The Best Desktop Vaporizer For Dry Herb

These are my top picks for best desktop vaporizer of 2023. If you don’t have a good plug-in unit at home then you my friend are missing out on some serious performance! For something cordless check out my picks for best portable vaporizer.

» Volcano  *All-time best desktop vape, I’ve had mine since 2009Volcano The Volcano is what I consider to be the gold standard of desktop vaporizing.

I’ve been using my specific unit that you see in my pics since 2009! This vape has actually been on the market for over a decade now, and it’s still at the top of the charts which is both impressive and maddening.

**UPDATE: Storz & Bickel has released a Volcano Hybrid model with some new features, but I still love my Classic model too. You can watch my full video on the Volcano review page.

This is a balloon-style vape which means the base unit itself acts like a big fan, and it basically blows super-heated air over your herb and vaporizes it. The vapor then collects inside the bag you attach on top and when it’s full you then sip the vapor from the bag at your leisure.

Vapor quality is top-shelf, the Volcano set the bar in this department a long time ago and other companies are still struggling to match its performance.

The build quality of this one is also at a level you don’t see from other manufacturers, they really know what they’re doing over there in Germany and take their vape stuff super seriously.

Click here to buy the Volcano Vaporizer from

Previous top picks:


Plenty Vaporizer Vaporizers : Desktop Storz & Bickel
*Super strong vapor – closest experience to smoking

The Plenty produces some of the strongest, most potent vapor I’ve ever experienced. Head over to and snag the Plenty to help elevate your next session.

I consider this one to be the closest experience to smoking because of how strong it is and because of its extremely low draw resistance.

The unit you see in my photos I’ve had since 2012 and I use it constantly, it’s one of my all-time personal favorites. Whenever I want a nice strong session this is one of the first vapes that comes to mind.

It definitely looks pretty weird, I’m not sure what they were thinking with the design, but man oh man is the performance impressive. If you don’t feel like you’re getting where you want to be with other vapes, or if you’re thinking of switching to vaping but aren’t sure it’ll be strong enough, this is the vape for you.

Aside from the strength and potency the vapor is extremely smooth and comfortable and the flavor is also super pure. I really can’t think of many bad things to say about this one, it truly does impress me especially considering how long ago it came out!

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

*The perfect combination of conduction and convection heating

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is a truly revolutionary device that combines the best of both worlds – conduction and convection heating. It can be used to vaporize both dry herb and concentrates, giving you a more versatile experience than ever before. With precise temperature control and intelligent heat-up time, it’s one of the best vaporizers on the market today.

The Volcano Hybrid uses two different heating elements to create pure, flavorful vapor: a ceramic conduction plate and a stainless steel convection plate. The conduction element heats up your herbs faster while the convection element gently draws out flavor from your material without burning it. With the hybrid option you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to customize your vaping experience according to your needs.

The Volcano Hybrid also features an intuitive LED display that allows you to easily monitor your temperature and adjust it as desired for maximum flavor extraction. With its hands-free automatic shut off feature, you don’t have to worry about leaving your device running after each session. Plus, all parts are crafted from premium materials that are FDA approved for safety and durability.

If you’re in search of a top-notch vaporizer that delivers exceptional performance, durable build, and precise temperature control, the Volcano Hybrid is a perfect option.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme-Q

*Good entry-level desktop vape

The Extreme-Q vaporizer by Arizer is a great performing unit for the price, which is under $200. Check out the Extreme-Q at and see if you need this desktop vaporizer in your arsenal.

I don’t personally love the feel or build quality of the parts but I can’t deny that the performance is there in most scenarios.

This is a combo vape that can be used with a whip (long tube) or with a balloon (you fill the bag with vapor). It’s not particularly amazing in either mode but it’s definitely good at both and provides a satisfying experience for most people who buy it.

Vapor quality is very good and you’re able to pretty easily adjust the density of it by playing around with the temp settings. I wouldn’t consider this one to be very consistent but once you get the hang of it and figure out the best way to use it you can get the results you want.

Arizer also makes some popular portable vapes called the Air and the Solo, and all of their units provide a very good value by performing above their class.

Stay up!


  • I recommend checking out the Vapbong from Art Of Vapor. Artisan made in Germany by hand and the very best connoisseur desktop vape on the market globally in my humble opinion. The reason I say that is because I own and have tons of experience with all of the other top tier desktop vapes available globally. I find it very hard to say that any other desktop vaporizer is better than the Vapbong. It’s pricy like all the other top tier desktop vapes but definitely worth the price.

  • Hi Bud,
    I need your help. Considering purchasing Hydrology 9 due to it looking well engineered and currently discounted at a sweet price. Anyway, I have truly searched for an affordable vape that also gives quality clean vapor. I couldn’t find any reviews from Vape Critic and I would REALLY like your onion on this vaporizer. Thank you

  • Volcano Hybrid is the best conduction vaporizer out there. Nothing heats up as fast and produces vapor like this monster.

    That being said.. the whip is a let down due to the fact that the heating chamber is made out of plastic. Ignorance is bliss? Wrong. Just because plastic does not melt does not mean its not vaporizing anything else. Nothing is 100% in this world people.

    Just replace the heating chamber with something non-plastic and this upgrade will be worth it… because right now if you are looking for a Volcano.. stick to the original.

    • No thanks. I’ll go with the hybrid. There’s nothing wrong with the plastic chamber.. Ps the original volcano with the easy valve uses plastic too. So does the mighty and the plenty. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Hey my company created the Silver Surfer Vaporizer used by Snoop dogg, Willie Nelson and other dope humans! Have you ever tried our units? I will put our vaporizers against any you have used! How can we get in contact?

  • Dude!

    You are my go-to guy when I need info about vaping!!! Keep doing what you are doing.

    I currently own a Fury 2, and was thinking of stepping up in flavor and potency with my vaping experience. I have my eye on the Ghost MV-1, but was wondering if it compares to desktops in the same price range. If so, which ones? Looking for a device that DOESN’T USE A BALLOON/BAG!

    What sayegh you?

  • Hey Dude

    Michael from the UK. Just wanted to say and MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you for your reviews and everything you do for the vape scene. In the UK we are very behind and lost people don’t even know about the vapes you review. I literally wouldn’t have a clue if it wasn’t for you and people like ‘sneaky pete’.

    You have introduced me to vapes like the firefly 2 and Solo 2 and I really enjoy watching your videos.

    Stay up,
    Michael, Essex, UK

  • Hi Bud,

    As one of my usual go-to’s for 3rd party objective reviews, I am very surprised that you are not reviewing the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer!

    Actually, I’m somewhat astonished!!

    Stay up,

  • Lsv is still strongest imo no challenge. Literally knock your ass out like some cartoon shit.

  • Hey Bud, that VRod vape kit is $616 to start?! That’s a big difference rom $315 you quoted?? Is there one config not listed on their site?

  • No verdamper there, which is way better than the volcano as I haven’t had to buy anything extra for it since I bought it over 5 years ago. I keep having to replace a plastic part on the volcano solid valve, buy bags, screens and all manner of extras. I like the volcano and still use it but not as much as my verdamper.

  • Hi

    Do you have a store front? I am visiting the area and I need some parts for my bubba buddy (not its real name).

  • Highly recommend the Canadian company Arizer. I have the Q and the Air, for desktop and portable, they are incredible units and very cheap price wise. The parts are all glass (whip is food grade silicon) so you get the best taste possible. The Air has a swappable rechargeable battery which was the selling point for me. Buy 3-4 extra for super cheap and you don’t even need to take the power cord on a weekend trip. I got the original Q desktop for about 150 CDN so just over 100 USD, it is the same unit without a remote control and blower. If you are like me and don’t enjoy using bags, this is THE unit for me, you will not be disappointed. Finally their customer service is top notch and they will replace your unit quickly if anything goes wrong. It may sound like it but I have no affiliation to Arizer lol.

  • So I am looking to get back into vaping. I’ve tried it a couple times, but it never hit the spot for me for, so I smoked/vapes, and eventually gave away the vapes. Since then ive been a heavy smoker with a very high tolerance. I am planning to take a t break and when I come back to it I would like to vape do to health. I am looking for the most potent vaporizer out there. I am considering mighty for a portable and either handshake evo or plenty for outlet use. Anybody have any recommendations on the most potent/healthy vaporizers out there?

    • i´m 100% happy with plenty and crafty really the best choice…the vape is stronger than my loungs..
      i was a strong smoker….i smoke since 4 months nothing ,just vaping…before up to 10joints or 5g a day..i nee less herb since i tolerance goes automaticly the moment i smoke 2 to 2.5g a day.
      nicotine was my bigger probleme.i solved it with an e-zigarette.nicotine makes a four times higher addiction than cocaine……….

      have a nice day

    • HI Max,
      Late reply here.
      Ex-cig smoker. Reintroduced to the whole new world of Cannabis after I quit. All the ickiest symptoms from the end of my tobacco days returned-coughing up disgusting colored junk and just coughing all the time. Had to quit mj. Suggestions to get a vape! It was that or nothing…but I LOVED VAPING MORE THAN SMOKING IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE.
      Every new vape got me so damned stoned trying to make clouds, I had to stop and try again next time! This was on the invisible fumes!
      I’m on the Pax 3 now. The EVO (great if you like the bong-hit smoke experience). X tremeQ gets you silly stoned, but takes awhile to heat up and I got inpatient next the bowl was glowing orange and I was freaking SMOKING! LOL the tubing got really stinky, which wasn’t working with my household. Gave it to some young stoners who loved it! It’s fairly cheap.
      I also have the Ghost-Bud raved about it;) They all took me a while (a week, maybe) to master. Watching videos helps the learning curve.
      You will love vaping more than smoking! Just get a good one. Don’t cheap out with a little herb pen that is basically a pipe w/o needing a lighter.
      Good luck, my friend!!!

  • I entered you promo for the volcano and it doesnt say anything about a free carrying bag. Any ideas?

  • Hey Bud, love your reviews, but am scratching my head at the fact that the Vapolution 3 isn’t on this list. It belongs among the top tier picks, as it definitely holds its own performance-wise. As far as flavor goes, it’s practically unmatched and the design provides a much more enjoyable experience due to the fact that you don’t have to grind your herbs. Off of .3 you’re getting about 10 FLAVORFUL hits, with evenly toasted, recyclable vapor pellets—talk about efficiency. Combine all that and it’s current price point and you have the makings for a top tier vaporizer deserving of the utmost praise. 100% glass-on-glass makes a WORLD of difference!

    • im in new zealand and have a hard time smoking without fits of coughing eveytime.i have try a pen vap but dose not give me enough to be satisfied.can you mail this desk top volcano without customs convifcating it as we have quite tough regulations.i have pain in my back ,hip,and knee as working construction all my life and trying not to take so many pain killers in the form of opiods.thanks gary

  • Only one company that I vape from, VaporBrothers. Made in the USA and as good as a volcano. Been using mine for over 10 years, always on, always hot!

  • Between the vapexhale evo and the volcano. Which one do you prefer and why? I am looking to buy one. I own a mighty vape and davinci iq that i use regularly but the mighty is my go to vape if i had to choose one. I completely stopped smoking blunts so now i am lookin for a desktop vaporizer in which i am willing to spend but i cant afford both. I am from los angeles and vaping out here is not as popular. What do you recommend?

    • I personally own a vapexhale but have used a volcano many times at smoke cafes. The volcano is definitley a tank in terms of durability and preformance, perfect for large groups as you can fill a large bag and pass it around with no worries of clumsy friends who may drop it. The reason i opted for a vapexhale was purely for concentrates, as the glass nail and bubblers offer an experience similar to a rig with tons of customizable attachments for personal smoking preference; the volcano can vape concentrates aswell but it uses a mesh pad setup which Im not a fan of and filling a bag with concentrate builds up residue much faster almost as if your loosing part of your hit. If you get a chance you should try both of them to see which suits your specific needs in terms of strength and flavour.

    • I own both the Vapexhale evo and the volcano classic.I would have to say the Evo it’s much harder and uses less material, but the volcano is a great balloon Vape that is extremely dependable and durable. I personally use the Evo more often

  • Hi, I brought a portable vap last year for about $100 and it broke after 8 months is that normal for the price?
    also I don’t need a portable vap can be a desktop but could do with one which is easy to use because I mainly need it at night to help me sleep and with pain.
    Thank you for your reply

  • Hi!!!

    I have a Plenty and it is great! But I have a concern.

    When I’m using it and it gets hot, the thermometer start to show a little bit of vapor condensation inside. Is it normal? Or should I worry?

    Have it ever happened to you?

    Thanks for your help!

    I really enjoy watching and reading your analysis.

  • herbalizer should be on this list! thickest, smoothest vapor ive ever had and ive tried a lot

  • If Vapolution isnot reviewed, that a loss of credibility right there. Biased yep.price,use,cmmon sense ,made in USA. 100 BUCKS O frills, just performance

  • I’m curious why you say that the plenti is closest to a smoking High. I’ve always shied away from Vapes as I’ve heard they don’t give the same Buzz as from smoking but I’m at the point now where my lungs simply can’t handle smoking anymore. The way I’m used to smoking is from taking one large hit from my bong and from what I read online The VapelXhale Evo seemed like the best way to imitate the effect that I’ve got from smoking from a bong. But what you said about the Plenty is giving me pause.

    • I had the same concerns about switching from a bong because I have used one for over 30 years (it used to be hi-tech) and recently switched over to vaping (because of respiratory issues like weazing and always coughing). I loved my bong and was afraid it wouldn’t be the same. But now I think its actually better. I never missed my bong for one second, and its all of the things I enjoyed without the stuff I didn’t (falling asleep, paranoia, health issues, and just reaking of herb). My pen I use now doesn’t give me HUGE cloud, but that’s ok case I still get HUGE results without it, and it stretches my usage out for longer periods!

    • Volcano. My V2pro keeps failing me. (not holding a charge, deciding to turn off completely after two tokes on a full charge. Plus it hardly holds anything!) I mainly use at home, so a desktop seems the right way to go. But the last of any disposable income went to the government to apply for my card!

  • My thoughts and money will be going to the volcano. I have interest in the flower pot.I would honesty love to have one of each. Thanks again Toronto vaporizer.

  • Im lost why Vapolution is not here.High quality, works amazing, cheap price, made in USA,. I I mean cmon review it. Yes you review some cheap vapes, but g d get in yhe real world most people dont have, 200,255,300 and even more.

  • About to buy my first vape. I know nothing about oil/shatter/vapes or anything else they have at the dispensary. I’ve only smoked joints my whole life, and my lungs just can’t take it anymore. I was wondering if you had an opinion on the “da budda” vape?

    I was about to buy it until I found your site. I would start with a desktop vape, then a portable. My chief concerns are:

    – taste* and smoothness
    – durability/quality
    – less than $300
    – Simple operation and maintenance.

    Would love your suggestion for someone like me.

  • I’m wondering about maintenance on the darn vapes. I use the Extreme-Q, and it’s a pain! The little screen that fits inside the bowl-end of the whip gets clogged after a couple uses. It’s a bad design. I personally like the whip though. Is there any vape around that uses a whip, heats up in a decent amount of time, has a bowl large enough to share, and isn’t a pain to clean?

    • Ah man Dave you’d think there’d be more of those but there’s really only a few good ones. Clogging screens is a common problem with whip vapes, as is keeping them clean.

      Maybe a Vapor Bothers?

      • Bud, I love my extreme Q, I bought it on your recommendation and have used it daily for over 3 years without fail. When the screen gets too much activated THC on it, I simply turn up the temp and burn it off. Those are some of the best hits!

    • Dave – If you still enjoy using a whip style vaporizer, you might still consider going with the Vapexhale unit because it can also be used as a whip style vaporizer in addition to it being used with a bong and/or their Hydratubes!

      I’ve personally been using a whip style vaporizer since 2005 and despite the new technology, I’ve always found them to be superior to other options. I just recently made the switch to the Vapexhale vaporizer primarily because it still allows for the whip to be used!

      Also, the Vapexhale screen doesn’t get nearly as clogged as my old whip style vaporizer did and it still heats up quick, has a large bowl, and is super easy to clean!

    • I have the Extreme Q and love it… Only problem is the screens clogging as you mentioned. I currently have 8 screens and rotate them (you can buy extra from Arizer). I use one for 2 days and then throw it in a bag with alcohol in it and after a week, the screen is brand new. I use about 8 of them and just rotate the screen and never have had this issue since. I also have an extra whip and glass pieces and when using one set, the other set is soaking in alcohol cleaning.

      • adding, I hook my whip up to a bubbler and pull my vapor thru water and it works fantastic. I love my set up better than the volcano by far. I am looking at the cloud though as something different to smoke out of.