AirVape XS Vaporizer Review

A little while ago I reviewed the original AirVape and thought it was pretty good for the price. I worked closely with the makers of this new XS model after helping them identify the areas that could be improved, and they did a really good job implementing the things we talked about. I now honestly feel that this is one of the best portable vaporizers under $200 that I own.

Check out my full XS Go review video below:

Build Quality & Design

Right off the bat I was really impressed with the feel of this one. It has a very sturdy metal shell now, not plastic, and it definitely looks and feels more elegant and durable.

The form factor is actually pretty great, it’s small & light and the flat design makes it easy to hold and also convenient to store.

Overall, the shape, size and weight are right in line with what I look for in a good portable vape, and it’s more portable than the original one.

Ease of Use

Vapes that are easy to use really make the whole experience more enjoyable, and this XS is not complicated at all, beginners will get good results right away.

The glass mouthpiece at the top pulls right out and the oven or herb chamber is below that inside.

Simply pack the chamber full with finely ground herb, tamp it down a tad, then push the mouthpiece back in and turn the unit on.

Set your temperature with the up and down arrows, I recommend starting at about 355°F and slowly working your way up from there if you want more vapor.

Once the unit heats up, which only takes 30 seconds, you just start taking draws from it and the session will last about 10 minutes.

Performance & Vapor Quality

The XS has a ceramic oven which is different from the first model and also from a lot of other vapes. It helps promote even heating of your material and also helps keep the taste nice and clean.

There’s a cool screen system in the mouthpiece that channels the vapor through a certain path and prevents it from going straight from the oven to your mouth.

This keeps the vapor cooler and more comfortable and makes a big difference when compared to cheaper models that don’t have something like this built-in. It shows me they paid fine attention to detail, and they listened when I told them to improve the vapor quality, which I like a lot.

What you want to do for best performance is first grind your herbs nice and fine, then over-load the oven and tamp it down so that it ends up being even with the top edge of the chamber.

You don’t want your herb loose and floating around in the chamber, you want it nice and snug in there.

The vapor production is actually very good, I was surprised, it definitely performs a lot better than the original. And you know what else is cool? There’s not a lot of draw resistance, meaning it’s not as hard to pull from as some others – I really like this.

Check out this video clip below of me taking a bunch of draws from it:

Setting the temperature low will give you smoother vapor and a better taste but you won’t get quite as much visible vapor. If you want big clouds you’ll need to set the heat at or above roughly 380°F, and the only thing that really gets sacrificed when you raise the temp is the smoothness. This is common with most vapes though and I normally don’t recommend vaping at very high temps anyway.

Vibration Alert & Auto Shut-off Timer

I like this feature a lot, the vape vibrates! It’s not the only one out there that does this but I feel it does make the vaping experience a tiny bit better.

So the unit also has an automatic shut-off timer – every time you turn the vape on there is a countdown timer on the screen that starts at 3 minutes. Actually, you adjust it from 3 to 5 mins, and you can do this by pressing the up & middle button until it changes.

You’ll feel the vape vibrate when you first turn it on, and then you’ll feel it vibrate again when it reaches your set temperature. Now what I like a lot is that you’ll also feel it vibrate when the unit shuts off after timer, so you won’t be left hangin with a vape that isn’t even on and not realize it.

Overall Thoughts

At $180 it’s above average in most areas compared to other vapes in this price range, and I’m really impressed with how many improvements they were able to make with this new version, kudos guys!

It’s small, light and good looking, and it’s super easy to use. If you’re looking for a good portable and you like the design of this one I think you’ll be very satisfied with it and really dig how it works.

Stay up!

Watch my full AirVape XS review video below, it’s about 16 mins long but I put everything you could possibly need to know in there. The photos below show my original unit that I’ve had for a while, but in my video above I show what a brand new one looks like today, and they made a few small tweaks.

Here’s a few more pics:

2017 UPDATE: You can now get a very cool shell for this vape when you buy it, and this case keeps your vape clean and keeps your mouthpiece in place while you have the unit stored. It feels great, it’s well-made, it makes an airtight seal when you close it, and it’s even waterproof. I highly recommend it for the extra $20, check it out:

AirVape XS Shell

Air Vape XS


  • 1) Do you think Vapor Xs or Davinci IQ has better vape quality?
    2) can you put the davinci on a timer like the vapor xs? I know these are session vapes, but im wondering if the Vapor XS could be used almost like “on demand” by putting the timer around 1 min for one to two pulls.

    • Dang a lot of bad reviews on both. Dont even know what to do now. First thought Mighty but id like to be able to take with me when I go out

  • I own many vapes, this one is a big disappointment. It works , but dealing with the small parts of the mouthpiece is difficult at best. Very poor design. This mouthpiece requires cleaning every few days if a heavy user. This is where the frustration starts. Small pieces are hard to keep track of, they fly off the cleaning area and are sometimes hard to find. Best to have a clean floor and desk so gathering parts is not hindered by, say a long nape carpet. Also their is no guide online on how to take apart and resemble cooling box and parts. Their are a few videos that if you watch closely you get the cooling box and screens back in the right order. The performance of this vape is okay, but a mighty, pax, firefly, or solo, will serve you much better. As for the lid falling off, a broccoli elastic works well. If looking for a budget vape that works buy the solo. if stealth is not an issue get the mighty. When your looking for stealth get the pax 2 or 3. I have the original firefly, i quite using after having 3 battery failures. Have not and will not be trying the 2.
    In closing I reached out to Apollo and got no response, poor product, poor customer support.

  • I did not enjoy the apollo vape. first, after a few hits it became impossible to inhale anything. second, the mouth piece gets so hot you literally can burn your lips. it has some design flaws that need to be fixed for this product to be awesome. until then, i have put this vape away and dont intend to ever use it again. it is basically a matter of me needing my lips and not wasting my weed

  • Love the review. I’m interested in hearing about the new model Airvape X. From the looks of it they improvements made get rid of the mouthpiece issue from the smaller Airvape XS. I’d love to see a fresh review of the newer model.

    • I really think it stinks that they made the improved mouthpiece so it wouldn’t fit on the XS body. Maybe they think that’s a good business move so you’ll spend more money on another complete unit, but good will counts for a lot with me! If they act like dicks, I won’t continue to do business with them. The XS was flawed and they should have done right by the people who bought it by offering an inexpensive upgrade to the mouthpiece.

  • At first I thought I had found my dream vape. I loved it in every way. BUT then it clogged up during a sesh in a dimly lit room and I lost a tiny piece of the mouthpiece trying to clear it. I paid the ten bucks for a new mouthpiece and again I lost a piece. HEY AIRVAPE!!! YOU’RE DEALING WITH STONERS! Don’t give me three tiny metal pieces that only sit loosely together within a rubbery band and that clog easily! Fix that problem and you will rule the world. Meanwhile, wish I could get my money back.

  • Just purchased this vape. I’m getting a very strong burning plastic odor that is coming from the oven and out of the vents. I’ve ran a “burn off” cycle on the max temp over 10 times. The smell has not gone away. Is this common? I bought a vaporizer to be easier on my lungs not inhale plastic fumes…

  • Hey man, great review! I was wondering if you know of any places online to buy extra filters/mouth pieces? Thanks!

  • Thank you for a detailed great review. I think this is the vape for me.
    Unexpectedly super fun to watch you take hits,
    so thanks for that as well.

  • I’ve had my airvape for close to a year now and am noticing more and more the screen system in the mouthpiece get gunked up and is hard to pull from. I’ve bought new ones but is there a way to clean them?

  • Bud, I just ordered the AirVape XS. I had made my mind up against it because of the mouthpiece issue in the pocket. I also didn’t like the shell I would have to remove to use it. Then I found a guy with a 59 second video on YouTube that showed how the unit can be controlled with the shell on. Turn it on, wait to vibrate, remove the top of the shell and draw. That sold me! It would have been nice to see that in your review, I would have been sold at that moment! Thanks for the reviews!

  • I’m fairly new to vaping, having just graduated with the Airvape XS from the pen-style kind with poor temperature and quality control, to put it mildly. Based on a lot of experience with electronics, tools, and other products, this is a wonderful little device, with very solid design, simple, pretty straightforward controls, and an entirely different experience than with the cheap units. I’ll offer a few tips and observations…
    * I agree with Bud about the temperature range, and 355-375 F seems to cover it nicely. I’m mostly setting it at 360, then maybe bumping it up to 365 or 370 for a third 3-minute session on the same load (not much is left after that).
    * I pretty much agree about how and how much to pack in the oven. However, based on less than a week of testing, I don’t find that it matters much, if at all, whether the herb is finely ground. Maybe with fine grinding the heavy vape cloud starts a second or two earlier, is a bit more intense, and drops off earlier? Other than that, I don’t feel a difference, and basic physics ought to confirm this.
    When you confine 0.25 gram of something in a tiny oven; and it’s in a foliage form with no material thickness > 0.2 mm; and you draw hot air through it, the oven/air temperature penetrates all of the material in a very few seconds, whether it’s ground finely or in bud form. Then it’s a short time before cannabinoids vaporize, creating very high pressure that soon blows apart the plant cell structure. Try it yourself! Push a dense nuglet that barely fits, into the oven so it contacts the sides, but without crushing it by packing. Vape away, carefully compare the experience to grinding/packing the same size nuglet, and look at the final residue. I find that I end up with a dry, finely granulated crisp brown cellulosic material that looks about the same whether I started with an uncrushed bud chunk or fine powder.
    I don’t mind grinding, and it’s essential for those outdated joints, but why bother if it makes no difference? Finely ground feedstock also gets sucked into the mouthpiece if you draw too enthusiastically.
    * I’ve read a lot online about the importance of dry – as well as fine-ground – herb for vaping. Here, too, I don’t find that it makes much difference (assuming we’re talking about weed as sold at the store – just moist enough to keep it flexible and aromatic) whether it’s pre-dried or not. The only real difference I can find is that it takes a few seconds longer to get the herb fully to temperature, since water does require a lot of heat to boil off. The first draw is weaker and, as others have noted, more aromatic than usual. This makes sense, since many of the terpenes boil off at closer to 100C, where water vaporizes. But all the water is long gone before the herb can heat to ~200C, where THC vapes. We probably sense the terpenes better along with a hint of steam than with the far more abundant cannabinoids. So the second draw of slightly damp herb is like the first draw of dry stuff, and you lose, what, 5-10 seconds?
    The only way I can imagine a small amount of moisture could affect the THCA-THC transition, but I haven’t seen any evidence about that possibility.

    * Very easy temp. control to the nearest degree F. Better precision than anyone really needs, and temp is adjustable on the fly, during a session. Nice!
    * Beautiful, functional anodized aluminum case.
    * Nice portable size, shape.
    * Easy to load/unload.
    * Direct, simple, effective operation.
    * Basic cleaning is quite easy.
    * Battery life is short of incredible, but good enough, and with quick recharge and pass-through operation, it’s hard to imagine the battery being a constraint for a solo user.
    * Appears sturdy, has a good warranty.
    * Easy to get replacement parts at reasonable prices.

    * The loosely fitting mouthpiece assembly is annoying, and detracts from the otherwise classy design. Seems like there must be some way, as of 2017, to lock it in more firmly.
    * Not exactly a con, but the loose mouthpiece issue makes the hard plastic case essential. As Bud noted, the case also keeps the mouthpiece cleaner than the inside of your pocket, in case you care – I don’t. I realize now that I want the case protection for such a nice, and costly, item, but this still makes it a $200 investment, not $180.
    * Although I don’t have the case yet, it obviously lacks a compartment for tools or stash, so I’ll still need to carry around two containers. Why not add a snap-on side compartment just big enough to hold a gram of herb in one end and the spoon/tamper tool in the other? I’d buy that.
    * Minor point: session time is still only selectable to 3 or 5 minutes. It’s easy enough to cut a session short, or add another to the first, but it would be nice to have more time options.
    * As is, there seems to be only one way to get to temp and time settings, or see battery level: start a heating cycle. Why not add a 2-quick-click option for getting to settings, without firing up the oven?
    * Another nit-picky point: while charging, there’s no battery level indicator. You just have to wait for the charging light to go off, which evidently means it’s full. But you don’t have to wait very long for a charge anyway…

    I hope this is useful to someone.

    • Incredibly helpful comments. I tend to agree with you about the fine grinding – it’s probably not that important. I think as long as the hot air is going through your herb rather than going around it, you’re good.

      Herb always shrinks during vaping, so no matter how tight you initially pack it, by the time you’re on your second draw it’s a lot looser than you’d think. As long as the herb is small enough to freely tumble in the hot air and occasionally contact the hot sides, that should be enough to get max THC.

  • Hey Bud ; how is the airvape xs on odor reduction?? Is it feasible for use in public??


  • Hey I just got my new airvape xs and I really like it, but today I went to charge it and it won’t take a charge and it says error on it, is there anything I can to do?

  • Can anyone comment on how well the Airvape XS does vaporizing concentrates? Ease of use, efficiency, clean up/maintenance all in regard to using concentrates?

    • I’ve used it for concentrates. Waxy material and thick oils work ok. You have to heat to the highest temp 428*F (I think that’s what the highest is.) and it vapes well. Nothing like a dab rig or concentrate pen but it’ll vape the material completely over several pulls. If you’re looking for a unit for primarily concentrates I’d go with something else but if you’re primarily a dried herb person who occasionally enjoys concentrates it works just fine. Because the battery is smaller using it for concentrates will limit your use time to about three 5 minute 428* sessions before needing to recharge.

  • Hey bro long-time pax user here, decided to try the airvape Xs and can’t get clouds anywhere near the Pax, started the temp at 355 went to 375 still nothing much. Do you fill the chamber to the top of the ceramic?
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • I’ve found the biggest thickest clouds come with a fully packed and tamped chamber with temps in the 390-400 range. You’ll get decent clouds at slightly lower temps but you definitely need a full bowl. I get several (5-7) pulls of thick clouds as described.

  • Bought one today. Charged it up. Turned it on. Error message. Returning it tomorrow.

    • Why if you get and I read error message what does that mean did you have to reset it why would you take it back if you didn’t find out what’s wrong with it first

  • Great review! I’m new to the vape scene and as a result watched MANY different reviews on MANY different products before purchasing. This review was simple, in depth and easy to understand and take all the info I needed from. Got the product in the mail the other day and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the help, amazing review and exceptional vaporizer.

  • For $179 that baby is a steal. Price just doesn’t always reflect the quality. There are lots of $ 300 (USD) vapes that aren’t as good as this baby.

  • Just purchased, overall impressed but the mouthpiece gets very hot. Any suggestions?

    • I’ve had mine for a few days, and have experimented with many different temps, packing, grinding, dryness, etc.. From this experience, it seems that the mouthpiece gets hot only when you overfill the oven, or don’t pack it down enough, so that herb directly contacts the screen and cooling box in the mouthpiece. That heats up the metal too much for it to lose its heat to the surrounding silicone. Also, I’ve found that if I put in too much herb, even if I pack it tight, by the second or third (3-minute) session if not the first, the herb has expanded due to vaporizing herb blowing apart the leafy buddy bits, so the expanded material contacts the heat exchange box, and the mouthpiece gets hot. Try packing so there’s more gap between herb and mouthpiece, and I bet your overheating problem will end.

  • Hey Bud, I was wondering how does the vapor quality compare to the DaVinic IQ, meaning smoothness, taste and potentcy?

  • Hey Bud, I was wondering what my herb should look like after a 5 min.. Session at 400 F. Mine is just brown from green and still granular. Can it be used over? Or do I have a heating issue?

    • 400 is way too hot, I use mine at temperatures from 335 – great taste and good amounts of vapor.

  • I’m having a really hard time deciding between this the pax 3 and the davinci iq. Im a medical patient so getting the most out of every bowl and stretching my meds is the most important factor. As well as being able to share a bowl with my wife occssionally without having to keep packing it. Concentrates are nice but not a deal brraker.

  • Hi! ,
    i have a gpen vape but change my portable vape,
    Which advice for a new vape at low price but a great smooking? :) ,
    Thank you so much MAN!!! .

  • Just got this & had a few uses of it, flavour is great & i can appreciate the taste of the bud. First time I’ve ever used a vaporiser & am impressed.

    My only negative & Ive no idea if its a flaw, but i get next to vapour on exhalation. Tried multiple temps gone as hot as recommended on here, as well as hotter.

    Any advice?

  • Just bought this 2 days ago and like it more than my Pax….except the battery power seems rather short. The battery mark seems to go down about a 4th with each usage, making it only good for about 3 – 4 sessions. This was a display item and I want to make sure this is normal before going back to shop. Anyone else on battery life experience?

    • Hey are those 10 minute sessions? How many minutes of usage total do you think you’re getting from a full charge?

      • Nope, about 4 – 5 three minute sessions….how long do you think it should be staying charged?

  • Great review as always. Their site only has “Rose Gold” as a color left in stock, sorry can’t do that. I sent them an email requesting when other colors would be stocked. I see in the accessories there’s a concentrate cup. Have you tried that? I would like your opinion on the AirVape XS Special Edition. Thank you

    • Thanks brother, and lol I feel you on the color, I just emailed them asking about stock status too.

      If you don’t wanna wait you can also order it direct from the AirVape store.

      I haven’t actually tested the concentrate cup yet but I’ll definitely be getting one soon, and also of the special edition vapes!

      Stay up!

      • Really interested in hearing your thoughts on the concentrates cup. I’m so close to pulling the trigger on this vape I just need to hear some reviews of how it vapes concentrates.

  • I recently purchase this AirVape XS and am impressed with the results. I ordered this with the case so it can be carried without worry of cracking glass mouthpiece without worry. The problem of protecting this unit is adding peace of mind by purchasing this travel case.
    Now, about the sessions.
    Actual smoke is a problem for both my husband and myself. We both have lung issues, but love the taste of herb. By AirVape having a ceramic chamber, our product is evenly vaped and the temp settings are readily changed at the touch of a finger.
    Very impressed with the ease of this unit.
    Cleaning the chamber is also a breeze. The units brush, included with purchase, along with an extra set of screens,
    rubber comfort piece for mouthpiece and other goodies.
    I am extremely happy with this product all around. The flavor of all strains are completely able to be enjoyed.
    Looking forward, I will repost about battery life in the future.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with it!

      I’m truly glad it’s working out so well for you, keep us posted :)

  • Hi Bud….

    Your reviews are awesome. I had as transplant about a year ago and im getting back into herbs. Which portable vaporizer do you recommend that is best at keep toxins and combustion at bay…but also is good performing taste and vapor quality wise?

    Thank you!

  • I’m debating weather to get this or the Boundless CFV. Does this produce bigger clouds than the CFV? Is there an attachment to connect to a water pipe?

    • I like them both about equally and I’d say that vapor production is pretty similar too. The CFV is 100% convection so the main difference is you’ll need to take a slightly longer draw to get good vapor.

    • Good question, the XS has a more free-flowing draw than the PAX (any model), it’s easier to pull from.

  • Hey, I wanted to first thank you for the review! I bought this guy because of it and have been happy as hell.

    Secondly, I wanted to mention that you can also purchase replacement screens off of their main site, these screens are not mesh, durable, and super easy to clean. They’re only around $5 for a pack and honestly I dont see myself replacing the first one I put on.

    The only issue I really had with it was the mesh getting clogged after a few uses but I’m not worried about it anymore!

  • Hey guys thanks for posting!

    For your questions about how to keep the mouthpiece in place, please see my 2017 UPDATE at the bottom of my review.

    There is a new “AirVape XS Shell” you can get for $20 that I highly recommend getting if you buy this one.

    Stay up!

  • Anyone know if this vaporizer is well built to walk around while in my jacket pocket?
    I’m talking about the mouthpiece – Would it stay in place? If not, is there anywhere I can put it while not operating the device?

    I’m afraid ill put it in my pocket while not using it and the mouthpiece will full out of the device and of course scatter material everywhere.

  • Thanks for your help. Just ordered through your link. This is my first so I hope I picked a good one!

  • Uh Oh .. Its a bird its a plane, No its The Vape Critic doing another review!

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  • Hi Bud!

    I am trying to decide on a vape for me and my girlfriend to share. I am torn between the Airvape XS and the boundless cfx

    My main concerns are vapor quality, how smelly they are, and I’m not sure if the Airvape has an adaquite bowl capacity for two people.

    Any information would be great!

    • Hey vapor quality is pretty similar (both good), odor is mostly the same too, but the oven sizes are different: CFX is ~0.3g and AirVape is ~0.2g.

      I consider the XS to be the perfect solo vape if you like full sessions, you’ll get about a dozen nice draws from that 0.2g. If you want to vape only one session with another person you’ll get a little more out of the CFX, but depending on your usage habits you might end up re-packing that one too.

  • You didn’t mention anything about the all OLED display having a backlight so it can be seen outdoors. Does it have one?

  • I’m considering an Airvape XS as I lost my Firefly2 :-( I liked the Firefly 2 quite a bit but thought it was rather hard to draw from and pretty pricey. How does the Airvape xs compare in terms of required draw strength, ambient odor, efficiency and vapor quality to the Firefly 2?

    Love your blog! Your comparison review of the Firefly 2, Pax2 and Crafty made my decision clear to get the Firefly 2!

  • Traded in my Flowermate and got 50% off the Airvape XS. A solid move on my part. I do miss the battery life of the Flowermate but in every other regard the Airvape is better.

    I definitely recommend it.

  • Between this and the Summit Plus, which one has better battery life, vapor taste and physical size?

    • Battery life is good IMO. It will last 3 “chamber-fulls” for me. Meaning, I can fill the entire chamber 3 times before the battery dies. Battery meter seems the fall off a cliff though. It will be 1/4 left and then go to nothing and die on you.
      Cleaning is easy. You can drop it in alcohol and it cleans itself. You can burn it off. You can clean it with a paperclip. In a pinch, you can “smoke it”, but don’t inhale it! It is terrible!

  • Got mine about a week and a half ago, very pleased so far. I definitely agree on filling the chamber A little over and packing to fit, makes it work great!.

    • I’ve also found that just jamming the stuff in the chamber works well. Sounds strange, but if you just “jam” it in, bud and all, it doesn’t clog up the mouthpiece. Get rid of the stem and jam the bud in. If it is too loose, the mouthpiece will fill with the “finely ground herb”. Once you’ve gone through a few cycles, take a paperclip and move it around to break up the bud and get the last bit out of it. It clogs up the mouthpiece, but pretty easy to clean

      • My concern is cleaning the inner vape path, does a pipe cleaner or any cleaning implement work? Sucking out, but not inhaling a cleaning burn run sounds a little hacked.

    • Had mine about a Month…Love it…..1/2 bowls work well also. Love playing with the temp settings!