How to Clean the Crafty & Mighty Vaporizers

Crafty & Mighty Cleaning Cleaning the Crafty & Mighty vaporizers is something you should do roughly every dozen sessions or so, and this will help keep the unit gunk-free and the vapor tasting fresh.

EDIT: This is the “extended” manual way to clean your cooling unit. Even though I say in my video that I don’t recommend soaking the parts in isopropyl alcohol, it’s really the fastest and easiest way to clean it. I recommend doing this right after a session when the vape is still warm. Just take apart the cooling unit as I show in my video and then soak the parts in iso for no more than 30 minutes. It’s still a good idea to have some of the precision-tip cotton swabs I show, the soaking won’t remove 100% of the residue so you’ll have to just manually touch it up at the end to get it perfect.


What you’ll need:

  1. Paper towels (one dry, one dampened with water)
  2. Precision cotton swabs (or regular ones)
  3. Toothpick or stir tool (something rigid with a pointy tip).
  4. Everything else you need is included with the vapes (screens, o-rings, etc).
  • The part that mainly needs to be cleaned is the top part or the cooling unit, the bottom screen in the chamber should last a while before needing to be replaced.
  • If you simply brush out the chamber after each use, while the vape is still warm, it’ll stay looking like new longer and will require less frequent cleanings.
  • The cooling units come apart into a few different pieces, and these can be cleaned using some rubbing alcohol and precision cotton swabs. If you don’t want to use alcohol you can also use warm soapy water (using dish soap).

The whole process is a little easier if the vape is warm, so try heating yours up for a minute or so before going through the steps. Believe it or not, the entire cooling unit pieces are pretty inexpensive to replace, so if you end up needing any new parts it’s not a big setback.

Stay up!

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  • Ya so… what about the bottom part? I’ve changed the cooling unit multiple times but still hard to hit. I reckon its from the inlet at the bottom (have scraped a bit of resin from there already) but how do you get it hitting like it used to?

  • Hi Bud,
    I accidentally washed my crafty in a washing machine (forgot to take it out of my ruck sack). Is there any chance it will work again after drying out completely?

  • My PAX and Arizer Solo are WAY easier to clean than the Mighty. I find it an absolute pain in the butt to do the replacement screens. Mine were very dirty but now the replacement screens I was sent to fit the oven are way too small. The videos are virtually no use to me.

  • The replacement screens I have for the oven are too small to fit. I have no idea what to do. I really find the Mighty a pain in the butt to clean. PAX is WAY easier. I prefer the Mighty, but again, I don’t seem to have the right replacement screens and now will have to order a whole new replacement kit.

  • hey bud
    never give any plastic part of your mighty plenty crafty volcano in iso….
    give it for 12 hours in normal cooking oil …
    than hot water and kitchen cleaner (this normal bubbling thing for dishes)…..
    than clean the plasticparts with a brush for 1 minute….
    if you use alcohol and not iso for cleaning the metal parts you can make volcano poo oil and smoke it…..

    mfg bum…

  • To all the guys out there not saving the resins and treasure trove of goodies these units stock pile in between cleanings, my heart goes out to you. Seriously guys “Safe that stuff”, you can use it in butters or as toppers for raw hits for an extra effect. Think of this stuff as literally hash oil resin and extract, just saying! Thank me or dont thank me, but as a user of one for well over a year now trust me when i say you guys are missing out. DO IT!!!!

      • I just scrape it off ‘till I fill an herb cartridge that comes with the Mighty and repeat until I run out of carts to fill or mix it with dry herb to create an “Ambrosia” (look it up if you don’t know) of sorts. Can make for one hell of a wild-card hash/oil depending on the number/type of different herbs one vaporizes.

    • You are so right and I just packed up literally dozens of items I need to recover either the post vape sticky black tar; or my actual wax ‘cause the coil was one heating from expiring. Once I recover these deposits I can use a lax liquidizer to turn it into vape juice used with refillable cartridges. But how do I get there?

      So do I slow boil these in vodka? Or what? Evaporate? Help?

  • When ‘you’ remove the Storz & Bickel “Mighty’s” heating chamber _lower_ fine mesh screen, should ‘you’ clean out the eight(8) air holes in the bottom floor of the heating chamber? If so, what is the best/recommended procedure for doing so? Also, does anybody know the _mesh size_ of the fine screen used at the bottom of the heating chamber?

  • Hi, I was just wondering if anybody would know if you could use vegetable glycerin liquid!Instead of Isopropyl alcohol to clean the Mighty Vaporizer?

  • Hi Bud – great video and very straight forward cleaning process. Still loving my Mighty.

    You asked for tips, may I offer than any vaporist who will be pulling screens out of devices may benefit from spending just a little bit on a set of cheap dental or wax carving picks. Really works well., something like this:

  • What about cleaning the mouth piece ?

    I noticed you put your finger in the heating chamber but how do you do that if your heating it up first you’d burn your finger ?

    Is 99% rubbing alcohol ok to use ?

    How long after cleaning with rubbing alcohol do I have to wait before using the the mighty again ?


    • The alcohol percentage states how pure it is the purer it is the better to use it for cleaning note it desolves much quicker to

      i personally use THC CLEANER for cleaning my Mighty
      when i cleaned it i heat it up with nothing in it to roughly 200 degrees celsius and keep it on for a few minutes (This will vaporize everything in it) and its dry and ready to use

      I personally clean the mouthpiece when soaking it in the THC cleaner but i think this won’t be necessary all the times but once in a time you could replace it since its a replacement part

      hope this helped you

  • Thanks for the tutorial on cleaning my mighty vape. I wonder if you could tell me what to do if my vape does not turn on. It charges, but when I unplug it and press the red button on the side, I can’t seem to turn it on. Do I need to replace some battery, and if so, can you please explain how. I don’t seem to see any way of opening it to replace anything. Thanks.

  • My mighty is so filthy that i didn’t clean it for like mmm, 3 months, and inside the cooling unit its really ugly. sorry for my bad english. what do you think? should i just soak it ?

    • Trust me, just replace it, 20.00USD you can replace the whole cooling unit on their website Storz & Bickel

  • Great article. Definitely agree with your advice about cleaning every 12 sessions (i guess for any Mighty owner, this period is always sub 2 weeks:D). It just has such a big impact on the taste, any longer and i find the residue build up leads to a continous charred taste which takes away so much of the enjoyment.
    Now that ive got into the routine, cleaning with isopropyl is so easy. I just submurge all components for 30 mins and rinse with water and a toothbrush and everything sparkles like it was straight out of the box.

    Happy vaping everyone.

  • Hey man, have you tried cleaning it with compressed air (like the e-duster type)? Works for me pretty well!

  • Great video. Do you have any recommendations on how to clean chamber. The wall of chamber has resin and it’s a bit sticky. I replaced the screen but needed tips on cleaning chamber. What to use? How to do it? Is it safe on crafty?

    • The resin becomes like rust on top of the metal in the heating chamber. Tried cleaning it with one of those things for washing metal pans that is partially abrasive, unfortunately it had a bit of detergent and now i think it still tastes a bit but basically while no one seems to know about it, since no one replies, i found that alcohol doesn’t do it. Turn the Mighty upside down and scratch it off!!! I think the Keyword is “Sandpaper”.

      • Bud
        March 23, 2015 at 11:00 am

        Hey man have you thought of just ordering some bottles of ISO online? That’s really the best thing to clean the residue off, but you can also try using hot water mixed with some dish soap.

        THIS JUST DOESN’T WORK FOR ME, the residue won’t come off without scratching and i think there could be a dish soap taste afterwards. hope mine goes away soon.

  • Ive recently purchased the Airis Tech Shiva Portable Herb Vaporiser. I know its not the most top rated dry herb vaporiser but i was wondering if you knew anything about properly cleaning/replacing the gauze. If that is possible? Am having trouble keeping it clean and would be disappointed if the gauze wasn’t replaceable! Because i purchased it not long ago but it has been used many times since then.

    Thanks heaps

  • My oven is so congested with concentrate I can barely pull a drag. Used many, many times without cleaning it like an idiot. Any advice or have I ruined it

    • I used a pad that was too small and did the same thing. Have you found a solution to the nearly impossible drag, yet?

  • Can you get the screens out without damaging them and if yes, would it be alright to just clean and reuse the screens instead of having to constantly order more?

    • Or point me to a place to buy screens cheaply, please! I don’t know what or where to look other than the official sets.

  • The screens for the Mighty. Are they made of stainless steel. Can they be made by punching them out from a sheet of stainless steel mesh.And does anybody know what the mesh sizes of the screens are. They seem to be around 15 mm. in diameter but i need to know the screen mesh size. Anybody got any ideas.

  • Thank you for showing how to remove and clean under the bottom of the screen. I could not find it in the instructions or the manufacturer website, and mine was pretty packed full of crud all unbeknownst to me.

    I use my Crafty 8-12 times a day and only clean it about once a week. I take it all apart as you show but then put all of the pieces in a jar with some 99% isopropyl and a pile of table salt and shake it up for a minute or two. Then I fish the parts out of the jar and into a bowl of warm soapy water and swoosh them around in that. Then I just have to lightly wipe around the gunkiest parts with a wet qtip, rinse, and dry. It takes under 5 minutes and exposure to the alcohol is minimal. It cleans the pieces back to factory fresh. The plastic shows no signs of degradation after about 25 times of doing it this way.

    The alcohol dissolves the residues, and the salt, which does not dissolve in the alcohol, provides the abrasion to dislodge the residue from the plastic. Plus if you do it in a jar, you can reuse the same alcohol and salt many times.

  • Hi bud, im from the uk and am a heavy user of my mighty (infact its all i use) i find cleaning a nightmare cuz the residue is sooo sticky an iso doesnt seem to be widely available in england? I find tho that after about a week my oven walls are dark brown! To clean them iv been heating the unit up then scraping the walls with a knife, im afraid of scratching or doing damage to my units oven do you no of any better ways of cleaning? Thanks adam

    • Hey man have you thought of just ordering some bottles of ISO online? That’s really the best thing to clean the residue off, but you can also try using hot water mixed with some dish soap.

  • Hi!
    I would like to make a suggestion for your cleaning technique.
    It’s regarding alcohol
    I know it’s fairly expensive compared to rubbing alcool but I use high grade vegetable alcohol, like corn or potato. I think in the US it’s commonly known as Everclear ( )
    You should be able to get it to the liquor store but it will be around 20$ for 500 ml.
    The reason I use this is it’s safe to drink so I feel like it’s safer and healthier.

    I had a question for you, of all portable vape, which one do you feel that requires less maintenance excluding the Magic Flight.

    I have no2, PAX and MFLB, I’m looking to get an extra one but I’m not set on a choice at all…

    Let me know!

    • Hey thanks for your input!

      I’d say the Crafty, Mighty, Firefly, Solo and V2 Pro require the least maintenance out of the portables I like and recommend most

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! I asked this question a week ago and now a full video guide!! Bud you are a true professional . My mighty and I, can’t thank you enough. ! Always up! Mat G