Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Review

NO2 This is the Vapir NO2 – a handheld, portable herbal vaporizer. It comfortably fits in your hand, and I think it’s really decent. This vape pleasantly surprised me by how easy it is to use, how fast it heats up, and the entire vaping experience. The only thing that’s a tiny bit of a bummer is that the herb chamber is fairly small, and the vapor is a little on the hot side. I found that if you pack the chamber 3/4 full like the manual tells you to, or even all the way full, it can really only supply one person with the full effects. If you plan on using this with other people, just be prepared to re-pack the chamber mid-session. Luckily though it is extremely easy to empty and refill the chamber of the NO2.


This vaporizer has a rechargeable battery and can also be used while plugged in with the wall charger. I found that the battery, after being fully charged, lasts about an hour of heating time, or about four sessions. It also heats up pretty quickly, in less than a minute when it’s plugged in, and about a minute and a half when running off the battery.


One tip I have for you regarding what temperature you set is to start off lower than you normally would with other units. Even know the usual recommended temp is 365, and the NO2 manual says to set it between 375 and 385, I would recommend you set it between 355 and 360 for the best quality vapor. When I had mine set higher than that the herbs started getting a slight burnt taste to them – but experiment yourself and let me know what temperature works best for you.

The Verdict

In my opinion the NO2 is totally dummy proof, it really is easy to use. It’s probably best for cordless use around your home but they do offer a car adapter so that you could charge this vape on the go. The top screen can get gunky after using it a lot so I definitely recommend brushing it off after each use, and when it comes time to really clean it you can easily take it out, and they include a bunch of new ones to replace it with.

Stay up!

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer

In Depth Review

What’s up, guys? I’m going to discuss the NO2 Vape. It’s a portable handheld vape. Actually, I really like it. It has a lot of cool things about it. There are only a few things that are not cool about it. It’s got a full retail price of $179. The company that makes this vape has been making other vapes for many years, also; and actually I used to have one of their old versions. I’m pretty sure that model was called The One. So, let me tell you everything I like and don’t like about it, and why you might like this one.

  1. Here’s the first thing that’s cool. Now, when it comes to vaporizers, I’m big on simplicity. I like them to use as few parts as possible, and this vape, after you initially put the tubes together, is only two pieces– that’s it, very simple. So, it comes apart into the top piece here that has the tube attached with the mouthpiece; and there’s a little top screen in here. This vape actually has two screens in it. There’s a screen up here in this top piece, and then this is the herb chamber in here. And there’s also a little screen down at the bottom of the herb chamber.
  2. It comes with two screens installed. They also give you four extra in the box, and they will need to be replaced every so often. If you wanted to when you order it, you could even add on a set of 20 extra screens for a few extra bucks. So to me, that’s awesome–two pieces, and it screws back together like that, very simple.
  3. All right, the next thing I like about this is that it heats up pretty quickly compared to some other vaporizers. The way this one works is it comes with a wall plug, a wall charger, or an AC adaptor. And it has a rechargeable battery inside. So when you first get it, plug it in, fully charge it, and then you can unplug it and use it for what I found to be up to an hour, or about four sessions for me.
  4. So, back to how fast it heats up, once you turn the vape on; on the side there’s an on/off switch. And then, you set your heat and hit the heat button and that orange light indicates that the heat just went on. You only have to wait about a minute when it’s plugged in, and about a minute and a half when you’re running off the battery for it to full heat up and reach the temperature you set. So, that’s kind of cool–I like that.

The Heat

Just a side note, when you’re setting your temperature, I know generally I say that 365 is around the ideal temperature, and it is; but every vaporizer heats the air a little differently. So, sometimes you have to tweak that temp a little bit up or down to accommodate for that. This vape, in particular, I’ve been setting a little below that number, at like 355, 360, because to me this vape seems to run a little hot. But that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. The only issue is that in the manual they recommend you set it to 375 to 385, and I don’t know, you could try that. But when I had it that high the herbs started to get a little bit of a burnt taste, so I turned it down a little bit.

Even though I already mentioned it, the next thing that I really like about this is that it’s basically dummy proof. I mean, it’s so easy to use. But it’s also space-out friendly, because it has an automatic shutoff that will turn the vape off after 20 minutes after you turn the heating element on. So, if you turn it on and you put it down and space out, no worries. It’ll turn itself off in 20 minutes. I’ve already done that.

And the last awesome thing about this one is if you want a vape that you could multi-task with, or use in the car, this is the one you want. Because first of all, once you pack it and turn it on, all you need is one hand and then you inhale from the tube. And also, if you’re in the car, to anyone passing by it kind of just looks like you’ve taken a sip out of a straw of a big soda, or something–not that you should vape and drive–I’m just saying. It’s very comfortable to hold and it feels very natural to use.

The Cons

All right, so on the flip side, there are only a couple of things that bug me about it. And the main thing is that the chamber that you put your herbs in here, down in there, is not very big. It’s kind of on the small side. And if you follow the instructions in the manual, they only want you to fill it three quarters of the way full. They don’t want you to fill it all the way to the top, because they say that it impedes the air flow, so the heat won’t make its way all the way through and won’t fully vape the herbs. So, if you pack it three quarters full, like they say, in my opinion it’s only enough for one person.

If you want to vape with someone else or you’re in a group, no big deal, just plan on having to repack it once or twice, depending on how many people will be using it. Though, once you unscrew the top, the first thing you do would be to turn it upside down and dump out whatever spent herbs are in there, tap it a little bit. Then what you would do is take this cleaning brush that it comes with and on the screen piece that’s up here you would just brush it off, because there will be a little stuff stuck there. And then in the chamber, you just put this in, twist it a few times, tap it out again, any other leftover herbs will fall out and then it’ll be spic and span inside. You put new herbs in, you take the top piece, screw it on, and you’re ready to go again.

And the last thing about it that you should keep in mind is once you turn it on and it heats up and you put your herbs in, plan on vaping all of it relatively quickly. Because if the heat is on and you just want to put it down for a minute in between your hits, some vapor will slowly be escaping out the top, because the heat just keeps going. Granted, it is not a lot, and if you wanted to put it down for a while, you could even just turn the heat off between hits, I guess. But if you want to keep it on and you don’t want to waste any vapor, you’ll probably want to vape it all in one shot.

Also, when you’re buying this thing, if you buy one, not only can you add on the extra screens, like I mentioned earlier, but you could also add on a car charger for it, which is awesome, because you already could use it for up to an hour in your car if you fully charge it at home. But now you can even recharge it there, too, if you want.

To Sum it Up

So, overall, I really like this vape. It’s good for beginners. It’s good for experts, and anywhere in between. It’s inexpensive. So, I definitely give it two thumbs up, if you’re thinking about trying it. And if you are interested in buying it, there’s a link down below to a great vaporizer store. I get all my stuff there. It’s fast, it’s safe, the prices are good, so check it out, and let me know what you think.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I’ll see you later.

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  • I´ve had this vaporizer for around 4 years now and I got to say I like it, its resistant (at least my unit) I´ve dropped it several times and its still working, that’s important to me, its really easy to use, vapor quality it’s average, I use it at home, not a really portable, It´s big and has a…..provocative shape xD, draw resistance could be high for some of my friends, flavour it’s average, would say it’s an economic and nice choice. Overall I’m happy.

  • I have two NO2s and they both don’t screw the mouthpiece solidly. I have to hold it in place or it falls off. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Shit I’ve had no 1 for 9 10 years just got to be Bengal and take care of your shit……Budda is a good one too for sitting on

  • This was my first portable vape i bought after reading VC’s reviews a few years ago now. It’s everything he said it was. But, it needs to be added; that it’s a very reliable vaporizer. It’s reliability is it’s best feature. Everything else about this vape is average. Except for it’s size, as vapes are a lot smaller now.
    As with every vaporizer i bought, i hated it the first few weeks. Vaper has no flavor the first several months, and little there after. And when used as directed, has little to no clouds. But remove the oven screen and fill it almost to the top. Then cut the tubing down to 1″. Crank the oven up to the max…And its a satisfying vaporizer.
    so, if you are looking for a cheap and reliable portable vaperizer this one is a good one.

  • I have had this unit for several years. I am about to buy a new one to refresh mine. I like 380°. Highly recommended.

  • I just got a vapir no2 for free… how can i tell the difference between the v1 and v2? I do have an old v1 ill try to compare if i can find it.

  • What is the temperature range? I know it’s individually controlled, but what is the lowest available temperature to set? Interested in some theraputic benefits available with lower temps only. Thanks – and love your reviews!

  • I would NOT recommend the Vapir NO2. We’ve gone thru THREE of them in as many years. The problem is inferior quality parts. For something that sells for nearly $150, that is inexcusable. The first one, the main power switch failed. The second one, the main power connector failed to make contact with the charging plug. Now this one, the thermostat has gone wonky, and over-temps, burning my herb. Yeah, they offer a 50% discount on trade in, but why would I want to throw good money after bad? (And, that only tells me that the thing is REALLY only worth $75)

    The V2 version they came out with was an improvement in heat up time and battery life (usually mutually exclusive) but it still uses the same cheap parts. Will NOT buy this again, or anything else from Vapir.

    • Obviously you have no idea about marijuana or how vaporizer works I have had it for years one of the best Vapes I’ve ever owned don’t listen to this fool

  • I just had a friend drop off his NO2 vapir unit asking me to look at it because it wasn’t working properly…Let me tell you, this bad boy delivers!! It may need a battery replaced. But plugged in it works phenomenal.I Would like to remind those new to using this method that the smoke you derive is nothing like the hooka your a custom to using. My eyes are redder then Rudolphs nose at Xmas. Yet I felt I had taken in virtually no smoke while testing it out.. this unit gets a A++ from me. I found that 355 delivered the full meal deal.. ..

  • I’m a newbie and I just bought this vape. I’m used to smoke and there doesn’t seem to be any with this. I can taste it but what should I expect cloud of smoke wise?

  • Is the NO2 a Conduction or convection vape? Does it have a fan on it like the “Vapir ONE”??

  • Was pretty happy with mine until it stopped working after 4 months. Thought it was the battery so spent £40 on a new one but that was a waste of money. Scanning a few links this seems to be a not uncommon problem. Alos UK users be warned, Vapir do not offer a guarantee or warranty to European customers and ignore EU consumer rights laws on replacing faulty goods. Avoid.

  • Hi kids,
    I bought a ghost from source vapes a few years ago and I love it. Iggy has a larger chamber than most. Sorry to say I ordered another after a few years and they have ruined it by putting a horrible rubber mouth piece that smells like a tire. I wish I could find another portable vaporizer with a large any ideas?

  • I’ve had my NO2 going on three years. It has held up very well, I don’t have one complaint. I get a great hit somewhere between 365-390 depending on the moisture content of my materials. It cleans up nicely and is so damn easy to use. Furthermore, I make some damn good brownies from 1/2 cup of already been vaped material. Don’t throw that stuff out!

  • the on switch is the Achilles heel,,I recommend: unscrew the four,open the unit Put a tiny glob of glue on each end of the switch:::my no2 switch broke at two of the three prongs..then leave the device on,when done take the battery out..PLEASE STOP SMACKING IT AROUND. THE ENGINEERED PROTRUSIONS DO NOT ISOLATE THE SWITCH. MAN I LOVE MY VAPIR NO2

  • I used the recycle program to get this vape. I was using the One before and I am so happy I traded it in. Because I did the trade in I didn’t receive all the extras that was the only down fall and that I already lost the brush.

  • Hey bud hope u can help me out I bought a no2 and I’m not happy with it :( I’m not getting much vapor atall Infact when I exhale I don’t see any! There’s flavour there but nothing much what am I doing wrong?! Thanks dude

    • Hey Simon make sure you’re doing these few things:

      – Grind your herb fine
      – Pack the chamber full
      – Tamp it down a little so it’s not loose
      – Take at least a 5-10 second draw

      Let me know how you make out!

  • Loved this item, until it just shut itself down and would not take a charge. I was tempted to get a new battery, but when it would not go on when plugged in to the AC/DC outlet, without the battery, I knew something was definitely wrong. It was just 2 months over the 1 year warranty, so if you use it often, it probably won’t even last you that long. Very upset and disappointed that I have to go buy a new one now.

  • So I watched your video in November and decided to buy the No2. Mine just recently broke and i can’t figure out if it’s the battery or the actual tape. The display doesn’t turn on at all even after plugging it into the wall charger and leaving it on to charge. I have no idea what happened because I used it yesterday and now just dead. any insight on how to fix this or should I just use the warranty?

    • Hey Matt really sorry to hear that, I’m not sure what it could be I would say to first contact the store you got it from or the manufacturer and go from there.

      If it ends up being defective please let me know!

  • What I would like to know is how long does it take to vape all the useful ingredients out of the herb? If the camber is filled up 3/4 full, how many draws do you get? I have never seen this addressed on any site.

      • Thank you very much. And I suppose in between draws I would need to plug the mouthpiece to keep the vape from escaping? Or would this be hard on the vape machine?

        • It’s not necessary to do that but if you find that it’s leaking a lot it won’t hurt the vape to plug it between draws

  • I don’t think I’m doing this right, am I supposed to breathe in fast or slow? Also, how do I know when it’s time to refill?

    • With most vapes including this one you should draw slowly for at least 5 seconds. You’ll basically know your material is spent when vapor production starts trailing off

  • Hey great video, I really wanna buy this vaporizer . I’m a beginner and I never tried any vaporizer. I just have a big concern I saw a comment said that it might smell. I just wanna know how bad is that smell? Can a roommate smell it? Thanks for you help!

  • Hey,
    First of I love your videos and think that they are very helpful and insightful.

    I’ve been doing some research on this vape as I was thinking of buying it as my first vape and the negative reviews I’m finding are that the battery burns out in like 3 months causing the device to not function. I was just wondering if you experienced this or have any ways to counter this.

    • I’ve had mine longer than 3 months, and no probs. There are NO2’s running fine after 3+ years – but at least the battery is replaceable (and only about $25). The NO2 is a work-horse, especially if you compare it to some of the newer portables costing 4-5 times more $$. Fast heat-up, at least 4 sessions on a charge, extremely clean, no “stirring”, and nothing is easier to maintain.

      There are also small things that as an NO2 user I often forget. It has a digital display and you can adjust the temperature on the fly. No “app” needed, no “presets”, no color coding. Just up/down buttons and a temperature display.

      Loading doesn’t take 3 hands and a special device – the unit stands up on it’s own (wow, how revolutionary). Just drop in a scoop, no packing needed, and it’s vaping. Simple, clean, and dependable. Kinda like the Volvo of vapes.

      Far as a “pesonal” vape goes, it’s the best bang for the buck you will find. IMHO…

  • Hey Dude,

    Love your reviews, looking to get a nice portable vape. Not really planning on taking it anywhere with me, just want a decent vape I can use around the house but I like the idea of portability (but don’t need it to be discreet).

    Wanted to know what your thoughts about The Hammer vaporizer were? If you’ve had a chance to use it how would you compare it to the NO2? I like the idea of it being butane powered, but the fact that it is butane powered sketches me out a bit thinking it may be more prone to combustion than the NO2.

    If anyone else has any input please reply.

    Onward through the Vapor!

  • Hi Art –

    I’ve been using my NO2 for about 3 weeks now, and after some experimenting, I think just dropping a scoop into the chamber – I just tap the unit on the table so it all falls inside – and not tamping it at all seems to work best. If I tamp it at all, the draw gets too tight (at least for me).

    I also own an MFLB and have used the sweet super grinder, but again, I think if you make it too fine, it clogs up the top screen and makes the draw too tight.

    Sooo……I just used a more regular grind, dropped into the chamber, no tamping, about 3/4 full, and it vapes like a dream with a nice smooth draw. Works best alone or with 1 other person – like Bud says, and more people and expect to reload.

    Best vapor comes from a long slow draw…..ahhh….doing it right now :-)

    ..what were we talking about?

    • Rich – hah, love it. Thanks for sharing words and vape. I ended up giving the NO2 to my nephew as he was in need. Last time I gave him a car, so I figure I got off easy.

      Since I was in the market again, and having had a bit of trouble with the mechanics of the NO2, I thought I’d go with something a bit different so picked up a Silver Surfer. Just got it so I’m still messing around. So far, so good.

      Thanks again for your commentary!


  • Bud, many thanks for the work you do. I’d watched most if not all of your reviews before deciding on the NO2 for this novice vaper. Used it twice now and it’s an interesting process. I do note that I don’t see much evidence of actual vapor by comparison with the simple E-Cig I’d been using for the last few weeks. Should I be seeing more evidence of the vapor cloud, both in the tube and on exhaling?

    Also, being a rank beginner, I don’t know how hard or long to be inhaling. If you have any advice I’m all ears. Er, eyes.

    Also #2, reading Doug’s helpful hint just above… hmm. I don’t recall doing that (pushing the red button 5 times) but the temp rose and the proper green light indeed came on as advertised.

    Also the last: not sure how tightly to pack the material in the burn chamber. I do note the advice not to fully load it, but should I be tamping it down (after using a grinder of course) or just let it fill as gravity dictates?

    Again, thanks for the intelligent and comprehensive reviewing. Yours are without doubt the best I’ve seen on the Interwebs.


  • Hi there!

    Thanks for the great videos. I bought the NO2 a few months ago, but then had to return it after noticing a white smoke (when no herb is in it). I just got a replacement and I notice the smoke again (when no herb is in it) – Especially when shining a flashlight on it. Did you notice this when using the NO2?

  • Which one has the strongest vapor: arizer solo or vapir no2?
    I mean, which one [produces stronger effects]?
    And the difference is so big anyway?
    Thanks for helping

    • And also, which one is the strongest portable vaporizer?
      I’m brasilian, and its a little hard to get information about vaporizers around here… also hard to buy them

  • Helpful tip: don’t forget to unlock your vaporizer when you get it, otherwise you think it doesn’t work. Hit the red button 5 times in a row.

  • The NO2 can definitely be put into one of those big plastic cups that you can get at stores like a 7-11 or maybe even a fast food place. But anyway, put the NO2 inside the cup (empty of course) put the plastic top back on and stick the plastic straw of the NO2 out the hole. Great camouflage! If you set the heat as low as it will vaporize (280 deg. I found) there is virtually no smoke and very little odor, so you can really go out in public with it!
    Be careful, n have fun boys and girls.

    PS you still have the best reviews of vapes on the internet. Thanks, it’s good to have someone you can trust.

    • Hey is that in celsius or fahrenheit? Either way if it’s acting differently now than it used to I would contact the manufacturer or the store you bought it from.

      • Celsius. Is it possible that i managed to change it to celsius without knowing? because it still gets pretty warm and i still use it

        • I accidentally changed mine to Celsius the other day – just hold down the red “on” button for 2-3 seconds, and it will change back.

          Bud – LOVE your reviews, and LOVE my new NO2. While the vapor might not be as thick as you can sometimes get off the MFLB, it’s at least consistent, which I can’t say for the MFLB. And – as you have said – almost completely idiot proof.

          I do have to tell my friends that they don’t have to hit any buttons (but they still do), and to not try and suck so hard that their face turns red. So is “almost” idiot proof. :-)

          I have various breathing issues and have found the NO2 to be quite mild and has a nice easy draw, which is really what I was looking for. The vapor might seem thin, but its smooth and very consistent. It also tastes very good almost the entire time. I am surprised at how many hits you get off of one small bowl – at least 10 for me – so it’s very efficient as well.

          I also have an MFLB, and other than the fact that vapor-newbies can’t seem to figure it out, I don’t like all the fiddling with it (shaking and such) and with my arthritic hands, the battery push gets painful. Comparatively, the NO2 is a DREAM – much easier to use, better taste, and very consistent vapor.

          I don’t think I could of ever made the jump to vaping without these spectacularly informative vape vids – Thanks Bud!!

          • Thanks for posting Rich!

            I’m VERY glad you’re diggin the NO2 and it’s working out for you, I appreciate you sharing your experience with it.

            Vape it up!

  • I love this vape! I purchased the No2 about a year and a half ago and it still works pristinely. I watched your vid and bought it, since then it has been dropped countless amounts of times, literally dangling by the cords attached to the heating portion, the cap to the battery completely came off…not being defeated easily, I just snapped the top back on as well with the battery and voilá! Great vape for first timers and the ACCIDENT PRONE!

  • Thanks for the info, I was wondering if you would recommend this, the solo or the magic flight box for a once a night type user?

    • Hey I would actually recommend any of them but generally this one (the NO2) and the Solo handle more material at once, the MFLB is great with tiny amounts but can sometimes need to be re-packed a couple of times.

      And if price isn’t too much of an issue for you I do rate the Solo slightly higher overall and most people seem to like that one a little more.

  • Great reviews! I just got into vaping and I noticed they are all pretty pricey. I don’t smoke that often but when I do, I want the best! I like the PAX alot but its a little pricey for an occasional smoker. How does the NO2 compare to the PAX? Is it worth saving my money? Thanks again.

  • I didn’t even watch the video but the comment section is very detailed. I’ve had this vape for 6 months or so. Got it barely used second hand for $50. I’d say what I’m reading is exactly the deal, and I was never sure of it until I read this today. It definitely does feel more restrictive and hotter vape than home units. As well its pretty big for portable units, people always make fun of this thing saying it looks like a light saber, someone called it the darth vapir lol. The hotter not dense vape is what has me looking into a new home unit. Its still done me good for quite some time but I’m ready for something that draws smoother and gets more volume.

    Another trick is not to use a bottom screen. Between every bowl, I just use a long pick, to poke out the 4 holes at the bottom. Its less restrictive than a screen and its good to poke the holes often, anyway. If you run a screen and don’t unplug those holes constantly they stop flowing good. The screen in the top pyramid is a good idea. Gets pretty nasty after a month or so though.

    I’ve been running mine at 385 this entire time and after reading this went out and tried it at 370 and low and behold it still vaped as good, without it feeling as harsh. At one point I was getting sore throats after vaping from this thing a lot. I think I’ve had the temp way too high, it doesn’t produce more vape, just hotter.

    I think I’m gonna get the extreme Q4. Seems like the best home vape for the money.

    Thanks for all the chat between everyone, all good feedback!

  • Hi there
    The oven of my NO2 has a black crust (seems to be burned resin). I tried cleaning with ISO but she does not come out. Do you have any tips? Can I scrape there?

    • Hey yea I would try lightly scraping but I would also heat up the vape a little first, that usually helps to loosen the residue a bit.

  • Hey i just got my NO2 from a friend, he had it for a couple months but he got a volcano so he sold me his NO2. In the beginning it was working fine, vaping like crazy, but now i can’t raise the temp, i click the “+” button and the screen says “set” but when i click the plus it doesn’t got up, its stuck at 360. PLEASE LMK WHATS THE PROBLEM…i was thinking maybe its the batter and it needs to be changed but i can’t find a solid answer anywhere and I’m worried that my vape is dying on me.

  • Bought the Vapir after watching your review and tried it out for the first time last night and I’m loving it. Thanks for unbiased review keep up the good work.

  • I have been watching your reviews trying to make up my mind. I own the No2, for 2 years. I’m so freakin frustrated with this vaporizer I would happily toss it out of the window.

    As the instructions said I put it on 375 and 3/4 full. Not even one draw and all I got was some burned wood taste, aweful, and it burned my throat. So I figured to high temp right? Opened it up and indeed it was all black and burned. I tried many settings as low as 340 and at that temp I get one tiny draw, that doesn’t do anything and the next draw is the burned stuff again.
    It’s ridiculous! I tried different material, thinking it might be too dry no luck either. I thought I should get at least 7-8 good draws without the soot taste.

    You said in you review it was dummy proof wel either I’m too dumb or this is a defected unit. I’ve tried at least 10 times now with every time the second draw is burned and I don’t wait long in between draws.

    I wrote the company they offered me a replacement for half price. But if it’s so temperamental with temps, I don’t want another one.
    Crippled painful hands already make it hard to use anything a regular vape like the genie that needs to be lighted is not something I can handle. I tried to research new models and would like to look into vaping oil, it seems smoother to me don’t know if that’s true or not, but at least I would not have to fumble with fine herbs into a small chamber.

    I’m now thinking about the Firefly and if you have a recommendation for oil vape please let me know.

    • Hey Christine,

      Thanks for posting, and I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles with this vape!

      It does sound like you may have a defective unit, it should not be burning your material even set to the max temperature.

      Oil can sometimes be even harder to work with than dry herbs but if you do decide to give it a try I would say a vape like the microG is one of the easiest to load and use. There are a variety of brands out there that all basically sell the same type of unit, and you should be able to get one for a good price.

      The Firefly is a very good one as long as you’re ok with opening the lid after every few draws and stirring your material a little bit to ensure even vaporization, so it’s just not completely hands-off after you pack it.

      Good luck and let me know how you make out!

  • Hi

    I’ve read that the vapir no2 uses nitrogen to heat the herb, hence the name. My question is does this run out and if so how long will it last, can it be replaced?

    Also do you have any recommendations on getting hold of one of these in the UK?

    • Hey Paul this vape is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, no nitrogen is used so there’s nothing to refill, when it runs out of power you just plug it into the wall and recharge it.

  • Hi! I am so glad I found your site, you seem to be the person to ask any vape related questions! I used to have the tower vape, a long time a go I believe the Extreme tower that had a whip and balloon attachment. I mainly used the balloon and would cough a great deal. Not so much with the whip. Now I have been using a hookah, herb along with flavored tobacco. I very much prefer not to have to pull hard, no harsh taste, and as little coughing as possible. With that in mind, I am now trying to choose between the NO2 and the Pax. I do like the Pax’s portability, in that it is smaller and sleeker, but that isn’t really as important to me as a smooth taste and little coughing. If choosing between these two, which would you pick?

    Thank you so much for reading my comment!

    • Hey thanks for posting!

      Do you absolutely need a portable model?

      The reason I ask is you’ll get smoother vapor and there will be less draw resistance with a good desktop vape versus a portable one.

      NO2 is decent and isn’t very hard to pull but isn’t known to produce the most comfortable or tastiest vapor, it’s basically just average. I think the Pax vapor is higher quality but that is a bit harder to pull.

      Between those two I use my Pax way more often if that helps. If you think about going with another home unit let me know if you have any questions about them!

  • I have the No 2 Vapir unit and like it. But, is that smoke that I’m blowing our or just a vapor mist?

    • Hey Kathy if your temperature is set anywhere under 400°F it should be pure vapor, only at the very high temps do you risk combustion.

  • Bud,
    Love the site. Stumbled on it while researching my Atmos RX as my first experience with concentrates. Likewise, the Vapir NO2 was my first experience with a vaporizer. I’ve had it 4 years and it still works. It’s my only vape, and I generally use it alone. Occasional screen changes and tube replacement are all the maintenance I have to do. It’s simplicity is what sold me. I’ve read people use 353 degrees Farenheit as their number, but I found 320 deg. F is mine. I know it depends on product type and quantity, but filling the scoop with ground material gives me about 6 good draws. Anything higher than 320 F will produce a dark brown-almost blackish herb when emptying the chamber. I read a fascinating Wiki about how various chemicals and their associated effects are released only at certain temperatures. Interesting debates about how say 350 F makes you mellow and 320 F is more of a wake and bake start my day temp……
    Keep up the good work on the site!

  • Love my no2 worth every penny, turn it on heat it up to 380 I grind my herbs up fine and then use the scoop to fill an then after 10-30 seconds enjoy and it lasts forever I tried a pen was junk, you get what you pay for. Good for first time vape owners but now im experimenting with [concentrates] i dont have a rig so i use a knife an so i wanna buy a wax and oil vape any suggestions for something similar to no2 ?

  • [If this vape was cheaper] would it change your feelings about it’s ranking?

    Honestly, I love the Pax, but I’m rarely going to have it leave the house……

    Love your stuff, but it makes me want to buy them all! (almost)

    Rock on!

    • Hey it probably wouldn’t affect my overall score much, I think this is a decent cordless unit but the vapor quality isn’t quite as high as some others, and it’s fairly large. If you just want it for around the house it’s not a bad option at all but I would also consider the Solo for that purpose unless the draw resistance is a big turnoff.

    • Yes I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be – if you’re concerned with odor the NO2 doesn’t produce any more smell than any other model.

  • hi I was thinking about buying this vape, but i’ve heard that a lot of them don’t [have as strong effects as] using any glass piece would and that’s my main concern. also, if i’m going to be spending this much on something I want to be able to get [the strongest effects] possible haha

    • Hey Anna,

      That is a common concern. Some vapes do a better job of producing strong vapor than others, but generally any models I rate 80/100 or higher will do a good job.

      For this specific model I recently posted a video showing a new method of vaping with it that produces very dense vapor.

  • Love your videos and they have helped immensely in my search for a vape tool to help with pain management during chemo. I’m looking for something smooth and sturdy, easy to draw and relatively economical. Couple questions on the NO2. 1) Is it hard to draw from this one. You usually mention that in your videos, but not on this video. 2) I would love to buy the Volcano, but having never done this before and not knowing how or if it will help during chemo, I want to go more economical yet find something effective. 3) I’ve seen reviews that complain about battery and screen problems on the NO2. I know this could be the user, have you had any challenges with it. — Overall, would appreciate your comments on recommending this one or something else. Thanks for all your reviews and easy to manage website, its great!

    • Hey Margaret,

      I’m really glad you found the site helpful!

      This vape actually has very little draw resistance, it’s basically free-flowing, which is one of it’s main advantages.

      I’ve had mine for a long time now and while I don’t use it very frequently it’s still working and I’ve had no issues with it.

      Battery life may decrease over time but one of the benefits of this model is that you can still use it when it’s plugged in and charging, and if you really needed to you could buy a replacement battery and easily swap it out.

      The screens are the trickiest part, but they really don’t need to be changed as often as you may think. They provide you with the tools needed to get the old ones out and the new ones in, it just takes a few minutes to do it.

      This vape is definitely pretty decent, the main downside to it is that the vapor quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s not really bad either. What I mean by quality is how dense the vapor is (it’s fairly light) and also how hot it feels when you draw from it (it’s on the warmer side).

      There are 4 vaporizers I currently recommend that are priced under $200, and this is one of them.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Bud you are great. Thanks for good job. I watched all of yours movies about vaporizers. And i choosed NO2 and it was great choice

  • I love my new no2. Although are you supposed to fill the chamber, while it’s hot? Or can you fill it prior to heating?

    • Hey Scott,

      I actually don’t think there’s too much of a difference either way, I basically alternate between packing before heating and packing after and I haven’t really noticed any variation in performance.

  • If you had to pick between the no2 and the arizer solo, which one and why.?

    • If I had to choose only one of those to keep I guess I would lean towards keeping the Solo, mainly because of the slightly better vapor quality.

      There’s a big difference in draw resistance between the two, the Solo has a lot of it and the NO2 has very little, but the Solo vapor tends to be a little tastier.

      Both are too large to carry around in your pocket, but they make good cordless options for around the house.

  • Great informative and to the point very nice videos. I dont purchase without checking you out first.

    My question on the n02 is about the chamber screen. I saw a video where they placed the screen just under the lip actually above the chamber. Have you tried this? I ask because the bottom screen is really difficult to set in place. Im kinda looking for pro vs con.
    Keep up your awesome reviews to keep noobs like me informed.
    Vape on

    • Hey Rob,

      I never really experimented with screen placement for this vape, the way it comes seems to work fairly well.

      Even though it seems like the bottom screen is hard to get to and replace, it’s actually easier than it looks.

      You can pick the old one out with one of the wooden tools they provide and you can push a new one down there with something the size of a pen, and it should stick firmly into place.

      Let me know if you have any problems with it

      Stay up!

  • Hi mate. I’m writing here, because you’re a total expert!
    I have a question, which one should I choose?
    I want a portable one, so I’m thinking about NO2 or Solo.
    It would be my first vaporizer and the difference in prices is not a problem for me. I just want to buy a better one. Regards!

    • Hey what’s up!

      Check out this post I wrote on my blog not too long ago, I talk about the main differences between those two models as well as a couple others I like.

      If you have any questions after reading it let me know!

  • I just got my vapir no2 and I love it , it works great , there’s only one thing I can’t figure out. It’s my first vaporizer so I’m having trouble telling when my herbs are fully vaped, I honesty can’t tell by the taste, will vapor stop coming out when it’s done ? Or how else can I tell, thanks

    • Hey Ronnie,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, generally yes vapor will stop being produced once the material is fully spent, but it is gradual slope meaning you’ll slowly start to notice the vapor production tapering off as you near the end, and then it’s up to you how far you want to keep going.

      • oh alright thanks for the answer! and nice videos btw they helped me a lot in making my decision

  • Hey people;
    I’ve had my No2 for 8 months and I absolutley love it,,,,after 6 months it dies,,I don’t know why, I’m hoping it wasn’t how I clean it or lack of cleaning,,,maybe cause mine cooks about 12 hours a day? I ran at least 4 oz of [material],,,also it took awhile for me to find my perfect temp and yeah its around 360 for me,,,,So when my first No2 went bad,,I sent it in and got a new replacement,,no questions asked and it was pretty quik!,,,MAKE SURE you register you No2!

  • Hey man,

    So I know from what I’ve read that you prefer the Magic-Flight over the N02 personally, and those are the two I’m deciding between. I’ve read a lot of good things about both, but my one deciding point right now is which will smell more. I will most likely be using this a lot in my house, and I want to be able to use it in my room and then febreze it with no smell. Which one would you recommend for smell?

    Also, even though you prefer the magic-flight, would you still recommend the NO2? Thanks.

    • Hey Jessie,

      I think the MFLB and NO2 are both good units, but the vapor they both produce will have some odor to it, which is the case with every vape.

      However, if controlling the odor is important to you, that might be easier to do with the Launch Box.

      Since you are only heating your material while you’re taking a draw (not constantly) with the MFLB, there is less side-stream vapor to worry about, so you have a little more control over when and where the vapor is expelled.

      The NO2 works like most vapes where the heater is engaged the whole time it’s on, so in between draws you will have a tiny bit of vapor leaking out that may cause extra odor.

      It’s really not that much, and it’s not a huge difference, but if you’re trying to be super discreet the MFLB might be a little easier to work with.

  • I love my NO2, but feel a bit fumbly with the top… it would be easier to use if the top had a better grip or was larger.

  • I’ve been smoking from the No2 for the weeks now and will never go back to a pipe. The taste is unmatched, and knowing I will be smoking until I’m 80 years old, this is the healthiest way to do so. The battery life is petty good: I took it snowboarding with a bag of already ground up herbs and hit it on the lift ride up… Awesome! If there’s wind, no problem because there’s no liter to mess with and there’s very little smoke so people are less likely to notice.

    Best investment someone can make who is serious about smoking, staying healthy and getting the most out of your herb.

  • Hey bro, just wanted to say your reviews are incredibly helpful. I recently purchased the NO2 and so far I am quite happy with the unit. So thank you for easing my mind deciding which vape to make the plunge with. Now im looking for a desktop unit and im going with the SSV likely. Quick question…would u go cheaper and get the da buddha or stick with the SSV? Again, thanks a ton for your awesome reviews…

    • Sup Tommy glad I could help out.

      I would personally go with the SSV over the Da Buddha, for a few reasons.

      I talk about the differences in my DB review video, check it out and let me know if you have any more questions about them.

  • how log do your “herbs” last during a session, i have my heat at about 175 C and they are going brown pretty quick.

  • Can you let me know which one of these for under $250 produce the best/biggest hits?
    Thanks man!!

  • Hey there,
    My girlfriend and I are looking to purchase our first vape, and it took me all of about .528 seconds to stumble upon your reviews. After watching your videos and a little extra research (which just confirmed what I already suspected: You’re a man who knows what he’s talking about), we decided on the NO2 and we’re going to pick it up in a little bit.
    I just wanted to say that you’re videos are clear, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Bud thanks so much for your help. I went ahead and bought the NO2. I just don’t like the wiggly tube thingy on the Solo.

    I can’t believe I didn’t start vaporizing long ago. I had asked my herb supplier about it about a year ago and he’d told me that the vapes to use were all above $300 which was out of my budget. But after all the reviews I’ve read and yours I feel that this is finally it. I hope I didn’t do permanent damage to my lungs and hopefully won’t get those nasty upper respiratory infections anymore.
    I’ll give you my report in a week or so.

    Thanks again.

    • Well, after 2 weeks experimenting with the NO2, I can say that I like it a lot. Worth every penny. It’s so much smoother that combustion, I barely feel anything going into my lungs. It’s very economical too. I use a half of the little scoop that comes with it and it’s enough to get me sleeping through the night. Thanks again for all you do. Peace out!

  • Hi there, I’m a newbie and been watching your vids for 3 days trying to make my decision. For my needs I think this one might be it, so I went to your recommended store and there was one reviewer that says the screens fell apart on him and he was afraid to inhale metal particules.
    Have you heard of problems with those screens? How often do you need to change them and how easy is it to break them in the process?

    Also some of the herbs I buy are really sticky and wet and impossible to grind. Should I put them in a paper bag and for how long before they dry out? Will they lose their potency if dried out?

    You should’ve a donate button for all you do. I don’t have much but would send a little your way.


    • Hey what’s up,

      I never really heard about a problem like that with the screens, could be an isolated incident.

      They don’t need to be changed very often but it does depend on how often you use it and the condition of the material you it in. If you were to use it every day I’d say you should probably change the screens roughly every 3-8 weeks.

      The NO2 screens I’ve worked with are fairly flexible, so I don’t think it’s common for them to fall apart easily.

      If your material is sticky or moist then drying it out beforehand is a good idea, and a paper bag should do the trick. It’s hard to say how long, I would check it every 20-30 mins until you get a feel for how long it normally takes.

      After you grind you can also lay the material out on a piece of paper to dry even more, and it dries fast this way. As far as I know the potency shouldn’t be affected.

      Stay up!

  • This is my first vape. I am sort of a lightweight, so I do not fill the chamber to 3/4 full. The reason is that I don’t spent the entire chamber in one session. I usually just put half or less. Is this a problem?
    Also, a couple of questions about the unit itself
    1. The issue I am having is that after one draw, all the herbs are stuck at the top filter. I usually have to open and stir a couple of push or stir the mix back down.. Is this normal? I grind in a hand grinder, but don’t sift – just use the grindings.
    2. Does this unit have a tendency to turn off after getting too hot? Mine does this periodically and it will not turn back on until it cools down.
    3. I cannot tell when the herbs are done. Either I don’t recognize that burnt popcorn taste you have mentioned, or I’m just tossing good stuff.
    Got any advice for a newbie like me? Thanks

    • Hey Reggie,

      No problem with packing less in the chamber, you just might not be getting the volume of vapor you could with it fully packed.

      1. Sounds pretty normal, if there is space in the chamber the herbs may flop around during use. If it’s a real nuisance you could try slowing down your draw speed to try and prevent the material from moving much.

      2. As far as I know it only has an automatic shut-off after a certain period of time, not dependent on how hot the unit is.

      3. If you can’t distinguish the change in taste you can also go by when it stops producing any real vapor. If you use it under a light this is easier to see.

      Also I’m not sure what temperatures you’re vaping at but I’ve found that this vape runs a little hot for me, so I usually keep the temps lower than normal at around 355-360°F for best vapor quality.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Bud. Drawing slower really helped alot – as well as the tip about using under a light. I think your website is very good. You do a great job of keeping current with all your comments. Keep up the good work, and thanks for being at the other end of my computer. ­­

  • Hi, can you recommend a handheld manual vape? I’ve heard these are the good ones as your lungs controll the temp?

    • Hey Laura,

      Are you looking for a portable vape? One that doesn’t need to be plugged in?

      Basically any vape rated over an 80/100 on my homepage I recommend. Some are desktop units and some are portable. Generally the desktop units will perform a little better and produce stronger vapor (also more comfortable vapor).

  • I really love love love your videos. SO informative and generally unbiased. With all those vapes you’ve tested out, I was (seriously) wondering if you would part with one of your own and give it to me? It’d just be really cool.

    Forward and random, I know, but I was curious!

    • Hey sup, glad to hear you enjoy the vids.

      I keep all of the vapes I review so I can always go back and reference them at a later time, and I use many of them on a regular basis, so unfortunately I can’t give any away :\


  • Hey Bud good job on the info distribution.

    I just want to say I have had the No2 for about 2 years now and it is the only vaporizer I have tried,but I absolutely love it.

    I find it to be very thorough in terms of getting a good hit with thick vapor,and it makes me so curious when I read your comment that from your experience the No2 produces a light vapor compared to the the Plenty or the Pax.

    You also mention you are only vaping at 355 or 360 and you say that you vape around 380-390 on some other vapes.

    I never vape that low on my No2,and usually mine is set at either 383 F or 385 F and when I share it with a person I know who smokes I always put it up to 390 F and when I do the smokers are always so surprised at how thick the vapor clouds are and how stoned they get.

    I think you have mentioned a bad taste when you vape at a higher temp on your No2,but I really do not notice any bad taste from mine when I vape between 380 and 390 F until it is about gone anyways.

    So it makes me wonder if maybe there is a glitch with the one you have,or if you simply have others to compare it with and those like the Plenty and the Pax are just better at providing a thicker stronger vapor.

    It would be cool if you can compare the vapor from the Plenty,and the Pax to the No2 when it is set at 385 or 390 F because the Pax setting you say you use mostly is actually set at 390 F and that really makes a huge difference in terms of vapor thickness.

    If you were to do this and still confirm the Plenty and Pax have a stronger vapor then I feel almost obligated to try one of those out for myself.

    • Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for posting and I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying your NO2.

      What I’ve found through my testing is that every vape heats differently and works best in its own unique temp range.

      For me personally, with my NO2, the 360° setting is similar to a 375-390° setting on most other vapes. Yours could be calibrated slightly differently, or maybe you just prefer a higher temp.

      That’s why I usually tell people that the best temperature to vaporize at is largely personal preference, it could be different for everybody, and it also varies a lot between vape models. I try to recommend a good starting point and then say to adjust up or down to suit your taste.

      After reviewing 20 vapes though I can say with confidence that the vapor the NO2 produces is fairly light compared to most others. It’s not the lightest, I’d call it average for a portable. I tried it many times at higher temps but raising the heat doesn’t always necessarily make the vapor thicker, sometimes it just makes it harsher, which is what happens for me with my NO2.

      I’m not sure if I ever said the Pax has thicker vapor than the NO2, because I actually think the Pax vapor is also on the light side. The Solo is the portable model that I think produces the densest vapor, but it still doesn’t really compare to a good desktop unit.

      The Volcano, Plenty, Cloud, SSV, Da Buddha, Extreme-Q, Hot Box, and viVape can all produce thicker vapor than any of the portables in my opinion.

      So if you really enjoy the NO2 that much I think you’re in for a real treat when you eventually try a home unit.

      • Awesome.
        I would like to try a home unit,but I am not sure which one I would be satisfied within my price range which is under $350.
        I have read about the Plenty and more than a few people say it does not give great hits unless there is Plenty of stuff,and I only use a very small amount each session.
        Any recommendations on a home unit considering what I just mentioned?
        Also if I do get another portable it will either be the Pax or the Solo,and so I would like to know if I will be able to use either the Pax or the Solo while it is plugged in just the same as I use my No2 while it is plugged in without the battery engaged.
        I would like to be able to sometimes just use electricity to power it.

        • From my experience the Plenty doesn’t really require that much more material than other vapes, only slightly more. Some people see the large chamber it has and think it needs to be filled for best performance, but it doesn’t.

          If you use the included liquid pad to fill up the extra space inside the chamber you really only need to put in a normal amount of material, somewhere around 0.2-0.3g (I use it like this and it works great).

          Next one I would recommend for you would be the SSV. It’s a little cheaper and works well with a slightly smaller amount of material. With a vape like this one you can put in very small amounts of herbs if you want to, you just won’t get many draws from it.

          The Da Buddha, Extreme-Q and Hot Box all work well with just about the same amount of material as the SSV.

          As far as the Pax and the Solo, they both cannot be used while they are charging.

  • Hi Bud,
    Thank you, this helps my search. Any opinion on the azier extreme Q?
    Thanks again.

    • Hey Ken,

      I think the Extreme-Q is a good unit overall. It’s nice that it has both whip & bag functionality, and the vapor production is pretty good in my opinion.

      It’s not the highest quality vape, but it does the job and many people like it.

      Many people have asked me questions about the EQ, and how it compares to a vape like the Volcano. I have a few other videos you can watch for more info that include the EQ, and if you read through the comments of those pages on my site you’ll find even more info there as well.

  • Peace Bud, I just want to start off by saying thank you for the amazing reviews, an advice; can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been.
    The No2 is my first personally owned vaporizer, and I must say, it is amazing…given you troubleshoot, and learn the device. I’ve since converted to vaporizing, instead of smoking, and the results are wonderful; with that being said, I’m planning to expand my vaporizing experience, and could once again use your advice.

    Questions :

    1) In your opinion, the Arizer or Pax, as another additional portable vape?

    2) I know it’s not recommended but, have you tried not grinding up your bud, before vaporizing? What were the results if so?

    3) As far as vapor thickness, and ‘quality’, is it ‘really’ a noticeable difference in effect….from device to device…or is it just minimal, because as an experienced consumer, I get pretty baked off this thing.

    4) Is there really a need to invest in a home, non-portable device, in comparison to just sticking with the portable units?

    5) Have you seen that upcoming vaporizer, called the “Wiz Vape”?

    6) Is Cannabis the mystery reason, as to why you adorn sunglasses lol?

    Thanks for your time,


    • Hey Richí,

      Thanks for your comments, I’m really glad you found my stuff helpful.

      I think the Solo and the Pax are both good, but when I leave home and I want to take a vape with me I grab the Pax. The Solo is just a little bulkier and heavier and not as easy to use on-the-go, but vapor production between the two units is fairly similar.

      You definitely need to grind your material for the best results with pretty much any vape. I’m currently testing and reviewing the HerbalAire which is the first vape I’ve seen that tells you NOT to grind your material, but so far the performance is only so-so, I still think grinding fine is very important.

      Generally if you don’t grind fine enough you just won’t get a lot of vapor, and your material won’t be evenly vaporized.

      Vapor density or thickness definitely does vary between the different units, but most of them will get the job done. The NO2 in my opinion is a light vapor producer, so I do think you would notice a difference with one of the heavier producers.

      I do also think that desktop (home) units produce stronger, denser vapor than portables in general. I would definitely recommend that everybody has at least one desktop unit to fully appreciate the vaporizing experience.

      I have not heard of the Wiz Vape but I just looked it up and it looks pretty interesting, I’ll def put it on my list of future possibilities.

      I leave it up to my viewers to decide why I wear the glasses :P

      Stay up!

  • I have never used a vase andi would like to buy one. I have no interest in a balloon system, the wipe is something I could use. I was looking for a recommendation and have watched your videos but still undecided. What is the stationary cape and the best portable. Thank you for your help.

    • Hey Ken,

      I currently think the best whip vapes are the Plenty and the SSV, for home use.

      And as far as portable models I rate the Pax, Solo and MFLB the highest.

      • I’m still new to vaporizing and have only used (embarrassingly) have only used so far the Atmos Raw, which sucks! I was wondering what you think about the Pax (not Pax2). Thank!

  • I just received an NO2 for Christmas and having read through your blog, I would agree that one needs to burn off residue before your first toke. The 20 min advice you gave worked well. My question is how do you actually change the screens? The written instructions on one of the web sites is sorely lacking and it does not come with instructions in the box. I am a visual kind of guy and would like to know exactly how to change the screens without damaging either old or new screens. thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hi bud me again. I wanted to know your thoughts about the trippy stick vaporizer, I didn’t find anything about it on your website and I want one really bad but I don’t know if it’s worth the money

    • Hey Fernando,

      I haven’t tried that one yet, sorry man!

      Thanks for the request though, I have it on my list of future possibilities.

  • NO2 is my first vape, and I am very impressed. It is a completely different experience than using a bong. The vapor causes zero irritation or discomfort, and the odor is a fraction of smoking.
    A couple of questions, please.
    1) The instructions say heat it up, put in the herb, and draw. You seem to suggest bake time, which makes sense. How long a bake time between draws?
    2) I only see vapor for the first moment of the draw, and only if I heat to 370º. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even know I am inhaling vapor except for the potent effects. Is that normal? When I used a setting lower than 370º, I had no idea if it was working… but then it hit. Is this typical?
    3) Consequently, since I feel very little when drawing, it is very hard for me to discern when the herb is used. I’ve been going by the appearance of the ‘popcorn’ taste. Is that a good indicator that it is time to reload, or am I changing prematurely.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hey B,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this vape!

      Here are my answers to your questions:

      1) There isn’t really a set amount of time you should wait between draws but sometimes in the beginning, when you first pack it, you should wait maybe 30 seconds before starting your draw.

      2) The NO2 doesn’t produce as much visible vapor as most other units, but you should still be able to see something from each draw. I typically set my heat to around 355-360 and although it’s not much I will see some vapor on the exhale. It’s possible that you’re not taking a long enough draw, about 10 seconds is recommended, or it’s possible that your material is not ground up fine enough or it’s too moist. The vape will work best with finely ground herbs that are a bit on the dry side. Typically you won’t see any vapor going through the tube while you’re taking your draw, you’ll just see it after.

      3) The burnt popcorn taste is a good indicator, and you should be able to get anywhere from 5 to 12 draws before your herbs are totally spent.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    I purchased the Vapir NO2 about a year ago. It is totally un-use-able by someone with hand problems. I’ve got arthritis in my hands and that tiny top, with no leverage, is impossible to open after a few uses. Unfortunately I didn’t find that out until I paid out my $100+ (not to your company) and realized that the $$ is non-refundable. I thought I’d better warn others with hand and/or strength problems too.

    I believe any of the box type with whip and/or balloon is the best/easiest out there overall.

  • i purchased this vape and its AWESOME. it works very well and its very easy to use. you wont be displeased if you purchase one. but whatever you do DONT PUT [concentrates] IN IT LIKE MY DUMB ASS, thats how i broke my first one.

  • Man I stumbled upon this site on complete accident while using my NO2 and I gotta say it is my favorite smoking utensil, it’s clean, I can use it inside, and it’s portable. It’s every stoners dream in this fast pace world and I gotta say bud keep up the good work I like what you’re doing here it helps more then you know

    • Hey Fernando,

      The NO2 is definitely a decent vape and I got a lot of good use out of mine. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it and that you found my content helpful, stay up my friend!

  • Hello,

    Thanks so much for all your feedback, Bud and all this effort you put into this site. It made me come to choose the Vapir NO2 aswell. I will order it asap and try it out! I’m having asthma and have been smoking herb for 2 years, but have been on a 1 month break now, so I’m really looking forward to see if the vaporizer is easier on my lounge than regular joints.


  • Just got the NO2 last night to relieve my lungs from a decade of daily combustion. This is a great vape that I’d recommend to anyone just getting started with a vape. There was a comment above about setting the device to 353 F. I must say that is my magic number as well. Spot on, and thank you for that comment!

      • I have had the opposite results using the NO2.
        Maybe my lungs are just sensitive, but I get a burning sensation in my lungs, maybe not right away, but after any exercise.
        This started when I started vaping.
        Anyone else had this happen?

        • Hey Steve you may want to try lowering the temperature you vape at and also grinding your material finer, doing this could make it a little more comfortable for you, but overall this model isn’t considered one of the smoothest so if you still don’t get good results you may need a vape that produces cooler vapor.

  • Hey Max,


    It probably makes the most sense to just get the NO2 since you’ve tried it and you’re familiar with it. I don’t think the price difference would be the determining factor though, it’s mainly an issue of vapor strength.

    If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “hmm, the NO2 is cool but I wish I got stronger vapor from it” then you may want to try the Extreme-Q, because that will be the main benefit of it.

    Build quality is roughly the same with the two units and the only other real main difference obviously is that one is portable and one isn’t.

    So if you’re happy with the vapor produced by the NO2, I’d say you should probably just get that one… but if you find yourself yearning for more, I’d probably try the EQ instead.

    I do like the Solo, probably better than both of the above, but if you get a bad vibe from it I understand, it’s not for everybody. I just really like the quality and taste of the vapor it produces, it’s basically the best in that area out of all the portables. If you did start to reconsider it I do think it’s worth the price.

    Let me know what you end up going with and how you like it!

    • Bud, my man… I got the No2… =D

      First off, it freakin’ rocks my socks, man. It’s definitely a strong vapor even with minimal herbs. I really think that it’s perfect for a beginner because it’s SO simple to use (practically dummy proof), it’s practically unbreakable if you have half a brain, and it totally gets the job done. Also I really like the amount of air flow I get on the No2, it’s nicer than the MFLB vape. Something strange I’ve been finding on the No2 is that I get a surprisingly high number of draws out of it with a constant good, strong vapor.

      Thank you more than you know for your help man. I really do appreciate all of your help man. AND! it’s because of you that I’m sitting here loving the vape that you help me choose right now. Thank you, Bud! (Your name… is so ironic. HAH!)

      • Awesome Max!

        I’m really glad you like the vape and that I helped point you in the right direction, anything I can do to help a brutha out.

        Vape it up!!


  • Hey Bud!
    I was just curious as to what your *real* opinion on the No2 is. In this video above/your first review of the No2, you seem to really *love* it. You say you “give it two thumbs up” and have few negative things to say about it.
    But then I just watched your 20 minute massive review of all the vapes you own and you get to the No2 and just say “it’s average, not highly recommended, etc.” (of course not your exact words, but somehow I get that vibe from what you’re saying.
    Before watching your videos I was 100% sure that the No2 was the vape for me, but after seeing your second review of it I’ve become slightly unsure.
    I’ve tried my friend’s Magic Flight Launch Box and my other friend’s No2. The Launch Box just seems too hard to use for me and constantly recharging the batteries would be frustrating. Also the No2 seems really sleak and I think the look of it is just much more impressive for the same quality vapor. Am I right in thinking this? If looks and ease of use and price are factors for me, I think the No2 would be right.
    But what about the Extreme-Q vape? I’m now thinking about that one because it’s decently cheap and seems to be pretty good, but still with that one you don’t seem to psyched. Could you give me a quick comparison of the No2 and the Extreme-Q? (Yes, you could take that as a possible video request =D )
    Also, what’s the Arizer V-Tower? I’ve heard it’s the exact same thing as the Extreme-Q just without the balloon attachment. Is this true? If it is, would you say that it’s worth it to get the V-Tower? I ask because you talk about your dislike for the balloon attachment on the Extreme-Q anyway so if they made it cheaper and without the balloon attachment that seems ideal!
    Sorry for the super long post, I just really LOVE your videos and think you really are an incredible reviewer and value your word highly.
    Keep on vapin’!

    • Hi again!

      Okay, so I just looked at the sheer size of my last post and instantly felt guilty for how super long it is and how you must just not have time for that (lol). So I summarized what *you* could help me with, and put all my questions in one reply post:

      What’s your *real* opinion on the No2? (I ask because you seem to have two different opinions.)

      Am I right in thinking [that if looks, ease of use, and price are factors for me the No2 would be my vape of choice (especially in comparison to the Launch Box)?

      What about the Extreme-Q? (Especially in comparison to the No2 (< Possible video idea! =D )

      What's the Arizer V-Tower? Is it just the Extreme-Q with no balloons? If so, wouldn't that be the best choice? (Because it's roughly $100 cheaper and gets rid of the balloons that you say you don't like anyway?)

      Thanks so much again and please keep making videos!! I'm recommending them to all of my friends because they love vapes too and they think you're totally awesome!

      • Sup Max!

        No worries about the long posts, I try to make time to answer everybody’s questions, so here goes:

        You’re right that my overall opinion of the NO2 is a little different in the two vids, and that’s mainly because my original review of it (shown on this page) was done way before my recent review, before I really had many other vapes to compare it to. I should probably make a note of this on the old video though, so thanks for bringing that up.

        I still think it’s a good vape, it’s just that there’s a few others that I now consider better overall so they sort of pushed this one down to “average”.

        If you like the way it looks and the price then you should definitely consider it, and it’s very easy to use which is nice.

        The things that I now consider not that great about it, compared to some other ones I’ve since reviewed, are that the vapor taste and strength is only average, and the vapor gets a little hot after a few draws which to some people is uncomfortable.

        A vape like the Extreme-Q will produce stronger vapor, but the main difference between the two is that the NO2 is portable and the EQ is not.

        Things with the EQ get a little complicated… I’d say that the V-Tower would technically be ok as a substitute for whip-only use, but in reality it’s not because I found the best results with the EQ when turning the fan on in whip-mode, and the V-Tower does not have a fan (no forced air).

        When I used the EQ in whip-mode without the fan (which is what the V-Tower basically is) I did not find the results to be that good, the vapor is weaker and you have to pull longer.

        Have you considered the Solo at all? The main benefit of that one is superior vapor quality and taste, it’s worth a look if you haven’t already.

        I’m really glad to hear that you and your friends like the vids and found them helpful!

        Thanks again for watching and posting!

        • Wow, Bud! You’re the coolest! You get the record for fastest response from a YouTuber AND *best* response from a YouTuber! Really, I’m extremely impressed so thank you so much! =]

          I don’t have all that much spending money, but I really do think a vape is a great investment for me for all the reasons (minimal odor, ease of use, usable indoors, fast, etc.).

          Now I understand what you’re saying about the No2, so thank you so much. I still think it’s probably the vape for me, but I do have a few more questions.

          Portability really isn’t an issue for me. I mostly want a vape for at home use, if I’m out with a friend we would probably just smoke in an alternative way (not vaping).

          So the V-Tower after hearing what you said just seems out of the question, which I’m fine with. So now I’m down between the No2 and the Extreme-Q. On (which is my site of choice simply because I’m a prime member and feel like I should get my money’s worth by buying from them) the No2 is $90 and the EQ is $142. Now I suppose my question is do you think there is a $52 difference between the No2 and the EQ? Especially for someone who isn’t an experienced vaper, I was thinking that the averageness of the No2 would be fine for me and get the job done. But do you think the EQ is really worth it over the No2?

          Thanks so so so much again for being such a great help!

          • Oh! I totally forgot to talk about the Solo!

            Here’s my quick summary: I just get a bad vibe from it.

            So the Solo on Amazon is $150, so more expensive than the EQ. I don’t like that it uses a glass piece at the top because that to me ruins the whole portability thing (you can’t exactly put a glass tube in your jeans pocket and not expect it to break). Also, I have heard, as you said you had in your review, multiple stories of defective models and it not working or working inconsistently. There have also been reports of there being a constant metal/plastic taste from it. To me being on the budget I’m on, I don’t think I could put down $150 on something that I’m not totally confident in. My friend owns the No2 and I’ve vaped from it 15+ times and I’ve had pretty good results.

            So yes, I have looked at the Solo and that’s my view on it. But of course, you own it and many others so you would be the one to ask if it’s worth it!

            Thanks again, sorry about the double posts and long posts (again… xD)

  • Hey man!
    I’ve been watching your videos! They are awesome.
    One question though, under 200 dollars, which vaporizer would be the best if you or someone doesn’t want the smell the herb using the vaporizer.

    • Wussup!

      For under $200 I normally recommend the Launch Box, but can you clarify the end of your question? I’m not sure what you mean… are you looking for a vape that doesn’t smell at all?

      • Well to be very specific, I’m trying to use this thing at home, but my flatmate doesn’t like me vaping. So it would be best if I could vape without him smelling anything, so that there would be no problem.

        • Ah ok I gotcha now… well unfortunately I haven’t reviewed any vapes yet that are totally odorless, and I don’t personally believe that is even possible, but I’d say that if you used a spoof then it is much less likely someone else would smell what you’re doing.

          Just make sure you choose a vape that produces very minimal sidestream vapor (like the MFLB I mentioned earlier). The NO2 for example may produce a little odor in between draws that you won’t be able to mask without some spray.

          • Just a suggestion, but the vape you’re using shouldn’t matter if you blow your vapor into a “smoke buddy”. They sell for less than twenty bucks and are small handheld carbon filters. Exhale into it, and clean odorless air comes out. Bud, is that what you mean by a spoof?

  • Hi Bud,
    First I just want to thank you for all you doing to help people like me to make the right choice on buying the best Vaporizer out there.
    i start smoking about 2 weeks ago as my Doctor give me the OK…and I use to smoke until about 8 years ago.
    The problem is I do not get high as I use too and I cough like crazy…I’m 42 and I smoke joints my friends told me that me fix is a VAPORIZER.
    What you think Bud? And which one?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hey man,

      Anything I can do to help!

      If you want the best of the best, that will last a very long time and perform amazingly, look at Storz & Bickel products – the Volcano and the Plenty.

      If the Volcano is out of your price range I highly recommend the Plenty, especially for a transition from smoking. They both produce the highest quality vapor I’ve found and are very easy to use.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions


    • The NO2 chamber is a little smaller than average so I’d say you should get roughly 6-10 good draws per packing. You’ll know it’s done when you stop getting any flavor and vapor stops coming out. Stay up!

      • I take a draw every few minutes and I’m still getting vape 45 minutes into a session with a 3/4 full chamber. The taste is bland after 12 minutes in, mind you. After a 45 session, I dump the dry/brown remains (having never reloaded or stirred) and kick back for a few hours. Am I still getting higher as long as I see vape? I wonder if I’m hitting a “dead bowl” after x-amount of minutes???

  • just got my first vape in the mail. currently waiting in the post office for me RIGHT NOW. i was stuck between the NO2 and the magic box, but decided on the NO2 thanks to YOU. i thank you for all your help and suggestions. :) i am sooo excited for this awesome new gadget.

  • Enjoying mine!!! just got it, I found 353F on my device gives me the density of vapour and flavour I desire. I would recommend this product to any stoner and the car charger is just SMART. Wish the headships around here sold it. Also the smell the vape makes is great and goes away right quick, Better than bong hoots for smoking indoors.

    • how did this end up working out? was there left over residue? We just don’t want mess it up… any help would be appreciated.

    • I just purchased my NO2 maybe 2-3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I have used concentrates like 15 times or something and so far my vape still works. I clean it really well after use though. I also make sure the screen in the chamber and there is always enough herb in there too. Sometimes I used the herb from a previous session and drop the concentrate on top. Works wonderfully! Hope this is useful. Also, I would like to say that this vape is only for dry herb so I’m guessing this would violate any warranty you may or may not have.

  • We just purchased the NO2 and like it, except for the taste! It smells/tastes like metal when I inhale. We have had it set at 365 F, so I will turn the temp down since watching your instructional video. I’m just concerned about the metallic taste. ICK! Maybe it’s the heating element? It can’t be healthy to be breathing that in, and my herbs certainly don’t taste like they should. :( Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hey Monique, with a vape like the NO2 it’s important when you first get it to turn the heat up to the highest setting and let it sit for about 20 minutes, so that any residue or chemicals or whatever left over from the manufacturing process has time to completely burn off.

      Did you try vaping with herbs right away after opening it? That’s the only major reason I can think of why you might get a foul taste like that.

      Otherwise, if that’s not the issue, maybe try lowering the temp like you mentioned.

      If the problem persists and the bad taste never goes away you should contact Vapir and see if they can replace the unit for you under warranty.

      Let me know how you make out!

      • Oh, thank you so much for your rapid reply! I did, indeed, cook my herbs immediately without first burning off the manufacturing residues. Will try your suggestion and get back with you on the results! Sure wish the manufacturer had added that note in the instruction manual. Thanks again. :)

        • Hello again ~ You were absolutely correct … I turned the heat all the way up to 400F on my new NO2 (without any herbs of course), leaving it on for at least 20 minutes (twice) to outgas, then used a lower setting (357F) while vaping. Works wonderfully and tastes great now. Thank you for your sage advice. Don’t know what I ever did without this clever new toy!

          • Awesome!

            I’m really glad it’s working better for you now.

            Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know, and enjoy the vape!!

  • i’m looking for an affordable & easy to use vaporizer; beginner. i’ve read that vaporizers don’t emit the odor associated with smoking. is this true for the Vapir No2 as well?

    • Hey what’s up,

      The NO2 is both affordable and easy to use, so it’s a good choice for beginners.

      My opinion on the odor is that the smell you get from vaporizing is half as strong as the smell of smoke, and it dissipates twice as fast.

      Meaning you do get a little bit of odor, that someone close by could get a whiff of, but the smell will not stick around for very long.

      The actual scent is also a little different when you vaporize, some people compare it to the smell of burnt popcorn sometimes.

  • just a question!!!!! i saw on a website that is not updated for north america i just want to know for sure since u have it …..i really wanna buy it

  • Love to see you review the Phantom Digi…Volcano looking imitation. It is good??? Only $150-170 and supposed to work the save as the volcano

    • Hey man, this is just my opinion but I would stay away from the knock-off models (like the Phantom). It’s definitely not going to be as good. If the Volcano is too pricey for you I would recommend you first try the Launch Box, NO2, or Vapir One. The Vapir One is a balloon vaporizer like the Volcano and it’s only $150. It doesn’t look like the Volcano but I used to own one and it’s a good product.

  • Im about to buy my first vaporizer…I think this is the one. The volcano seems a bit expensive, also does the E-Q…this is cheaper and easy. Thanks

    • This is a good choice for a first vape, I think you’ll like it. The Volcano certainly is a bit expensive, but if you decide you enjoy vaporizing and want to take it to the next level sometime in the future I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let me know how you like the NO2!

      • Can you tell me more about the Vapir Digital Mini Vaporiser v4.0
        I have just got one but am not sure how much to put in. Also the instructions say heat first then load chamber but while i fill it the temp drops so i have to reheat it after loading. I can’t afford Volcano and need extreme portability. Btw thanks for taking the time to run this Site.


        • Hey Jo it sounds like you’re referring to the Oxygen Mini vaporizer, correct?

          Unfortunately I haven’t tried that model yet so I’m not very familiar with it :\

          Generally, with most other vapes, if you find that the vapor it’s producing is too light you can pack more material in to make it thicker/stronger.