Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV) Review

This is the Life Saber Vaporizer, or LSV, produced by 7th Floor. This company also makes the popular Silver Surfer and Da Buddha vapes, and they all share basically the same ceramic heating element.

The LSV is unique though for a few different reasons…

LSV First, it’s a handheld unit, so even though technically this would be categorized as a “desktop” vaporizer (since it plugs in for power) you have to hold it in your hand while using it. The Plenty vape is another unit I’ve reviewed that works this way, and I actually find it pretty enjoyable.

The next thing that’s cool about the Life Saber is that it’s mostly glass. This is good because it helps the vapor taste clean and pure, but the downside is that this vape is pretty fragile. Especially the long, skinny mouthpiece/wand – you need to make sure you don’t smack that against any hard surface by accident.

What’s also interesting about this vape is that you’ll get a full draw of vapor the first time you take a pull after attaching the wand. This is not very common, most herbal whip-style vapes produce just a light vapor for the first couple of draws and then usually around the 3rd pull or so vapor production is at its max. Starting from your first draw the LSV is pretty much at full throttle.

This vape doesn’t have set temperatures or anything, it just has a heater intensity knob that you adjust until you find the temp you like best. The other 7th Floor models work the same way, and I don’t really consider this a negative because even though you can’t set your temperature on a screen like some other vapes you can still dial in the best intensity for you with the knob, and it works well across a fairly wide range.

Life Saber One drawback is that you need to stir your herbs at least once or twice during a session to ensure that it’s vaped evenly. This isn’t that uncommon but the thing that makes this a little inconvenient with this vape is that you have to turn it upside down and take out the wand to do this. The unit itself and the wand are both fairly large so it does take a little maneuvering to do this smoothly (it’s 19″ long put together).

Overall I’m impressed with the performance and vapor quality of this unit, but the atypical design may not suit everybody. It does have some good things going for it, and the last advantage I want to mention is its efficiency, I would consider it above-average in this department. You can’t really use a tiny pinch with it because of the shape & size of the herb chamber, but all it takes is maybe 0.2g-0.3g to get a nice full session of roughly 10 good draws or so.

Stay up!


  • Hey bud, hope alls good, seen the new vids. Ive added a few more to the collection since we last spoke, including the mighty(getting on with it much better than the crafty) so my s&b collection is now

    I’ve had my eye on the LSV for quite a while and a lot of the stores in my area have dropped their prices lately. How would you rate the vapour quality of the LSV to the Plenty the Firefly and units like the EQ? Could there be a place for it in my dream vape collection?

    I value you’re input as always. Thanks again. Peace!

  • I owned the buddha and loved how with a water pipe i could get milky draws and vape a bowl mostly in a few draws with a little tap. Based on comparison draws from the 2 will this satisfy my expectations or will i wish for the heavyweight buddha?

    • I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality and volume of vapor it produces, and I consider this one on the stronger side for sure. If you like the Da Buddha I’m sure you’ll like this one too.

      • I’m trying to decide between this unit and the silver surfer. My main concerns are the quantity of vapor, amount of material you can pack, and an easy non-restrictive draw. I had the solo and didn’t really like it; I found myself packing it 6-7 times before I was satisfied; also the draw was terrible. The similar design of the LSV makes me skeptical; however I like its portability factor. I’m leaning towards the silver surfer as it seems more reliable and better suited for heavier use. Any thoughts or opinions to help me choose?

        • Go with whichever design/look you like better, the actually both can produce good quality, strong vapor.

          The LSV might even be a better choice if you want the strongest experience, it seems a little more potent.

  • Hey man,
    I’m a big fan of your work.
    I got the impression from your LSV review that you liked the vape but didnt love the long transfer wand. I concur. It makes the LSV too long and awkward. However, inverted on a glass bubbler with the shorty WPA, the LSV is damn near perfect, IMO. Huge, tasty rips on small amounts of herb, similar to the Cloud. I encourage you to update your review, using the LSV with a bubbler. I think you might change your opinion. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • I find it gets so hot in about 7 minutes set at max that I burned my hand (painfully but not seriously) when I picked it up, holding it as you do. The placemat under it had partially melted. The LSV definitely needs a rack in which to place it horizontally. Aside from the heat, it can roll. If you forget to turn it off, or to reduce the temp, it seems possible that it could start a fire. In all, I like it, but don’t consider it safe in its present design.

  • Hey man!

    I absolutely love your videos and have referee them to many of my friends who have hopped on the ‘vaporizing’ trend. I currently only have one vaporizer, the Magic Flight Launch Box. I was actually gifted this for free, from my sister because neither her nor her husband found it working for them, and they also combusted a fair amount. So after tons of experimentation and help from the massive and educated vapor community, I was getting very good results from the MFLB, and invested in their wooden secondary micro grinder, and a their 2.0 power adapter (which I had issues with that the company offered to solve immediately, although I tweaked it myself. The customer service was just phenomenal though.)

    This vaporizer has provided me many good sessions. However my partner and my friends just don’t seem to like it too much, they either end up combusting or feeling like it’s just not working (which in my opinion is BS because it’s very obvious about ten minutes later just how effective the vaporizer is on them).

    My question to you is what vaporizer should I get? I’m still in school and pick up my work hours at a Deli when I don’t have class; therefore unless I find extreme cause- I’d prefer a vale under $275. I originally was looking for a portable, but decided the batteries and car charger for the MFLB is sufficient for on-the-go vaping. But if you find a unit like the pax or davinci sounds like it would be something I’d enjoy I’m open to getting one.

    My vaporizing is done about 55-60% of the time alone. And about 35-40% of the time on the go. I really need a unit that wow’s with vapor quality, doesn’t have a heat up time over about 2 or 2 and a half minutes. I love how I can plug my MFLB in, which is why I’m thinking a desktop unit is best and seeing as to how they perform better; however I have found myself in a few situations wishing I had batteries on me because I couldn’t vape due to no outlet. What I’m looking for is a reliable unit, that is either portable or at least transportable (7th floors units carrying cases are nice), that can produce vapor that is powerful. I also would like less harsh of [draws], or maybe the option to adjust temperature so I’m not coughing and in case anyone with a sensitive set of lungs can inhale the vapor (however I also really enjoy higher temps since I feel I get more of the effects I’m looking for). Currently I’ve been considering The Life Saber vape, that seems to be my favorite as well as Da Buddha and SSV. I’ve looked at both the Pax and the Plenty and the Arizer solo also but my problems with those were: draw resistance for the portables and pricing for the Plenty. Whip, balloon, doesn’t matter. I just really need some advice when you get the chance.

    On another note I would love your opinion on THE UNDERDOG vaporizer and other such ‘log’ units.

    Thanks man, you’re great!

      • Hey Dalton based on your needs it sounds like you’ve narrowed it down the choices I would recommend: SSV, LSV, or Da Buddha.

        They’re all plug-in units but they’re pretty much the best in your price range and they can produce very good quality vapor.

        The main downside to these is the maintenance, which isn’t really that bad at all but if you want them always looking like new you’ll probably have to clean off the glass parts every half-dozen sessions or so.

        Stay up!

  • I use mine upside down with the wand. It looks funny, but I only ever need to change one screen. Also, I bought the water pipe attachment with mine and it’s a lot of fun. Very very simple design and you can clear giant bowls with it.

    I found it to run too warm for me to hold it comfortably for long. I have long sessions where I really stretch a bowl with this guy. But it get hot.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts, I haven’t experienced it getting too hot myself but I’m really glad you’re diggin it!

  • Hi Bud, Just curious is LSV a lot better of a vape than the Solo? I am trying to decide between the two and have seen your ratings and see they are pretty close. Thanks for your time…

    • Hey Philip in my opinion yes, the Life Saber is a better vape. It’s obviously a lot larger, but the performance really is better.

  • Love your stuff, you make it easy too chose good vapes keep up the good work…

    Ever try any of those expensive water pipe vapes? I forget the names but the price of em is redonculous


  • bud
    i know you review vapes as out of the box not with extras etc. but this vape is mostly for turning up side down and using with a bubbler/water pipe. which is good but but blackens the material v easily, well it did with my bubbler. fast or slow toke.

    the wand i found to be too hot and uncomfortable and ran it on the lowest heat setting to not choke.

    also works best with a whip which the LSV has its own whip kit you can buy or you can use a ground glass SSV or standard DBV whip kit with the lSV. found this much more comfortable.

    but ive combusted with this unit more than any other ive used. only managed it once with the SSV (but was in the early days of owning one and was taking too slow a toke so ignited)

    i think good idea but runs too hot and SSV trumps it easily, my opinion only.
    i think a score of 87 is too high

    • Hey Mike thanks very much for sharing your thoughts!

      Yes I did review it as it comes without any additional accessories and I was happy with the performance and vapor quality.

      I only had a little combustion the first time I used it when I had the temperature set too high, all subsequent sessions I kept the dial around 11-12 o’clock and as long as I stirred after every few draws I had no more combustion.

      It actually does a good job of vaping evenly and thoroughly for me, but you def have to stir. I didn’t find the vapor hot or uncomfortable either, which I’m normally very conscious of when I review a new vape.

      I actually was considering rating it the same as the SSV but didn’t because the design is not quite as user-friendly and it’s more fragile, I think the performance is there though.

      Thanks again for posting!