Easy Vape Vaporizer Review

Easy Vape Vaporizer The EasyVape is a small whip-style vaporizer. In my opinion it’s really not a great vape for a few different reasons.

One of the main things that bugs me about it is the design of the whip piece and how it attaches to the base unit. The bowl piece itself is a fragile piece of glass that you put your herbs in, but nothing really holds it in place. The tip of the heating element inside the base is at a downward angle, so if you don’t put the whip on quickly enough or fit it perfectly on some of the herbs might fall out inside the unit. This was a bit of a turn-off for me because when your vape creates a mess it’s kind of a drag.

Most people turn the vape upside-down to avoid the herb spillage but I feel it’s kinda silly to have to do that.

I also found it difficult to dial in a good temperature with this vaporizer. Even the same herb at the same temp would give me different results sometimes. Most of the people I had try it said the same thing, that it didn’t seem to produce good quality vapor draws. At times it was too light, and other times too dense (almost burnt tasting) – just overall not very consistent.

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive whip vape this wouldn’t really be a model I would recommend, I would check out the Hot Box and the DaBuddha instead.

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  • Looks like Vapor Bros (which I had). Bought this as a replacement. Its worthless for MJ. Doesn’t get hot enough. bowl is way to big.I threw it in the trash.

  • I had previously posted a comment that I was very frustrated at the lack of information that came with the desktop vape. As a novice user, I was looking for an easy to use device. I use mmj for a back injury after a traumatic car accident.
    Within days, I was contacted by the company with whom I was able to express my disappointment with the lack of info included with the product, including not knowing what screens to get.
    They listened to me and immediately solved the problem. I would not hesitate to contact them via phone if I have any other concerns .
    Their customer service is exemplary.

  • 100% agreement here! I wish the Wish App would have had the name of the Easy Vape on it so I could research it before I bought it! I would have seen this in time to NOT buy it! Ugh. No vapor at all at any setting, though it would heat up beyond measure. No change to the herb at all.

  • This vape is a diamond in the rough if you change the whip/glass out for a hotbox whip/glass. THe glass ice that this comes with is awful. the screen sucks and doesn’t prevent flower from passing so you suck it in etc. Further the glass piece is so small in terms of clearance from the heating element t often combusts.

    The hotbox glass on the other hand puts the flower further away, preventing combustion. It also holds the flower in place better. Set the temp at about 270-280 and you’ll blow huge clouds on a budget.

  • I think this vape is actually a diamond in the rough. If used as designed it works like garbage, but I found a way to use it in a way that makes huge clouds. When my portable vape broke down I wanted a cheap replacement while I filed my warranty claim with the other company. I opened the box for the ez vape it and realized that if I use it as it should be, it probably won’t heat evenly at low temperatures, and probably even burn the product upon contact on higher temperatures, which can’t be prevented since the bowl sits at a slope. So I hold it vertically so the product rests on the coil, but lowered the temperature to 300F so it doesn’t burn it (not too much anyway). Basically if I pack like…..0.1-0.3ish, and just take somewhat gentle and frequent draws,it’s actually efficient. It takes some skill, but for $45 which I got it for, it’s not terrible. I have tried far worst vaporizers costing far more. I will say, it’s a little harsh on the throat sometimes, that much is true.

  • Bought 30 EZ Vape units mfg by NW Cannabis Solutions from Evergreen Market in Renton, WA & after about 3 weeks 25 were either leaking or just would not light up. Brought 1 back the same day we purchased it since it didn’t light up consistently & Evergreen replaced but think they just walked to the back & came back out w/same we brought in since it worked spotty @ best same as original. Attempted to contact NW Cannabis Solutions on several occasions to which I received no reply. So my recommendation is not to deal w/this unadulterated POS, it’s a total ripoff!!!

  • I lightly pack my product in the whip. Never had a problem. If you pack it to the screen, you wouldn’t have the vapor problem either. I agree the temp is off. I use 220-230 anything more burns.

    • Thanks to Will, I just had my best experience with this thing yet. No complaints after doing what he said. :)

  • Hey Bud. The stands I described work great and they have improved my quality of life since I vape a lot and need to multitask. If it’s not against the rules I’ll be happy to give people a link to my stands. Of course I didn’t want to be a dip and do that without your permission.

  • I got an easy vape digital 5 on ebay and It worked ok but the vape material (sage) would fall into the burner element, and sometimes if you stretch too far away from the unit the glass element cover-material chamber would spring off the element and send material everywhere. I ended up sitting around holding my vaporizer upside down in one hand, with the wand in my other hand and no hands free and just frustrated by the whole experience. So I carefully designed a stand that corrects all the problems. It allows the Easy vape to be placed upside down in the stand. The element then faces directly downward and the aforementioned problems are all gone. It becomes a hands-free enjoyable unit to use. I made 4 prototypes then I got the design perfect. I’m selling them but I don’t want to break the rules here and say where. Just sayin, there’s a way around the problems with the Easy Vape 5. If you find my stand elsewhere and don’t want to spend coin on it, at least you can look at my sales pics and see what you could do for yourself. It’s not complicated to make, just a pain (so it’s better to save your valuable spare time and just have me make one foryou).

  • I have a silver whip style digital vaporizer and for some reason it doesn’t heat up anymore. The digital temperature gauge will let me turn the temperature up and down but it doesn’t seem to warm up or burn/vaporize any of the goods. I took the fuse out it looked not burnt or anything. I opened the box and the circuit board didnt look out of the normal. I have no idea what to do. Lol

  • I think the quality control on these is off or something beacuse I’ve had mine for a few years now and while I don’t think the temperature reading is very accurate it’s still within acceptable range–I measured it with a laser thermometer. Beyond that I’ve never had it “burn” weed even on the highest temperature. Usually I tend to set it in the 370-380 range but different herb needed different temperatures, but mine was always consistent.

    I think the real downside is they take quite a long time to heat up and the element isn’t “centered” so the herb must be continually mixed. Then add to that the tilt problem and yeah, it’s kind of meddlesome and I don’t like it, but it’s still better than what a lot of people here are saying. Guess I got lucky and got a good one.

    I have used other ones of this nature and didn’t care for them, definitely know what it is like when it burns the herb instead of vaporizing it. If you can find someone that has a used one that they say works well it might be a good deal.

  • Just tilt it up before putting it on. I think they have improve on it, because I just got a new one, and it doesn’t have any problem with staying on.

  • The Easy Vape vaporizers are a complete joke, a total gimmick that does nothing but burn your herb, I brought the Easy Vape 5 and even at the lowest temp it was still burning, I pulled the unit apart and found the heating element was to close to the end which I managed to pull back a little but it was not enough to stop the burning, I also noticed the glass tube containing the ceramic element was half the length compared with other vaporizers of the same design, in short no thought was put into making it a usable unit.

    I already had a cheap $30 china wooden vaporizer with the digital display and was more than happy with it and the thick tokes it gave me so I decided to spend more and get something better, the Easy Vape 5 was anything but better even at 3x the price, it proves that sometimes paying more gets you less!

    The only positive is that the whip is much better than the ones that come with the cheap Chinese vapor boxes.

  • Good review, you definitely get what you pay for! Coming out of the old school [some text redacted], I was very intimidated about the price of many of the vapes. I’ve owned a lot of nice glass over the years but never spent over $100. The guy at the head shop raved about this one so I said, “what the hell, i’ll give it a go.”

    As some people have commented, gently tapping your herb down keeps it from falling out as long as you are gentle with it. Turning it upside down eliminates the problem of herb falling on the element but of course is retarded. The thing does work but the digital readout is a total joke and not accurate whatsoever, the numbers are completely arbitrary. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought that the temp was in celcius given I was vaping at a 220 readout but no. I’ve never used other vape boxes (like vapor bros) but with this I notice that the heat is not evenly distributed….after a couple draws, the center of the herb chamber is brown but the rest is green….so you need to stir it up periodically.

    It does work but that’s about it. I would compare it to taking herb, torching it with a lighter, and chasing the smoke. It will work but just in a really tedious shitty way. If all you have to spend is $60, I guess it’s ok. Lesson learned!

  • Hi there,

    Have u tested this vape? [Vaporizer Electric Wood]

    I’ve had similar to that quite long time and its quite old and without the power switch and temp control.. and there is metallic inductive(?) heating element. That vape not so good but u can get some vape with a good amount of time and effort.. so would that wooden one from dutch shop be more efficient, wadda u think mate? has that one also metallic element?

    I am thinkin of buying it as a ‘middle-grade’ -vape before getting for example arizer extreme q, which I have been drawlin about quite a time..

    also thinkin about gettin the MFLB.. can u tell me what is the max temp in launch box to vaporize the herbs?

    • Hey I haven’t tried that exact model but many years ago I had one very similar to that and it did not work well at all, so I don’t think I would recommend it.

      I would wait and get a model that is known to perform well, basically any vape I rate 80/100 or higher I like and recommend.

      MFLB is a good little unit, I believe it is calibrated to reach 380°F within 5 seconds of having the battery engaged, but you need to make sure you don’t overheat because the temp could potentially rise higher if you heat for too long or draw too slow.

  • If my understanding is correct this “Easy Vape” machine is nothing but a cheap chinese knock off of the original U.S. made unit by Vapor brothers. The Vapor Brothers machine is much better quality and has a lifetime warranty. The heating element is pure mineral/ceramic material as opposed to the “Easy Vape” half ceramic half metal. This makes for the Vapor Brothers machine much smoother taste and draw (IMO just as good as the DBV or SSF)

    The 2-piece whip that you guys refer to above, is an imitation of the original Vapor Brothers ceramic encased two piece whip (EZ whip). It holds the material between two screens which keeps all the material 3 inches+ away from the heating element solving the combustion problem as well as the angle problem. ;) I get better efficiency with this whip as I can vape all the material evenly. I get lots of draws of a small amount. Great vape if you ask me. Happy vaping!

  • New to the vape thing I went to a pain clinic for a month and a lady had a vape machine there. It was awesome! I recently bought a vape from top-vape model vp-600# the unit was 120 bux comes with a whip with glass bowl and mouth piece. It has one switch on the front to turn on the vape, and one in the back to turn on a fan. Anyway the guy in the store told me to vape at around 350. I have been watching your video’s on youtube and see you say 365. Anyway I am not sure if its even doing anything LOL. Her machine the vape would actually come out of the whip. Mine i hardly get shit. Have you used this machine? Seems to get hot and cold in spurts.

    • Hey I’m not familiar with that exact model but if it was that cheap it may never do a great job vaporizing, however to get best results with almost any vape make sure your material is fully dried out and ground up very fine, then make sure you take long, slow draws and you should be able to get decent results – performance will definitely vary between units.

      • Actually I figured it out, the machine is built side ways and the directions say to put it on the burner and then take it off… Every other vape i have seen has had the bowl straight on top of the burner. So i put it like that and it does the job. At least until i can pony up the cash for a volcano or something. Thank You.

        • are u speaking about the easy vap? if yes what heat setting do you use. I am smoking pot 81 years old
          new to the vap mary

  • Thank you for posting an honest review of this piece of crap. We got burned by one (figuratively speaking). The digital dial is a total fake – we set it to 200 degrees and it still burned our “chamomile” just as much as if we’d lit it up with a lighter. AVOID.

  • Hey guys just wanted to comment on these vapes,i bought one a couple years ago,looked just like that one but didnt have a knob,it had push buttons,but anyways, i quickly found out that i would have to mod the unit to make it more efficent..or to actually even work correctly,First off i had to take the unit apart,i then took a drill/and paddle bit i belive it was 1-1 1/4 in,i then drilled into the top wood of the vape and re angled the heating element straight up and down ,Like the arizer EQ. To make this machine vape with out combusting i had to get a EQ whip setup.It then transformed into a new machine.The factory whip they give you with this machine is not even thought out,does nothing but combust your product because it falls on the element,-.-,long story short..After doing all the mods i did just to get it to work…it worked very well…the only thing i could never resolve is inaccurate temps.My 2 cents

  • Hi, have u tried topoo vaporizer? is this same or even worse, i just bought it and I’ve realized that i lost my money, sometimes it [works] sometimes not as much, never more than a glass [piece], and I dont even know if im getting vape or smoke, and cant find a correct temp to use it but after 300 degrees i think it starts burning my [material]

  • I am surprised by this review. I have had a similar styled Vaper Warez for several years and it is great and I do not turn it upside down. Like any varporizer, there are techniques that have to be learned and mastered. I do not turn my vape upside down, I simply pack the herb lightly against the screen. If you do not move the vape around a lot, the herb will stay put.

    Also I have not had any of the inconsistent heating that you experienced with your product.

    On the positive side, the oven is quite large and the whip allows the user to see the vapor and regulate the inhalation speed if necessary. Stronger inhalation may be required when the herb is nearly spent. I cannot remember what I paid for my vaperwarez 7-8 years ago but it was not cheap, but I know that it has lasted much longer than several of my friends portable vapes that are so freaking pricey these days.

    It would be nice if your reviews included a price component, that is, effectiveness/price. Price is usually a component in review processes. As a retired person, I have some money but I need to watch my expenses.

  • I’m so glad I caught your video review where u say it like it is about this pathetic performer.

    I went to get my card renewed here in Cali after a decade of chamomile-free life lol ;~) and anyways needless to say 10 years ago we werent as into vaping as I am now so I went to the local head shop with a hundred dollars looking for a “Quality Vape” lol needless to say I had done no research. I hadn’t imagined an online marketplace for this stuff like there clearly is (and boy am I happy there is!). I didn’t think there were “name brand” vapes ie the volcano or my beloved Łaunch Box :-)
    So why research? Back in the day we could trust the local guy. But not this time. This shop has VERY arrogant owners.
    Long nightmare story short they sold me the E z Vape for too much money (which I DON’T even care too much about IF IT WORKSSS. so I got a volcano and I’m in heaven. Everyone get one. They’re perfect for u. Lol IMO) and it didn’t even come with Any instructions or Warnings. Remember I havn’t even handled a pipe in 10 years let alone this ghastly contraption! Awkward glass piece. Yuck.

    Oh and because there was no label and because I’m basically a newbie again and didn’t know any better I I haled ALLLLLLL of the manufactures glue or whatever that stuff is. (It was both sad to know I lost the brain cells and a very high time to say the least.

    I ALMOST started to believe that the herb today really is a super seed compared to the nineties or whatever…but then the glue eventually ran out and I had trouble getting lifted on chamo for awhile after that. It was a derisory problem for me. I went thru SO MUCH money on the herb. Just ran thru it. My sensitivity was layered off. I couldn’t feel the effects of JUST the herb. I actually seemed to need the glue.

    It’s sickening. I hate to even think about it. And if (despite TRYING to make ME feel hella guilty for returning a used Vape) I hadn’t returned the e zvape (he only gave me store credit up to HALF of what I paid. I shoulda put a rock thru his window but I’m not a low-life. He totally risked my health and my LIFE! Who knows what could have happened.) I would have sued them and one. But I’m not a sue-happy person either.

    But that was criminal what that irresponsible store owner did. He should have guided me to the best Vape for me—and thrown in the damn instructions that came with it.

    He had the nerve to basically commandeer me as i picked out my replacement piece to leave his store a POSITIVE REVIEWinder the cause that: no other head shop owner around would have taken back a used Vape. He said I “used and abused it”. The thing was probably any moment away from self combusting. I NEVER EVER felt safe with that thing in my room. Evn unplugged if it was still warm I didn’t trust it

    Effie cheap. U get what u pay for…with the exception of the Launch Box. U get so much more than u pay for with those guys. Love Magic-Flight That’s why I’m not sure I’m a Pax guy. Design I love is kinda weird lol

    Be good, from Cali!

  • yo man I brought my easy vape a while ago before seeing your vids , have you tried turning it upside down lol? it helps keep your herbs in

    • Hey sup yea if you turn it upside down it’s a little easier to manage, it’s just silly to have to do that

      • I use the Easy Vape and have gotten used to turning the unit upside down so the herb doesn’t spill out of the whip — which is crazy. You mention an after market whip which takes care of this issue but the only ones I find online claim to make cleaning easier b/c the newer 2-piece whip separates, which makes the screen accessible. They don’t mention the herb no longer falling out.

        Is this what you’re talking about or is there another replacement vape whip that’ll hold the herb in better?

        Thanks for your review and advice.

  • hmm im curious.. have you ever tried using EQ parts with this vape? might be able to just stick the cyclone bowl and whip on there… might help……….