Comparison: Crafty, Mighty, Firefly 2 and PAX 2

Crafty vs Firefly vs PAX

These are three of the best portable vaporizers I’ve ever reviewed – all time.

I’m talkin about the Crafty, Firefly 2 and PAX 2, and my video review above is an in-depth analysis and comparison of the 3 (plus the Mighty, actually).

Basically everything that I think you should know about these vapes is in that video, it’s over an hour long. (get your vape ready…)

If there’s something I didn’t answer that you’re curious about please feel free to post it below.

Once you know which model you want I would then recommend watching or reading my full review of that one to get even more details and to see close up pics.

Stay up!


  • The Firefly 2 gets props for great vapor, but too many negative comments for that price tag. The Crafty, again, great vapor but I’m put off by the many negative comments regarding the battery and overall longevity of the unit. I really enjoy the Pax 3. Beautiful, functional and discreet. The Mighty, not so pretty. Certainly not discreet, but man does it function. I was feeling a bit guilty for ordering the Mighty just 2 months after buying the Pax 3, but after using the Mighty all weekend, that guilt is long gone.

    He’s the best analogy for the two vapes: The Pax 3 is like the pretty girl you take out on Friday night. The Mighty is the one you go home to.

  • I switched from an original davinci to an original pax and now to a firefly2. They all do the trick, but firefly 2 is the easiest to use and clean. The cleaning part is a big deal, because on both the pax and davinci, it was a real production to clean, and if you didn’t do it every 10 smokes or so, you really had a decline in vapor.

  • YOU are the man. So true.. I had A CRAFTY for 40 hours but it broke, Stortz n Bickel were a Nightmare with customer service. So I looked into the PAX 3. What I found out is that with modifications, I am a ONE OR TWO hitter guy, Medical. The Pax 2 was all I needed. Differences are gloss finish on the 3 that most say Sux. Same oven, heats up faster. but i can wait 45 seconds .. The Pax 2 vape taste is same as crafty , and my initial reaction to the 279 dollar crafty was ( I Got Robbed) I have since waited till the PAX 3 came out to buy the PAX 2.. I don’t need this years JORDANS to be trendy, I want ACTION and the PAX 2 with Vented Pusher Bottom and 3d Screen by NEW VAPE.. It SMOKES the CRAFTY, 3 Bowls n Done. The Mighty (which I tried too order, but they were DICKS) so I can’t tell you but the PAX 2 for 76 BUCKS (BTW) Not Counterfeit already CHECKED and Warranted n Registered for their 10 YEAR WARRANTEE 9 Bowls a day and haVE NOT RUN OUT OF POWER.. for me Wind surfer paddle boarder kayaker.. PAX 2 and a good case…


  • I just started to follow you. I want to get a convection vaporizer, only convection. Can you please recommend your top 3 between 150-250 price range please .

  • Wow , Bud! That was hands-down the best review of anything ever :) Incredibly thorough. You addressed everything I wanted to know and many points I’d never thought about. I hadn’t even been considering these models, but watched the video hoping to get some general info. And, damn, did I! I got a much clearer understanding of conduction vs. convection systems, what type of draw each requires, and what grinds and packing works best for each type. And you covered many pros and cons of each type. And then on to the individual vapes. And then a bonus session of learning about charging. (I did know about USB 2.0, but not portable charging stations. I need at least 20. Haha.)

    Just wanted to say how impressed I am. Been browsing the site and have been consistently impressed, but this takes the cake… err… buds!

  • hi,
    I want know, how is better? the mighty or the davinci IQ???
    I have the ascent davinci, but i don´t like that, because i’m not feel the vapour…

    • They’re both awesome you can’t go wrong with either one!

      Pick whichever one you like the look of most, and learn about the specific features of each so you know how they differ.

      For example, the IQ has a removable battery and the Mighty does not (some people prefer that).

    • Good luck getting service on the IQ. Worst ever. And heats up to hurt your hand.

  • I’m torn between the FireFly 2, Haze 3 and Crafty
    I have a GPro By Grenco Science.
    I’m a daily user and would like better flavor and vaper that isn’t so hot.
    I vape at the lowest setting for most of my bowl? I don’t complete the whole bowl at once I like to do multiple sessions throughout the day.
    I’ve had to replace the top a few times on my Gpro because it cracks due to heat and when you try unscrewing the screen. Always have to use the extended mouthpiece due to the heat as well. So with that info can you make a recommendation? Thanks again for your reviews

  • General Vape – It is not a Vaporizer if its not glass and scientific metal. Plastics are health risks and don’t taste good. Crafty – Mighty – Are on my do not buy list just by the defect rate. I don’t want to buy it even if there isn’t a defect, knowing one can loom, can it be dangerous since this is a heating device?. DON’T BUY THE MIGHTY OR CRAFTY. I am stuck with mine a waste of a small fortune. Mighty / Crafty – Slow, too many plastic parts for my liking (taste and Cancer Related Materials).

    The Firefly 2 is of Glass and Scientific Level Metal. The Firefly 2 uses convection oven technology. The Airflow is always better with convection. The air is cooler because the air passes through the scientific grade metal and glass. Super efficient and powerful. The battery is very good, keep 2 charged so you have more flexibility if needed. The app is very good. Its easy to clean. The company stand behind its product. This unit is as productive in every way as a top of the tier desktop. In fact you probably wont be using your desktop unit anymore. The only thing you need is herbs, a grinder and an electrical outlet. I am excited about this product and have been told I will be getting a unit I can do my next video on. UPDATE 8/16/16 — I still have not received my demo unit. Stay tuned

    Pax is a well marketed vape, made of hardened plastic, draw resistance, difficult to clean. Battery life ok, but not replaceable and you cant use vape while charging. I would run from this one.

    So back to the Glass and Scientific Metals Requirements, the only Portable Vapes that I recomend is the Firefly 1, Firefly 2, Arizer Solo and Arizer Air. DEMAND GLASS AND METAL.

    • The firefly sucks. I don’t understand people that like it. Just horrible. Why can’t anyone make a good vape? I’ve tried them all. I hate this.

  • i have a pax 2, had a firefly 1 and now just got my firefly 2… i wanted the firefly 2 to be my favorite but you have to constantly mess with ut to get hits. at first it’s short heat up time and average size hits, after a few hits heat up takes longer and longer, sometimes i have to do 2 or 3 heat cycles to get the vape to come out. it’s definately more conservative but it’s because half the time you’re screwing with it and taking 30 second draws. it’s like try to drink ice cream through a straw. the pax 2 i have heats and makes huge clouds with no bs. i get a way bigger buzz from it and if i want to conserve i take a couple hits, turn it off, and take another hit to clear it out then take off the oven lid for a sceond to let the heat out. then i turn it on when i want it again. i hate it but firefly 2 just isn’t user friendly or efficient.

  • I don’t recall your having compared the relative coolness of the vapor for these three: Crafty, FF and Pax 2. As an older vaporist (73) I really prefer cool vapor. Please share your opinion on that, as I wish to buy a new vape soon. [I have been following your reviews now for about two years, …ever since I started vapeing.] Great Advice and Thank You!

  • Hey man I have a question.
    I’ve owned the Arizer air now for some time and absolutely love everything about it except for the draw resistance. Would you pick the crafty or the firefly 2?

  • My question to you is this: Is the upgrade to the Pax2 worth it? I have always liked my Pax and it still seems to be going strong, but recently if been thinking about the pax2 and possibly upgrading. Do you think it’s worth it? Or would I be better off with a different model/Brand or maybe a better Vape for concentrates because I have been leaning more towards them lately. Any thoughts? By the way I’m not even going to begin listing all my pens and vapes cause it’s embarrassing. I’ll give ya a few Pax, Davinci, Assent (so disappointed), MFL (Gave it away), Gravity, Aura, waxy, Atmos Thermo DW, Kiln and Boost. Like I said I’ll stop there it starts getting embarrassing.

  • from watching and reading your reviews…

    the crafty fits 0.3g and 12-20 pulls per session?
    firefly 2 fits 0.15g and 6-8 pulls per session?
    pax 2 fits 0.3g and 15-20 pulls? per session?

    per session meaning i have to change out the herbs or i can use the same herbs multiple sessions?

    thanks !

  • Hey Bud – I’m new to the vape world and I’m after a portable (dry herb) vape that’s as close to the Firefly 2 as possible but in a cheaper range. I mainly have very short sessions. 1-3 draws and not super regular user, so I’d want something like the Firefly 2 where I can set the thing down for a few days and use more of the same herb that’s in the vape. The conduction style ones seem like I’d waste a whole heap of herb with the type of user that I am.
    What do you think would be some good options for me?
    Thanks man

  • I would love your take on the 7th floor Sidekick i am almost ready to pull the trigger and would do if you liked it

  • Are u planning to review the new G pen elite? How u think that stacks up with these top vapes?

  • Hi Bud – I am perusing your site and reading/watching various reviews and I just want to say thanks. I agree with some of what was posted above, to wit: you give it straight and even though you acknowledge that some vendors pay you, you are right that it does not appear to influence your reviews, good or bad points.

    Also, I’m glad you only compared three vaporizers in this video as I’m not sure how much more you could vape during demonstrations and stay coherent! LOL

  • Sweet vid.! I’ve always appreciated the fact you don’t sugar coat the cons in any of your reviews,its what separates you from the “Hey I got a free vape so here’s a kiss-ass review” types.
    I dig the informal format of this one also,gives you time to get a little deeper into stuff like charging,grinding ect. Plus it let’s more of your personality show through,and when you have a sense of humor like yours that’s a good thing. (Plus loosing the shades is cool,even if I did lose a bet that you were a Cylon).
    Please don’t forget the work you’re doing is helping people….a lot. You’ve saved me money several times and I thank you for that!
    Soooo…..have I kissed enough ass to get on the short list for a firefly 2? Lol,just fuckin’ with ya,keep the faith my man!

  • There are end caps available for the Pax 2. I just use one on the bottom. Leave it on during heat up. No smell. Reset between hits. No smell. Reset during shut down. No smell. Pretty much solves the problem.

  • I have been watching your videos for some time now….. I was actually the first one to reply the other day to this very reviw…… It is certainly a fun pass time listening to your commentary when I wanna just break away….so thank you….. I guess I had a question as I dissect through this recent super bowel-esque review that has me completely sold on the new Firefly 2…… It sounds totally awesome……I feel like it would be a great upgrade from my PAX 1, that I own……hopefully it has a good response when available to us simple folk… have a great job I must say…..But anyway……the question I had for you….if you would be so kind to answer….. when using the same product in your vast library……I was wondering what vaporizer provides you the best high, or more specifically makes you the most high.? I feel like you would say the volcanoI….but I don’t know….I started with a vertical vapor tower around 2010; my brother loves his vaportower too…then got an aluminum vapor genie aluminum bat around 2011……very affordable and pretty efficient….I am surprised you have never reviewed them…..then I convinced my brother to get an atmos raw….2012…it was horrible-burnt product…so I got a PAX maybe around 2013…..2015 got a digital volcano and it has stood up to all that you have said it to be….so is it the volcano? Your breakdown of it all is ever so informative….but I guess I never heard you say….”this” vaporizer will get you the most high….Is it the dragonfly 2 over the volcano? thanks. Have you ever had a beer by Weyerbach called a Blithering Idiot? I am sipping on one with my volcano warming my mind at 360 as I listen to your review and type this……over and out….

  • Always been a big fan Bud, but tbh I feel like this is like a summary of your other 3 reviews than a video with new information.

    Can you compare them on a scale of 10, regarding these categories please: (i.e. put them all in a chart)

    Vapor quantity:
    Vapor Quality:
    Battery life (based on draws):

    Thank you!

  • Regarding at the beginning of the video when you were talking about how some people had to end up paying for a replacement battery for their crafty or mighty while other got theirs replaced for free. S&B changed their battery replacement policy recently I believe. If your battery has under 80 hours of use when it kicks the bucket they will replace it for you for free, but if it has over 80 hours of use they won’t cover it and will make you pay for a new battery.

      • While I’m not sure how recent this change that Mark is stating took place, I’ve been very found of S&B’s policy. For me, I was using my crafty like a madman (full bowls multiple times a day) and my crafty just sorta died on me (battery most likely) and since it was still covered under warranty, S&B charged me only $60 to upgrade to a Mighty with warranty. Literally two of the best purchases I’ve ever made in regards to the company and how great they are. I’m quite interested in the Firefly 2 though… Gonna have to see how it performs come May (fingers crossed there are no major defects like the crafty first did)

        Anyways, cheers Bud! Thanks for leading people on the right path when it comes to vaporizers. You’re leading a revolutionary health-conscious movement probably far greater than you might actually realize!

        P.S. How do you like your Firefly 2 btw :)?



  • Wow man. Thanks again for a great review. Any chance you get your hands on a Grasshopper? I’m sure if you told them it was for reviewing purposes they would get you one. Anyways, thanks again for all your hard work!

  • With the firefly 2 cleaning the chamber with alcohol you can damage the heating oven right.

    • If you just wipe the inside with an ISO dampened paper towel it’s totally fine, you just don’t want to pour iso inside or submerse it

      • Bud hello … I’m new here, I saw that you are well prepared, then I would ask you advice if you can help me …. seeking a portable vaporizer was oriented crafty or firelady2 read that crafty has problems to the battery but I think it’s not a problem I could I always take it apart and change are practical in these firefly2 of things not yet know faults and virtues in Italy still not available but I might take it online. however, having said that my question is since I am a smoker of hashish marijuana pipes then use to buzz not terapia short like a nice hit in the head but I’m thinking of giving up in part to combustion and seeking a safe and efficient portable vaporizer with highs assured what do I recommend I would not go wrong vaporizer purchase cost as much as both thanks in advance