Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2

This is the Firefly 2, a portable convection vaporizer that heats your material solely with super-heated air, and this makes it different than most other vapes out there.

What are its advantages?

  • Superb flavor, especially for a portable.
  •  Excellent efficiency, vapes as little as 0.1g.
  •  Very smooth, comfortable vapor that’s never harsh.
  •  Works great with both dry herb and concentrates.
  •  On-demand heating means nothing wasted between draws.

Firefly 2

Overall I feel that this is an excellent vaporizer, but because of the specialized nature in which it heats and the mild technique required for best results. Click here to buy the Firefly 2 from the authorized dealer I recommend.

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How to use the FF2 to get the Best Results From it:

Slow, long draws are key with this one. You’ll need to pull for ~10-20 seconds if you want big clouds of visible vapor, otherwise, ~5-10 second draws will still deliver the effects you just won’t see a lot.

Firefly 2 Content

Firefly 2 Review

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Firefly 2.This vape is a portable convection vaporizer made for dry herb, but also works with concentrates very well. This model is an upgraded/updated version of the original Firefly from years ago.The new one is lighter, smaller, works better, and all that stuff. One of the most important things to know about how the Firefly works is that it uses small amounts at a time, 0.1g maybe 0.15g.It’s a vape that you can take just one or two draws and then put it down, saving the rest for later, because it’s on-demand or manual heating, it’s only heating up your herb when you hold down the power button.

This unit in my opinion is the vaporizing equivalent of using a bowl.

Now because it holds such a small amount, it is sort of geared towards solo use, you know for one person, if you are gonna share it with other people more likely than not you gonna have to re-pack it.

But from that small amount you put in there you’re gonna get like 5-8 nice draws, so it is without a doubt one of the most efficient vaporizers I’ve reviewed.

Firefly 2 Performance

Now in terms of performance, I would say that it’s excellent across the board, but like I mentioned before there is a little technique required to get the best results and best performance from it.

The one thing that I would like to see improved with the performance is the draw resistance. I’d say it’s kinda about average in that area, it’s not super free-flowing, and it sort of guides you to sip from it because if you try to pull really you kinda can’t.

  • So, the ideal way to use this one is to take slow, long draws. The vapor quality is A+, can’t get much better, top shelf. The vapor is gonna be super smooth, it is extremely tasty, and then in the strength or potency department, it’s fantastic.
  • Since it’s a convection vape it does a superb job of fully extracting everything. If you’re a lightweight you’ll feel it after just a couple of hits, and if you’re a heavy hitter you might need to repack it, but just remember even if you pack it twice that’s only .2-.3g which is just about the size of the oven in a
    lot of other vapes.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Quality & Materials

Build quality, it is made in China but it’s made extremely well. They used very high materials, you can tell the manufacturing process is tightly controlled, and there are no defects or anything out of line

All the materials used in its construction are flavorless, odorless, and food-safe. I wouldn’t say that it’s a fragile vape at all, but the only thing that you should be careful with is the exterior finish. I don’t know if I would put it in the same pocket as your keys, you could scratch it.

The battery is removable and replaceable, and they actually include two in the box, which is really cool with a vape like this I’m very glad to see that.

So, you access the battery by opening that back cover, the battery pops out. To charge it you would charge it with the battery inside the unit and then you would put the vape on the charging dock or cradle.

Then you would plug the micro-USB cable into the bottom of the cradle, and it usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to fully charge each battery.

From each battery, it will vary how long it’ll last but you should be able to get on average about 5-6 sessions of about 5-10 draws each. So, figure about 25-50 full draws from a full charge depending on how long you pull for and what heat setting you use.

Because of how this charging system works, unfortunately, you cannot use this vape while it’s charging.

Size & Portability

Now in the portability department, the FF2 is great, much improved over the original, which was a little big and heavy, with the new one it’s a nice convenient size, it’s great in your hand and it’ll fit in your pocket. Besides that, it’s really convenient to use at home as a great cordless vape that is easy to store, easy to use, and takes one or two draws from.

It’s also a great vape to travel with and it’s pretty easy to get it 100% clean. Cleanliness in general I’d give it a B overall. Not because of the cleaning process, because it’s easy and fast, it’s because you do get visible buildup after just a few sessions.


I myself have been cleaning mine every 5 or 6 sessions, so pretty much every battery charge I give it a quick cleaning.

  • All cleaning involves isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. All you do is gently rub the inside of the lid and the inside of the bowl area, both of those surfaces are very easy to clean, and they’re flat.
  • Unlike the original Firefly that had those ridges and channels in the top where buildup would happen, the new one is completely flat, and very easy to wipe.
  • I would say in total it should take you no more than 30 seconds to clean this vape, and cleaning is all you have to do, there’s really no other maintenance. The only screen that’s gonna need to be cleaned or replaced is in the mouthpiece.
  • The mouthpiece itself does detach, it comes out, and then there’s a little tiny screen in there. You’ll want to check this screen regularly to make sure it’s not clogged.

Design & Style

Firefly 2 Vaporizer ZebraThe elegance also gets an A+, it feels like a luxury product and has a sleek look. It is noticeably higher quality than most other vapes, and the manufacturer definitely paid close attention to detail.

Now odor, it is a very low odor vape, it’s nice. It definitely smells less than others, it’s below average. And then it works extremely well with concentrates. They give you these small concentrate pads or liquid pads, they include 3 of them in the box, and these pads go in the bottom of the chamber. Then you put a small dab of your concentrate right on top of the pad, and then from that you’re gonna get a handful of really nice, flavorful draws.

Flavor and efficiency are top-notch, especially for a portable vape.

Now I wanna give you some usage tips, some best practices to get the best results.

  • The first thing is after you engage the heat always wait a few seconds before you start your draw.
  • And then once you start pulling from it remember that if you wanna get a big cloud from it you gonna have to keep pulling for 10 seconds plus.
  • Pack it like 95% full, you don’t want your herb to be too tight in there, but you don’t want it loose or floating around in there either, so just give it a nice full packing right to the brim, where when you put on the cover your herb stays exactly where it is but it’s not pressed down.
  • And I’ve found that this usually ends up being 0.1g to 015g. you don’t have to grind extremely fine with this one to get the best results.

You do get the best performance out of it when you mix up or stir your herb every couple of hits, and the easiest way to do that with this one now is to just tap it against your palm a few times and that should mix up the herb just enough. If it doesn’t mix around that’s how you know you probably have it packed a little too tight.

Heat Settings

There are 5 heat settings when using it with dry herb, and the default heat setting is the medium-high setting, the second-highest one. That one is a really good starting point, and then from there if you want more vapor or a more intense vaping experience you can just bump it up to high. If you want a lighter experience you can just lower it.

The way you do this is with the matching smartphone app, that connects to the vape via Bluetooth. It’s a straightforward and simple app, you connect your vape to it and then it’ll tell you how much battery life is left. You can set which button you want to engage the heater, either the left one the right one or both. And then this is also where you select your heating profile.

That’s basically all you need to know, that’s the Firefly 2!

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  • My Firefly 2 has been poisoning us with some burning plastic or heavy metals from inside. Headaches, neck pain, dizziness, nausea, pain in internal organs. I’m thinking of taking it to court. If you get a vaporizer make it a non electric, plastic free glass or metal pipe.
    Big thumbs down.

  • I also tried to return my FF2 and could not. The guy in my local store who sold me this has lost all credibility. It took me a while to get used to this thing, but even so, I would never recommend or buy again and regret this purchase. I like the instant on….it’s great for 1 or 2 hits. It tastes good. It’s easy to clean. It has no smell. That’s about all I like. It draws cool, but the resistance makes me feel like I’m trying to suck a golf ball through a straw and I can’t imagine that’s doing my lungs any good. It’s an at home device only because all the messing with it, the stirring and such is not something you want to do when you’re out. That’s ok with me….I don’t walk around or drive around vaping. Also, the way you have to hold this thing just looks weird if you’re out and about and would call attention to what you’re doing. Imagine trying to suck a golf ball through a straw for 10 -20 seconds while looking like you’re playing a harmonica or eating a metal hot dog. Not a device you can pass back and forth with a friend. This is a vape alone device. My Pax 2 is a much simpler device and I would recommend it over the FF2.

    • I agree with your comments Hal, I would never buy another Firefly 2 or future upgrades to many finicky things, from the gasket falling off, battery doors little tabs to keep shut are way to thin and can easily break off, to the sensors needing to be recalibrated. Drawing from this thing is a pain and is a buzz kill because there is no way I can draw for 20-30 seconds. I have a PAX2 and I like it more than the FF especially when im going out. When in a group or by myself I prefer using my Mighty to me this is probably the best vape out there.

  • This vape is pure shit. I bought The Mighty which is cheaper, and I am SO much happier. I can’t believe I paid so much for garbage. I’m embarrassed. Lol

  • Firefly2 plus is almost here! I bought the 2 on pre release and I love it still. But to hear they are making an even better one is amazing! Just had to say that. Thanks.

  • Dished out 300+ for firefly 2. Both batteries have failed in first month. Definitely not worth the price. Great marketing and hype, but Firefly 2 is not worth it.

  • There are serious design flaws in ff2. Low vapour tasty flavour is the norm, and cranking up the temperature to increase vapour, highlights the design faults. Combustion happens regularly at 220*, and this can be reduced by using a mesh screen at the bottom of the bowl.
    Using GROUND herb will allow particles to collect in the mouthpiece screen reducing airflow and allowing combustion. This creates a secondary problem in that the ‘oven holes’ then themselves clog up making the draw almost impossible. FF customer service recommend a burn off on the highest temperature to try and clear the holes. Best to select a bowl sized ‘bud’ ‘head’ or flower’ and stuff it into the bowl in one piece. This works well and zero particles travel along vapour path to obstruct mouthpiece.
    Flavour is excellent, but ff2 does not allow full bodied potent satisfying rips, for these you have to vape another device. My sense is that FF3 will address these and be better designed. (he says hopefully)

  • The firefly 2 is an awesome unit however it has a flimsy mouthpiece. Not worth buying until this issue is corrected. I would suggest not buying from Sneakypete as he will not back the products he sells. Pete told me to go to the manufacturer. Not the best business ethics!!!

  • The worst experience Ive had vaping. Ive used Pax 1,2 and 3, The mighty, Volcano, Magic Flight Lunchbox etc and all of them are superior to the Firefly 2. You’ll get 1 good toke out of a bowl after hitting it 5-6 times trying. Should not have to struggle so hard to get a decent hit. Id feel like I was ripping someone off to sell it second hand.

    • That was my experience too until I figured how to use it properly. The key is to take slow long pulls until the green light goes off. The clouds are nice and the flavor is amazing. Also check the screen inside the mouthpiece. The tiny holes get clogged especially if the material is too fine. It’s best to tear the buds by hand instead of using a grinder.
      I paid a lot of money on this and I was determined to
      to learn this vape. This vape is worth every penny once
      you learn how to use it

      • On my first use it had my high! Smoked my own harvest glueberry and temp was at 200f. Im ocassional smoker once to three times a month. Flavor is amazing coming from my water pipe. No clouds for me but idc about that. Took a slow pull for about 5 secs pederct for me.

      • I had the machine for a month before writing that. I have since sent it back for warranty at my cost of $13 as it quit working all together. They “fixed” & sent the same unit back and it worked for 3 sessions and now the touch sensitive buttons do nothing. I changed it from right, left and both. Still Nothing. Its the most expensive portable vape on the market, it should perform as such. Like buying a Bentley that runs poorly & the salesman’s excuse is “But it sure rides nice!”
        Im definitely not new to this and have pretty much owned all of the high end vapes on the market. Removing the screen in the mouthpiece is one of the first things I tried. Firefly suggested that my lid wasnt sealing properly so I spent $40 on a new one and it changed nothing. Altogether the device has cost me $440 and I will be sending it back a second time at my cost as well.

      • Cant agree more. I use my firefly more than my ghost mv-1. You cannot match the flavor of the FF2. I agree, learn to use it and this thing will be your go to!!

    • ive had this vape for less then 3 months and it seems very frgile. the contacts where you hold for ignition doesnt work properly and the glass is fragile af. i used it while snowboarding and the glass cracked. when i called them they asked me to pay them $30 to send it in and if the determined the break was from temperature fracture they will fix it and return the $30. after i sent in the unit they basically said thanks, here is the unit back, kept the $30 and gfy. this unit is a pos. terrible construction/design, fragile, customer service there to rip you off even further, and battery lasts 7-8 tokes on a full charge. by the feel of the materials, this product will break if you dropped it from your pocket. dont waste your money, time, and stress.

  • I’ve had a crafty last 2 years, they break a lot, I also just bought a firefly 2 a few days ago. . I went through every model crafty and the very last one I got was definitely the best. I went through 5 of them leisurely by myself . Lots of product ran through them. I just bought a firefly 2 and it’s pretty good. I think it doesn’t pack as well, and has hot spots, but it is built better . Easy to clean, and you keep cleaning it as you use it, the crafty builds up so much shit and you have to soak it in alcohol as well , it can ruin the plastic or give it a funny flavor , you have to really clean it right and often. Also you have to put a screen in the top , doesn’t come with many, the crafty has a lot of issues you won’t find with the Firefly . However the crafty out performs the Firefly 2 in the vapor thickness and strength it seems like. I don’t like all the plastic and metal in the crafty , or the heating element, I really appreciate the quality of firefly2 it seems more safe and higher quality heating element and overall components . The battery in crafty is not removable, and could run our fairly quick. I like how the firefly 2 charges and it’s fast and extra battery pack and can buy more. This thing is really hard to pack though. It also needs to be packed quite full to work well. It has a big chamber , I feel like it would benefit from having a smaller bowl . Although it works well. This thing gets really really hot , you can smoke your product if your not careful. I have it at 350 degrees and like a 5% richer vapor overclock setting and it comes close to burning it occasionally. I feel like this is the best setting I’ve found having it the first few days. People are right, you have to draw extremely slow and pull the heat through the bowl properly . It’s kind of weak but it works well. I don’t like the buttons, it is awkward where they are placed on the firefly and you have to kind of hold the thing like a flute . It atleast works well so I can get used to some of these small gripes. It does not seem like it will break soon, we will see, I feel like going thru 5 crafty in a 2 years warranty is rediculous but they pay shipping and got me a new one every time real quick. Not sure what firefly 2 will bring with this warranty but it seems to be made well and I like how the charging works . It’s a good vaporizer, I wish the 2 would team up and make something in between the both. Crafty seems like it works better for portability and packing it and vape thickness, but the thing is cheaply made and breaks too often . I like the firefly 2 battery, charging, easier to clean, won’t cost you anything on screens after you buy it, they are both comparable but I’m happy with this firefly 2 it seems pretty good after a few days and works as well as the crafty did for me. I’d be happy with either one but I got this ff2 for a way better price and that I can be satisfied with . Only paid 200 on eBay . Good luck with your purchases if you make one and hope you enjoy vaporizing your products with it. I am using it and getting pretty lit.

  • Just purchased the Firefly 2. At no time did the store selling it say anything about not being able to use it. How can I adjust temperature without the app? How can I use this device properly? I chose the Firefly because of the reviews and never saw a word about not being able to use it if you have an apple product. Spend $480 for a paper weight!! Very frustrating and a complete rip off. It is like Firefly has stole money from me!!

    • I think you must be confused, there is an app for apple ios, just download and use it. and why in the hell would you be paying $480? Its $329 and you can usually get it for $300.

      • Apple has banned/removed the Firefly app from their store. If you were able to download the app before it was removed you can still use it by putting your iOS device in Airplane mode.

        However, you’re screwed if you don’t already have the app. Return it to the store and also send a nasty email to Firefly for not including a manual temp selection option on the vaporizer. This was extremely shortsighted on their part.

        • The App is presently in the store now, and they have fixed this complaint with a firmware update. You can manually set the temp from the device, by holding the right button and tapping the left one three times. It will blink the number of times to reflect the temperature setting. While still holding the right button, tap the left button the desired number of times. It’s counter intuitive, but there’s only so much you can do with two buttons and a single LED. Check the manual for what temp the settings correspond to.

  • Just wanted to say I thought I had wasted a lot of Canadian cash (with exchange rates as they are) but on day 3 using it I discovered a technique that worked for me and may help other newbies. With lights low, facing a mirror, you can see how the glow from the bowl works with different draw rates. I am learning the draw rate that starts to dim the heating element and stay just below that.
    I love my firefly 2 now. Very happy with vapor, flavour, effective micro dosing, battery life and looks, ease of cleaning and very very economical to use. Vape Critic is right on the money, this is an amazing little medication dispenser.

  • At first, I will say the FF was a disappointment. I watched various technique videos and kept at it. Now that I have this figured out, I can’t get enough of the flavor. I set at medium high with a power tune of 103%. The flavor and vapor are highly satisfying. Cleaning is a breeze also. Yes there are some down sides to the vape, but overall, flavor and vapor satisfaction win for me on this one. I also have a Pax 2, which I use for traveling and taking to work, however, I find myself wanting the FF any time over my Pax. a little over priced, but overall a fantastic vape once tou learn the best way to use it. Mine is consistent and efficient.

  • I have a Pax 2, Davinci IQ, Grasshopper, Crafty, and a Firefly 2. They’re all great, but the Firefly is the all-around best for me. Once you know how to use it and move away from chasing clouds and move towards flavor and subtlety, the Firefly wins by a large margin. I only do flower and start by putting in an unground bud. I break it up as a take more hits. Taste and high are wonderful, vapor is always cool, and cleaning is simple and takes seconds. A real alternative to smoking…big clouds, IMO, are over-rated.

  • This thing has so much potential and loved your vide, ordered one. Both batteries fully charged produce the red blinking light syndrome I’m reading here. UGH. The heat cycle goes through 2-3 green light blinks, then rapid red and it shuts off. From a brand new unit, very disappointing. I will contact support after the weekend and hope they will send another non defective unit. Anxiously awaiting that famed Firefly 2 vape flavor … someday

    • Well seeing another post here from someone who had the same problem, I followed what they did and just kept on pressing the buttons after the red light shutoff. Eventually it would then go to green. After a few times of that, it stopped the red light blinking shutdown thing … at least for now.
      And now I’m enjoying that flavor and have to say, it’s magnificent. The unit is not a rugged experience like the Pax2 or Mighty for adventures but for a quality sash, Mmmm Mmmmm. Stirring and reloading when out and about is more cumbersome than I anticipated. But OK at home.

  • Got my Firefly 2 after weeks of research and this little gem is a performer. Very simple to use; no wonder it’s the iPhone of just works and is very intuitive [easy, no learning curve] to use like iPhones.

    Been using just concentrates; it’s impressive all around in this category. Rich and very flavorful draw after draw. Just a dab goes for several tasty draws.

    Ready to use in only a few seconds. Take a draw and set it down. You’ll be surprised by the cool, fresh, flavor it produces.

    Easy to clean. A few seconds to wipe down and reload.

    Well worth ever penny. I have no idea why some people have issues other than perhaps the aren’t using it properly. Read the simple instructions and watch the short video on the manufactures website.

    Flavor, cool clouds, flavor flavor!!!

  • I’m being patient with new Firefly 2, love/hate relationship, one in every 4 bowls gets one or 2 good hits, flavour is great but too much work to be enjoyable. I bought the FF2 because my Mighty basically fell apart in less than 2-years with every day regular use, my Pax 2 is 3-years old and still performing like a champ.

    I haven’t had battery problems, and for all intents and purposes it seems to work, I would not consider it portable at all however and I find using it uncomfortable and awkward to hold/vape/energize.

    Given the bowl after bowl of unfulfilled promise I would not purchase again or recommend to a friend (i would recommend a pax 2 and would have recommended a mighty if it were more durable) I am a little bit embarrassed by my purchase ($500+ cdn) and am not showing it off or letting anyone else try it, I give it a go each day after re watching videos and reading user tips and then go back to my broken mighty or pax which both get the job done without the aggravation, this is definitely “The Emperors New Clothes” of vaporizers and I am giving it a 2 out of 10

  • Hey Bud,

    Thanks for you’re review and video, always appreciate the time and effort. Just wanted to share my experience with my FF2 because there seem to be many people on both ends of the spectrum. I got my FF2 in September and it was my first vape but after a lot of research it seemed like a great choice. I also initially thought my vape wasn’t working because I couldn’t get the technique down and I was grinding the bud too fine. Also I stored mine in my car and in the northeast winter it gets a little cold. My unit stopped heating correctly and was always blinking red whenever I wanted to take a couple hits. So optimal storage temperature, proper coarse grind, and that soft but long draw were imperative to my learning curve. I’ve tried the PAX3 and I must say the flavor and efficiency of the FF2 is unmatched. Feel like i save so much money compared to what I used to.

  • Damn…I love my FF2 so much. Got it a couple of weeks ago and it just keeps getting better. I find that building the temperature with each bowl mix really brings out the best of dry herbs compared to almost every other vape out there. The flavor is fantastic. Just follow the simple methods posted here and by FF and it works beautifully. And I think their customer service is great, reminds me of Apple before the iPhone. This is now my vape of choice even over my Crafty.

  • My 2 cents on FF2. It’s a superb vape. It’s even not hard to use it. It took me 5-10 min, or 1-2 full bowl.
    Even with my rookie skilz, i was able to get high. After 10 min, i was a master vapeouror on FF2.
    You just got to inhale like really slow and try to inhale directly in to your lungs. It’s not like puff,puff inhale, it’s just inhale.
    Why inhale slowly. Well it’s simple logic. Apparently it’s the air that burns the weed, so it needs time to produce a vapor, or it needs time to “burn” the weed so it goes around and through the weed slowly to your mouth peace and then to your lungs.
    If you inhale hard, like a cigarette, it doesn’t have the time to produce an affect that you want, because you didn’t let the air do his thing. And that’s also why you have to stir it a couple of times.
    The only con is battery. It’s really crap. It lasts for 3 full bowls and that’s it. But, you do have 1 extra in your case.
    So this vape will definitely get you high like a mf, and will keep you stoned for 3 or even more hours. Just remember, inhale very,very slowly directly to your lungs.
    I think Bud reviewed this vape very good and honest, with no manufacturer money support if you know what i mean.


  • Mine was defective upon arrival. Most of the time it has a steady red light. There is no reference to this in the owner’should manual. Tech support answered promptly but turned me over to Vapeworld when they could not resolve the issue after trying several remedies. I’m now shipping it back at MY expense (factor this into your purchase price).
    I will follow up.

  • Very disappointed with my firefly 2. Batteties do not hold charge for very long. App doesn’t connect to Galaxy 6. Waist if $344.00 I even paid for 2 day delivery and took 4 days to deliver. Don’t waste your money. Be sure to read return policy. What a rip off.

  • Hey Bud, I’m currently stuck between the FF2, Crafty, and the Davinci IQ. I’m going to be living in a tent all summer but will have access to a dc power source. I plan on going on camping trips tho and eventually would like to ski with whatever I get.

    I was wondering, are you able to charge the extra battery while its not connected to the FF2 or does it have to be connected to the vaporizer to get a charge? its going to be cold at night also (Colorado). given all this info which do you think I should go for? looking for a solid answer on this I’ll trust your judgement. I may also just pick up a summit plus later in the year in addition to whatever I get for the summer

  • I have been using the firefly 2 since November and have now given up and gone back to my crafty. Ff2 has great flavour when it works but the whole thing is just to much of a hassle – crafty you can load it and go – no messing. Disappointed with the ff2 as looks great and concept is sound but I am really struggling to get it too work well. I have watched all the videos, read all the tips and now have decided to give up on it. Will stick to my vapexhale and crafty – shame as it could have been amazing.

    • Hi charlie,
      i couldn’t agree with you more! I’m so disappointed in the FF2,couldn’t wait for it to come out after watching Bud’s review. I’m a very experienced,have been vaping for 8 years and i have got a Volcano,iolite,Plenty,Pax,Crafty,Vapexhale EVO and a FF2. i bought them in that order. The only one that is worst than the FF2 is the first iolite. I have also tried all the tips and tricks for the FF2 but it’s just a piece of shit that they did good marketing on. Nothing else! I totally agree that the best desktop vap is the Vapexhale Evo and the best portable is the Crafty. That’s the two vapes i use every day. FF2 is a rip-off!!

      • Same experience. I swear the good reviews have to be BS as I cant see how anyone could enjoy it.

  • Bud, Thanks for all the great reviews, especially on the FF2. I have an odd question. A close friend of mine has the FF2 (I’ve tried it, it’s awesome). I am building a hand-made box to hold the FF2 for him. I am trying to make it custom fit to hold the FF2 perfectly. But I don’t have the dimensions, I have found various loose numbers online but I don’t trust them.

    Can you, or anyone else who has one, measure this thing and tell me the EXACT dimensions of the device. Specifically, the length with and without the mouth piece, and the width of the device including the taper. By that I mean the top of the device (where the lid is) seems wider than the base. I am looking for both of these widths (top and bottom).

    Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.
    I will definitely stay up.

  • To have the FF2 in the basic shape of a pipe is not necessary as a cylindrical type like pax, etc is more practical. There are too many negative reviews here that ultimately dissuaded me from purchasing the FF2. Who needs Bluetooth on a freaking vape. It’s overkill on the tech part and I am extremely technical. They should pursue a different design since a vape doesn’t have to look like a traditional pipe.

  • Wow I am somewhat feeling like this has been a huge waste of time and my money.

    I’ve read on the vape forums lots of complaints regarding the FF2 battery life and the flashing red light issues that I experienced and various other folks are experiencing and they go on recommending different methods just to get the unit working. Things like taking the battery out, putting it back in, swapping batteries then swapping back in the old one etc. I think its fair to say that it works great if you cant get it working. From my point of view it is not a reliable unit and I was unable to get it working reliably. I need to be able to rely on the unit to perform. Almost every time I tried to use it , it would flash red and shut off. I would repeat this up to 8 times and then suddenly it would work for that session. Batteries were fully charged! THE FF2 people have been very nice about it and even sent me some free stuff, however $500 CAD later and I am not satisfied with its performance and will end up having this as possibly a big mistake sitting in my drawer. I use a PAX and it always works but it is not convection thus why I wanted a FF2 for flavour. I even tried to return the FF2 the next day but that was not allowed. Rather I was told to send it in for repair or replacement which I did. So here we are over a 1 month into it, no device in hand, spent $500 CAD and not sure what to do as I am getting the same unit back that has been tested to be in working order.

    I’ve watched all the videos on how to use it but that’s not how it works for me – I get the flashing red. I understand there is definitely more work to do on this product based on the number of “technical” and battery complainants. I actually think the issue is related to the batteries power and its ability to heat it up within a certain period of time. when it cant do this it flashes red and shuts off. then after trying to heat up numerous times it finally does reach temperature and works for that session only. I live in Vancouver and its not that cold here so I must wonder how it works in real winter environments.

    • the firefly is exactly what is said. not hard to use at all. have you contacted the company? faulty units are a manufacturing problem and happen no matter what the product is. go look on might be some good info for you

    • Slowly but surely figuring this unit out. Still hit and miss but way more hits than misses now! Taste is superb. Battery is the main issue and solution is to always have 3 to rotate. Cold weather causes start issues. Great device when it works and soon you will crave the flavor. My Pax tastes like shit now in comparison. Pax is still better for walking and seshing.

      • Hey Andrew I’m extremely glad you’re happier with it now, it can definitely be finicky but crazy good flavor right? It’s so unique and complex

        My forum has a ton of info and user reviews of the FF2 also.

        • I got to say I have had a complete change of heart on the FF2. I misjudged probably because I hadnt worked out the techniques needed. Its now my go to unit (actually crave the flavor it produces) and I have not touched my Pax 2 in moons. In fact their is nothing else I have tried that produces this great taste as the FF2. The trick for me was getting more batteries (3) and always having a fully charged battery for every new cold start. Also learning how to pack the bowl was really key. Now with a fraction of the herb I am getting incredible hits with dynamite flavor.

          • Hi Andrew. Exactly how do you pack the bowl? I’ve had my ff2 for a few days and I combusted last night :(

          • Hi Vince, I use fresh bud and tear it into as fine pieces as I can with my fingers only trying not to take all the crystal of as I do. Then when it is just above the rim of the bowl i use my finger to tamp it down and make sure it covers the entire sides of the bowl. almost leaving a tint dimple in the centre of the bowl for airflow. I find this works great. I also find that my second bowl is much tastier than the first bowl better than my first bowl. I think thats because the unit is at operating temperature and heats up faster after finishing the first bowl. I usually take 4 – 6 hits before mixing the bowl and then i get 2 – 3 more hits. The key is how you tear the material and then packing the bowl and using a new battery every cold start. I hated my FF2 at first but now nothing compares for flavor and the buzz is way more intense than my Pax or even my Da Buddha.

  • I love my Firefly 2. It’s great for travel, and now with the new external battery charger, you’re always ready! Treat yourself to one of these ASAP!

  • I spoke to Valerie from FF today about a potential draw issue via text (found her number from a comment she replied to below). I must say, she replied to me within a few minutes and walked me through my perceived issue. FANTASTIC service, so I’m not sure the reason other people have seemed to be having issues. As far as the product goes, yes, it does take a little time to get it down but once you do it is phenomenal! Seriously folks, it’s really not that complicated at all. As far as the draw resistance is concerned, yes, it’s a little less than optimal but if you can sip a milkshake through a straw you can enjoy this vape. I vape alone, with nobody else (cue George Thoroughgood) so this vape really does the trick in every aspect for me. Other than the draw resistance I’m really not sure what all the complaining is about. Use your ISO for cleaning, ISO and then compressed air and/or toothpicks to clean the bowl holes if they get clogged like mine did because of concentrates, watch Buds’ videos and enjoy.

    • Oh, and I contacted her asking about the mechanics of the device since I read below from another poster that they took theirs apart to clean the screen. I thought there was more than a single screen or filter other than the bowl but there is not. I did have an issue with the bowl holes being clogged after using concentrates but after watching buds video I simply used the compressed air and all is golden now.

  • I have the Firefly2 about a month and it requires far too much work by the user to justify the price of it. I am getting about 6 decent draws from a full bowl on the medium high and high settings.

    You absolutely must stir your bowl after the second or third draw in order to keep seeing clouds (the firefly rarely produces dense vapor). This is a big inconvenience when you’re outdoors, especially if wet and windy. Also, you cannot walk and vape with the firefly2 like you would with the Crafty, the draw takes too long (min 12 seconds) and I usually have to stand still and concentrate on my draw.

    The worst thing about the firefly2 in my experience is it combusts material on both med high and high settings. Not much, but I constantly find one or two black bits of combusted material after sometimes only two draws. The heat dispersion leaves a lot to be desired in fact, in my experience it is far from even and you find that when stirring your bowl you are really trying to move material from the bottom of the bowl to the top where the material is near original colour. Also the LED display isn’t accurate, I sometimes click the button and I get 3 blue flashes indicating the battery is 75%, but then it shuts off red when I attempt to draw. I have contacted Valerie their customer service agent many times and I didn’t find her great.
    Any issues I’ve brought up seem to be the norm and I just need more practice.

    The flavour however is by far the best I’ve ever had, even nicer than the Volcano. But for the money it is a massive let down and I have no idea what justifies it’s price tag, the Crafty blows it away.

    • Hi Brian,

      It’s Valerie from Firefly. I am so sorry to hear that you are not happy with the support I provided or the product. This is not the experience we want you to have.

      I am so sorry that I ended our calls not realizing you were still not satisfied. This feedback will definitely help me in the future and I appreciate it.

      I would love to have someone call you from our Executive Team. I was not able to locate your customer record. Is there anyway you can text me at 206-202-7900 so that I can have someone contact you?

      We are definitely here for you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


      • Hi Valerie,

        I am only seeing your reply now.

        My apologies it wasn’t your fault, I don’t think anyone could help my disappointment at that time. I’ve since started to enjoy my Firefly, but I only use it occasionally now as I purchased a Mighty as my daily driver.

        Thanks for getting back to me.

    • Same here. Not happy with it. Flavour is good when it does work but the constant flashing red is a killer. Never heats up first try even with new batteries. Im told the unit is working “normally”. Not worth the money and find my Pax way better for reliability and ease of use.

    • Same here. Not happy with it. Flavour is good when it does work but the constant flashing red is a killer. Never heats up first try even with new batteries. Im told the unit is working “normally”. Not worth the money and find my Pax way better for reliability and ease of use.

    • I agree with you through and through.
      I had similar issues with the my FF2. It was an uphill battle to have it replaced; absolutely appalling after sales service here in the UK. I know of 2 friends I recommended the FF2, bought one, and then had the same problem.
      The FF2 is at best satisfactory when it works but it doesn’t always work. It is far too expensive for what it is, I wished I had not wasted all that money, it’s now sitting in its pretty pretty box on a shelf. I have recently bought another vape for less than half the price that is so much better.

  • Almost gave up on this firefly. Mighty gives me easy and tasty vape. The firefly needs some different approaches to get results. Lot of trouble with taking slow draws. But when you know you are in control.

  • Just got Firefly 2 and the circuitry is fahkackta. The only thing that’s dependable is the pulsing blue light on the charger. Sometimes I can get it to heat (green pulsing light to solid green) but more often – nada. Nothing with the left or right “buttons”. Changed the battery, twice. I have the Firefly 1 which has less circuitry, but far less temperamental and ALWAYS works.

    • OK, took the Firefly 2 back to the store all huffy and ready to get my money back. The girl art the counter was very nice, open the box and it worked perfectly for her. Holy Crap! Took it back home – NADA! Instead of throwing it against the wall, I called Vape World. Nice folks, said they had heard if hands are too dry the “buttons” might not work. I wet my fingertips and EUREKA! Everything worked. So if you have the problem, wet yer fingers! (Not soaking, just a LITTLE moisture, maybe some cream?)

      • I do the same Larrya, I lick my fingers lightly and the buttons on the sides kick the green lights on instantly!

  • Hi bud, first time writer long time reader, love your videos and reviews but I feel your doing your followers a disservice by not putting the firefly2 back in its rightful place as the best portable on the market.From the unit itself to the customer service (Valarie is great) it’s all A+. I feel most of the negativity about this unit is from people who want the ff2 to be something it’s not, it’s not a frat boys vape, it’s not the vape you would take to cochella, but it is the vape that blows all other portables away when using proper technique, which isn’t difficult but does evolve and gets even better over time. I can’t recommend this vape enough the quality is insane I blow massive clouds at the medium heat levels. Thanks for all you’ve done for the vaping community Bud and I hope you’ll reconsider your positioning of the ff2.

      • Read ur review of the FF2 as well as many comments on your page. I’m ready to try vaping but I’m torn between the Davinci IQ versus the FF2. Conduction versus convection. If you were buying as your 1st experience vaping, which would you choose?

    • Hi Frank,

      Awe!Thank you so much from all of us at Firefly! Without you, there is no us and we appreciate our Firefly Family!

      Please let me know if you need me. Have a great day!

      Firefly Support

  • TO ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN THE FIREFLY WARS HERE IS MY STORY…I got a Firely 2, thought it looked great. I didnt have any herb when I got it so I blasted a load of top quality concenterate(shatter) through it, I was in love immediately, it was a great experience.

    Then weeks later when I got some herb I loaded the Firely 2, boy was I dissapointed just it had a really hard draw, it worked but only after going ‘fnnnggg’ for 15 seconds and getting a red face. I couldn’t believe it, I must have been fooling myself I thought. After trying everything, including a thorough clean I threw the Firefly 2 in my sock draw, went back to my Crafty and forgot about it….but there’s more…

    I was reading all these amazing reviews of Firefly 2, I though how is that so? I have one in my sock draw it was a useless let down, what is wrong with these dudes? I got into it on a forum with someone who mentioned my Firefly 2 was maybe blocked…No it wasnt I said, I cleaned it religiously with ISO.

    But it continued to bug me…It must be blocked inside I thought, so(and I DON’T reccomend this) I took the whole damn thing apart, I have the correct tools and workspace, I striped it down. Removed the screws, the battery door brace, the case(parts one and two) I unscrewed the heat coil retainer taking care not to lose the tiny rubber spacer, I removed the heat coil, then the bowl. Finally then I had the screen, it is wider than you can see when assembled, a bit bigger than a quarter, a metal disk with all the tiny vape holes in the middle.

    I washed and soaked this screen thouroughly in ISO and put the whole thing back together…The results were phenomenal, like a blind guy having bandages removed after sight surgery(okay exaggeration!). It was like a completely different Vape, it f**kin’ rocked my world, the draw resitance was not just improved, but it was PERFECT, I couldn’t believe it. The Crafty is now in my sock draw and the Firefly 2 goes everywhere, to think I would of been close to throwing it in the garbage before.

    Whats the point of all this…Well my advice if you love your Firefly 2 don’t do concentrates in it. If you hate it there is a good chance it is clogged. The manufacturer is trying to tick all the boxes but this is clearly a pitfall. If you do insist on having concentrates in it learn how to take it apart to clean the screen(terrible advice!)

    And for the haters don’t start screeching just yet!…The manufacturer STILL gets a black mark for this device regardless. A device you have to dismatle and risk destroying to clean properly is a partial fail.

    Anyway I hated and now love my Firely 2. If you hate yours everyone else is not a deluded fanboy jerk in on a scam as I thought, but there is probably a fault, clogging or otherwise.

    • I have had the same issue since I used concentrates. I may have to try your solution, so I can enjoy it again. But now I have a second problem with my Firefly2. Went to bed charging it with everything normal. Wake up and it won’t turn on or the blue charging light won’t come on either. Tried a different outlet, pulled and replaced battery, tried a new battery, tried the app but it can’t connect. Any ideas?

    • Had the same issue with my FF2, had to hard clean it as couldnt get any draw and no help from FF service, cracked the glass in the process !!! now Im getting amazing clouds and little pieces of glass in my lung :( finally I understand what others have been enjoying from the start.
      I didnt use concentrates and my unit was clogged out of the box.
      FF service didnt give a shit when I complained and sent pictures, now I have a brand new cracked 350$ device that im scared of using.

      I really advise everyone NOT to buy this device !!

      • Dear Adi,

        Hi! I am so sorry to hear this. I can actually get this fixed for you. Can you text me at 206-202-7900? I am here Monday – Friday.

        Firefly Support

  • Do not buy this piece of junk! The crafty is better in terms of temp control (acually measured in degrees), consistency, clouds, and most importantly, draw resistance. I have no idea why they designed this with such terrible draw resistance, it can only cause health issues long term.

    The “Vape Critic” was obviously paid off for the false review. The device is terrible for the money paid. Do yourselves a huge favor and buy a Crafty. Will be much happier in the long run. I will never use the advice of the “vape critic” ever again.

    • I feel like you are right. Crafty was awesome as my first vaporizer. But- adjusting the power tuning on the app quickly changed my firefly vaping experience. It made me love my firefly 100%.

    • I have a crafty and firefly 2 – I never use the crafty now. Firefly vapor is smoother and prefer the materials used. The crafty is very user friendly (plug and play so to speak) where as the firefly has taken me about a month to really get the best out of it. In terms of the tuning app there seems to be some misunderstanding that it increases the temp in fact what it does is impact how quickly it gets to the desired temp. There is an interview with one of the founders and he talks about the idea that it is meant to be taking you from zero to desired temp so that you can enjoy all the different terpinoids etc. He talks about increasing it to 107% which means it hits the desired temp after 5 seconds as opposed to 8-10 seconds. Since realising this and following the other tips I have really enjoyed it. I have it set to 104% The link to the interview is fc combustion and really helped me to suss it out. It has surprised me that it has taken me so long to suss a vape and will still use my crafty when out and about with mates.

    • Simply not accurate when calling it a “piece of junk.” I’m new to the vape world, so I can’t compare it to the crafty. However, that said, my first purchase was the FF2 and I WAS disappointed…I thought, wow, this thing sucks…I can’t get good vapor at all. Then I decided to get the Davinci IQ because of the great reviews and effortless way it creates great vape. Wow, I was (and still am) impressed with the Davinci, however, after playing with the FF2 a little and understanding how it works (heating herb SLOWLY as I draw in air SLOWLY), I cannot go back to the Davinci! The FF2 vape tastes much better, and is significantly more efficient.

      Comparing the two products is like comparing irons in Golf…The FF2 is the forged blade iron set, whereas the Davinci IQ (and others) are the cast iron cavity back iron set that anyone can hit with moderate success. But for low handicap players, they’ll take the forged blade irons all day, which offers much more control that skilled players prefer (and need). The average player and even mid-handicap players can’t play with forged blades, and think they “suck.” When in reality, the players just aren’t skilled enough to use them.

      FF2 = low handicap player
      Others = hacker

  • Hey Bud,
    Do you have any ideas as to what would be a safe adhesive to use to reattach the seal? It would be an easy fix if you repair it before it pull completely off. I’m thinking some type of high heat food grade adhesive.

    • I’ve had the same issue with the rubber seal. The problem is not the heat but the glue, it is not impervious to alcohol. Obviously a design flaw (they recommend you to clean it with ISO).
      It comes with a 2 yr guarantee, have the lid replaced.

  • I have had to use firefly customer service 2x now. When my first unit malfunctioned, I sent it back and in 10 days I had a new boxed unit. They let me keep the extra battery, concentrate screens, cleaning kit that came with the defective unit and that’s worth about $30. Not bad. Secondly my rubber gasket started peeling away like many, but in 5 days they shipped me a new lid. Unfortunately isopropel alcohol ruins the seal. Now I clean with a Q tip and be careful to keep any away from the seal.

    • To keep the lid clean I recommend a ceramic screen from Vaperbrothers:
      this works really well the seal on my lid by the bowl is a bit loose so to keep a tight seal I ocasionally press down on the lid a bit

      • Are these ceramic screens worth the cost difference over a standard screen? Could you use a concentrate pad as a type of top screen instead?

  • I ordered the firefly 2 and was very nervous given the mixed reviews! I have to say I am really pleased with it. Really well made, lovely smooth cool vapour and no issues. I also have a crafty and evo – this vapour is way smoother than both. It is probably worth stating that I don’t smoke period so only vape and do edibles – the vapour is less dense than my other vapes and I suspect if you are used to smoke you might find this less satisfying than the evo / crafty or some other vapes. The reports of hot units sounds like they have a defect as mine stays cool. Great reviews as always – keep up the good work!

  • For my use (1 person, mostly in the house) this is a perfect vape… great flavor, smoothness, highly efficient,very easy to clean, mostly glass airpath,.. but it’s taken me 2 months to get the technique down 1. Coarse Grind helps a lot 2.Seating the lid..mate the front lip to the unit 3. make sure the mouthpiece is properly seated..
    Once you obtain a good seal (restricted airflow) you’ll know what it takes.. and after replacing the lid always test the seal by inhaling for a second before turning on the temp… The app is great with a huge temperature range possible…. Other portables I’ve owned.. MFLB, Arizer Solo (The FF2 far surpasses either) Desktop vapes Vriptech heat gun, Vriptech heat wand, supervapezilla, The original Vapexhale, and Vapexhale cloud EVO for 1 person I really love this vape

    • Yes the airflow is restricted but you just need to lightly inhale for 10 to 30 seconds…..If you find that hard to do perhaps you shouldn’t be vaping or smoking….

  • I’ve spent A BUNCH of time trying to get mine to work properly. After hours/days/weeks with their all but nonexistent customer service I finally got a return slip from them.
    Here are the problems I’ve noticed:
    -weird battery management. App shows 80% battery, once unit is engaged it goes to zero.
    -vapor production is terrible
    -can get to zero vapor production move material to Crafty and shit gets done!
    -only way to get good vapor production and ‘effects’ is to set the unit to high and ‘power tune’ it to 111% — this produces combustion NOT vaporization.
    Not a hater, just a burned (pun intended) customer.

    • If you don’t have a good tight seal, you’ll get very little or no vapor production… when I first got the FF2 I had to put it on high to get any vapor… while reading comments with people saying they were using the low or medium low setting and were quite happy… now I really like to start with a medium low setting and definitely get a good amount of vapor.

  • I purchased my FF 2 in May. I think it is the biggest piece of junk you can buy for 329 dollars.

    While I agree that vapor quality is not really satifying, I’m more concerned with the shoddy manufacturing and buggy software.

    I’ve had my herb combust on low temp settings.
    I’ve had the unit not shut off, so I had to remove the battery
    I’ve had the unit not turn on, so I had to remove the battery and put it back in.

    And now, while charging in the cradle the unit blinks blue then turns a glowing red.

    Customer service is slow — the help support section is terrible.

    Firefly is more interested in marketing than providing patients with a good product.

    Very dissatisfied, I feel like a sucker.

  • I own a FF2 since it first came out in Europe – Love it!
    Your review is spot-on!!
    It is all about using it right.
    For better airflow i removed the filter in the mouthpiece.
    The second battery I do not need too often but when i do it is magic to have it. Also love cleaning it and the case :D
    Cant quite understand why you took it off your list. It deserves better.

    • Worst customer service I have experienced in a very long time, if you call it that. The way they treated me with my FF1, I’ll never purchase from this company again. All advertising, no service. My guess is this has sometching to do with it being removed from the list. Too many complaints by people being burned. Good luck.

      • I have found the FF group to be exceptional in their customer service. Always honored the warranty without question with quick replacements and follow up.

  • Is anyone experiencing this..
    Each time when the vape hasn’t been used for a day I’ll pick it up, heat it up and the red light starts blinking. Yes, my battery has at least three blue blinks for level.
    It does this maybe 5-6 times then stops and I’m able to vape normally?? Anyone know why this happens???

    • Hey if you tap the other button 3 times it’ll blink a red light instead of a blue one, and it’s showing you what heat level you’re on by blinking the corresponding # of times (5 blinks would be HIGH heat, 6 blinks would be the concentrate setting). Sometimes you end up tapping it by accident just while you’re holding it.

      • Hey Bud,

        I do understand how one button blinks blue for battery level and the other for heat setting. This is something different. I get ready to vape. Touch the buttons, green light blinks 2-3 times noting heat up then it flashes red 5-6 times and light goes out and unit stops heating. I repeat that cycle 3-5 times and then it fires normally.
        I don’t know if mine is defective??

        • Mine does this if I’ve left the unit somewhere cold, like my garage. Try warming it up in your hand or pocket for a few minutes before use – that solved the problem (for me).

          This vape has a steeper learning curve than say the Pax 2. It took me several weeks to figure out the best grind, temperature, and bowl size. I think the dryness and grind size of each particular herb variety makes it challenging. The vapor is definitely the best quality I’ve experienced in a portable vape.

          • Gotcha Fuzz. My vape is inside my house. Minimal temp inside is 60 degrees when I’m not home. That shouldn’t make the unit cold enough to malfunction.
            The battery life is shoddy as well. I regret spending this kind of cash on this vape for sure.
            Heck, my $90 flowermate or $100 airvape both work better than this wasted piece of metal.

    • I have the same issue. brand new unit. so disappointed so far with unit to just get it working. sometimes turns solid green but mostly flashes red and shuts off. fully charged batteries. happens with both batteries. go through this process like 6 times and then suddenly solid green and it works. I think its trying to get to temperature but times out and then after numerous times it finally gets to temperature. or something wrong with thermostat. useless so far and sent it in for servicing. the flavor is so amazing when it does work and wow my pax doesnt even compare for flavor but pax is so reliable and works always. I wish the bowl was much bigger on the FF2 because I hate only getting like 6 – 10 draws and stirring it. what a mess when stirring it with the oils and sticky glass area.

  • This vape is amazing however there is a huge learning curve and i wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner because of that reason. also this vape is very noticeable so if vaping in public but thats not really a turn off because aside from the reasons stated the flavor is amazing and worth the learning curve and its so efficient as opposed to other vapes i own like the pax 2 i would say the flavor alone is worth buying.

  • I got the Firefly 2 when it first came out because of the awesome reviews. The price was more than I wanted to spend, but I was optimistic that it would be great. I usually use a bong or pipe, but wanted to switch to a vape for health reasons. I have to say that I am very disappointed in my purchase. First, it took me almost 2 weeks to figure out how to get a decent draw from the thing. It was very frustrating. Even when I did figure out how to use it, I found it wasn’t consistent. It seemed the stars all had to be aligned for it to work. Yes, it was probably user error, but I don’t think it should be so hard. Second, the battery sucks, lasts one, maybe two sessions. Not as long as it is listed. Third, cracked the glass cover by accident the first use. Careful, it is fragile. Fourth, you have to stir it while using to get a decent draw and you have to clean it after every use. Fifth, I had to stop using it all together because I got a rash on my mouth from the metal alloy after using it. I must have an allergy to one of the metals used. Sorry Firefly, but not digging your product. Waste of my money.

  • I’ve had my FF2 since late May. For the first few weeks, I was really frustrated with it because I couldn’t get a good draw without holding the cover down with my other hand, awkward at best. I contacted FF and they sent me a replacement cover for free, which I had in two days. What an improvement, but still not always great vapes. But with the new firmware, I am one happy camper. I’ve got four other vapers, but this is the one I reach for 90% of the time, because it tastes so good and because it is so efficient with my herb. When I bring it to parties, all the other folks with high-end vapers are jealous and when mostly use this ff2.

    My only real complaint is that you’ve got to have your phone or ipad along with you to change your settings. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, etc., and to save weight I often leave my phone home which leaves me unable to change settings on the fly.

  • I own all the top rated vapes and went with the Vape Critic’s original impressions of Firefly2 being the best vaporizer out there. And oh boy, was he not dead on! This thing is a beast, an amazing machine. It’s constructed really nicely and it does wonders with both herbs and concentrates. My only complaint is that when you use it with herbs, the bowl sometimes feels too small for group sessions. For group sessions, I’d recommend using concentrates. Overall though, Firefly2 is like a Porsche where the Pax2 and Crafty feel like a Honda truck…Very different experiences, and I like Porsche’s much better.

  • Vape quality is awesome but it takes some technique getting used to hitting it. The draw resistance is annoying 80% of the time no matter how I grind or how little or no matter how much I put in the bowl. My current unit is not charging the batteries and it is a replacement of a unit I dropped (they showed me compassion once but I fear it won’t happen twice) so I can’t use it but I’m going to try my luck with their warranty center soon.

  • Firefly 2 is a piece of crap. They, Firefly advertises the FF 2 can handle concentrate. It comes a two guarantee but they don’t stand by it. My FF2 was leaking out the bowl, is clotted. I used the concentrate pads and after 2 months use they can’t fix and is going to charge a restocking fee of 30 to 50%. DO NOT BUY A FF2 for concentrate. KANDY PENS HAVE A VSPORIZER MADE FOR CONCENTRATES AND IT IS MADE JUST FOR CONCENTRATES. I’m pissed. I’m getting a lawyer or may start a class action suite.

    • I was you. Your screen is clogged with concntrate. Send it back and suck up the fee or get a steady handed friend(or your lawyer!) to dismantle it(SO RISKY VOID WARRANTY) and clean the screen and indeed I agree, don’t use a Firefly 2 for concentrates.

      • The FF2 is amazing (no, I literally mean amazing) with concentrates. The flavor, vape density, ease, cleanliness, and on, and on…BUT…It’s all about how much you load at once. Put no more concentrate than a large grain of rice equivalent (6 lung busting hits for us on average). A little at a time goes a long way and shouldn’t clog the bowl screen. Of course, you should still clean it regularly with 91% or higher ISO Alcohol. Send it it in and eat the fee to have them clear the clog properly for you. What you’ll get back is hands down, one of the best vape devices ever created. Does it have some weaknesses? Sure, all of them do…Aftet spending this last month learning to drive this high end, precision tool, I’m obsessed with it. I want to vape everything to get the pure essence and taste of things…I’m really beginning to wonder if anything can compare.

  • I experience very mixed results with this vape. Sometimes I get a decent hit of vapor but most of the time it produces very weak vapor. I saw one post that suggested saving the herb you have vaped in the Firefly 2 and then using it in a stronger vape.
    Seems like it would be better to just use the other vape. I used the same amount that I have been using in the Firefly but fired up my Plenty and oh my god what a difference. I thought I had built up some huge tolerance….but that wasn’t it. Nice looking, easy to clean and some cool features but the performance is just not there

  • I have it 3 months, its great aside for …. The battery cover falling off periodically, Midsession the thing turns off and then you have to take the battery and put it back in… It gets as hot as a hot cup coffee when its working…. It looks like metal but its not… The lid is made of plastic with a rubber gasket, The rubber gasket get loose… The battery sucks.. The plastic mouthpiece is cheap, it takes forever to charge, its guaranteed you will have to swap batteries because the batteries are defective, FF will replace the batteries, of course shipping is not included, and The customer service doesn’t exist.

    Aside for that its a great vape…. Please don’t buy this piece of garbage.

    • Exactly. Customer ‘Service’ is non-existent. They will take your money, but won’t answer/return calls made during business hours. Try e-mail? Infuriating, condescending, canned responses, no follow-up, waste of time. I don’the know how Firefly is still in business.

  • I also bought the ff2 based on your review. I also own pax 1 and pax 2. I found the ff2 to be more of a challenge to learn, but even during the first week of hit and miss effectiveness I found the quality of the vapor to be far superior to either pax. After about a week I developed my breath control and loading technique. The firmware update improved it even more. It is working great.
    The negatives are it’s not very stealthy during use, having to stir the bowl and not much battery life. The positives are the strength of the vapor and the flavor, it’s really easy to clean up, plus the efficiency. My average monthly quantity of consumption has decreased around 30% vs either pax unit.
    I received good customer service from them in asking for a replacement battery and when ordering accessories. No problems encountered.

  • Not at all happy with my upgrade from FF1 to FF2. Draw resistance is at least 4 times that of the FF1, and it tastes/smells bad thanks to the disgusting packing foam rubber it ships with. All I could taste was purely what I put in the FF1, but I mostly just taste foam rubber in the FF2… was hoping it would basically be a FF1 with a reliable heating element.

  • Loved this unit until about a month of use. Cheap quality and terrible customer service. Also, it’s not pure convection..I bought it thinking it was due to reviews like this. Please correct it so as to not mislead other consumers. Not saying it was intentional, seeing as that is the marketing put out by the manufacturer, but it is incorrect. (Like the MFLB it’s conduction-metal bowl bottom-and convection).

  • Hi bud recently purchased firefly 2 and for about the first hour I was freaking out because I couldn’t get a decent draw…Now a few days later I’m enjoying the finest vapor on the planet. It’s all technique…Once you master this, and its quite simple, it actually exceeds all expectations.

    • No, the draw resistance makes this device one of the worst available convection units. It is awful, i got a refund for mine.

  • Bud,

    I love your work. One thing I would like to know is what portable vaporizer do you use on a daily basis?(maybe over the past 6 months) Thanks Brotha.

    Stay Uppppp!

  • I like how you have positioned the FF2 being that I have also noticed this vape can be a hit or miss depending on the individual. Another thing I find when using this vape that you have to operate it in a specific manner if you don’t know how to do this it could be disappointing. I happen to be one of those who appreciate the FF2.

    I only have one problem now. Your Davinci IQ review has restarted my VAS. Thanks alot Bud.

    • Glad to hear you are having success. I cannot decide whether or not to buy the FF2. There are so many negative reviews on the batteries. A lot of hit or miss cases. Do you have any experience with other portable vapes?

  • I posted a bad review in june (Anonymous says:
    June 2, 2016 at 6:08 pm).
    Today, I just love it. I couldn’t believe I could change my mind…
    Negative thing, I have to say it is a “technical” vape…
    But even if that’s sucks, I love the taste, smoothness. Now, I use my Crafty only when I am vaping with other People, in group.
    FF2 Medium Low Temperature is just perfect to me for medical use.
    Vapor quality is excellent. low drag 10 sec… amazing :-)

  • I’ve had the FF2 since May and I still love this vape.

    I have a feeling that most of these bad reviews are from people not using the vape the right way. I think the key aspects are NOT using a grinder but just using your fingers to tear up the flower into course bits and filling it full then lightly tamping it down so that the lid will fit over the oven. I’ve gotten good results by taking a long and moderate paced draw (around 20 seconds or more) this means you have to reactivate the heating element after the green light turns off

      • Sorry, didn’t see your comment until now.

        Just take your fingers off of the buttons for a second and place them back on the buttons like normal, the green light should turn back on and you can continue to draw

  • Bud,

    It’s a shame you had to change your recommendation based on the negative review but you are a ‘Vape Critic’. A critic must give out the unbiased feedback regardless of the public pressure.

    I bought the FF2 solely on your recommendation and I don’t regret it a bit. I’m glad your through review steer me in the right direction.

    I love your reviews and would be looking forward for more. Upcoming Pax 3, Flowermate Swift pro (another convection vape), Davinci IQ etc. This is going to be a good winter.

    Keep up the good work and stay up :)

  • I bought my FF2 based on bud’s recommendation. Pre-ordered it on 5/16 and received it on 5/20.

    Yes there is a learning curve. A long steep learning curve especially if you are coming from smoking or your previous

    experience is limited to conduction vapes. FF2 is my third vape and I have previous experience with:
    1) Pax 2
    2) Crafty
    3) Flowermate
    4) Arizer EQ
    5) Volcano

    It took may over a few weeks to figure out the right technique. Here it goes:

    A) Don’t grind the herb fine. I don’t use a grinder anymore. I just break the flower into big chunks using the fingers only

    (kitchen sheers, scisccors or clippers also work).

    B) Fill the chamber to the rim but don’t pack it forcefully. Just fill it up.

    C) Put a screen on top. Pipe screens work fine (wire mesh is ok). Glass or ceramic works better as they don’t clog).

    D) Make sure the screen and lid are properly sealed.

    E) Set the temperature profile ‘high or medium-high’.

    F) Prime the unit for 5 sec before taking a draw. Hold both buttons and start drawing slowly. Not too fast, not too slow.
    Remember it’s a pure convection unit. The chamber is not heated directly but your toke pulling the hot air from heater to the


    Too fast draw = too much cold air in the chamber = no visible vapor
    Too slow draw = hot air cooling down enough before reaching the herb = weak vapor

    I just can’t emphasize enough. Long slow draw for 30 seconds then let both buttons go but keep sipping for anotuer 20-30


    This is the BEST vaporizer ever if you figure out how to use it properly. This is the only vaporizer i’m using these days

    others are just collecting dust.

    Battery: They are using the same 7500mah batteries from the originial firefly. Yes they have changed the manufacturer but it

    would be good to have higher capacity li-ion batteries like 1500mah.

    Heat: The heater area (lower part) does get hot but it’s bearable.

    Mouthpiece: The screen was so flimsy, I lost it while cleaning the mouthpiece and didn’t even notice untill recently.

    Learning curve + mediocre battery = A personal vape but not for group sessions

    I just bought two extra batteries plus an external charger. FF should include a magnetic screen for the chamber and an

    external charger in the package. My FF2 is here to stay with me for a long time.

    • I just recently purchased my FF2 and was wondering where in the world I can buy an external charger, Do you mind helpin a bro out and letting me know where u bought yours?

    • I followed Vape critic video on up Firefly 2 it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World amazing

  • So I noticed that a few months ago you had the Firefly2 in your top 3 portable vapes section. Now, it’s not even in your best portable picks at all. Did you notice something you didn’t like?
    let me know!

    • Hey Bri I very recently made that change and I did it because I’ve been receiving mixed reviews from people who are buying it – most people like it but the number of complaints I’ve received is above average so I had to remove it from my top picks and I added a notice in the middle of my review.

      • Hey Bud,

        I understand that you changed it to “protect” consumers because you were inundated with bad reviews.

        Question is, if you had not received the feedback how would/do YOU feel about it. Has your opinion changed after longer usage?

  • Bob, has the manufacturer reps for the Firefly 2 given you any customer guidance on how to charge the newer batteries? As you know it was the real Achilles heel of the old device. I tried two of the first version before sending them back and ordering version 2, due any day. Should they be left in the external charger and vape for ready use or removed? Also, are you no longer recommending this vape as one of your top picks? Thanks much. Excellent review videos!

  • I love this device. I have three new types of vape this year (FF2, GH and Crafty) and have been a long time Volcano user. The FF2 is by far my favorite overall. The FF2 provides the most enjoyable vaping experience I’ve had – it’s the smoothest, most potent, cool vapor I’ve ever taken into my lungs. I’ve noticed so many different flavors that I have never experienced before I used the Firefly 2.

    I really don’t understand some of these comments; it’s a souped-up heater with a cooling path. Draw slow and long and your material gets heated up. Very confused about these but Bud – this device changed my mind about portables; I never thought you could get the desktop experience in your pocket. Now I have it!

    Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  • I have had the firefly 2 now for a month, don’t waste your money. It is too much work, you must stir the herb every hit because of uneven cooking. Having to thoroughly clean it with alcohol every bowl and then if you’re lucky you might get a hit. Watch out for the death hit which fry’s your throat, occasionally it over heats and over cooks the herd and fry’s the herb. And if you have weak lungs forget it this thing is difficult to pull the air through definitely needing larger holes to get more air through it. And then the battery goes dead you can’t use it because the pipe is needed to charge it. Terrible design the charging cradle should have been designed to be able to charge the batteries separately. And if you’re a clean person, forget it this thing is very messy constantly spilling over finding burnt herb everywhere. Sorry, this is a lot of money for a pipe with this many issue’s.

  • wow, I don’t understand all these comments. This thing works like magic. Does it get hot, yes it does, but nowhere hot enough to burn my hand. I’m not a cloud chaser, I care about the effects and what happens to my head, who cares if I see big clouds coming out, but if I take a recent hit, there they are…they clouds…
    Too bad about their customer service though, sad to see them lagging in helping people out!..

  • Hi,

    I have tried to contact FF2 dozens of times. I spent $329.

    1- it is very awkward to hold.

    2- I burn my finger tips everytime. — Not from a hot oven, but a hot battery.

    3- It is a very weak vape.

    4- The battery below average, most of the time I need to switch batteries mid session, and then back to the app on my phone.

    5- The App is supposed to fix the problems with the FF2, It does slightly. But you need your phone and app open in order for it to work.

    6- This is not a TRUE Convection as advertised, Convection is forced air, The FF2, is lungs assisted.

    7- I am exhausted after 10 minutes because my lungs are trying to get something out of this vape.

    8- Plastic mouth piece. I paid for glass and metal.

    9- You can only charge 1 battery at a time.

    I have done everything, changed to different herbs, grind it better, pat it down, spread it out,, hold the buttons longer. It sux

  • Just getting used to FF2. It has a learning curve. I think for those of us who like as close to a smoking simulation as possible,PAx2 on high heat… ( thick and huge clouds), the unit is not the best way to go. It is too smooth, and doesnt give a satisfying cloud or fill the lungs like the pax2 seems too. I have managed to get a few good bowls out of it that were comparable to the pax2, but I feel like my effort is much greater with this device. Biggest hot hot..this thing will burn my house down man. It gets hot after 1 or 2 bowls and it shuts down. Now for the reason I am keeping and sticking with it
    1. Go to concentrate temp with flower, and you are choking. I was loving that. It gets too hot too quick, but I got like 5/6 rips with a stir in the middle and it rocked me. Thats what I was Looking For!!!
    2. I hear the customer service Sux.
    3. Seems to be a more effective activator of key ingredients:)

  • WARNING: I’ve had my Firefly 2 since July. It’s been my daily driver since Day 1. Love it!

    But… Just did the firmware upgrade over the weekend and it killed my device. It won’t charge. Won’t turn on. Even switched out the batteries. Still waiting to hear from Firefly to find out how to replace it.


  • I thoroughly regret my decision to purchase the Firefly 2. I blame myself for being dumb enough to buy into the hype and phony gushing reviews and now feel completely ripped off. I urge anyone reading this to save their money and buy something else. I completely wasted my $329.95 – please don’t do the same. The unit simply does not work and does not produce more than a tiny, very unsatisfying amount of vapor. The gasket does not seal properly, the charge indicator does not work, the batteries don’t last. It completely baffles me that so many reviewers are heaping such accolades on such a piece of junk. I am not going to pursue a warranty claim because Firefly will charge shipping both ways plus punish me with another $30 charge if they decide the unit is not defective. I simply can’t imagine what they could possible do to make this mess of a product work any better. I’m just going to cut my losses, not throw good money after bad, and try to make a better decision next time. If fact, I plan on taking my unit out back and smashing it into a million pieces with my sledgehammer. I suspect that will be the one and only satisfying hit I get out this thing. I’m disappointed with the unit and even more disappointed that I can no longer trust reviews on sites like this one. FYI, I purchased the unit from VapeWorld and thus far they have completely ignored my emails on the subject, so I’m not exactly thrilled with them either.

    • Hi JX,

      We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience! We would love to get in touch with you and help you out. I am not sure why you did not receive a response an will have to look into this! Please reach out to us at 877-865-2260 or shoot us an email directly to and we’ll surely help you out!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      VapeWorld Customer Care

  • Hey Bud

    I just got a FF2 and I have a Pax2. I know there is a difference in the grind coarse, but I cant seem to get it right. I am not getting anywhere close to the vapor production from the ff2 that i get from the pax2. Is there a method or a specific grinder that works best? My american made grinder works awesome for pax, and i feel like it worked a little better than my hand pulled method for the ff2. Either way I am disappointed to say the least. I like the flavor, but Im all about the plume. With Pax I can mouth pull like a cigar and get huge plumes then draw them deep with a good breath, and with ff2 i am taking long slower draws from like 15-20 seconds or more and im not getting dense vape…i have setting on high for dry herbs…sorry this was so lengthy. You are really good at what you are doing. Wish I would have done it 5 years ago

    Mike D

  • My hands are tired from stirring it and shaking it, my lungs are tired because of the draw resistance, my phone is out of battery and I cant use the Firefly 2 with the app, which means that all of the fix’s for the bugs I will not be able to use until my phone is charged the app is open and my phone nearby. $329 plus tax. My Arizer Air/Solo, are much better and I think still the best vape out there.

  • I wish I had a better report.

    The Firefly 2 was of interest to me because of the healthy materials that it is made of. The only others in that class are the Arizer products, and the MFLB.

    The Firefly 2 is weak.

    You have to use it on high, to get medium output.

    You need to open your app on your phone in order for the unit to work at peak strength.

    When you do have the app, make sure get the firmware update, so that it will fix the bugs the unit is shipped with.

    In order to make my Firefly 2 work, you have to (be exact) leave room in the oven, wait until the orange ring turns bright, then draw 15 seconds, hold in for 15 and you will have vapor, mostly from your breathe.

    The battery doesn’t last an entire session, at times.

    You have to stir it well, every 5 draws (annoying).

    The battery gets very hot to the point that you have to put it down.

    For all the bother its hard to believe I waited for this vape and spent a lot of money on it.

    I started using my Arizer Air/Solo. Load and put at desired temp, and it keeps going. The battery will last a very long time (1 Hour, and pass through charging on the Air, as well as replaceable battery.) The Air/Solo, MFLB, are much cheaper and do a better job and are effortless/more enjoyable.

    Buyer Beware.

    I wish I had a better report.

  • I used mine carefully and appropriately and the first one stopped working within a week! The replacement they sent, after slow and redundant communication, only lasted a few weeks before problems with the power/battery began to occur with the new device. No refunds. I’m curious to see if your review changes over time or if others share similar problems.

  • ff2 sucks! over heats no battery life, very hard to draw you better have big lungs! all in all shit product to with the money!

  • This is the best portable vape. Period.

    I eliminate ANY vaporizer made with plastic, Rubber and other substances that cause cancer. Although very well rated because of the toxic materials I eliminate, Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, Volcano, Pax, and other made of toxic materials. The taste of melting plastic not only tastes bad is toxic.

    The only ones left is the Arizer Solo, Arizer Air and the Magic Flight Launch Box. The Arizer Air and Solo are so similar in quality to the Firefly 2. The convection oven is an upgrade over most conventional oven vapes. But, in the case of Arizer Air and the Arizer Solo, their conventional oven is the best of any vape. So since its such a high quality conventional oven. What can I say the Launch Box will always be great.

    I have both the Arizer Vapes and the Magic Flight. I use my desktop vape(Arizer Extreme Q –I got rid of my volcano!(plastic). I am going to the Firefly 2. But thats because its brand new. If I really want to have a strong affect, The Arizer vapes and the launch box are stronger. The Firefly 2, because not as strong has smoother taste.

    If you got the Arizer Air instead of this vape, you aren’t missing anything. It is close though.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized

  • There is no harshness or coughing even at the highest heat level. The Vape passes through the glass which cools it.

    • I will still use my MFLB, Arizer Solo/Air and Extreme Q just for a variety, but the Firefly 2 is better than any of the units listed above. Having more than one good vape is a good way of experiencing enjoying your vaped herbs. I have learned NO WELL MARKETED PALSTIC VAPES! I have officially disposed of my Volcano Classic, MIghty and trying to dump my plenty. Glass, Wood and Metal taste better, stronger, that toxic smell and taste of plastic does not exist.

    • There is no harshness because its a weakling. The power issues are addressed with the new firmware. But even then there are still major issues, and you need to load the app every time. It Sux.

  • I must say amongst the other things that make this the best portable vape, its the best in vape quality. There is no harshness to make you cough even on the highest setting.

  • Day 12.

    The Great – No Plastics all glass and metal. The clear glass oven window, Even on the highest setting there is no harsh vapor, its very smooth I don’t cough at all. The Dock is very cool. Easy to clean and every time its cleaned its brand new. It is very efficient with my herbs, and the power of this vape. I strongly recommend taking it slow with this vape, it is very powerful on the same level as a good desktop unit.

    The Not So Great, Switching batteries mid session, Only one mouthpiece, I don’t like that I have to use the app on my phone to get all of the features of the vape.

    This vape is in its own class now, the only one close is the Arizer Solo / Air, or the MFLB. The Firefly 2 has the convection oven technology which moves it to be the best portable vape. I hope that a better battery comes out, and not have to wait for the next Firefly to get the battery situation better.

  • I give the Firefly 2 a 9.8 (Glass and Scientific grade metal). I got it last Friday. I have used it everyday. It is a great vape. The metal and glass build, the glass window, the flavor, very powerful, the dock, easy to clean and when cleaned its like brand new every time, no filters to clean or replace, it comes with 2 batteries a cleaning kit, the unboxing is top rate, the warranty is great, the app is a very good feature, the size is very good, excellent portability and the convection oven and dynamic heating is like no other vaporizer very stealth.

    The batteries do have to be changed sometimes in midst of a long session. This would be a major negative but the Firefly 2 does come with 2 batteries. It can be awkward to hold when touching both sense buttons. This would also be a major negative, but it can be changed via the app, and its not that difficult of a hurdle to get used to. The downside to the app is it needs to be reconnected each time, or it will be set to factory settings. I find this annoying because I need to keep my phone close.

    I am retiring some great vapes in favor of the Firefly 2, My Magic Flight (9.6), My Arizer Air (9.6), and My Arizer Solo. I will still use my Arizer Extreme Q Desktop unit, but not as much the Firefly 2 is an extremely powerful device. I would also like to warn you to take it slow while getting used to your Firefly 2, it is a very powerful vaporizer.

    I have learned via the vapes I have purchased that, although Bud gives top tier reviews for plastic vapes like the Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty, Pax, and others made with plastic. I have learned that there is a major taste difference, and the taste from these plastic vapes, is coming from the plastic and rubber washers. This is something that has been ignored by Bud and many other critics.

    I would like to say I am on a crusade to make my fellow Vapers aware the plastic vapes are marketed extremely well, the initial results are great, but the long term results go south pretty quickly.

    The Firefly for the most part will take the place of my Solo (Metal and Glass), Air (Metal and Glass), Magic Flight (Wood, Metal Acrylic) and my desktop The Arizer Extreme Q (Glass and Glass!) desktop unit. Please stay away from the highly rated and marketed vapes made of plastic and rubber, its toxic. The performance might be super duper but plastic and rubber when heated and inhaled into your lungs cant be a good thing. Glass and Metal is pure vaping.

    — Doctor Vape

  • Day 7. Easiest to clean. Quality is of desktop quality and strength. I wish the battery lasting longer, but it comes with a spare. I also wish there was more than one mouthpiece. A glass one would be even nicer. I love the dock, the glass window on top (so cool to watch the process) and it gets more more ripped than the volcano with less herbs.

  • Firefly 2 is the worst vape I have ever used. Where to even start? For one, there are no returns, so make sure you want one. Second, when I buy a vape, I explicitly do this because I don’t want to use a bowl. Why then would I want to stir the crap half way between uses? That kills the entire point of vaping. Third, the quality just isn’t good and it forces you to use the app, which doesn’t connect half the time. Do you use these vapes once then review? I recommend using one for at least a month before giving a review. This should be a 76/100 at best. Worst and most expensive vape ever..

    • Oh yeah, and I forgot to add, good luck cleaning your FF2 after a year or so of use. The whole unit is one solid piece, so once it gets clogged, it’s over..oh yeah, and there’s no returns as I said….horrible

      • And the heating, forgot that too! I could on and on. It burnt my fingers on every try. If you start to get a good pull the unit will inevitably start overheating to the point you need gloves lolllll

  • Hi,
    I have completely different opinion about this vaporizer.
    I sold my Crafty because there were so many reviews how excellent it is.
    And so finally I got my Firefly 2.
    Absolutely the biggest problem here is draw resistance. I feel like getting to die cause of choking while pulling.
    I had never such a problem, in MFLB, Crafty, Ascent and other similar.
    To be honest, the flavour is good but only at the beginning.
    In my ideal Crafty the only problem was plastic vapor path when going on with higher temperatures and longer use so you feel something plastic in taste (battery could also be better but you can use powerbank if needed).
    The unit looks nice but that is not most important.
    The loading of battery is also a issue. You can not load them separatly but only in the vape.
    So please have ths in your mind before buying.
    Greetings for You master;)

  • Day 3 – This is like Hannukah in August foe me.
    I love the vape,

    because it is as powerful as any vape I have tried, desktop or portable.

    because its very rare to see your flowers while vaping.

    because the workman ship and material are perfect, and lack the unhealthy Toxins which comprise this vapes competition.

    because I dont need my desktop units anymore, its so much easier just having this unit, my Magic Flight and Extreme Q. I don’t need those but they were so good for so long. Not like cheap plastic marketing stars. The legendary Arizer Solo and Air , Arizer Exteme and the Magic Flight Launch Box, have finally been out done, because of the Dynamic Convection Oven. — (Salute to those vapes) because the new generation will be more more advanced. It will be interesting to see how the other big companies counter. Just stay away from the well marketed, Storz & Bickel, Pax – They appear to be good for your health but they use hardened plastic which is the equivalent to a 10 ply garbage can and a shiny sticker. Your lungs deserve glass and metal.

  • All new vapes will be going towards the convection oven, this is one of the first and probably the entire next generation is going that way. It will be interesting to see what other companies will be doing with Convection Oven technology.

  • You are right on the money once again. I would add… I just got it and

    The Glass Heating Chamber is terrific, the only other ones who have that is the Arizer Solo, Arizer Aire, Arizer Extreme Q and The Magic Flight. Those are like the Holy Grail of Vaporizers.

    All Glass and Metal — Don’t buy the ones made of hardened plastic, and have terrific marketing but are not that safe RE: Pax, All of the Storz & Bickel Units, Davinci, Etc… Hardened Plastic is equivalent to a 10 ply garbage bag. Do you want to inhale that?

    The Dock is very cool, you just put it down on Dock whenever not in use. Thats the best charging system I have seen of any vape. Super Cool.

    I find the performance to be no different than my desktop units. I don’t see my self using Desktop units anymore with this Vape, its as good as any desktop.

    Its incredibly efficient, and that efficiency packs a punch to using 50% herb and double the output. Its a Combo of the Magic Flight, Arizer Air with convection!

    • You’re a moron, the Da Vinci Ascent is the only unit with an all -glass path. The firefly has a plastic Triton Dupont mouthpiece on the end. Are you all this dumb?

  • The Firefly2 is, unfortunately, the most disappointing vaporizer I’ve ever used.

    All this talk about how great the vapor tastes, and that it is better than a desktop vape, is completely wrong. The flavor is on par with that of an $80 portable. The flavor has a metallic taste to it, which is a common failing in stainless steel bowl portables. Flowers vape unevenly. If you are considering a Firefly2 because you think you’re going to get the flavor you’d get from a Silver Surfer or Vapor Brothers, think again. Even on the low setting, flavor is severely lacking.

    Construction is hit or miss. The body itself is solid. The mouthpiece easily detaches and it will likely pop off when you’re passing it around to friends. The bowl is also poorly designed. Pieces of flower will get stuck in a slim groove where air passes, and it is impossible to get it completely clean.

    If you’re going to spend $330 for vape, it better be on point. The Firefly2 is not. Don’t drink the kool-aid and save your cash people.

    • The best vape. Period. Its so easy to get brand spanking new clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth and thats it. Shiny and new. Its convection with laser sized holes for the air to pass through. The effect is the same as any desktop unit. This is one of the first Dynamic Convection Oven Technology, to come out, it could be the next generation of vapes in 2016 will follow the trend, but for right now there is no competition. Convection, Glass and Metal. It doesn’t get better than this… yet. The only issue is that The Firefly 2 is on back order at stores. The more they get in the more they sell. The website also has orders backed up. I have heard nothing about defects.

  • I just got my FF2 in today. I watched all your videos and comparisons. I am getting married, and we are going on 3 week road trip. So we needed something discreet. Neither of us use vapes. this is first one. we use glass in general. that said. The firefly gets hot, and I’m not getting great production on highest setting. I even use coarse ground as recommended. Any other suggestions? just starting to feel like i should go with pax. and is the heat of device supposed to be that hot?

    • It gets hot on the end. Its supposed to. Just move your hand. Make sure your mouthpiece is snapped in. Take it off and snap it back in, that may be your reason. Hopefully you get the most out of the best.

  • Would you do a trade for a firefly 2 if someone offered you it for a crafty?

    Trying to make a decision and don’t know which one to pick.


    • No Way, Why would anyone want to vape with a product that is made of plastic and the toxins that come along with it, when it gets hot ?

  • In concept, I love my new Firefly 2, although no matter how I grind it or simply crash it into the device… I only get one puff of vape. I’ve watched all the videos and tried all the techniques. If there is no vape am I still ingesting herb?

    • Not all vape draws result in a cloud, but just as much vapor just not in cloud form. It may not feel like your hitting because its invisible at time, but trust me you are.

  • Got my Firefly 2 in, and have to say it’s kind of disappointing. The battery compartment lid easily slides around/off to start. Trying to snap it back on isn’t intuitive and usually ends up crooked. The batteries must be charged when in the unit, on a docking station with no other option to charge. The vapor density is abysmal. All of the other vapes I’ve used, even the MFLB, produce better hits than this. The battery life is extremely short, about one bowls worth. The charge time is much more than 45 minutes, even with a higher powered outlet as recommended in their online manual.

    I so wanted this to be a good vape. I wanted something not for sessions, but for quick hits. But it just has so little flavor and power (even under it’s high setting) that it’s an underwhelming experience. No matter the grind, amount used, draw length or how hard you pull… it’s just poor.

    Highly recommend against getting this.

  • I’m debating between the Firefly 2, Arizer Solo or Arizer Air. I don’t need to be very portable, as long as I can bring it to the balcony :)
    I’ve been a bong smoker for many years and like that the Firefly 2 is similar to a bong/bowl, but have read great things about the Arizer vapes (not sure how they compare to a bowl though).
    Any advice would be great!

    • If don’t care about super portability and all you need is to get to a balcony, then I recommend getting a small extension cord and sticking with a desktop like a Silver Surfer or Vapor Brothers. Your taste buds will thank you.

    • The Arizer Solo, Air, Extreme Q and the Magic Flight are the best of the convention ovens. The taste purity, power and build quality. The firefly is of the same but with the latest Dynamic Convection oven. The Fiefly has exceeded my high expectations. But you will never be dissapointed with the Arizer Products or Magic Flight.

    • I love the Air and Solo. I am interested to see if Arizer comes out with a convection oven vape. The firefly 2 like the Arizer Vapes is made of glass and metal but the convection oven is like turbo boost for a vape. The Firefly 2 is better than any vape. Especially those that are made of plastic.

    • Nope. To view and change the temp, you are forced to use a phone app. If you don’t have the app, you’re stuck.

  • I pulled the trigger and ordered one because of your review. I just hope it gets here soon. Keep up the good work man!

  • I would love to get my greedy paws on this bad boy. I believe, that convection oven vaporizers are in a different, category of portable vaporizer. Convection oven based vaporizers assist with the inhalation process, making it stronger and an easier experience. I would say convection oven based vaporizers are at least 50% more potent and efficient than conventional based ovens. All of the new technology is headed towards convectional oven. Convectional oven technology is what powers the Volcano, Plenty, Crafty, Mighty and most desktop Vapes. With portable Vapes the trend is rolling out(pun), these are going to be the best vapes.

  • How do you think the firefly 2 compares to the volcano in terms of vapor quality/strength/effects?

    I have been a daily combustion smoker for 15 years (heavyish user), mostly smoking from my C2 ratchet/showerhead bong. I love my bong, but I have tried/bought many vaporizers because I am concerned about the health benefits. Sadly, I have never used a vaporizer that actually left me satisfied (an intense stoned like combustion!), except for the Volcano.

    I just want to make sure I dont waste $300 on the firefly 2 just to find out that it does not satisfy me, and I’m left smoking my bong again. I would buy the volcano or plenty, but i need something way more portable and way less conspicuous than those. Please help!

  • Buyer beware in dealing with Firefly. This is clearly a company that struggles with quality and operational efficiency. I’ve purchased both the original Firefly (2 years ago) and the Firefly 2 (last month). Both were delivered in an unusable condition and in both cases, the customer support was severely lacking.

    Original Firefly: delivered with a battery that, when fully charged, could not be used for more than 3-4 draws. Did the company send a new unit? No. They put me in the warranty queue and delivered a functional battery in 6 weeks. Unacceptable.

    Firefly 2: despite my experience with the first one, I rolled the dice on the new Firefly. Again, the unit was delivered in an unstable condition. The battery charger unit did not charge at all. No lights, nada. Upon contacting Firefly, I was again sent to the back of the warranty queue. no exchange permitted. Since I didn’t want to wait another 6 weeks, I simply gave up and returned the item.

    I have zero trust in this company anymore. It’s a shame because I’m sure this unit works well when it’s actually built correctly but I cannot award this kind of company with my business.


    I’ll do my best to keep this fairly brief and will use some of the Bud’s criteria found here:

    Ease of use:
    For first time users I’d say it’s pretty even really.
    For a daily driver which you are going to take with you the PAX2 wins hands down. You can load it up and put it in your pocket. The Firefly2 is much larger and holds a lot less material. In addition when you take it out of your pocket be sure to check the battery compartment door as it comes off constantly. The 2 button Not good.

    I don’t think the firefly2 gives half the level of vapor as the PAX2 does and the battery life is terrible. The reason they give you the extra battery is that without one customers would be very disappointed with the battery life – which makes you have to take something additional with you. I haven’t tested it yet but I think a fully charged PAX2 will have more battery life than both the Firefly2 batteries combined.

    Vapor Quality:
    It takes sooooo much work to get decent vapor from the FF2 and to do so you have to turn it up – with the PAX2 I get better vapor at the lowest heat setting than from the FF2 at the higher heat settings.

    Build Quality:
    Hands down the PAX2 feels more solid. The Firefly2 feels plastic like (and to me the taste is very plastic like). The battery door constantly comes undone and it doesn’t go on perfectly every time. I had the misfortune of a man overboard event with a PAX2 in my pocket – no issues whatsoever after being fully submerged, If that was the FF2 I highly doubt it would’ve survived. Just sayin….

    Power Supply:
    Very short life on the FF2 and if you use it away from home you need to deal with carrying the extra battery and the larger unit. PAX2 wins for me no doubt. 10 year warranty also includes the battery on the PAX2.

    Portable or desktop:
    For me, this is a desktop unit. Way big for a pocket carried device along with cell phone, keys and wallet – the PAX2 is far more portable. And due to the short battery life it’s a desktop unit (for me).

    It’s pretty close – I may give this one to the FF2 since you load less. If you are looking for a more extended session though you will have to repack the FF2 3x to just once with the PAX2.

    The FF2 is new to me so it’s hard to rate reliability – I can tell you that the PAX2 has been very reliable for me. Also – the PAX2 customer service team is WAY more responsive if you ever do have any issues. I wrote simply asking for a shipping date on my FF2 order and it took days to get back to me. PAX2 customer service is so much faster in response time and response quality. Just sayin….

    I prefer the PAX2 – the FF2 gets dirty fast and needs cleaning at almost every session. You can go at least 4x longer between cleanings with the PAX2.

    Constant cleaning with the FF2 – cleaning is maintenance. How come Bud gave it an A? It needs constant maintenance and we have no idea how long parts will last. The PAX2 is pretty bulletproof.

    It’s elegant for sure – but the design to me is questionable. Again – the battery lid coming off in my pocket is pretty annoying and far from elegant – the glow in the ‘bowl’ is elegant, yes. But – it’s like a pipe – really not forward looking like the PAX2 design. It functions like a pipe, looks like a pipe.. Anyhow – it feels bulky elegant.

    It’s not as good a unit in my opinion as the PAX2 and it’s considerably more expensive.

    Personal opinion:
    I had higher expectations of this unit – I use my PAX2 much more often and to a much higher level of satisfaction. The FF2 is not all I thought it would be.

    • You must work for Pax. Because I have both. I don’t like units that use plastic and rubber that are toxic especially when heated at high levels and inhaled into my lungs. The Pax is just a marketing scheme. The Firefly 2 will sell itself, look at the build quality glass and metal. The Pax has a convention oven on the bottom of the unit which needs you to draw upwards through a small straw. That same straw is needs to be lubricated with some kind of extremely unhealthy plutonium jelly. I was psyched to get the Pax 2 but it sux.

  • OK, sitting in front of an unopened firefly2, contemplating returning it because I am seeing a lot of mixed reviews. Question, is the firefly2 really such a hassle to use? Should I return it and go with the crafty?

  • Hey bro got mine last May you know what the only level I use is the concentrate level and I don’t even smoke wax. It’s excellent in your flower and it gives you 4 monster clouds and that’s all you need! Believe me no combustion, I do not know why they’re sayin that. Anyways folks try it.

  • I need a portable way to use concentrates. I just ordered the Firefly 2 for dry herb. But it can do concentrates too. I’m considering getting a pen like the gravity, Aurora, or Orb 3. In your opinion does the firefly 2 match or beat those pens in terms of flavor and vape quality?Also efficiency of amount used vs getting more medicated. Need to know if firefly is all I need or is a pen so much better that I need to get one also?

    • I’ve tried oil in mine and it does produce an amazing amount of vapor from a couple drops. I don’t know how it compares to pens but I was impressed by that and by the smoothness and coolness of the vapor.

      The down side is that on the “Concentrates” setting the battery life is really terrible. You’ll want to have your extra battery handy.

  • Hey there! I greatly appreciate your reviews and helpful information. I just got a Firefly 2 yesterday and still familiarizing myself with the unit. Have been using the Arizer Air since Novermber of last year with great results (aside from portability). In fact I feel like I can get a lot more draws of vapor using it compared to the new device. Something I’ve noticed with the Firefly 2 right off the bat is that the device gets pretty hot after only a few draws. Really hot…..I’ve also noticed the battery level is not correct always saying 100%. I haven’t really heard much about other units getting super hot so wasn’t sure if that’s normal.

    • Mine gets extremely hot as well. Like i cant hold it because its so hot. But i am displeased with the firefly 2 in general. Worst vape purchase Ive made so far. The firefly 1 works way better. And the firefly customer service is a joke. I had to jump through hoops to get them to allow me to send it back to them and then they make that process difficult. Very dissapointed with this product.

  • This is the BEST vape I’ve ever owned or used. I love the on-demand heating, as I normally enjoy just a couple tokes at a time. The vapor quality really is right up there next to the Volcano… maybe better?! Of course, it does have a very specific use; which is for smaller, personal sessions. I do have a couple points that I hope the, so far excellent in my experience, customer care team can address:

    1. We need to be able to change the temperature on the unit without the app! The app is great, but a special pattern of taps should allow us to change the temperature for situations like camping, dead phone battery, lost phone, etc.; especially since one of the biggest selling point on this is its ability to produce excellent vapor with both flower and concentrate. Something like: LRLLRRLLLRRR, L Up or R Down with LED feedback, then LLLRRR to exit. This should be a cinch to program, fairly easy to remember, but complicated enough to prevent random access.

    2. The battery indicator both on device and on the app need fixing. I’m hoping this is on the software/firmware side and not due to a faulty sensor design.

    3. The next version must have on-board USB charging and throughput (whichever version, probably micro, is most available at the time). I understand why this was kept out this round, likely due to space concerns, but battery size should allow for it in a couple years.

    Kudos Firefly 2 design team! Please respond if/when you can implement these fixes and really just put that last polish on this most excellent vape.


    • A reseller discounting it doesn’t affect Firefly’s profit. That’s a cost for the reseller.

      Regardless, Firefly makes more money per unit selling directly to customers than selling to retailers.

  • I pre-ordered a FF2 (in black) on 5/29 – the Sunday before Memorial Day. The site banner said pre-orders were shipping in June and the checkout page said Spring, so I figured I’d be waiting a while.

    Surprisingly, my order shipped 5/31 – the next business day. I got free shipping (Fedex Home Delivery), which will get it to me on Thursday.

    I’m pretty amazed. I wonder if they’re delaying orders to resellers to get more direct sales or something.

    Anyway, I’m excited to get it.

    • So I got my Firefly and finally got a chance to try it out. I also have a Flowermate 5.0S that I like but the vapor is noticeably cooler and smoother from the Firefly, even to a newbie like me.

      One weird thing. When I press the two buttons for warmup, usually the green light flashes until it’s ready. But sometimes if I’ve set it down for an hour, the green light goes immediately solid even though the vape is cold. If I take a pull, I don’t get vapor. Shouldn’t the light flash?

      Anyone else run into that?

      • From user manual:
        Blinking Green: Firefly2 is heating.
        Solid Green: Firefly2 is ready to use.
        Blinking Blue: While on dock: Battery is charging.
        Solid Blue: Battery is charged.
        Blinking Red: Battery is low and needs charging.
        Solid Red: Firefly2 needs to cool down for a few minutes

        • Also….I am using mine for the first time tonight and noticed some variation of what you are explaining….but I am getting nice vapor production…..the experience is phenomenal and find the vape critics review on par with my experience thus far….wow…what a great first impression. Love the glow….feels like a vapor pipe. Hope the firefly is working out well for you. Farewell.

        • Thanks, but it shouldn’t show an immediate solid green “ready to use” light when it’s stone-cold.

          I think what’s happening is that the FF2 goes to sleep and holding both buttons just wakes it up. If I let them go and press them again, I get the expected flashing green light and preheating.

  • I love your reviews and count on them to make educated decisions. Will you be reviewing the Grasshopper or Grenco G Pen Elite anytime soon? Been hearing great things. Thank you!!

  • Thanks for the awesome and thorough reviews. I just bought the FireFly2 through your link so make sure you get your credit!

  • Hello,
    Sick review man, I was wondering; Do you know what the price tag will be in CAD? I’ve been searching everywhere with no luck.

  • I’m curious what there is to gain from a desktop vape that these higher end portables don’t provide (unless you are entertaining a group)?

    • Desktop vapes for the most part just are able to give much bigger vape clouds if needed. Also it depends on whether you plan to use it on the go often or mostly at home. If at home, a desktop is good since you just plug it in not having to worry about batteries or any of that.

      It’s not a matter of which is better but more of which is more suited for your lifestyle.

  • I am highly dissatisfied with my Firefly 2. Vapor is weak and it is way to finicky with the grind and draw of it. My battery doesn’t last very long at all, and I seem to be going through more product.

    • If you watch the how to use video, there really shouldn’t be a issue. It explains everything and than some. Just some friendly advice.

      • Do you think a vaporizer with a large channel to store the vapor can help you take a great hit?

  • Hey Bud, great How To vid on the ff2. Quick question on clearing up clogged holes with the air duster. I’ve cleaned out the glass bowl area with a decent amt of iso and went to air dust the holes. I’d say about 10 of my holes are clogged because a friend of mine used way too much oil at once. Now when I went to air dust the holes, the little tube that was supposed to fit right into the holes starting causing probs. The tube has a hole the size of the ff2 holes, but the entire diameter of the tube (hole and plastic material that make the hole) is about 2x-3x bigger than a ff2 hole therefore not fitting. I still tried to line the tube up with a clogged ff2 hole as close as possible and let out a couple bursts of the air duster. Unfortunately none of the clogged holes were cleared this way and the air duster even liquefied for a couple seconds while I was using it on the ff2 (much like adding too much butane to a torch). Maybe I misunderstood some info in the vid or something, do you have any idea what I can do to keep my ff2 in pristine condition? Thanks and keep up the great vids!

    • I think the instructions say in that case to heat it and then BLOW into it to clear the holes. I’ve read it somewhere.

  • Hey bud,

    I’ve got a dilemma. I currently own a Pax 1, but I’m considering selling it to purchase the new Firefly 2.

    Things I like about the Pax:
    – I’m not a heavy vaper so I can get 4-5 decent sessions (3-5 long hits per session) out of the Pax before changing my material. I also stir the oven in between sessions.
    – Battery life.
    – Portability and discreteness.
    – Build quality and warranty.

    Things I dislike about the Pax:
    – CLEANING! (I have to clean at least once a week to keep it running as efficiently/tasty as possible)
    – Can’t do concentrates.
    – Have to grind material twice to get it fine enough. (Time consuming)
    – Taste drops off after first couple hits.

    Because I like to only take 3-5 hits per session I am thinking the Firefly would be more efficient. Based on the type of vaper I am, would you say it’s worthwhile to make the switch?

    • If you have the original PAX 1 than I would say the switch is worth it. If you have the PAX 2 though I don’t think you really need to switch IMO.

      The firefly 2 is good because your only heating it up while you hit instead of it always vaping when not drawing. Pretty cool for people who don’t vape hardcore like myself.

      With the cleaning assuming we just talk about herb and not concentrates, it doesn’t require much cleaning. If mixing between herb and concentrates than it could get a little messy but nothing some ISO can’t get rid of.

      Be easy!

  • I’ve noticed that several portable vapes (G Pro, Summit) get pretty hot to the touch when they are being used. Sometimes during a long session the mouthpiece gets to a point where it almost burns my lips. I was wondering if the Firefly 2 had any issues with over heating or being uncomfortable at all when hitting it. I suppose since it is convection, it would be less likely to overheat though?

    • I experimented with mine and found that solo use with the ff2 had rare occasions of overheat, but the ff2 will overheat in situations such as a group session where ppl are constantly hitting it. The bowl side of the unit and the little metal beads that act as sensors get uncomfortably hot, whenever this happens I just let it cool down for a min or two and it’s good to go. I also had the G Pro and know exactly what your’e talking about with the mouthpiece getting too hot. With my ff2 I’ve noticed that the mouthpiece half (including mouthpiece) of the unit is never hot, even when the unit is overheated (which rarely happens). Overall the vapor is tasty and cool and I am satisfied with my purchase.

  • I read so many hot and cold reviews from
    This vape! I had to order one regardless but I’m a little scared of buyers remorse! Is this vape seriously the highest rated?

  • I have a firefly and love it except for the battery life. I spoke to Firefly and I am not sure I would like the Firefly 2 as well even though there are several improvements. What I like about the firefly original is I can control the temperature with how I use the button. I was told by Firefly that this will not be true on the Firefly 2. I have to hold the button to draw which means the unit is controlling the temperature, not me.

    I also am unhappy with the temperature settings being available only by app. Have you heard of anyone who prefers the old model over the new model?

  • I was about to buy the flowermate 5 mini pro.. But this review… Man now I’m confused again. I’m so overwhelmed I can’t decide :( halp

  • HiKing,
    i am not so happy with my FF2, it’s not so good as my crafty or my solo…so much noise for poor vapor, the taste is not very long…as 3 or 4 puffs…i have good material… i feel it like Magic Flight Box but more easy to use…i am not understand your 96/100 ! i am sad !

    • I am totally agree. I didn’t liked flavor from FF2… I am learning how to use it better, but I am very disappointed… Can’t understand neither the 96/100!?!
      I have Crafty and it has really better flavor. But Battery is really poor on crafty.
      Last thing about FF2: I haven’t appreciated the plastic taste on my first use of FF2…

  • I must have a preproduction unit because the batteries don’t charge, and the touch sensitive pads are unresponsive. Emailed FF directly, no response yet.

  • Can anyone who’s used the FF2 opine on the grip? Can you hold the unit vertically without issue or does it not work as well?

    • It works good whether holding it straight or at a angle. I’ve not noticed any difference in performance between both ways. Most of the time I use mine “vertically” so your all set lol.

  • Hi,

    I have asthma and I’m trying to decide which vape to go with that’d suit my condition best.

    I can’t decide between the Firefly2 and the Crafty, or whatever vape that’d be OK for a person with asthma.

    Could you please recommend me one?


    • My GF has asthma, and she has both the Crafty and the FF2. The Crafty is a much less resistive draw, so if it is difficult for you to undertake a long resistive draw, then that might be a nod towards the Crafty. So far we’ve gotten denser vapor from the Crafty, and the FF2 is less inclined to trigger coughing. I think we haven’t mastered the FF2 yet as far as vapor density goes, but it does definitely provide a good end result. My sense is that that FF2 ultimately will offer you a good end result with less harshness (coughing and irritation). I do really love the Crafty however. Eagerly waiting for Bud’s video on FF2 tips to learn how to get the vapor density up.

    • I’d go with the firefly 2 since it’s “on demand heating” so you can take hits as needed. The crafty on the other hand is kinda a vape whole session unit. You could turn the crafty off and back on to use again (will still get you medicated) but I found the taste/experience isn’t as pleasurable when doing that. The FF2 lets you take 1 nice hit, put it down, do whatever and come back to it when your ready.

      The reason I bring this up is for someone with asthma, having a vaporizer you can hit at your own pace would be so much better for health reasons (I’d have to imagine) than one blowing out non stop vape until herb is done. Hope this helps, good luck ;)

  • Hey Bud! i currently own a solo with a 14mm gong that i use with my 13 inch water pipe (its got a fritted disk, if you haven’t ever hit one with a vape you’re missing out haha). im currently looking for a new portable to hook up to it, but im kind of at a loss. Im looking for a good portable that can maybe do a faster, more thorough extraction. Basically something that isnt so mediocre or practical, without being a desktop. still living with the rents, cant get my herbie and xhale yet haha. my choices right now are the grasshopper, or a cf(x) by boundless, but im open to any and all suggestions. Stay up bro!

  • Hey Bud – I’m interested in the FF2, do you have to hold the unit horizontally or can you pack it just right and hold vertically when ripping similar to the pax? I love everything I’ve read on it but a horizontal grip seems to take away from the stealth factor of it all

  • Awesome review as always! You’ve helped me with almost all of my vape purchases. Right now I’m using the Arizer Air, but want something new. Looking at either this unit, the Kandypen Galaxy, or the Kandypen K-Vape. I currently don’t use concentrates, but am open to trying, just don’t really want to have to have stock of herbs and oils.

    Would be open to trying the Galaxy, especially at that price. Thoughts on K-Vape? Of the three do you still recommend the Firefly 2? So many questions! As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge. You’re the man!

    Bringing only good vibes!

  • Great reviews! Just a quick question…I have a Pax and am really disappointed in the vapor production but am considering getting the Firefly 2. I hear that the vapor is more robust. It takes me a loooong session with the Pax to get where I want and I was wondering if the same is true with the Firefly 2. Basically I wanna get baked efficiently and that seemed impossible with the Pax. Can you shed any light?


    • I love my Pax. Use a super fine grind and make sure your green is dried out a bit and pack it tight. I get awesome clouds, but the taste is not as good as the FF2 and the maintenance was worth it, but after so many years of weekly cleanings, it was time to move on. It seems the exact opposite for the FF2. I called FF and the rep gave me some awesome tips, like forget the grinder and break up small pieces. I am pretty sure using the Pax all these years has been the reason I’ve had a hard time getting the hang of the FF2, but now that I’ve found the right “grind” and pull I am starting to really love the FF2. The taste and the high are worth the learning curve!

    • I am assuming your talking about the PAX 1 since the PAX 2 produces very nice vapor. If you are still using the first PAX, the Firefly 2 and even PAX 2 are on different levels after all this time.

      If you are talking about the PAX 2 than something is wrong… can’t imagine or see it not producing vapor on any heat setting.

      My Firefly 2 vapes herb very efficient using the heat setting medium-high or high. Personally I do not have a issue feeling nice after a session. Hope this helps.

  • I’m gonna post a video ASAP on how to use the FF2 to make sure everyone is using it right, this vape is amazing i promise.

    Quick tips:

    – coarse grind, pack chamber full

    – take 10 to 20 second draws, and pull fast if you want a lot of vapor

    – continue your draw for 2-3 seconds after disengaging heat

    – you may not get visible vapor from the first draw or two, the oven needs to warm up a little bit for peak performance

    – pulling fast seems to really make a difference, versus taking a slow sip

    • I bought the Pax over 2 years ago based on your reviews and have loved everything except the maintenance in it. I’ve been eyeing the FF and was sold on the FF2 the moment I watched your review. I’ve had mine since Friday and I can only say I’ve been discouraged. You produce more vapor on low than I do on the med high temp, so I know I’m missing something. I am getting high, no doubt, but it seems to take several bowls to get to that point and I’m not sure if I’m high off vapor or the lack of oxygen from pulling so long (I am more of a sipper than a ripper). Thanks for these extra tips! I’m not giving up and look forward to your “how to” video. I love your detailed and in depth reviews!

    • Awesome! Can’t wait for the FF2 best practices video.

      I’m wondering why a fast pull should produce more vapor than a slow pull. Assuming the convection air temp remains the same over the course of a fast or slow draw, then there should be no difference in vapor production. And a fast draw would be more likely to reduce the convection air temp.

      Question: Do you think that a slow draw allows the lungs more time to absorb the vapor, and that explains the thinner clouds from slow draws?

      I definitely understand the desire for dense clouds, but exhaling any amount of vapor is wasteful – isn’t it?

      • …but I guess pulling harder could result in more total air flow in a set amount of time, so that could also account for the observation of thicker clouds from fast (harder) draws

  • Ehh so far from the reviews I read, not many users are satisfied with the firefly 2 vapor production or high. It seems like they are forced to like it. But for $300+ I would expect it to perform without a hassle. Well it did just release. Maybe I should keep waiting for more reviews

    • People are just sharing their experiences too quick without actually learning how to use the device. For the first couple days I had my ff2 my experience was just as you described, not satisfied with the whispy vapor production. After learning how to actually grind and load the ff2 and also the correct breathing technique I consistently get nice clouds. Although, I would say it’s a safe bet though to wait for more reviews if your’e not comfortable investing yet.

  • I’m new to convective vaping, and was wondering if my observations are shared by others. So I was very excited to receive my firefly2 a week ago. Short story is that I’ve been experimenting with flower and am having a hard time getting any visible vapor. That said, I am experiencing a high despite the lack of much visible vapor, but would say that I must vape at least 2-3 times the amount of flower in the firefly2 as one would need in a standard bong rip to achieve the same effect. Is this common? I’ve also noted that the high from vaping comes on a bit slower and less intense than a bong rip.

    • The “intense” hit your used to getting from your bong is most likely from the plants being burned therefore you are breathing in plant material, CO2, and thousands of chemicals. Using the ff2 will seem less intense because your’e just burning off the thc and not the plant material itself (unless you turn it up to concentrates). It also sounds like you’re still learning what works best for you from your vapor description. If you are not already doing these, I suggest that you : use a course grind by breaking your bud up by hand instead of a fine grind from a grinder, load just enough (you don’t want it packed too tight or too loose), let the ff2 heat up for 3-5 sec before hitting it, take a deep and slow 10+sec breath, and stir the bowl every 3ish hits. These tips should get you very decent clouds every time. If you just enjoy harsh smoke too much (surprisingly alot of people do), turn your ff2 onto concentrates and it’ll combust your bud guaranteed :)

  • I received my ff2 in the mail yesterday and since then i have not been able to make it work properly. I do not get any clouds when it heats up. Im not sure if i have a defective ff2. I have tried different grinds like with my santa cruz shredder and even breaking it apart with my fingers like there website suggests and still no vapor. Every now and then i get some vapor, but very minimal. I have also tried preheating it, and the. Hitting with the buttons still held down but no success

    • I’m having similar results, can’t get large clouds…but do experience results, but must burn about 2x flower, compared to bong rips.

  • Just received my FF2 a couple days ago, best decision I’ve ever made lol. I noticed though that when I tap the right button 3x for battery indication after it’s been charged to full, it’ll always blink 4x (75%) rather than 5x (100%). The battery works fine, but that indicator seems wonky and I was wondering if you also have that issue? Keep up the great reviews!

  • I’m curious to know if particulates, however small, may fall through the many air vent holes at bottom of stainless bowl which would then burn off by the heating element and sucked into my lungs. Also, we still do not have information on the heaters makeup which is deliberately being withheld from those who are paying a pretty price to inhale from it. I have a pre-order but this isn’t sitting well with me.

    Lastly, I wanted to order some extra accessories like mouthpieces but they are out of stock? Doesn’t make sense…stll waiting for a reply from Firefly.

    What do you think Bud?

    • I’ve got mine last week and from looking at it, if the SMALLEST piece managed to even get under the chamber… the path that the vapor travels through wouldn’t make it to your mouth. Anything is possible but it would be a ridiculously small amount over a long period of time.

      I’ve used my fair share of vapes and the FF2 is one that actually tastes mad clean inhaling from it right outta the box. There are a bunch of vaporizers I’ve gotten & tried that tasted horrible, almost poisonous when using. Guess after knowing the difference makes me appreciate how clean the Firefly 2 is. Just my thoughts though. Have a good one.

  • Hey man, you do awesome reviews. I enjoy them. You talk a bit about tier1 and tier2 vapes. My question – is the extra money for a tier 1 worth it over a tier 2. the firefly is rated 96 and $100 more than the haze which is rate 91. is the $100 worth the 5 points out of 100?

  • I am seriously thinking of ordering the FF2 based only on your fantastic reviews.
    I have a few questions.
    1/ can you use the unit plugged into the charger or power brick?
    2/ can you charge spare batteries outside the unit?
    3/ how long will a spare battery hold its charge outside the unit?
    4/ does changing mouthpiece eventually weaken the contact points that hold the mouthpiece in place?

    • Good thinkin! ;)

      1: negative
      2: yes with external charger
      3: not exactly sure but it holds charge longer when not left inside unit
      4: so far so good, doesn’t look to be a future problem but I will monitor closely

      Stay up!

      • 2. external charger
        Do you mean the FF1 external?
        If so you have to get the FF1 external charger and the FF1 adapter.
        Or do you mean you can charge a naked battery on the FF2 charger?

  • I really wanted a firefly 2 but I could not wait. I got a launch box just for something to vape with and I like it. They seem to have a couple of similarities. I am sure the ff is better but how do you think the two compare when it comes to 1)Vapor Quality 2)How easy is it to use and get that big cloud of vapor? Can you get a decent hit from a short draw? 3)Is the draw resistance on the ff2 irritating?
    Would it be worth it to get the firefly 2 now so soon after purchasing the mflb? Or should I wait and see how people like them and maybe even hold out for something better?

  • Bud, thanks for the great reviews on the Firefly 2! I ordered one using your link. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi I am a rookie in the world of vaping, I started with the Firefly 1 and this is the best thing it’s happen to me since I roll a joint by myself long time ago.

    Now I am waiting the FF2 with big expectative since I have read all your reviews of each vape and it is noteworthy that are super informative and are at the forefront in the world of vaporizers globally

    My question is ¿which do you think is the best grinder money can buy for the Firefly 2?

    Right now I own the Black tie Grinder and I think is the best grinder money can buy, but it is just my humble opinion since I am not a vape critic like you I just follow the reviews from other stoners.

    The problem I am having with those and many more grinders is ¿How to grind very greasy sticky weed?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • HI Adrian – Your black tie grinder looks just like my Zeus grinder (Toronto Vape and Arsenal rebrands lots of good stuff with their own name/logo) and I find it works well.

      Now I took a recommendation from Bud and am extraordinarily pleased with it. Its a New Vape fine grind unit of impeccable workmanship and quality. I just like the way it feels in my hand and it works fabulously.

      Clearly, if Bud replies to you soon, then follow his guidance as I’m just a face in the crowd. But this is what I have found.

      Now, I don’t know if anything will work with Gorilla Glue and the like.

  • Thanks for reviews, keep them coming. What about the Releaux rx200 with dry herb atomizer vs ff2? Any good box mods for dry herb vaping you recommend?

    • You will find others who are perhaps more experienced than I and who will reply, but I have come to the conclusion that in general box mods and screw on atomizers just ain’t it for dry herb.

      I have bought a Cloutank 4 Atomizer and personally consider it to just be an electric pipe with exposed coils to burn your weed.

      Divine Tribes does make a ceramic doughnut based atomizer that they say works for dry herb with a temp control or variable voltage/wattage mod. Link shown below. It does have a ceramic screen to shield the herb from the doughnut heating element but I don’t know how well this works.

      I have bought one but not yet used it as I am now really favoring good quality convective vapes for my herb. I just don’t think I can vape dry herbs to my satisfaction with one of the cheaper solutions (like box mod and coil atomizer). But the DT unit is only $24 so it ain’t a lot to risk to try it.

      Units like FF2, Crafty/Mighty/Volcano/etc are really in a different league performance-wise than batteries and coils.

      Just my almost never humble opinion LOL

      Best of luck

  • What are your thoughts on the external charger? Firefly confirmed that it works fine with the firefly 2 battery. I was thinking just keep one battery charged and ready to go at all times and switch them out as needed. Any thoughts on this?

  • Great review! Is this ready for direct order or is it still only for preorders? looks like it will be my first vapo

    • Hey excellent choice, it’s still pre-order right now and I’m not positive when it’ll be in stock but they say by end of May and I’m thinking people will start getting them before that probably

  • Wow….
    Well I’ve watched both this and that excellent 3-way comparison vid. and I gotta say you’re getting better my man! I’m like 99% sold on ordering the FF2 now.
    I’ll be at 100% if you could answer just 2 questions please….
    1. Do you need an iPhone to control the temp app. thingy,or would an iPad with wifi work?
    2. Just exactly what is the temp of the concentrates setting?
    You’re doing good work so keep the faith and STAY UP!


    • Hey what’s up!

      1. iPad will work! but you do need to always use the app to change heating profiles

      2. it doesn’t really have exactly temp settings with the way it works but the concentrate profile should get up to ~450-500F

      Thanks for posting!!

  • Hey Bud,
    Do you know what kind of heating element or system this uses? I know its a convection vape but was wondering what the heating element was made of or how it worked because I haven’t seen anything talk about that whatsoever.

    Thanks Bud! P.S. I bought my plenty and herbalizer based on your reviews!

    • Hey Chief, great question, I think they keep it kind of low key (I couldn’t find info on their site about it either) but I’m pretty sure it’s ceramic and some type of metal coil, but I think they use a slightly different metal than most other vapes which is how they get such amazing vapor quality.

      I’m going to look into this more and I think I’m gonna take mine apart also to see what’s going on in there

  • The original firefly is super rugged! I dropped mine while driving and the car behind me ran right over the firefly. My first reaction was fock I need a new vape now! Picked it up and it worked perfectly. Only a couple scratches on the red paint!

  • Can you get “stoneeeed” off this? is this convenient for someone with a high tolerance? And does it work just as good for both flower and wax? Better than the dr.D aura?

    • Yesss you cannnn

      But, if you’re a heavy hitter you’ll most likely need to re-pack it at least once because of it’s tiny capacity.

      It works very very well with both flower and wax, and it’s actually one of my favorite ways to vape concentrates now, but pens like the Aura are still cool too and very convenient

  • How is mouth piece? Is there silicone or plastic exposed to heat? Do you think there is any potential toxicity? And what about the new body?

    How would you compare that to the da Vinci ascent which has silicone around the seal and the pax 2?

    I love the firefly 1 because of stainless steel any information on the magnesium alloy?

    Thanks for the hard work!

    • Six question marks in one comment!! lol ;)

      The mouthpiece is actually pretty nice, it’s def the cheapest part of the vape but I have no issues with it, and I think out of all the vapes I’ve reviewed this one has one of the lowest chances of having anything unsafe in the vapor path

      Really the only materials the vapor touches is stainless steel and borosilicate glass which are both inert and safe at these temps

      The new magnesium alloy shell is cool because it’s very light and seems strong, but it does scratch fairly easily so you need to be a little mindful of where you put it

      Stay up!

  • Great review! Are you going to review the new Sidekick portable vape from 7th Floor. I’m really torn between this one and that one as I love my SSV.

  • Hello from chile
    I already have the crafty , do you think one that should buy the fireflay 2 ?


    • Hello my friend!

      Well they are both amazing vapes and right now they’re the two highest rated on my site, but they work differently, check out this video comparison I made if you haven’t watched it yet:

      Basically the Crafty is more similar to the experience of smoking a J and the Firefly 2 is closer to the experience of using a bowl.

  • Yo V masta C, your word means something to me and I need some solid thoughts from u man. I’m a health nut and also a cheapo. I’m considering the Firely 2 for quality convection but would rather the Galaxy pen with my own homemade concentrates (shatter). Which has safer materials and cleaner vape being inhaled? I hear titanium coil glowing is bad fow yo health.

    Thanks a ton and I’m right up there with ya brosive~

    • Yo son what up!!

      If you want quality, and you want convection, get the Firefly, it’s worth the price. And, you can do both herbs and concentrates in it. Super high quality build construction and they only used expensive materials (odorless, flavorless, food-safe) — Vapor path is borosilicate glass and stainless steel.

      The Galaxy pen is fantastic for wax but it’s not a health-nut vape, it’s for convenient use of concentrates on-the-go. I personally feel that almost every part of it is completely harmless, but I don’t honestly know 100% for sure what the coil itself is actually made from, you can’t really trust what the factories say, my guess is a Titanium alloy. Probably harmless, the coils don’t normally glow red during a regular hit so it’s usually not getting super-heated like when you dry-burn it.

      • Master Vaper, you are king of da clouds! Thank you my main man for your time and your presence in the vape community. I shall jump on the glow bug bandwagon with a pre-order. Soon I’ll be flying with the fireflies in me backyard all danx to U.

        Your friend in time,

        Boomin B

  • Great review , exactly what I was searching for.

    I’m new to the vape world, but I managed to develop adult asthma, so I gotta vape or I cough like a b :)

    I was looking at the ascent or the firefly, but then I noticed the firefly 2. Being that I don’t have a vaporizer at the moment, is the firefly 2 worth waiting for? Or should I just get the firefly now?

      • Thanks for the reply. I had one other question. My main needs are a smooth coop vapor. I also tend to take a hit here or there. Naturally the FF2 seems perfect for this. But I highly prefer a joint over smoking a bowl. Pipes and bowls just are too harsh for me. Is FF2 still smooth, even though it seems to resemble more of smoking from a pipe?

        • Pipes and bowls aren’t even comparable to the ff2. They combust weed and create harsh smoke. The ff2 is just vapor, it’s closer to breathing air (water vapor) than to breathing smoke.

  • I am a beginner (never used a dry herb vale before) looking to buy my first vape. I am between the firefly 2 and the pax 2. I feel like if I could go out and buy this today, I would get the firefly 2, but A. It looks like I would have to wait to late May and B. I feel like the small sips of the Pax 2 would be better for a beginner like me. What should I do?!

  • This looks awesome, in need of a portable vape. I currently own a Volcano but in need of something silent for discrete use. Would you recommend waiting for this or just going with something like the Crafty? Really not sure if having to wait a couple months is worth it for this? Any advice would be great, this will be primarily for home use.

  • I’ve been waiting on the Firefly 2.0 and thought for sure I was going to get one. However, I recently saw the Evoke. Will you be reviewing it? I like the old school and new tech. Just like to get your thoughts. Thanks for all you do!

  • Thank you for such professional reviews, a breath of fresh air on the web today.
    But…I find some of your reviews a bit inflexible and fixed to the single set-up. For example the Ariser air has tons of after market glassworks that address most all of your drawbacks, such as draw resistance. This and the fact it is Canadian made makes it a front runner, to me.
    However I keep running into huge positive reviews and testimonials about the Pax2. My problem is the old tech, ie not convection.
    I am very much interested in the Firefly2,thanks to you it seems to be the cutting edge…I wonder what the warranty is,I’m worried about its lifespan, if good I might try to wait until it is released.It is hard to get independent views since it hasn’t been released to the public.(who can trust the hired 2 models at the vape con lol).
    The last new vape I am considering is the Haze V3, which again is new and has limited good info, I like the dual tanks and its flexibility but its an ugly mo fo .
    So do you have any more info on these vapes, especially the Firefly2 , something strong enough to help me wait :).
    Your views are valued thank you.

    • Hey check out this new hour long review I posted – Firefly 2 vs. Crafty vs. PAX 2:

      There’s a ton of info in there about all 3 of those vapes

      FF2 warranty is 2 years to cover defects – it’s yet to be determined what (if any) those will be since it’s new but I’ll definitely stay on top of that

  • Wow, thanks for providing such a comprehensive review! Your review + the comparisons with the Crafty and Pax2 are exactly what I needed. I’ll be using this solo.

    I just placed a pre-order for the FF2.

    • Quite possibly the best decision of your life, and it is my pleasure I’m super glad you found it helpful :)

  • This was a great review! After vaping for 2 years, know what i would need to improve the experience, feel you hit all the critical points with this one. Will be ordering, THANKS #BUD!!!!!

  • Great review as always! Just wondering if you have any opinion on the still-to-b-released Evoke vape? Hoping you’ll be reviewing it..was gonna get the Pax2 or FF2 but this new one looks very interesting…

    • They cover defects for 2 years, they’ll repair or replace, you’d probably have to pay to ship it to them if it required service though ($6 usps)

  • Great review man, going to keep my eye on the Firefly 2, thank you for all your time and effort. Any chance you get your hands on a Grasshopper? I imagine if you wrote them and told them who you were they would send you one for reviewing purposes. Anyways, thanks again and stay up!

    • Finally got mine the other day and I don’t want to jump the gun but I’ve used it a dozen times so far and have been thoroughly unimpressed (*as a portable, seems to be good used with rig) – still going to keep testing before reaching final verdict

  • Is there a way to clean the vapor path in the Firefly2? I’ve been shopping around for my first vape and it’s between the Pax 2 and FF2 for me — leaning toward FF2 because of what you noted about the ability to put it down and have the rest later — and I know in Pax 2 there’s a simple way to clean the residue out of the path with a pipe cleaner, but I didn’t notice any mention of that in your video review, other than cleaning the oven/bowl/lid and mouthpiece. Just wondering about the path in between the bowl and the screen/mouthpiece — whether we should expect residue to build up there over time and whether anything can be done about it.

    • The path is in between the lid and the top plate of the FF2. You simply just wipe that off when you open the lid. Literally the easiest vape to clean! ;-)

    • Yes absolutely, the vapor path is along the glass from the oven to the mouthpiece and all of it is very easy to clean and it’s fast.

      All you need to do to clean this vape is put a little ISO on a paper towel and wipe it down, should take no more than 30 seconds, and you can get it 99.9% clean

  • I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to buy a FF2 as soon as its available in Switzerland – but that might take quite a while. I haven’t had a vaporizer yet, and I am anxious to try one out as soon as possible. Which convection vapes do you recommend that are not too expensive to buy until I can actually get the FF2? Thank you.
    [I posted this question in the FF2 release announcement, you can ignore that one.]

  • As a dissatisfied owner of the first Firefly, there is nothing about the FF2 that I would trust right off the bat. The first installment seemed promising, then with its combustion and battery issues, it became quite apparent that it really wasn’t as great as advertised. I just can’t imagine this vaporizer being able to compete with something like the Grasshopper which costs substantially less (up to half the cost), weighs next to nothing, has a lifetime warranty, amazing vapor production, is compatible with water attachments, almost equivalent heating time, etc. Don’t get me wrong the FF2 looks beautiful, but personally, I would be quite wary of purchasing one until its been out on the market for a while and has been thoroughly tested (especially for reliability). Anyways, thanks for the review champ.

    • Just got my preordered grasshopper the other day and do not feel thus far that it is near the same level as the Firefly2, two different tiers.

  • Could you post pic of pax2 next to FF2? Size comparo? Thanks!! Love the reviews, stay up!

  • Hey Bud. Im thankful I came across your stuff on youtube. You have attention to detail that fits how I would view things. Im a little frustrated that you sold me on a firefly 2 but the thing wont even be available till may! Do you think I should just get a pax2 or buy a $75-100 dry herb vape untill I can get a firefly.

  • wow better rating than crafty i got crafty your review and was super impressed XD i have first firefly may have to check this one out great review XD

    • I don’t own one per say, but my guess would be no. Could be wrong though..

    • Unfortunately the heating profiles cannot be adjusted without the app, but you can at least have the vape indicate what setting it’s on without it

  • In your opinion witch is better for shatter the dd aruara or this 1 ? I’m looking for something that gives me a real strong hit I own a mighty and am not quite satisfied by the hit tbh the clouds are awesome but the buzz just doesn’t quite cut it for me i also have a cloud Evo I’m satisfied with the buzz it gives wish it was portable though lol

  • The fact that its Made in China is the only reason I’m not buying this one..

    • Only the short-sighted and ignorant believe that all products made in China are bad products. Literally China had nothing at all to do with the quality of a product, what matters is the facility and it’s guidelines that the product was made in. The reason why many businesses produce in China is because China’s business tax rate is around 15-20%…….the U.S. has a business tax rate of almost 40%, that’s freaking insane and the only reason why we produce in China. The FF2, AT&T, Apple, GE, Best Buy, Ford, Abercombie and Finch, American Eagle Outfitters, Banana Republic, Ford, Nabisco and MANY more quality businesses make their products in China. So in the end quality businesses make quality products in quality facilities over in tax friendly China.

      • I didn’t say ALL and whats with the name calling?? I refuse to buy a vaporizer made in china.. The main reason companies make things in china is because of cheap labor not business tax rates.

        • “The fact that its Made in China is the only reason I’m not buying” implies that you believe all products from China are poorly made……I was a bit harsh and rude in my previous comment, my bad. Cheap labor is a major factor in moving your business to China, but the lower tax rate is the main reason for big companies. Imagine that you’re a multi-million dollar company, paying more than double the tax rate in the U.S. compared to China will drastically hurt your revenue. If the FF2 was made in the U.S. it would literally be the exact same product with a more hefty price tag to make up for lost revenue, but not buying a China made vape is totally your individual choice and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • Well if you’re saving all this money on taxes and labor shouldn’t this thing be around $150 like the Arizer Air that is MADE IN CANADA??

          • @Hank Johnson, for some reason it’s not letting me reply to your comment :P. Your question is a bit perplexing, it’s like saying why does this $1 apple not cost the same as this $2 orange….they’re literally two different products. I believe the different technology and material justify the cost difference. Also the corporate tax rates in Canada are nearly identical to China, 15%-26% :).

          • Actually, he didn’t say anything at all about why he didn’t want a Chinese-made vaporizer. Maybe he objects to their politics or business practices or human rights violations or even the fact that they still test his favorite shade of lipstick on animals. You made quite the blind assumption there yourself, Captain Hypocrite. Christ……

      • 2/ The reason American corps go to China is for the slave labor and the very low wages.

  • Hiya
    Quick question, who would you advise or who are genuine authorised dealers? Many thanks, I have the original (replaced my Extreme q as my go to device) and am looking forward to getting version 2.
    All the best

    • Hey sup Nobby I’m actually not sure who the authorized dealers of the FF2 will be yet but I’ll keep you all posted!

  • And where is it made? Sorry if this information is already posted, I haven’t seen it yet. Does it come with any accessories to clean it or a storage pouch?

    • It’s made in China and does come with a cleaning kit. I’m pretty sure it does not come with a storage kit but don’t take my word for it.

    • Yes made in China but its really made well, not a typical china vape by any means.

      It does come with cleaning accessories (brush, picks and a couple wipes) but a carrying case is not included, they’ll have one soon though that can be added on or ordered separately

  • Why the jump in pride from the FF1 to the FF2? What justifies the extra cost?

    • Easier to clean, faster heat up time, more portable because it’s smaller and lighter, temp control with app, removable mouthpiece with filter, better designed buttons and wayyyyyyyy better battery life.

    • Hey Shane I had some issues with the original model but this new one really is improved, physically as in the size and shape but also the technology behind it has been improved so its more efficient and has better battery life — they also include a few more things in the FF2 box

  • Thanks for the review!

    I bought my FF based on your reviews and for the short term it had been great. The vape quality is amazing, accepts the right amount of dry herbs for my 4-5 daily sessions and produces very little smell although I only use it at home.

    Long term though it was one of the worst vapes one could buy. As DGI above and many others have said the battery dies after about 3 months (this has been confirmed by Patrick from FF last Feb). So the 120USD per annum upkeep is accurate. Would be interesting to know how long will they keep FF/FF2 batteries on stock to support the units. The battery has a 30 day warranty.

    The bigger problem was that the heating coil snapped within 3-6 months all the time. So I had to constantly send back faulty units and paying the postal fees. So the yearly upkeep comes to about 150USD.

    The last time I had enough and picked up a Pax2 while they were repairing the FF. Smells bad, the high is different (FF is better) but at least I don’t have to constantly worry that my vape dies as I have a backup.

    Obviously this raises a lot of questions around their quality check process or may have been a design flaw (not the first: remember the two types of batteries they had? They changed manufacturer who got the size wrong so the new ones fit tighter).

    Any indication that this has been acknowledged and resolved? You mentioned the tight manufacturing and the lack of defects. How did you verify that?

    For me this is definitely a buy but I am concerned that I will have to pick up the Pax2 every 3 months for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again for your work!

    • @DGI and @Dupe – this is a completely different platform; from the energy core to the heating algorithms to the batteries.

      I trust Mark and Sasha (founders) and have heard this product is more of a revolution than an evolution.

      Twice as long per battery x 2 batteries = 4 times the life.

      That’s something like 15 bowls / 150 draws. That’s enough for anyone plus their 15 friends.


      • “energy core” – it does look like something out of Iron Man’s lab.

        I’d like to understand how the battery is a completely different platform. As per the website it’s using the same battery as the FF1 so maybe the use of the battery is improved in terms of efficiency but the batteries presumably did not not. They will have a short life.

        That’s probably why you are getting an extra battery (and a price increase with it) as it will prolong the perceived battery life and it’s good to have a backup. I believe the rest of the price increase is the charging dock that used to be 30USD for the FF1. That’s exactly 330USD.

        My costs with the FF1: 270USD base price, 2 batteries first year and 3 the second year – 420USD for 2 years.

        My expectations with FF2: 330USD base, 2 batteries second year – 390USD for 2 years.

        It’s definitely a clutch pick up:
        1. if you have an FF1 the batteries are compatible so if your main unit dies you have a backup until it comes back from warranty.
        2. Given that you get the charging dock and an extra battery the price increase is covered so better this than the FF (which is sold out). Believe me, you don’t want the extra battery without the dock.
        3. if you don’t have a vape it still offers the best portable vape quality, conserves a lot of material and everything Bud said.

        • Hey so the deal with this new version is that they reengineered the way the vape draws power from the battery, and it draws less than the original model.

          So it’s more efficient and also puts less strain on the battery. For example with a fully charged battery (the same one) I get roughly 30 draws from my FF1 and about 50 with my FF2.

          It’s too early to say 100% that the life of the battery itself is improved but so far all signs point to yes, and this is someting I will constantly be monitoring for sure.

          In regards to manufacturing process there is more consistency with the new version, like in the heating. With the original it varied more unit to unit, some people’s would run a little hotter than others which provided mixed results.

          Also since the new one has the app that controls the heating it’s a more consistent experience, and the heat profiles can be updated and tweaked through app updates.

          This info came straight from the horses mouth and so far it is falling directly in line with my experience.

          Stay up!

  • Hey Bud, like everyone else really appreciate your reviews, keep it up dude!! So I was pretty much set on either going with the crafty or the mighty, slightly leaning towards the mighty for the better battery performance but now your rating this Firefly 2 higher than those and I really don’t know which to go for. So I’ll cut to the chase, if you could only use one which one and why, crafty/mighty or firefly 2? Cheers.

    • Hey thanks Rob! Ok I’m gonna break this down into the simplest terms possible and we go from there…

      All three are Tier 1 vapes with excellent performance, the biggest differentiator is gonna be the experience while using them:

      Crafty/Mighty = Smokin a J

      Firefly 2 = Smokin a bowl

      See what I’m sayin? ;-)

  • A great review, as always. I’ve had the first FF for about a half year, and I used your review in large part to make my purchase decision. You were exactly on target with many of your observations, particularly that the Firefly is a portable device only in the very limited sense that it’s easy to take from place to place. It’s anything but the “walk and toke” that some of its promotion, particularly in social media, seems to want to portray it as. That the device has its downsides is well known, but there’s one liability that you didn’t mention, and that I’m wondering if they corrected in this iteration. The batteries have a very limited number of recharges. I purchased my device with an extra battery and both batteries are now all but unusable (they can be charged, but last the duration of one use at best). At $30/pop this is almost like a $120 “annual fee” to own a version 1 Firefly. If the same is true of the new device it’s just not practical, I’m afraid. As nice as the device is, the economics should take it out of contention for most people, sad to say. Thanks again for the care and effort you put into your reviews.

    • Hey thanks for posting I totally feel you!

      I’m going to keep using mine every day to see how the battery holds up and if I notice any degradation I’ll definitely post an update.

      Something with the way the original FF drew power is what I’ve been told was the main cause of premature battery wear, but they totally re-worked the new version and it draws less power now (more efficient) and the batteries themselves have been improved as well.

      I’m going to keep an eye on this but I’ve spoken to them about it and it’s definitely something they’re aware of and worked hard on improving, so we’ll see how they did, so far so good.

      • You will get better battery life if you charge the ff not with 2 amps of current, but 1 or 0.5 amps.

        Sure you won’t charge as fast, but I’m sure the people at ff would recommend only a 1 amp charge rate. This will prolong the battery life significantly.

    • their heaters also break often adn then you have too pay 15ish to send it and $30 to replace its not underwarrenty which would be good if it didnt happen every 2 or 3 months mine broke In 3 or4 and I barely used it. i hope they fixed this on the new heater they had too but mow we have to hope using the 500degree setting ofter. according to the staff it breaks when it reaches 420 degrees to many times. now that they shortened their warrenty the cust. better hope so that’s something id like to hear about. id def. love to check out the FF2 since ive mastered the FF1 and i know how good that unit is despite its flaws. Btw it’ll only burn if its overpacked simple fix. anyway im gettting the titanium Grasshopper and despite the flavor the only thing that im interested in is effecianty but how different are the GH vs. the FF2 effieceintcywise?

  • Love my Pax2. My Firefly’s been in the drawer since I got it practically. My hubby couldn’t hit off it without burning it, the bowl amount, crappy battery time and unease of loading on the fly (lol) made it 2nd rate compared to our Paxs. We both have one. I could get good taste from the FF but all the rest still applied.
    We’re flying to L.A. In April and I had an Alfa sent there…is awaiting us for our vacation. We like to xc ski, hike & bike and we are psyched to test it out. I’ll try to get back to you on our opinion. Have you tried Cherry Bomb? Wicked tasty stuff we were getting this fall. Stay up!

    • Hey I hear you about the original Firefly it definitely had its share of issues, but I do truly feel this new version is much improved. My testing of it will be ongoing to make sure reliability stacks up but the other things you mentioned, and most other stuff about it, is better!

  •’s awesome to be part of this evolving industry and witness these technological strides in the engineering of these newer portables.
    This ff2 is a perfect example of growth vs. the v1.
    One can only hope vapeXhales next is either a port or a digital desktop…that unit too will supercede anything before it by a large margin.

  • Great review! How does this compare to the Mighty? Only a 2 year warranty for such an expensive vaporizer, compared to Pax at 10 years. Such a small oven? That would seem a bit of a hassle to have to pack constantly. Slightly better then the crafty?

    • Hey the three of them are all excellent top tier vapes, but the way I look at it there’s one main distinction between them…

      With the Crafty & Mighty you pack the chamber, turn the vape on and wait 2 minutes, then vape it all in one session of about 10-12 mins with short breaks between draws. I consider these the vaporizing equivalent of smoking a J.

      With the Firefly you manually control the heater and you only engage it during your draws. This allows you to wait as long as you please between draws without wasting any or over-heating your herb, and it also means it’s a good vape for taking one or two pulls at a time and saving the rest for later. This one is the vaping equivalent of using a bowl.

      • Good review of the three being compared. I’m looking forward to trying the Firefly2. What always bothered me about the Pax2 was having to vape the whole bowl. I bought the Pax2 after using a Hot Box for years. I liked the Hot Box because I could load just a small amount of material but it is a desk top vape. That’s where the Pax2 comes in – portability. Keep up the good reviews \m/

        • I’ve had my Pax2 for quite awhile.
          I fine grind, and can pack just around a 1/4 capacity by tamping it down with the flat back end of my pick.
          Works perfect, herb does not move. I can custom load just the amount I want.

      • Most excellent review! Just what I needed to know to make my final decision. While I’ve been drawn to Crafty (and I love j’s) I also tend to fluff about alot n like to take my time between draws… so seems FF2 is gonna be the it :)

      • Doesn’t really matter. If the chamber is hot in a convection vape and you aren’t drawing, you don’t lose anything. You can take just a draw or 2 (or none!), let it cool down and heat it up later, and the psychoactive components will be there. No chemical reaction like combustion when the vape heats to sub-400F temps. The heat-on-demand may be a bit more efficient wrt battery life/usage.

      • pax has a half pack lid now which is awesome. a good idea. they listen to feedback and make changes. thats the sign of a progressive and smart company..regardless of industry or product line, these guys are a top tier company. I had an issue with my pax2, and they replaced it in a heartbeat. no hassles, no problems. just buy from an authorized dealer.

  • Man I would absolutely love one but the price point right now isn’t doable :/

    • It’s up there :\ but stick around I’m gonna be reviewing some more good ones soon that are less expensive

      • I made the decision to by the FF2 based on your review and I just got mine last week. I kind of hated it for the first 2 or 3 days and then the new technique kicked in. I can’t believe how efficient it is and I absolutely love it. Thanks for your work!

  • OMG you have eyes!!!! i dont think id recognize you without the shades hahaha. great review!! on principle, im sooo glad this thing has unseated the crappy crafty.

    i just got a lotus two weeks ago and am LOVING it! i use it with my [water pipe] empty, no water. thats how i have been getting the best results. compared to the crafty, i think the lotus is smoother and gives more flavorful hits.

    do you still think this new version of the ff compares to the lotus?

    while i know this is a really hard question — comparing apples and oranges — if you could only have one, would you get the ff2 or the cloud exhale?

    • ;-)

      The new FF is still a similar concept yes, and oh my goodness that question is like backing me into a corner! haha I mean ideally you should really have both since the experiences are so different but I supposed I’d personally go with the FF2 if I HAD to for the portability, I vape away from home a lot. But it’s funny cus I’m home right now and I’m actually using the VapeXhale as I type this, I love them both!!