Puffco Pro Review

This is the brand new Puffco Pro 2 vaporizer pen for wax, and I think it’s a great all-around upgrade from the original Pro model which you can find my full review of farther down the page.

The new one is smaller, made of nicer materials, and has an updated atomizer. Check out some of my updated pix below.

Puffco Pro 2 New vs Original Puffco Puffco Coil

Below is my review of the original Puffco Pro pen:

Puffco Pro The Puffco Pro is a sexy-looking vape pen with an elegant feel.

Puffco Pro Atomizer

It’s big. The ceramic-lined chamber can hold roughly ~.3g of concentrate, which is definitely above average.

At the bottom of the chamber is a ceramic rod wick wrapped with a titanium coil. It’s pretty deep, so sometimes I find it difficult to load a little bit of my wax directly onto the coil.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend loading this atomizer with at least ~.2g for the best performance and efficiency. I really haven’t found it to be very great with small amounts at a time, it’s obvious that this one was designed to just be packed full every time (well, at least 2/3 full).

When you load it you wanna make sure that there’s some kind of air path through your concentrate down to the oil. If no air can pass through you might not get a good draw so just use your dab tool to make a little air hole for the best performance.

Puffco Atomizer The extra large chamber is cool, but one of the drawbacks is that your oil may have a tendency to get stuck around the edges, and sometimes down under the coil as well. Every dozen puffs or so I would open it up quickly and move the wax back onto the coil if necessary.

The best way to clean out the atomizer is really just to turn it upside-down and run through two heat cycles on high. Whatever’s left in there will come leaking out so do this over a paper towel to avoid a mess.

If you wanted to reclaim any oil stuck in there and use it again there’s a few ways you can do it, but here’s one simple method: Get a hair dryer, some parchment paper, and a pair of tongs. Grab your atomizer with the tongs and hold it upside-down over the paper, then gently heat it with the hair dryer, and after about a minute or so your oil should start leaking out onto the paper.

Performance, Efficiency & Vapor Quality

When I load .3g in there I get 50-70 puffs on average, and this is with taking a ~4 second draw and vaping on the low heat setting. As far as efficiency goes I can’t complain about that at all, that’s a high number of pulls from one packing.

Puffco Components I’d say the quality of the vapor it produces is very good, and above average. The taste is clean and the vapor is smooth and comfortable, and it works equally well with both smaller and larger draws.

There’s a tiny bit of draw resistance when you’re pulling from it, so it’s not as free-flowing as some other models, but it’s still totally acceptable.

However, something I don’t like is that the atomizer will sometimes feel clogged, meaning I’ll go to take a pull from it and it’ll just feel stuck, like no air getting through.

To fix this all I usually have to do is pull on it strongly on a few times while tapping the power button, and then it’ll feel like it “unclogs”. Simple fix, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t annoying when it happens.

Temperature-Controlled Battery

The battery is pretty small compared to most full-size pens, and it has 3 heat settings:

Puffco Cloud GREEN = Low
BLUE = Medium
RED = High (yes I am)

To cycle between the three levels you tap the power button 4 times and wait a second (tapping it 5 times will turn it off).

I don’t notice any difference in the speed at the which the coil heats up between the different settings, but I do see a slight difference in the maximum temperatures (the coil glows a tad brighter on high heat).

The battery charges up for me in just about 3 hours or so, and it does last through quite a bit of usage before it dies. It’s hard to say exactly how long because usage styles vary widely between users, but compared to other pens I own it’s right in line with what I would expect.


This is a great pen if you don’t mind loading a decent amount of wax at a time, and the build quality and feel is certainly above average.

It’s not the best with small amounts, but when you pack a lot you do get quite a few draws, so the efficiency ends up being pretty good.

Sometimes I’ll randomly get a clogged feeling when I go to take a pull, but aside from that the vapor it produces is smooth and comfortable with a nice clean flavor.

Stay up!


  • I would like to take the time out to say thank you puffco for making an excellent pen… I am a veteran and was with weed for warriors ..and we did a lot of dabbing and I have tried many pens over the years and I must say yours is the best… if you keep the pen clean like you have to clean all pens because of the oil it is excellent and you get a great hit with this pen…I really love the sash mode I love this pen.. again thank you very much puffco for an excellent pen and I will be investing your Peak…

  • I still haven’t seen you do a review of the summer 2018 puffco plus. It’s a great pen, a shame your reviews let people think it’s not good.

    • Also, most negative reviews are from people who DON’T know how to use AND clean the pen. Puffco don’t pay for publicity and unfortunately it seem to have bad reviews only because the loud critics are dumb users.

      • PS, the pen on this review is a OLDER MODEL. please review the NEWER MODEL that got released in SUMMER 2018. Can’t believe you are reviewing a older model in 2019.. shame on you.

    • My thoughts exactly. Respectfully; Mine looks different & has a new much more comfortable rubber designed finger grip & new rubber mouth piece all too keep our hands & lips from the heat. It’s just a better design. The Dabber connected to the mouth piece & the three different settings. It’s honestly been the greatest dab pen on the market!!! Thank you great work #puffco I just need you to consider coming down on the price of the peak…? L0L #GratefulCustomer

  • DON’T BUY!! I bought one of these at the recommendation of a friend. I don’t think he’d had his long enough at the time. For the price and considering the nice packaging and sleek design, I thought I was getting a quality piece. 6 months to the day, it literally fell apart and I handle it nicely always putting it back in the case. It was under warranty so I was sent a 2nd unit. Seems to work fine if I use it immediately after charging. The hits weaken quickly and I find that I have to “warm it up” by hitting it really hard. If I do this, by the third try I will get a decent hit at best. I only use oil cartridges so the inside stays super clean.

  • Mine died after 2 weeks. Both atomizer and battery. I wish I had paid attention to the other reviews.

  • I bought a Plus 2nd gen and received it August 26th 2018. By August 30th the atomizer broke. I literally treated it like a 100 year old antique!!! I shouldn’t be scared that my BRAND NEW pen is gonna spontaneously break! They sent me a new atomizer and it’s been working but at the end of September my battery stopped working. So they sent me a new battery. I asked to just get a refund for my money and that in the end it would be cheaper for the company puffco. Why? Because they are warrantying a battery for 1 year that only has an average life span of 2-4 weeks. My second battery is about to break again. Idk why but they just get loose real quick and the atomizer or a cartridge can slowly start to wiggle for a few days to weeks before it breaks. I’m guessing that I’ll go through at least 6 more battery’s before my warranty is up and there like 55$ a pop with shipping!! Told you Puffco! Should’ve just sent me my money…

  • So I have read a couple of different territorial how to clean the pen, with iso alcohol and a Q-tip.

    Still after charging fully, it will still NOT heat up.

    I press it 5 to 6 times hold button, look for it to heat up so I can take hit a off it. It will not heat up. Or it will heat briefly and I will go to take a hit and the fire goes out.

    I have only had the pen for 2 weeks. This problem has happened many many times.

    Is it possible this pen is just bad, can I exchange it for the exact same model?
    When it works I love it. But it works a little of 1/2 time.

    Please HELP!!

    Please tell me how to fix it and avoid this issue all together.

    Kind Regards,

  • CRAP! My boyfriend and I purchased this pen for home use only. We were thinking this could be an investmnet to use for years. Our first pen stopped working all together but before that it was always hard to get a hit, had to warm it up and take multiple drags before getting it to work. Direction say to keep it vertical which is a problem due to no way to stand it. Either way, the pen stopped working, we were very careful, never dropped it or took it out of the house. We called the store where we purchased it and they happily returned it. The second pen was the same. Had to warm up and take many hits to get it warmed up and it stopped working the same way! We were even more careful with the second pen but the same little metal piece broke. Very dissapointed in this pen. The store we purchsed it from explained that puff co is extremly hard to deal with. We ended up buying a pen from absoulteXtracts that is AMAZING and way cheaper.

  • DO NOT BUY. Absolute piece of garbage. Worked for 4 days before becoming a useless piece of metal. Puffco customer support is abominally slow AND worthless.

  • Man I’ve been wanting a good vape pen like this bit seeing all the bad reviews I just don’t know man smh :/

  • Has Puffco gone “Belly Up”?
    They don’t seem to have any product available, and they have removed replacement batteries from there online purchase menu. Are they just selling off final assets?

  • My name is Devin, I’ve had a wonderful experience in the past with puffco the first puffco Pro was amazing and never had problems. Id probably still have it if I hadn’t gotten it stolen at a cannabis cup. But I purchased a Pro 2 about 2 months ago and I must say im very disappointed that the battery has stooped working even after I had spent over 40 extra dollars for 2 new atomizers. Really hope they can do something for me. But for now I do not recommend this product.

  • Yeah, I’m not happy with my Puffco Pro 2 purchase either: the pen is slick and feels great, but it’s expensive and doesn’t work great. You can get it to work, but it’s just more fickle than necessary.

    I got the Puffco Pro a few years back, and it was amazing. The best damn vape pen for wax on the planet. But it’s worn down a bit, the market has evolved a bunch, and I wanted a new pen. I went to their site, but the fancy new pen with the dart was sold out, and the Pro 2 was on sale for $59, so I got it.

    I thought this review was accurate: dabconnection.com/reviews/puffco-pro-2-review/

    – remove the splash guard
    – only put enough in at a time for 2-3 hits (despite enormous chamber and deep seated coil)
    – try to stick to more crystalized resin which will clog less

    I’m also a Brooklynite, and I was really hoping to support a local company. But the product is high maintenance and expensive. Meh.

    (I’ve never dealt with customer service, but just looking at this thread has REALLY made me think twice about coming back to these guys.)

  • Don’t waste your money Puffco Pro 2 stopped working in 2 weeks and The Green Solution in Denver will not exchange it!

  • Worst product on the market!! Worthless piece of trash. That’s actually what it is, and that’s what Kaitlyn from their company told me to do with it. After working with the support they finally told me to throw the product out and they can not help me and can not exchange it for a work product. The company puffco is a scam!

  • Had to return to Vape pens a month ago they are assuring me there under warranty and coming but I think a month is a pretty long time so not really happy with this company thank you

  • I am another customer who regrets getting involved with PuffCo. They exhibit a poor understanding of what customers expect from customer service. They are the worst I have personally experienced with any vendor in recent memory (say, in the last 10 years… and I buy a fair number of products). The company’s support department will make statements and requests that seem to be inconsistent with their stated customer policies. Just wait to see how you feel when they ask you to create a video to prove to them that you have received a defective unit.

    Foolishly I ordered from PuffCo, again, after having a bad experience with their customer support group during my first order. I thought the probability was low that I would have to deal with support again. Sadly I was wrong. This time a non-functional product arrived. So, PuffCo not only has customer relation problems but also product issues. Order at your own risk and hope that you do not need to resolve your problems over E-mail because you will never speak to a live human if you have a problem.

    March 2018.

  • First off i want to begin by saying i am upset i have to take time out of my workday as i am a small business owner and try to resolve any gripes with the business directly. since i already went through the process extensively i have only the option to come here and give a complete timeline since vince below just wants to portray paying customers as “disgruntled”, when a simple quality control and good customer service would work wonders for the percentage of “disgruntled” customers.
    My name is brian e, i started a claim in december and John was the representative who dealt with me first. i stated my issue, provided a video of the issue, and was told they couldn’t view the file so i went ahead and drove back in to manhattan where the owner of the store was kind enough to take the loss and provide an exchange. that was no more than 5 days after i purchased a new unit. the new unit performed fine from then, around december 6th, until last week when i started having the issue again.
    quick history of my consumption, i always bought kandy pens, had a galaxy and gravity unit, and never had any issues. when the puffco plus came out i bought being that the company was based in brooklyn and i like to give my business to local business’. i had no issues with the plus, but when i saw the pro 2, i sold the plus thinking i only use this for cartridges so idc about the dab tool or any of the other uses, and also liked the appearance of the new unit. that is a decision i regretted, and customer service multiplied by making me regret ever buying from puffco.
    as i said earlier, john started my claim so i emailed him back directly with the claim number from my december incident. i provided a video that they were able to view this time, was asked to give my address for the replacement piece, which was provided. however john must have felt i was too “disgruntled” since he then had ‘Kaitlyn’ handle my service request. this is when i realized i must put a review online so other future buyers can come in with a vivid picture of what they may encounter. if i could put pictures i would put it all out just to prove the validity of my claims.
    In the end i was told, and these are direct words from the email,”We are currently waiting on the battery delivery, which we’re expecting in the next few weeks. We realize how much that sucks, and how long that is to have to wait so we are including a free Puffco Prism and providing a 15% off discount code for your next purchase! It’s the least we can do considering this is a major disruption in your consumption experience.”
    I must not be the only one using their products as they have the nerve to say “we know this sucks”, and then provide a useless carrier as i will never use it, and a dis punt code to give them more of my money. i didn’t answer back livid as i was, i merely made a claim, may i swap the pro2 for the plus as i am familiar with it and would have been content with that resolution. even if i had to pay the difference, since the pro2 battery costs $5 less than the plus i would have no issue. i thought a company who is trying to make their name known in the industry would take a quick loss i’m sure their accountant could write off. however, i was told mvp Kaitlyn has never been “authorized” to do such a thing. i think the representatives are the ones who are in turn disgruntled, therefore allowing for the trickle down effect leading to disgruntled customers. any proof needed i have readily available.
    sincerely disgruntled customer.

  • Hi Tracey,

    We have some customers that voice their frustrations before the claim process is complete and we do our best to follow-up with anyone disgruntled with the product. It is the nature of the business and we are happy to tackle any issue that may arise. 

    It is unfortunate the nuisance this has caused you and we genuinely hope you reconsider having us troubleshoot or replace any parts that are causing any issues with your device and continue being a valued loyal customer with us.

    Thank you for your patience and if you need immediate assistance, contact vinso@puffco.com– I’ll be happy to help!!!

  • I too bought both the Puffco Pro 2 and the Puffco Plus for Xmas gifts 2017. Never spent this kind of money on a vape. It is needed for a prescription for CBD. BOTH pipes do not work and never did, just as yours. Same routine. I too made a video and sent. Only to be asked again for the same material. When I asked for a full refund I was denied because they said I opened and used the vapes. Well, how else can you find out if they are working? Actually, we never got the damn vapes to work and they never had any product in them. This company appears to be a scam and I do not recommend buying anything from them. I wasted over $150! And yes I am ashamed that I did not read these reviews before being seduced by the design/look and claims of the product. I think If they do not respond soon to my last email, I will call my credit card company and file a claim against them. Seriously disappointed.

  • Hello Everyone!

    Bud and The Vape Critic have definitely made this a hot spot to talk about Puffco in 2017 and we hope the same is true this year! I look forward to hearing more of your feedback on the pen (including our new product launching this month……The Puffco Peak!!!) and reassure everyone here or better yet everywhere that we can get your device operating as intended and are very glad to do so.

    You can e-mail support@puffco.com—–

    Send a Message to____

    IG: @puffcosupport
    Twitter: @puffcosupport
    Reddit: PuffcoVince
    Facebook Messenger: @choosepuffco


    You can also catch me on my e-mail directly to vinson@puffco.com.

    Any channel you pick, we’re more than happy to get to you promptly to solve your issue for the long term.

    Thanks for choosing Puffco and have a special 2018!!!

  • This is the first time I’ve ever left a review on any product ever and the reason I’m putting this one out there is so no one else ends up in my situation. This product sucks. I’m all for entrepreneuriship and trying to sell a quality product but frankly this isn’t it, and I’m actually ashamed and disappointed in myself for spending so much money on something so bad. I’ve had this for two months with numerous problems but today the last straw landed. The battery is an obsolete piece of trash that somehow had 3 wires disconnect from the atomizer in the middle of me using it. I’m sorry for such a harsh review but I can’t remember the last time I spent this much money and was this disappointed.

    • Hi Johnny,

      It is unfortunate the nuisance this has caused you and we genuinely hope you reconsider having us troubleshoot or replace any parts that are causing any issues with your device and continue being a valued loyal customer with us. Please direct an e-mail to vinson@puffco.com so I can get your device going once again.

  • I have also only had problems with the pen. The original battery only worked with pre-filled catridges and then completely stopped working after one week. It didn’t matter how long I charged the battery for. They sent me a new battery that again only worked with pre-filled cartridges. After one week it stopped working entirely. I think it may be the charger. I have asked for a refund several times after sending several videos to demonstrate the issues. I also took it back to the store where I bought the pen and got a video with a battery check system that also demonstrated it defects.

    • Hello, Heather sounds like you’re overcharging the battery. Battery life is particular to that of the user of course. Our new Plus atomizer technology does draw more current from the battery than our competitors.

      Frequent use of the highest (white) setting and/or Sesh Mode will greatly deplete battery life.

      Your kit came with one of our brand new usb/supercharger that are expected to fully charge a depleted Plus battery in under 35 minutes, (please do not charge over this recommended time and especially do not charge overnight) while those with a Pro 2 model charger should anticipate a charging time of approx. 55 minutes so charging your Puffco should be quicker than ever. If this is not what you are experiencing, the battery is covered under warranty and will be replaced at our cost while under warranty.

  • Horrible experience. My first vape pen, got great reviews, and didn’t work – it would never charge regardless of where and how long I tried to charge it; and yes, I cleaned the battery connections. A total rip off because the place that sold it to me says to send it to the manufacturer. Great, I’ve now got to purchase something else. Screw this, I’m going with a rig – at least I know it’s fool proof. I’m out $90 and will never use another product from this company.

    • Hi Jay,

      Overcharging will make the battery defective over time. Luckily, you have a year-long warranty that comes with your device. Please contact me directly to get you started again!


  • So I love my PuffCo pens, between me and my family we have three of them. I had a problem with my PuffCO pen where the pen would not work correctly (connection pins weren’t making sufficient contact). I contacted PuffCo support and within 24 business hours I received a reply from John. He asked me to upload some information about my issue and some troubleshooting tips, after that didn’t work he asked for my address and sent me another battery for free! I’ve never been treated by a company as well as PuffCo has treated me. Usually you have to RMA your device or product, etc. but with PuffCo it was a no questions asked, covered under warranty, replacement shipped out ASAP ordeal. Love this company and happy to support it by buying their product!

  • **Make sure to clean your battery/end of atomizer** I totally love this pen, but ive experienced the same problem as I see a few others here have. One day when I unscrewed the battery, a little piece of the atomizer was broken off.

    I went to the store I bought it and was told/pointed out wax was coming through to the battery so the tip of the atomizer needs to be cleaned regularly. Luckily this store is the best and they sold me a new atomizer at cost :). Now i know to keep it clean.

    Besides the ocassional clogged feeling mentioned above thats the only other problem.

  • I look online and see so many good reviews on the new puffco2. I bought two of them I loved my first gin and just knew that the new on was going to be better. Boy was I wrong. It hit great, that was not the problem. They both broke. The platform that is soldered to a wire going to the battery, comes out with the top when you take it off for charging. Lucky for me I still have my first gin that still hits great. I want two more of the first gin model.

    • Hello Lance,

      Thanks for reaching out to Puffco! I do apologize for any inconvenience, however, there are currently no plans of restocking the original Pro 1 or its coils. The original Pro has been discontinued for some time now and was essentially replaced by our new Pro 2 unit.

      Let me know if need any troubleshooting or replacements for your Pro 2 batteries, we’re happy to help.

      Thank you!

  • I’d advise caution with Puffco products. The battery casing on my pen came apart in my pocket a couple weeks ago and started to spark when I tried to put it back together. I bought a Puffco in the first place because I’d heard so much about how they stand behind their product, but when I contacted their support they tried to sell me another pen. The people at the store I took it to were very clear that it was a manufacturer’s defect and the pen should not come apart that way.

    I feel a little guilty because I’d planned on letting it go if they’d honored their commitment to stand behind their product, but it’s probably good for others to know when an electronic device we keep in our pockets has the potential to fall apart and start sparking. I realized it and could cut the wires to the battery before anything bad happened, but I was lucky because it’s these types of things that lead to vaporizer batteries catching fire or exploding.

    The pen was awesome when it was working! But with the combination of a dangerous defect and poor customer service, I decided it was a better idea pay the extra money for an Indigopro. I’m sure there’s a danger with all vape pens, but no exposed wiring or sparking with the Indigopro so far! So off to a good start.

    • Hi Lance,

      While this is not how we normally cover this part under our warranty policy, I am happy to provide a replacement as a one-time courtesy for your expired warranty Pro 1 device.

      We’d love to hear back from you again to get this issue tackled as quickly as possible.

      Thank you for your assistance, I look forward to hearing back from you and getting you back up and puffing!

  • They basically stole my money. I bought the product. It never worked. They sent me a new battery which they claimed was the problem. Never recieved battery so now they want me to file a claim with post office. And made me feel like I’m scamming them. They should be filing claim. Typical scam. Beware this is a scam.

  • Bought new. Didn’t work. Three weeks now problem still not resolved. Company could be a scam? Don’t buy this product. Stole my money.

    • Please hit me up if this wasn’t resolved or if you have any other concerns!

  • Can you show a picture of the battery inside with the atomizer removed please
    The gold contact feel out of mine and won’t work. I’m afraid I lost a peice?

    • That doesn’t sound too pleasant. Please forward me a picture of this issue to my e-mail vinson@puffco.com or any of our social media outlet message inboxes. Happy to tackle this for you right away.

  • Im a MM patient and Im new to all this i just got volcano last fall and a g pro elite for flower I’ve never used concentrates or dabbed yet but I’m very interested in a pen like this I’m disabled ( hands thumbs, shoulders etc all very bad ) and need ease of use , ease of maintenance and long lasting like you say but I don’t need huge chsmbers full of wax I want to know can i leave it in there and use it at my leisure?you mentioned a high number of draws I mean 60-70 draws will last me for days not 1 day so is this chamber too big for me ? Or can i use it slowly leaving some for another sess…or if this pen isn’t good a fit for me then whats your advice for the best pen for my needs and under 90$ too ? By the way love your YouTube vids as well thanks

    • I find the puffco Pro 2 the best vape pen going. I use it everyday and I only put small amount in it Burns just fine best way to load it is the vape pen oil in a syringe or honey oil excetera

    • Only fill a single use (.2 or .3) of product at a time. The Pro 2 was designed for mobility and strength, so stick to smaller loads for the optimal experience. If this is not what you are experiencing, the battery is covered under warranty and will be replaced at our cost. Please contact me in our social media inboxes to get to me fastest to see what we can do keep puffin’ with us.