KandyPens Prism Vaporizer Pen Review

KandyPens Prism

This vaporizer is the KandyPens PRISM and I’m really diggin everything about it, it’s currently at the top of my list of best vape pens.

Wax & oil concentrates is what this pen is used for: Wax, Shatter, Budder, Crumble, CO2 Oil, Live Resin, Rosin, etc…

The first pen that I reviewed from KandyPens a few years ago was the Galaxy with the dual quartz coils, and then the Gravity came shortly after that with the ceramic plate atomizer.

I’ve given KP lots of feedback over time about how to keep evolving their pens, and they listened to a lot of what I said when it comes to this Prism.

Prism Plus

If you’re a light concentrate user, or you typically like to load enough for a few nice draws at a time, this is the pen for you. I only say this because of the small size of the chamber, and they do happen to make a larger Prism+ model as well with a big ceramic atomizer that can hold a lot more wax (shown on the left in picture above).

So if you like to use a little at a time you get the Prism, and if you like to use a lot or you like really big hits then go with the Prism+.

The build quality and look & feel is the first thing I loved about it when I opened it up. The body is an electro-plated stainless steel that looks great but more importantly it also feels great and doesn’t show fingerprints or smudges. It’s also tiny! It’s only ~4″ tall and about a half inch thick.

Prism Parts

Then it has the resin mouthpiece at the tip with an integrated splash-guard screen to help keep your wax from making its way up. The only light the pen emits is a colored halo led around the power button, which your finger mostly covers up when you press it so it’s a very discreet and stealthy vape.

The sub-ohm battery has a 320mAh capacity which is pretty good for such a small piece. Pairing that with the low-power-consuming ceramic atomizer gives you quite a bit of usage before it’ll run out of charge.

Now the ceramic plate coil is pretty small so make sure you don’t overload it, just put in a BB-sized dab at first to see how long it lasts you, you’ll probably be surprised at how many draws you get from it.

Ceramic Coil

Taste and smoothness are the biggest advantages of ceramic “coil-less” atomizers like this one, it heats your concentrate more gently then an atomizer with a wire coil does. This also results in a higher efficiency so you end up using less material with the ceramic.

The Prism comes with a second atomizer as well, and this one is a dual-quartz coil in a quartz dish with a titanium wire heating element. The vapor will not have the same flavor and intensity but you’ll be able to get bigger clouds with shorter pulls since the wire heats up a lot faster than the ceramic.

It has four heat levels you can choose from, and to cycle through the settings you just click the power button 3 times quickly. To turn the battery on and off you click the button 5 times.


With the ceramic atomizer the low heat levels will provide a lot of very pure flavor and light to medium vapor. Bump it up to the higher heat levels with the ceramic coil if you wanna get big clouds from it.

When you use the dual quartz coil you can get lots of vapor from it even on the lowest temperature, so just remember that you use that one differently. You also don’t need to draw from it as long as you do with the ceramic to get a big hit, just a few second pull will usually suffice.

Both atomizers are also sealed up and leak-proof with a silicone plug that’s placed inside the coil at the bottom, and it’s food-grade and non-toxic. This means you can use thin oils in this pen and it won’t leak out the bottom onto the battery connection.

Literally the only thing I want to see upgraded with this pen is the dual quartz coil, I’d like to see a higher grade titanium used for the wire, but the current one is still safe for light use and most pens on the market use the same material.

Charging Ports

The last awesome feature I wanna mention is the fact that it has two different charging ports on the bottom, and one of them is a lightning port like for your iPhone, super cool and convenient. The other port is micro-USB which is the industry standard for vaporizers and is also used by many other electronics, including cellphones.

Battery life is above-average for a vape pen of this size, and when you use the ceramic coil it really stretches out your concentrate.

They also include an extra mouthpiece in the box as well as a soft pouch to carry it around in. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery should you run into any troubles with it.

Click here to buy the Prism from the official KandyPens store. Use my promo code STAYUP30 to get 30% off which brings the price down to $69. I do get compensated if you buy one through my referral link but I seriously like this pen and your support is immensely appreciated!

Stay up!

Vape Critic Top Pick


  • Do you know of any other 510 threaded atomizers that could work on this vape battery? The ones from the official KandyPens website are expensive and are never on sale.

  • Hi Bud,
    Do you know if there are instructions for cleaning the coils? I am afraid to submerge the whole piece. I do have the Kandy cleaning swabs but I worry about breaking the coils with a swab. How do you clean yours ? Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Bud
    My battery turns off after holding button down for awhile, unlike the Galaxy that flashes and then goes back to the normal on position, is the prism supposed to turn off if you hold button down too long?

  • Ceramic Chamber keeps failing for me. I’ve went through two of these and haven’t gotten a single puff out of them. The chamber works for a moment and then just quits. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’ll just be using the coils because this ceramic plate thing just does not work.

  • Hey,
    Just wanna make sure before i buy the pen I will be able to find pre filled cartridges at my dispensary. I know its 510 threaded, so do you think I will have trouble finding the right stuff? Im assuming the cartridge fits over the heating element as well right?


  • Hey Bud,

    Recently bought the prism and I can’t seem to figure out how to check the battery level. Is there a way to check it out to know when it needs a charge? Also it will randomly flash white while I’m hitting it and stop producing vapor, any ideas?


    • Jim

      Paul, not Bud, I experienced the same with the white light. I found out that if you hold the button for to long. That is when the white light blinks and then shuts the unit down! To prevent this from happened, I simply release the button after 3 seconds, keep inhaling, push button again for 3 seconds and keep cycling till I have reached max capacity in my lungs.

  • I’m a big fan of you but I purchased the prism based on your recommendation and was very disappointed. The battery is terrible. I have to recharge it every a couple of sessions and I can barley get any vapor from it compared to a pen like the galaxy. I used it twice since I bought it and it now sits all the bay back in my drawer.

    • Hey man I’m really bummed to hear this, it’s definitely a lighter vapor-producing pen than the Galaxy but you should be able to at least get small clouds, and the battery shouldn’t be that bad, please send me an email bud@vapecritic.com so I can hook you up with a different pen.

      I’m going to test mine out again to make sure!

      • Hi Bud, I’m currently using the Prism + and I am very pleased with it. I know it’s said to use the ceramic chamber and the two coil chamber at different levels to get the best hits possible. I use wax/thick oil(thick oil meaning when I take the certain kinds I have out of the freezer, some become thick goo) because I have a terminal bone disease (O.I. Type 3) and I just want to know what most people use for each chamber?

        • Hey Dev I’m very glad to hear it, and it really comes down to what works best for you personally! Sometimes thicker oils like coil-based atomizers to really produce a lot of vapor, but if you’re not getting enough vapor from the ceramic coil you should maybe try doing a pre-heat for a few seconds before you start drawing.

  • hi Bud, i recently purchaes both prism+ and linx hypnos zero and was wondering, is it normal that i get smoke from the linx but none from the prism? also, the taste is a little harsh, and i end up coughing every session or so.. is there something i am not doing right? i didnt overload chamber, do smaller hits at yellow setting..

    thanks for all the great reviews, greetings from montreal