 choices which I have tried all 3 the Dr. Dabber by far….. I’ve had mine for years and never any problems plus the selection of 3 different atomizers and magnetic attachment are just the icing on the cake

    • Yocan Evolve Magneto, Plus OR plus XL
      Or wait for the Loaded to come out to try their brand new model. No release date that I could find.
      QDC are my favorite but for bigger hits try the Quad Coil.

  • Hi Vapecritics, i need your suggestions for the best devices to smoke hash (good battery features and great vapor quality)

    • Check out The Vapor Brothers. The Eleven Pen runs at 650mAh/3.7V and is one of the top Pens for 60$ or The Dabbler is a less expensive version, also produced by Vapor Brothers. The threading is your normal 510/710 connections so you can use prefilled cartridges or load wax in an atomizer and coil. I have had great success with their products and they’ve been around since the ’90s, I’m 21 and still can’t believe how I know about theese awesome vapes that they produce. They also have Box Vaporizers if your looking to vape flowers. Just search Vapor Bros., peace and happy vaping !

  • Hey boss, your link for the Linx @ Vapeworld doesn’t work :( just FYI!

    Also I am trying to decide between Linx Zero & the Cloud V.. I was looking at kandypens but I hear the materials used aren’t safe? I’m looking for something fiercely discreet and fairly strong- tolerance is high and my partner doubts anything but smoking will ever work for him. Any thoughts you’ve got, I appreciate!

    • Fixed thanks Jenn!!

      They all pretty much use the same materials and it’s safe under normal usage. In general, vape pens are really designed for light to medium use and shouldn’t be used excessively or as the sole method of consumption if you have a high tolerance.

      To answer your question though, I like the Linx Hypnos Zero over the Cloud V models.

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud. Any recommendations on a replacement for the brilliant but ultimately disastrous grasshopper?

  • I’m looking at getting a vape that will be efficient with my concentrate but will last me and not break easily, any suggestions?

    • I try to only recommend the best vapes you can get so any of the above!

      The thing with wax pens is that their lifespan is mainly determined by how gently they’re used, most of them are designed for fairly light to medium use to remain in good condition for a long time.

  • Does anyone know if they have a vape that you can use wax and oil at the same time? I don’t like the smell of the wax and wanted to add oil also

    • Hey so you mean wax and oil in the same atomizer at the same time, correct?

      If so the KandyPens models can handle it because the have the coils with the sealed bottoms.

    • Yocan Evolve Magneto, Plus OR plus XL
      Or wait for the Loaded to come out to try their brand new model. No release date that I could find.
      QDC are my favorite but for bigger hits try the Quad Coil.
      They also have a dual chamber that should accommodate oil and wax in each chamber.
      Good idea, I shall acquire on to use to add Cbd oil in.

  • I need an inexpensive Push button 510 Vape Pen.

    I use prefill cannabis “THC, Sativa & CBD”

    Being a terminal ill person I’m on them and helps me tremendously. SSDI don’t pay enough unfortunately

  • Great reviews. I am looking to buy my first wax pen, and debating between a kandy pen and the hypnos zero. I am not a heavy user, but I like good things…

    The guys at Kandy Pen told me that the new improved galaxy is the same as the Elite, just a different finish. The elite is a bit gaudy for my taste. Are they the same pen? If not, what is different? How much better is the Kandy galaxy/elite than the hypnos? How much bigger is the Kandy Pen galaxy? I really love that the galaxy comes with two atamizers and a nice case… but it is also $40 more.


  • It’s a video from last year but they mention VapeCritic around the 4:30 mark. //
    I’ve been using mine quite a bit. I switched from the Aurora to the Linx.

  • I’m looking for a good vape pen that can be stored at various angles. I know a lot of them can’t be stored on their side because oil/wax will leak out. I store my gear in a foam lined plastic case so if it gets tossed around the things inside won’t break, but it is set down many different ways, and I don’t want any spills to happen inside the container. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hey normally you only have to worry about leakage like that if you’re using a very thin oil that’s liquid at room temperature.

      When using wax or shatter it’ll harden back up and stay in place if you let it cool down for ~30 seconds before putting it away. To speed up the process you can also take a “cool down” draw as your last one, which is just not hitting the power button.

      As of right now there aren’t really any vape pens with atomizers that can be used/stored in any direction with thin oils (besides those sealed cartridges)

  • Hey bud,

    Appreciate your work.

    Need suggestions on a new vape. Looking for consistency , great taste that will last until it needs a replaced coil. 2nd is vapor production. Seems Quartz usually is my favorite. Looking for atomizer I can use on my sub ohm box mod.

    I got a aura and gravity. I find the gravity to be better when it works properly. I find the coils are all inconsistent. I have bought one (gravity) summer 2016. Started with 2 Quartz coils both functioned differently one had bad taste one was great. Ordered probably a total of 6 Quartz coils and none worked the same and only one lasted with good taste and vapor production. The newer ones I got in December seemed to burn out within a week with minimal use. Or short the battery. Speaking of battery the finish is almost gone. I
    Never travel with it stays in same place everyday.

    Next I tried the kandy pens pearl. It was a awful experience from flavor to vapor production across the board. Sent it back to be switched at 1st they said it was replaced and shipped backed and 2 weeks later still didn’t show up. Then they apologize and said they fixed it instead of replacing and sent the fixed unit. Still was a horrible experience. Do you have info on the pearl?

    Basically I think I’m done with kandy pens for now. When working properly the gravity was amazing but seems I can’t get any new good coils for it and don’t want to risk it anymore as those risk add up at 20$ a pop.

    Was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for something with great taste and vapor production. Sub ohm attachment preferred but not a deal breaker.

    Thanks again for your reviews.

      • I have a Puffco Plus that I love/hate. I love it for the taste (I have tried a puffco pro and gPen before that on the portable side) and I hate it because it leaks (wqorst with rosin, don’t use it with a pen anymore). I’de like to stay ceramic but improve on the quality. I was looking for the WEUS thunder 2 or the Linx Hypnos Zero. Any recommendations for a quality pen for wax/rosin/shatter?

  • Have you tried the Pulsar barbed fire or Atmos greedy?…
    It’s the next best thing to a nail and rig…

  • Buying a KP Gravity later today on yours (and a few others) recommendations. I wanted an affordable pen that allows me to use wax around the house, but also take snowboarding with me. If you can think of any reason why this is a bad idea, I’d love to hear it, otherwise thanks for the discount code!

    • KandyPens now includes sealed coils (leakproof bottom) with the Elite, Gravity and Galaxy pens and that’s what I’ve been pointing people towards who wanna use thin oil in a wax pen

  • Have a question have you tired the mile high vaporizer pen. That’s the one I’m using but seeing your reviews on this is making want to buy one of your top vape pens and seeing if it’s going to make any difference from the one I have

    • That’s a tough one! These pens are only meant for super clean oils with zero plant matter in them. I suggest breaking your concentrate into tiny pieces and mixing it in with some ground up herb, then vaping that mix in a good herb vape.

  • Hey, I been a fan your review. I agree with most of your opinion with the exception of kandypen. It a decent pen but it fail to mesure up to all the other on your list. I been waiting to hear about your opinion on Puffco Plus. The only reason that it have my attention was because of it credential from last year Puffco Pro. I just can’t seem to find any reliable opinion on there new coil. I was hoping that u would shine some light on this pen.


    • The Puffco Plus has a really nice all-ceramic chamber that heats the oil pretty evenly creating a nice smooth hit. “Taste the oil, not the coil.” It does however work best when it’s been warmed up, the first few drags aren’t usually the full cloud. I also recommend using the “sesh” setting which is activated by double-clicking the button. The sesh setting is a full heat on the current setting, produces a full vapor cloud for a full 12 seconds without needing to hold the button down the entire time. If the full 12 seconds is more than you want, pass it to a friend or click once to end the sesh. This method is a lot nicer than the traditional hold and inhale setting, which doesn’t seem to produce the same vapor clouds with this particular pen.

      The variation in heat settings is nice too; low, med, and high settings give you a range from mellow to full flavor. This makes it a nice option for those of us who vape all the time and like a stronger hit, but easily switches back to the mellow setting.

      Another nice feature is the built-in ceramic dab tool called a “dart.” It rests inside the mouth piece making it easy to load the vape chamber. Puffco also sells different style darts that vary the airflow of the pen.

      I’ve owned several other pen style vapes, this is definitely high quality and worth the investment.

  • Hey Bud, have you JD a chance to try the dry herb pen from Source Vapes, if you haven’t we’d really appreciate a review. Thanks in advance!

  • Bought a KandyPens Galaxy. It hasn’t arrived yet.

    Can I use this with a threaded oil cartridge from Santa Cruz ?

  • How do you feel about the puffco or the delta 9? Those two are the ones I’m considering. thanks in advance.

    • orb XL definitely tastes better. the fogger is the sainora atomizer with a different tag. i have a saionara and an xl, the nail atty on the xl is better. the fogger style isnt bad just not as good.

  • Hi Bud….I would greatly appreciate your help. I am very new to vaping (CBD), but I have found it very helpful for pain and inflammation. I have a Stok R2 pen, which I love. But I’m loving it less these days since the plastic “smoke chamber” (not the technical name, but you know what I mean) cracked just above the threads, apparently from the heat. I’ve read many others’ comments with this same complaint. The pen is only 5 weeks old and I’m a pretty light user. My question, if you please…does anyone make a glass chamber that will fit the R2 or is it just time for me to move on to another of the brands you recommend, since this seems to be a pretty common problem with the R2? I do really like the cool effect of being able to see the “smoke” forming, so I’d really like to stick with the R2 (if a glass chamber is available) or something similar. Thanks for your help. Again, your reviews are VERY informative and well written…and much appreciated.

  • Hey Bud,

    Excellent reviews on these products. I have a question:

    Which pen (510 threaded) would you recommend strictly for oil?


    • Thin oils can now be used in all KandyPens vapes, they sealed off the bottoms of all their atomizers to make them leakproof (from the bottom)

  • Hey! Big fan of your reviews! I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to try the new APX wax only vaporizer kit. Was suggested over the galaxy by my local shop and personally I think it performs like a champ. Would love to hear your opinion.


    • I have had the aurora ghost and ninja and the apx by pulsar wins hands down. Only 55 dollars it was lit. The closest thing to a rig hit yet

  • I just picked up the newest version of the hercules by w9. Hasnt arrived in the mail yet. Any thoughts on the herc vs puffco, dr dabber or sourcevapes products?

  • Hey Vape Critic! I’ve been following you for years and I love how real you are with all of your reviews!!

    I just recently purchased the nexus pen by a company called Qloud Up. I met them personally at Chalice last month and tried out their pen. I’m not sure if you have a review for these guys yet or not but OMG…I personally think it’s the best wax and concentrates pen right now! Their price is super fair, it comes in super neat packaging, they provide you with 3 different types of coils all with their nexus. You definitely have to give them a shot, I’d love to hear your take on their stuff. Their price point is amazing too. As always, thanks Vape Critic!!

  • Hey man you give awesome reviews. Thanks so much for all the time you put into this. I heard source vapes just released a new coil-less vape pen for wax are you going to review it? Not sure what its called

  • Looking for deep cleaning ff2. Had to send mine in .it was clogged internally dont understand only had a few weeks. Now its going to cost me another 40bucks. To get it back. Should have gotten sfx. Its going to be a 400 $vap by time its all done and over

  • Great reviews!!! I’ll definitely be utilizing one of your discount codes! Happy healing…

  • Hey Bud
    I have to say,after trying lots of these pens in the first year of vaping,most are not that great. Look at the price of Dr.Dabber. Then they charge you,I think it’s $19 for ONE atomizer. That’s crazy. The Eleaf Istick 30 watt and a micro skillet from either Ebay (skillet & 3 dual coil atomizers $14 shipped) or Matt from Divine Tribes @ (skillet and 2 Dual coil atomizers $17 shipped). About one month use per coil for me. Up to 6 weeks I’ve gotten. Same as the $19 coil from Dr. Dabber. So why would people not use the cheaper and better lasting set ups? Since I switched over to the Istick and micro skillet,my hits,flavor are great. One plus year to date. Plus I’m saving quite a bit of money by not buying from the high priced places like Dr. Dabber!

    Istick cost,about $35. Shipped. Hold charges for a couple days for me. I use it all day long with shatter/wax. Want a huge hit,turn up the vv or vw and off you go. Although the higher numbers definetly change taste! I run around 15 down to 9/10 if I want the flavor to stick out that much more. You get 4-6 hits with it low @ 9-10 and 3-4 hits set @ 15. One of my kids (adult) uses a $9.99 x6 pen style battery with a micro skillet and it works great. just the battery doesn’t last for days. But it’s cheap,works well and has3 settings.not bad for a $24 set up with extra coils.

    Did I mention I take it everywheres here in Ny. No one really knows. im sure some do,but that means they use and are not a threat for calling the law.

    Thanks for reading Bud.

    • You are the only one commenting on the Divine Tribe aka Divine Crossing which is my personal fave. I have a 2.7 and the new V3 rebuilable. I use it with a 50w Artery Nugget and can’t find anything that compares. My Puffco, Kandypens and Dr Dabber penz are collecting dust. My 2.7 coil has been going strong for over a year of daily use.

  • Hello. I was interested in the gravity. Wondering if it’s on demand vape or do you have to have a whole session with it. Thanks for your help.

  • Hey Bud. I really like your reviews and have been working my way through and figured I’d just ask for your advice. My medical dispensary just got shatter and I am looking to maximize my medicine by having the most efficient use. I’m not looking for super hard hits as it’s just me after work. Just a nice tasting very efficient way to get me there. Which do you suggest I invest in as this will be my everyday baby. Thanks for the honest in put in keeping me up hommie.

    • I have the X-MAX and love it for after-work relaxation – BUT! I don’t like the filter in the mouthpiece. It gets clogged up with herb after the first hit and I wind up wasting half of my sesh time cleaning it for the next one. I replaced it with an old skool pipe screen and all is fine and it works much better. do not throw out the OEM mouthpiece filter you need it for concentrates in that “don’t cook bacon naked” kind of way. Atmos Astra is the same thing if you can’t find the x-max. Also get two extra batteries.

  • Have you used the aromatic atomizer for the kandy pen’s black edition? If so how is it?

  • “These are currently my 2016 top picks for best vaporizer pens designed for use with wax and oil concentrates”

    …. so by this statement I thought that this meant these would be ideal for using my oil. No. I spent $130 on Kandy’s Galaxy and Waxxy vapes (on their site they say they are great for concentrates which is what I thought my oil was) just to find out they are not actually for oil. I have to buy more attachments to use my oil. Pretty frustrating. Maybe I don’t know enough about how to classify these different mediums, but I 100% feel like I’ve wasted my money on a Kandy pen.

    • I’m very sorry Ashley!!!

      You CAN use the Galaxy battery all you need to do is get a different cartridge for your oil, they’re cheap and some oil even comes in pre-filled carts!

    • I agree, I’m having an EXTREMELY hard time navigating the scene because every recommendation for “oil” seems to be all all about wax and how to make the biggest clouds. I’ve been searching on and off for weeks and can’t even find simple information about oil, tanks, how to fill, whether to buy pre-filled, the advantages of having a higher-end heating element on a nicer pen vs a cheapo, etc. Unfortunately, the manufacturers shy away from being explicit for obvious reasons, and the scene seems to assume you already know everything there is to know!

  • I have a shop opening soon and I was curious your opinion at the present time if have a moment.
    Thank you bud!

  • Can you please do a review of the OGFour2.0 or R-series 2.0 vape pen from ThisThingRips.

  • What’s the best for oil cartridge? I really enjoy the taste too…please advise…I forget the thread size…but the screw in oil cartridge…

  • Hey I’m stuck between the kandy galaxy and the orb 3 I want the best quality pen and best flavor but mostly quality and biggest smooth vapor clouds which would you recommend?

  • Please take a look at the new Yocan Evolve pen – quartz dual coil at approx $50. Many here in Portland, Oregon extremely pleased quality throughout.

    • You can get an evolve on ebay for $20. Imo…you get what you pay for. Way to hot, nasty tasting hits compared to higher qualit devices like puffco, kandypens, Dr dabber etc

  • I’ve been disappointed with everything that I bought so I have not tried your product I am reluctant I’ve heard use dual coils for concentrates but I don’t even know where to begin

  • Hey Bud! I’m a pretty experienced vaper and have been using the launch box for a little more than a year. I love it. It has saved me tons of money since I’ve had it. However, my “guy” is starting to make the move from dried to wax and I would like to be able to transition with him because lately his selection has been very limited as he is taking his best strains and making wax. I wanted to get your opinion on a good, smaller pen. I don’t mind spending a little more for quality and smooth vapor. What do you think?

  • Thanks Bud for the best reviews I’ve come across. As a longtime analog Volcano user (I’m that old), I’m just getting into pre filled oil cartridges such as Honey Vape, Absolute Xtracts, Bhang Black…this 510 threading thing has me a bit confused because the Honey Vape cartridge is a “big 510” as opposed to the “regular” 510 that most other cartridges easily screw onto. Can you help me find the best vape pen for a Honey Vape cartidge? Thanks!

  • I can’t get any herb pen to work comfortably…they’re all hot and harsh and make me cough like crazy. I can’t get beyond one hit. But…concentrate pens…easy peasy, mostly because one hit’ll do ya! They heat up instantly, do a quick hit and run! Works every time. Then when you’re weary of it all…buy a Classic Volcano. Thanks for your good reviews!

  • Hi I bought a atmos jr vaporizer. But after having for a couple of times i am unable to use it. The battery is getting charged and the led is consistently lit but when i connect the heating chamber with stuff loaded it is blinking and not getting heated up.

    Am i doing something wrong?

    thanks in advance.

  • Hey Bud!

    Great reviews. Recently bought a Firefly based in large part on your review and found it to be a fantastic vape for flower; very easy to clean, great taste. I did find the battery life to be seriously limiting, and the way the whole top comes off does keep it from being too discreet (although I found the nokia phone looking shape to make it unobtrusive). But what really got me is that the device seems to be designed firstly as a flower vape. I found the concentrate vaping (with use of the pads) to be potent and tasty, but not a real substitute for dabbing. You definitely don’t get the thick white clouds and intense flavor.

    The way vape pens for wax are marketed, it seems like you should be able to get thick, white, dab-like hits from them, but I’m not clear on which, if any, offer that. I’m particularly curious about this Dr Dabber Ghost, which you seem to recommend highly. You say that it has a low temp focus. I suspected (perhaps mistakenly) that the Firefly’s 400 degree cap is what prevented it from producing those thick hits. Is that accurate? Is the same to be said for the Dr Dabber? Any pens you recommend as the optimal dabbing rig alternative?

    Thanks in advance! Keep up the awesome work!

  • quick question buddy, watched both of your reviews. Which Would you recommend i want one of the minis should i go with one of the micro g pens original or the v2 or would i be better off getting the cloud Vape? Very Much appreciated

  • I can’t see how Dr. Dabber is a top pick. Have your tried anything from w9tech or source? All of it is far better. The Dr. Dabber isn’t even a high grade titanium.

  • So first off thanks for the review, I’m looking to buy my boyfriend the best vape pen for wax for his birthday. I think that by all the information above you would suggest the Dr.Dabber for him right? I’ve been looking all over and reading many reviews but I just want to make sure I buy a good one, buying pieces online kinda sketches me out because you never know what condition they can come in.

    • I’m currently between the Dr. Dabber and KandyPens SkyCloud vaporizer because those are the two that seem to get the best reviews.

    • Hey Jane yes the Dr Dabber pen is a great one, I definitely recommend it, and the store’s I link to are 100% fully legit selling new genuine vapes so don’t worry!

  • have you reviewed the VapeDynamics Laguna pen yet?
    It looks pretty interesting but I would appreciate your opinion.

  • Hello again!!

    Have you had a chance to compare the Dr. Dabber Ghost against the Source Vape’s Orb v2?
    I was about to place an order for the Dr. Dabber, but found the Orb in my last pre-purchase R&D and it has a double coil system that looks enticing, specially being at the same price point.


    • Hey Carlos I haven’t tried to the Source Orb yet but one of the nice things about the Ghost pen is that it heats slower than others which helps the vapor be smooth, sometimes when the coil is quick to light up (like the double coils?) it can be different. Can’t say any more till I try it but thanks for your request!

      • Thanks, Bud…

        A friend of mine has the Dr. Dabber, so I’ve gotten a chance to try it before purchasing. Definitely enjoyed the experience. And I hear you about the heat. I’m still tying to find the sweet spot for me on the Cloud EVO for concentrates. The highest setting can be a bit harsh.

        Thanks again,

  • Hi Bud. Great reviews. Thanks for your attention to detail! I’m trying to get my head around how to compare the Dr. Dabber for example and the S&B Mighty. I realize that they are at entirely different price points but if you had to live with only one of these which would you select? I just purchased an Mighty but haven’t opened the box and might consider returning it. Why not get a pen like this one and save money? Do vapes which take flower deliver the same effects as those with concentrate?

    • Hey Oskar, pen vapes for concentrates and an herbal vape like the Mighty are two completely different animals, and they provide two completely unique experiences

      I would consider them more as complimentary products (i.e. get both) versus choosing one over the other

  • Curious if you have any experience with mCig. They have several low-end models around $15. Just curious if you have any feedback, as I’ve found them to be one of the better disposable models on the market.

  • Hey bud. I was hoping if you could tell me about the cannacig or their cumulus. I heard their cotton material makes it bad. Do you know if they still use that or if you can point me in the direction where to purchase an ecig looking vape pen for herb dry and oil

  • i bougth a few vapes and was sadly disappointed at the quality it produces. which is why i ask you what is the best vaporizer pen for oil?

  • Bud,

    I have been trying to find the very best dry herb vape pen, and reviews seem to be all over the place. You have mentioned that dry herb is your area of experience. I know the market for dry herb vape pens is weak at best, so really I’m just trying to not waste my time or money. I want to avoid one that will burn the herb (obviously), but also won’t be too weak to get a decent hit. I am trying to avoid crossing over to the dark side of concentrates. Waxes and oils are too strong for me, and as a medical user I do it to increase functionality, not diminish it. However, of the reviews I have found on the best possible options that I could find, the reviewers say the combo pens’ dry herb functions are sub par and not worth the bother. Any suggestions? I am contemplating just carrying the volcano bag around at this point, hah.

  • I really need help I have a pen , and since it it would blink 5x and nothing would happen ,now it wont even turn on even when it’s fully charged.

  • Hi, I’m wondering if you have had a chance to try the G pen. If so, what do you think? Will you be reviewing this and other herbal pens?

  • OK I have a e.z Vale x, now the wax part inside the coil their is a peace of thred like materiel that smoks putting off a stinky smell

  • What’s up bud, just curious about the atmos and how and where you add the oil? doesn’t appear to have a sealed cylinder and didn’t see in your review the explanation on how this one works like you did the delta. Does the oil leak out of the atmos? Also as funny as this sounds as I am just learning about these vape’s, do you or can you smell [anything]?

    • Hey what’s up, with the Atmos you basically place your material right inside the heating chamber. Some will make its way down to the coil at the bottom and some will stick to the ceramic sides.

      Most thick concentrates won’t leak out at all I just wouldn’t use anything too runny.

      There is some odor that is generated, but it smells a little different than usual and it isn’t very strong (with concentrates). I definitely wouldn’t consider it odorless, but most people would agree it’s pretty easy to control.

      • Hello,
        Got my atmos RX just like yours in the video. I have some Phoenix tears and I’m wondering which chamber to use? The kit came with a ceramic chamber and a clear chamber.
        After checking the manual it says “do not use liquids in ceramic chamber”, but is that what you recommend (maybe tears don’t count as ‘liquid’)? If that’s what yields results without damage then I’m in! But I’ve also been using a smaller simpler pen with the clear chamber and using tears in that with great results.
        I’m inclined to use the clear chamber with the atmos, but it appears difficult to get the tears into the chamber cleanly.

        Simply put: which chamber to use (ceramic/clear) with Phoenix tears? Also it seems like tears and oil are the same thing?

        Thanks for a great review video!

  • Hey , so I just bought the atmos rx today and its already not working it won’t heat up !!! Someone help me what do I do ?

    • my original atmos heating chamber died in under a week. Fortunately (in some ways…) I had already ordered another couple of pen sets online… They don’t all work with each other, all these batteries and heating chambers, but I keep them all, because something will always work with something else, eventually. At one point, I had my batteries and chambers numbered so I could fit them together more easily, because one battery or chamber will randomly fit (or not) on every other battery or chamber. The only way to guarantee a fit is to buy an entire pen set every time.

  • I’ve bought a oil wax vaporizer and some e liquid with it do it works with the liquid besides the wax?

  • Hey im looking to get a vape but im not sure which one to get im in love with the omicrons looks its very eye appealing … and looks to be perfect for me just a little confused yu said its betyer used with thin oils and takes alot to load it up .. well i was planning on using it with wax do yu think its a good idea and where can i purchase the exact one in this video ?

  • Hello! I am very new to all of this and very grateful to find someone who has a transcripts of their videos. I am hard of hearing and auto-captions are just a joke if they are even offered.

    Its wonderful to have the same access to video reviews as someone with normal hearing. Im sure I will be back with dozens of questions once ive read through your materials.

  • If the substance is going right on top of a hot coil, it doesn’t seem to me that is really vaporizing, and I’m concerned it could actually be harmful. Is there a pen that won’t heat the substance directly yet still heat it up enough for ingestion, or is the only solution for concentrates and oils a hot coil like the Atmos brand?


  • Hi man

    Tried the Atmos RX with ceramic honeycomb screens (placed bottom & top of load, no spring) and with stop-start technique (button press 3/4 secs x 2/3 times) with a medium draw, it doesn’t actually combust flowers. Small load and not exactly an intuitive technique I realise, but this might help those disillusioned with the combustion experience. Tried the glass screens in vain but give ceramic a try for all the pennies they cost.

    • I use my vape pen for wax in the daytime for energy and clarity. I use the glass screen at the bottom of the heating chamber and a small metal screen at the top just to contain bits and catch some heat, and I find this works really well. I can get 5 or 6 good taste draws (vapor’s not very thick or visible at these temps). And when I don’t get any more taste out of it, I use it as the base load for my Volcano’s big fat chamber. I can put .2 grams of abv under a small layer of [concentrates] and top it all off with another .2 or so freshly ground and lightly dried [herbs], at night, and get several nice balloons, as many as 7 or 8, at various temps (still experimenting)…

  • Can you please review the dabbler by the vapor brothers? It is pretty cheap and looks extremely convincing… but i rely on you before i make the purchases.. so far i got the ssv, volcano, and arizer bt not a big fan of fans nemore… tooo intense

  • Hey Bud,

    Im been pretty interested in the AtmosRx pen. But Ive seen in multiple places that it works with concentrates and others that say it only works with herbs. Which one is right?

    Many thanks,


    • Hey Claire it’s marketed as an herbal vaporizer (as are many other pens) but the truth is it doesn’t perform very well with dried herbs, it will most likely either produce very little vapor or it will combust your material, so what most people do who get it is they use it with concentrates, since it seems to be more convenient for that and performs better.

  • I know you wrote on more than once that you have not reviewed oil vaps. I am looking for the best oil vape pen to be used with concentrated h oil as well as bubble. Any suggestion would be helpful.

    If I understand correctly, AtmosRaw is good for oil but not sure about how long the heating unit would last. I like to be able to not spend more $ ordering new units every 3 months.

    I also like to know the best herbal vap, looking for portability for both.


    • Hey as far as I know, and from my limited experience, most pen vapes work and perform in a very similar way, and most don’t last very long when used with oils and concentrates.

      Out of what I’ve tried I’d say something like the Omicron is best vape pen for oil and something like the Atmos or microG is best for solids, but there’s a hundred different brands on the market and they’re all basically the same thing.

      As far as the best herbal vapes I rate the Pax and the Firefly the highest, followed by the Ascent, Solo and Launch Box.

  • Thanks to an old roommate I’ve recently got into vapes. However I’m kinda wanting to jump into the concentrate lot and not sure where to start. I’m in love with your reviews and advice and honestly thinking about getting the omicron, but like I said I’m new to this dept and wonder if u have any tips or other need-to-know advice.

    Thanks Bud

    • Hey what’s up, I’m not currently as well-versed with concentrate pens as I am with herbal vapes but for the most part all of the tips and advice I have about these is mentioned in this review video.

      First decide which type of concentrate to get and then you can figure out which type of vape will work best.

      Overall out of the models I tried I consider the Omicron the highest quality, but it only works with certain types of material so just make sure you think about that beforehand.

      • Hey Bud,

        WHat material works best in it? Omicron looks interesting but I wanted to mention about a product called the FogPen. It sucks. When the unit is all in one piece the airholes block each other. My mile high friend did not realize this before he loaded it up and tried to use it, now he is stuck with essentially an expensive paperweight. Ah well at least he is legit, unlike other people who have owed me $ for years despite having steady jobs, but I digress. Stay puft.

  • Which is the best vape pen for nicotine and propylene glycol? This is all I want it for. Say as a substitute for blu electronic cigarettes. I am not experienced when it comes to concentrates etc. but I would like an alternative to cigarettes. I have some liquid nicotine to use which is rather runny. Which would be the best for that in your opinion?


    • The 3rd vape I show in this video is the type you’re looking for, they’re generally just an eGo style battery with a “tank” attached, and the one I show is called a Clearomizer.

  • Hi, I’m totally new to the vape scene but ran across it while looking to lose the burning in my throat. For a beginner what would you recommend?


    • Hey I’m assuming you’re looking for an herbal vape right? Do you want it to be portable or is a desktop unit that plugs into the wall ok?

      If you want portable I would recommend the Pax, Solo or Launch Box.

      For stronger, more comfortable vapor I recommend these home units: Volcano, Plenty, Silver Surfer, Extreme-Q, Da Buddha, and Hot Box.

  • Hello! I have a micro g pen and I’m having some issues with it and wanted to get your thoughts. Whenever I use my micro g pen, I almost always get a burning draw from it, and lately, the draws have been less potent and causes me to choke and cough. It almost feels like I’m smoking as opposed to vaping and I feel the heat in the back of my throat. I’m not sure if I’m using this wrong or what, but my lunges and throat have not been happy with this vape pen lately.

    I’m looking for a vape true vaporizer that is discreet and possibly portable and affordable. Any advice or thoughts?

    Greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you!

    • Hey sup,

      I too experience some harshness with the microG, so I don’t personally consider it one of the better models.

      For me the only way to vape comfortably with it is to take fairly short draws.

      I’ve only reviewed the four models I show in my video but out of those I like the Omicron and Atmos the best.

      Omicron is the smoothest but you need to put a good amount in the cartridge and it works best with oils on the thin side.

      The AtmosRx works with oils, waxes and solids and produces fairly smooth vapor, but with concentrates the heating chambers don’t last too long before burning out.

      The microG and the Atmos are closer to skillets and the Omicron is probably closest to true vaping.

      • Hey Bud,

        I looking for the best option to vape bubble hash. I’ve been reading a lot about it, but there is no consensus on what the best option is. It could be a pen or actual vape. Money is not an issue. Just want something that works well that I won’t have to replace soon.
        I understand I may have to clean it more often which is fine. Also, I don’t smoke bud so putting a layer of bud in is not an option. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Bud. I do not typically offer feedback in such a random way, especially when not asked for it but for some reason after watching your video I couldn’t shake the gut feeling that I should tell you how your explanation for comparison of pen vapes was perfectly presented – so much so that my walking away still not knowing what I needed to know about what sets these vapes apart seemed so very wrong I just had to tell you.. You somehow manage a transparency in character over video that tells me (and others like me) that you are trustworthy. No, I’m not a crazy stalker or weirdo internet hag but I do follow up on a gut instinct.

    In order to give you feedback I went looking for your name..I think I clicked on the site’s “about” tab and I had to laugh because there you were and written clear as day was your request for honest feedback from, well, people like me – so that you can continue to improve what you do!! Cool!!

    I’m a female in her 30’s who quit smoking tobacco a couple months back with help from a cheap (pen) vape and finally sat down to research info that will corroborate these cheap vapes aren’t really vaporizing at all and follow that up with paying the price for my un-American departure from blissful consumer ignorance by looking for the best actual vaporizing vape and purchasing it. I have observed that this new wave of nicotine-oil consumers don’t yet know to even question what kind of device is needed to create legit vapor – but it’s coming – and you can help, Bud.

    Now that I have identified myself as what I think will make up a good portion of the target audience wanting to seek out and purchase a vaporizing vape, let me offer that I watched your comparative video three times back to back – You present as knowledgeable, your language is descriptive and clear, I like that you admitted this kind of vape is not your thing right from the start. Your voice has a genuine quality that translates very well – I trusted you right away and my expectations for your review were high. BUT. I kept looking back in the video, assuming I rather than you had missed the explanation for what the actual function is that makes that the first vape the vape you would recommend over the others. Telling me it feels sturdy is helpful – I get that. Showing me how it breaks down is helpful as well. But I want to know what that freaky #1 vape does that the other vapes don’t do. Even the vape parts you showed us are completely encased and my guess is the people who are going to watch your review and who really deserve to understand how a proper vape functions are going to be folks who don’t necessarily have previous vape experience. I wonder whether you created that review with the assumption that your viewers know a few things about oil vaporizers (which at least one doesn’t) I was in highschool in the early 90’s, and vaporizer’s were just barely coming on the scene – gadget dudes with generous parents and some mechanical ability were the only ones that had them in my town – and it was rumored they used their vaporizing powers for evil trickery. Anyway, my point is I suspect you run the risk of not only relinquishing your audience power (by assuming we know what #1 does different or what makes a 1.4 whatever jiggawatt thing suitable for beginning vapist’s -) but perhaps losing the opportunity to influence a larger principal that drives your desire to help inform people of a safer mode (on so many levels) of consumption.

    *whew* This review feels somehow karmic. Good luck, I gotta feelin you’re bound for super good things – hope this helps inspire you on the path. Go get em!

    • Hey Shannon,

      Thank you very much for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated, and I will certainly keep it in mind when creating future reviews of vape pens.

      Kind regards,

  • hey when you used the atmosrx with wax did you use the glass screen in it too? or put the wax straight on the metal coils?

    • I’ve heard that putting it on the glass screen works well but I lost mine a long time ago so I’ve just been putting it right on the coil, well actually onto the sides of the chamber and then it melts down onto the coil.

  • Hey just wanted to thank you for your reviews, I, personally, I have found others either too quick to put things together without explaining what they are used for or stating the obvious, which actually tells me nothing and I feel they are wasting my time! Have appreciated your reviews, stopped smoking tobacco 15days a go when I got the Extreme Q, hit it pretty hard the 1st 2 days with no nicotine but by day 3, it was after lunch, day 4, it was after dinner and so was day 5 & 6! Currently recovering from operation so been hitting it cause I don’t like the pain medication they gave me & I’ve got nothing else I can do just in case I tear my stitches but I love your opinion on the vapes compared to cars :-) I got the Honda with the Extreme Q but very happy with it, may get a volcano or plenty 1 day but ordered a G5 pen for on the go, thinking about what would be the best wax pen and what would benefit me the most from one, I will be watching all your reviews before I bye, Peace out :-)