My First 50 Vaporizers Reviewed in 3 Minutes

This is a 3-minute overview of my first 50 vaporizers. Full reviews of these vapes can be found by using the main menu.

50 Vaporizers

Do you own any of these? Leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

In the order shown:

  1. Hot Box
  2. Extreme-Q
  3. Extreme-Q (newer)
  4. Plenty
  5. Volcano
  6. Silver Surfer
  7. Da Buddha
  8. VapirRise
  9. Easy Vape
  10. Solo
  11. Haze
  12. NO2
  13. Wispr
  14. Palm
  15. DaVinci
  16. Titan / G Pro
  17. iolite
  18. Puffit
  19. Indica
  20. Pinnacle
  21. Pinnacle Pro
  22. Ascent
  23. Orbit
  24. Transporter
  25. Inhalater
  26. Cloud V Phantom
  27. Cloudmaker
  28. Cloud V Classic
  29. Cloud V Platinum
  30. Pax
  31. AtmosRx
  32. Atmos R2
  33. Launch Box
  34. Muad-Dib
  35. microG
  36. X-Pen
  37. SkyCloud
  38. Firefly
  39. Omicron
  40. V2 Pro Series 3
  41. Crafty
  42. Mighty
  43. Dabbler
  44. G Pen
  45. Dr Dabber
  46. herbalAire
  47. Life Saber
  48. viVape 2
  49. Cloud EVO
  50. Herbalizer


  • Like your reviews, but your getting a bit off the cutting edge these days.

    You have like 0 instant convection devices among your collection. Get on that please?

  • I bought this via a link through your website about a year or so ago. One thing I definitely like is the quality taste of the vapes. It is a solidly built vape and I like that fact the vape does not come into contact with any plastic (which I think affects taste, as well as possibly add some toxins). The main concern I have is with the durability of this product. Although I try to be careful, I have dropped my vape and it broke the first time it happened (or at least something did inside). I sent it back and received a replacement (which was great). Unfortunately it happened again (and was definitely my fault). My question is whether you are receiving similar complaints from other users? Also, is there another vaporizer you recommend with similar or better quality vapes?

  • Hello Bud,

    Great reviews on all these vapes so far! Really impressive stuff. Since I have been smoking herb for the last 4 years and my lungs just don’t appreciate the smoke at all, I am looking to switch to vaping instead. Also, where I live, it is not so easy to come by herb and is therefore rather pricey if and when I get lucky. So I am hoping that the switch to vaping can help me burn through the stash a bit slower.

    After reading and rereading through all your portable vaporizer reviews and also the user comments, I can conclude that I am thoroughly confused. What I do understand is that I need to set down at least €250 for a decent portable vape (At least Tier-2 according to you). While that is not a problem, I am not able to narrow down on one or two options so that I can go ahead and get myself one! Here are my requirements:

    1. Maintenance is not a problem for me as I tend to take care of my stuff, particularly expensive ones. So the Pax 2 and Firefly also started sounding like good options.

    2. Since I exclusively smoke in a group (at least with my girlfriend for company) it WILL be passed down in a circle. So something that doesn’t require a lot of repacking and would be ready to go instead of needing a “technique” to optimize the hits. Quite frankly, this is the only aspect of it that turns me off to the Firefly from what I have read.

    3. The high needs to be good! I am quite frankly confused by the labels “Good flavour”, “Good vapour production” and “Great taste” because, it hasn’t been clarified anywhere as to what actually translates to a good high. Sometimes I prefer head highs and sometimes I just crave a body high, so the device needs to at least have preset temperature profiles that can vaporize the cannabinoids to either of these highs. I have certainly over time, built a level of resistance to grass and so I need a vaporizer that will provide an intense high and won’t waste material by just releasing the Flavonoids (My understanding is that, they merely provide the flavor, so please correct me if I am wrong).

    4. The product needs to be durable; it should at least last a couple years and should have decent battery life. I always prefer to smoke outdoors because it makes it very interesting for me when it finally hits! So, the cold temperatures shouldn’t drastically alter battery lives. I have been reading extremely good things about the Crafty and Mighty with regards to the vapor production, while at the same time, I have been hearing extremely negative reviews about the durability of the devices from many people, some of whom have claimed to take good care of the device. Even yesterday on the Fuckcombustion forums, there was a dude who claimed to have gotten a response from S&B when he complained about his crafty breaking down, that said that the product had been designed for not so heavy duty use. If that is true, it’s not cool considering the cost.

    5. Discreetness is not too important to me, but I would be unhappy if the vaporizer kept reeking hours after use. I would rather my place not smell of burnt herb all the time. Anything that is not too strong or that disperses soon, would not bother me.

    6. I exclusively smoke herb. Concentrates are not easy to come by in Germany.

    Considering these factors, I have been trying unsuccessfully to narrow down on one vape. What would you recommend to me out of the Pax 2, Haze V3, Arizer Air, Firefly and the Alfa? If you would rather recommend a completely different one, I’d gladly listen to that suggestion too.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hey Bud, I’m just curious, have you heard of, or tried minivap? Your reviews are very good, talk about the right stuff and are completely unbiased – so I would be interested in what you thought of the miniVap.

    • Hey I’ve heard of it but haven’t personally used one yet, I have it on my list and will hopefully get to try it soon, thx for ur request!

  • your overall rating has the herbalizer as a 95 and its in the good/like column?( please explain) i own a crafty and heralizer based on your reviews. the herbie balloons wear out fast and the screens do have to be cleaned alot is that why?? i love my crafty so much would like to buy another storz and bikel vape cant decide between the plenty or the volcano what would be the best compliment for the herbalizer in your opinion?

    • Hey I actually removed that earlier comment that broke the vapes down into categories because it was kind of misleading and confusing

      I think the Herbalizer is excellent and has just a few quirks like the balloon life and cleaning required

      The Crafty is amazing as you said and I think if you already have the Herbie and want another S&B vape it’s a tough call

      The Volcano will be a similar experience to the Herbalizer, and the Plenty will be a similar experience to the Crafty & Mighty

      I like them all so much it’s very hard to say!! ;)

  • I have COPD. [some text redacted] I am looking for a vaporizer that would be gentle on my lungs. Any suggestions? Thanx

    • Hey Peter I would say that two of the most gentle vapes are the Volcano and the Herbalizer, and they’re also excellent overall.

      If you’re looking for a portable model or don’t want to spend that much let me know

  • Looking into balloon vaporizers for friend who tried / liked volcano which I understand you highly regard. Want to recommend your videos of those you like best.

    • Hey if you’re specifically looking into balloon vapes there are really just 3 that I like and would recommend: Herbalizer, Volcano and Extreme-Q (in price order)

      If he’s open to other types of vapes also basically any model I rate 80/100 or higher is good enough to get

  • I’m looking for a portable dry vape. Nothing too expensive, as I am on a budget. What would you suggest?

  • Great video if you need a quick guide to vapecritics preferences. Instead of like it and love it, maybe rate on a scale of 1-10, so we can compare the ones you like. Just an idea. But you are always the first reviewer I check out to see the pros/cons of vaporizers, being that we have strong draws and seek flavor. I just ask you do a review of the minivap.

  • Thank you for all your work. You’ve have really helped me find what vapes I like. In a nut shell, I like Storz & Bickel! I own the Plenty and I recently got the Crafty. The battery has been an big issue for me.

    I’m charging it every other time I use it. It isn’t dead after two rounds but I find that if I do try to go a thrid round it may die before I’m done. As far as my useage, I start at the set temp, boast up and then go to the max. Is that sound about right? And if so, would you really choose the Crafty over the Mighty if you had to conmit to one? Size is also a factor for me but at this point I’m thinking about selling my Crafty and buying a Mighty.

    • Hey yea if you use the boost temp you might not get 3 full sessions from a charge, I almost always use mine on the default 356°F setting. If this is a big issue for you the Mighty be a better fit, but there is something you can do to prolong your Crafty’s battery life…

      There are these things called USB power banks that you can charge up and then use to recharge your vape, and they’re usually small and convenient to carry around. Since the Crafty can be used while it’s charging, and since it uses a standard micro usb connection, what you can do is plug the power bank into the vape while you’re using it to prolong its life.

      The vape does use power a little faster than it can be charged but you definitely should be able to extend your usage at least a couple of more sessions before it dies. Or even if you don’t want to have it plugged in while you’re using it you can charge it in between sessions from the power bank wherever you normally store it.

      • Yeah, I got a few of those tiny banks. They are convient. The problem is this little thing is so hard hitting it is easy to forget to charge it until its too late (good problem tho haha.) Plus the constant charging feels like a drain on the battery… I think you’re right, the Mighty might be a better fit. Whenever I get around to flipping the Crafty for a Mighty I’m definitely buying it from your referral link. Thanks again bro.

  • Hey man, I like your vids!

    So I bought an extreme Q about 2 weeks ago and I’m really liking it. I recently found out about the (new?) all glass mini whip and was wondering if it was worth the buy, since sticking the balloon mouthpiece in the platic tubing is annoying for me.

    Hope you can answer this for me because I can’t find any info on the subject anywhere. (only a couple comments that didn’t answer much.)


    • Hey Lucas I actually haven’t tried that accessory yet, but I’ll put it on my list to pick up soon so I can check it out.

      • So I went ahead and bought it anyway despite my worries about it getting too hot.

        The base to the elbow of the glass mini whip gets really hot but above the elbow and the mouthpiece of the
        balloon stay pretty cool. I left it on for a good two hours with the new whip and the mouthpiece never gets hot at all.

        Over all I’m pretty satisfied with the new kit Arizer released, although I did have one issue. Both of the pre assembled balloons that where provided leaked vapour around the mouthpiece. This issue was easily resolved by re assembling the balloons completely. It seems the elastics that Arizer used for the balloons where not tight enough, so I had to keep doubling it up.

        Hope this helps someone else.