Review of My First 12 Vaporizers

12 Vaporizers - 1 Review This is basically one big review of the first 12 vaporizers I acquired, a “roundup” if you will. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or need advice, I’ll do my best to help!

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My First 12 Vaporizers. A Look Back

What’s happening, guys? This video is going to be basically a round-up or review, of the dozen vapes that I’ve reviewed so far since I’ve started doing this. So there’s a mixture of portable vapes and home units here. This isn’t every vaporizer that’s out. There are a few that I haven’t reviewed yet, but these are the ones that I have. So what I’ll do is I’m going to give you a brief overview of each one. You know, talk about some of the pros and cons, and then if there’s any that interest you or you want more details about, I do have an individual review video for each one of these. And if you do have a question that I don’t answer in any of my videos, feel free to let me know and I will definitely do my best to help you out. All right? So let’s jump right in.

Volcano Classic Onyx Vaporizer
Volcano Classic Onyx Vaporizer (Front View)
  • The first vape I’ll talk about is the Volcano. This is the vape that I currently rate the highest. This is a home unit, and I’ve personally owned this one now for three years and four months. Out of the 12 vapes that I’m going to talk about right now, this is what I consider the mack-daddy. So the Volcano is a balloon vape. What that means is when you’re using it, your herbs go in this chamber here. This chamber goes on top of the unit. Then you fill the balloons with vapor. Now there are a lot of opinions out there, on what type of vape is the best, you know, if a balloon vape is better than a whip-style vape. Me, personally, I like the balloon a lot. All right? Now everything about this vape is top-shelf, in my opinion. Usually, the only complaint people have about this thing is that it’s really expensive, and it is. But I do think that it’s totally worth it.

Plenty Vaporizer

  • So the next vape I’m going to talk about is called The Plenty. This is made by the same company that makes the Volcano. The company is called Storz & Bickel. They’re both made in Germany. Out of the vapes that I’ve had and reviewed, these two are the highest quality, and I use these the most. Again, that is just my opinion. I’m not paid by them to say they’re the best or anything like that. I just truly think that these guys, right now, are making the best vaporizers you can buy. The plenty does look a little weird. It doesn’t really look like a traditional vape. It doesn’t look like the Volcano at all. It doesn’t work the same way. It’s a whip-style vape. There’s no balloons or anything with this one. The one benefit that this vape has that blows every other vape away pretty much is the strength and the quality of the vapor that comes out of this thing. I haven’t really heard too many complaints about this one.

I recommend it all the time to people. The few people who got back to me who did buy it after talking to me said that it was just as amazing as I said it was. One person actually said it was too strong for him. He actually had to turn the temperature down because it was a little too crazy for him, which is never a bad thing for a vape. So overall, this one’s excellent. Not too many negatives.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

  • Now the next vape I’m going to talk about is the Extreme Q. Now this one’s popular, and you’re going to see a lot of people talking about this online. There’s a lot of chatter about this one. There are a lot of varying opinions about this one. That’s mainly because it’s pretty damn cheap. But as with many things in life, you do get what you pay for. So let me briefly explain what I think about this thing. Now the main benefit that most people see with the Extreme-Q is that it can be used with a whip or a balloon. So it comes with this piece. This is the big long whip. You can put that piece on top there and take your draw out of the mouthpiece. Or it does come with another little elbow attachment that you could then attach a balloon to, and you can fill the balloon and take your draws from there instead. Now this is cool and everything, that it’s so versatile. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first thing is that while it can be used with a balloon, it’s not exactly a great balloon system. The balloons are kind of cheesy and there are no valves on the mouthpiece or anything. It does build up residue in here. And the balloons kind of do take a long time to fill. Now for me, personally, there was a period of time when I was using the Extreme Q pretty regularly, and after just a few days, I pretty much gave up on using it with the balloon, because it was just too awkward and weird and it just, it didn’t work out. In my opinion, it’s not that great. So I ended up using it with the whip, which I personally think is a better way to use this vape. But it also has some downsides.

For me, the main downside that I just really didn’t like that much is that it gets dirty really fast. It starts to look really ugly. I don’t even know if you can see it right now, but there’s a bunch of like, residue in this elbow piece here and it looks disgusting. Now don’t get me wrong though, I’m not trying to say that everybody has to go out and purchase a Volcano for over $500 for their first vape. That’s not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is that I want everybody to really understand what the differences are between a vape like the Extreme-Q and a vape like the Volcano. All right? Because what this is really like when you compare these two, it’s like comparing a Honda to a Mercedes.

Overall this is a decent vape. All right, I like it. It does the job. It does produce, you know, potent vapor. That works. It’s just not a luxurious vape. It feels kind of cheap. And what I personally think, is that if you buy this as your first vape, you’re going to use it and you’re going to like it for a year or so, and then you’re going to realize that it’s not as great as you thought it was, and you’re going to end up plunking down money to buy something like this. So that’s fine though. Personally, the Volcano wasn’t my first vape. You know, my first vape was like $150. I used that for like, a year and a half. And then when I finally got tired of it, with all the different parts getting dirty and having to clean it all the time and it feeling cheesy, I bought this thing and never regretted it. Ever. So that’s enough about those two.

  • Now the next vape I’ll talk about is the Easy Vape. I know some people do like this one. So please don’t be offended by what I’m going to say, but I hate this thing. I never got good vapor out of it. I found the vapor consistency is all over the place. I also didn’t like the design of it, how the chamber is angled down. So I just found it to be messy. I would get my herbs all over the place. So overall I just didn’t like it that much. It is very cheap which makes it appealing to a lot of people. And there are people who do like it and use it all the time, and that’s cool. There’s nothing wrong with having a vape that you like to use. But, you know, there’s also nothing wrong with someone like me saying that it’s not that great. So if you wanted my advice, I would say just avoid that one entirely.

Portable Vaporizers

So now let’s get into the portables. So as you can see, I have eight portable vaporizers here. Before I get started telling you about those, there’s just one thing I want to mention. And that is out of all the portable vaporizers I’ve tried, the only real benefit to them is that they’re portable. In my personal opinion, you’ll get better vapor production, your vapor will be stronger and overall more enjoyable with a home unit, like this one, this one, or even this one. But that’s just what I think. So what that means is that when I’m home, I’m using one of these three. I’m not really using my portables that often. For me, personally, they are really strictly for when I’m not home. Because I don’t really think that the vapor production yet, or the strength of the vapor is up to par with the home units. But please don’t take that the wrong way, because I’m not saying portable vapes are bad. Most people like them. Tons of people have them. I do think a lot of people go for them as their first vape because they are much less expensive, but I would really recommend keeping an open mind and not just rushing for a portable as your first vape, because I don’t want to see you disappointed. I really don’t, and that’s all I’m really trying to do by explaining all this stuff to you guys, is make it so that when you go out and purchase a vape, whether it be your first one or your second or third one. I really don’t want you to be disappointed in it. I want you to know what to expect. I want you to know how it’s going to perform compared to other ones so that you’re not taking a gamble when you make a purchase.

My Favorite Three Portable Vapes 

PAX VaporizerThe first one is The Pax. Out of the eight portable vapes I’ve reviewed, I do rate this one the highest overall, and that’s mainly because the design of it is really the most advanced. It is even on the smaller side, which is also a huge bonus. This vape will literally fit in your pocket and you can bring it around with you. I also like how simple it is to use and how quick it is. To turn it on and off, you literally just push the mouthpiece in and it pops out to turn it on, and then when you’re done you just push the mouthpiece in and it turns off. The chamber on the bottom is very easy to access. It’s a magnetic lid on the chamber. So everything about this vape, in my opinion, is super easy and that’s why I really like it. But I don’t only like it just for the simplicity. I also think that the vapor production is above average for a portable vaporizer. Which means that it does produce vapor that’s stronger and tastier than most of the other ones. So overall, at the time that I’m making this video, this would be the one that I recommend as the best portable.

Now before I finish up with the Pax, I just want to mention the one thing that I don’t like about it that much, is that there is some draw resistance. And what that means is that when you’re taking your pull or you’re taking your draw, you’re going to feel a little resistance. It’s not going to be, like, very free-flowing. Kind of going to feel like something’s working against you. All right? There are other vapes that have that issue too. So it’s not a huge deal, but it is something to keep in mind.

Solo VaporizerNow the next vape that I like a lot is The Solo vape. Now I’ll start with the negative because it’s pretty much the same negative as the Pax, and that is that this vape does have a lot of draw resistance, which means that it is kind of hard to pull. And I really don’t like that a lot. It kind of bothers me, because that’s not what I want to feel when I’m vaping. I don’t want to feel like it’s a job to vape. But despite that negative, it does have a lot of good things going for it and I do rate it pretty high because the main thing that I like about it is the vapor quality and the taste from this one, which is definitely above average. And out of the portable vapes, it’s pretty much at the top. So the Solo is also pretty easy to use. Now the only other thing to keep in mind is that if you do want to bring this around with you, it is kind of difficult to do that. It’s not really a vape that you could stick in your pocket, like the Pax, or anything like that. Because it is bigger and heavier. It’s a little bulkier overall, and it does have a glass stem. So that makes it a little more fragile than some of the other ones. Because it’s not really one, again, that you could just stick in your pocket. You do need to kind of have some kind of case or box to keep this in when you bring it around with you. Other than that, I do think this is a great portable vape and I do recommend it all the time.

  • Now the next vape that is in my top three for portable’s is the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Now this one is really cool, in my opinion. And if you’re someone who’s looking for your first vape, you never vaped before, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money at all, give this one a shot. Out of all the vapes that I’ve tried, this is the cheapest and this is the only vape under $150 that I actually recommend at all. Now what’s cool about the Launch Box is that it is really small. So this is another vape that you could just stick in your pocket and carry around with you. And it’s super fast. It’s the quickest vape out of all the vapes. Because once you engage the battery, which is how this thing’s powered, you will be vaping in as little as five seconds. And what’s cool about that, is that you can take a draw, stop, come back a few minutes later, take another draw. So I really like this one and I do also recommend it all the time. Now the only real downside that I see with this one is that it is a little difficult to use. There’s kind of a learning curve with it. It can be a little finicky at times. You do need to use herbs that are really finely ground up to get the best results with it. It does tend to build up residue a little faster than some other ones. It also tends to smell a little more than some other ones. But overall, for the price of this, it’s excellent. And I still use this occasionally, even with all these available I do still use this sometimes. I like it.
  • NO2All right, now the next vape I’ll talk about is the NO2 vape. Now this one is the largest out of the portables that I have, but it’s actually kind of good. It’s, you know, somewhere in the middle, I’d say. It’s not one of the top three that I recommend, but it’s definitely not in the bottom three either. The things that I like about it are that it is fairly easy to use, there are only a few parts, it’s fairly inexpensive, you know it’s under $200, and the vapor production is pretty average. It’s decent. There are lots of people that own this one, and like it a lot and use it all the time. Now the few things that I wasn’t too thrilled about or that I don’t like that much are that it does build up residue fairly quickly because it has a transparent stem and mouthpiece. It also has a fairly small chamber inside. So you really can’t put a lot of herbs in here. It’s really only enough for one person. The vapor from it tends to be a little on the hot side. So for me personally, what I found is that after a handful of draws, it starts to get a little uncomfortable. It’s a little too hot. But like I said, it’s not the worst. There are a couple of vapes that I’m going to talk about in a minute where the vapor is hotter, and I don’t like it at all. But this one I’d say it pretty much average. This is like an average vape, somewhere in the middle, not bad, it’s not great, but it’s not a bad choice if you’re looking for your first vape.

All right, so now we’re going to get into the ones that I’m personally not too crazy about.

  • So first, let me talk about the AtmosRAW, which is this thing. When I first bought this, I was excited because I thought that it looked really cool. It’s small. What’s not appealing about a little pen-style vape, that’s small that could fit in your pocket? You know, a lot of people ask me about this one all the time. They want to buy it. They think it’s great. But it’s not great. And it’s not even a real vaporizer. So my final verdict with this, after wasting a whole bunch of time trying different fixes and all that crap, is that this is not a good vaporizer. It’s not really a vaporizer at all. Some people claim that they do get some vapor out of it, but I personally think that it’s such a small amount of vapor that this produces, that it’s not even worth mentioning. So I think you should avoid this if you’re looking to vape. But I do actually kind of like it as an electronic pipe. And other people have told me that it does work well for them with concentrates inside. So that’s cool. And it does have a use. I’m not saying this thing is totally pointless to get. But if you are going to get it, just keep in mind that you’re not going to be vaporizing. Realistically, if that’s the case, it should be called the Atmos RAW pipe, not the AtmosRAW vaporizer. So anyway, I’m done talking about this one. You know the story about this one now.

DaVinci IQSo the next one I’ll talk about is this one, which is the DaVinci vaporizer. Now the Davinci is kind of interesting because it’s on the higher end of the price scale for portable vapes. So when I first got it, I was really expecting a lot from it. It is discreet. You could probably fit this one in your pocket. It’s a little bulky for that, but you could fit it into your pocket if you wanted to. They do have a flexible straw that unscrews, so they thought of that.

They also thought of a couple of other things that I never saw before, like they have a storage chamber inside here for extra herbs for later. That’s kind of cool because none of the other vapes I have have a storage chamber for extra herbs. It also comes with a little brush in here. But overall, I really wasn’t impressed with the performance of this thing. Like, the vapor, I really didn’t think it was that strong. It’s the hottest out of all the portables I’ve tried. So that’s the deal with this one. So overall, you know, some people like this. There are a couple of people out there who really like this. I think it has a couple of things going for it.

Now that brings me to the last two, which are the iolite and the WISPR vaporizer.

Now these are unique because they are powered by butane. All of the other portables that I’ve talked about so far are powered by rechargeable batteries, either internal or external batteries that you recharge. But these, you actually have to get a can of butane and refill them when they die, with the butane. So that right there makes them very different than all the other ones. Now I’ve personally found that there are pros and cons to this.

You will notice that I really don’t rate these that high. I don’t recommend them that often. That’s mainly because I really don’t like the vapor that comes out of them. I find it to be a little hot. It’s not really that comfortable, it’s not that strong, it’s not that potent. In that category, I’m really not thrilled with it, you know, in the vapor production category. But what I think is cool about these, and what I think their main benefits are, is that they are powered by butane. So if you’re going on a long trip or you go camping or anything like that, where you’re not going to be by an electrical outlet, you know, these might be a good choice then. Because you can literally just take a can of butane with you and, you know, use these for weeks, months, with that one can of butane. So that’s definitely appealing to some people. But listen, if you’re not in that situation where you’re not taking trips or you’re not camping or you’re, you know, you do have access to an outlet on a regular basis, I personally think that for the price, there are better vapes to get.

Now one last thing that I did hear about these from a few different people, which also concerned me, sort of the way the Davinci did, is that people have been emailing me, telling me that their Wispr or their iolite, you know, it stops working after a couple months or a year. It just dies. The company that makes these is based in Ireland. So I’ve heard that they’re pretty good at replacing them and getting replacements out to people under warranty, but it might take a little while because it is international shipping and stuff like that, and nobody really wants to have to deal with the hassle of getting their unit replaced. So overall, I think they’re okay. I don’t think they’re in the top three. I don’t recommend them that often. But the time that I do recommend them is when you’re not going to have access to electricity. But if that’s not an issue for you, make sure you take a look at the other ones before making a purchase.

To Sum it Up

So that wraps up my round-up of these twelve. Now let me just reiterate again, that anything negative that I said about any of these is really just so that you can make an informed decision when you buy something. I don’t have anything against any of these companies. I think they all tried. Each vape has its own unique thing about it that makes it cool. So what I do when I come up with my overall rating for each one is I, you know, I try to consider everything. I consider how it works, how easy it is to use, how well it’s built, the vapor quality, how much cleaning is required or how much maintenance is required, and the price of it. So when I come up with my overall rating, I’m thinking about all those things. But as I said, it’s not always about the overall rating. Sometimes you might need a vape for a specific purpose, which would make one better for you than another one.

So lastly, out of the twelve vapes that I have right now, and the ones that I’ve reviewed, these are the five that I like the most, and that I recommend the most. So that’s going to wrap up this video. I hope it was at least a little helpful, in helping you distinguish between all the different units. If you do have any questions that I didn’t answer, definitely feel free to let me know. Either leave a comment or contact me or whatever. All right? If you go to my homepage on my website,, you’ll see the overall rating that I gave to each vape. I list them in rating order. So you can check that out there. Thanks for watching and stay up!

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  • trouble is you are calling the Ariser V-Tower the Extreme-Q. The differences are : Extreme-Q has a fan to assist the balloon system which works well. Safety valve, Thumb? Tube with a lamp? Also the interface s different and the remote kills it. Just sayin’

  • Hey, Bud!
    I really appreciate all the reviews you do to help people. My husband and I are looking to get a new vaporizer since our No2 crashed (we were not super pleased with it anyway). We are considering the Air, the Silver Surfer, the MFLB, the Pax (or Pax2), and the Firefly.
    Most of the time it would be just the two of us using it at home, and occasionally with friends or out and about (if we went with a portable model). Is there one that stands out to you as the obvious choice?
    Also, we are big campers and it would be great to have something we could take with us. Do you see any of these portable models being realistic options for a few days of camping (without electricity)?
    One thing we did like about the No2 was that we could leave it (& use it) plugged in, so it was always ready to use. Do some of these models require more forethought and planning, or can they all be used equally spontaneously (I’m thinking of charging, etc)?
    Thanks for your consideration!

    • So we started thinking we should go with the Silver Surfer for most of our use and then the new vape pen you recommend for portable situations. After totaling the cost, we are considering just going with the Crafty for our one & only. Would you agree or suggest a different solution? We were hoping to spend less, but sometimes you have to spend more to really end up saving in the end. We’d love to get your advice still… Thanks again Bud!

  • Hey man, I recently just discovered you and for a guy looking for the right vape, I LOVE your critics. But question for ya sir. I’m not a heavy smoker, I smoke like 2-4 times a month and I discovered that vaping exist and I was planning to buy a pen and a desktop (for them days when the boy’s are at my crib) but I’m not sure which one I should get. I notice that you give PAX and firefly some high ratings for pens and yet my friend tells me that I should just get the G Pen Pro instead. I work out, smoke very irregularly thus I won’t be abusing the vaporizer like a chimmeny and will be going outside with my pen. WHen it comes to pens and my scenario, which one do you think is best for me, if you really think PAX or some other high priced pen is the way to go then let me know, but I’m honestly trying to stay below the $100 point just because of my herbal intake habits. Keep up the awesome education man.

  • This was fantastic. I think I understand now why u chose the Pax above the Launch Box. The design is a little more modern u said I can respect that

    Thx for the information. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. My next Vape is a secondary Launch Box (I adore them) but after that I’m already 100% sold on the Plenty. I just can’t drop that kinda change next month as I’m planning a short trip I’m saving for

    Thank You ;~)

  • Bud,

    I am 66 YO, and have been at this for 46 years. I would mostly use one at home and while alone. I am now getting a ton of crap in my throat each morning. Which is the best from a health standpoint. Also, that balloon thingy looks pretty weird, and wonder how practical it is for a single user. Would a different style work better as the tube draw seems more practical except for the residue problem, which is why I never liked a [water-pipe]. Thanks for the info.

    • Hey Tom,

      The balloon may seem weird at first but overall the Volcano is still the vape I rate the highest, even for a single user.

      But if you’re not diggin it I also like and recommend the Plenty, which is made by the same company. Both models will stay very clean, so you won’t have to worry about seeing the build-up or frequent cleaning.

  • Hey have you tried the WeirdHouse Dab-n-Dash vape pen? If so, what’re your opinions on it?

    • I just ordered my dab n dash vape pen and I was wondering the same thing … ill let you guys know what I think …but do you know if I can put “EJUICE” or is it just dry herb and wax??

  • hey, awesome reviews. Ever use a vapor brothers box? from what i heard its one of the better whip style vapes.

    • Hey thanks,

      I haven’t tried one of those yet but I have it on my list of future possibilities, appreciate your request!

  • Hey ! I am wanting to switch to vaping from traditional smoking, i was wondering what you would recomend ? I have about 200$ to spend, which would be best and why?

  • Great Videos. Many thanks.
    Just a quicky – is it possible to use the Q [with concentrates] and if so how ?

    • Hey Martin,

      The EQ is mainly designed for use with dried botanicals, but some people have reported successfully vaping concentrates and herbs mixed together.

      I don’t really know if I would recommend using only concentrate in it, but I suppose anything is possible. I think you just increase your chance of damaging the vape if the material were to drip down inside the unit.

      I would maybe consider a Silver Surfer or Da Buddha to do that since your material isn’t held above the heating element with those.

  • You are awesome bro like the consumer reports of vaping! Damn I can’t afford a volcano I have a schwag box vape with whip, the easy vape don’t buy it the temp gauge is a joke, hit to hard and instant smoke.

  • Hey man, I really enjoy your videos, they are easily the most thorough and informative reviews out there; seriously great job! I have a question though. I’m completely lost which portable I should go with.. and after very large amounts of research, I’m stuck between the Pax and the Solo… perfectly 50/50, I like the Pax because it’s sleek and very impressively stealthy, and I like the Solo because their build quality and all glass stem/mouthpiece seems great, but what I want to ask YOU, is which do you think has the better vapor quality, I’m really only concerned with the air path and taste quality, so not having the chance to try them out and critique them myself, I wanted to know your opinion

    Thanks mann

    • Sup Mac,

      I appreciate the kind words!

      In terms of performance, I think the Pax and the Solo are fairly similar. The Solo might have a tiny advantage with vapor density and taste, but it’s minor. I wouldn’t pick one over the other solely for this reason.

      The main difference between these two units is what situations they work best in.

      I like and use both, but the Pax is the one I will actually take with me when I leave home, it’s much more convenient to carry around and it’s easier to use on-the-go.

      The Solo I mainly use at home because I feel it’s a little too heavy, bulky and fragile to take anywhere with me.

      They both have some draw resistance and the only other main difference is that the herb chamber is smaller with the Solo, so it holds less and you get slightly fewer draws out of it.

  • First, great reviews, you are performing a great service for the vaping community!

    But I would like to present a dissenting opinion on the Extreme Q versus the volcano.

    You are spot on with your complaints about the Q’s grime build-up, crummy bags and constant maintenance. And I will also admit that the volcano is a gorgeous piece of engineering, specially the solid-state valve. Every part is perfect.

    But the Q beats the volcano in one important aspect: efficiency.

    I should mention that I vape sativa for therapy, and require many small hits through out the day.

    With the Q, I find that I can use just a tiny sprinkle (barely a pinch) of herb as long as I…

    1. Grind the herb to a fine powder (to increase surface area)
    2. Gently shake the unit while the bag is filling
    3. Clean the filter every three uses (powder gets through)

    With the volcano, I found I needed to use well over double the amount of herb to achieve the same effect. You lose too much in the process.

    Now I realize that when you combine the convenience and pleasure of the Volcano versus the painful process I just described with the Q, I come off looking like Scrooge McDuck.

    But when you need so many tiny hits, the Extreme Q might be worth the pain.

    • Awesome name, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on these vapes.

      I was personally never able to get better results from the EQ with less material.

      It sounds like you’re packing inside the main cyclone bowl, which is surprising because it’s hard to get good results like that with any amount of material.

      The best performance I got with the EQ was when I packed the elbow screen full, which holds just about as much as I would put inside the chamber of the Volcano.

      But I do see your point, if you require tiny draws throughout the day there may be better vapes for that purpose. For me, that vape is the MFLB.

  • Hey Bud, I’m in a similar situation as “Rub” above…I am looking to get into vaping and trying to decide which to buy.I will pay for quality and usefulness, but don’t need to waste money.
    The unit will be used mostly by me, with my wife joining occasionally. With the Volcano can I use a smaller bag or roll it up part way from the rear end and clip it as to only fill say – half a bag?
    I’m totally new to the idea of using a “bag” period…weren’t any such thing back in my day ;-). So I’m not sure the Volcano is the right for me as, mostly, a single user….Your opinion would be appreciated

    • Hey Chet,

      Even though the balloon feature of the Volcano makes it very easy to use with multiple people it’s also still fantastic when you use it alone.

      Overall I really still think the Volcano is the best vape to get if you want the best performance, reliability, cleanliness, and overall vaping experience.

      There’s really no need to shrink the bags, with just a small amount of herbs in the chamber you can fill up 3 to 7 of them during a session.

      One of the reasons I love the V so much, which I actually do not mention in any of my videos (yet), is that the “draw duration” is almost as short as smoking, I’ll explain…

      When you smoke you only actively take a “draw” for about a second or two with most methods. So you’re naturally accustomed to taking pretty short puffs throughout a typical session.

      What makes the Volcano stand out above the rest is that when you fill a balloon with vapor you now have it ready on tap, so you can literally take a 2 second draw from the bag and get a lung-full of vapor.

      With virtually every other vape you need to take a much longer draw to get the same amount of vapor. Typically you need to pull for 10-15 seconds with other models to actually feel like you’re getting anything.

      This doesn’t mean that every other vape sucks, there are a bunch that I like and use frequently, but it means that if I had to choose one vape to keep out of all the models I own, I would want the Volcano. I also think that the short draw duration makes it a great vape to transition from smoking with.

  • Hey Bud I have a request, its actually pretty big but I think alto of other people would want to see it as well. I was curious how each vape preforms hooked up to a bong.

    I know that’s the Cloud from VapeXhale or w/e but almost all vapes can be hooked up to a bong anyway. also I kind of have a feeling this might not really be the focus of you website but it has a pretty strong relation

    you wouldn’t think you could do the pax but you can just stretch a piece toobing over the mouth piece and it works well

    and for the Q try the direct draw technique its way better than the whip (you have to costume order a double male piece)

    even if you dont want to do a vid on it id still recommend you get that custom glass with the right bong it feels like it was made to be a 3 type vape

    I bet the plenty would be awesome with a bong!

  • Looking to buy my 1st Vaporizer and am torn between the Pax and the Volcano. Let me start off with saying I am willing to invest in “the best” as I don’t see myself buying another. Also portability isn’t really the reason for me considering the Pax, though that is a nice bonus. But the main reason for considering the Pax over the Volcano is I don’t really see myself using either very often and therefore I don’t know if I need the big home unit. While the idea of the big balloon for parties sounds fun, the reality is it would only be used by 2 people – and 1 or 2 times a month at that.

    So since I’ve never tried vaping at all, I really don’t understand how much better the Volcano is in vapor quality than the Pax as was explained in the video. I am a smoker, so I am used to “pulling a draw”. Also, since it would be used infrequently, I do not understand how the balloon can be regulated for 1 or 2 people. Would I just load less herb in? Are there different balloon sizes? Any help/advice would be appreciated.

    • Hey sup,

      If you want the best vaporizing experience overall I do think the Volcano is your best choice.

      The balloon system is actually very efficient and enjoyable to use, even by yourself, you don’t need a party of people for it to work well.

      You can use a very small amount of material in the chamber if only 1 or 2 people are vaping, or you can use more material and vape with a whole group.

      The Pax is a great vape also but when I’m home I don’t find myself using it much, as its real purpose is to be convenient when you’re on-the-go.

      You’ll get more potent vapor that is tastier and more comfortable with the Volcano. Since portable vapes are so compact they tend to produce vapor that is a little hotter and harsher than most home desktop units. I still think the Pax is an excellent vape, but would definitely stick with my Volcano if I had to choose just one to keep.

      If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer please let me know!

  • haha, I have th extreme Q and you said it exactly. The one thing you can do for ballons is use the end of an old rubber eyedropper slice tip and stick over balloon glass tip. But I probably should have purchased the Volcano. Over 4 decades of smoking extreme Q was my first vape. I wish i Saw this first. Thanks man.

    • Forgot to mention, im watching it now to get a portable. Was between Pax, Solo and DaVinci. Now its between Pax and Solo. Battery Life I hear is best with Solo. Any idea of how long batterys last? thanks again.

  • im also curious to as of which vape portable or not is the most conservative (im gonna guess the solo… just a hunch)

    • It’s hard to pick just one cus a lot of them are very similar in efficiency but I’d say that the Volcano, SSV, Solo & MFLB are a few that provide strong effects with minimal material. EQ is pretty efficient too if you elbow pack. Very few vapes are inefficient, some are just a little better than others.

  • couldnt find a contact or request section on your site but in one of your vids you said to let you know if anyone wanted to see a specific comparison video so i would really like to see the Pax compared to the MFLB I think between the price difference and hype surrounding both as portables it would be very helpful

  • Great review! You were dead on with the Pax and Volcano review. If you had to choose would you take the Wispr, DiVinci, or the Launch Box? Regardless of price. Thanks

    • Thanks Corey, even though it’s cheaper and not as advanced I would probably take the Launch Box out of those 3. I think the Wispr and DaVinci are decent but if I had to pick one it would be the MFLB.

  • whenever i come to new york my dream would be to come and vape with yall…. bud vapor you are the wiz khalifa of vaporizers.. cuz wiz only rolls. but id love to bring some herbals one day to test with you!