Ghost Vape Pen from Dr Dabber

This is the Dr Dabber Ghost vape pen for wax concentrates.

Dr Dabber Ghost Ghost Atomizer / Coil

The coil in each atomizer they offer is made of a high resistance titanium, and it’s wrapped evenly around a high-quality wick.

They designed the Ghost to work at a lower heat than most other pens, which helps preserve more of the flavor and keep the vapor smooth. You’ll stay in the ideal temperature range longer with this coil which helps it produce even, consistent draws. This also helps you avoid burning or charring your material, which could negatively affect the taste and comfort level of the vapor.

Ghost Atomizer Load a small amount of concentrate directly onto the coil, and when you give it a little power it’ll melt down into the wick and saturate the fibers. Then when you wanna vape the coil will gently heat the fibers to vaporize your oil.

They include 2 atomizers with the standard Ghost kit which is nice, and each one should last you about 1-2 months of regular use depending on how you treat them.

No “burn-off” is necessary before you first use a new coil, but you definitely should give it 2 seconds of power first to make sure it heats up. Loading your concentrate into an atomizer that ends up being DOA is a major bummer. This is true for all pens, so just make sure to test them before using them.

Globe Attachment Glass Globe Attachment

Dr Dabber offers a bunch of accessories to go with the Ghost pen and one of them is a glass globe attachment.

Many other pens out there offer one of these as well, so it’s not necessarily unique, but it is high quality like the rest of their stuff and I did like the performance with it.

This thing basically just lets you see the vapor as it’s being produced, it’s definitely pretty cool and not an expensive add-on.

Glass Water Tools

Two other cool accessories they offer are the Percolator attachment and the Recycler pendant.

These are both glass pieces that allow you to vaporize your concentrates through a little water. It’s unique and I think they’re pretty cool, I don’t normally vape through water but I really enjoyed using both of them, and they seem really well-made.

Percolator They come with a third type of atomizer that’s made of the same materials as the standard one but it’s shaped a little differently to work with the glass.

Vapor Quality & Performance

So out of the pen vapes I’ve reviewed so far I really feel that the performance of this one is top-tier.

There isn’t really a significant difference in performance from pen to pen, but there are subtle things about each one that makes them unique.

The high quality coil and low heat design keeps the vapor it produces smooth and tasty. You can take short draws for a light vapor, or long draws for big clouds, and either way you use it the vapor is top notch.

The performance and taste is basically the same with the globe attachment, but when you use one of the glass water tools the vapor is a tiny bit different.

Recycler Pendant Vaping through water can help smooth it out a little bit, but it can also strip out a lot of the flavor if you use too much. Usually the lower the volume of water you filter through the better, because this gives you a little of the filtration without changing the taste much. Luckily, these pieces don’t hold a lot of water so the change in taste is negligible.


The battery that comes with this vape has a power button that lights up blue when you press it, but the tip of it doesn’t light up at all which gives it more of a stealth factor.

You’ll get roughly 200-300 draws per charge, but this will vary depending on how long your draws are and how often you vape. Figure you should be able to get at least a few days of regular use out of it before it dies. It also holds a charge for a long time which is nice, I’m still running on the last full charge I gave it almost a month ago. When it’s completely dead it’ll take about 2 hours to fully recharge with the usb adapter they include.

If anything goes wrong with the battery within 3 months the manufacturer will replace it free of charge, but the atomizers aren’t really covered. It’s recommended to test each coil before loading by giving it 2 seconds of power to make sure it heats up, because once it has oil in it they can’t replace it, and it’s a huge PITA to get the oil out.


It’s harder to rate pen vapes than herbal vapes because there aren’t as many factors to consider, and most of them are fairly similar, but I do think the Ghost scores a little higher than many others in most areas.

Stay up!

Here are some pics of the Light:

Dr Dabber Comparison Dr Dabber Light Light Coil Light Mouthpiece Light Battery


  • My ghost globe doesn’t wrk on my dr.dabber ghost pen but wrks on another cheaper one I have.anyone else have that problem

  • I found the Aurora to be the best pen I’ve tried in a few years. Daily use, hits great, easy to use with magnetic parts. I had an issue with the battery, they were awesome, quick to respond, and replaced the battery. I’m about to buy another on sale.

    • Julie this is an old thread, but try prying battery connection with a small pin very carefully, as the spring sometime just gets pushed down, thus affecting the connection. The person also told me to try tinfoil or the like to improve the connection. I have not tried the tinfoil method, but the pin did work. Good luck. And by the way thing thanks to the person who runs this site, Nice guy.

  • Dr Dabber Aurora is garbage and their customer service is even worse. DO NOT BUY!!!! The company’s 1 year no questions asked warranty is a bunch of lies, all they will do is send replacements for one year. The only money you will ever get from them is on brand new unopened products. The Aurora has been one huge disappointment. Basically if you are unhappy once you get home and use their product then too bad you are stuck with it. SO PISSED right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree, great product ideas. I bought an Aura pen because of the reviews on this website. Great vision by this company and moving the field of medicinal use forward; however, their customer service is crap! As other users on this website have mentioned, we shouldn’t be coming to this website to trouble shoot why batteries die early (mine died after 3 weeks of light use and still no response from the company). They have vision, but I think their customer service will drive people to purchase from other producers once these product ideas reach a better company. Perhaps Dr Dabber has grown too fast and isn’t able to support all their new customers. In my opinion, great products, but I wouldn’t buy from Dr Dabber. I would like to thank Bud for this website and his support of the users that follow him.

  • The atomizer that was attached to the ghost pen leaked oil (Black Note brand) into the battery and out the sides through the two holes. Switched to the extra atomizer and was fine for a couple of weeks until it also leaked. I can see the oil in the battery compartment. I’ve experimented with the amount of oil but it didn’t help.

  • Good Morrning Bud

    I was fairly interested in the Dabber Light as I was after a mini discrete shatter device, and it seems to deliver well compared to other micro wax models.

    However- I’m looking at the close up shot of the chamber and coil- may reservation is that it looks like I built it myself, while drunk, in the dark- the ceramic chamber case looks broken and irregular, with gaps down the side between it and casing that the oil is obviously running down into. is this really no issue? Seems like it might waste a good bit. This is the sort of thing i’d put up with if it was a tenner, but at forty quid for a micro device, i’d expect no such flaws.

    I am leaning towards other coilless designs i.e. chamber a sealed ceramic design with the heat spread , and no such issues. Can you advise?



    • Puffco plus has worked nut fine for me. Its coiless as well. Pure flava. I own 3, the plus, the qloudup nexus, and also a phat panda pocket mini pen and they’re all great and functional for me. I read positive and negative feedback foreverything I look up. It makes it hard to decide but maybe I’m just lucky.

  • I bought mine the other day and im having problems. I charged the battery and put on the coil but when i press the button on the pens light comes on but the coil doesnt heat up, what is wrongg with it?

    • Try prying the magnetic connection up on the battery but be patient. I use a thin pin. I used to get frustrated, and still do it times, but once I pry up the magnetic connection a bit, it always goes back to working, once it’s working it’s awesome. Plus these guys are pretty nice, they send you replacement without even blinking. And sorry it’s not like $1000 year. I mean a year is pretty good for an $18 battery, And bottom line I did you get your money out of it. But yes it can be frustrating. They told me they are working on a better battery so this does not happen as much. In my opinion it happens because the spring that pushes up the magnetic battery connection gets pushed down after use, thus the need for a pin to pride back up a bit. But don’t try too hard or you try it right out. Although even once the wire came out I did a little surgery and I used it. Bottom line, no it’s not dirt cheap but it’s not crazy expensive either. This is off the record, so please do not flame me anybody. Not trying to do anything but help. I don’t know if there are 1 million better products for none, just want to help get The battery to work best. Thanks everyone for Your Time, dictated. Rostafari

      • Ps sorry I was talking about the Aurora battery. I understand the light issues, but I like the light as it’s very very easy to use in public. OK good luck everyone, and like I said could be 1 million different products just trying to help.

        • Pps By the way I started with the ghost, and went to the Aurora over it because it delivers amazing hits when it is working. I use the light in public. I am really happy it is legal at least in the state. And I experimented with some lozenges, because my mom is sick and is having problems sleeping, so I really think starting really small 2 mg Lonzengers will help her sleep. She has Parkinson’s. Sorry to go off topic, but I used to get scared as heck eating brownies back in the day, but these lozenges really help sleeping, and are much healthier than eating a benzo Imho.

  • I just bought a dr dabber and I think it sucks. Maybe if you have never hit a nail you may enjoy this pen. If your experienced with nails you will just be disappointed with the tiny little bit this low heat function provides you with. Lame waste of money if you ask me

    • 100% agree. Lady wanted some commission on me. I went back into the store and they gave me 6 free punches on my customer card. Which is like 120 free bucks. This one girl sells it to make money and everyone comes back and complains. Such a waste of money I’ve got friends who bring over 15 dollar pens they got an Amazon that are better than this. This pen is good if you are a 13 yr old sneaking dabs under the bleachers. Not an experience smoker

  • This product sucks! Threw 100 bucks in the trash. Charger does not charge, unless you play a lot around with it; atomizer is too deep to load properly; if you try to clean it, even with the wet towels they send with it, say good by to the paint coat. This review is too biased! Do not buy this product!

    • I would have to agree with Jorge…the magnetic style charger or whatever you call it is straight garbage. The alignment isn’t there and it’s not charing at all…Disappointed with this product TBH. Seems like they tried to overthink the process a bit.

  • I really want to grab one of the Dr.Dabber Light, from the videos you put on it seems like the best, smallest and reasonably priced for concentrates I’ve seen anywhere… I’m pretty sure it will be the one I’ll want most even after checking out all the other available models you have shown… Thanx for showing them all so I can make the best choice.

  • My experience with the Dr Dabber Light led me to realize it’s probably nothing more than a re-branded Cannacig – Which you can get for about $20. The ceramic cartridges are much less prone to burning my wax and I will never buy the fiberglass cartridge again.

    • Should probably have specified – I was referring to the Cannacig that is button-activated, and comes with UP Tech’s black ceramic cartridge. That’s the one I’d have gotten instead of the Dr Dabber light.

  • I really like your review Bud! There is not a whole lot of good reviews on these vaporizers, it really is a “budding” industry. Wow, cheesy.

    I am choosing between the Micro Vaped V3, Dr Dabber ghost, and the puffco.
    I want portability, stealth, vapor quality and flavor*, and battery life. My local shop was not familiar with the ghost but they all rave about the Micro Vaped V3.

    How important is ability to have variable temp or voltage settings?
    How is the warranty on these?
    Help me decide please and thank you.

  • LOVE your reviews and how detailed you get… it was your review that made me go out and buy the Dr. Dabber products. Several pens, percolator and specialized atomoizers. They were so helpful when I had question about my purchase, received my product fast.
    Now for the down side. I had two battery fails within a few months, and they could not be charged. I was well within my warranty period, so wasn’t concerned. Once I needed help with replacements, the customer service went out the window. Multiple emails and phone calls. The one time I actually got a live person, he told me that he’d personally call the warehouse to get an answer, a week later and no response. I don’t know about anyone else, but losing $75 on merchandise that I will never see again is disheartening to say the least. Incredibly disappointed in the way I’ve been treated as a customer. The one up side is their percolators are great and a unique product I haven’t seen elsewhere. Sadly, I won’t be willing to take a chance on them again so hope the one I have lasts!
    I’ll look at your other reviews for a new source though, you’re the best reviewer around!

  • Hey Bud I was wondering which ghost atomizer do you feel gives the best hits?( biggest clouds i should say)…I’ve been using the glass globe attachment and the original ghost atomizer but was curious if the new ceramic rod atomizers were any better.

  • I’m new to these gapes and I’m trying to decide between the original dr dabbed and the light. Which is the better way to go? Which will get me the highest? Or is the puffco pro better than both?

    • Hey Jim you should probably include what your priorities are (ie portability, stealth, vapor quality, battery life etc.) So that Bud or someone else can help you. Otherwise the Galaxy is simply rated higher.

  • I have a dr dabber ghost and its been clogging up a bit recently. Any suggestions? Would really appreciate it.

  • Hey Bud,
    I’m stuck between the dr.dabber ghost, and the innoken I taste svd.
    Never used canna e-juice but was going to consider it for the I taste.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi there,

    I am searching for a good vape pen, and I came across your site.

    The amount of vaporisers are overwhelming.

    I really like Puffco Pro, but it seems that there is no herb atomiser with it.

    Could you please help me to pick one that is good for herbs and wax/oil as well? The price range I’m looking for is between around $70-110.

    Many thanks in advance!


  • I am looking for a 3 in 1 (Dry, Oil, Wax) unit which has the best efficiency/effect and is uber user friendly. I looked at the Mighty and the Crafty and although they looked really effective, those are sort of pricey.
    What is your opinion of the V2 Pro Series 7 unit?
    Thanks, Eric T.

  • How much to put in coil? Mine seems to get clogged up fast. What’s the proper way to load the coil? Thanks!

    • You can put as little as the size of a piece of rice, or as much as about .1-.2g

      Load your wax directly onto the coil and surrounding it

  • Hey man. I’m having a hard time deciding between the Dr. Dabber and cloud 3.0. Can you help a brother out?

  • Hi man,
    I am newbie ,i just got this Dr Dabber pen for my birthday . I wanted to ask can i use it with liquid(e-cig) or its only for solid material.

    • Hey John it’s only for use with wax & oil concentrates that are solid at room temp and fully melt to a liquid when heated.

  • Yo, which would you prefer , Dr.dabber or puffco pro been doin research can’t decide man they’re both the shit

  • Love your reviews and videos.

    Can I use this pen for herbal flowers too?

    If not which vap pen do you suggest for only herbal flower use?

    Trying to find a better less smelly way to smoke to avoid eviction ASAP

    Thanks a lot

    • just bought it on your recommendation, really enjoyed the pax i got based on your review, thx.

  • Hey bud,

    I was wondering if you had planed on doing a review on the mig cig matrix ?? Sounds like it would have good completion with others ?

  • I have both the ghost and puffco pro and I think it’s close but I like the puffco pro just a little more because it holds more and it has the option of changing your temp. Can’t go wrong with either one.

  • Hey there, If you had to choose which would you pick the puffco or the Dr dabber??

  • I want the Dr.Dabber vs puffco pro review too! Bud hasn’t reviewed the puffco yet, but when he does my money is on the Puffco winning

    I have tried a ton of different pens, and the Dr.Dabber ghost was by far the best, until I tried the puffco pro.

    Mind you have not tried DD’s new ceramic coils yet, but the puffco atomizer holds way more, and lasts me way longer (still on coil 1 after a couple weeks no cleaning), and I feel is less harsh on my throat long term (being ceramic). The dabber coils would last me about a week (before tasting unbearable) with a good iso cleaning halfway through. I put about .5-1g of material through each day so very heavy use.

    • Also there are no plastics or glues in the puffco meaning it can be cleaned in a number of ways.

  • What would be your comparison between the Dr dabber vs puffco pro
    Which one would you say would be a better investment.

  • Bud,

    I purchased the Dr Dabber Ghost pen about two weeks ago and I use it almost daily. Overall, it appears to work as described in your review. I am happy with its performance. My only issue, the owners manual should explain certain functions better. For example, there is no description on what the various flashings of the blue button light represent. When the pen is on and after you hold the button down for a few seconds the blue light starts flashing. Does the mean your wax or oil is ready? Also, there is no description on how to clean the coil and heating chamber. I emailed Dr Dabber and was told to soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol for about a minute and let it air dry. Further, there was no information provided about cleaning the mouth piece. This information should be in the owners manual. All vaporizers, just like a regular smoking pipe, needs to be periodically cleaned to ensure maximum performance.

    • Soak the whole thing in iso, just no longer than 30 minutes and clean with q-tips.

  • Yo bud,

    Besides herbs and wax, is this vape pen compatible for e-liquid too? I really want to buy this vape.

  • I got the Dr Dabber Light recently and love it. How do you ideally load shatter into these atomizers? In the Black Edition review you mentioned that the ideal location for the concentrates is above the coil, not touching, so it doesn’t burn, but I don’t see how that’s possible with this pen. I’ve been sticking the shatter to the coil itself with the poker tool. It works fine, but it means I have to poke the coil with the metal tool sometimes, and I’m not sure if it’s combusting. I do get a burnt, vacuum cleaner smell kinda taste when it’s getting close to dry at the end of a session.

  • Hi Bud!

    You’re videos and reviews are by far the best I’ve seen over 5+ hours of intense research!! I knew nothing about vape pens and now I used your link and got a Dr Dabber Ghost Light kit with this awesome travel case. Thanks a lot and congrats again!!

  • Hey, Love the reviews!
    Are you familiar with the “Dab otg”?
    It looks similar to this and I’m wondering if you know how it compares.

  • Hey bud, thanks for the reviews! Proudly own a volcano, pax, crafty and now a dr.dabber ghost. Love them all!
    However I would say the ghost is pretty good. I find it the most portable of the pens I have tried, but a friend let me borrow his Wulfmods globe and imo it is far better in some aspects then the dabber.
    It has 2 titanium coils, is really powerful, and lasts longer because the coils tend to clean each other off as they get hot. It is not as portable, and cannot carry as much due to being a globe, however they have some new “wulfmods” that are self contained AND globes. I would love for you to try a some of these and post a review. IMO
    the dabber is great for portability, but I still find myself using the wulfmod at home.

    • Bummer! My ghost’s first coil just went out on me after 2 days (heavy use). I think I either overheated it(I am using an itatse 134 battery instead of stock) or scraped it cleaning it out. Ordered the 5 pack replacements coil from your link as well.

      To be more specific The wulfmods type B and C globes are the ones I would really like you to review…
      I have always fully agreed with your synopsis on vaping products, so I think you will like these alot.
      I have the regular dual coil globe and it has put up with some heavy use. My only complaint is the leakage into the globe, (which the B and C mods) claim to fix. They are more expensive than the dabber ghost, but the replacement coils are less than half the price. I know you will be able to give a more thorough examination than I can.
      Keep me posted on all the reviews! Thanks again!

      • I emailed Dr.Dabber and they are sending me a new atomizer for free (I likely shorted it). Great customer service.

        Hey bud, I want to buy the percolator.. but it your vid it looks like it using an entirely different atomizer than the ghost or globe. (the one in the video actually looks similar to the wulfmod) Can you attach the percolator, recycler. etc. directly to the ghost atomizer, or does it need its own atomizers?

          • Now I want to see your review of the puffco pro and a puffco vs dr dabber (w new ceramic coils) instead!

  • Hey Bud I really found your reviews very helpful and I ordered the Dr. Dabber light from the site and got it on sale too for memorial day so I’ll keep u up when it comes. Thanks again!!!

  • I’m deciding between the Dr Dabber light and the Cloud V classic. Is one easier to load on the go? Thx

  • I just purshased the Iight version and I was on the fense between the light and the ghost. My question is does the light have a nice size chamber or will I find myself constantly repacking it compared to the ghost? Also how is the battery life on the light compared to the ghost?

  • Bud-

    Let me first start by saying, I randomly stumbled across your website this evening and I have to tell you I am very impressed with your in depth analysis and detailed descriptions. I also couldn’t believe how much direct interaction you have with your readers (which is awesome!) and how thoroughly you answer questions. I own a Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape pen and couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s the perfect size while still deploying an adequate amount of vapor. I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate your insight.

    1. How do you know when the pen is fully charged? Can you please explain the stages of the charge in relation to the light signal you’re getting? I.E. blinking light vs Red light vs green light vs no light. Any info you have on the charging portion of the pen would be much appreciated.

    2. In your experience, about how long do the regular Ghost Vape atomizers last? How many times or minutes a day are you using your pen?

    3. Is there any advantage to having the globe top or is it strictly for looks? Do you own a globe? do you like it? And how often do you use it?

    4. Do you know of other battery types that fit this pen? I’m finding that I may need a little bit larger battery or possibly a 2nd one if this isn’t a universal fitting for other batteries. While sharing it with 3 other friends at a concert it died after about 2-2.5 hours of a 3 hour show (Umphrey’s McGee 4/24, 4/25 in Minneapolis). Understandably so given how much we were vaping but it would have been nice to switch to a fresh battery or possibly have one the lasts the entire show. To be honest, I don’t know for certain if it was fully charged or not so I’m not judging it quite yet. It wasn’t dead when i put it on the charger before the show and left it on for about 45-60 minutes before we left. Do you think it would have last longer on a full charge given the circumstances? Should i get an extra battery or do other/larger batteries fit the Ghost Vape?

    Once again, love the website and have added you to my bookmarks. I appreciate your vast array of vape knowledge and keep up all the hard work! Can’t wait to here back from you so I can enhance and maximize my vape experience! Thank You!

    Willy Nilly

    • Hey man, I haven’t had my ghost long enough to answer most of your questions, nor did I purchase the ghost battery.

      You can use ANY EGO threaded style battery or any 510 threaded battery (with an ego adapter) for the ghost/globe.
      I don’t know why Dr.Dabber on the sight is saying 510 threading. It is Ego style.

      If charge indication is important to you, I would recommend picking up a Vision spinner II battery. It is what I prefer with the ghost. It has about 3 times the battery life, and adjustable voltage.

      The ghost battery runs at 3.7 volts and I am pretty certain is 650 mah. volts= heat of coil, and mah= life of battery

      The Vision spinner 2 can be set from 3.3 Volts (which I prefer to vape the ghost at, even smoother) all the way up to 4.8 Volts. It also has a 1500 mah battery life.
      Most importantly for you, it lets you know by the button color (white, blue, orange,) what charge your battery is at. Both when being used and when charging. There isn’t a better battery for under 30$ imo.

      I patiently await the day Bud starts reviewing E-cig batteries/mods. I can’t stand that dude with the ponytail who does most of them.

  • Bud-

    Let me first start by saying, I randomly stumbled across your website this evening and I have to tell you I am very impressed with your indepth analysis and

  • Great review, thanks for taking the time to make it! Just to make sure I’m getting the correct device (Ghost Kit, perhaps w/ globe attachment), will this pen work correctly with “dry honeycomb wax/BHO?” When it heats up and hits a Ti nail it melts and vapes pretty quick. Thanks!

  • Before I spend $200 on the Dr. Dabber and Percolator… I just bought The Stag Skillet for wax and it’s been horrible. My first coil burst into flames and the 2nd is burning so hot, I am not getting vape but harsh smoke and it’s brutal.

    Since I am new to vaping concentrates, could you tell me if this is normal? if not, would product above be worth the $200 investment if that is my only issue? Thanks for any help!

    (Noticing there is no warranty on the vape pens, just the battery so it’s a big investment if you get the wrong thing).

  • Thank you for the great videos. I have decided on getting a Dr. Dabber because of its price and the performance review you gave.

    • Hey I haven’t reviewed that one yet but I have it on my list to get to soon, thank you for asking about it!

  • Great Reviews!

    I need help, you haven’t reviewed the source orb?

    I’m torn between the dr dabber OR source orb?!?!

  • Hey Bud, from looking into other concentrate vapes available this one seems to be a bit more pricey with their $20 atomizers, would you say the Ghost kit is worth the $85? Thank you

    • Hey Matt it is on the higher end but I do think it’s worth it and I still use mine the most out of the pens I have.

      Also the Ghost kit does include 2 atomizers so if you subtract the cost of one you get closer to the price of other pens that only come with one.

  • Have you tried the puffco pro? Im debating between that and the dr dabber ghost. thoughts?

  • thanks for the information. Really helps a bunch of folks!

    I looking for a new wax pen-Do the dr get wax in the mouthpiece after using for a bit? That freaks me out!

    Thanks man!

  • hey, so I am brand new to the vape world. I’ve had ecigs but haven’t found one with that good throat hit so I’m wondering if the dabber or something like it would fill that need? It seems like the vapes produce more, so the throat hit would be there but these things are expensive and I want to make sure I have a good product selected before I buy it. I would be using the oils. What do you suggest?

  • First, thank you so much for taking your time to help us with finding the best tool for our needs.
    I am a health freak and I go above and beyond to assure that I am living a clean healthy lifestyle. I prefer shatter over synthetic drugs for anxiety!
    I love the colors and idea of the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer, as I am a woman after all ;) but the Dr. Dabber seems to be a healthier option. Ceramic vs Titanium??? Do not like how it looks but I want health over style. HELP…

    • Hey thanks for posting,

      It’s difficult for me to comment on which is ‘healthier’ but I can tell you that I’ve tried a few different Atmos products and have not been impressed with what they offer.

      Right now I still like the Dr Dabber pen the most, and this vape isn’t a pen but it’s small and is great for small amounts at a time:

  • curious to know if you think the microG Vaporizer even compares to dr dabber? also, wondering why no review on the microG Vaporizer?

    I have a JAG and a microG Vaporizer but since reading this review, I bought a dr dabber. the micro g seems to waste concentrates for me…bubbling over….

  • hey bud, thank you for all the reviews, I recently picked up the craft based off your reviews and i could not be happier with it. It is easily one of the best portable vaporizers out there. My question is this, being you can use concentrates in the crafty, would you pick one of the pens strictly for oil and concentrates or would you still suggest using the crafty for concentrates as well.

    • Hey I’m really glad you’re diggin the Crafty man. It works really well with concentrates but I would think about the actual experience while vaping, which is different between the two.

      With a pen you can take a quick draw here an there and it immediately heats up and cools down in seconds. With the Crafty you’ll have to wait the 90 seconds for it to heat up and then you’ll get the best results if you vape the whole amount you pack in one session, taking draws one after the other for ~10-15 mins.

    • You might get some vapor but you’ll most likely ruin your coil, it’s really designed for use with very clean wax & oils that fully melt to a liquid when heated.

  • Hey bud, Been watching your reviews forever. Own a volcano and pax (because they were ur top rated at one point, lol)

    I only tried concentrates once, (used w/ volcano metal mesh thingy on 8)

    I already have a bunch of the 510 batteries like the VV and am wondering if this gives the best experience for concentrates. I’m a vape only type of guy, and looking for a really good concentrate vape. Thanks for always answering!

    Keep up the reviews!

    • Hey really glad to hear it!

      I still personally like the Ghost pen a lot, I use all the ones I have regularly just to make sure and it’s still the one I grab first.

      If you want something that’s more unique than a pen the Muad-Dib is actually very cool:

  • Hey bud, thanks for the reviews and keep them coming. I purchased the dr dabber through your link because of it. I am stoked to use it when it comes in. Thanks again! Stay up Bud.

  • sup Bud, I’m looking for a vape pen to use for oil/wax. I’m stuck between the Dr.Dabber ghost and the Gentlemen Ambassador V4. I’m pretty new to the vape world just want the best possible pen for my use. Whats your thoughts on it?

  • So I have a cloudV at the moment and I love my cloud but was wondering how does this pen compare to the cloudV. I’m not a big fan of how the cloudV leaves a slight burnt taste to the vapor from time to time. I have been curious about looking into a different pen and I was wondering what’s your opinion on the two.

    • Hey I have yet to use a pen that produces excellent quality vapor with every single draw but this Ghost pen comes the closest out of what I’ve tried so far. The CloudV Classic is actually in my top 3 right now too.

  • Hey Bud! Love your reviews and you’ve never led me astray before! I use a Volcano, a Crafty, and recently purchased a Dr. Dabber, based on your advice. However, I am sorry to say that I do not like the Dr. Dabber vape pen. Was very disappointed when I realized that the battery looked exactly like a rebranded eGo battery. Much more importantly, I’ve found the taste and vapor quality to be very poor. After the first few dabs, I get a strong smell/taste of burning. It doesn’t taste or smell anything like vaping or burning oil which makes me wonder if something else inside the atomizer is burning. Has this been your experience?

    • Hey man I’m bummed to hear that you’re disappointed with it!

      That hasn’t been my experience with it, I’ve reviewed about a dozen pens made for wax so far and I like the performance of this one the best

      Have you used many other pens? Pens in general share many of the same components but they perform differently than vaping concentrates in a unit like the Volcano or Crafty, it’ll have a bit of a different taste to it

      But it shouldn’t be bad at all, and it shouldn’t taste like burning, especially with this pen since it’s designed to heat slower than most others

      It’s possible you may have a faulty atomizer, or maybe you’re heating your concentrate too long before drawing?

      Let me know I really want to make sure you’re happy

      • I have had this same problem, using wax, and I am not sure how to solve it. Something definitely seems to be burning. It produced what looked like smoke and hurt my lungs.

  • Hey Bud,

    Based on your reviews I picked up a Dr. Dabber and have already come to love it. The unit itself has a good aesthetic, feels solid and functions well.

    This being my first vape pen, I am dumbfounded by this new world where I can enjoy [my goods] any place and time without the smoke and cultural stigma. I am excited to be able to substitute [other things with this] when the need to relax arises.

    Anyhow! Thanks for your helpful insights, I couldn’t be happier at having followed your advice!

  • I have been having problems with the whicks on my Vape-Ape globe piece, which looks rather similar to this one except they have a “double” coil (so two of the sideways ones). I am starting to suspect that the white threads are made of material you should not be burning/breathing in? It smells and tastes like chemicals.

    Anyway, differences otherwise between mine and this unit aside, I find it difficult to believe that anything with one of these whicks in it would be anywhere near the best for concentrate vaping? I’d be curious how this stacks up to the Thermovape Cera I had been hearing about?

    • It doesn’t come with the case but if you go here and then scroll to the bottom after clicking Buy Now you’ll see the carrying case listed.

      I actually really like the case, I keep a bunch of pen parts in there and use it all the time.

  • Great video! I passed on my pax to a friend and am planning on moving on to a vape pen. I like the v2 series 3 for its herbal function but am worried about the battery life when the concentrate chamber comes out. This Dr. Dabber seems to have a much better battery life, but lacks the the herbal component. Do you know of any other pen that does both well, or could you choose between the the V2 and the Dr. Dabber?


    • Hey I don’t know of any pen that does both very well at this point in time, but the V2 Pro would be the best one I tried for dry herbs and the Dr Dabber the best for wax.

      • Thanks man! Alright last question, since the battery on the V2 doesn’t last the longest with dry herb, is it safe to assume that when the concentrate chamber comes out, since most concentrates have to be heated at a higher temperature, that the battery life will be worse?

        • Hmm that I’m not sure about, it’s gonna depend on how the concentrate one works and how it heats. If it has just a small coil heating element like pens do the battery could end up lasting longer, but if it works like the Muad-Dib for example it probably won’t last very long.

      • What would be your comparison between the Dr dabber vs puffco pro
        Which one would you say would be a better investment.

      • I disagree that it’s merely cosmetic! I find it a good way to kind of “customise” the draw I’m about to take. I find that I get much better milage out of my product since switching to a glass tank because I can custom build the strength of each draw with no guesswork.

        • When I use the dr dabber globe, I also like to fill the globe with vapor before I draw from it. It definitely holds more vapor (almost a full button press) than the basic attachment it comes with (which leaks out plenty of vapor as you hold the button). Also, the globe uses a different size atomizer than the regular attachment, so if you use both, like me, you need to buy two different atomizers when they need replacing.

    • The Muad-Dib? I like them both a lot, I don’t think I’d be able to choose. They work pretty differently though, so maybe just choose based on portability and convenience?

  • Hey bro your the best I watch all your videos! Very informative! Just wanted to know how you thought the dr dabber compares to the dabbler. I am heavily torn between the two and all the rave reviews on fc forums seem to love the dabbler and praise is at the best pen especially being its from vapor brothers. Dr dabber seems more new and not as well known. Can you please provide any and all comparisons and pros and cons of each and which is better overall? Thanks!

    • Hey man I think they’re both great pens, and if you focus strictly on performance and vapor quality they’re very similar. The few differences are that the Dabbler has a looser mouthpiece, it has that removable cap covering the usb port, and it’s slightly longer. Dr Dabber offers those extra add-ons too, and with all aspects considered I think this one comes out slightly ahead overall.

  • Im trying to decide between the Extreme Q, Vapor Rise or the ViVape 2. I don’t really care about the whip features because I have a plenty. All I care about is the balloon features. Assembly isn’t an issue either. Thanks a lot
    I enjoy your reviews

      • hey bud how would this compare to the dabbler, can you give me a comparison please on whats better or worse about each. Thanks!

        • Hey man the Dabbler is a good one too, I like this one a little better because the mouthpiece doesn’t come out easily, it doesn’t have that cap on the end over the charging port, and it’s a little smaller. I also like the extra attachments Dr Dabber has but they’re pretty similar in terms of vapor quality.

  • Hi there, first off I’d like to say that I really appreciate your reviews! They are by far the most fair and educated opinions I’ve read. But my dillema is that I’m stuck between the Maud dib and the Dr dabber ghost. As a magic flight launch box enthusiast, I would love to support the company, but I feel the one-hitter style makes portable use of the Maud dib limited as I’m looking for portability (blow torches and titanium nails aren’t too good for that). Could you help me with my choice with a brief comparison?

    • Hey Chad your thoughts are right on track, this pen and the Muad-Dib are two of the best concentrate vapes I’ve reviewed, but they’re pretty different.

      If portability is a big factor for you I think this pen would suit you better, the Muad-Dib is one I keep at home because it’s not quite as convenient for use on-the-go.