Vaporizer Comparison: Plenty vs. Extreme-Q

Plenty vs. Extreme-Q The Plenty and the Extreme-Q are fairly close in price ($349 vs $239) and in this comparison I show the EQ being used as a whip-style vape (it comes with balloons also).

Overall I think they are both good vaporizers, but I like the vapor quality of the Plenty a lot more. The wider herb chamber (providing greater surface area) and the cooling coil really take the Plenty to the next level by providing some of the best tasting, strongest vapor I’ve experienced.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Extreme-Q also, and it was my daily vape for a while, but the Plenty is on another level. However, I still think you would be satisfied with either vape, so it really comes down to how much you want to spend and how badly you want top-shelf vapor.

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Video transcription:

All right guys, so what I’m going to do in this video is show you the differences between the new Plenty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel and the Extreme Q vaporizer. The Plenty has a list price of $349 and the Extreme Q price has been lowered to $239 now.

So, this one is a whip only vape. And in this case, the whip being this coil thing on top. And the Extreme Q is a whip or a balloon style vape, because you could use it like this with the whip attachment. And it also has a little piece with some balloons that it comes with, that if you wanted to, you could use it as a balloon vaporizer like the Volcano for instance. I have a couple of other videos that explain more about how this thing operates when you’re using it as a balloon style vaporizer. So, in this video I’ll just talk about using it with the whip.

Now, the first main difference that you might have noticed already is that the Plenty vaporizer, this is a hand held vaporizer. It’s not really portable because there is still a plug and you do have to plug it in, but the cord is fairly long and you do hold this thing in your hand when you use it.

The Extreme Q is stationary. You pick a spot to put it down and you leave it there. And then whoever wants to use it just has to sit around it, within this distance, this is how long the whip is. It’s pretty long. And the whip does rotate around the top piece, too. So, technically if people were sitting in a circle or something, you could just pass it around like that.

So, the way that these operate is kind of the same. But at the same time there is a couple of differences. So, when you turn on the Plenty, what you do is you first set your temperature with the dial down here, and then you flip the power switch to turn the heater on. When you do that, the little indicator light on the front will go on, and then you’ll start to see the temperature on the dial start to rise.

With the Extreme Q what you do is you hit this button in the front to turn it on and then you set your heat. For the Extreme Q, I found that setting it on 383 or 392 seems to work pretty well. And for the Plenty vape, I’ve been setting it on the max setting which is on number seven and that seems to be working for me pretty well, also. But everybody is different. And everybody will prefer a different temperature. So, the best thing to do is just to experiment on your own and find what you like best.

Now, the Plenty vape is made by the same company that makes the Volcano, which is my all-time favorite vape. And even though it looks very different from the Volcano, the one thing that did carry over into the new design is the vapor quality. This vape is really good at consistently providing cool dense vapor. Which, if you put all the other features aside, the quality of the vapor, I guess, is probably the most important feature of any vaporizer. So, that’s what I really like about this one is that even though it looks a little weird, once that vapor starts coming out, you’re not going to care about anything else.

It’s also very forgiving because it does work in a wide range of temperatures. It’s not very temperature specific. Now the Extreme Q, the looks are pretty cool. Most people would, I guess, probably say that the Extreme Q looks better than the Plenty. It’s got this nice shiny outside with the blue light around the bottom which is kind of cool. And a lot of people like the versatility, the fact that you can use this as a whip style vape. Or as I mentioned before, put the balloon attachment on and use it like that with the bags that it comes with.

So, the fact that you can do both and you can use it both ways is cool. And I like that. It is a big plus. All right. The Extreme Q also does come with a remote control. So, even though it is stationary, wherever you decide to put it, you can turn it on and off, change the fan speed, change the temperature and stuff with this remote. So, that’s kind of cool.

Now, as far as the herb chambers in these, that is one big difference between them. Because the Extreme Q herb chamber as you see here, it’s kind of the width of about a nickel and then it’s about an inch, an inch and a half high. Whereas the chamber on the Plenty vape is about as wide as a half dollar, so it’s much wider. But it’s shallower, it’s only about a quarter or a third of an inch deep.

Now, what I’ve found though from testing a bunch of different vaporizers, is that the greater the surface area that a wider chamber provides is beneficial. And does kind of make the vapor that comes out of the end a little better. But don’t get me wrong, the Extreme Q also produces great vapor. And I used this thing for a while. But if I was to compare the vapor from these things side by side when using this as a whip style vape, I’d have to say that the Plenty is the winner in the vapor quality area.

That’s just my opinion. All right. I know some people disagree because they say that the glass is really what gives it the best taste and stuff. And if you don’t have glass parts then, it’s not a good vaporizer. But, what I’ve really found from all my testing is that the glass does help a little bit, but the quality of the vapor, meaning the taste and the density and the strength of the vapor, really is determined by the design of the herb chamber and how evenly the herbs get vaped and how much surface area of the herb the heat hits at once.

So, aside from the herb chambers being different sizes and shapes, the other feature that I thing makes this thing produce the higher quality vapor is this cooling coil. And yes,.it actually does work. And it actually does help cool the vapor and make it smoother. Not that the vapor coming out of the Extreme Q is like bad or anything. And there definitely is some cooling going on because of the fact that the whip is so long. But if you were to compare these side by side and take draws, you know, one after another you would be able to tell that the vapor coming out of the Plenty vape is going to be a little cooler and smoother than the vapor coming out of Extreme Q.

So listen, I could already see the comments coming now from people telling me that I’m crazy by saying that. But I’m really talking about a little bit of a difference here. There’s only about $100 difference between these vapes. And that’s about how much of an increase in vapor quality you could expect.

So, for $239, this thing will get the job done and it gets it done pretty well. And like I said, this was my daily vape for a while. But the Plenty just takes it to the next level. And now that I have this, this is my number two choice now for at home use. And the Extreme Q will kind of be taking a little bit of a back seat for now. All right. So, you know, depending on how much you want to spend. I do recommend both. And I do think that you would be very satisfied with either one.

One other similarity that I did forget to mention is that these both can be used by either one person by putting in a little bit of herbs, if you’re going to use it by yourself. Or they can be used with multiple people, up to three or four people if you want to pack the chambers full. And that’s a cool feature for both of these because not every vape do you have that versatility where you can use it with as few or as many people as you want.

Now, in my video review of the Plenty vape, I show you exactly how it works if you’re going to use it by yourself as opposed to with multiple people. And when I was using the Extreme Q regularly, what I found is that if I was using it by myself, I would put my herbs inside this screen, the elbow screen, up here. And this would provide nice strong draws without having to put in a ton of herbs. But if you were going to use this with a bunch of people, you could put your herbs inside this piece and fill this whole piece up in here. So, it’s a cool feature. Like I said on both of these vapes, that you can do that.

So, if you’re interested in buying either one of these, I put links in the description to the store that I bought mine from and where I definitely recommend you go. So, make sure you check that out. And if you want to learn some more about these vapes, I have a couple of other videos with the Extreme Q and another video with the Plenty.

All right. So, that’s going to wrap it up. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon.


  • Hi! Thanks for useful information!
    I’m a vaporizer amateur.
    I have plenty which I imported from USA.
    And I wonder my plenty is working right or not.
    My country has 100V electricity.
    After I plug my plenty in, it takes more than 4 minute to reach the highest temp.(I think it should be quicker)
    and when I whip it, in my 1st whip, cloud comes out a little.
    But second whip almost no cloud comes out.
    And vape quality doesn’t seem excellent to me at this moment.
    The effect of the herb works better in old school way with bong and tune filter and that makes me really sad.

    Do you guess that I need transformer to 100V-120V?

    In couple of days,Extreme Q and G-Pro is coming .
    Then I can compare these three.

    After I tried these, I will post again .

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Bud,

    Thanks for all your reviews, this is my go-to site for any vaporizer reviews, you do an excellent job. Appreciate all the work you do.

    I own both these vaps, I used the Extreme Q for years and have been using the Plenty for a few months.

    I agree the quality and taste of the vape from the Plenty is better, but my big complaint is I notice that I burn much more substance through the Plenty than the Extreme. I burn so much more that I have stopped using it. (or so it seems to me)

    Any advice here on why I may be burning so much more for the Plenty than the Extreme Q? Or is it just the nature of the beast?

    Also, burn rate is something I would love to see in all your reviews. Vapes, table or portable, all seem to burn at different rates, and conservation I think is important to many people who don’t live in Colorado. :) Anyway you can include that info in future reviews would be appreciated.


  • sounds like the plenty is pure quality, but knowing my friends, we don’t immedietely pull as soon as we get it, so laying it down constantly doesn’t sound like a good idea especially when there’s weed still on t he convection plate (well conduction for the Plenty it seems). So it seems like I’ll have to choose something like the EQ (unless someone wants to buy me a Volcano as an early birthday gift lol)

  • Hi mate.
    I have watched your videos and can tell you no your stuff. I have a EQ which I have had for 1 year. Then when I watched how much you liked the volcano and made me splash out and get a volcano. I love it the taste is amazing and it is so cool and smooth. I have not turned my EQ on since I got it. I am thinking of getting the plenty is it worth me getting as I have the volcano ?
    Plus I am from England and want a portable vaporiser I wanted to get the Pax but it is not on sale here please can you me which 1 is the best ?
    Thank you

    Fuzzy Muzzy

  • Less of a comment more of a question
    I have the extreme q and watched all your videos and read q& a’s thanks a bunch for all your information it helped me use it

    I’ve had it a while and am frustrated right now because it started to not hit. I cleaned the screen and changed the elbow but still nothing. I use the packed elbow technique.

    Could my issue be that the herb to too dry or elbow packed too tight? What’s too tight? I’m burning through product and getting nothing but a bad headache from trying so hard! Please advise me.

    • I found this vape done the same with me after just over a year. Ended up solely using bags. Then I went for the plenty which was what I always wanted. Wish Id went for it at the start. It blows the eq out the water! Also uses such small amounts of herbs.

  • My EQ should arrive tommorow, cant wait.

    But is the vape quality of plenty a lot better than EQ or just a little?

  • Hey Bud,

    Love the abundance and depth of your vape reviews, the focused information is invaluable in this vast, unreliable environment called the interwebs.

    I’ve been doing weeks of research to figure out which vape to purchase [some text redacted]. price isn’t the most important factor for me, but i don’t feel like i want to deal with the size and weight of a cano and only being able to use bags. what i’m really looking for is something that is good for a couple of quick draws in the morning before work or during quick stops home between tasks, but also comfortable for a decent TV sesh with a couple buddies.
    Would the SSV be best for quick sessions with less wasted herb because it is only on the heat when u put it there? and if so, would leaving a half vaped bowl between a pre-work sesh for the post-work sesh drastically effect the flavour and potency of the vapour?
    and lastly, is it possible to have a quick, effective session in less than 2 minutes with any of these? I find that the reason i use a piece more often than not is because of its practicality, but its harshness is harming my lungs and i need to find an effective alternative.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Hey thanks very much for posting.

      I very recently posted reviews of the Herbalizer and the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, I would check those out if you haven’t made a decision yet, they seem like they’re right up your alley. Here are links to those:

      Re-vaping the same material once is OK in my book but I don’t personally like going any more than that, quality and taste suffers a bit.

      As far as speed goes one of the key features of the Herbalizer is that it heats up to operating temperature in less than 10 seconds, which is definitely cool for those quick little sessions.

  • Hey Bud, thanks a lot for your higly informative practical videos. :) it was so nice to see many famous models in side-by-side comparisons. Yesterday i thought i was going to buy the arizer solo; after one day spent on getting better information here and elsewhere, i bought the Plenty. :-) i wasn’t choosing beetween the Plenty and the EQ, but if you live in europe the choice is even easier as the plenty costs about 250 € and the EQ about 230 €, even smaller difference. I really hate this thing of vapes only being released in certain countries. for instance i was thrilled by the pax, but it hasn’t been released for our market (europe), and if you want it you have to risk buying a fake on ebay or you have to spend a lot of money on shipping and taxes, ending up spending about 300 € for that little object of desire. Other nice vapes seem also to be difficult to find (silver surfer, da buddha, cloud). i’m also planning to get a nice portable one, but i wait until the pax gets released over here or maybe a new nice portable one would come out, as recently i’ve seen a lot of improvements in the portable department. Anyways thanks a lot again, i can’t wait for my Plenty to arrive… I’ll let you know how i like it! best, J

  • You are a great reviewer of these items. I think you should call your reviews as “Vape critiques for Dummies,” just kidding. Be norml.

  • Hey bud, love the site been a long time fan, i think i was checking some of your very first reviews but first time poster, thanks a bunch for your site and all you hard work putting these vids up.

    Your theory about the vapor production makes sense, the wide shallow bowl being better than a narrow one. But then how do you explain the strong performance of the SSV? a vape that has very narrow airflow, to which many users credit its dense rips?

    Not saying your wrong at all, im just wondering what you reckon about this? ive had an EQ for the past few years and its going well, but its time to move on, i only use whips and im quite used to the handsfreedom you get with the EQ, makes it great for vaping while using a computer which i do a lot of. Anyway would you recommend i get a SSV or a Plenty to replace my EQ? i was planning to get the handsfree adaptor and standard wand for the ssv.

    • Hey James thanks for posting.

      One of the reasons I think the SSV performs well even with a slightly narrow chamber is because you can freely rotate the wand to evenly vape the material inside.

      I’d also say the chamber size and shape is somewhere in the middle, not very wide and shallow but also not thin and narrow, so that combined with being able to rotate the wand during heating produces good results.

      I like both SSV and Plenty, but I would say they’re better for different types of sessions.

      Plenty works best when you pack the chamber, let it heat up, and then vape all the material in one medium-to-long session, waiting no more than about a minute between draws.

      Silver Surfer is good when you want to be able to vape at a slower pace, like to take draws spaced out over a longer period of time. Since you pull the material away from the heater between draws none is being wasted when you’re not actively vaping.

      Other main difference is SSV requires more frequent cleaning to keep screen clog-free and free-flowing.

  • I use both of these, almost daily and you said the extreme q created lower quality vapor, and the plenty produces higher quality( I own the extreme q my girlfriend owns the plenty). Now you also stated that you turn the extreme q only to 380-90 whil the plenty at max setting goes I think… to 420? I could be worng about that number but it is still higher than 380-90. another factor about the extreme q is the gap between the heating element (where the tempature gauge is) is nearly an inch from the actual bowl, so when it says 380-90 its really more at 350-60 I would say. so in my opinion it would be very difficult to compare one vaporizer turned up to 100% while the other only at 80% therefore I do not completely think this is a fair comparison, sense with one vape your heating the herbs to 350( taking into account losat heat in the extreme q) and the other on at 420. What I have found in which I consider the major differences between the two is that the extreme q produces denser clouds, and the session of using the vaporizer is longer. While on the other hand the plenty does not produce huge clouds and is a lot quicker in getting the job done. Now I do respect your work you where a large determining factor in the recommendation for the extreme q. I am just saying its a huge flaw if you are comparing different vapes by using a 40-70 degree difference.

    • Max temp on the Plenty I have (early model) is 390°F, and I use the EQ normally at 392°F.

      True EQ temp is a little lower as you mentioned but so is the Plenty temp, 390° is the max and it floats down a little bit before re-engaging the heater after about 90 seconds.

      I always compare things apples to apples I’m not trying to trick anybody

  • I personally find this review of the Etreme Q and the Plenty a bit apples vs oranges. The price difference is significant. The design and features are very different (fan vs no fan, ballon capability, remote control,etc). Yes you can pick up the Plenty but it still has to be plugged in so it’s not like a cordless. In summary I think the differences outweigh the similarities so its not a good comparison. They both, evidently, do a great job for what they were designed for. I’ve had an Extreme Q for 3 years and couldn’t be more satisfied. My friends and I sit around the Vape Station (living room coffee table) and rotate the whip without moving the unit. Have had as many as 6 of us vaping at the same time. Remote control is a plus in my opinion. Very durable device and as long as you take a modest amount of care, it will serve you well.

  • One great thing I can say about the EQ is it is verrrry durable. I am a mobile smoker so I carry most of my toking devices around with me in a backpack and use them in cars with power converters. I’ve has this thing slung around my back for the last three years and its just now starting to show its wear (meaning two of the front buttons no longer work). I’m ok with that though because I have abused the living hell out of this thing. Its outlived two power adapters, wayy too many dropped bowls, clogged screens, and all day/night/roadtrip sessions to count, and I’ve knocked it off of tables/shelves up to 4′ high multiple times onto solid uncarpeted floors. I’ve shattered a few bowls sure, but It still preforms every single day without fail, morning noon and night. (literally, sometimes I’ve left it on all day returning to have a hit when I want.. I’m aware it’s not the safest practice be cautious, obviously) I also have tons of friends who own this unit and take much better care of it than I do and not one of them (I know at least 5) have had any issues that have resulted in contacting customer service.

    I would recommend this as a first vape to anyone thinking of trying them out simply because I’ve never had a single problem or issue and I really doubt you’ll find another one that can withstand the beating this one can. If you’re like me and you constantly run out to friends houses or are dropping your shit but don’t want to sacrifice vapor volume for portability, this vape is for you.

    • I like the EQ as well. the only drawback is the remote. I’m not sure if they replace them cheeply or not since I guard mine like its a piece of gold. If you dont have the Remote you cant turn the fan on. VERY bad design flaw.

      • What are you talking about lol just press the “m” button on the device and you can manually scroll though all the options. Plus the remotes cost 15 dollars I think. that’s terrible news that you didn’t know this haha.

  • Hey man,

    Thanks for all the videos, really. I’ve had several vaporizers (on my fifth), 4 desktops and just recently purchased a Vapir NO2. The EQ was cool-until it went kaput on me (like the previous four) 6 months after purchase. The glass parts did get hot, residue did build rather quickly.
    I’m not pleased with the Vapir either. The herb chamber renders it practically useless for even two smokers.
    So, I guess I’m going to spring for the Plenty as portability is important. So thanks for the reviews, showing all the parts (like the size of the chambers), it’s really invaluable advice.

  • the entire reason the Q is a good vape is its almost half the price of the vapes it contends with and you can do more with it than any other vape currently on the market between the cyclone bowl, elbow pack, bag/whip, can get thicker bags out of the Q than any other vape (sacrifices vapor quality abit), and you can attach the whip to a bong but i much prefer the direct hook up technique makes it preform very close to the $500+ Cloud and on top of all that if you use the remote with the whip and you know your vape well you can get vapor about 80% as thick as say the vivape or the plenty (mind you it sounds too good to be true when you dont mention its draw backs however there is a remedy for almost every drawback this vape has)

  • Im going to buy one of these two vaporizers next week and after watching all 3 of your videos for them I finally decided the Plenty is the one I want. Thank you for these reviews!

      • Ive used all 3 and the plenty has the best quality. The one problem is after much use the coil becomes hard to clean (like literally a year of use) probably just need a new coil or something haha

        • Pour boiling water through the coil to get most of the resin out, and then soak it in isopropyl alcohol overnight. Almost as good as new.