This is the SOURCE orb 4-Series vape pen lineup – SOURCE offers three different ORB 4 kits ranging from $50 to $200, and all of them include multiple unique atomizers.

The fourth generation of this pen is a nice step up from the orb 3 I previously reviewed, they’ve definitely been working hard to continually improve and evolve their vapes.

I’ll start with the $50 attachment kit and work my way up:

Source Orb 4 » SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen Attachment

If you have your own 510-threaded vape battery already, and it’s sub-ohm compatible (like the one in my pics), then all you need to get is the $50 orb 4 attachment kit for an awesome experience.

This is the best value I’ve found for what you get and the quality of it all, I’m honestly pretty impressed with it. I have the Gold color as shown in my pics, but it also comes in Black and Chrome finishes which you can see examples of as you scroll down the page.

The orb 4 attachment is made of 303 stainless steel and it looks and feels fantastic. It has a magnetic connection for the two pieces, not screw threads like older models, and it was done very well. The two parts fit together snugly and securely and it’s a breeze to open and close it multiple times during your session.

Orb 4 Adjustable Airflow It also has an adjustable airflow ring that can let a lot of air in if you want it to, it’ll literally feel like nothing’s there when you breath in. Personally, I think there can actually be too much air flow with more than one of the air holes open, and there’s five of them.

I like to use it with just half of one air hole exposed (only open a tiny bit), which gives you a very free-flowing but also very natural feeling draw. The extra air holes aren’t really a bad thing, because I’d much rather have that than have it be hard to pull from.

Now they give you 4 different atomizers with this kit and they’re all very good in their own unique way. On one hand they all get the job done and the effects are pretty much the same, but on the other there’s definitely subtle differences between them that can influence your experience a little bit.

Included Atomizers:

  Grade 2 Titanium Nail (removable Ti cup) [15-18 watts]
  Dual Quartz Rods (quartz cup) [12-15 watts]
  Dual White Ceramic Rods (ceramic cup) [13-16 watts]
  Dual Black Ceramic Rods (ceramic cup) [15-20 watts]

Ti Gr2 Nail Quartz Double Coil White Ceramic Double Coil Black Ceramic Double Coil

The coil-less Ti Gr2 nail atomizer is my personal favorite and one I use most. They’re all very good coils though and I’d definitely consider them at the front of the pack in this department. The quartz and ceramic rod atomizers are excellent at producing lots of vapor and hard hits, and the black ceramic one is different because it’s meant for thinner oils that can absord into it and vape at slightly lower temps.

By the way, the titanium wire coils that SOURCE uses in the other atomizers is lab-certified Grade 1 Ti and the rods & cups are food grade ceramic.

Realistically they all provide an enjoyable vaping experience and it’s cool to be able to switch it up and have different types of coils to try with each concentrate. The flavor is great with all of them and you’ll notice subtle differences in how the vapor tastes from the three materials (titanium, ceramic and quartz).

Also, the amount of wax you see in my atomizers above is how much I recommend you load at one time (maybe a little more), especially in the beginning when you’re getting used to the pen. Vaping a handful of draws at a time and then re-loading is really the best way to use this pen to keep it in optimal working condition and to avoid any leaking or splatter.

Next in the orb 4 lineup is the Premium kit for $100:

Orb 4 Premium Kit » SOURCE orb 4 PREMIUM Kit

This one is an actual complete package that includes the battery, charger, dab tool & wax container, and it also happens to include 2 additional atomizers (so 6 different coils total).

The battery is variable-voltage with a twist knob on the end of it to adjust the heating intensity. It looks and feels great and has a cool blue halo around the button when you press it.

The two other atomizers they include are a basic quartz single coil and their new Quartz Plus coil, which has a large ceramic plate at the bottom of a quartz-lined cup. This one is my second favorite to use behind the titanium nail.

The Premium kit is their most popular and best-selling package, and at $90 (after my discount) it’s definitely a good value for everything they include.

Here’s a few more pics of the pen as well as the Quartz Plus atomizer:

Orb 4 Chrome Premium Orb & Battery Magnetic Mouthpiece Quartz Plus

Last but not least we have the Signature kit at $200:

Orb 4 Signature Kit » SOURCE orb 4 SIGNATURE Kit

This one comes with a 60-watt temp control battery and a total of 8 different atomizers, including two more I haven’t shown you yet.

I really like the box mod, it’s got a nice screen on it with all the info you could possibly need, and the battery cover on the back is actually held on magnetically. Inside is a removable, rechargeable 18650 battery.

I’d say that the two parts are held together with just the right amount of force, or how strong the magnet attraction is. It’s not loose enough to come off while you’re using it in your hand, and it’s also not on too tight where it’s a pain to get off. If anything, making the magnets ever-so-slightly stronger would pretty much make them perfect (but it’s pretty close).

SOURCEvapes Magnets can be tricky in vapes and it’s not always done well, but SOURCE did it right with both the battery and the orb attachment. I must say that in addition to the magnets being super convenient they’re also kind of addictive in that you can’t stop playing with it ;-)

Now the two other atomizers they include in this kit are the Terra 2 and the Ceramic Nail.

The ceramic nail is a coil-less open cup that heats up from the bottom like the titanium nail. The difference with this one is that you need to crank up the power, it requires closer to 30 watts of power versus the Ti which is about half that.

The Terra 2 is unique because even though it may look very similar to the ceramic nail it actually has a heating element wrapped around the outside of the oven walls.

Terra 2 Ceramic Nail

So whereas the nails heat up only from the bottom, the Terra 2 heats up from the bottom and the sides, making the performance a little different from the others. This one requires a lot of power too, about 30-33 watts for the best results.

Here’s a few more pics of the Signature kit:

Signature Atomizers Black Chrome Orb 4 Source Volt Box Mod Battery Cover 18650 Battery

The orb 4 attachment with four atomizers for $50 is a steal, it’s a very solid, high quality piece. As with any pens, be very gentle with your coils and you should get a couple of months of use from each one.

This vape has the ability to produce both light and very strong vapor, as well as everywhere in between, so when you also consider the adjustable airflow you have quite a versatile pen.

Stay up!


  • the first orb4 i bought had a battery case that wouldn’t close properly. to their credit they replaced it promptly. then the pieces of the chamber stuck together and could not be opened after use. they replaced that too, but the replacement still sticks permanently together and cannot be opened.

    i like the look but these pens are worthless crap and i wouldn’t waste my time with them.

  • This company makes you fill out a bunch of paperwork if your pen doesn’t work properly and you want a refund or exchange. The paperwork is designed to make you stop the filling process and give up. THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN AN INSURANCE COMPANY THAT DOESN’T PAY OUT ON CLAIMS. I love their product but hate their customer service. One can only hope the company gets slapped across the face with the same treatment they give their customers.

  • hey bud,
    thanks for walking back your endorsement of source vapes. their products are cheaply made and engineered. in response to “wolf”: I’m glad your source vape experience was positive, but I was sent a non-working unit and found their customer service antagonistic and unwilling to provide any modicum of assistance. almost two months later I am out of $100.00 with a decorative piece of crap in a nice case

  • Hey Bud, I’d advise against using any of Source’s products. Look on the inside where the top & bottom meet. See those scratches? That’s the coating chipping away. They’re not just scratches, if you take a paperclip or any sharp object & scrape inside there you can watch the material flake away. Inhaling metal fragments!
    Thanks for all your reviews!

  • Within 3 days of buying mine, and only using it a total of 4 times, the battery stopped working on my orb 4. I think it’s kind of sad that I paid more for this pen than my rig and have to wait 2 weeks for a battery to be back-ordered. In my opinion put your money towards better glass or a product you can trust.

  • Thanks, I am enjoying the orb 4 series and agree with the T1 nail being the best, but it’s still fun playing with the other ones.

  • this product is a piece of shit.. any review stating otherwise is being payed for by source vapes to run people along in my opinion.. as a owner myself.. i can assure you this device is nothing but a headache and your honesty better off sticking the rig and torch as in the end you will have to replace terrible atomizers.. shitty glass pieces that literally crack putting it onto the battery.. this device is sorry to say a complete piece of shit.. waste of money even if i did get it on sale.. also source vape will not offer your solution to your problem and truthfully just quotes their warranty rather then the fact they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee but yet don’t follow what they state on their own website.. that’s false advertising and tell anyone who has been burned by source vape to remember that as legal action is possible.. don’t let the con artists rip you off.. pick any other vaporizer e nail but source vape.. complete garbage in my opinion. also ask yourself.. how come source vapes has such positive reviews on their website.. they allow a few low end 1s so it doesn’t seem fixed but i truly believe they are lying about that as well and just link 5 star reviews with only a couple bad 1s.. use that as a base for wither or not to buy source vape before even reading the rest of this story.. also to add.. if you intend to buy source vape which in my opinion is HUGE mistake as you`ll see.. only buy their battery pack and base as that’s the only part that has a lifetime warranty that they cant argue … only way they cover any replacements of shit pieces.. overall this thing is a paperweight and truth be told next month ill be buying a different device and moving forward with BBB On source vapes.

    • Sounds like you should have taken your own advice and took ‘legal action’ against them because your so damn butthurt by something you probably didn’t use properly. I’ve had so many people tell me this vape is shit, yet everyone I know who’s gotten one (they clearly aren’t fucking being ‘paid off’ or whatever your delusional bs is if someone actually liked the product) and they couldn’t recommend it more but they usually have their little tips and tricks to make the product work the best it possibly can. Problems/issues are acknowledged but generally are not completely the product but the way it was used by the user.

      But what do I know
      I *totally* got paid to leave a positive review for this ‍♀️

      • I have had the Source Orb 4 for about 6 months now and not a single issue. Took some getting used to regarding which atomizer worked best for me etc but no problems. Sounds like some people have had issues but none for me.

  • I have had terrible experience with the series x. I just received a replacement that was defective. Then I called for another one and the same issue. I will never buy from them again. Disappointed in trying to contact customer service. Oh and they say it’s lifetime warranty but don tell you that it only last maybe three months. So u continually pay shipping for a replacement and you are lucky if it’s not defective.

    • Hi Evelyn!

      Can you please email us? All of our replacements are shipped Free, there is no paying for replacements ever, so that doesn’t sound right at all.
      We have a Lifetime Warranty on all Batteries and Attachments, and 30-Day on all Atomizers, even after use (the only company to offer this!).
      We have the Best Customer Service in the industry, you can use our Live Chat on our website (M-F 9am-5pm), email us at, or call us (855) 710-8700.
      Please allow up to 24 hours for emails and voicemails.

  • I just bought this and am new to vaping concentrates, so what is the boxy shaped deal at the bottom in your pics? Mine didn’t come with that, just the slim pen….

    • The box is a battery you’d find used with an electronic cigarette. All it is really is a bigger battery than the one you have.

    • Hey you must have bought the premium kit! It comes with the slimmer rechargeable battery. The signature come with the battery mod (the boxy looking thing) witch has adjustments for wattage and tempeture control as well as
      the removeable rechargeable 18650 batteries witch are inexpensive and long lasting too.

  • hey i just bought the source vape orb 4 top kit, and i’m not getting it to work with my vapors spinner 2 battery. do you know if they are compatible? i’m just wondering if the top is a dud. battery works fine with other tops.

  • Can you recommend a good battery Mod to start out with? I’m looking to use it with attachments like the source orb 4, brain fogger, an pulsar barb fire. I think they’re all under 80w’s